a little of both i think

mmmmm look what we got here:

-Jared at Jaxcon January 2016 says he was in a restaurant in Italy with Gen and accidentally insulted the waiter 

-Jensen at Asylum con May 2016 says he was in a restaurant in Italy with Jared who accidentally insulted the waiter

mmmmm what could it possibly mean? … Oh I know! it’s j2 being terrible liars AS USUAL lmao

and in both cases they remember this little story while they’re trying to do accents so i’m gonna link again that accents video where they also messed up

those guys are incredible they always end up proving that those stories with their wives are actually complete and utter BULLSHIT. no but thanks guys! for making our lives easier. Really i appreciate it! lol

also we can see on the jaxcon video that when jared says “ we ran off on our own, went to Tuscany and some others places…” jensen is looking up, like he’s thinking and i’m no body language expert but to me it looks like he’s trying to remember what he and jared did at that time, trying to find those memories from a while ago

and also while jared says that, it looks like he’s turning towards jensen as if he wants jensen to confirm what he’s saying like “yeah we went to tuscany remember?” but then he realises he’s supposed to be alone with GEN so he turns back to the audience

no but seriously j2 having their little getaway in Italy together is SO FUCKING CUTE, imagine all the possibilities!!

and i love when they finish the story during asylum jensen insists saying “you did that, you did” really assuring that he was there and that he saw it happen

thanks so much to the anon who told me about this cos i had no idea!!!

i put the video on Twitter and Youtube

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I like that Touka was never grossed out by Kaneki's physical abnormalities and as soon as she saw him being shy about she tried to take off her shirt.

I think that’s what love really is, you don’t care about how they look, or what they do… after all his mistakes she’s still there for him, and I’m sure it must be weird for Touka to be naked in front of him so he says that she looks beautiful, knowing the opinion she once had about her own beauty, thinking that she was a monster and feeling devastated when Kimi told her how beautiful she was while she had her kagune and kakugan activated. Both have always accepted each other in the end, no matter how angry they could be about it, they’re always there to kiss their wounds and help each other heal a little. I know there’s a lot of drama coming out but… i just feel that things will be alright between them in terms of being there for each other, their development as two, even if drama strikes them, they will know how to resist to it together, I think it’s time for them to face the bad things together, they’ve been apart for so long, i think their relationship needs to change in that aspect, it doesn’t mean that they won’t suffer but it’s different to suffer together instead of doing it alone, it’s easier and more comforting, and that’s what Kaneki needs to his development, to learn to share the sorrows instead of dealing with them all alone.

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Are both Rob and Rich lactose intolerant or just one of them? They've both mentioned it during panels but I'm not sure if they were joking.

this is….such an obscure tidbit of information for a person to have

i’m really not sure?? BUT!! if i had to guess, rich is the lactose intolerant one. the reason i think that? is because of this tweet that is very important to me:

Anonymous said:

I love your comics!! Have you ever done one of like Gabe meeting Rich?

thanks!! and kind of

Anonymous said:

Do you have any comics of Michael?

i’m probably missing some, but those were the ones i could find right away. you can look through my art tags (main, scrap) to find more! i’d check the scrap tag first. those’re where i keep the mini comics, which is where more’ll be ♥

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While they are actively competing (before or after they permanently move together, doesn't matter) do Yuuri and Victor massage and care for each other's feet on a regular basis? I would expect both of their feet to be pretty banged up because of their demanding career, and both of them would be greatly interested in making things at least a little more comfortable for the other, I think.

They do. They both get a lot of foot rubs from the other and they take care of each other when their training has been especially hard

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One of the people I follow on Tumblr has said that Toby Fox has shipped sans not with Toriel but with himself. I don't man sanscest but literally just one sans. Nobody else. Toby Fox said that sans would be too lazy to get into such a relationship. (I don't have any sources but I could go look for some when I'm not tired out of my mind.)

Well personally I don’t see anything wrong with him maybe trying to get into a relationship a little down the line; it can’t hurt after all, and Toriel is a nice lady, and he and she are already basically best friends. Even if it ended up not working out I still think there’d be no bad blood between them; they’re both mature adults.

-Mod Avery

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Do you think the way your body would change as you went through your pregnancy would intrigue harry? Like, ofc he would be enamored with your bigger boobs, but like - I also think he would run his fingers across your tummy and stretchmarks in utter awe and watch you breastfeed after you give birth in admiration & slight urgency to take your baby's spot after the little one's finished to spend time in one of his most favorite spots since he impregnated you months ago - kissing, licking.

