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Happy lisvnniversary, everyone!

It’s been a year since we released lisvn! Time sure does fly when it’s in a stable timeline with no supernaturally gifted teenagers around to mess with it. Anyway, it blows us away to see people still playing our little fangame and sending nice messages about it, so thank you!  To date we’ve had 69k (nice.) downloads!

If you’ve never heard of lisvn or just fancy replaying it then check out our release page. Now’s as good a time as ever to get nostalgic.

Otherwise, if you’d like to see what else we’ve been up to then you can check out the original visual novel we did for the yuri game jam: Loan Wolf.

We’re planning another original wlw game for this year so be sure to keep up with us over at the team rumblebee tumblr and twitter.

Till next time!

Sex With: Bangtan

Originally posted by mewchim

Rated: M
Warnings: Sex, dirty talk, overstim, toys, blindfolds, pinning, handcuffs.
Recommended: Dirty Talk | Kinks | Oral


Sex with Jin is passionate. He’ll treat you as if you’re his queen, which you are. He’ll leave kisses on every part of your body that he can reach. He’ll always give you exactly what you want to make you feel good. You’ll always, always be put first in the bedroom. His pleasure comes second, yours is first. He’ll make you cum once during foreplay and he’ll make you cum again with his cock. He’ll revel in your moans, every one sending a shiver down his spine. He’ll leave little hickies all over your body, well the places that couldn’t be seen. He didn’t want his marks to be seen by the world. He’ll enjoy if you leave some hidden ones as well, they’ll be little marks that’ll remind him throughout the day of what you two did.

Snippet: He pressed soft kisses to your neck and jaw as he rolled his hips into you. He let out soft whines and whispers of your name as he panted. You clung to him, digging your nails into his soft skin. Every move he made pressed against that spot inside of you that made you cry out.

“You’re so beautiful, I love you so much.” He whispers, burying his face in your neck. His hand will travel up to your breast to gently roll your nipple between his fingers. He moaned when he felt your walls contract around him, squeezing his cock.


Sex with Yoongi is lazy. Yoongi enjoys slow-paced sex that happens in the middle of the day or night while you’re both sluggish or cozy. He loves it when you’re on top of him, your body looks godly above him. He’s able to feel all your juices dripping down his cock and it drives him crazy. He’s got a filthy mouth too so expect lots of dirty things whispered to you. He’s not very vocal but if you listen closely you can hear him let out soft sighs of pleasure. When he gets close, his grip on your body becomes rougher and he begins grinding up into you. Sometimes he cums before you do but he always makes sure you get off, even at the cost of his own overstimulation.

Snippet: You rolled your hips down, your clit hitting his skin, adding to the pleasure. Yoongi’s hands gripped your hips, guiding you up and down his cock. You tossed your head back at the pleasure, gripping his wrists tightly as you got closer to your orgasm.

“That’s it sexy, fuckin’ cum all over my cock.”


Sex with Hobi is sweet. He’s truly an angel.  Everything he does is for your pleasure. He knows exactly what gets you off and he’s gonna try his hardest to make you cum as many times as he can. He loves your body and he makes damn sure to let you know how beautiful he thinks you are. He’ll enjoy leaving marks where everyone can see, he thinks it’s sexy that you have to lead your day with his marks on display or barely covered by makeup. Hoseok is rarely rough with you, but if you ask him he’ll be more than happy to give you what you want. He’s always up for anything you want. He’s willing to explore any kink you have, even if he doesn’t think he’ll be into it.

Snippet: “So good sweetheart, you feel so good.” He moaned, wrapping his arm tighter around you to pull your back closer against his check. His other hand held your leg up, allowing him to fuck himself into you easier. Your cries were muffled by the pillow beneath your head, your eyes staring vacantly at the wall in front of you. You had already cum but he was close to making you cum again.

“That’s it sweet girl, cum for me.” His hand dropped down to your clit, rubbing perfect little circles that made you back arch and your eyes roll back.


Sex with Namjoon is kinky. Namjoon’s a kink master. He loves to delve into any kinks the two of you have. Sex with him is honestly a whole event. On nights when you have time on your hands for more than ordinary sex, he’ll tie you up, blind fold you, edge you, anything you both enjoy. Obviously, the man has a Daddy kink. So expect some Daddy play in the bedroom as well. He’s dominant so seeing you submissive really turns him on, but if you give a little fight it really makes things fun so he can punish you. But, if you’re not in the mood for all that, Namjoon can be very sweet and sensual as well. He’ll let you feel how much he loves you without him even having to say it. Expect to cum many times in the night, at least twice if not more. He loves making you cum for him, it makes him feel good about himself. Proud that he’s able to make you feel like that. Also expect a ton of aftercare.

Snippet: He had his hand wrapped in your hair as he fucked you from behind. Your face was buried in the bed below you, your voice raw from screaming out. Namjoon had handcuffed your hands behind you, leaving you helpless.

“Cum, slut.” He growled, adding a stinging slap to your already red ass. He let you a low groan, tossing his head back when you came around him, screaming into the pillow as your juices gushed down your thighs.

“Think you can take another one?” He chuckled. “What am I saying? You will whether you like it or not.”


Sex with Jimin is sweet. Jimin is a sweetheart through and through. He puts you first and always makes sure you’re comfortable and happy. He’s the type that will whisper encouragements and praises to you to make you feel better about how you’re doing and how you’re making him feel. In return he’ll ask you if you like what he’s doing. However, Jimin is a little insecure. It means a lot to him when you freely tell him he’s doing well or that you feel good. He’s honestly better in bed than he thinks he is. He’s always so proud if he can make you cum more than once. He always fancies some after-sex cuddles and deep pillow talks with you wrapped in his arms. Probably better than sex for him.

Snippet: “Does this feel good, baby? You like this? Hm…I know you do because you’re trembling.” His voice was like liquid gold in your ear. His fingers were circling your swollen clit as he slowly fucking himself into your tight hole. Your thighs were trembling around his hips. His free hand was pinning your hands above your head.

“Do you like this, baby?” He growled, nipping softly at your shoulder. When you gave him a shuttering nod, he smirked and suddenly he was slamming into you full force.


Sex with this man is playful. There will be laughs shared and little jokes. If something embarrassing happens during sex, like you bump heads or something he’ll crack a joke and make you both crack up to ease the tension. If things seem to be getting too intense he’ll tickle you to make you crack. He just honestly loves the happy, carefree feeling of sex like that. It means you’re both really comfortable with each other. However, he’s definitely capable of serious sex. He can be intense, grabbing your chin and forcing you to keep eye contact with him while he fucks you. He’ll use his deep ass voice to his advantage and whisper sinful things to you to feel your walls contract around him.

Snippet: “You’re so pretty.” He whispered, pinching your cheek to see you giggle at him.

“Be serious Tae…” You whined, grinding your hips down on him. He smiled, wrapping his hands around your waist as he lifted you up his cock and dropped you back down while you both let out a moan together.

“You’re so wet…do you hear that…the sounds your cunt is making…so dirty.”


Sex with Jeon is adventurous. Jeon is still really young and still probably figuring himself out. He’s always looking for new things to try and explore. Of course, he knows what things he likes and what you like and that’s always a safe net. But there’s nights he comes to you asking to try this new thing he heard of. And more often than not, the new experiences are exhilarating. Jungkook is good at everything he tries, so it’s safe to assume that once he’s more comfortable with you he’d be more than confident in bed. He’ll have a dirty mouth and he knows how to use his hips. He’ll be able to make you see stars.

Snippet: “You wanna cum again?” He growled, watching as you shook your head no. “No? No?…Aw, that’s too bad baby because I want you to cum again.” He pressed the Hitachi firmer against your oversensitive clit listening to you whine into the gag in your mouth.

“Yeah, feels good doesn’t it babygirl? Cum for me, now.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi I'm new can you tell me what allegedly happened at Leeds and Dallas?

