a little of both i think

The lack of intimate moments that Sanvers gets really makes me appreciate Lost Girl

Some of the Q & A with Mads at Saudi Comic Con

Q1: you have said many times you try to leave your characters as fast as you can and not to carry it with you, but is there any of your characters you felt related to it somehow?

Mads: the character has to be left when you go home, if not it will be a little bit crazy that your family has to call you different name every week, so I try to do that, but I always try to find something in myself that I put in the character and what is part of me and Hannibal I won’t tell you *laughing*, but I always try to identify with it somehow even if it means that I have to flip my own world upside down

Q2: in the last scene of the 3rd season of Hannibal, we see bedelia’s leg is cut and if we assumed if both of Hannibal and Will survived, who do you think who cut the leg, Hannibal, Will or both of them?

Mads: I want both of them, I don’t think we should live without any of those two characters. If Hannibal survived then Will has to as well

the answer was different from the question and I blame my shaky low voice, he didn’t hear me, but hannigram right

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can u do kevineil and renison plslllsls ily

sure buddy sorry it took me a sec (I’ll do kevineil here and renison in a separate post :))


who is more likely to hurt the other?

dude this is a toss up because they’re both such BITCHES

like neil is a button presser and he pushes kevin to push himself and he doesn’t realize kev’s limits emotionally BUT kevin doesn’t get neil’s limits physically, and he def works him too hard?? they both canonically cycle through hurting and helping tbh

who is emotionally stronger?

I think Neil has the upper hand bc of his iron fucking will, while kevin’s still a little shaky on standing up for himself when it matters (neil! does not have this problem!). So I think they both have huge fractures in their emotional stability but Neil comes back swinging and Kevin breaks

who is physically stronger?

you best believe they fight about this once a week but it’s kevin 

he’s got killer strength in both arms and he’s been intensively training for that little bit longer, aware of what exy could make or break for that little bit longer so he’s jacked

neil is strong but small and lightweight mostly and kevin could beat him in an arm wrestle even if neil used both his arms :/

who is more likely to break a bone? 

this is maybe the funniest shit i’ve ever heard ‘who’s more likely to break a bone, the butcher’s son or kevin ‘i’ve never been skiing’ day’

who knows best what to say to upset the other? 

when they argue cities are wiped out pal like two men enter one man leaves it’s brutal but tbh it’s always gonna be neil? like it just is. kevin can spit whatever hateful ‘motivation’ he has shoved up his sleeves but neil knows just where kev lives and he’ll go for the kill shot every time

who is most likely to apologize first after an argument? 

it’s neil I think?? they’re both stubborn as fuck but I think neil gets so harsh that he scares himself, and he also knows how terrified kevin can be when he’s threatened so like. he’ll feel real bad real quick. In canon he was so pissed at kevin for being a coward, but the longer they’re together the more he realizes that kevin’s just surviving like neil has been his whole life, it just looks different. (after that he starts apologizing by climbing into kevin’s bed or sliding him a shot of vodka or grabbing his gear and kevin’s hand and going to the court)

who treats who’s wounds more often? 

like definitely kevin treats neil’s because neil is a gd disaster and kevin wants him FIXED and WHOLE forEVER but also consider Neil grabbing kevin’s bad hand and working the tension out of it?? Checking on him after games bc kevin goes too hard and kevin calls him a hypocrite and then they probably fuck

who is in constant need of comfort? 

in a truly shocking turn of events it’s both of them, and the overlap in their nightmares is something that binds them together. Remember kevin’s awkward little offer for help after riko?? and how touched neil was??? Like that’s how it goes a lot of times. They talk out their common ground and tear each others nightmares apart. They have a lot of convergent shit that only they can fully understand about each other, bc they were raised in the same horror show and they helped each other escape 

who gets more jealous? 

