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BTS Reaction to their GF Being Clingy/Needy Because She Is Feeling Down

Seokjin:- Jin would be extremely happy at all the attention he was getting from you

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Yoongi:- He would act like he was annoyed, but secretly he would enjoy it a lot and try to make you feel better

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Namjoon:- Joonie would do anything in his power to make you feel better, and he would try to be with you 25/8, but sometimes he would need his space to do his own things

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Hoseok:- Hobi would LOVE you being clingy because that would give him a chance to take care of you and spend unlimited time with you until you felt better

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Jimin:- He would be very cute about it, always asking if you wanted something and finding little ways to make you happy. He would never be upset or annoyed because he loved the fact that you needed him for something

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Taehyung:- TaeTae would always try to make you laugh and do silly things to lift you mood. Whatever you needed he was down to do for you

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Jungkook:- Kookie would be the one to get clingy right back. He would always be by your side and he would constantly ask if there was anything he could do for you

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You know, I came to this blog for rinch but I must say seeing your posts on my dash is so much more than that. There is the quality fic and the adorable gifs but then there is also the text posts that remind me on a daily basis that it's ok to be who i am. It's ok to say fuck the gender binary this shit is not for me. So thank you! Following your blog makes my days a bit better on a regular basis and I appreciate it so much! <3 <3 <3

i… i’m…… sitting here absolutely stunned and crying literal tears you wonderful anon. I don’t even know what to say to something like that. For me this is by far the nicest anon message ever and i have to gather my thoughts a bit to figure out how to reply.

After several hours of trying to gather my thoughts (emphasis on the word ‘trying’ lol) all i can say is you have absolutely no idea how much this message means to me, really! i am so incredibly happy to hear my blog can remind you that it’s ok to be you! (i have tears in my eyes again btw) Because it most definitely is ok to be exactly who you are! Please always remember that ok. You are good enough and valid whether you have a gender or not and whether your possible gender is binary or non-binary. It has absolutely nothing to do with your value as a person. (i know you know all these things already but i feel like i want to say them anyway)

I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to send me this ask! I’m more touched than i can say. please drop by any time if you feel like talking, on or off anon, it doesn’t matter, which ever is more comfortable for you! I hope you’re having a wonderful day/night my dear anon.

// Just a tiny preview for something that is a work in progress, amongst my other pieces. I missed writing soulmate fics so much, and I have no idea when this will be posted, but here is a little taste!

“Do you ever think that there is something missing?”

A rivulet of water slides glacially down the curve of your spine, sourced from the tips of your soaked hair. Yes, yes something is missing. Very much indeed.

You swallow the truth and pretend that it never existed on the tip of your tongue. “What do you mean?”

Jeongguk stares hard at you through the reflection of the mirror, brows taut, wholly knowing that the honesty is tucked to the roof of your mouth and you, as always, are being a shameless coward. The glistening skin of his bare chest slowly rises, falls, steady exhalations passing his parted lips before he takes to the damp towel wrapped around his hips and gingerly begins working the material against your scalp. The cutting edge of his voice softens to tender, quietly drifting by your ear, nearly swallowed by the towel muffling your hearing as he humours your response nonetheless.

“With us, do you think that we’re– I don’t know. Not enough?”

Such a statement should hurt more, a blade driving home, right through the centre of your heart and slicing it into two. Though the feeling in itself is entirely mutual, his question being a string of words that have dwelled at the bottom of your thoughts for months now, stuffed beneath supposedly more important matters like your studies. But they have always managed to slither back up to the surface with greater conviction than the last time. The towel is draped carefully over your head and Jeongguk presses closer, curling his arms around your naked waist until his palms can cup his own elbows, resting his lips upon the dip of your shoulder, soft breaths from his nose tickling your skin and the reflection of your bodies entwined is excruciatingly heartbreaking rather than something that should be wholeheartedly beautiful.