“Take it Harry take it! Just like you took it a few hours ago”LEEDS FESTIVAL

right, so what really happened in leeds.

the leeds festival which both louis and harry, (and only louis and harry) went, started on saturday August 27th, 2011. it is the last public and happy appearance of HarryAndLouis before Louis is allegedly “dating” Eleanor, and this event is the last of Larry before it got closeted.

(this is in chronological order, ignore the time on the tweets because they are screencapped by people from different timezones)

before leeds fest, louis tweeted this. i cannot really say what it means, but it is highly believed that this is the end of larry being openly seen together, and the start of eleanor, because we know too much.

it is believed that, judging by their clothings, they went to leeds together right after the boys filmed this in London on 27th Aug, 2011 morning. (the video is posted on 29th)

here are some updates on that day

right before leeds fest, harry keep tweeting these tags

so after they arrived, of course they are immediately spotted by people, and here are some pics. i didn’t put too much because we already got enough proof they are together, so i’ll juts go straight to the point.

that’s the night on 27th August, then harry tweeted this

thus louis tweeted these

then at the silent disco, we spot the lovebirds

it is said that they shared a yellow tent, god knows what happened there (hence inspired many fanfictions)

here is an interview of harry and louis on Radio 1

noticeable transcript here

Fearne: (…) Right, so talk to us about Leeds Festival, what was your highlight Louis?

Louis: D’you know what it’s… The vibe at Leeds - I’ve been to a few festivals this year- I went for a day at Wireless, and then I went to V festival as well,  but the vibe at Leeds is so much… I don’t know what it is. It’s just like really reallyfun, and everyone’s like friendly and like. For me the highlight was probably Two Door Cinema Club or the Bombay Bicycle Club.


Harry: How are you Fearne, you alright?

Fearne: I’m good are you sleepy tired?

Harry: Good. I’m very tired…

Fearne: Why are you at the gym?

Harry: …I pulled a muscle in my bum as well.

Fearne: IN your bum?

Harry: Yeah.

Fearne: Well at the festival?

Harry: No I did it on Saturday morning before we went.

Fearne: Right. We won’t talk in details about that Harry, let’s just talk musically about Leeds. What was your favorite, Louis was saying Too Door Cinema Club or Bombay. What d’you recon?

Harry: Yeah yeah Too Door Cinema Club were really good actually. I thought Madness were really good. That was really cool. They were like really funny. (mumbling).

Fearne: Did you guys camp. Were you in a tent?

Harry: Yes, yeah. Some of my friends were there so I camped…with my friends.

Fearne: ..you guys were in a tent, no way!

Harry: Yes, Yeah why?

Fearne: Really? Yes way!

Harry: Yes way.

Fearne: Wowzas! Look at you two! Doin it propa, gotta be done! I can’t say the same, but it’s gotta be done. Well done chaps.

(louis also tweeted the one who interviewed them later on)

and then we’re now at the morning of 28th August, 2011, which they’re still at leeds together.

louis tweeted this

after that it is the silent disco night 2 again

the coat on harry is given from louis, as we see here in the morning

and at night

why leeds fest get so many attention, is not merely because louis and harry are seen publicly and happily together, (coz we know they are always together), it’s because this is the very last time they are seen together like this, and because right after leeds fest Elounor is rumoured to be together. it’s so fucking important to us larries because it is what we could never get over with and what we cling on, why we believe larry is closeted. 

this is louis on the day before Elounor news came out, as we may see, he’s still wearing the shirt.

in an interview in Sweden later on, louis is seen doing this. he stared at harry and fumbled at his leeds fest bracelet.

oh, harry had one too.

before it is broken and he replaced it with this tattoo. (I CAN’T CHANGE)

extra: “born me, i can’t change” is a lyric in the song “Make it stop”, which is in the playlist in leeds fest. the song is to support LGBT kids who gets discriminated.


what happened in Dallas is another legend, it’s like wellington which we all have to investigate.

here is what happened.

about dallas, this is so fucking important because we can see the closest to their sex lives, uncut. it’s practically freshly fucked harry and subspace harry, plus a smug louis and sweaty bodies.

first of all, this is what happened in the interview (i believe it’s one of those “genuinely” interviews again). can you see them??? look at zayn’s smirk??? all coupley and cuddly and fucking adorable ahhhh. 

i’m thinking of what things is louis hoarsely murmuring into harry’s ears. call him daddy, would you, lou? oh but maybe harry bottoms this time.

and shortly after what louis has apparently roughly done to harry, we came to this.

so fucking hot???? flushed cheeks???? glassy eyes???? swollen lips????

he is so lost and unfocused and startled like a lost bambi i have enough proofs that i call it he is floating in his pretty little subspace. not sure if he really bottoms, but it’s, like, 99.99%.

conclusion: freshly fucked in the ass. believed more than one orgasm.

louis??? wtf did you do to him?

here we have this smug kid

sweaty body???? glassy eyes??? overall smug face????

be sure your boy can function noramlly okkk?

this is also what happened in the red room.

“Take it Harry take it! Just like you took it a few hours ago”

well i’m not suggesting watersports…but apple juice does resembles, uh, you-know-what

kinky much, huh?

fancy round two, harry?

later on…

GOOD THRUST you got boy!!! now i wanna know what else would you ride???


did you just casually roll up his shirt sleeves??? Harold??? are you biTING YOUR LIPS????

let’s recap

conclusion: i’m done, i’m gonna go write some larry smuts now.

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I would watch out being around Mare, Peevils. Dark seems like the jealous type :P

(Guess who just did two sociology assignments and is now rewarding herself with Tumblr time… *points at self* This gal! Not gunna lie, cutie pies. I feel like I lost my hold on Dark’s character for a while, but I think this little piece is where I get back the reins. Hope you all enjoy!)

Mare packs his guitar, a gift from Nate so Mare would stop stealing his, back into its case and waves goodbye to Peevils before exiting Peebles Place through the door to Ego Inc.

He’s just about out the door of the lobby when it won’t open for him. Mare shoves his weight against the door, but it doesn’t budge. And when he checks the locks, nothing seems to be amiss. Then he feels the temperature drop and hears the tinny ringing of Dark’s aura as the other figment creeps up slowly behind, running a hand down Mare’s arm to where he holds the guitar case’s handle, taking it from him against Mare’s will.

“You’ve become quite the regular visitor around here, Natemare. I’d have thought that after what happened the last time you crossed me, you would have the better sense to stay away.” Dark sets the guitar aside and sweeps an arm around Mare’s shoulders. The other figment is somehow unable to move, held in place by the tendrils of Dark’s hideous, black aura.

Dark whispers in Mare’s ear, harsh and full of fire, “Stay away from her.”

Mare doesn’t have to ask who he’s speaking about. Peevils has told him just a little about her previous relationship with Darkiplier and all the nasty ties that still bind the two of them. Mare feels the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. “We’re just friends. And since when do you control her?”

Dark makes a fist, and his aura squeezes Natemare like a boa constrictor wrapping around its prey. “She’ll never belong to you the same way that she belongs to me. There are things I know about her that no one else does, and if you fancy yourself her friend, you’re quite mistaken.” Dark laughs and reappears on Mare’s other side with a smile. “That’s why you’re going to leave this place and never come back.”

“Because you’ll–what–kill me if I don’t obey?” Mare rolls his eyes. “And what good will that do you?”

Dark shakes his head. “No, no. You misunderstand.” He reaches forward and turns Mare’s head in his direction. “I won’t hurt you. And I won’t even touch your little host, no. I won’t have to.” He grins and tilts his head to the side. “I’ll hurt her.”

Mare feels his stomach seize up and twist into an angry knot. “That seems a little counterproductive, doesn’t it? Won’t that make her hate you even more than she already does?”

“Oh, I won’t do it directly. She’d see that coming a mile away.” Dark folds his hands behind his back and squares his shoulders. “No, you see, I know what Peevils wants, what she’s manipulated the others, even you, into giving her.” Dark smirks. “A home, a family. It’s a simple desire really, and it’s what she’s worked very hard to achieve. It’s why she defied me. It’s why she tries so hard to please the others, even the fans…” Dark leans forward, and whispers, “It’s why she plays around with you.”

