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Limerence (Yoongi x Reader)

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Prompt/Ask: hi can you do a fic where youre in love with suga but he rejects you because you’re like a little sister to him but when you start to avoisld him or something, he starts to miss you. Thank you!!

 - Limerence; (n) the state of being infatuated with another person. -

Fandom: BTS

Genre: Angst, fluff

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Warnings: language (what’s new), public embarrassment (I guess?)

Word Count: 8414 (I’m so sorry)

Authors Note: Yoongi is my babe and I love him with all my heart as much as I love Jungkook and I want to protect him and love him and care for him forever and always *gasps for air* So yeah. A Suga request! I’m so sorry this took forever, and I’m even sorrier that it’s so long, I know long fics aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I hope you enjoy it regardless. Let me know what you think, and happy reading!

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It’s olden times and there’s a man with a wagon pulled by a horse through a forest road. He hears a heart stopping scream of agony in the far distance. 

This is a good man, so he stops, he ties the horse up and he hurries towards the source of the pained cries. 

He finds, in a small clearing, a heavily pregnant male naga in labor. A naga who’s slave collar is still on and who’s been chained with his hands behind him to a tree. 

The naga’s bare stomach is squeezing itself and a small slit in the scales beneath his half hard cock is getting bigger and bigger. Something is making it bulge and then flatten, bulge and then flatten over and over again. 

The man with the wagon realizes it must be an egg. 

The naga, tears in his eyes, begs for help. The man with the wagon tries to free him, but can’t. The naga tells him just to worry about helping him birth the eggs right now, that’s all he cares about. Just save them. 

The man with the wagon says he may have some tools to help get him free, because the naga can’t push properly like this. He races off back for his wagon and the naga begs him not to go. 

As fast as he can, he races back to his wagon and maneuvers it and the horse through the forest and back to the naga who’s straining and straining and gives a hoarse, terrified warning before his slit opens wider and wider as speckled ivory shell begins to emerge, pushed out just on the force of the contractions alone.

With a scream, the naga’s belly clamps down and the egg finally slides out, almost shooting out. He prays the man with the wagon will catch it in time before the fragile shell shatters on the ground. 

Luckily he does. 

The naga pants and tells the man with the wagon to press down on his belly as hard as he can to help the naga birth the rest of the eggs. It’s the only way.

The man with the wagon has a better idea. He has rope. He ties it tight around the naga’s stomach and makes a knot that allows him to pull with one hand and tighten the rope while the other remains free to catch the eggs. 

The man in the wagon cannot help but find the naga beautiful, even like this. His magnificent form swollen at the stomach with eggs, his gorgeous face and piercing eyes now made so vulnerable. The serpentine coil of his tail. His dark, hard little nipples. Even his slit and his cock.

The man in the wagon asks if there’s anything else he can do while they wait for another contraction. He’s hoping there is. He’s hinting.

The naga looks relieved and ashamed at the same time. “Please,” is all he says.

The farmer takes the naga’s cock into his hand. He licks and sucks the blunt, salty tasting head of it to get the naga fully erect and then strokes his shaft. The man in the wagon tugs the rope tight one more time. Then he lets it go so his other hand can press three fingers into the naga’s slit and make circles on the little round bump he finds there. 

The naga can say nothing as he comes. He just groans, then he strains for a whole different reason and then his belly squeezes down so suddenly the man with the wagon barely has time to remove his fingers before it’s time to catch the next egg that the naga births into his hands. 

The man with the wagon makes the naga come again and cloudy white seed shoots from the naga as the pleasure sends his body into one massive contraction. A contraction that pushes out the next egg and the next while the man with the wagon coaxes and comforts the naga who sobs that he’s going to die of all this and then screams that the next one is coming. 

The man in the wagon sees the naga through the birthing of six eggs. 

When he gets the naga free, he helps him into the back of the wagon. The naga curls it’s lower body and tail around its six eggs. 

The man in the wagon takes the naga home, and helps him tend to the eggs until they hatch. The man in the wagon tells them to stay. He could use the help around the place and he wouldn’t want the naga’s former master coming after anyone.

The six baby naga become adults in just five years. Adults that must leave home and make their own way as naga tradition instructs them to.

The house and the farm seem so empty with all six children gone. 

But empty can be good, the naga teaches the man with the wagon. With all the space to themselves, the naga can slither into the man’s room one night and lay beside him. 

The naga say he knows the man with the wagon was aroused by the sight of his pregnant body, and by the experience of helping the naga lay its eggs. The man with the wagon can’t deny it, nor can his hardened cock under the blankets. The naga strokes the man and asks if the man would like to experience it for himself. He can do this for the man. There is ancient naga magic. 

The man with the wagon says yes. The naga reaches down and begins to stroke him. Then the tip of it’s tail teases the man’s balls. The man with the wagon starts cumming and can’t stop as the teasing tip changes him. Gives him a womb, a birthing hole. 

The man with the wagon asks the naga if it hurts to get impregnated. The naga assures him that the way he does it, it won’t.

The naga, hard and thickened with arousal, pushes himself into the man’s new birthing hole and soaks his new womb in seed.

Then, months later, there is a man with a wagon pulled by a horse, going through a forest road. He gives a loud groan of pain and grabs his huge belly. He has to get home fast, because it won’t be long before he’s birthing the naga’s eggs, their first clutch together. And as painful as it will be, the man is aroused by knowing he’s heavy with his lover’s offspring, and that he will be birthing them for him. 