mmmmm I’m gonna say kevin bc neil is very pretty and very unaware of it, and neil is still the least observant man on earth

kevin just feels a lot all the time tbh and he’s so painfully reliant on neil that he doesn’t now how to deal with his place being threatened™️️

who’s most likely to walk out on the other? 

okay see: above where I said kevin’s reliant on neil like hi in what world would he walk out on his prized striker and also neil still has his kevin binder and he looks at it when he’s sad don’t tell me either of them could make it one full minute apart

who will propose? 

do either of them know what marriage is honestly neither of them would even consider it?? Until – you guessed it – kevin gets injured and neil’s like cool hi im here and the hospital is like nah u gotta be married and neil’s like married?? we must be this

who has the most difficult parents?

idk babes what do u think dead murdering abusers or David Wymack?? I’ll give you time to think

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? 

kevin holds neil’s hand like it’s a leash i’m gonna be real with you

I feel like a lot of these answers are the same as andreil bc they’re…. all…….. together

who comes up for the other all the time? 

idk who do you think is more obsessed with the other let’s ask neil’s binder full of kevin

who hogs the blankets? 

it’s kevin he hogs the spotlight and the ball and the blankets what can I say

who gets more sad? 

a BAD question with a VERY BAD answer sorry but they both do pal. buddy. dude. they had terrible childhood’s and a brutal time cutting themselves free and they’ll never be all the way better (but like they get really really close. together.)

who is better at cheering the other up? 

depends on ur definition of cheering up bc neither of them are particularly cheerful lads

if Neil’s in a rut kevin will just nudge him and suggest Exy and if that doesn’t work he’ll drag neil out drinking or driving (not both lmao) and neil kind of hates it but at least he’s not empty

(when neil asks kev to play exy it’s always yes)

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?

this……. doesn’t happen……….. kevin & neil doen’t know what a joke is…….. u know that ‘it went over your head’ ‘nothing goes over my head, i would catch it’ meme from gotg.. yeah… that was written about them

who is more streetwise?

uhhh definitely neil? like their origin story is literally that kevin was put on this hyper sheltered restricted path and Neil was plucked off of that same path and put on the run

Kevin was swaddled in fear and routine so he couldn’t move. Neil was set loose into a war zone, and he knows his way around that war zone now

who is more wise?

depends on what ur asking mate. History trivia kevin’s your guy. math problem, get Neil. Exy, they can fight to the death tbh

like they’re both pretty dense about a lot of obvious things but intensely intelligent in specific fields so pick your poison

who’s the shyest? 

I think kevin participates in a sort of forced shyness? like he has his public face and he has his obnoxious callout asst. coach mode, but his actual true, scared, caring core?? we almost never see it. Neil’s bitchiness is an echo of his actual frustration and passion and kevin’s is more definitely a front

who boasts about the other more? 

guys holy shit remember when neil wiped riko across the floor at that first talk show reunion situation?? Neil’s constantly like ‘HI kevin’s king of the castle and ur a dirty rascal, eat my ass’ like he might fight him in private but he thinks kevin created the world, like he physically can’t imagine Exy without Kevin in it

who sits on who’s lap? 

im laughing picture kevin trying to sit in neil’s lap the height difference would be. something

but also kevin likes to be protected so catch him lying down w his head in Neil’s neck and his feet dangling off the bed

(also neil sits in kevin’s lap and kevin looks up at him like he’s GOD)

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Harry waking up before y/n. Does he just brush his fingers thru her hair, and press little kitten kisses to her face and head. Does he watch her sleep, loving the way her nose crinkles up a bit? Does he take sneak pictures of her? I need to know! -canyouimagine1D


I feel like if it’s a lazy morning and you’re both sleeping in with nowhere to be, he’d just lay there a bit. He’d watch you, pressing the softest kisses to your face so as not to wake you. And I think he’d giggle to himself whenever you made a noise in your sleep or let out a little snore or if he noticed a bit of drool.