Dark paces around Mare again, driving the entrapped figment mad with hatred. “I have ways of convincing the other Egos that Peevils is too much trouble to be trusted. After all, I know her better than anyone else, and believe it or not, I do have some sway here.” He gestures around at the building.

Mare rolls his eyes, but underneath is the worry that Dark is a man of his word. If nothing else, he’s at least that. So without really believing it himself, he growls, “You wouldn’t.”

“Oh, but I would.” Dark inspects his fingernails closely as if there might be some minute imperfection to find there. “She’d end up on the streets again and would thus be in need of an old friend to help her out.” Dark straightens his suit with a few jerks of the fabric. “And she’ll be mine once again.”

Mare shakes his head. “She won’t come crawling back to you, she’d never…”

“She’s starting to fade, Mare,” Dark says coldly. “Didn’t you notice? She’s losing attention without a real purpose, and soon she’ll be gone. But you know which one of us could save her from that fate, and it isn’t going to be you and your little guitar.” Dark brushes a hand over Mare’s cheek, and he convulses involuntarily.

“Fine.” Mare has to bite out the word. “Fine.”

Dark’s hold on Mare releases instantly, the slithering wisps curling back around Dark and bending into several colored reflections of himself. “It was nice chatting with you,” Dark intones, handing back Mare’s guitar case. “So sad to see you go.” The smirk that tugs at his lips makes Mare want to tear him to shreds, but he knows it’s a game he can’t win.

So, he glances back once more, hoping she’ll understand, and leaves.

livtheweeb  asked:

hiya! if its not a bother, can you please do headcanons on how the rfa(plus saeran and v bc i adore them) helps mc out of a really bad slump. i've been out of it lately and it would really help, thanks!

Oh man, I feel you buddy. I’m sorry this is so late. I reeeeally feel you lolol ^^;;


  • You have never been pampered like this boy will pamper you
  • Two words: Spa day.
  • Whether that means going to an actual spa together or sitting at home and letting him pamper you himself is up to you. He’s fine with either option.
  • Spa day, makeup day, hairstyle day, he can and will do it all for you.
  • After all, how can you be upset if you’re busy feeling beautiful?
  • The fact is that you’re always beautiful of course, but he understands if you’re not feeling it. And even if you are, it never hurts to pile more beauty on.
  • He’ll do your face, your nails, your hair, you’ll look like a mythical deity when he’s done with you.
  • Or, you know, exactly like you but with colorful eyes and nails.
  • He’ll even let you paint his nails too, if it makes you feel better. 
  • You can braid each other’s hair~
  • Once you’re all beauty-ed out, he’ll offer to take you on a scenic ride on his motorcycle too as long as you wear all the proper protective equipmentSafety first
  • Or he’ll take you on a relaxing walk around the city, maybe even on a picnic.
  • You’re not sure how but Zen knows all the best spots
  • Of course, your outing will take you through at least some crowded areas. Nothing boosts your confidence like having people halt to a stop to stare at you with awed eyes and slack jaws.
  • When you finally get home you’ll definitely get some massages from Zen.
  • He looked up a how to video online
  • You two sit together on the couch while he puts on whatever you want to watch
  • (Preferrably something he can sing along to. Bonus if you’ll sing with him~ <3)
  • And you can plop whatever body part is most in need of de-stressing right into his waiting hands
  • Take that as PG or R as you’d like


  • Oh boy. He gets it.
  • You’re talking to a depressed university student here, he totally understands what it’s like to be in a slump. 
  • He decides that you need to take your mind off things for a little while.
  • And the best way to do that? Video game day!
  • It’s the closest a poor university student can get to taking a vacation hahaha
  • On our menu today we have a light appetizer of some Mario Party, followed by your choice of Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros depending on what you want him to kick your ass in
  • Honestly he’ll play whatever game you want. He’ll probably even try and go easy on you.
  • Key word: try. He may or may not be a little bit competitive. He’ll do it for you though.
  • Unless you notice and are offended. Then he’ll stop.
  • He just wants you to have fun. 
  • He’ll even let you be player one in all the games, because you’re player one in his heart E>
  • Yoosung stop that’s cheesy
  • Once you’re all gamed out and refreshed he’ll hold you and play with your hair
  • And he tells you that he knows you can do anything you put your mind to 
  • So don’t worry
  • This’ll pass
  • And he’ll be by your side through all the ups and downs to support and encourage you
  • He’ll make you dinner too, to energize and refresh you with his love. Every night. Whatever you want. Pick your favourite food, he can look up a recipe for it if he doesn’t know how to make it.
  • He’ll let you help if you want. Cooking together is a great mood fix!
  • He’ll even find a way to arrange your food in smiley faces and decorate it with hearts to try and cheer you up because he’s a dork like that


  • This woman lived in a permanent slump for years when she worked at C&R.
  • A slump formed of endless exhaustion and over-exertion 
  • And yet even when she’s at her absolute worst she’s still the hardest worker you know
  • So obviously she’s the best one to go to for this.
  • Step One: Coffee.
  • (Most of Jaehee’s plans start with coffee, to be honest.)
  • She’ll use all the fancy tricks she’s learned from running her coffee shop to make you the perfect cup of coffee.
  • Some days she’ll change it up and make you a latte instead
  • Because she’s been practicing latte art
  • And how can you not feel energized after drinking beautiful art that’s filled with caffeine?
  • She also has a ton of little tips and tricks on how to make it through the day when all you want to do is scream into a pillow and go to bed
  • One of them happens to be scream into a pillow when you first wake up. Let all the frustration out so you don’t end up snapping and blowing up right in the face of your rich ass slave driver of a–
  • …Jaehee are you okay?
  • Ahem. As she was saying, stress release is very important.
  • She’s also an advocate for exercise as a form of stress relief. 
  • She invites you to go for a run with her (she won’t even invite Zen unless you request it, which is super flattering. She wants to run with just you~)
  • Even if you’re not feeling up for it the sight of her in a tank top and shorts with her recently grown out hair tied back in a short adorable ponytail and her bangs held out of her face by a golden yellow hairband that brings out the soft, gold glow of her eyes is a sight that would brighten anyone’s day
  • You tell her as much and her responding blush double-brightens your day
  • If you’re not, she’ll encourage you do to some kind of exercise around the house.Preferably while listening to one of Zen’s musicals, but she’ll put on whatever you want. She only suggests it because she knows one that’s particularly inspiring.
  • If you are feeling up for it she’ll make sure she matches whatever pace you’re up for going, even if that means not going above a brisk walk.
  • This outing is for you, after all. 
  • She’ll reassure you that wherever you’re at right now, you’ll be back on your feet eventually.
  • Until then, she’s more than happy to take care of you, whatever that may entail.
  • Jaehee wins girlfriend of the year.
  • Every year.


  • Slump? What’s that?
  • “Slump” is not in this man’s dictionary.
  • (Which is kind of a lie, although it’s very rare for him. If there is work to be done he always feels like doing it, since not doing it would bother him more than most other problems do.)
  • You tell him you’re just feeling really low, and that you’re having trouble doing the things you need to get done.
  • Why don’t you just… do the things?
  • Forgive him he’s trying
  • He’s honestly not quite sure what to do?
  • First of all, if he can, he’ll do the things for you or hire someone else to do them. He certainly understands the frustration of things not being done when they need to be done
  • Outside of that, though… he’s not sure. 
  • Tell him what you want and it’s yours?
  • He’ll make you strawberry pancakes even if it is dinnertime.
  • And wine, because, well. Wine. It’s a cure all.
  • Pancakes and wine, the finest of fine dining
  • At night he’ll hold you close and whisper reassurances in your ear until you fall asleep.
  • He’ll basically do anything and everything he can to fix the problem
  • (He’ll even rub your clothes with catnip while you’re asleep so that you get extra cuddles from Elizabeth the 3rd the next day. Kitty cuddles are another cure all.)
  • He might back down slightly if you tell him that it’s not something that needs to be fixed so much as it is a time you need to work through
  • Then he’ll switch from speedy problem solving mode to unconditional love and support mode.
  • There will still be wine and kitty cuddles though.