“Hey,” Jeongguk mumbles, the soft plush of his mouth grazing up your neck, nestling against your pulse point with a solemn kiss as if the touch of his lips could ever make your erratic heartbeat diminutively calmer, “I know we both feel it, we see it. I love you and that is never going to change, neither is the fact that I know we’re meant to be with one another. But there’s something– someone else, isn’t there? It’s the only way to logically explain the way that we are, and the way that we see.”

Because although the bland sight of the monochrome world had flared into refined technicolour as the words that Jeongguk first spoke to you were expired, the edges of your vision had remained to be vignetted in black and white.

“Do you ever still see in monochrome, sometimes?” You had once murmured with a pinch in your brow, the cap of your pen tapping methodically against your lip, almost subconsciously uttering the words aloud in the library. To that, your longtime best friend, Wendy, had ceased scrawling down her study notes and flicked her gaze up to you.

“Why would that happen when I’m with Sungjae? He’s my soulmate.”

“Hm, good point.”

At your halting response, Wendy had leaned her elbows onto the table, large eyes swallowed with an unforgiving concern that you, a coldhearted liar, had done absolutely nothing to deserve. “Is everything okay with you and Jeongguk?”

“Of course, we’re great,” and you had nearly said it too quickly, an automatic response that could have so easily given the reality away if your affirmation had been that tad more brisk, but Wendy had appeared to not have noticed. And, as though the conversation never occurred, she returned to jotting down information in organised bullet points, and you had let the question eat you from the inside out.

Why would that happen when I have Jeongguk?

He’s my soulmate.

Isn’t he?


Nate laughed, raising an eyebrow. <<What?>>, he countered. <<Better than calling them Apple or some shit like that>>.

Jacqueline giggled along, nodding. <<Fair, I’ll give you that. How about something a little less… Dusty? Like maybe Fiona, or Janine>>, she tried to compromise.

Nate scratched his head for a while, pondering his choices. <<You know, I think Fiona Frey is kinda cute>>, he finally came to the conclusion.

Jacqueline smile, proud of herself for swaying his opinion. <<I’m glad you think so>>, she huffed.

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top 5 marauder era headcanons (if you want :p)


1. james made the other marauders come to EVERY single quidditch game he played in; sirius was commentator til fifth year, when he made the team as beater. until then, sirius was commentator (a poor decision on minnie’s part), and it went a little something like this:

“and potter scores again, the prat. and you heard it here first, this gryffindor chaser is single and ready to mingle!” (james: “go fuck yourself, padfoot”)

“slytherin scored. fuck you slytherin.”

“and it’s yaxley with the ball, which is a very large quaffle, i might add. is he trying to compensate for something?”

“aLRIGHT WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT MULCIBER YOU CHEATING SON OF A-” (minerva: “you’re supposed to be unbiased, black.”

after he made the team, remus and peter would hold up signs saying stuff like “move your arse potter, lily’s watching” or “mckinnon is better than potter”

2. one year, they didn’t pull a single prank on april 1st. in years past, the day had been regarded as the “day of doom”, so their inactivity left everyone on edge. dinner was a hilarious affair; everyone just stared at them shiftily, and the marauders had the time of their lives.

and on april 2nd, all hell broke loose.

3. once, james got frosting and cake in sirius’s hair. sirius didn’t talk to him for a week.

4.  in their seventh year, they started freaking out about “oh god what about our legacy who’ll pull mischief once we’re gone” so they literally held auditions for “next-gen marauders” for kids in their fourth year or under. no one made the cut

5. sometimes they shared a bed. because why not. 



