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Dating Jeff Atkins Includes...

Warning: profanity

Request: here you go lovely

Note: ello its nikki again! Thank you all for all the lovely requests please don’t be shy go out and request me something, you can always refer back to my fandoms post to see if i’m in the fandom or not! fandoms

  • Cute selfies
  • Fighting over who holds the phone

“But Y/n darling* I would SUGGEST FIRMLY that I hold the phone.”
*insert devil face Jeff here*
“Jeff give me the fucking phone.”
“Shit sorRY.”

  • You always winning in the end because he’s such a bean and he don’t wanna hurt you
  • Dance parties all night long
  • You play Little Mix because QUEENS

“Jeff hun, I love you, but my dance moves are better.”

  • Him getting offended because BISH HE THINKS HE GOT DEM MOVES
  • Dance Battle; facetiming Clay to see who won

“God I’m disgusted of you both, even I can dance better than that.”

*insert gasps here*


  • Seeing Jeff shirtless gets you flustered every damn time
  • Kissing Jeff on the cheek gets him flustered
  • Being the cutest couple in the school
  • I mean no one has see you guys make out, or even kiss each other in public, Clay caught you guys once and it was just a peck
  • Both of you are very shy, so there are limits
  • First Date being at his house
  • apparently our little jeffery tells his parents about his crushes ;) he even said u were hot

“ohmygodshe’ssoprettyhi.” - Jeff’s Mom
“SHE’S VERY NICE SON I APPROVE.” - Jeff’s Dad screamed when you were just about to leave

  • Sweet little compliments/nothings all the time to each other
  • Weird jokes

“Jeff, Y/n’s just sitting-” - Clay said confuzzled
“Y/n that doesn’t even make se-”
“YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DOESN’T DESERVE YOU!” - Clay said not understanding this was a joke

  • Day before he died you had your first time, and it was really nice of him to go really slow because you were self-conscious and he was aware of your fears
  • Taking Polaroids all the time; it was a bonus and good idea even if you didn’t like it, at least you had a memory of him now.
  • His parents letting you keep his jersey bc you love it so much and its your safe place
  • Jeff was your safe place
  • When Jeff died it hurt you, a lot, he was the love of your life and he left
  • You knew you couldn’t love anyone as much or like you loved Jeff, but you felt happy, knowing it was what Jeff would’ve wanted.
The Fourth Musketeer (Part 2)

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Part one here

Requests: I just read The Fourth Musketeer and I’m in love! Will you release the next part soon? I can’t wait ❤❤❤

Can u please do a part 2 of “the four musketeer” please?

I know requests are closed and so please don’t even rush with this request like honestly take however long you want to, but I actually need a 2nd part of ‘the fourth musketeer’ your writing is so amazing!

Pairing: Archie x Reader

Description: Veronica has become invested in (Y/N)’s story, and so she seeks out those who knew her.

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,437

Tag list: @isis278 @lost-in-wonderland-x @spam-to-follow@thatspidernamedmeagan @isabellarose5150

A/N: I have been having so much fun writing this series, hope you guys enjoy this part!

“(Y/N)” was the only word that came out of Veronica’s mouth as she sat down at the lunch table. Jughead, Betty, and Kevin’s heads all snapped up.

“How do you know about (Y/N)?” Kevin questioned.  Veronica shrugged.

“Archie was kind of having a meltdown at Jughead’s party,” she answered.  Betty and Jughead shared a concerned look.

“God, what happened?” Betty asked.

“He was screaming her name when I came up,” Veronica explained.  "He babbled on about how much he loved her and that he should’ve told her and that he kissed her.“

“Wait, he kissed her?” Kevin interrupted, his eyes doubling in size.  He glanced over at Jughead and Betty who appeared to be just as shocked as he was.

“You didn’t know?” Veronica’s eyes widened.

“No,” Jughead muttered, shaking his head.  "He never told us.“

“We always knew they had a thing for each other,” Kevin elaborated.  "But we never knew that something actually happened between them.“

"When did she move?”

“Two years ago,” Jughead answered.  "The summer before eighth grade.“

"There was this dance,” Betty reminisced, “in the fall of our eighth grade year.”

“Archie was gonna ask (Y/N),” Jughead frowned.  "He was preparing himself ever since he first heard about the dance.“

"And he never got the chance,” Kevin sighed.

“Do you know why she moved?” Veronica inquired.  The rest of her table shrugged.

“Probably her dad,” Betty replied.  "He was a really intense lawyer, and he got relocated to some big city firm.“

”(Y/N) was gonna try and stay with the Andrews,“ said Jughead.  "They were more than willing to take her in, too. But-”

“But, of course, her parents wanted her to go with them,” Veronica finished.  Jughead grimly nodded.  "So two whole years, and Archie still isn’t over this girl?“

"Well the thing is,” Betty grimaced, “he never coped well with her leaving.  After (Y/N) left he was… strange.  He practically denied her existence.”