When he gets home hurts and he is hard at the same time and the naga spreads his knees to get a better view of the first egg crowning.

The naga tells him he also is beautiful this way, and he should see what it looks like each time he pushes and the egg comes a little closer to emerging. 

Five years after that, there is a man with a wagon racing to get home because this time the naga carried their clutch and he wouldn’t miss the sight, or the feel, of a creature like that giving birth to his offspring.

One Word

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Tags: Smut, slight daddy kink, slight dirty talk

Words: 1639

Note: Shameless smut, pretty much Porn Without Plot.

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Park Chanyeol// Feasible - Part 1

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Prompt: You’re a work-for-hire girl - for the criminals and criminally rich. Your job is to threaten, steal from, frighten or hurt whoever you’ve been employed to - but your newest job involves a person you swore you’d never talk to again. Someone who brought you into this entire business - and tried to get you out. Someone who, should you accept this challenge, would open a Pandora’s box of disaster…(/2 /3 /4 5 /6)
Scenario: AU, angst, miniseries
Word Count: 3,560

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takkotastic  asked:

Hey, so I've never read any Klance fanfic, but I def wanna start ! What would you say , so far, are the Classic (tm) klance Fics that every fan should read?

(rubs my little hands together)

I’m in a good mood for once so I’m actually going to try to cobble all of my favorite fics together… I have a ridiculous number of ao3 tags open right now, and my computer will most likely burst into flames before I finish this post. I haven’t read Klance fic in so long, so most of these summaries will be off the top of my head lmao.


First off, the must reads in no particular order (aka the ‘fics with the most kudos for good reason fics’):

This fic is ridiculously popular, and with good reason. Scenario: wrong-number fic, done so, so right. Long-fic, slow burn, Pidge and Hunk are there for way more than moral support… The most important relationship is obviously Klance, but the author makes sure to develop the friendship between Pidge and Keith and Hunk and Lance. It also has smart Lance, which is just so God Trucking Bless. Incredibly worth it.

One of the first Klance fics I’ve ever read, and still one of my favorites… Lance is injured, really mcfreaking injured, and as some sort of last-rights thing he confesses his huge crush on Keith to a panicked Hunk. It’s so good, and only four chapters so you’ll get through it quick.

This fic might just be my favorite Klance fic ever, or at least top three. Lance asks out Keith only he doesn’t realize it’s a date and they become boyfriends without Lance even noticing… It’s hilarious and funny and sweet and I could gush about it for ages if you let me lmao. Please read it… The sequel is also really great, just very NSFW, and from Keith’s pov primarily… So good.

[Edit: Anon messaged me and said that there was ableist language at one point; I haven’t reread in a while so I can’t confirm, but just incase, warning!!!]

Meagan is literally just that good.

THIS FIC… IS SO GOOD… I remember Xiem reccing me this and then just KEYSMASHING AT EACH OTHER FOR A SOLID HOUR. Bruh this is Bonafide Lit. This is like… Episode material. I would watch an hour of this, every day of my life, until I drop dead because it killed me good. This is 18k of awesome writing, like I don’t think my summary could do it justice. Please read it.

This fic is so unbelievably good… I’ve recced it before so I’m just gonna use my previous description lmao. Lance is an astrophysics major, Keith is looking for aliens, they meet in the desert conducting research, and it’s 23k of good shit. It’s ridiculously… I want to settle down in a bathtub and reread it in paperback form.

THIS ONE IS REALLY GOOD… So many cuddles… I’m too fried to give anymore summaries lmao but this is so good and I’m such a sucker for Soft interactions… Please read it oh man.

Below the cut are some more of my all-time fave Klance fics lmao. Italics = read these oh my godddd.

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Marauder’s: A Naughty Fiction (Part 6) SMUT

Requested?: No

Prompt: Y/N has always been a student at Hogwarts but has gone through her years practically unnoticed by anyone that caught her eye. This year, she expects that to change. Instead of shoving her nose between the pages of books someone will be begin to take quite the interest in her. Watch her finish off her last year of schooling while fucking around with guys along the way.

Warnings?: Smut, DRUGS, alcohol, cursing

Words: 3,492

A/N: sorry this took me forver to put out and write, i’ve been having writers block lately. ANYWAY, I just finished this about five minutes ago and haven’t read over it too thoroughly so there might be a few mistakes. Much love and keep requesting :))))


Why do I do what I do? Merlin, I fucking hate myself. One minute I am collected, and the next i’m off the chain, what the hell is going on with me?

I don’t like him, I don’t

Yet, I crave him so much

But maybe it’s not a want

It’s a need.

I bloody need him.

I want to feel him once again, but this time I want him to remember, I want him to remember.

All night these dastardly thoughts have been racing through my head, the night me and Sirius shared resides in the darkest parts of my memories, for I shouldn’t even dare to remember at all, yet I do, I keep thinking about it, and it just makes me want it more and more.

When I awoke I had a massive headache, my eyes could barely open because of the bright sunlight shining in on me. I twitched slightly, too tired to pull the covers over my head.

“Morning.” Lily said.

I peered over to her, she was sitting on her bed, a cup of tea nestled in between her hands, and a pair of sunglasses placed on her nose.

“Need some?” She questioned, referencing to her sunglasses. “S’quite bright in here.”

I sat up slowly, rubbing the bridge of my nose.