“He came around [backstage] and I said, ‘Wouldn’t it be fun, wouldn’t it be great, if you and I just did a little something? Just a little brrrrrrr, and then walked up to the podium?’ And he – he’s very shy, Fred is very shy. Everything, from the very beginning, is, ‘No, I don’t think so. I don’t think so. No, no.’ So I said, 'Okay, I just thought it was a good idea.’ Then he walked away […] About three minutes before [our cue] he came back and he said, 'You know, I thought that over. That might be kind of fun. What’ll we do?’ And I said, 'Well, I don’t know. What do you say? What’ll we do?’ It was fun. It was kind of like a big secret we were having together. So we worked out a little kind of nothing – he’d grab me by the hand and then whirl me and we’d just walk right down to the podium. Well we did just that. No one had known – the producer, the director – no one in the whole place knew we were going to do this silly thing. So he came stage left, and I came stage right, we crossed each other, and he grabbed my hand and he whirled me into a whirl, and we both went into a whirl, and then quietly we walked down to the podium. Well, the house just came down. They were so adorable to us. It was a lovely minute.” – Ginger Rogers recalls presenting with Fred Astaire at the 1967 Academy Awards, in a 1968 interview for the BBC

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Hi! I wonder if you can help me with a little something. Few months ago i read a ML fanfic where Marinette see her soulmate through her mirror. Adrien is working in a "cat coffee shop" and she ending up working for him in the shop and i can not remember the name of it, i really want to find it because i loooved it! So if ANYONE have an idea of who or even where i can find it, it would be amazing because my brain hurt a lot trying to find the title of it. Thank you! <3

I’ve read that one, but I don’t remember the name either! I’m sure someone will know though!

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Hi, I have been enjoying your recs tremendously! I'm looking for some fics where Sherlock has to take care of John, who has been hurt in some way. Nothing too life altering (paralyzed, for instance) - something a little lighter than that. Thank you!

Hm, most fics are the other way round but I have read these ones before:

Piece of Fabric: John is sick but gets dragged along to a crime scene by Sherlock nonetheless. Once there, he is quite bewildered by Sherlock’s odd behaviour.

As Long As He Needs Me: Five times John needed Sherlock to come and get him (and one time they both needed Lestrade). (I really recommend this one)

John hurt/comfort rec list

John whump rec list

Some of the fics from the last two links may have a heavier theme than you’re looking for so read the tags first

If you know a fic like this, please reblog or reply with a title and author or a link!

Hi everyone! I’m a little bit low on money at the moment :(, I need to get some new art supplies for my college class and also I need to restock on groceries, I also lost my cintique pen and need to replace it and my cord
If anyone wants to help me out my PayPal is AlyssaEleftheriou@icloud.com

Any amount of donations are welcome and I’ll draw you a little thank you image of one of your ocs or something!

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this is a depressing prompt but would you write a little something on owen being mauled to death and claire just cradling him in her arms sobbing cause there's nothing she can do about it ;_; (i saw the tags on one of your posts and i just can't get over this thought cause it's heartbreaking and i secretly love angst) p.s. i love your writing so much! :)

Hi, love! Thankyou so much. This has been floating around my head for a while - it’s far from perfect, and I’ll probably rewrite it someday because it deserves so much more justice. But here’s what I have. Sorry in advance. Please, everybody, don’t read if you don’t want to. This was damn hard for me to write.

The blood was warm and sticky, flooding through her fingers as bile rose in her throat. “Owen.. I can’t - I can’t stop it,” a sob tore through Claire as she pressed at his chest with a scrap of her shirt, the material soaked through within seconds. “I know,” Owen’s voice was weak but his grip on her was strong, his hand on her arm. They were alone; stranded in the middle of the jungle on Isla Nublar, Owen’s radio smashed to pieces beside them. They shouldn’t have come back to the island. He knew, she knew it; but there was no way one was returning without the other.

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Thank You!

Thanks so much for all the responses you guys sent in about your favorite Hyde and Kitty moments. I really loved hearing from you!

I’ve started working on my little creation and hope to have it up soon :D

Feel free to keep sending in replies tho. And again thank you so much for taking the time to help out, for your time and kindness here’s a little something for you…

Snack Packs for everyone! They’re chocolate too! Thanks guys!