"Yeah,” Kevin chimed in.  "He never talked about her or anything.  It was pretty frightening, actually.  It seemed like he had completely forgotten about her.“

"And if you’re wondering why Archie can’t get over her,” Jughead answered Veronica’s unasked question, “it’s because he was always in love with her.”

“Yeah, he told me that,” she mumbled.

“I don’t think you understand though,” he said.  "They were both so in love.  They were always there for each other, caring for each other.  When Archie’s parents were fighting, (Y/N) was there; whenever (Y/N)’s dog died, Archie was there.  You couldn’t find one without the other.  Betty and I were also good friends with them, but those two?  They were inseparable.“

Maybe it was Veronica’s fascination with dramatic love stories; maybe it was her desire for an explanation as to why Archie didn’t return her feelings for him.  Either way, she found herself searching for more information about (Y/N).  That was how she ended up at the Andrews household.  Archie wasn’t home.

”(Y/N)?“ Fred Andrews repeated, holding a beer as he sat across from Veronica.  "I haven’t heard that name in a while.”

“I, on the contrary, have been hearing her name quite a lot lately,” Veronica shrugged, sipping on a glass of water.  "So what happened between her and Archie?“

"Oh, I don’t think it’s my place to say,” Mr. Andrews sighed.  "It’s Archie’s tale to tell.“

"He already told me about her,” Veronica quickly explained.  "But only the happy parts.  Only the parts he wants to remember.“  Mr. Andrews exhaled and took another swig of beer.  He stared at Veronica for a moment in silence.

"Why do you want to know?” he finally asked.

“I like hearing stories,” she shrugged. “This sounds like a good book.”  Fred Andrews laughed.

“If this was a book,” he responded, “my son would’ve had a happy ending with that girl.”

“Maybe he will,” Veronica offered.  "I don’t think the story’s over yet.“  Fred’s laughter shrunk into a smile.  He cleared his throat.

"If there’s one thing you should know about (Y/N),” he started, “it’s that she is the purest soul you will ever meet.  She was kind and gentle, and she was exactly what Archie needed.”  Veronica quietly nodded, intrigued.  "I knew both her father and mother quite well.  So, of course, when our children were born around the same time, we knew we wanted them to be best friends.  A couple years later, we realized we wanted them to get married.“  Fred Andrews and Veronica both laughed.  "Sometimes in the movies you see the boy and girl resisting each other because when you’re little, it’s gross to talk to someone who’s the opposite gender.  That was never the case with Archie and (Y/N).  They were both sweet on each other.”

“That’s so cute,” Veronica cooed.

“It was,” Mr. Andrews sighed.  "I remember this one day; I think Archie was eleven at the time.  He and (Y/N) were at the park all day, as they usually were.  That night, he came running home and swung the door open.  His mouth was going at a mile per minute.  When I finally got him to slow down, he told me that he was in love with (Y/N).  He had the biggest grin on his face.“

"The day he kissed her?” Veronica clarified.  Mr. Andrews chuckled.

“Yeah.  God, it made me so happy.  I knew that he sometimes overheard his mom and I fighting, and I was worried that it would somehow affect his relationships.  That kind of stuff damages a kid, you know?  But he had stars in his eyes as he talked about (Y/N), and I don’t think I’ve seen him that happy since then.”

“I heard you offered to take her in,” Veronica changed the subject, “when she was going to move.”  Fred Andrews stiffly nodded.

“Archie’s mom and I fought a lot.  But (Y/N)’s parents?  That poor kid.  She slept over here so many times because the screaming was keeping her awake.  And the saddest part was she never cried or appeared to be sad.  She would just come in here, clutching Archie’s hand, looking up at me with big sad eyes and politely asked me to stay.  Of course, I never refused.”  Veronica frowned.  "When I heard she was moving, I was concerned about how crushed Archie was, sure, but I couldn’t bear to let (Y/N) go off on her own with her parents.  At least when she was in Riverdale, I knew she had a safe place here.  Now, I don’t know if she has one.“  He took a long swig of beer before continuing. ”(Y/N) was like a daughter to me.  Archie isn’t the only one who loved her.“

"Sounds like a special girl,” Veronica commented.  Fred nodded.

“She was.”

“Have you ever considered writing a book about this?”  Veronica sat across from Jughead in Pop’s.  He lightly glared at her, lowering his laptop lid.

“Write about what?” he snapped.  She had interrupted his writing when he was in the zone.

“(Y/N),” she answered.  Jughead shot a glance at Betty.

“You know before Jason Blossom was shot, (Y/N) and Archie were the most interesting things in Riverdale.”

“Wasn’t there a two-year gap between (Y/N) leaving and Jason getting shot?” Veronica inquired.

“Isn’t it interesting that someone so in love could just pretend that the person they loved never existed?” Betty countered on Jughead’s behalf.

“Touché,” Veronica muttered.

“Anyways, to answer your question, of course I’ve considered it,” Jughead said.  "In fact, I already wrote a whole novel.“

"Seriously?” Betty and Veronica exclaimed simultaneously.  Jughead nodded nonchalantly.

