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Five Hundred Followers!

Thank you all so much for helping us make this project something worth doing! We’ve labored to create a catalogue of spirits for all spirit workers, and now we’ve reached 500 followers. To thank you all for being there, we’re taking your requests for spirits you’d like to see posts on! We’ll search out information on spirits of your choice, making our blog more diverse and helpful for all of you.

As well as that we’ll be doing a little Q&A for the mods on SpiritFAQ, our side blog. You’ll be able to ask any of the mods questions about us, our spirit work, or anything your interested in. Get to know the team!

Kravitz is good

Summer Solstice Tips! ๐ŸŒป

• make some homemade iced tea (or sun tea)!
• shower your plants with extra love - talk to them, sing to them, place little crystals near their roots
• create a summer altar, filled with bright yellow flowers, vibrant beads and ribbons, sun imagery, orange and yellow candles, vials of gold glitter, + the Sun tarot card
• write a summer bucket list!
• do a tarot reading or meditate ~outside,~ surrounded by the warmth of the sun and the sounds of nature
• go on a walk! go out to get some cool, yummy summer treats! smile! 💫🌞✨