I think he’d smile a bit when he noticed and he was in a soft, vulnerable mood. Cause they’re all little reminders that you’d grown his baby – the baby both of you made and share – for all those long months. When he’d kiss your stomach, you might not be able to tell if he was landing on your stretch marks on purpose or if they had sprung up in his favorite spots, and maybe it would be a bit of both. And he’d love watching you breastfeed, cuddled up against you so he could get as much of a bird’s eye look at his tiny baby getting fed as possible. And he’d be so, so tender when he took the little one to bring them back to their bed, and he’d always marvel how they came from you.


Lena Luthor: crazy or no? (by anonymous request)

Full disclosure: I don’t watch Supergirl so I can’t get into character here. Color is perfect, makeup is nicely done. It fits nicely, though it’s a wee bit too tight at the bust and the darts seem a bit high on her chest.

I got an ask from an anon about whether this dress was awesome or full-on crazytown. I’d suggest… both? ;) Seriously, this is crazy and I love it. McGrath spent a good deal of time in period costumes and really knows how to wear something a bit on the avant-garde side. The wire frame is not a corset but has some of the same visual features, and demands this kind of posture.

My only complaints about this mostly have to do with it not going far enough. The little cape has some interesting shoulder details which I think aren’t rendered very well in this fabric, which doesn’t look to be substantial enough for that structure. The underside of the cape is also trying to flip out, which again is related to the fabric used. The not-sleeves should probably come down a bit farther over her wrists.

I also would have at least given her an updo, if not done something wild and avant-garde with her hair. She’s already wearing a tiara and crazy wire collar. Get her hair out of the way and let the crazy do the work.

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My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over 3 months now and we are having problems with communication. He has an extremely difficult time with expressing emotion and love through a verbal manner. He tries to show me by taking me out or through physical means but for me talking is important. I could do with out both of the other if we could just talk regularly. It feels so one sided and I start to feel awful about my feelings like I'm just over bearing and a burden. What do I do?

End the relationship. What you’re describing is incompatibility. I think there is a difference between someone who communicates but could do it better if you talked it out, and a person who doesn’t communicate, doesn’t give you what you need, and it causes you to feel awful.
I would imagine what’s making it hard to end it is because you’re having sex and in those moments you feel intimate and close, so you ignore the other times when you don’t. But when you take the sex out, you may be surprised to see you’re two people who aren’t compatible trying to force a square through a triangle.

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Ah that's so cool. I like seeing how different AU's react to mates. I remember once reading about an abused kid who was severely malnourished. When recovering with a new family they let her have a little cupboard to stash food I and though she rarely ate from it helped as it let her come to terms that she wouldn't starve again and have her feel secure and safe. Is this Axe do you think?

I definitely think he’s that way.  He hordes food in his house.  The HT!bros’s house has way more food than the lodge.  Both brothers hunt in the woods out of habit, and another skeleton goes and does the grocery shopping.  The rest of the skeles aren’t too keen on letting Axe and Crooks get around the humans because of their appearances–and their history.  Axe can pull up his hood (not that he cares enough to do so), but his brother looks pretty monstrous.  However, there are times when Axe goes off on his own because he really doesn’t abide by any of their arbitrary rules–especially ones set by Sans.

But yeah, he’s still big on rationing–when it comes to himself–but with his bro, well… He wants him to eat as much as his heart desires.  He’s always asking Paps if he’s hungry, always making sure he had plenty to eat.  It’s habit.  Starving is still constantly on his mind.  

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I think i come up with cute scenerios (wish i was a little better tho but dont all artist?) and stuff but i feel bad because i think i wouldn't do them justice and completely fail them :C then it would go to waste so i get scared when writing.

Oh don’t we all feel the same? I’ve been sitting on both the spring break and missed connections aus for a while, because I’m worried the vision I have for them in my mind won’t translate to what will go down on paper?