“Of course.  But I do think something is missing,” he responded.  Veronica furrowed her eyebrows.

“What do you mean?”

“Well I kept it non-fiction,” he elaborated.  "I didn’t add anything that didn’t happen.  Although, I guess now I’ll have to put in the kiss.  Anyways, I don’t have a plot twist.“

”(Y/N) moving isn’t plot twist enough for you?“ Betty asked a question this time.

"That’s the climax,” he explained.  "Everything that happened after that was the falling action.  I have no plot twist and no resolution.“  All three sitting at the table furrowed their eyebrows.  A faint jingle alerted the diner that there was a new customer.  Betty casually glanced up and then did a double take at what she saw.  She gripped Jughead’s arm.

"Is that plot twist enough for you?” she whispered, gesturing towards the entrance.  Jughead and Veronica’s gaze both snapped towards the front, their focus attaching to the figure who just walked in.

“No way,” Jughead breathed.

“Is that…” Veronica trailed off, unable to form a sentence.  Jughead and Betty both nodded, confirming her suspicions.


pretty sweet (lush and zealous) || nurseychow

It’s dumb. It’s incredibly dumb and completely unfounded and totally unreasonable and he definitely, most assuredly, one hundred and ten million percent should not be thinking it because there’s no way, no reasoning, no evidence, and no defense for the absolute garbage his brain is coming up with.

He’s still thinking it.

The problem was… Nursey was all types of beautiful. Every type of beautiful, if Chris was being honest with himself here, as he idly flipped through his texts for class. He glanced up at Nursey where he sat across from him at their spot in the library, intently taking notes by hand from where he’d typed them up on his laptop. His brow creased a little and he crossed a few things out, then tapped delicately at his lip, and Chris found himself getting the soft butterflies that still hadn’t stopped fluttering despite the fact that they were months into their relationship.

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katoka97  asked:

Why do you ship Ninette? I don't have a problem with it, I was just curious.

Mostly because they would be so good for each other. We’ve seen how they both get little bouts of social anxiety, and I think it would be nice for them to have someone to retreat to when socializing gets to be too much. I could see them spending hours just hanging out in Marinette’s bedroom, Nino fiddling with music on his laptop and Marinette working on her sewing. They would be the most low-key down to earth couple, and it just works <3

Anonymous said: Okay, but imagine this: you and Jeff getting your ears pierced together and picking out earrings for each other every year.

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The whole thing started all because you and your best friend Tony had had a pact to get your first tattoos together. You were merely Freshmen in high school, but Tony knew a tattoo artist who didn’t care about parental consent which is how you found yourself during Spring Break getting stars tattooed behind your ear. 

But then as time passed and you really started to pay attention to other people that weren’t Tony, you found yourself fast friends with none other than Jeff Atkins. He was well on his way to becoming quite the popular boy during your Sophomore year in high school, and were quite surprised when that friendship evolved into a romantic relationship. 

“Come on, Y/N,” Jeff needles one day. “You and Tony have a special bond because you got tattoos together. I want something like that with you, too.”

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Just a little Crush - Zach Dempsey



Word count:2,061

Warnings: Romance, Fluff, little smut?

Plot Summary: You have to work on a project with a guy you barely know, you thought the assignment would be boring but it turned out to be a lot of fun.

A/n: This one is a little long so I apologise:)  Zach Dempsey is just such an amazing character I cant even! I am also open to requests at the moment if theres anything you would like me to write. Just check my masterlist for the list of fandoms :)

“Ugh” you groaned as you and Hannah walked through the school doors into an already packed hallway.

“Come on the day has just started be at least a little more positive” said Hannah shaking her head at you as the two of you made a left towards your form room.

“It’s Monday how could anyone be positive” you said as you turned the corner.

Bryce came up to you and started talking about the ‘mad’ party he had at the weekend and how you both should have been there. He was standing in the middle of you and Hannah; Hannah thankfully started talking to him so you wouldn’t have to deal with him. As you were walking along you caught the eye of Zach who was about to smile at you but then Bryce threw his arm around you and pulled you close to him Zach’s eyes flicked from you to Bryce and then his arm around your shoulders before he looked at Justin motioning for him to look in your direction as his gaze fell to the floor. Justin turned towards you and glared at Bryce before turning back to Zach.

Hannah Had finally managed to get Bryce off of the both of you and quickly dragged you into your form room before he could give either of you any unwanted affection.

“God he’s such a creep, if he didn’t go around playing the rich kid card and actually talked nicely to people then maybe people would genuinely like him” she said flopping down into her chair that was next to yours.

“Um yeah” you said still confused about what had happened in the hallway.

Hannah leaned a little closer to you.

“Did you see the look on Zach’s face when Bryce threw his arm around you?” said Hannah with a giant smile. “He is so into you” she said before Zach and Justin entered the room.

“It was nothing” you said shaking your head as the form tutor walked in.

