a little nostalgic right now lol

Rajigaze 21.10 Reita & Kai


their manager came in a suit exspeciallyfor Kai

Kai was asked what he would like for a birthday present. Something that would really make him happy
K: You’re asking me that??? birthdays are about feeling you know!
Re: about feelings??? are you serious?
*Kai’s loosing it*
K: but well it’s really fine if you put your feeling in the present and just bring it with you- that’s enough
Re: so you didn’t really say what you’d like tho
K: money I guess? lol
Re: you know… at the venue of the halloween live… we should prepare an ATM
Kai: lol
Re: because of you!
K: wah! Awesome! Yes please! lol
Re: You know, you should register for Kais bank account K:lol Re: transfers to his account only! K: *loses it*

Q: Please tell us what both of you think is the manifest of theGazette!
K: hmm I wonder what it is? For theGazette right?
Re: Well I guess personal things would be okay too, right?
K:Well then, okay… It’s that I wanna save as much as I can(lol) (¥)
Re:I see (lol)
K:I won’t say what I’m saving up tho, right? (lol) Because that wouldn’t be too good (lol)
(well, no one knows about that I guess ^^)
Re:You probably will be like Bill Gates in the end… (lol) Like two leaers right? (lol)
K: Well, I won’t say what (he’s saving up) tho! (lol)
Re: Hmm… In regards to this question, is such a manifest okay? (lol)
K: I don’t kow … (lol)
Re:じゃあ、Okay, Don’t we have our 15th anniversary on the 10th of March? Well since starting a band 15 years went by! Thinking about that, is there something like ‘the Gazette has to be like this!’ kind of think?
K:yeah… Well didn’t the 15 years just come like a matter of facts?
Re:Yeah right.
K: But isn’t it amazing to think about 15 years as a fatter of facts?
Re: Well like a stack up of miracles right?
K:That’s because while we’re feeling gratefull to everyone in our surrounding every day, we could continue for such a long time!
Re:That’s right^^
K:That’s probably because we’re repaying the support we received from the fans, I think. ^^ What ever happens we wouldn’t be disheartened and continue while saving up… (lol)
Re:In the end it comes to this, right? (lol)
K: No, no (lol). I wanted to say something nice! (lol). Well, while saving up reasonably, to be able to have such a fun band…it’s a vague answer, but it’s a really difficult task, right…Because there are things every month that has to be paid…(lol)(¥)
Re:huh?, could it be that you put color lenses in right now?? (lol)(¥)
K:No, I didn’t! (lol)
Re:You’re eyes showed ¥ !(lol)
K:They didn’t, they didn’t! (lol)…

Re: ah could it be that for the free live in makuhari…
K:yes of course!I paid it with my pocket money lol
Re: so the live was a present from Kai-kun right?
they talk about spending huge amounts of money- but it was too much so they couldn’t think about smth they would buy with it and made a smaller amount (tho still pretty huge)
Re: so first I wanna ask..would you tell the members???(If you got such a huge amount of money)
K: I … wouldn’t lol You know… You can’t say it! Just.. ah.. but no… well…you
Re: This is about you, but if I got such a huge amount, I would share it with the member!
Reita said that Kai got a bigger amount of money (I guess in the beginning?)& gave everyone 1000 Yen but the money he got was a lot more lol Then he said to Reita, if you didn’t know how much I got you’re still happy about it right?? but if you know… lol
K: for the free live, ne? It takes a way more money than everyone would guess, right?
Re: It really does…
K: but not just us,every artist in the world is like this. If they say: Let’s have a tour! it takes a lot of money and I… don’t like this lol

They talk about their childhood with single mothers for both of them it wasn’t hard at all- Kai just remembered that he was tired talking about this topic with his parents. Kais parents divorced as he was in elemantary school, seems like his parents talked a lot with him about this, so he was just: do whatever you think is best. Kai was able to choose weather he wanted to life with his mother or father. For Reita he was just told that his parents will divorce (he was 5) and he remembers that he wasn’t sad at all that his father was gone. he just thought: ahh okay. it seems they didn’t got along that well. Once his father and grandfather came for a visit,his mother went to buy smth,Re hid under the table and cried but was ignored by his father

Re: for example! If Kai-kun went to his girlfriends room and saw such books- what would he do?
K: I would be embarrassed!! lol Isn’t it natural?
Re: and if it were DVDs? Would you be ashamed too?
K:… eh what kind of DVDs?
Re: erotic ones!
K: depends on the genre.
Re: Ahhhhh
K: lol
Re: if it is about gays?
K: huh? about gays? But well… if it’s a woman who lives there it might be like this right
both: lol
K: I think it’s popular with girls, but I haven’t watched smth like this yet. But I think that a woman who’s open like this, is great!
Re: Ah I understand that!
K: it’s good if she doesn’t have to hide such things.
Re: what if you went to her room and there were just male idols everywhere?
K: ahhhh I hate that…I really do…
Re: even though you said that open woman are great?
K: ahhhh….well… it might be different… I don’t really like idols! It’s just that

A fan woke up in the middle of the night and thought the wind is so strong that her laundary is falling down, got up, opened the curtain and saw a unknown man stealing her underwear- in the end just her Toy story pants were left behind Re: ah that seems to just have happened lately right?
K: humm was it you?!
Re: me??? It wasn’t me?!?! me????? But certainly if it were me, I probably would have left the Toy Story pants too, but…
K: I don’t really get this tho… even though I’m a guy too…to steal underwear… I don’t really know why you’d do smth like that
Re: and you won’t even know who wore them, right?
K: you won’t know *giggles* What’s the good point in doing smth like that tho? Do you understand it? lol a little at least?
Re:Couldn’t it be that it’s Kengo-ura? (sorry no idea what’s that)
both: loool
Re: I wonder which floor it was..
K: Probably first or second floor?
Re: kai! (Kai is also floor (like in first floor) in Japanese) huh?
K: huh? ah sorry!
both: loool
Re: Put it on your head now! (the pants I guess? dunno XD)
both: giggle
Re: How about wearing it for Halloween? Both: loool

Re: Sumire- ah nostalgic. .. scary
K: it’s really scary!
Re: but we’ll it wouldn’t be strange to play it 10.3 right? Maybe if everyone will come, we’ll play it
K: oh wonderful!