a little preview of an upcoming project

Project #1 UnderTube (Sans Fight)

For this little project of mine, I am working on creating a animation involving the fight between Sans and Frisk during the Genocide Route. With this battle, I am providing a twist in which characters of the Undertale world will be replaced with youtubers who I believe fits there character based on there interactions with them. I also had made certain characters the way they are because of the way the youtuber represents himself and the way they represented the character in the letsplay. Now without a further ado here is a little preview of the upcoming fight between Chara and Sans (Jacksepticeye)



Frisk/Chara: Its not really one person but every youtuber who had chosen to take the genocide path.

Sans: Jacksepticeye

Papyrus: NateWantsToBattle

Toriel: Commander Holly

Asgore: xXSlyFoxHoundXx

Mettaton: Markiplier

Mettaton EX: Markiplier/Pewdiepie

Duncan (Yogscast): Alphys

Kala Sketch: Undyne

Barry (Game Grumps): Asriel

Cryaotic: W.D Gaster

Ross (Game Grumps): Flowey the Flower


In the future, I am thinking of adding Dodger as being temmie as for starters they look very similar but if you guys have any suggestions on who should be added in as a undertale character let me know. In till then keep an eye out of when the finished product of this little animation comes out :D