Three periods later and you were in biology watching the teacher ramble on about veins and capillaries or something. You were sat next to Hannah on one of the middle benches with your back to the window sitting sideways to the teacher’s desk.

“So you given any more thought to Zach?” asked Hannah in a hushed whisper wiggling her eyebrows at you.

“Shhh” you said your gaze drifting to Zach who was sat on the desk in front of the teacher facing towards the window but on the opposite side of the room.

“Oh come on” she said “he’s glanced at you at least ten times and we are only twenty minutes into the lesson.”

“Yeah right” you said, looking back over at Zach, your eyes met then he quickly turned his attention back to the teacher.

“I told you so” said Hannah elbowing you.

You turned your gaze back to her.

“It means nothing has probably just looking out of the window” you said shaking your head.

“How many more excuses are you going to make” she said sounding defeated. “Fine he doesn’t like you at all, I guess it’s just a coincidence that his grades have dropped since you joined the class, and he only ever ‘looks out the window’ in biology because it makes sense for him to do that in his favourite subject” she said sounding a little mad before turning her attention back to the teacher.

For the next thirty minutes you kept glancing back at Zach but you didn’t catch him looking at you again.

Finally the end of the lesson came and you were more than willing to leave even if it meant that you got to gym class early when the teacher decided to drop a bomb shell.

“Right class as the last assignment turned out to be nothing short of a complete shambles I am going to be putting you all in pairs, the pairs have already been chosen by me so that everyone’s skills will be properly utilised. As extra means to make sure that you complete the assignment I will be giving extra credit to whoever gets an A. But in order to win the prize you must make sure that both of you worked on the project together I will be able to tell.” Said the teacher.

The class erupted in a mix of groans and protests.

“Oh god” said Hannah “I hope I get a geek or something I could really do with the extra credit” she continued biting her lip in anticipation.

“So a geek like Clay” you asked her eyes grew wide and she elbowed you.

“Ok class settle down” said the teacher holding up a list, he began reading out the names.

You listened to the names and made faces at Hannah at pairs that defiantly weren’t going to work out and she did the same to you until, it came to your turn.

“Y/n will be paired with Zach” said the teacher and your eye instantly flicked to Zach who was also looking at you.

“Ooh now’s your chance to get to know him a little better” whispered Hannah, you turned towards her. “Big strong guy like that can teach you all about human anatomy” she said holding in her laugh.

“Ew do you even know how bad that sounded” you said looking at her with the best disgusted face you could muster.

“No but seriously, have you even been paying attention or have you been too busy say dreaming about Zach?” she asked shaking her head.

“What?” you asked confused.

“God you really haven’t have you, look at the title of the assignment dumbo” she said nodding her head in the direction of the board.

Sure enough there was the title of the assignment in big bold letters ‘Human Anatomy’

“I genuinely think that I have pissed someone off up in heaven big time” you said to Hannah in disbelief.

“Or someone up there really wants you two together, imagine how cute your babies would be” said Hannah with a smile.

“How about you and Clay?” you said knowing exactly how to shut her up about the subject.

“Ok I get it, but on another note he’s top of the class so pretty much the best partner that you can have” she finished as you both got up and walked towards the door.

Finally the day was over, and you could head home. You said goodbye to Hannah as you and her both lived in different directions, you were prepared to go home make yourself some popcorn watch a little Netflix and forget about all the events of today. But heaven defiantly wasn’t on your side.

“Hey Y/n” said Zach walking away from the group of jocks and stepping in time with you.

“Hey” you said with a smile praying the world would just swallow you up. No such luck.

“So this assignment, it pretty important that I ace it to get the grade that I want at the end of the yeah so do you think that we could start now?” he asked running his hands through his hair.

Say, no say no, you thought to yourself.

“Yeah” you said out loud mentally kicking yourself, what was wrong with you?

“Ok do you want to come back to my house, I have some books and Wi-Fi that works unlike the library” he said with a small nervous smile.

“Oh you mean right away, right away” you continued.

Just tell him that you have plans right now after school hers your opportunity to get out of this you thought again.

“Yeah ok, that’s fine by me” you said with a smile.

You mentally kicked yourself, why had you agreed, the prospect of popcorn and cheesy movies was within reach but you blew it all off to study with Zach.

“Great” he said with a big smile as the both of you began walking in the direction of his hour.

Twenty minutes later you were walking up the driveway of a rather large house, you looked at it in awe as you passed Zach’s car on the driveway. He opened the door and stepped inside motioning for you to follow. You walk in and the inside of the house matches the outside perfectly with a number of expensive looking ornaments dotted about the place. You followed Zach into the kitchen which again was massive.

“Hey do you mind if I go freshen up a little I just had practice and well” he said motioning to his sports gear that looked a little sweaty.

“No that’s fine” you said with a smile.

“Um… here the wifi password, you can get started on the project while you wait if you want” he said scribbling on a sticky note on the fridge then handing it to you. “See you in a minute” he finished putting his bag on the chair next to yours before leaving the room.