  • ~*~*Defender of Justice 707*~*~ will pull out all the stops to make you smile
  • “What do you call it when Batman doesn’t go to church? Christian Bale!”
  • “How many ears does Spock have? Three! A left ear, a right ear, and a final frontier~”
  • Yeah, that’s right, he’s bringing out the big guns.
  • Seriously he’s spent his life fighting off constant slumps using humour and damn if he’s not gonna use his leet memer skillz to help you through yours
  • He also decides he’s going to make you dinner
  • Oh God please no
  • Don’t worry, it doesn’t take him long to realize that he does not, in fact, know how to make dinner.
  • He does, however, make a kickass mac and cheese.
  • He knows all the tricks to make it perfect.
  • Adding just the right amount of milk, and putting real melted cheese on top.
  • Yeah, that’s right, he even has real food in the house. Look at him, it’s like he’s a real adult.
  • Except that it’s only there because you bought it.
  • He garnishes each bowl with a couple Honey Buddha chips. (You know, like fancy restaurants use those leafy things? Except it’s a sprinkle of crumbs and one single chip sticking up in the middle.)
  • Also he built you a small robot watch that generates one (1) meme per hour. 
  • (It looks kind of like the Apple watch except the screen is shaped like a pop-tart/cat it’s nyan cat okay and the band is a rainbow.)
  • It’s called the iMeme
  • He also builds you a cat robot that’s sole purpose is to compliment and encourage you
  • (Well, “built”. He just reprogrammed one of his old projects and taped a picture of his face on the front).
  • It’s called the iSaeyoung
  • And he also–
  • For serious though, he’ll support you through it. Whatever you need, he’ll get it for you. If you need a day off, he’ll arrange it so you’re both free to lounge around and watch or do whatever you want. If you need a shoulder to cry on, what a coincidence, he has two. If you need encouragement, he has tons for you.
  • If you need someone murdered–
  • Saeyoung stop


  • V notices that you’re not feeling your usual self.
  • He almost immediately arranges a nice sit down conversation about it over tea
  • (V has the best tea. You don’t know how he can make tea taste so good but he does? Maybe it’s because he has fancy rich people tea?)
  • He expresses his concern for you.
  • He tells you he’s here for you, whatever you need.
  • He tells you he understands. He’s been there.
  • Which is a little surprising to hear, since you can’t imagine the man before you flopping down on the couch and whining the way you are. 
  • (He casually does not mention that hes done exactly that before. Just ask Jumin.) 
  • But he’s had artists block before
  • Another surprising one, considering how great literally every picture you’ve ever seen of his turns out
  • Seriously even his selfies are goddamn art.
  • You ask him how he gets past things like that
  • He smiles and tells you to that you just have to step away from the situation for a while and approach it from a different angle
  • And sometimes it’s easier to do with a cup of tea in one hand and the hand of someone you love in the other
  • V how do you take pictures if your hands are full, huh? You’re full of shit V.
  • …It’s a metaphor.
  • When you’re done your talk, you’re surprised by a sudden flash of light.
  • You briefly wonder where the camera came from, but it’s V. He always has a camera within reach.
  • At your confused look he’ll give you a smile (you know, the one that looks like angels painted it on his face themselves)
  • And explain that it’s a “before” picture. He’ll take a matching one “after” you find your way back out of the slump into the sunlight. To show you how far you’ve come.
  • Hopefully his cheesiness and ever present faith in you will lift you up. 
  • If not, then he’ll just be there for you to fall down on. 
  • (You’re working on him not feeling responsible (and guilty) for all of your problems. He’s trying his best.)


  • Oh god you’re upset what is he supposed to do
  • When he’s upset he usually smokes but he’s certainly not going to suggest something so dangerous and unhealthy to you
  • He’s a hypocrite that way
  • What do normal people do when someone they care about is upset???
  • Saeyoung would probably make you laugh
  • (Although he’s not sure Saeyoung is the best example of a “normal person”)(It’s all he’s got to go on, he’s not exactly Mr. Popular)
  • “Uh, hey.”
  • Okay, so he’s got your attention. Now quick, think of something funny.
  • “Imagine if clouds could like… fall on people.”
  • …what the fuck Saeran
  • “I mean like, if blankets of cotton just fell from the sky and squished people.”
  • Oh my god stop talking, quick, think of a joke
  • “I-I mean… How do you make seven an even number?”
  • abort abort why is that the first joke that came to his mind goddamnit Saeyoung oh my god he needs to leave right now immediately before you respond–
  • “…I don’t know, why?”
  • great. no escape now saeran, you have to answer. well, having friends was nice while it lasted.
  • His response is quiet, muttered out like he had to forcefully drag it out of his increasingly flushed stupid face with a tow truck.
  • “…you take off the S.”
  • He tried, okay? And it’s not his fault. He has a good memory and his idiot brother keeps filling it with trash. He hates that his brain has a database of shitty 707 jokes more than you could possibly know.
  • But then you laugh.
  • And he turns even more red because he’s still embarrassed and holy shit you are godsend how could his shitty attempts cause such a wonderful sound?
  • You realize that this is his way of trying to cheer you up and the fact that he cares enough to tell you such an embarrassingly bad joke
  • Saeyoung is offended
  • is enough to lift your spirits even if only slightly
  • This is your chance to explain to him that you’re fine, you’re just… down lately. 
  • Which gives him an opportunity to awkwardly ask what he can do to help, since he obviously doesn’t know. And he’s still working on this whole communication thing.
  • You tell him to just… be there. 
  • And he nods. He can do that. He’d love to do that.
  • “And watch my back in case of falling clouds, okay Chicken Little?”
  • He doesn’t even get the reference but he is so red
  • It becomes an inside joke, which eventually leads to a day of Saeran sitting out of sight somewhere and throwing cotton balls at people while you point and scream “the sky is falling!”
  • (Please refer to my go-to “evidence Saeran is a troll” story here if you don’t believe he would)
  • Saeyoung is super proud


  • Vanderwood would notice immediately that something is up with you
  • They are a secret intelligence agent after all
  • And 707′s babysitter
  • So they’re used to recognizing the changes in someone’s behaviour
  • (Not that they’re overly focused on you or anything
  • You’re just.
  • You know.
  • You’re there.
  • So.
  • Of course they noticed.)
  • …now what
  • They’re good at the noticing part. They’re not so good at the doing emotions thing.
  • They’ll just spend more time around you.
  • They show up at your door muttering some story about how they were bored or needed somewhere to stay or whatever 
  • They bring you their favourite books (which is saying a lot like they only own like two books and they’re giving them to you???)
  • They kind of… awkwardly drop (read: neatly stack) the books on the nearest table with some excuse about how they’re a pain to move around from place to place so you should just have them 
  • and then they just
  • Stand there.
  • Which leads to them cleaning the nearest cleanable thing
  • (One upside, no matter how down you’re feeling your house will always be clean. Cleaning is Vanderwood’s thing.)
  • While they’re cleaning they would talk without looking at you because that makes it less awkward
  • “This’ll pass, you know.”
  • Their voice is just the slightest hint softer than usual.
  • “You just have to keep on going and it’ll pass. Everything does. Just ride it out and things will get better.”
  • “And, uh. Remember that you’ve got people who can help you. Like the RFA. And you have m–…”
  • They’re red now. Their voice raises as they continue, as though the volume can hide their embarrassment.
  • “A-And clean your goddamn house once in a while! Geez, anyone would be upset in this mess. I guess I’ll keep doing it, if you won’t.”
  • They don’t mind, really. If you look guilty or anything they’ll quickly tell you that. They like cleaning. And it gives them an excuse to come check on/hang out with you. 
  • They will not tell you that last part.
  • Also, while they suck at talking about feelings they’ve actually gotten pretty good at listening to them so if you ever need someone to talk to, Vanderwood is your person.
  • They even give good advice, Sometimes.
  • They have lots of life experience. Although their life experience is, uh. Not always transferable to the average everyday person.
  • It’s occasionally slightly illegal advice. But still pretty good.

