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“She’s beautiful,” Westley murmurs as he peers down at the pink bundle on Madeleine’s lap. “What’s her name?”

“Jane,” she beams. “Claudia Jane officially, but we intend to call her Jane.”

“She looks like you,” West smiles, glancing between Maddie and her newborn daughter. “Especially around the eyes.” Turning back towards Jane, he coos, “You’re a lucky baby, aren’t you? To be as pretty as your mama.”

Madeleine blushes, a look of sheepish pride on her face. “Would you like to hold her?” she asks him in a meek voice.

Westley nods, and with slow, meticulously careful movements he picks up the child and lays her against his chest. Jane fusses for a moment, but the effort proves too much for the drowsy infant and she quickly falls asleep.

“You’re a natural,” Madeleine observes. “She wasn’t nearly so happy with Kit.”

“I come from a big family,” he shrugs. “Always lots of babies to hold.”

“Well, I’m still impressed. You’d make a great dad someday.”

Westley glances back at her, and their eyes lock for what feels like the longest ten seconds of Maddie’s life. “Someday, maybe,” he whispers.

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I would never miss TakaMido Day <3 (10/6)

The lucky item for Cancer today was a kiss from a person they like. Also somehow cancer was in last place.
Scorpio was first.

sorry for the long post


“And you’re sure she’ll come back?”

“Trust me, my love. Our plan cannot fail,” Christopher grins as he affectionately weaves his fingers through the woman’s silky red hair. “If I know Madeleine, and believe me I do, she’ll be home in time for the gala tonight.”

“I certainly hope so,” the green-eyed beauty scowls at him moodily in reply. “Still, I think you should be more careful in the future. If she tries to leave you before the baby arrives…”

“She won’t,” Kit murmurs between warm, wet kisses. “Besides, she’s close enough to her due date now that, worst case scenario, the kid would survive an emergency delivery.”

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Happy 23rd Birthday to one of my favorite actors Josh Hutcherson (October 12,1992).

A wonderfully talented guy with a great heart and always super nice to all the many fans he meets and can we all agree that he’s pretty much the sexiest dork on the planet?! lol

Have a fantastic birthday Josh filled with fun, laughter, family and friends. Wishing you many many many more the come ! :)

anonymous asked:

do u have any fic that have steve and/or bucky being gender nonconforming? esp steve cuz i do know some gnc bucky fic already (tho i wouldn't say no to more) i'm a butch lesbian and and currently having some lousy gender feels & it makes me very happy to see characters i like being gender nonconforming like me, like even tho lesbian gender nonconformity obv isn't the same as gay/bi men's gender nonconformity (or being nb) i still feel a connection

okay i know we;ve got the Trans/NB!Bucky tag which will for sure have some, as for steve, there are these two under a search, and if i remember correctly, Pretty Little Thing by rusting_roses has genderfluid steve