You quickly typed in the password and no sooner had you phone picked up the wifi signal a message from Hannah popped up. You unlocked your phone to answer

Italics = You

Normal = Hannah

So I saw you walking home with Dempsey… ;)

Yep we thought we would start early on the project :)

Oh… should I leave you two to get back to the “Project” then? ;P

What no! I didn’t mean it like that. He’s it the shower

So you wanted him to freshen up a little bit then?

No Hannah, he went to shower by himself and then we are going to start our biology project.

You do realise that he has a giant crush on you right?

Stop it we are just working on biology project nothing more

I know you and I know him so I am certain that it’s going to turn into something more ;P

Ugh whatever, I think I hear him coming down the stairs gtg

Just as you put your phone down Zach came walking into the room wet hair flopping in his face, a tight t-shit that stretched around his arms a little showing his muscles. His sweatpants hanging low on his hips he smiled at you before stepping forward and sitting in the chair next to you.

“So what is our project on then?” he smiled again looking through the various pieces of paper that you had sprawled about on the kitchen table.

You couldn’t help but look at him, he was gorgeous, he looked up at you that’s when you realised that you hadn’t answered his question.

“Um…errr… I don’t know” you said his gaze making you lost for words.

He didn’t say anything but the two of you began leaning closer and closer until your lips connected. He was soft at first delicate, apprehensive. Then as your hands went to his hair tangling though it the kiss grew deeper as his arms wrapped around your waist pulling you closer towards him.

He pulled away from you his face just inches from yours, he didn’t need to speak you bit your lip then nodded. In one swift motion he picked you and your legs wrapped around your waist as he carried you out of the kitchen and up the stairs. You kissed down his jawline and then down his neck finding his sweet spot when a moan escaped his lips. Then you felt the cool wood of his bedroom door on your back as he pushed you into it, causing it to swing open. He walked into the room kicking the door closed behind him before throwing you down on the bed him falling onto of his arms either side of your head as he moved to begin kissing down your neck. One arm went to his waist the other stayed in his hair. A moan escaped your lips and you could feel him smirk against your skin.  

His lips returned to yours kissing you deeply, your hands travelled down his back to the bottom of his shirt, you felt his hot skin against your fingertips and began trailing your hands up his back feeling every muscle and contour until your hands reached his shoulders. He pulled away from you briefly to pull his shirt over his head before kissing you again.

Let’s just say you didn’t get any of your assignment done that night…

anonymous asked:

Was Touka actually serious or trolling about having sex with Kaneki?

Honestly, I might be wrong but I think there’s a little bit of both going on in that conversation? Just to premise this there’s 3 things I think we need to take into consideration when reading this scene

1) Touka is shit at delicately handling a conversation

2) She’s as subtle as a sledghammer

3) Based on Haise’s behaviour (“it was the same gaze you looked at Rize with”), she went into that conversation thinking Kaneki returned her feelings and wanted to find out if that was true

So re-reading that chapter with those things in mind, this is my interpretation

What Touka said:

What Touka meant:

Are you finding it hard to confront me because you’re inexperienced with dating/girls? It that the reason why you’re pushing me away now? I thought perhaps our relationship had been going somewhere but you keep leaving me behind.

What Touka said:

What Touka meant:

When you’re ready, I want to take that next step in our relationship

So I don’t think she was joking- she really would have sex with Kaneki. And was not so subtlety letting him know. But at the same time I don’t think she was saying it to actually try and proposition Kaneki for sex right then and there. She’s just…. not good with words.

Then comes the part where she’s trolling and for this, I agree with @ishida-why​‘s comments and explanation here [x] about this scene:

Paraphrasing from her a bit:

  • Kaneki misunderstands her and thinks the reason Touka said she’d let him “do it” with her was to stop him from going away.
  • Touka messes with him and jokes “trying to do what?”
  • Realising that Kaneki is as oblivious and dense as a brick, she decides to spell it out for him and brings out receipts from Haise’s puppy dog crush
  • Then she confesses, saying she was happy to be looked at like that

Cue light bulb above Kaneki’s head:

This is basically his “holy shit this is a confession” face

Unknown Parts (Gaston)- Part Four

Pairing: Gaston x OC

Warnings: I’m so cheesy and romantic, help.

A/N: Here it is! Thanks for waiting so patiently <3 This will be the last part, but feel free to make requests. My inbox is open! This is totally how I feel Gaston would’ve turned out if given the chance to really love someone and have them love him in return. i think he just needed the right person to bring out his sweetness. 


Tag list:

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Originally posted by evansluke

Days passed.

The world in the village around me stayed the same. The people went about their routines the same as always. Yet it was like I was seeing it all in a new light. Like a forgotten painting, hidden away in a dusty attic, suddenly pulled back out and hung on the wall. I remembered what it felt like to feel, for possibly the first time since my parents had passed away those years ago. And it had everything to do with an arrogant, but charming man. A man who was brash, but warm-hearted. A man who had existed right in front of my eyes for years but had never really known until now.

