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Here’s a little contribution to this whole Suicide Squad phenom that’s going on and honestly, I’m obsessed with this movie, so I may make more based on characters. This on is based on Katana. It would be best used in a superhero/villain rpg or a comic book based rpg. It can be used four different ways. The first being comic book solely, the second based on the live action villain, the third based on the comic book villain being brought to life, and the fourth is based on the villain being real and made into a comic book character. But it all depends on what kind of style the rpg admin is going for, really. But you would have to know how to swap around the images if you’re going to do a comic book character brought to life or vise versa, and it comes with an optional Suicide Squad png. I got the psd from @sclngs character graphic. Please do not steal/redistribute this graphic without credit. Please like and reblog. As usual, everything should be labeled and/or in folders. I made this in photoshop cc. Message me if you have problems.  Enjoy!

  • Sizing is 540px x 360px to go with dash dimensions
  • Knowledge of how to use clipping masks are needed.
  • I used Suicide Squad font
  • Two to four images based on the character or comic book villain/hero.

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OMG guys, I have an idea that makes me so excited and happy about the ending… Maybe I am just obsessed and stubborn, and maybe it’s me misinterpreting and talking bullshit, but maybe, just maybe, that was the subliminal message. Because what is symbolism to IR shippers, who picked on every single panel, every word, poem, artwork and movie. And after reading some rants in IR tag, after re-reading chapter myself, I think Kubo didn’t let us sink hopelessly. I do trust that he was pissed with publishers, and intentionally drew the shittiest chapter Japan pop-culture knows. But it is so inconsistent, so illogical and so out-of-blue, I believe that these little hits we got are very meaningful, are the sign of what would have happened if Kubo could finish this off like he wanted. I think he could just let his two most important characters let go like that (tough that what he did to the rest).

1. Coloured page

Even I think that one is a bit overboard, but: Ichigo is the star of this panel. He owns the place. Sits relaxed like no one could replace him here. And there is Rukia who as the only person who interferes with his character. She casually sits on his feet not bothered by how mighty he may think he is, while everyone else is really pushed aside. Even Inoue, his wife apparently, gets out of the way.

2 Welcome

Just think where else have we heard “Yo”. How many times, and to whom.

Is that a way of welcoming the love of your life, or it’s just me?

3. Facial expression

Really, do I even have to discuss the non-verbal communication when it comes to IR? (I can imagine the Orihime look is just plain everyday life, tough)

3. Ichigo and Rukia having more panels together than with Orihime (or Renji)

They are still main focus of this manga. Even in final chapter they are the subject.

4. Aizen speech

I don’t really see where is this coming from, because there was no hint so far that anyone in Bleach was concerned about mortality, but fine. Let the man talk. Or wait, actually there was one more important moment that indicated fear of someone dying.

Or two, if you counting this:

And like in point above - they are in the “dramatic climax” of the chapter. And I don’t even want to count how little many inches there is between them.

5. Yhwach

He was supposted to come in the happiest moment of Ichigo’s life. And he hadn’t revived when Ichigo had his first kiss, was getting married, when Kazui was born, but when Rukia comes to visit.

6. Ichika

Seriously? Ichika? You mean Ichi- like Ichigo. That guy that you have no romantic connection to?

They say if you need characters to kiss to know they’re in love, you’re leading romace wrong. I still belive IchiRuki has been canon all this time now, because if canon to you means a panel saying “Hey, these two are together from now on” then maybe Disney would be a better choice for your ships.

And right, I cannot deny marriage is a thing, so IchiHime and RenRuki are obviously canon, but I chose to trust in Kubo, that he was feeling aggrieved while making this chapter, and left all these threads he picked up earlier unsolved leaving us with billion of plot holes, but just couldn’t abandon the Deathberry. If he really wanted to mercilessly kill it, he had means, yet he left us with this.


Its clear I’ve been a little obsessed with Suicide Squad, so of course I had to add my own level of creativity to it. So my sister and I picked 5 of our favorite characters from the movie and made shots based on them.

Recipes and instructions here: http://bit.ly/2bf1Yuc

the first time i watched the angry birds movie trailer I thought it was a going to be a bad movie but now…all left in my sinner soul is just a deep obsession with the cutest bird in this movie…oh and the movie was great


I have 1001 things to say about Logan and Veronica, and I could scream into the void (and still might) but I think I’ll just make a tumblr post instead.