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oh! many thanks are proffered! conceivably, perhaps a royalty anecdote, if you so desire, to dispense it to one, by way of illustration, myself and others?

The way you talk is making my day please keep talking to me.

But also let’s write a royalty AU!

As a prince, Jack had plenty of people to chose from to romance.

Almost any of the nobles’ daughters, even a few of their sons, wouldn’t hesitate to respond is Jack said anything remotely romantic to them. Any number of the maids, the kitchen staff, the women who worked in the courtyard, would swoon if Jack smiled at them, wave daintily from a window if he glanced up at them, make a point of fixing everything exactly how he liked it, anything for attention from the prince.

That was the problem, though, wasn’t it? Attention from the prince not attention from Jack. They wanted his attention not for who he was, but for what he was.

Which was why Jack, taking a lead out of one of his old books of fairy tales, had gotten his hand on some old clothes (by giving new one to the stable boy who had owned them) and found a way out (by agreeing to keep the cook’s secret stash of royal leftovers secret) to the real world.

Beyond his tiny bubble of royal life, the world was entirely different. People laughed and smiled genuinely, not just to further an agenda. When Jack talked, people ignored him and went on with their days, rather than looking at him intently with glazed over eyes, smiling and nodding to anything he said.

When he was out in the city in old clothes, when he had dirt on his face and his hair wasn’t contained in his little gold circlet, people treated him just like any other kid on the streets.

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Sleepless (Tony x Reader)

Author’s Note: I just want to say that I am not an expert on PTSD nor have i experienced it myself, but I have watched one of my parents battle it so I am writing from what I have watched firsthand as well as how Tony’s battle is portrayed in the films (though I tried my best not to really explain much about it since I have not experienced it and everything). This is my fic for Caro’s ( @sanjariti ) Game of Prompts! Also, I’ve been kind of rusty with writing lately and this is my first time writing for Tony so feedback would be greatly appreciated! ((slightly AU, after AOU but Bruce is mentioned to be at the facility, fight me))

Summary: The reader finds it hard to deal with the aftermath of different battles and missions, but they find out they aren’t the only Avenger that’s fighting this battle.

Warning(s): PTSD, mentions of & dealing with PTSD, slight mention of sex

Words: 1,230

Being an Avenger was a dream, well not even that. You never could have imagined being a part of the team, not until Nick Fury came to you after SHIELD found out about your abilities. You accepted his offer and officially became an Avenger. You battled aliens, and later battled an army of robots, things you never imagined you’d actually fight off. Throughout that time, you had lived in the tower and now in the Avengers facility upstate, and at both places you had gained a family.

You and Steve had become close, he taught you better fighting techniques and made sure you could protect yourself properly and in return you helped him catch up with all your favorite movies and fun facts about everything you knew.

Natasha had been your support, not only helping you adjust to the team in the beginning but helping you adjust to the hero life and being a friend you could always vent to and in return you helped her train while using your abilities.

Wanda became your close friend incredibly quick. You two told each other everything. You also got to help her gain more control with her abilities since you had become pretty proficient with your own.

Clint helped you with archery and some of his other special fighting techniques and in return you both had your fair share of pizza nights on the couch.

Your relationship with Vision was still a work-in-progress. It was still weird having the voice of JARVIS come from a source rather than just being a voice.

Bruce became your go-to if you needed a distraction during the day, you found his stories about science interesting even though you were never really into science. Bruce was your go-to for a good conversation and you were the same for him.

Your relationship with Tony was different than your relationship with everyone else. You had been drawn to Iron Man ever since you met him and you had always wanted to admit your feelings but you figured with working together, it would get tricky so you pushed those feelings deep down and tried to never think about them.

Both you and Tony struggled to carry the baggage after different missions, though Tony would never admit to anyone. Well, anyone except you. He hadn’t meant to let you know, it had just happened. You were having another nightmare and you were scared to let yourself fall asleep again so you had let yourself wander around the facility, like you usually did on nights you couldn’t sleep. This night, however, was different. You walked to a different part of the facility, a place you had only been to a couple times. It was where Tony’s lab was, and you never really had a reason to go there unless it was to chat with Bruce. But this time, there was noise coming from his lab, which was weird considering it was getting close to 4am, so your mind immediately assumed it was an intruder. You heard faint rock music playing and tools at work. You realized even before you made it around the corner that it was Tony who was working. You slowly made your way around the corner and opened the door to his lab. He was facing away from you so you weren’t sure he knew you came in so you quietly stood close to the door, deciding whether or not you should leave. You must have taken some time to think about it because your thoughts were interrupted by Tony speaking, “You can come in and sit if you want. I’ll clean off a chair.”

You looked at him, at his face, worn and tired, but then you looked away, at everything scattered around the lab, the mess everything made. And then it hit you. He was awake for the same reason you were except this was his way of dealing with no sleep while yours was walking.

He cleared off a chair for you and rolled it over to the desk he was working at. You thanked him and took a seat.

“It’s late, shouldn’t you be sleeping?” You asked, breaking a deafening silence.

“Oh sweetheart, I do my best work under the moonlight.” He replied, with his usual teasing tone.

You laugh, “Right, okay. So is that the name of your sex tape?

“Did you see it? Impressive, right?” He joked right back, adding a wink as well.

Your happy expression faded to a serious one while you asked, “Why are you up so late, Tony?”

He looked up from his gadget he was currently working on to look you in the eyes, “The same reason you are. I know you’ve been up and walking most nights. At breakfast you look tired and FRIDAY updates me on movement in and around the facility at night, for security purposes.”

You sat quietly for a moment. Realizing that Tony knew your best kept secret, and even kept it, “So… you know that I haven’t been sleeping?”

He nodded, “You’re not the only one. Is it the dreams?”

You nodded. Not trusting yourself to speak because tears were threatening to escape.

Tony sprung up out of his seat and said, “I have an idea. Come here.”

You did as he asked and followed him to a closet in his office. He took out some pieces that looked like they belonged to one of his suits and threw them in a box, telling you to grab a few things to put in with the other pieces. You quietly did as he asked and followed him back out to one of his tables. He dumped the parts and said, “Okay, these are all parts of one of my suits that obviously doesn’t work anymore. This model was one of the best, but I know some updates I can add. How about when we can’t sleep we work on this?”

You stared at him, eyes wide, “You can’t be serious? I can’t build a suit!”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I’ll do the building. You’ll be doing the helping.”

“Right. And what all does that include?”

He was quiet for a moment and then spoke, “Keeping me company… and, of course, holding things for me, and even the occasional cup of coffee.”

You smiled lightly, “I’d like that. I’d like that a lot”

“Great. We’ll start tomorrow?”

“Sounds good to me!”

“It’s a date, then.” Tony immediately froze after he realized what he said, “Well, I mean we have a plan…”

You laughed and said, “We can call it a date if you want, though I imagined our first date being a little more fancy than pajamas and tools.”

He looked into your eyes, making sure you were serious, and spoke, “Well, I can make a better date happen soon but I think we both need what we have planned for tomorrow, it’ll be good for us.”

“Me, too. Thank you, Tony.”

“Of course, now go try to get some sleep. Everyone will be waking up soon.”

You nodded and started to leave, but you turned around, walked up to him and gave him a hug. He was slow to return it, but he didn’t want to let go.

Before pulling away you spoke, “I like your first date idea better, anyway.”

And before he could say anything else you had walked out the door.

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Um, could I request Bakugo, Izuku, and Todoroki cooking their s'o a meal after a long day of work/school/training.