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americapewdiepie  asked:

Question that just came up to me... at 12:00 in the morning, do you think that destiel would be different today or deans actions towards cas would be different today and the seasons before if john would've still be alive do you think destiel would exist? because I know destiel was little bit of cockles fault but... idk what do you think 💭🤔

This is a really interesting question…

I feel like John being alive would have made Dean rebel earlier. I was talking to @super-sootica about this and we agreed that the issue in part is similar with John as it was with Mary - that you cannot compete with a ghost. He has in his own way been demonised in some respects but also martyrised by his death.

In a similar way that John and Mary’s marriage was “never perfect until she died”, I think both Sam and Dean struggle with the memory of John and reconciling the good with the bad and their memories.

In addition to this the fact that John died for Dean. If that isn’t pressure to live up to his expectations I don’t know what is.

For Dean a huge part of what was expected of him from John was always to look out for Sammy, since he was 4 years old and also a running theme throughout all the flashbacks and the early seasons. It is in part because of this that I think Dean has struggled so much to let go of Sam as his child, as his responsibility and to let him grow up, it is as much that he wants to look after Sam as he still feels this burden from his father (and his mother’s death by proxy, which is why it is so relevant that he is letting Sam go more clearly now that she is back).

In terms of Destiel therefore it is a difficult one. We can see that in recent years Dean has been letting go more and more of his facade, of his issues from the past. However this is not completely gone. 

I wrote a lot earlier this year about Chuck and Amara and how they are so relevant to Cas and Dean’s arcs and how Amara’s giving Dean Mary back is a huge step towards his reconciling his past within himself and moving forwards. To me this is what Mary’s story is this season, as much as I would like her to be her own character, it is clear that her main impact so far in terms of what we care about and what is portrayed emotionally, is how she affects Sam and Dean. Sam, she has helped get over his guilt and separate from Dean in some ways, grow out of him, and Dean, well, it is clear that Mary is a huge part of his performing!Dean facade coming down and allowing him to feel that he deserves some kind of self worth and love.

In this sense for me Mary is a bit like an anti-John/John mirror. Where John’s presence made Dean clam up and repress everything, Mary is reversing this. It is subversion but both characters probably aren’t or weren’t even aware that they were having this effect on Dean!

In a way if John was still around perhaps he would have changed after the season 4/5 arc regarding his boys, but if we are thinking of John as he was in earlier seasons and how he has been portrayed since his death, I feel like Dean would have rebelled a long time ago, probably with Sam and this would have made them closer. Dean might have opened up to Sam, he might have used this rebellion as a key point in dropping his facade.

And that is why I love Mary this season as she is in part representing this for us - and this is why we have this rebellion, Sam getting his ‘out’ but is it really what he wants? He wants to hunt, but also wants something more. Dean dropping his facade and feeling like he deserves more than he ever has before.

Isn’t it fantastic?!!

Astro Reaction to: Their Little Sibling Dating Sanha

MJ: Super protective of you both. He thinks you’re both too young to date but is happy that at least you’re dating someone he trusts. Doesn’t mind hand holding but if sees anything more than that about to happen, he’s on defense mode. He walked in on you two almost kissing once and he farted to not only ruin the mood but make you both evacuate the room.

“There’ll be no kissing on my watch!”

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Jin Jin: Playful about the situation. He thinks the puppy love is so cute. And although he finds it a little awkward when you kiss Sanha on the cheek goodbye, he’ll often butt in like;

“Where’s my kiss? Why don’t you ever kiss me goodbye?”

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Eunwoo: Worries at first and sits you both down for a serious talk. “I know that this is part of growing up but I don’t want either of you to grow too quickly. Please, don’t rush into things.” He’s a little upset since he feels you’re both growing too quickly, and he’s nostalgic for the days of Sanha’s braces, cracking voice and when you would scrape your knee and run to him for comfort. But ultimately he is happy for you two.

“I wish you both happiness in the relationship! ᵗʰᵃᵗ ᵇᵉᵗᵗᵉʳ ᵇᵉ ᵏᵉᵖᵗ ᴾᴳ ᵃⁿᵈ ᶦⁿⁿᵒᶜᵉⁿᵗ ಠ_ಠ”

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Moonbin: Was so shocked. He can’t believe that his little sibling was already dating. “What happened to that child who I had to teach to tie their laces?!” But he would trust no one more with your heart than Sanha. He does that mandatory “Don’t you dare break Y/N’s heart!” speech but after that, he’s super supportive.

Buys you both lunch a lot, accidentally third wheeling but no one minds. The three of you have such good fun together.

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Rocky: Understands what it’s like to be a maknae, that’s maturing internally but still gets treated like a child. So he won’t try to baby either of you. Instead he takes the relationship very seriously, keeping an eye out that the maturing maknae doesn’t get too “mature.” Stays out of any conflicts due to his close relationship with both of you but does love to see you two sorting out issues like blossoming adults and being happy together.

