a little obsessed with this movie


Peter: it’s been a year
Me: yeah, okay

put a number in my inbox: disney edition

1. Favourite scene in a Princess movie?

2. Favourite scene in a non Princess movie?

3. Last Disney movie you watched?

4. Is your family Disney obsessed?

5. How many times have you visited the parks?

6. Which park is your favourite?

7. Cinderella’s castle or Sleeping Beauty’s castle?

8. Favourite animal themed movie?

9. Favourite Disney movie from the 1950’s?

10. Favourite Disney movie from the 1960’s?

11. Favourite Disney movie from the 1970’s?

12. Favourite Disney movie from the 1980’s?

13. Favourite Disney movie from the 1990’s?

14. Favourite Disney movie from the 2000’s?

15. Favourite Disney movie from the 2010’s?

16. Favourite non-human character?

17. If you could trade lives with one character which one and why?

18. First Disney orientated memory?

19. Would you get married/have your honeymoon at one of the parks?

20. If you could date one of the characters, who would it be and why?

21. Would you name your child after one of the characters?

22. Favourite villain?

23. If you could have two characters from different movies meet, who would they be and why?

24. Are there any characters who didn’t have a romance but you wish had?

25. Favourite sequel?

26. Least favourite sequel?

27. Have you ever met any of the characters at the parks?

28. Favourite live action Disney movie?

29. Favourite soundtrack?

30. What are your top three favourite Disney songs?

31. Mickey or Minnie?

32. Which Disney movie do you think is overrated?

33. Which Disney movie do you think is underrated?

34. If you could be a face character at one of the parks, who would you be and why?

35. If you could be in any scene from any Disney movie, which would it be and why?

36. Which movie do you find the most nostalgic?

37. Favourite Pixar movie?

38. Least favourite Pixar movie?

39. Are there any Disney movies that you haven’t seen?

40. Is there a scene or movie that makes you cry?

41. Is there a song that makes you cry?

42. Favourite Disney prince?

43. Which character do you relate to the most?

44. Do you own any clothing that’s Disney themed?

45. Favourite villain song?

46. Most iconic kiss?

47. Favourite sidekick?

48. Favourite Princess and why?

49. Funniest Disney scene?

50. Favourite Disney movie and why?

  • Me: *tryna act cool in front of friends* wow. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was better than I thought it'd be.
  • Me: *gets home* *sobs a little* *stalks the fbawtft tag on tumblr* *downloads the soundtrack* *draws fanart* *writes fanfiction* *sobs a little more about how wonderful Newt is* *generally obsesses about it*
  • Friend: *texts me* so, I guess the film was ok, right?
  • Me: *nervously* haha yeah, I liked it.

I just want to say a massive thank you to Jack, Robin and the entire community for making this month of the ‘anti-pocalypse’ so incredibly enjoyable. As someone who is obsessed with any and all kinds of horror movies and books, Anti brought so much joy and excitement into this halloween month for me (especially since we don’t celebrate it in Australia) and im sad to see it go. 

Thank you jack for listening to your community and wanting to create something for us. You have a very valuable connection to the fanbase that i think a lot of youtubers have unfortunately missed out on or neglected. You continue to interact and communicate with us, not because you feel like you ‘have’ to, but because you genuinely want to. And i really believe you when it say you enjoy talking to us and doing these things for us. It has built a really deep sense of trust that i dont have with any other youtuber that i watch.

Thank you so much for this experience and the best month out of the 3 years i have been a part of this community. I love you guys so so so much (o´ω`o)

// Hi anon!! Thank you! also my inbox blew up so fast, 50 requests within a couple of hours oh my goodness i’m so sorry for keeping you guys waiting for requests to open for so long!! but there’s so many good ones in there including this one that I really like! ♡


- He’s never been too into all that stuff, he’d much rather watch a movie with real people and such.

- “ But Zen!! There are live action movies made for animes! ”

- True good point he will watch those

- The way you obsess? Adorable.

- He literally loves it

- You look so good in your little cosplay that’s literally just the cutest thing?

- “ Zen i’m trying to cosplay a character who’s a cold blooded killer here. ”

- “ If looks could kill everyone would be dead whenever you walk in the room! ”

- cheesy very cheesy

- He’ll come to conventions with you and might even cosplay, but he doesn’t really know who he’s cosplaying– You picked out and made his outfit!

- Still gets a lot of compliments, it’s actually pretty fun!! He really wants to come back with you sometime if that’s okay.


- He’s never gotten too into it, well at least not to your level.

- “ What is this? ”

- “ Its a 42 inch limited edition wallscroll!”