“What the hell happened last night?” I asked, looking down at a set of lingerie lying on the floor.

“Well, we got drunk, and I mean bloody drunk,” She said, getting excited. “I brought some of my favorite muggle alcohol and you and I finished them off.”

“Me and you finished off two bottles of…” I looked down at the floor reading the labels on the front of the glass. “Jack Daniels?”

Lily got quiet all of the sudden, looking down into her mug.

“Lily…” I pressed. “Who else was with us?”

She stayed quiet, still looking longingly into her mug.

“Just James, and Remus and Peter…” She said half-heartedly.

“You’re telling me Remus drank hard liquor? Because we both know good and well he doesn’t drink hard liquor.”

“…And Sirius.” She said quietly, sounding ashamed.

“And Sirius!” I laughed sarcastically, getting angry.

“Lily,” I questioned.” “What the hell happened last night?”

the night before…

“He did what!” Lily whisper yelled at me, dragging me into the corner.

I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms protectively.

“How many times do I have to say it. I started freaking out, then I leant up and kissed him.”

Lily scoffed, not knowing what to say.

“What?” I yelled. “It’s not like I haven’t kissed him before!”

“Y/N…” She sighed. “This is different, you were…you were…”

“Lucid? Yeah I know.”

She eyed me up and down, flashing me a quizzical look.

“You don’t like him… do you?”

I got choked up, my air catching in my throat

“Pshh… What, me? Like Sirius? Haha, of course not!” I said, trying to play it off, but the thoughts inside my head were contradicting everything I was saying.

She raised her brow at me and shook her head as we walked into the common room, running into James and Remus.

“Oi, where are you two off to?” James asked, pulling Lily into a hug.

“Just going upstairs, a long day it’s been.” Lily replied, rummaging her head into his neck.

“What she said.” I added.

“Are you guys not going to the party tonight?” Remus asks, smiling at me.

“Party?” I asked. “What party?”

“Just a house party for Gryffindor’s, maybe a few Hufflepuff’s.” Remus added.

I scoffed, biting my lip instinctively.

“No Slytherins?” I asked.

“Merlin no, definitely not. Sirius made it very clear he didn’t want them here.”

James coughed and nudged Remus’ side, I guess that was something he wasn’t supposed to say. Me and Lily looked at each other suspiciously and waltzed up the stairs to our room.

“What are you wearing?” Lily yelled to me from the bathroom.

I couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear in my wardrobe despite the countless dresses and denim I had all lined up.  

“Not sure yet.” I added.

She walked out of the bathroom, sliding in an earring, her hair freshly curled and bouncing along with each step.

“Let me look.” She said, pushing me out of the way and searching my wardrobe.

Then it caught her eye, the light pink, holographic dress. It was tight up top and flared out at the bottom, quite skimpy. If I bent over too far everyone would have quite the view of my arse.

“This,” She said. “This is what you’re going to wear.”

“That?” I yelled, a bit curious.

“Yes that! You’ll be the talk of the school, why haven’t you worn it yet?” She asked.

“Well it was more of a collective purchase, I wasn’t planning on wearing it.”

“Well you will tonight, and I bet you’ll get more than just a few cheeky glances.” She said, winking.

I rolled my eyes, but gave into her pressure, slipping up the small dress wearing nothing but dark red underwear beneath.

“We look good.” She said, I agreed, nodding along with her.

“Great, even.” I added.

My hair, once again, sat high atop my head, my makeup still natural, but with a hint of flare.

“Let’s go.”

The party music was booming, we heard the rumble from atop the stairs. Some couples were getting a head start already, pushing each other up against their bedroom doors, making out vigorously.

“Bet ten galleons you’ll fuck Sirius tonight.”

“I won’t so, you’re on.”

“You will.” Was all she said and we began to strut towards the compacted crowd.

The moment I stepped foot on the floor seemed all the attention in the room was on me. Guys were ogling over me, girls were slapping their men on the arms so they’d pay attention to them, yet I could careless. I had one person on my mind, I had one person I wanted to impress.

I saw him with James and Remus and a few other guys from our house horsing around with one another. They all had drinks in their hands and seemed a little buzzed. I looked down quickly, checking my dress to make sure I looked alright, that there were no wrinkles. Why did I care so much? Maybe Lily was right, maybe I did like him, maybe I just couldn’t accept it.

When I looked back up he was already staring at me, his mouth watering. His eyes met mine, intensely. He stared into them for a good five seconds before they started travelling down, lower and lower. The guys around him began to notice.

“Sirius?” Remus shouted to him. “Are you alrigh-”

And that’s when the others caught on, when they all got sight of me. Something about this dress was illuminating, it made me stand out against everyone in the crowd. Sirius finally took a sip of his drink, still staring at me. He chugged it all down, placing it on a table next to him, and waltzing over to me.

“Fancy seeing you here t’night, you look ravishing.” He said wrapping his arm around my waist pulling me into him, whispering the last part of the sentence into my ear.

“Thank you.” I gulped, barely being able to speak, my stomach erupting with butterflies.

“Well,” James said, Sirius still gazing into my eyes. “Let’s get this party started.”

One shot, lime, two shots, lime, three shots, lime. Apparently I liked tequila.

My vision began to lighten as the liquor in my stomach began to churn, cooking up a spell. Sirius stood behind me, his hand around my front, he held a  lime in his mouth and each time I downed another i’d turn around and suck the juice out of it, making sure to look him right in the eyes.