Katsuki Bakugou

  • Bakugou is a very decent cook and he knows what he’s doing in the kitchen, there’s no need for you to fret over it. He’s got this all figured out. You could volunteer to help him cook as well, but he insists that you need to sit down and relax for tonight since you’ve been training most of the day.
  • Bakugou finished your favorite meal and places right in front of you. Your glimmering eyes twinkled with delight when you took a bit. He absolutely enjoys that sight of that! You thanked him so many times while taking each bites. “Yeah, yeah. I know my cookings are the B O M B. Now stop talking and just eat already.” He knows you well enough to get a reaction out of you, and that’s why he usually cooks after school.

Izuku Midoriya

  • Izuku doesn’t have much experience in cooking and he only has few knowledge of making something simple himself. He would create something that he looked up online and practiced over and over until it tastes good. One of the things he made for you is fried Tonkatsu or Omurice.
  • He seems nervous of what your reaction may be when eating his dish. Turns out you like it and it’s very simple to make, so it wouldn’t be a hassle of buying much ingredients! Izuku smiles happily and watches you eat, his elbows resting on top of the table and his chin placed upon folding hands.

Todoroki Shouto

  • Todoroki is surprisingly a unique cooker, he absolutely has no knowledge of cooking, yet he can actually create something delicious just by his instinct. You would wonder about his cooking sometimes. It looks good, but does it taste good? What is also funny is that he uses both of his side if he wants to. He perfectly does it without ruining anything!
  • Todoroki watches you devour your meal and you saying it’s so delicious that you’re not worthy of this fancy Japanese cuisine! He gives you a little pet on the head and smiles softly as you do so. You admit that you were scared of his dishes sometimes, and he really doesn’t mind if you had those thoughts. Everyday, you would come back home to the delicious aroma lingering.
Headcanons: Vic & Nathan’s First Date With You

Originally posted by jihyunkm

@lockednightmare​: HC about Victoria and Nathan (separatly) having the first date with their s/o and want to make it something special.

Hi!! Thank you for requesting, Nathan and Victoria are some of my favourite characters in the game! ^_^ I interpreted it in them trying to impress their s/o on their first date, so it’s not the ‘ideal’ date, sorry if that’s what you meant >~< Hope it’s up to your expectations C: And surprise! Well, I surprised myself - didn’t expect to get another one out so soon ^_^;;

Feel free to discuss it with me if you think differently of my portrayal!

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Oh man, I would love to see your take on Supercorp for “Have you ever wanted to hate someone?”

13. “Have you ever wanted to hate someone?”

(Original meme here.)

Kara’s alone, at home. It’s nine at night, and she’s got a busy day planned tomorrow and she’s trying to be an organized person who doesn’t need to use super speed to get through their morning routine, which is a lot more work than it seems. The knock on her apartment door is a surprise, so much so that she almost misses it.

There’s a second knock, and just as Kara’s x-raying the door to see who it is, there’s a soft voice on the other side. “Kara? Are you home?”

It’s Lena. She sounds like she’s been crying.

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I Was Watching Over You


Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Summary: After the latest sacrifices in Beacon Hills, Isaac wants to make sure you are safe. You wake up to find him asleep on your bedroom floor.

Once again something evil and supernatural was going on in Beacon Hills. This time around it was someone committing human sacrifices, granted when you found out you should have been more shock but you got use too the strange happenings that occurred often in this town, that the idea of human sacrifices didn’t seem or that far fetched . In fact it felt like a normal part of Beacon Hills, the tragic thing about thinking that scared you more than the sacrifices themselves.

Being at a comfortable level now with all this wasn’t something you thought would happen, but it did and here you were along with Scott and the others trying to figure the what, the who and the why. Scott had instructed everyone to keep an eye out on each other, to not travel alone and if something felt off or odd to at least alert another member of the pack. And sitting on your bed from just waking up, it seemed Isaac took the who keep and eye out thing very literally.

You had to admit it was cute, Isaac had dropped you off at home after the latest sacrifice and he told you he would wait until you were asleep. Well judging from what you were looking at, it seemed he too had fallen asleep.

“Isaac, Isaac” you said trying to get the werewolf to wake up. He was currently leaning his head on your chair and spread out across the floor. You weren’t going to lie it was a nice sight to wake up to so early in the morning.

“Isaac” you said one last time before throwing a pillow in his direction. It hit him square in the face and he jolted up, ready to attack. Looking around he saw that you were awake, and you shyly gave him a little wave.

“Whatcha you doing?” you asked him.

He starched the back of his head, and lifted his arms up a little which in turn gave you a better look at his stomach. “I-um I was watching over you” he declared.

“And how did that go…you know in your sleep?”.

His cheek went visibly red and it was new but yet entertaining to see him flustered.

“Good, um yeah it went good”.

“I’m just teasing you Isaac” you admitted.

“Oh, well now that you’re awake and safe I think I’ll just head off now” he gathered his jacket and went to exit through the door.

“Isaac” you shouted before he had the chance to leave, he turned around. “You do know that after you sleep over at someone’s house, breakfast is an essential meal of the day”.

Now it was turn for both of you to display red cheeks, “Well then it would be very rude of me to leave then” he said.

“I agree, very rude indeed” you added. Removing the blanket you got out of bed and headed downstairs with Isaac just seconds behind.

“So what do you want, we have cereal I could make you eggs on toast or we could do something fancy and make pancakes?”.

“Whatever you prefer I’m good with” he said making himself comfortable leaning against the counter.

“Cereal it is”. Pulling out all the choices you had Isaac helped by getting two bowls and the milk carton from the fridge. Since none of you could fully decide on which cereal to eat, Isaac just poured a little of each in the two bowls. Handing one to you along with a spoon you took a bite.

“Wow that does not taste good at all” you said, laughing.

He nodded and set down his bowl, you did the same thing and went over to get a glass of water to wash out the taste. “I best be going” he announced.

Truthfully you didn’t want him to go at all, but not one part of you had the guts to tell him to stay. Being the gentleman that he is he placed his dishes in the sink and gave you a small smile, much like you gave him earlier and walked towards the door.

Something in you didn’t want to let him leave without saying what you wanted, power walking to the door you grabbed his hand. Stopping and turning to have eye contact with you, that’s when you spoke.

“Just so you know, um…you can watch over me any day”.

It wasn’t meant to sound creepy, or anything like that. And you hoped in the back of your mind that he understood the underlying message.

Smiling, he leaned down and kissed you lightly on the cheek before walking down your driveway. Maybe it wasn’t exactly how you would of liked to wake up to in the morning, apart of you deeply would have preferred if you had woken up with his arms around you. However this was the next best thing, and the feelings for him are definitely there and my god were they growing bigger by the second.

Adult Tip: Ingredients to have on hand:

It can be kind of overwhelming to go into the spice aisle of your grocery store and look at all the stuff and have no idea what to buy and what will be a waste of money. Seasonings can cost anywhere from 1-5 dollars each, but will last for about 30-40 meals before you run out. So here is my list of “essentials.” Again, this is not the end all be all of lists, just what I consider to be a good idea.

  • Salt: This is a must. I’m not kidding. Salt brings out the flavor of your food, and can turn a can of tinned tomatoes into a decent sauce to put over spaghetti. It’s really important.
  • Pepper: Again, same as the salt. Can be used in practically everything you make that is savory.
  • Cinnamon: Good for deserts, oatmeal, sweet grits, basically anything that you want sort of a twist to.
  • Garlic Powder: Essential, especially if you don’t want to buy and deal with fresh garlic.
  • Onion Powder: Takes the hassle out of cooking, I swear.
  • Italian seasoning: This is a mix of basil, thyme, and oregano. Doesn’t have to be expensive, just has to do the job.
  • Curry Powder: A little plain yogurt, some veggies, a little water and curry powder (plus salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder) makes a curry. Not kidding. It’s a mix of 4 or 5 different spices so you don’t have to buy each separately.
  • Chili powder: If you are into spicy food, this will add a kick to anything you’re cooking
  • Vanilla Extract: Literally is used in every dessert recipe. You can make your own in large quantities with some brandy and a vanilla bean pod, but the little bottle you find in the spice aisle does you just fine.