And I think, when he got impatient, he’d start running his fingers through your hair. Letting his kisses on your face linger a little longer. You’d open your eyes and frown a little, because you’d be the sleepiest ever, but he’d only smile and pull you onto his chest. And he’s say something dumb like “Good morning sleeping beauty” or “Oh look! The sun is finally up!” And he’d giggle when you’d only groan in response and bury your face in his neck and cling to him in an attempt to go back to sleep.

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If Reylo happens, I'm less worried about the reaction of ant*s, and more worried about how SW fans, both hardcore and casual, plus feminist media, will react. I'm a feminist, but there's no denial that there will be many arguments made about how Rey's character is ruined, little girls have lost their role model, Rey interacting with Kylo in any positive way encourages abusive relationships, Rey turning (temporarily) darkside will make things worse, etc. I'm honestly not looking forward to that.

I think there will inevitably be discourse about it, but the shape the discourse takes will very much depend on how any Reylo relationship is handled. If it’s done tactfully and in a slow-burn kind of way, then I think you’d find most of the outrage confined to the usual suspects (read: Tumblr antis). In other words, I think we just need to hope for great execution. 

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Hmm.. I think it's a little dangerous to start writing headcanons and fan theories as if they have truth to them. You have younger fans- both age-wise and in the sense that they're new to the fandom- who might be inclined to believe them. At the end of the day, it is incredibly unlikely that they're involved or have any attraction to one another, as they're married with children and Christians who place importance on monogamy (the girls EB and the Laci green EB.)

Anonymous continued …. I also just think I’d be kinda sad for there to be people who can’t see Randl as having the incredibly strong friendship and brotherhood they have without thinking there’s some kind of ulterior motive, be it sexual or romantic. It’s great what they have and I don’t think it lessens their love for one another one bit even if it’s “just” friendship! :-)

Hello anon, Thank you for stopping by and lending us your thoughts. We          ( @razle-dazle and @withasideofcrazy ) would like to address each of your concerns one at a time. 

First off, a headcanon is interpretations of a fictional universe accepted by an individual fan, but not found within or supported by the official canon. and theory is an interpretation and not a fact. Within the definitions of these words, truth does not have basis. It is all conjecture and supposition.So your accusation of us presenting these ideas as truth holds little water, because imbedded in these words is the assumption of something less than absolute truth. And we believe people are smart enough to disseminate the difference.

Secondly, the purpose of this blog is not to cater to children. In fact we don’t believe Rhink is child appropriate at all. Therefore, children should not be on the blogs at all. It is not our job to police the world’s youth by censoring ourselves. It is the job of the adults at home.  If you want us to censor ourselves for the sake of the children, then you must ask each and every NSFW RandL/ Rhink blog out there to do the same and that is just not realistic.

Thirdly, why must non-shippers constantly remind Rhink shippers of RandL’s marital status, religion or children? We are fans of RandL, too. We already know these things. And yet, we ship anyway. Continuing on this thought, we have already touched upon the reasons why we Rhink in this post, if you are interested.

Furthermore, I would like to spend a bit of time on the “just friendship” comment. We have screamed in the posts about their friendship and to each other and other tumblr people. It is the stuff of dreams. To be together for thirty plus years, to support and love each other through all life’s changes. To start a business. To move across country to chase a wild dream. To plan, hope and create together. To have first hand knowledge of how two little boys who got in trouble in first grade grew and developed together. How their families are as tight knit as they are. RandL is beautiful. Their bond is miraculous. And we do not wish to downplay that. And if you think that we do, than you obviously have not spoken to us or seen our tumblr pages. We are in this for the friendship they share and the bond that is etched in every aspect of their life. So, please do not confuse our creative endeavor, as us ignoring that incredibly strong friendship.

And lastly, while we’re on the subject. Why is the thought of two men loving each other so terrible? We have so many incidences of male friendship. Male friendship lasting until the end of time. But do we have incidences of male soulmates? Of men that have a bond so strong it transcends everything? Time, place, society? Every time a male pairing even so much as look at each other, you have society telling us it’s wrong to see them as in love. Why? Ask yourself why love between men is bad? Maybe we are not the problem….maybe it is society or maybe it is you, who indeed has the problem.