“Sirius, Y/N!” Lily slurred, her pupils insanely dilated.

“Evans!” I yelled. “What the hell are you on!”

“Molly… or maybe it was acid, either way come upstairs with us!” She yelled back, undeniably fucked up.

“Upstairs? The party is down here!” I shouted back, making sure she heard me over the music.

“Yeah but upstairs I have two bottles of Jack Daniels with our names on it.” She said with a sly smile, biting down on her tongue with her teeth.

I looked up at Sirius who was already looking down at me. We both nodded to each other and followed Lily, James, Remus, Peter and two other guys up the stairs to our dorm room.

“Whiskey for everyone!” Lily yelled, us all stumbling into the room after her, everyone giggling back and forth to one another over our drunken states.

She pulled out eight shot glasses and placed them all upside down on the floor, Remus rolled a blunt and placed it down next to them, while Peter peppered a few psychedelics here and there.

“Let’s play a game!” She squealed, pulling us all down to the floor, Sirius pulling me into his lap, he didn’t like the hungry looks every guy was giving me.

“Truth or dare,” James said. “The game for the brave and the… weak.”

He proceeded then to go over the rules of the game, saying that if you refused a truth or a dare you had one of three options; take a shot, hit the blunt, or take a psychedelic, and if you had already chose one, the next time you’d have to pick another.

We were an hour into the game, but still barely made a dent into it. Remus and Peter were stoned out of their minds, Lily and I well, let’s just say we drank a little more than anticipated, and everyone had officially taken at least one psychedelic.

“Lily, Y/N,” One of the other guys with us murmured. “Truth or dare?”

“Both of us?” I asked, slurring my words.

“Both of you.”

“Isn’t that like, against the rules?”

“Nope,” He said, popping the P. “So what’ll it be?”

I was about to speak before Lily answered for me.

“Dare.” Lily said suddenly, a devilish gleam In her eye.

The guy started laughing, and whispered something into one of the other guys ears.

“Strip.” Was all he said, leaning back on his hands.

Since I was far from sober, the phrase was almost like music to my ears, but a clarifying sobriety deep down was yelling at me, telling me not to do it.

“You’re not too pussy are you?” He asked.

Me and lily looked to one another, raising our eyebrows.

“M’not too pussy, maybe Y/N, but not me.” Lily slurred, standing up all wobbly.

“Well, I said both of you, so strip or pick.” He said, the word pick referring to the drugs.

“This isn’t fair,” I whined. “You lads will take advantage of us!”

“Advantage?” The bloke questioned. “Never in a million years.”

I looked down to Sirius who seemed rather annoyed, jealous the other boys could see me… exposed.

“Or,” The boy called. “Give me and… Remus a lap dance.”

“What?” Remus asked, the statement sending him quickly back into reality.

“You heard me Moony. I mean if you don’t want to I bet there’s someone who’s far more anxious to take your place.”

I looked to Sirius who was watching me like a hawk, he looked like he wanted to kill the guy who had dared me, his blood boiling and pumping through his veins.

“I’ll do it,” Sirius said all of the sudden, loud and stern, his jaw clenching. “Give me the lap dance.”

He stood up swiftly, his hand grasping onto my upper arm, a tight lock on it.

“And slip into something more… comfortable.”

Me and Lily disappeared into the bathroom, pulling two select pieces from our wardrobe. James was pass out drunk, he slept soundly on the wooden floor so Lily had no choice but give one of the others a lap dance. We were both still under the influence, completely hammered, so I left on my dark red underwear but slipped a bra over my breasts and a silk teddy over the top as well.  

“C’mon ladies,” He called. “Don’t keep us waiting.”

We both sauntered out, Lily’s hips swaying much more than mine. The sudden exposure of my skin making an uncomfortable feeling erupt from within me, my hands instinctively wrapping around my chest.

“C’mon, don’t be shy.”

I dropped my hands walking right towards Sirius, an angry look still plastered on his face.

“Merlin…” I heard a boy call.

I looked over to my right and Lily had already began to dance. Getting low to the ground, swaying her hips, rubbing up on all the guys around her. I saw Remus scoot backwards, undeniably uncomfortable, yet he still watched from afar, a strange sight it was indeed.

I straddled Sirius, my legs wrapping around his lap, sinking down onto his crotch. His hands never touched me, they just held him up from behind, his eyes looking into mine then down my body quizzically.

“This feels so, familiar.” He stated, trying to sound calm but still I heard the rage spitting through his teeth. He really didn’t like the looks they were all giving me.

“Familiar?” I asked, acting like I had no clue to what he was referring to, watching him try to figure out what about this was so strange.

But I knew, I knew the feeling, a feeling I’ve been trying to shake ever since it happened, no matter how badly I didn’t want to. He was remembering the time we spent together, that I prayed so dearly he’d forget.

Suddenly I was being lifted off Sirius lap and placed into someone elses, their hands gripping roughly to my hips.

“If you’re not going to do anything to her I sure as bloody hell will!” One of the boys from earlier squawked.

He looked at me with a distinct hunger in his eyes, he was devouring me with them. He started moving me up and down onto his crotch, trying to get some friction between the two of us. This is not how I wanted it, this wasn’t how I wanted any of this to be. Suddenly I heard a thud and a shuffling of feet and once again I was being yanked off someone else’s lap. Sirius threw me off to the side, and yanked up the kid who pulled me into his lap by his collar.