Optional: Now, I love garlic, and hate actually handling it. Jarred, crushed garlic is my cheat for most recipes. It’s quick, not messy, and relatively cheap.

I also like having a “Mrs. Dash” spice mix around for general meat seasoning. My favorite is chipotle lime, but get what tickles your fancy!

I hope this helped some of you. Let me know what your favorite spices are, or what you would add to this list!

Good Luck,


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Established relationship: T'challa is a very private man, he doesn't show his emotions very often but when he does it's heartbreaking... So 5 times the avengers see how much he cares about Tony (hurt after a fight, almost dying, the media being dicks etc...)

A/N: This actually turned out really long and the timeline is a little all over the place but I hope this was close enough to what you were asking for. - Rachel

Warnings for canon-typical violence and injury.

1.      Overworked Tony
It had been a month since he was last able to see his lover. Wakanda might seem small, but with their advancements in technology and science they were very popular. Along with keeping up with political matters and taking care of the government concerning the Accords, it was hard to get some free time.

Since the events that were labeled the ‘Superhero Civil War’ things have gotten better. The Avengers were able to return to the United States and work on becoming a proper team again, though of course there was still a lot to be done. But for the most part, a lot of it was being handled. All of the Avengers were residing in the Avengers base in upstate New York, and that’s where the King was heading. He had some business to attend within America but with a lot of schedule changes, he was able to give himself five days of complete free time to spend with Anthony.

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Joker Imagine - Project 6227 PART 6

Originally posted by mysparklinginsanity

Your P.O.V.

My eyes felt heavy as I opened them. At least one of them. I saw a bright light that made me groan in pain. My entire body was aching. “Fuck! Frost put her back to sleep” A voice growled and it echoed in my head. I tilted my head ,but soon I felt a mask on my mouth that put me back to sleep.

The next time I opened my eyes, I was in  a dim room. The first thing I noticed was the big bed I was on. It was big enough for probably 4 people. It had a beige blanket that covered most of my body. I had a soft pillow behind my back. But my body was in pain. I felt like I had been hit with a wrecking ball. I looked at my side to see a dark brown, expensive looking nightstand with flowers. They were black. How strange I thought. Suddenly I heard someone walking in and I looked to my other side to see a big door. What really surprised me was the fact that Joker walked in.

He was dressed in grey sweatpants and a red shirt with only three buttons buttoned. He seemed worried for some reason, but it was obvious he tried to cover it. Now I was scared and confused. Why am I here?

“You’re awake” He said bluntly and then sat on the bed quite close to me. I gulped and felt how sore my throat was. “What..what’s going on?” I dared to ask him with a weak voice. Joker seemed surprised at my question. Why was I in bed in a bedroom I had never seen before? The windows were covered with dark red curtains and it looked expensive as hell.

“I couldn’t leave you to die Y/N” He explained mysteriously. To die? “Some idiot took you to his home and beat you up. So I killed him. Our plans are delayed” He sighed as casually as possible. Some idiot? Suddenly I got a flashback of Daniel taking me away from work. I remembered his anger when we got to his place, our old shared home. Then he beat me up. As I thought really hard, I could remember Joker shooting Daniel. Then I blacked out.

“I got a doctor to stitch you up. You should be fine in a few days” He continued and then looked at my bare arms. Where were my clothes? “Why didn’t you leave me at my place?” I whispered nervously. This was probably Joker’s home and it made me a little anxious.Why did he even bother to help me ?

“Fuck face visited you. It wouldn’t be safe when you’re hurt so badly” He explained shortly. Who the hell was fuck face? He probably saw my confusion so he spoke: “Two face. My enemy. Big jerk” He spat and I knew that he wasn’t keen on this man. I remembered that odd man behind my door. Was that two face? “I thought you wouldn’t wake up” Joker admitted after a small silence. “Why?” I tried to raise my eyebrow. My question made him look a little sad which was weird. “You were asleep for two days” He let me know.

Two days?

“Oh..” I mumbled and then sighed. My ribs hurt as I sighed. Daniel really got his anger out on me this time. Did Joker really kill him? “We’ll see how you’re healing. Maybe in a week I can show you my little surprise” He smiled and I saw that hint of insanity in his blue eyes. I just looked at him innocently. My other eye felt bad. My vision was a little blurry through it and it didn’t open up well. Probably a black eye. Nothing special from Daniel. “Do I look like a mess?” I asked Joker and wanted an honest answer.

His lips parted and he looked away from my eyes. “No. You just have a black eye, a cut lip and some wounds here and there but you’re still pretty doll” He explained and called me doll. Something about him made me feel strange. “You’ll be back to normal before you know it” He added as happily as possible.

Why the bloody hell was the clown prince of crime helping me? Why did he want me to help him with his idea? What was his little surprise for me? Nothing made sense anymore. “I’ll make Frost get you something to eat. We don’t want you to starve” He said as he stood up. I just followed him with my eyes and wondered what was possibly going through his mind. Why me?

Joker walked away and left me alone to wonder. My mind was a fuzz and I was thinking about any kind of an explanation, but nothing found to make sense. So I groaned and sat up. My head ached and my body stung a lot, but I had to walk a little. That’s when I noticed that I was wearing a black nightgown that was had lace on the edges. It felt very silky, but it made me a little cringey that someone had changed my clothes. The fact that Daniel had beaten me up again made me feel a little weak.

But Joker killed him.

It made me happy. I knew it was sick but I loved the fact that Daniel had suffered before taking his last breath. That scumbag totally deserved to be scared to death by Joker. I could just imagine Daniel’s ugly face turning to pure horror as he saw Joker with his henchmen in his house. Daniel wasn’t so powerful in the end. That was pure pleasure for me to know and let the information sink into my mind forever.

My legs were a little sore, but I managed to walk. The floor was warm and the wood felt clean under my feet. As I walked towards the door, I saw a purple carpet. I made it out of the room and I saw a hall with no lights on. Damn this place looked expensive. My eyes landed on a window to my left that showed a city hidden by night. It was beautiful. We were high above the ground and we could see all the buildings of Gotham from here. This must have been a penthouse!  Suddenly I felt nervous. What if I wasn’t allowed to walk around?

“Oh there you are” Joker’s voice startled me, but I stayed on the spot. He was coming towards me with a rather calm smile. But I didn’t expect him to stay calm. It was Joker for fuck’s sake, he could snap the next second for absolutely nothing! “Frost is on the case. The chefs will make something to eat” He let me know. I just nodded a small nod and nervously leaned against the doorframe. “How do you feel?” He questioned me and put his warm hands on my arms. His touch made me a little tense.

“I-I’m good” I muttered a lie. I really wanted to go home because this was scary. His icy blue eyes looked at my face closely and I felt bare like this. “Don’t be scared doll. You and me are going to have a lot of fun! As long as you’re good to me, I’ll be good to you. Does that sound nice?” I tilted his head a little and put his hand on my jaw very softly. “Yeah” I whispered quietly. “Well that’s good Y/N. Why don’t you take a bath when they chef’s preparing the food? I’ll show you the bathroom” He offered like a gentleman. I just nodded and followed the man with green hair back to the fancy bedroom. I didn’t trust Joker.

But he killed Daniel and literally saved my life. But that didn’t make me less scared of him. What if he snaps and throws me out of the window? The thought made me a little anxious, but I kept going. Better listen to Mr. J and keep him pleased. I did not want to see his psycho side again.

Soon we stepped inside the master bathroom and I nearly gasped at the beauty. Everyone knew Joker lived expensively, but I never imagined that his bathroom would be this glorious! The first thing I noticed was the huge bathtub that was the centerpiece. It was big enough for two people or perhaps three. He had candles all around and even champagne on the edge of the bathtub. There was a shower as well and a door that seemed to lead to a sauna. It also had windows that showed the beautiful city view, but no one could see up here.