But I read some good advice recently, about how you’re the only one that sees that vision… And even if it doesn’t match your expectations, you’re the only person who knows that “original” idea. No one else can compare and critique both versions? They only see the one that’s published. If that makes sense

And besides, the only way to get better is to write. It’s only wasted if you let it go


Name: Delta

Species: Orb type spirit/whisp?
Gender: Neutral/N/A
Appearance: They give off a sort of warm white light, and this light is around a central core that seems to be a round crystal. The crystal (as I’ve found out in the astral) is hot to the touch, and will burn your astral form if you touch it. Well… Shock? It’s like… Too much energy, y'know? The rest of their body is just warm and soft, and really nice to touch, and not at all painful, and in fact, lets you communicate a little better. The warm, soft light that surrounds that core is about the size of a basket ball.
Personality: Very calm and wise, Delta is both an old soul and a playful child at once. They are actually fairly old, but time is kind of a moot point for them, I think, so…. Whatever. They enjoy just spending time with you, and helping out where they can. They’re very kind and uplifting, and would be great for someone with mental health issues.
Likes: Music, especially music made in person for them, crystals, night time, children, health and wellness work, meditation, yoga, quiet, charity/volunteer work, helping others.
Dislikes: Super modern stuff, seeing people overwork themselves, or negative self-talk. They also dislike those who don’t try to look at the big picture, or hurt others.
How they manifest: Mostly as feelings, sensations, presence, and thoughts. Most of my interactions with them have been in this realm.
What they want in a companion: A deep and genuine, caring connection, with someone who cares about others and is willing to do what is best for themself as well.

You can apply for them here! Please read the rules first! <3

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best tips on starting a new story or legacy on simblr? 💓

hi lovely!! i personally had my legacy going before i even started my simblr, and just started documenting their story!! so if you already have a household you love, you could start out by sharing them and their life with us! you could start fresh by creating a founder or starter couple you really love, and then either let their story unfold naturally, plan out what you’d like to happen, or do a little bit of both like i do (i.e. something will happen in my game and i build on it. like, i see 2 sims fighting and i come up with what i think they’re fighting about, or i see that 2 sims have a romantic interest in each other and i either push them together or push them apart). here are some really good guides for story writing:

  1. sandy-sims’ sim story guide
  2. my pinterest has lots of boards for story creating either in sims or novel/short story territory (story inspo/characters/writing/sims are good boards that i update daily!)
  3. this guide to writing ‘simlit’
  4. the help navigation page on my personal blog lmao

on simblr, you not only tell your story through words, but through pictures, so take lots of screenshots!! they don’t always have to directly demonstrate what’s happening in your dialogue, but should still pose as a good visual for the setting, you know? think of sim story writing as writing a movie script, kind of. you have your scene set up in your screenshot, and now you need to come up with what you think is happening there!! it’s actually a lot of fun!! 

a lot of people write down their scripts/storylines in a notebook or on google drive just to keep track of what’s happening, what’s going to happen, and what has happened. i do that with my actual short stories and such, but for my legacy, i just write it as it comes to me, and as the screenshots give me inspiration. whatever you need to do to keep your story in order is up to you!!

poses are really helpful to myself and a lot of other people, but some people don’t like them. do you boo!! poses will be helpful for staging very specific scenes where you’d like your sims to do things/make expressions that aren’t going to happen naturally in a sims game. ESP if you need them to just sit tf down or stand somewhere and NOT MOVE long enough for you to get a good picture. the pose tag on sssvitlans is a gold mine!!

my biggest tip for writing a story on simblr is to make sure you’re doing it for yourself first and foremost. this is supposed to be fun, and something that you like doing, and shouldn’t be done just to please the masses. sometimes you’ll have a plot point or a character that people don’t like, but that’s life?? people are going to read a book they don’t like or see a movie they wish had ended differently, but the creator was happy with what they did and that’s all that matters. it’s your blog, and your story. please YOU!!

i really hope this was helpful and if you need advice on anything else, i’m always here!! good luck babe, and happy simming!! ♡

The Demons: A Characterization Comparison (Stories vs KW)

Since people have prompted me for my opinions on various aspects of Kyoto Winds, I’ve been thinking a little more over the past week, and I think I may be ready to coherently explain the biggest problem I have the only way I know how: a ridiculously long essay with plenty of canon backup from both sides. Don’t get me wrong; I still think KW is a good game overall, and I still do like it as its own thing, but there are a few pretty significant reasons the KW continuity can never replace that of Stories for me as ‘ultimate canon’. And I can say with confidence that the sequel will fix nothing; as regards the biggest of those reasons, the damage has already been done.

Length, just so you know what you’re getting into: 16 paragraphs, 7 block quotes. Extra salt. (Insert Takeda joke here.)