“Who the hell do you think you are, mate?” Sirius yelled. “You think you can bloody treat a woman like that, my woman?”

The guy was petrified, looking at Sirius then back to me.

“D-didn’t know she was yours, mate!” He squealed while falling back down onto the floor with a thud.  

And for the last time Sirius yanked me up, throwing me over his shoulder, and pulled me into the bathroom. I was pushed harshly against the door, smacking my head a tad on the wood. I felt Sirius’ hands wrap around my waist, one of them also holding me up under my bum. He rested his head on my chest and stayed quiet, my hand landed in his hair, playing with it.

“Sirius?” I asked looking down at him sleepily, watching his chest heave up and down.

“Hmm?” He asked.

“Didn’t know I was yours…” I said playfully, biting my lip, a small smile sweeping up onto my face.

He smiled into my skin, I felt the stretching of his lips against my chest,a low rumble escaping them.

“You aren’t really… s’just like you is all… got a tad jealous.”

“A tad?” I asked, pulling his chin up so he looked at me, he tried to hold back a smile on his face.

We were startled by Lily’s playful squealing coming from my room, and the sound of pounding music being turned up. We looked back to one another and began to laugh and he set me back down on my feet.

“You’re drunk.” He said laughing.

“So are you!” I yelled back, poking his chest.

“Yeah but I wasn’t the one who almost gave four different guys a lapdance.”

“You’re just jealous.” I said, sticking my nose up in the air, walking away from him.

“Oi!” He yelled. “Of what?”

“You wanted one, a lap dance.”

“Did I now?” He asked, testing me. “How are you so sure?”

“Well for starters I saw your dick jump out of your pants when I walked out of the bathro-” I couldn’t even finish my sentence before he cut me off, tackling me to the ground.

“We won speak of this!” He yelled playfully, pushing his hand over my mouth.

And suddenly we were in the position again, me straddling him, my crotch coming close and closer to his. He looked down at me on his lap, one of his eyebrows raising, then looked back up at my outfit. I kept my eyes on his, watching him as I lowered myself a top his pants, pressing down hard.

“Y/N,” He moaned, his head falling back. “You’re drunk.”

“Doesn’t mean I don’t know what I want.” I said back.

And with that sentence he latched on tightly to my hips as I began to grind harder and harder onto his erection. My hands flying back into his hair, my fingers tangling themselves within the strands.

I turned around swiftly, trying to synchronize my moves to the beat of the music. I began to pull my teddy down, strap by strap, making sure to give him a show. He sat there, leant back, watching me with a glaze over his eyes. I dropped the pink silk to the floor, becoming exposed to him like I was that one time.

I bent over infront of his face, then sat down on him backwards, his hands massaging hard into the skin of my ass. I moved my bum into the crotch of his jeans again, enjoying the sound of his breathless moans escaping from his lips.

I pushed him down on his back sitting down on his stomach and leant down to kiss him. Our lips pushing into each other roughly. There was a definite need there. I heard him whimper as I bit down on his bottom lip, pulling on the now pinkened skin.

I began to scooch my crotch lower and lower until I was perched on his cock again, grinding hard down onto it. I began to dry hump him, suddenly feeling the pleasure from my side. To make the friction much greater, Sirius pushed himself up on his hand, rubbing himself into as I was to him.

His mouth was wide open, attaching to my neck from time to time. I rubbed vigorously into him, the material of my panties beginning to bunch up onto one side. I could tell he was getting close, the sound of my moans filling his ears and a sudden wetness now covering his clothed cock. Then I watched as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he let out a throaty district  moan, saying my name softly as he came. I too, trying my hardest still to reach my desired place, and within no time I was there, a moaning mess just like him.

He fell back onto the floor and I feel on top of his, my ear to his chest listening to the pounding of his heart and the shortness in his breath.

“Hot damn,” He said. “I don’t think I’ve ever came so hard in my life.”

The room was now empty, no sounds of music, no more squealing. Lily had finally laid her head to rest that night, Remus tucking her in after she got a little too crazy with that one boy from their house. Her soft snores were the only thing filling the room, well, that and the sound of Sirius whispering to Y/N, goodnight.

She slipped into bed as well, looking up to him as he placed a chaste kiss to her forehead, praising her once again for the beautiful work she had done that night. He walked out of the room, a small smiled placed across his face as he hopped quietly back to his dorm.

When he entered he sat down on his bed, laughing at James sprawled out on the floor, Peter looking practically dead, and Remus asleep as snug as a bug under his covers. Sirius peered over to his bedside table, looking at the family photo which sat gloomily next to him. Not a hint of a smile coming from any of their faces in the picture. He picked it up, getting a closer look at his brother whom he envied so deeply, but wanted to love so bad. The green surrounding the picture frame seemed to look so obscure next to the red lace panties that were sitting behind it.

Red lace panties.

Only then was it when Sirius realized everything he seemed to forget.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any theories/headcannons about Trini doing any kind of drugs? Because her mom seemed to have that cup ready too fast.

Her mom is either a nurse or like I’ve said before, she’s as extra as her daughter and in both cases Trini probably did try some kind of drugs in the past, so even though I won’t have too many, here’s some headcanons:

- First time she tried weed, she was at a party with a girl that she was seeing for a while. Then after that, it became more casual for her and she’d sit under the bleachers with said girl, passing around a blunt.