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Sanha: Gets annoyed sometimes when he’s being babied. He does enjoy the attention to an extent, but sometimes, he just wants to be treated like the teenager he is.

“They treat me like a baby but I’m not a baby! I’ll never be a proper grown up if I’m always babied like this! Wait … what’s that buzzing sound?”

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*high pitched screams* “Y/N, save me! There’s a bee, there’s a bee! Help!”

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Spuffy and Bangel?

Like I told @anyasbunny, I’m sorry for not answering sooner! Thanks for asking!

Spuffy: This is when my brutal honesty truly gets tested. 

My mom and I were always on opposite sides when we watched Buffy together. She was die-hard Angel, and I was die-hard Spike. So I rooted for Spuffy, obviously. But upon growing up I started to realize I was rooting for Spuffy because I liked Spike, not necessarily because the relationship worked from Buffy’s POV.  When I started to look at it from that angle things got more complicated. I don’t think Buffy ever had the right viewing of Spike (during canon) for the relationship to work out–and with good reason. She was attracted to him and cared about him, but there were so many “buts” in her feelings. She never truly respected him and I don’t think a relationship works without respect. Season seven was the very beginning of the healing process/a new road for them. We never got to see it fully develop, in part because I think Spike’s sacrifice was a necessary step in her viewing him as a worthy man. So I’m very interested in post Chosen Spuffy (I haven’t read far in the comics yet). We got glimpses of their dynamic changing, but it never fully got there in my opinion.

One thing that does hold me back in loving Spuffy, I should mention, is that I’m normally not a fan of the woman-changing-the-man trope. Partly because I so enjoy the reckless asshole character. They’re just so fun to watch and I hate when they get all self-hating because their confidence/idgaf is what makes them fun. So my ideal future is one where Spike doesn’t become too full of self-loathing but becomes a better man and he and Buffy work on their issues. 

TLDR: They were fun to watch (and had some really cute moments), but I need Buffy to love Spike without reservation before I can truly get behind them. And for Spike to deserve said love, obviously.

Bangel: Another complicated answer! Fun.

I agree with Joss’s assessment that Buffy and Angel are the fairytale romance, but not for the reasons you might think. I agree because Buffy and Angel are perpetually in the infatuation stage, and they’ll never leave it. You know, that phase where you think the sun shines out of the other person’s ass and if only you could overcome obstacles life would be completely, totally, perfect? 

In reality, once said obstacles are overcome you realize the person is a total slob. Or a neat freak. Or they get stressed and ice you out. Or they hate parties and you love parties and dammit why won’t you go with me? You get the point. Buffy and Angel never got to the real stuff. Buffy saw some of Angel’s darkness, but that was easily written off as Angelus and didn’t really ruin the fantasy. And that’s what Angel and Buffy are to each other–a fantasy. They don’t truly know each other in my opinion. So I can understand why people ship it because, well, who doesn’t love a fantasy?

I do think that, once you watch Angel, it’s a little hard to understand how such an adult character fell for season one Buffy. But that’s obviously a writing issue. I have no idea how I would feel about, say, season four Angel and season seven Buffy getting together, because I don’t think they (or we) got to really test their dynamics. When Buffy realizes Angel is a dork who can’t sing and not this mysterious, brooding vampire well…what happens?

Analyzing them as a real couple is kind of pure speculation. What’s mine? Well, I think Buffy and Angel both have a tendency to ice other people out and shut down, so I think their relationship would have some serious stonewalling problems. Cordelia knows how to open Angel up. Spike knows how to open Buffy up. Spike and Cordelia are a little…less broody? I don’t know the right word? Than Buffy and Angel. I think that balance works. But that’s just me.


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head canon about making out with taeil or doyoung? your pick:)

A/N: Doyoung it is!

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  • There is never not passion.
  • He feels making-out should be passionate and intimate- he really pours all his adoration and emotions into it.
  • Even if he initiates it in a sleazy, lustful manner, or a innocent, gentle manner, it always morphs into a passionate session.
  • He’s pretty dom, so usually it’s him devouring you, his eager lips coaxing your own to join his in a sensual dance.
  • BUT he’d also be into being lazy sometimes, letting you crawl over him, pulling him into a sweet kiss, reacting to your soft lips as you take the lead.
  • — 
  • Look at how nice his teeth are.
  • I think he can get a little frisky if the making-out gets heated and you both begin tugging on one anothers clothes- by frisky I mean using his teeth.
  • Call it kinky if you want, but I think once he starts tugging on your lip with his teeth things are about to get real.
  • His tongue comes out to play sometimes, but usually not.
  • When he does use it shit gets kinky.
  • He’d use it in a non-traditional manner, gripping your jaw as shallow breaths left you, your lidded gaze meeting his own- before he leans down, his tongue darting out to brush your own, making-out with you on his own, your jaw caught in his grasp, your lips tortuously prevented from dancing with his own.
  • — 
  • As for what the rest of his body does- his hands would definitely wander, pulling you closer or groping whatevr he could.
  • He’s got a strange switch in him [I don’t necessarily mean dom & sub]- I mean he can go from shoving his tongue down your throat and grinding on you to completely normal pretty quick [If a phone were to ring or smthng and he had to go- it’d be odd how quickly he was able to collect himself and leave you hanging, just one of his ‘talents’ I suppose].
  • I’ve talked a lot about steamy making out, but there would also be some passionate and not-so-steamy sessions as well, mainly focused on the emotional connection of you two.