First, a little about me, so you can see how obsessed I am and forgive me for quoting so much and having so much to say. I truly loved Veronica Mars when it was on (and no, I’m probably *not* going to let you forget that I was one of the proud few who watched it week to week back in the day), but up until about two months ago, I hadn’t returned to the show to rewatch it, despite the fact that I had always intended to someday, season DVDs on my shelf and all. I hadn’t even seen the movie yet! Shameful, I know. I am ashamed. I am Mac working at Kane Software levels of ashamed.) Well, the rewatch hit me like a freight train. In fact, the rewatch became multiple rewatches, and it has certainly taken over my brain in an it’s-hard-to-think-about-anything-else sort of way. How could I have forgotten how much I adore this show and these characters? It boggles my mind.

As much as I love VM in general, I won’t bother denying that Logan/Veronica is at the center of that love – it’s the delicious cream filling in the show’s Oreo cookie, at least for me. I appreciate LoVe more now than I ever did before and honestly I just want to discuss it and talk about it and have conversations about it and discuss it and read about it and write about it and you get the idea. So that pretty much means it’s meta time!

Logan/Veronica has been around for a long time. I definitely feel like an idiot coming on here 1.5 years post-Mr. Kiss-and-Tell, 2.5 years post-movie, and nine years post-show and trying to say something worthwhile about such a popular and beloved ship. (I was a little involved in the fandom before but I don’t think my legacy is much more than an “I hope it’s Logan” comment during the Who-is-at-the-door? era.) It has obviously all been said before, and probably more articulately as well. But I feel compelled to do it anyway. Just please know that I realize I’m probably not the first person to have these thoughts and I’m not trying to barge in and act like I’m an expert or the most hardcore fan or anything like that. I am the Lianne Mars, who took off, who loved but didn’t love enough, and who is now back to cash in on everyone else’s hard work. 

I hope that was enough introduction (!) I don’t know how far I’ll get, how many scenes or episodes I’ll do or what, but I definitely want to get a few words out about the pilot.

Uh-Oh, J. Doh!

I am infinitely fascinated with Logan and Veronica in the pilot, not only because it’s the best sign marker for how far they’ve come (and the ships I love the most always seem to be the ones that have come the furthest), but also because there’s such an obscure and exciting interplay – war, even - between authorial intention and serendipity.

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Rival-chan headcannons? I know a girl who firmly believes Rival-chan is a demon and is a sadist. She's weird.

Havent done any headcanon stuff in a while.. probably should begin to get around to doing them..

Rival chan, the indestructible… lets get to it

  • Has the cute innocent act, secretly is the meanest gossip girl on school grounds
  • People love her because of how adorable she is but it all got to her head a little but too much
  • A total teahcer’s pet, brings them gifts at holidays/special events
  • Puts too much effort in her nails, obsessed with manicures
  • Does those cutesy make up tutorials on youtube
  • You know those villains in movies, the ones that act all super cute but then they have a horrible side to them and in the end their true intentions get revealed? Yeah thats her
  • In elementry school everyone wanted to go to her sleepovers, big deal if you were invited 
  • Has a sickeningly sweet talking voice, even more high pitched singing voice
  • owns sets of glittery paper/craft stuff, has a ton of dollar store cute things like journals with unicorn faces on them saying “ くそくらえ! “
  • once dyed her dog pink

Dont see her as a sadist/demon lover but definitely a mean girl archetype 

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What does "Fandom" mean?

A Fandom is basically a group of very obsessed fans (so book, musicians, movies and tv shows all have a fandom)

Example: you have a harry potter fandom, a one direction fandom and a star wars fandom. And you can be in it if you love the subject it is about, that makes you a fangirl/boy/warrior. i dont wanna scare the little kids but there usually is no escaping a fandom.

10 Random Facts Tag

I was tagged by the sweetest of them all, Mrs.@bsimth

1. I’m an extreme introvert, not to get that confused with socially awkward… I thrive off being alone and I have little secret hiding places throughout my house to go and recharge.

2. I have a dry sense of humor.

3. LOVE Pinterest!!! When I can’t sleep at night I’m pinning ideas, anything from home decor, recipes to hairstyles and DIY’s

4. Love to cook so that means I LOVE to eat. *Rubs tummy* 

5. Obsessed with horror EVERYTHING. Movies, books, podcasts, games….

6. In NEED of a BREAK!!! If you’re available to babysit inbox me 😉

7. <—- One of my lucky numbers.

8. Very random at times (MOST times)

9.  I HATE going to the movies so I watch it online… Um, errr uhhh the legal way… Yeaaaa

10.  I found this tag very difficult for some reason. Took me wayyyy longer than it should.

I tag YOU if you took the time out to read this!

@maimouth, you were the first to like this tag so you’re it.

Okay so apparently I’m just late to the party as always lol so… If you HAVEN’T done this tag feel free too.

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What do ya think of Joker & Harley's relationship in the suicide squad movie?

