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My crocheted cosplays over the past 4 years. I like to think I’m improving :) I’ll add more to the list as I do more costumes


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alexneish  asked:

Best/ worst characters to be teamed up/ paired together?

I’m going to go based off of who is best/worse to pair up in regards to personalities rather than combat 

Cinderella/Kaguya and Snow White/Red Riding Hood for the worst:

  • Cinderella wouldn’t know how to deal with Kaguya- the Moon Princess’s eccentricity and masochistic personality would irk Cinderella to no end
  •  Usually, if someone annoyed her, Cinderella would simply beat them to a pulp
  • She can’t necessarily beat up Kaguya without the Princess enjoying it and making it weird
  • Cinderella tries her best to avoid Kaguya at all times because of this
  • Kaguya honestly couldn’t care, though she always enjoys confusing the vulgar Cinderella
  • Snow White would without a doubt be disgusted by Red Riding Hood’s unprejudiced bloodlust
  • Snow White herself isn’t free of sin, but she regards herself to be above those who just kill for fun
  • Hence, she sees characters like Red Riding Hood to be scum
  • Red Riding Hood often finds herself annoyed at Snow White’s “holier-than-thou” attitude she adopts around her
  • In short, both of them have agreed to stay out of each other’s businesses in order keep their sanity and peace (mostly for Snow White)

The best characters to team up would be Pinocchio/Sleeping Beauty, Alice/Pinocchio, and Kaguya/Sleeping Beauty:

  • Sleeping Beauty and Pinocchio are the Cinnamon Bun Squad™
  • Both of them dislike violence, albeit for different reasons (Pinocchio is a literal sweetheart and Sleeping Beauty just wants to nap ffs)
  • As such, together they’d be a more peaceful/peacemaking party
  • Pinocchio and Sleeping Beauty would often just find a safe spot in the middle of nowhere and spend their time chatting quietly or getting proper sleep 
  • Pinocchio enjoys Sleeping Beauty’s laid back attitude, and learns to appreciate the beauty (ha, puns) of a hella good nap
  • Alice finds Pinocchio to be the easiest of all the other characters to get along with
  • They work very well together, and rarely ever have disagreements
  • While Pinocchio is more hesitant in regards to fighting, he finds that Alice’s constant presence and reassurance of their actions helps him rest easier
  • Kaguya finds Sleeping Beauty to be absolutely adorable
  • If Sleeping Beauty wants to nap? Kaguya instantly offers her lap
  • Kaguya enjoys playing with Sleeping Beauty’s hair too
  • Sleeping Beauty finds Kaguya’s aura to be the most relaxing and motherly out of all the other characters
  • While Pinocchio is the ultimate son, Sleeping Beauty is the ultimate daughter in Kaguya’s eyes

Hope that was good enough~ Mod Alice