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Headcanon that since Castiel doesn't exactly know how to physically interact with humans, when you're dating him, you try every possible cuddling position until he's comfortable with one

Originally posted by hallowedbecastiel

Making Cas uncomfortable wasn’t something that you wanted to do. So, when it came to anything physical, you went at his pace. When it came to holding hands, he found he enjoyed how your fingers laced together. When watching a movie in the bunker, he liked your head on his lap so he could run his fingers through your hair.

He enjoyed hugs of any kind from you, and was still easing into the world of kissing. It was sweet.

Cuddling, however, was another story. Every night, you’d try a new way of cuddling, letting him choose what he liked the best. You’d been both the big and little spoon, you had your head on his chest, his on yours, and anything else you could think of.

“I find this most preferable.” He said softly one night. You had your arm draped over his side, and his was draped over yours. One of your legs was between his, your chest against his, and his lips just brushing your hair.

You shifted, looking up at him. “Why’s that?” You asked, smiling.

He smiled back, his eyes lighting up. “Because I can hold you, and still see how beautiful you look when you sleep.”

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(bokuoi anon) dude it's so weird like I was just going through random fanart and I saw this one (1) bokuoi fanart. I was like oh okay cool but thEN MY STUPID MIND WENT "IMAGINE OIKAWA BEING BO'S SETTER IN THE JAPAN NATIONAL TEAM". and I died a little inside and ran to your blog cos I remembered you did a top 5 where you said your ultimate rare pair is bokuoi?? so I was all okay I'll share your suffering. ughhh just imagine the fluff oh my god

They would be te ultimate volleyball power couple I cry just thinking about it. Oikawa is so good at bringing out the best of each spiker and would support Bokuto perfectly, making him a deadly spiking machine but at the same time Bokuto would praise Oikawa’s skills so much and Oikawa would feel ??? so validated ??? because they both trained so hard to be there and they finally did it and they did it together and my heart can’t take how awesome this would be

And the fluff ??? Bokuto picking up Oikawa every time they kiss ??? Bokuto purposefully nuzzling Oikwas just because he’s ticklish and Bokuto loves to see Oikawa reduced to a laughing mess in his arms ??? OIKAWA AS THE LITTLE SPOON ??? I’M KERMIT 


Thalia: “I’m pregnant, Mum! Kale and I are having a baby?”

Poppy throws her arms in the air and does a little excited dance, but she’s really thinking about how can her daughter fit all of the children that they already have into their tiny little apartment!

Poppy: “That’s fantastic, Tal! I’m so happy for you both! But…how are you going to get them to fit into that two bedroom apartment Kale’s been living in?”

Thalia: “Oh…crud…we haven’t told you that we’ve moved either, have we? I’m so sorry, Mum! Let’s sit down and catch up for a while! There’s so much I need to tell you!”

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Superhusbands + 5, 7, 8, 18, 27, 34, and 40 for the ship question thing?

Ah yes… my OTP to end OTPs….

ha this got long oops

5. Who usually has nightmares?

hmmmm…. I’d say they both have pretty decent fuel for nightmares going for them… but probably Tony, I think, would have them more often just because he tends to internalize his feelings, like, all the time and ignore them/distract himself (ie Iron Man 3) and he tends to take on guilt and responsibility for every little thing even when it’s not his fault and he often thinks of the worst case scenarios for everything and really he’s such a mess. But I would say that when Steve has nightmares they tend to be a result of being reminded of his past, or a mission gone wrong and they can get pretty bad.

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consider: BFFs Maes Hughes and Leorio Paladiknight

Oh my god what a duo. 

I couldn’t word how good it is omg but I absolutly love the idea. 

Two men (who look alike and have the same voice actor but that’s a detail), both users of knives, who have more of an inclinaison to Protect and be better than the system in place. Just on that they could already talk for hours, and actually have decent conversations.

… and of course at some point Maes would bring up his daughter. Maaaybe a little too insistantly as his usual, Leorio wouldn’t be too sure how to handle it at first. But after a while, I think they would both just share stories, beaming with pride talking about the people they love around them. 

(Maybe I’m a little too self indulgent there but considering also how Maes admired Winry for being such a help and support for her friends, I could see him also be really at least encouraging of Leorio’s goal as well. But I love thinking about people admiring Leorio for how he is and his goals and all so I’m not the one to turn to about it shhh)

And honestly?  I love the idea. 

… Just crossing fingers that if they share appearance and voice actor, they never get to share the same fate.