- A teacher catches them one day and then Trini’s parents find out, which makes her mom super paranoid all the time.

- Every time they move, her mom starts questioning Trini about any new friends and if they’re ‘good influences’ on her. Trini doesn’t reply most of the time.

- They eventually move to Angel Grove, and Trini hasn’t really smoked anything in a while.

- Then after they defeat Rita, Trini brings ‘a little something’ to one of their campfire hang outs. 

- Kimberly and Zack get excited, Jason’s a little hesitant, Billy’s kinda curious but they all eventually try some.

- A few hours later, Billy’s on the floor, Jason’s on the floor next to him but he’s giggling at something Billy said five minutes ago. 

- Zack is still dancing and he keeps asking Trini for cheetos and she keeps telling him she doesn’t have any, but he still asks over and over. At one point, he’s standing on a log and he keeps asking Trini if he’s ‘elevated right now’ and after she laughs and tells him that he is, he freaks out before he slowly and cautiously gets off the log as if it’s a tall cliffside.

- Kimberly is sitting in Trini’s lap which is why Trini doesn’t get up every time Zack asks her to help him get off the log. All she does is play with her hair and tells her how good it smells, even though it’s got that campfire smell from the fire. Then Kimberly’s just tracing her fingers all over Trini’s face and her jawline and neck. She tries tracing her fingers on Trini’s abdomen but she ends up tickling her sides.

- They accidentally fall asleep there and they all have worried texts from their parents the next morning and Trini can’t help but laugh at the fact that she’s now become ‘the bad influence’ to her friends that her mother was worried about. 