Lovely anon, if you don’t like Rhink, then this analyzingRhink blog is definitely not for you. It would do you well to find another hobby then. Might we suggest hockey or crocheting? Or maybe the many of other non-Rhink blogs out there.  Which is quite a shame, because you’ll find that the rhink fandom is a) super fucking nice and b) we don’t cater to your insecurities about men loving each other and c) your missing out on an amazing bunch of talented people.

But that’s ok. We’re perfectly happy on our own. Have a beautiful existence and be your mythical best. 

NO BUT aaron talking to paddy about how happy he is with robert, and so he’s thinking to himself why am I here working??? when I could be at home with my family??? and so he doesn’t say goodbye, doesn’t make a sound, just sneaks out like a little brat so he can run home, and be in the only place he wants to be until he has to go away

they’re both such romantic shits, I can’t deal

Oookay since last week I realize something more intense in the scenes karamel, I do not know you but at each scene the actors are, how can I say, connected, the final scene of the episode past the looks and the will of them there in the eyes of both and now The final scene of this episode GOD I DO NOT KNOW MORE WHAT TO THINK THEY TWO HAVE A CHEMISTRY SO GREAT SO MUCH AND I CAN NOT EXPLAIN THAT GOD NEEDS MORE SCENES SO (I would love to have some more of that scene, a little hotter but I’m happy with the fanfics, come on guys I’m waiting anxiously) I really need to stop seeing things where there is not much shipp much as actors and fictional characters AAAAAAAAAAAAAA (I saw a smile there, I SAW AND I HAVE ALMOST THE SURE THAT THEY GOT THAT SCENE AAAAA IF NOT) GOD LIKE I THOUGHT THAT SUPER HOT, SAME HOT!!!!! ❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍💏

I was at work today and this guy came out of the fitting room to show his family some pants and his little girl hugged his leg and the next thing I heard was “no don’t lick those!” And all i could think was:

I’m a childe
And wen I see
My dad trye on
Sum nice new jeans
I grabbe his leg
With bothe my hands
I hug him tite

And lik the pants

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What are your headcanons about Sasuke and Sakuras reaction right after their first kiss? (how they would act with each other immediately afterwards) Do you think, they would be both a little bit embarrassed? (in a positive way XD)

During my headcanon for their first kiss, I kinda wrote about how they’d react immediately afterwards, so you can check that out over here. They’d probably be a little bashful, with their hearts beating like crazy :) In my headcanon, I imagined that Sasuke would make up a reason to excuse himself shortly afterwards, but he wouldn’t be able to help his smile from showing.

As for Sakura, as she’d watch Sasuke walk away, I can imagine her smiling to herself, and feeling a measure of pride, because she’d finally begun to get Sasuke back for stealing her heart all those years ago ^_^


“He [ Ivar ] doesn’t like christians, that’s Floki’s fault and his mother’s fault, but otherwise in that I think that in a weird way they kind of understand each other–– they are both young and princes. I think there’s maybe a bit of an attachment that isn’t something that we address, but I think there’s maybe a little bit with Alfred.”
                                   ––Alex Høgh Andersen [ x ]

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What do you think about Viktor x Yuuri x Phichit ??? :)))

Ooh I’m down!

I feel like at first Victor is probably a little bit possessive of Yuuri in the sense that Victor wants him all to himself? But once he realizes that both he and Phichit are incredibly important to Yuuri and that this is something Yuuri wants he’s totally fine with it (because if yuuri asked for the moon victor would try to find a way and get it for him). 

I like to think Phichit followed Victor pretty closely as well just because Yuuri would keep him updated on everything when the two were in college. He just didn’t have quite the same level of obsession with Victor as Yuuri did.

