a little siren

does anyone else feel like they wanna talk to people but also feel like they just wanna be alone because same

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imagine being a band member. imagine that the words you string together and the songs you create change people’s lives. imagine that your fans would do anything to meet you, even if it’s only for a minute. imagine that you’re putting some kind of positive influence into people lives - some you haven’t even met before. imagine having that kind of impact. and imagine the impact those fans would have on you.

you may not have met them yet, you may have only met them for a minute but trust me, you’ve made a positive impact in their lives too.

“He’s so beautiful…”

(mabel in the background “MATCH MADE!” and pacifica just having her jaw dropped)

i can’t get enough of this au auuugh

i love the little mermaid and i can’t believe i just rewatched all 3 movies AGAIN.

(BTW bill isn’t in fact unconscious he’s just pretending to be, so he’s thoughts are just “I’m beautiful??! what about you mysterious gorgeous angel fish whom i would just love to know more about” lol )


“kiss the boy”

(I added allloooot of fireflies why? Because i relly like em. Also awww thank u anon! Im glad you feel the moe.)

(Dipper does not know dresses are for the general use of girls lel oh well (although thats like a dress with dress pants))

hope ya like it anon!

AND THEN when they alllmmoooooost kiss, the boat gets turned over -sigh- so close ;p