{Special} College!AU Irene

 my other gg college aus: momo

  • major: literature 
  • minor: korean history 
  • clubs: edits the university webpage, part of a writing tutors club
  • sports: was a part of the gymnastics team, but left to focus on studying (the coach still wishes she’d join again)
  • irene has a nickname on campus, whether she’s aware of it or not - people don’t know, but everytime she walks by someone somewhere whispers to their friend “look, it’s the princess”
  • who gave her the nickname is unknown, wendy is sure it came up after someone anonymously posted a photo of irene in some online forum for the ‘top prettiest university students’ 
  • but irene tells her it doesn’t matter, she doesn’t like it anyway
  • especially not when she’s just trying to talk with a professor or one of her fellow tutors and someone mentions the nickname a little too loud
  • “isn’t it flattering though, people think you’re beautiful?” joy figures once, but irene just shrugs her shoulders
  • “i’d rather people respected me as a person, commented on my writing or on my work ethic. beauty isn’t everything.”
  • wendy watching her with wide eyes: oh my god everything you say sounds like a motivational quote. teach me your ways
  • but irene really does mean it,,,,she works hard - has been able to keep a scholarship even when her class load is over fifteen credits,,,,
  • she loves literature, and if people would take the time to know her,,,,they’d figure out she’s actually a bit of a nerd
  • loving everything from young adult fiction to hard korean classics
  • she knows waaaaaaaay too many historical facts off the top of her head, can name every district in every city of korea, and has specific planners for specific classes
  • all highlighted and neat, just like her personality
  • although her looks are known on campus, irene keeps to herself and her small group of friends
  • she’s interestingly enough friends with sehun - who has on many occasions had to walk her from one class to another because of nasty creeps who would try to talk to her
  • people like to rumor that they’re dating, but sehun and irene always laugh about it,,,,,sehun jokingly calls her a geek while she jabs back that he’s all face and nothing else
  • of course, as friends they’re just joking, but still - neither of them quite enjoys being the center of dumb college lies
  • unlike joy, who likes wearing fashionable clothing or wendy who has shown up to class several times in pajamas, irene has a comfy casual style
  • joy calls it “the gap mom” look 
  • irene is perfectly fine with that, she likes her loose jeans and button downs
  • she has her own dorm room, which seulgi and yeri use as their own personaly therapist suite most of  the time
  • but also irene has made it so cozy and comfy, lots of purple and fresh flowers. she’s an angel,,,,moving on
  • you’re one of those people whose kind of,,,unsure where you’re going in life,,,,
  • college is as much a learning experience for you as it is an adventure,,,,but adventures cost money so you find yourself needing some resume help
  • a friend of yours recommends a writing tutor they once had and you look down at the name they scribbled onto your notebook
  • “irene?” you pause, shifting your backpack over your shoulder “the princess?”
  • you vaguely know what she looks like, stoic and intimidatingly pretty
  • you wonder if it’s worth it to ask for her help ,,,,,,you could just submit your resume as is
  • but you decide to take the risk and head over to the library, surprised to see that irene is in fact there
  • even though she looks absolutely immersed in her work, you can see that there’s a group of annoying looking guys draped over their chairs just ogling her
  • some people walk by with their phones out, not even hiding their attempt to take photos
  • you cringe, thinking it must be hard for her to live like that
  • but again, she looks unfazed. a black curtain of hair falls elegantly across her shoulders and a laptop along with a neat pile of books keeps her distracted enough
  • trying to ignore all the things going on around her, you slip into the seat opposite her
  • “hi, are you tutoring right now?”
  • she finishes typing her sentence then looks, you see her look you over once - probably to figure out if you’re here for real or just to bother her
  • but then her gaze falls on the resume in your hands
  • “there’s a spelling error right there. i can even see it from upside down.”
  • she comments, one slender finger taps the part of your resume which reads “education”. you look down. you misspelled ‘currently’
  • shocked, you stare at it for a while more
  • irene continues typing, but then stops momentarily
  • “well, let me see the rest.”
  • you hand it over to her obediently, sweating a bit as you do. 
  • pulling a pen out of her bag, she quickly gets to work
  • “mistake,,,,,,run on sentence,,,,,capitalize this,,,,,” she murmurs to herself as she works
  • you just silently observe, then look up to see that there are eyes on you know - it must be the consequence of sitting beside ‘the princess’
  • a good ten minutes later, irene has read over your resume twenty or so times, she hands it back
  • “edit it, then show it to me again.”
  • you gape at the amount of corrections one little resume has, but then turn to look at her again
  • she’s fallen back into her typing, flipping the pages of the open book beside her with ease
  • “i,,,,,,when are your tutoring hours?”
  • she motions to the schedule up at the front desk of the library
  • not once, did she hold your gaze for more than a minute,,,,
  • it’s mesmerizing
  • two days later, you’re back with your fixed resume. you don’t want to admit it, but you’ve chosen something nicer to wear and this time approach her with the intent that you’ll ask for help
  • but also,,,,try some small talk
  • unfortunately, all the staring and whispering gets to you before you can even sit down
  • irene, who just has her planner out, puts it away and takes your resume
  • she begins circling and correcting again, talking to herself
  • but when she hands it back - you stop her
  • “listen, i would like it if we could work on this together. but this place is ,,,,,,,,,,, stuffy. can we go somewhere else?”
  • irene looks taken aback, as if no one has ever asked her that
  • but then her eyes narrow suspiciously
  • “will we really only work on the resume?”
  • you realize that people have probably tried to pull things like this on her to get her into coming on dates
  • you redden in embarrassment, but nod,,,,,you don’t have any other intentions
  • so irene gathers her things, you two walk out of the library and you faintly hear someone go
  • “the princess took interest in someone? where are they going?”
  • you two decide on some place off campus, somewhere with less prying students
  • irene orders tea, without sugar and you get some coffee. you want to ask why her preference seems so,,,,,uncommon
  • but irene jumps quickly into explainging her corrections to you
  • surprisingly, her calm and clear voice make it all easy to understand
  • and after working together, you get a sense of what you were missing and what you should fix
  • irene takes a sip of her tea only after it’s gone cold, checks her watch and asks if you have anything else you need help with
  • under her eyes, a smoldering dark brown, you feel like there’s something hidden
  • she seems so automatic, so protected and alert
  • you feel kind of bad,,,,,,that she has to be so cautious because of the people around her
  • even here, where there are barely any kids from the university, random people - some twice her age - keep throwing looks her way
  • irene hyper focuses on you, refusing to meet their eyes
  • “i um,,,,,,,,im actually pretty bad at grammar -”
  • “i see that.”
  •  you look at her, slightly hurt by the bluntness of her statement
  • she seems to read your expression and for the first time you see her face soften just a bit
  • “i mean, i see that it’s an area that needs work,,,,,,”
  • her voice gets a little more quiet “im sorry, i didn’t mean for it to come out that way.”
  • you pause, but then give her a warm smile
  • “it’s ok, i know it’s just the way you talk.”
  • she shifts, her hands neat in her lap 
  • “what do you mean?”
  • you put your resume back into a folder in your backpack and shrug