Lol I’m picturing like: “Hi I’m Phichit and this is my boyfriend Yuuri and this is his boyfriend Victor”.

I think the two of them together would be wonderful for Yuuri. They both provide a lot of love and support and positive affirmations to help battle Yuuri’s negativity toward himself with his anxiety. And they both know him so well to know when to hold back and let Yuuri quietly be with his thoughts. But I’m obsessed with the thought of the three of them snuggled together on a couch in a tangle of arms and legs.


40 DAYS OF MY FAVORITE MFU EPISODES- DAY 1:          The Project Stigas Affair (S1 E9)

Waverly tells the boys to think of a diabolical scheme in order to successfully bring down the man who tries to destroy world peace. Napoleon and Illya both smile mischievously at the very idea :D That’s basically the whole plot features one of many Illya’s disguises. I laugh so hard at Illya’s face when he pretends to commit suicide! There’s also a MFU fic written by LadyRa which plays with one of the innocents Mike Donfield a little called the The Locust Affair. Mike has his eyes on Illya after his wife and him separate. But don’t worry! This is of course a Napollya fic, and Mike’s actions only let Napoleon realizes that Illya is his one ❤️ 

Am I the only one that actually thought the Isabelle x Raphael scenes were quite cute?

I mean we all knew that Raphael was a big old softie, but this episode we actually got to see it and let me tell you, I was swooning.

He told Izzy of all people about Magnus and the sentence “You’re one of the strongest Shadowhunters I know” legit killed me.

Izzy almost never shows her insecurities and her weaknesses. I know this is thanks to yin fen, but her confinding in Raphael is healthy I think. She can’t always be strong and Raphael knows how that feels.

I think both character showed vulnerability tonight and I loved it! And all the little gestures, the swooping up in his arms, the kiss on the cheek, the hand holding - I think it was really cute and I personally didn’t see much sexual tension.

I was also hollering at the thought of Isabelle bringing Raphael to the party. Can you imagine? Maryse is just getting used to her son being with a warlock and there comes her daughter like: “Mum, this is Raphael, the leader of the vamps”. Gosh, that would’ve been so good.

Last night, I had a dream that Oliver and Felicity were kidnapped and thrown into a cell that looked a lot like the gorilla prison on The Flash. As it became evident that these would be the last moments they had alive, Oliver started apologizing for everything he’d done, including the lies. Halfway through, she stopped his rambling and kissed him. It looked a little like this:

Originally posted by livelaughlove260

And then I woke up and laid in bed with a huge smile on my face before I realized I just dreamed about a couple in a TV show because…y’know. But I think the dream gave me a little…sign per-say. First of all, they’re getting back together. I believe, and you should too. 

Also, they’re waiting for the most perfect, beautiful, heartbreaking moment to reunite them. The writers broke them up and have put them both through hell since then. Are they going to reunite in a blah-blah way? 

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

And honestly…..

Originally posted by crazyartist12

When they come together again, it’s going to be a big bang. Maybe not as a dramatic as my dream (but can it happen that way, please?) but it will be awesome. Everyone in that arrow writers group knows how much pain the Olicity fandom has gone through since 4x15 (and earlier, since we all knew it was coming). I have faith that they are either writing or already filmed an episode/scene that will make us all happy. 

I’m a competitive swimmer. Every season, December, January, and mid-February hit. They’re hell. There’s agonizing sets, way too many practices, and times at the meets are…terrible. But come March, everything changes. Tapers starts, and times start dropping. Everything seems worth it. 

That’s what it will be like with Oliver and Felicity. 

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To hold a baby in your arms, first comes hours of pain. 

To succeed in any sporting event, first comes months of training. 

Before anyone is ready for a relationship, they must walk their own path and discover who they are. 

And before a couple is ready for marriage, they have to struggle. Those are the relationships that last. (In my book, at least.) They have to learn how to fight, how to handle problems inside and outside their relationship. Our couple is learning how to do that, and they’re almost done. 