- You’re such a nerd it makes his heart heart hurt he loves you so much like that’s so cute how excited you get about this stuff?

- Supports your little habits of collecting merch, he’ll buy most of it for you but he doesn’t watch any of the shows so he gets a little mixed up when he’s getting them

- “ Is the little pony not an anime? ”

- “ No Jumin, it’s not. ”

- at least he’s trying ~

- He won’t usually come to conventions just because he’s busy a lot but he’ll ask you to take pictures for him of everything.


- YES he loves anime he’s so excited when he finds out you do too!!

- He’s such a weeb he’s so pumped

- he’ll show you his collection of merch or cards as well as introduce you to new shows.

- He’s always been a little shy so going to cons has been scary for him but if you come with him he has an amazing time

- You guys cosplay as some LOLOL characters at his request and you two made your costumes together, he thought that was really cool.

- He’s super supportive and will save up money for cons every year, he really likes going with you.


- Welcome to the club, MC.

- This boy has been going to cons for years but no one ever recognizes him since his costumes are so good and different every year.

- He loves everything that you like and will flip out

- you’re just like him!! this is meant to be!!

- You talk about everything you’re interested in for hours

- He makes his own costumes whenever he has time, so you two make them together.

- When you show up his friend is Tom is waiting!! You guys had a 3 character cosplay.

- Lots of pictures, Especially selfies with you.

- The rest of the RFA thinks it’s childish but he doesn’t care he has an amazing time with you regardless.

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HQ!!AU┌  - Tsukishima Kei . “It’s very simple why kids are crazy about dinosaurs – dinosaurs are nature’s Special Effects. They are the only real dragons. Kids love dragons. It’s not just being weirdly shaped and scary. It’s that they are real.”

There are several outcomes of this Warriors movie.

1. Parents bringing their little kids thinking its a cute, kid’s movie and instead, it turns into Watership Down with cats.

2. There will be little to no kids in the theater. Just obsessed teens and adults who’ve read the books since middle school and continue to read the books.

3. It’ll end up being a horrible movie with no regard to the books and, dare I say it, the cats have bangs.

4. The movie will be amazing.

5. The movie will bring in a new wave of fans who have never read the books and only go by the movie.

6. Along with MAPs being made to the soundtrack, there will be an overload of AMVs with clips from the movie instead.

7. If it’s CGI, it better look good or else it’ll look like a violent version of Garfield.

8. If it’s 2D, it’ll either be super anime or a unique art style.

kidcore asks, no littles allowed

I wanted to make some asks…i’m sorry if they’re not too good.

1. what’s your favorite cartoon?

2. Do you still collect stuffies/plushies?

3. What’s your favorite disney/non disney princess?

4. Why do you regress?

5. What’s your favorite part of kidcore?

6. What’s your aesthetic like?

7. what’s your current fandom/obsession?

8. favorite movie?

9. favorite food?

10. describe your perfect day.

11. Do you have a comfort object?

12. Are you a fan of visual stimming?

13. What always helps you unwind?

14. free question, ask me anything!

I Can Do Better Than That - Tony Stark x Reader

Words: 1079
Pairing: Tony Stark x (f)Reader
Warnings: mentions of sex. Swearing.
Requested: lol nope
Authors Note: This is a song fic based off of I Can Do Better Than That from The Last Five Years, and you can listen to it here! I’ve been obsessed with watching the movie on Netflix like non stop lately (thanks Jadyn) and have been working on this imagine on the side very lightly for the past few weeks. And it’s finally here! Yay! ALSO: so it;s based off the song but i didnt actually use many direct quotes from the song, i had to change them around a little bit, but they’re still italicized. 

Masterlist. Request List.

“Come on, Tony, have some fun!” You begged, “Forget the plane, let’s make it a road trip.”

“It’ll take us all day to get there,” Tony groaned.

“Exactly, that’s why I’m telling you that we’re driving a day ahead. That way, we make it there on time for tomorrow’s dinner party,” You started, “There is no getting out of this. I’ve already got your bag packed and if you say no, I’ll cry.”

“Fine!” Tony groaned, he always gave into you.

You squealed and grabbed his hand, pulling him to the cars. “We have to get going if we want to get there on time!”

Tony laughed at how excited you were, “Alright, let’s get going then.”

The car chosen was a convertible that Tony loved to drive. You thought the ride was going to involve a lot of talking; but for the first hour, it was quiet. The radio was ok quietly as the both of you admired the lovely world around you.

“Tell me a story,” Tony asked out of the blue.

“What do you want a story about?” You asked with a little laugh.

“You never told me why you moved to New York, why did you?” He asked.

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