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Where will Sharon and Andy go on n their first date? And who calls it a date first?

Sharon and Andy’s first date will actually start as a non-date. Then, after they finish dinner, they’ll take a stroll down the beach. As they speak silently, Sharon will entwine her fingers with his. After seeing he’s not pulling his hand away, she’ll be more daring and kiss him. 

When he drops her off, he’ll walk her to the door and after sharing another kiss, she’ll say “I guess that qualifies as a date, right?” 

Of course, Andy will nod and capture her lips again before they part for the night. As soon as the door will close behind her, she’ll smile like an idiot, a smile that she won’t be able to wipe off for a few days. 

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Little Raydor Things: How was Sharon and Andy's first kiss?

It happened well after Nicole’s wedding and their first official date at Serve. They lingered in the hallway outside Sharon’s condo, her keys in hand. She wasn’t quite ready to invite him inside–the implications of that were still too much for her right then–but neither was ready to end their date. They were silent, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. They just enjoyed being around each other without work between them.

Andy made the first move, if you can call it that. It was a step forward, but he didn’t lean in for either a kiss or a hug. She’s the one who finally rose up the few inches between them and kissed him. It was short and sweet and chaste, but it left them both with a smile and a quiet goodbye. Sharon smiled all the way to her bed and Andy was still smiling anytime he looked at her for a week.