I like how Joker seemed just as obsessive as Harley, but part of me wanted to see the btas relationship explored in live action and cinematically. For a while it looked like that’s what we were getting, and what it might have been, but so much was cut out. It’s kinda tough to judge considering how little of it there was. I wanna see everything that was cut out so bad! Goddammit studio heads! There really isn’t enough to understand what their relationship even is. I guess we’ll have to wait until their next appearance together to make a fairer judgement. But I’m happy with what we did see. It could have been really bad. And it wasn’t. 

Okay so when I was little I was obsessed with the Lion King. I’m talking I watched it everyday and had every song lyric memorized. I loved every character every song just about everything about that movie. I still do. My love for the stars and space started with that movie. When Mufasa told Simba that the great kings will watch over you when you looked up at the sky, I believed that. I truly believed that when people died they became stars. I used to go out every night and look up at the stars and found comfort and home and love within them. I wasn’t scared to leave the world because I’d still get to watch over people I love and care for. I found more of a home in those stars than here on earth. They’re burning and writhing but so are we. We’re constantly in a rush to get to places that we don’t stop to look at how beautiful it is to exist. We don’t stop to make sure everyone we love is cared for and happy. That’s why I love that part of the Lion King so much. As a kid I thought if we became stars when we left this world, we’d finally get to stop and look. Death didn’t seem so terrifying than.


Maddy has been pretty vocal this year about how she is totally down with DC, though even more now since Rebirth & the latest Batgirl and Birds of Prey. And we are both obsessed with DC SuperHero Girls. Yes, it is aimed for girls 6 -12, but we dare anyone to not love this. Start with the video shorts and eventually move onto the books and toy. And now there’s a new movie.

DC SuperHero Girls: Hero of the Year premiered at Comc-Con, but just this week it’s been released on DVD and we already know it will be running non-stop on every little kid’s minivan TV. Apparently there’s so much action boys like it too. Why oh why was this not a thing when we were kids?

At SDCC, we were able to chat with Tara Strong (Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn), Grey Griffin (Wonder Woman), Anais Fairweather (Supergirl), Teala Dunn (Bumblebee), Stephanie Sheh (Katana), Jennifer Coyle (producer), and Cecilia Aranovich (director) about what they bring to the movie and to the characters. We also find out why a movie about a group of teenage girl superheroes is so important to them and in what ways they identify with their characters.

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Have you seen Tusk? What didja think of it? I really like it except for that rough scene with Johnny Depp and Michael Parks and for no reason, Michael is doing this mentally ill voice. Besides that I loved how a silly idea was taken serious.

Yeah, there were a couple of cringe-worthy moments like that, but the rest of it was cringe-worthy in a good way, in the way I think Smith meant for it to be. The movie is gross and weird and revels in being gross and weird and I sort of enjoy it for that. 

I have a friend who tries to show it to just about everyone he meets and is obsessed with it, and I love that. Because it’s such a weird, obscure little movie that is so not for everyone, so I love that even it can have a devoted fan like that. 

But I don’t know, I kind of got exactly what I expected out of it. It’s over-the-top and absurd, but still just about the transformative walrus body horror/Canadian Dracula adaptation that I expected it to be, and I enjoy it for those points. 

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Other than Phantom and Tanz, what are your favorite musicals?

ROCKY HORROR, ELISABETH, SHOCK TREATMENT, HEATHERS, PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (especially the german original), LES MISERABLES, Next to Normal, Rebecca, Jekyll & Hyde, West Side Story, Moulin Rouge, Cabaret, Grease (movie), Bombshell, Aida, My Fair Lady

Didn’t add some because I’m only obsessed with one or two songs from them

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OH I LOVE THIS IDEA him just setting up little movie nights for his friends. Just because sausage party is coming out soon and I’m slightly obsessed with anything Seth Rogen… I BET RONAN IS SO EXCITED FOR IT TO COME OUT and he quotes the trailer all the time and everyone’s getting really pissed off . But then he gets them to sit around and watch it with him and he just CRIES the entire way through and the others don’t wanna admit it but they’re actually really enjoying it and hey, who doesn’t love ronan being a little cutie having a great time? Ah, simple pleasures 😊

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people rage at me so hard when they find out I ship harley and joker but I ship them purely based on the movie and how I saw their relationship and I think the joker was a little manipulative at the beginning but once harleen transitioned into harley I think he really did love her. it may be borderline obsessive or possessive on jokers part but still kinda cute how much trouble he went to to find her multiple times idk sorry just wanted to say that to someone who isn't a hater lmfao x

the harley x joker debate is the only thing i don’t like about our fandom because people can be so cruel to one another!! honestly you don’t deserve that anon and i see exactly where you’re coming from. you can definitely see that the joker has feelings for her when he walks away from the chemicals and then realises he can’t leave her so he turns around and jumps in after her. my shipper heart, i cri. but yes, the cinematic ship is cute. it’s just unfortunate that some comic fans ruin it for the film fans.