“Like it?” He asked me excitedly as he turned to look at me with his arms in the air. Our eyes met and I tried to smile. “It’s lovely” I let him know as calmly as possible. So far he seemed good to me. But I never knew what the next second would bring. “Enjoy it. Within a week these things will be so different for you” He whispered mysteriously and walked out of the bathroom. His words made me feel strange.

What the fuck did he mean?

It made my heart flutter from both fear and excitement, a dangerous mix together.

I decided not to think about it. Then I took off the nightgown even tho it hurt a little. So I stepped into the bath and let it get filled. As the water touched my wounds, I moaned a little in pain, but I got used to it. A bath was going to be nice now..


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fic where steve and bucky kick it and relax?

how about half a fic i already have where they warm each other up on a cold night and ditch stark, Anon??

“It’s still snowing out,” Steve says. Steve’s right — Bucky’s been trying to ignore it all day, and he’s been keeping the blinds drawn and the heat up, but the chill is still seeping in through the windows anyway. “Why don’t we just…stay in?”

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Super-Sidemen: Tobi

Tobi X Reader
Summary: Tobi still being an absolute cutie, now in superhero form.

You were what everyone called “rough-around-the-edges.” That was just the way you’d grown up. You hadn’t been raised in the posh part of London, you were a scrapper. You weren’t afraid to throw a punch when you felt threatened.
“Hey, pretty lady!” You’d been getting cat called all night and it was starting to get annoying. You were turning the corner when you came face-to-face with a person in a mask.
“Don’t scream, I’m not going to do anything to you,” he said, covering your mouth and pulling you down the side street. You managed to push his hand away, then trying to push him away.
“If you’re not going to do anything to me then let go.” He moved away from you, putting his hands up in surrender.
“Very sorry, m'lady.”
“Don’t call me that.”
“Yes, ma'am.”
“Or that.”
“Hard to please, I see.”
“I grew up having to make my own way, it wasn’t pretty and there weren’t fancy little names.”
“My mistake.”
“Sassy too, what have I gotten myself into princess?”
“Do not call me that.”
“Nah, it suits you.”
“Why does it suit me?”
“A girl as unique as you deserves to be treated like royalty.”
“Life is not some sappy chick flick, sorry to break it to you.”
“I already know that, princess.”
“You know what I don’t know? Your name, for as determined as you seem to be.”
“Name’s Tobi, princess.”
“Tobi? That’s funny.”
“What’s funny about it.”
“I knew a boy growing up named Tobi. He was always kicking about and having a good time.”
“What’s your name, princess?”
“My my, princess, long time no see.”
“Don’t believe me?”
“Take that stupid mask off and we’ll see.” He obliged and sure enough, it was the same boy you used to know. “What’s with the mask anyway?”
“Long story, princess.”
“I’m not in much of a hurry.”
“You’re going to have to believe me on this, but superheroes are real.”

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Okay but what about McCree, Junkrat, and Pharah having to be all dressed up for some kind of fancy Overwatch event?

//Oh nonny you little tease.

- He knows he looks good.
- Cowman can’t stop looking at himself in ever reflective surface.
- He even takes off the hat and brushes his gnarly hat hair.
- Does that pose in every goddamn picture that is taken of him, you know the one, with the thumbs through his belt loops.
- Raises one eyebrow and does the flirty tongue clicking thing at ever attractive person he sees like a neRD.

- Oh no. The filthy Aussie is uncomfortable.
- It’s been so long since he’s spent any time not covered in ash and soot.
- It takes three people to get him in the bath and he is kicking and screaming the whole way.
- He actually has to stand up straight in his suit and everyone is surprised that he is actually tall.
- Junkrat is 6'5’’. Nobody knew this. Bad posture.
- He mutters angrily the whole night and is thrilled when he can finally take the bowtie off.
- Roadhog laughs at him and he launches a platter of fancy cheese in his general direction.

- Think about every red carpet event you’ve ever seen now multiply it by a thousand.
- Slinky dress, split up to the thigh, heels so high that she’s the most commanding presence in any room she walks into.
- Doesn’t smile for pictures. She knows she looks damn good. She’s still intimidating even out of her armour.
- Someone wolf whistles at her.
- Goddess Pharah is not pleased.
- The look she shoots them would probably melt steel if it could.
- Damn fine woman, Ms. Pharah.

MTVS Epic Rewatch #116

BTVS 5x02 Real Me

Stray thoughts

1) You know what? Real Me is a pretty good episode. The only thing that bugs me is how annoying Dawn was written in this one. If they were expecting the audience to fall for the little sister act, they should’ve portrayed her in such a way that viewers could empathize with her. Because introducing her as an annoying little brat made her mere presence so much more exasperating. And I love Dawn. But damn was she annoying in this episode.

2) This is an awesome scene.

…at least until this happens…

3) Dawn’s journal is the best, though.

Nobody knows who I am. Not the real me. It’s like, nobody cares enough to find out. I mean, does anyone ever ask *me* what I want to do with my life? Or what my opinion is on stuff? Or what restaurant to order in from?  No. Exclamation point, exclamation point. No one understands. No one has an older sister who’s a slayer. Underline. Exclamation point. 

4) Basically, Joyce can now neglect two children instead of just the one.

JOYCE: You can take Dawn shopping for back to school supplies.

BUFFY: What??
DAWN: Mom, I thought you were taking me.
JOYCE: Well, honey, I’ve got the Gurion showing tonight, and there’s so much to do to get the gallery ready.

5) At least we have Dawn to thank for making the first (and only?) Harry Potter reference in the show.

BUFFY: That doesn’t really work for me. We’re just going to the magic shop. No school supplies there.
DAWN: Yeah, Mom, I’m not going to Hogwarts. Geez, crack a book some time.

6) And so the countdown begins to non-supportive-boyfriend Riley… 

RILEY: We’re not hangin’ today, are we?
BUFFY: Giles is on his way to pick me up.
RILEY: Oh, slayer training.
BUFFY: Slayer shopping, actually, but equally as important.
RILEY: I have no doubt. Okay, well, we’ll hook up later.
BUFFY: Are you mad at me?
RILEY: Oh, no, not at all. I’m plotting your death, but in a happy way. 
BUFFY: Good.
RILEY: Look, Buffy, I know what this means to you. I think it’s great that you’ve got this new mission. I’ll see you tonight.

7) Get it?

Like Tara. She and Willow are both witches. They do spells and stuff, which is so much cooler than slaying. I told Mom one time I wished they’d teach me some of the things they do together. A-and then she got really quiet and made me go upstairs. Huh. I guess her generation isn’t cool with witchcraft.

So we all agree that somewhere between 5x01 and this moment Joyce learned that Tara and Willow were girlfriends, right?

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Santa Baby {Christmas Series}

Pairing: You x Suho

Summary: When he wears fancy dress for your kids

“HO HO HO,” Joonmyun exclaimed in the deepest voice he could muster as my lips twisted with barely restrained laughter, “Merry Christmas!”

“Santa!” Our daughter Sooyoung shrieked, dashing forward as Myungsoo remained stood with his arms curled shyly around my leg, eyes tentative and a little perplexed.

“Mommy?” Myungsoo whispered, reaching up to tug my hand. “Isn’t Santa only supposed to come on Christmas Eve?”

“He’s come a few days early to ask what you want for Christmas, Myungsoo,” I smiled, watching my son’s eyes widen cutely.

“Does that mean I’ve been good this year?”

“The best behaved boy in the whole country,” I confirmed.

“Oh my God,” Chanyeol exclaimed theatrically, sounding like he was reading from a script (and also a little drunk), “What on earth is Santa Claus doing in your living room?”

“Someone call TMZ,” Baekhyun yelled.

“That’s enough mulled wine Baek-” “HANDS OFF MY GLASS KIM JONGIN!" 

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