Keep reading

i ordered a yiynova tablet yesterday!!

ive been waiting for such a long time to get one and im both excited and nervous :“’) it’ll definitely make streaming both cooler and weirder? im gonna need a little bit of time to get used to it before i stream with it, but i think it’ll ultimately make everything even better.

i may or may not stream Saturday, im still working on commissions and i don’t know if i want to stream while im backed up on them. if i can knock them out before Saturday, I’ll go for it.

look out for that i guess!

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Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

Thank you @jotink78. I have done this once already here picking one fic from each category, so I’m going to do this a little differently. This time, I will pick my top 5 smut fics (in no specific order cause it’s too hard to put them in order).

New Discoveries - This one, although it doesn’t exactly pair the reader with either Winchester, I think did a wonderful job of highlighting both brothers “talents”.

Play With Me - My first and so far only Sam x Reader smut fic. Although this does appear to be a reader favorite so perhaps I will write another Sam smut fic soon. I still just love the opposing playful and dominant parts of this fic. 

Come and Get It - Because who wouldn’t want Dean to tell them to come and get it?

CYOSTODA - It’s Truth or Dare with the Winchesters…come on! Talk about hot!

Parchment and Passion - Who knew Dean could find a way to make even the library sexy? I will never walk into a library and see it the same way again.

And as a BONUS, cause technically it isn’t a fic…

Mine Now, Mine Always - This is hands down the sexiest drabble I have written so far, but I’m not surprised by that considering the main star in this drabble is a jealous Dom!Dean. 

See my full masterlist here.

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Count your blessings was so cute! I really feel for Midoriya, Kids are so cruel. Does Midoriya ever tell Todoroki the extent of the bullying?How would Todo react?

In my mind, I think he does, mainly because this whole mess really impresses upon them the importance of open communication. So I like to think they both open up a little more about what they’ve been through, particularly so that they can know ahead of time about things that seem innocuous but would be upsetting or triggering for either one of them.

Glad you liked the fic!

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Hey, love the recent gif set you posted. Saram is my favorite ship, and I wanted to know your initial reation to the kiss, and how you think it'll progress next season. Do you think we'll see a Samar/Aram date?If so then where will they go? Thanks take care

Hey there, anon! Thank you! They are adorable, aren’t they?

Well, the Roomie and I both cheered so loudly that we terrified my cat. Poor little guy jumped a a mile high lol

To be honest, I was a little worried after the last bit of S4. The Saram bickering had gotten kind of exhausting for me and I was almost worried that when they finally got around to putting them together, I wasn’t going to be as on board as I had been before… yeah, no problem there. I was absolutely thrilled to see it. The kiss itself was over 10 seconds long according to my gif maker that I use.

(I didn’t figure you’d mind seeing it again :P)

They’ve got some work to do after the last bit of S4, so I hope we either see those discussions or that they make it obvious that they’re having them behind the scenes. I loved the decision to have Samar make the step to choose his emotions over telling him about Janet. At that moment, I felt like it was such a big step for her, and I think Aram saw that too. There’s a quote gifset that goes around (and if no one’s done it yet, I’d love to see it!) that says “And then my soul saw you and it kind of went ‘Oh there you are. I’ve been looking for you’” and that’s really what that moment felt like for me.

There was that lovely commercial last season of the blind date that I absolutely loved.

Originally posted by mistressvera

I hope we see glimpses. I’d love to either see a double date between Saram and Keen2. It’d be kind of adorable with some really interesting conversations I think. Not sure where they’d fit that into all the chaos, but it’s fun to think about. I may have to think about a one shot…..

I read where I believe it was Bokenkamp one time said that Samar and Aram getting together seemed like the obvious place to go with them, but that it would be towards the end of the story they’re telling, which makes me sad. I’m glad it wasn’t a last episode sort of thing though. This means that we will (hopefully) get to enjoy it for at least a season or two.

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opinions on Leo mars square sag Pluto? read somewhere in a beware post that this aspect could mean I am fatally dangerous to my bae and my sexual adventures would be stupendous. do you care to elaborate a little bit? thank you.

I think there is a tendency for mars square Pluto to be very dangerous because their first instinct when mad would be to think “revenge” and they can become obsessed with wanting to give people a “taste of their own medicine” but they can take it too far. sexually it’s because both these planets rule somewhat over sex and square makes it uneasy and these people can have “unhealthy” sex lives and might be into BDSM for example. like I don’t want to start the Discourse on kinks but like if you get off on either being a sub or dom I’m not stopping you. It really, its not a healthy mindset towards sex because there’s something deeper that needs to be worked out (with this aspect).