five favourite movies

I was tagged by @whoaheytheresatan and @perspectiveofapalebluedot for this thingy do so let’s get it started yah

1. Odd Thomas
ghosts, believable romance, actually had me rooting for the straights, excellent special effects, and original plot??? made me cry??? yes.
bonus for: excellent plot twists and anton yelchin

2. The Art of the Steal
SPEAKING OF PLOT TWISTS, this is, hands down, the best heist movie ever made. the plot twist is surreal. it’s hilarious. it’s about art. the characters are fun, even though they’re not super believable. 10/10.
bonus for: the guy who voiced hiccup cursing like a sailor pfft haha

3. Escape to Witch Mountain (original version)
this movie is one that I obsessed over as a child. I think the only thing I watched more was hamtaro. anyways, it’s really beautiful and the little lullaby is still one of my favourite tunes. also there’s aliens so maybe this is what kicked off my conspiracy obsession
bonus for: the main villain is an evil capitalist ceo

4. Aristocats
in a word: iconic. from the beautiful scenery to the tasteful inclusion of dogs and the liberal use of jazz music, this is imo one of disney’s best films. it’s just so much fun and I love it.
bonus for: o'malley’s singing voice

5. Green Hornet
where would this list be without a super hero movie as ironic as I am? green hornet is like gaurdians of the galaxy’s shorter, bitter older brother, and I love it. the protagonist is arrogant and self absorbed and the movie’s kinda shitty but also kinda entertaining. not in space, but also, has drugs.
bonus for: that little cappuccino thing that kato does wow that’s talent

so yeah that’s the list. it’s not, like, stunning or super deep, but does it have to be? I’m tagging @bang, @gardeningadventures, and @jordancat have fun guys

(bonus: the royal tennenbaums is also great and has a very well done suicide attempt and also it’s wes anderson and I’m hipster trash)

My sister in everything but blood, @erenography !!!!!!!
I am forever thankful for your existence, and the circumstances that lead us becoming the very best friend and sister.
How many years has it been? 10? 11?
I remember back then we used home telephone to communicate, as I had to run out of my room to speak to you. So many obsession we had. Movies, songs, manga, animes..
And then we started using phone. I spent so much (too much) credits that my mum got angry.
We also traded diaries, in which we created stories.
Back then you had to move, to another island so far away for little me. And then there was a time when we somehow suddenly stopped communicating. Thank God it didn’t continue.
And now we are both grownup (I think). You have your duties, friends that you meet everyday, and everything that you worried over. As do I.
Still, everyday that I don’t see you, I am missing you.
I love you, my dear sister. I hope the next year and the next and the next until I die, we will still be sisters as we are today.

P.s. sorry for hiding my face on the photo. Still kinda hesitant.

Get To Know Me Tag

Thanks @wallyscags-patronus for tagging me in this!! (I live for these tags)

Favorite Fandom: FAVORITE? Um…okay, for a fandom, definitely HP, because with what else can you meet someone, ask about their houses and then start analyzing each other’s personalities and define some kind of relationship just by that after 5 minutes? Also, all the merch.

Favorite Film of 2016: Deadpool or Zootopia. (I know, they’re basically the same movie) I’m going to show Zootopia to my children like once a year, it’s a very important film to me (Kubo will probably be one of these movies too, I just haven’t seen it yet. I have a good feeling about it)

Put your music library on shuffle and tell us the first three songs that came up:
1. Crush by David Archuleta (because that was a jam and recently I’ve been a little obsessed with recovering my early 2000’s music)
2. Is She With You? - Wonder Woman Theme by Hans Zimmer from the Batman V Superman Soundtrack (Say whatever about the movie, I loved this freakin’ soundtrack. I need Lex Luthor’s theme to play everytime I enter a room)
3. Is It A Crime by Sade

Last thing you bought online: A new backpack to start the school year. Something more classically collegiate than my last worn-down backpack.

Any phobias or fears: Nothing of note, I don’t think. Just normal ones like fear of falling, accidentally dropping a baby, choosing the wrong career to be in for the rest of my life.

How would your friends describe you: Only ever cries at fiction.

Who would you take a bullet for: Like, specifically? Besides my family or close friends? (And we’re talking real people, right? I’d take a bullet for any of my favorite characters) Uh…Obama? I don’t know…he’s moving to a place on my street so maybe I’d get the chance to save the president from a stray bullet, who knows

If you had money to spare what would you buy first: Probably one of the many camera lenses I’ve been wanting. Or some HP merch (Need a Gryffindor tie for RP and cosplay, ya know).

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