They’ll reunite, and it’ll look and feel a lot like the climax of the fireworks on Independence Day. We’ll smile, shed a million tears (at least I will), and we’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment. We made it through the “labor”, the “training”, and those last few weeks of agony before we got to see the most beautiful thing that happened in the history of television.

shinee as colors/color gradients

shinee as colors/color gradients

Lee Jinki: A bright orange that turns into a pastel yellow. His personality resembles power and tranquility both at the same time. Like when the sunshine is appearing at the top of the morning and everything is a little bit more beautiful, the buildings in golden colors as the rays of the sun hit the concrete. His smiles are bright, his determination is noticeable, but the softened side of him still exists, loving a good blanket around his body and a few cuddles here and there. He’s warm and his kisses are an explosion of emotions, starting from a sweetened tone that matches a slow song and following a passion that appears out of nowhere. A chaste kiss on the cheek has you seeing the most beautiful of summers and the need of ice cream was present, only imagining how this summer was going to be.

Kim Jonghyun: Dark pink that blends into a peachy color. Jonghyun is extravagance, elegance, sweetness and sexiness both at the same time. The cocktail that he moves with his hand is placed over the table as he looks for no one in specific, his hair is sleeked back and from a distance, he looks like another player. One step closer might show the beauty of his smile and when you start a conversation, the tone of his voice is the sweetest of pastries that you’ve tasted. His lips are pinkish when he takes a sip of the drink and the color of his hair only manages to convince people more and more that he’s the color pink, a good representation of it.  However, the shade on his cheeks turn brighter with the amount of alcohol he has and without knowing, his swollen lips turn into a deep shade of pink –almost looking like red- after a deep kiss.

Kim Kibum: A turquoise shade that turns into a pastel blue. Kibum is natural with elegance and he has that edginess that brings a comforting tone to his personality. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing his beautiful figure in front of the sky, the beach moving in front of him as the waves collided against one another, the droplets of water falling from his chest as the blue sky behind him functioned as a good background. His smile is just like the sea, deep, with millions of secrets but warm…divine in some way. Just like the waves that moved, he looked for adventure and a new way of looking at life, loving those who were around him like it was his last day. His voice brought people closer and he deserved to be called the epitome of a god of water, calling out for a lover that was right by his side.

Choi Minho: Brown shades blending into sweet, creamy beige. The color of his skin shined brightly under the light that passed by the curtains and the fingers that trace the outline of his back only think of how he was just like a fallen angel. His body moves slightly and he turns around, his face deep in sleep and his lips puckered up, perhaps because he tried to say something but he forgot in his sleepiness or because he was asking for a kiss. The brown strands of his hair move slightly and he opens his eyes groggily, showing the color that looked much like wood with a spark that looked like the stars. Minho yawns as he wraps his hands around his lover, pressing a kiss to the lips he loved to call his before closing his eyes once again. Waking up was never easy when you had someone to cuddle with.

Lee Taemin: Purple in shades from dark to light. Taemin was born to be the epitome of darkness and light, his movements sharp but sweet, his words in conversations softened but in his songs completely strong. His eyes look up from the dinner table as he bites his bottom lip, running his eyes over their features before looking down once again. There was something about loving Taemin and that was that it was unexpected. One moment you were wrapped in his arms, swinging to a song that none of them knew and the other you were pressed against the wall, sweet kisses trailing for your neck to your collarbones. Perhaps, the danger that came from Taemin was nothing more than just a line from the story he wrote, but the dark glint behind his eyes was innocently covered by his delicate smile.

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Thank you to everyone for their patience! This week I burned the fingers and palms of both hands (I…punched a pizza….), not badly, but enough to set me back a little. I’m back on the horse today and tackling the remaining third!

Hopefully by the middle of march I will be opening up a new commission list! Think of what you’d like, and help me not get evicted ;)

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