  • “you always get right to the point. you don’t waste time. i think you’re always rushing to get things over with.”
  • irene’s face softens again, but this time you see her eyebrow twitch
  • she doesn’t look at you, just at the mug of coffee you’d finished 
  • “if i waste time,,,,,,,,people get the wrong idea.”
  • it’s quiet between you two, the noise of other peoples conversations and the music in the cafe feels the weird empty void
  • you notice the details of irene’s plain shirt, the small silver necklace that rests on her collarbones - the slope of her nose and lips, perfectly aligned on her delicate face
  • then she gets up, nearly knocking over her tea, “if you need anymore help, the writing tutors have many different hours.”
  • she turns, heading toward the door to leave and you get the sense you’ve just been brushed off
  • “she’s scared she told me too much” you mumble, collecting your own things and getting up
  • on your way out, someone touches your shoulder and says “whose that girl you were with? is she an actress? an idol?”
  • you shake them off and can’t resist glaring, before you leave without a word
  • since your resume is done, you don’t have any reason to go to the library
  • but you can’t help it, you want to see irene
  • but you manage to keep away, long enough that it doesn’t seem creepy for you to stroll though the non fiction shelves
  • peeking over to see irene, helping another student with their work
  • but one afternoon, as you’re making your way to one of your club meetings - a familiar looking figure stops in your way
  • “so,,,,,,,i hear you’re messing around with the princess?”
  • wendy has her hands on her hips, a smug expression on her face
  • you shake your head “more like, she helped me with my resume and then told me to take a hike.”
  • wendy falls into step beside you and pokes your shoulder
  • “you’ve got it all wrong, do you know how shocked i was when i heard her say your name last night? she say it and asks if i know what you’re about, who are, blah bla-”
  • you stop immediately and wendy almost continues on without you, teetering backwards to ask what you’re doing
  • “she asked about me?”
  • wendy plays with the straps over her overalls and nods “crazy isn’t it? irene only cares about two things; her friends - which is me and three other girls and,,,,,,,,,,the history of the korean peninsula. yet,,,,”
  • her mischievous eyes flick up to meet yours with a grin “yet last night she was interested in you.”
  • with that, wendy turns on her heel and walks the opposite direction
  • she’s almost out of sight when you call out to her 
  • “hey, do you know where -”
  • wendy smiles and cuts you off, “ill tell her to meet you outside the gym tonight at 8. don’t be late!”
  • in awe, you watch her actually disappear this time
  • ,,,,,,,,,,did you just get yourself a date,,,,,,,,,,,,with the princess,,,,,,,,,
  • at ten before 8, you get to the gym - shocked to see irene already there
  • instead of her usual relaxed outfits, she’s wearing something slightly more feminine - an off the shoulder sweater and even small heels
  • she looks,,,,,,,,,,,beautiful under the lights of the gym and you almost run away because there is just,,,,,,,,,,,no way,,,,,,,,,,,you can even compare
  • but, you push yourself to meet her and when she looks up - you can’t believe it again - she looks,,,,,,,,,,shy
  • “wendy,,,,told me you wanted to see me here,,,,,,,”
  • you try to think of something cool to say, something to save your image but you just spill out “she told me you had asked about me,,,,,,”
  • now she really looks flustered, hiding her mouth with her small hand
  • you find it adorable,,,,,,,did she learn that in a movie???? 
  • it’s quiet again, but you don’t want it to be anymore - this is a once ina lifetime opportunity so you just go for it
  • “do you want to,,,,,,,,go out? on a date?”
  • irene has probably heard those words a million times before, but this time - she agrees
  • and you find yourself on cloud nine as you and her take the bus into the city
  • the only thing you can think of is a cliche movie, and you’re not sure if that’s going to be good enough - till the movie theater you pass is playing a documentary on the fifth reublic and irene’s eyes literally light up
  • “i’ve wanted to see this for so long! i just wrote a paper on this era!”
  • you see her clap her hands, asking for two tickets with such enthusiasm that you didn’t know she had
  • “i guess you like history?”
  • you ask as you two settle into your seats, the place practically empty due to the fact that it’s a documentary of all things
  • irene nods, a genuine smile on her face, “i love this country, so i devote my time to learning about it.”
  • she turns and you see that this irene is not the irene on campus
  • this irene,,,,,,is the real one,,,,,,the one who has passions and emotions and doesn’t have to put up some wall just some so creeps won’t ruin her day
  • the documentary is,,,,,boring for you - but you sit through it because irene keeps whispering facts to you and getting giddy, and her happiness is enough to sustain you 
  • afterwords, the two of you eat at a local place - you notice that irene’s nails are even painted
  • small, fancy rings decorate her fingers and a golden pin keeps her hair from falling into her face
  • she,,,,,,,,,,,really did this for you
  • “can i ask you something?”
  • you say, and irene closes the menu, taking a drink of water and nodding
  • you completely forget what you wanted to order and lean a bit closer
  • “why did you ask wendy about me?”
  • she nearly chokes a bit on the water, setting it down and dabbing at her lips with the napkin
  • she doesn’t answer till she’s thought it over
  • “you said something, about how i don’t waste time and rush places.”
  • you nod, “and you said you did it because otherwise people would misunderstand.”
  • she seems nervous, hands playing with each other in her lap unlike usual
  • “what i meant was, if im nice and open people see that as an invitation,,,,,,for feelings. when im ,,,,, curt and blunt they just think im mean,,,,that im some,,,,,”
  • you finish the sentence for her - “princess?”
  • a weak smile falls over her graceful features and she agrees
  • “you’re someone,,,,,,,who figured it out. you’re right. im always rushing so people don’t have time to ,,,,,, feel anything toward me. or in any case, act on those feelings.”
  • you sit back,,,,,wondering then,,,,,,,,, “then what about this? this is,,,,a date after all. which means,,,,,,,,,,feelings at some point will be invovled.”
  • irene tells you that that’s true, but that’s ok,,,,,,,because this time she thinks she might have feelings too
  • “how,,,we’ve only met twice for my resume-”
  • irene shakes her head, “ive seen you around with wendy before. i know,,,,that you’re not all that interested in studying,,,,but that you like doing things your own way,,,,you have a freedom that i wish i had.”
  • the waiter arrives just in time to cut off the conversation at a good part
  • irene orders without hesitation, and you just say “whatever she’s having.”
  • irene laughs at this and you ask her why
  • “oh nothing, it’s just,,,,,you can be really forgetful can’t you?”
  • you don’t understand it then, but you and irene are two completely different people - your personality has parts that she wants and vice versa
  • walking back to campus from the bus stop that night, irene keeps her hands crossed across her chest, too scared to let the hang at her ides,,,,too scared that you might hold her hand
  • and not because she doesn’t want it,,,,but because she does
  • you say your goodbyes, and it ends without even a hug,,,,,,,
  • but to your surprise, the next morning as you’re walking to class - wendy beside you complaining about some homework
  • irene turns the corner and stops short when she sees you
  • before marching right up to you - determined look on her pretty face - and kissing you with the most passionate force you think she can muster
  • wendy’s dropped jaw makes irene smirk with some kind of victory as she takes your hand and pulls you away
  • “w–w–w—what w—w–was that for?!?!??!” you touch your lips and feel a burning sensation on your skin
  • irene shrugs, then after a while adds “to make sure wendy knows what’s going on.”
  • and finding about slightly jealous irene is how your relationship begins,,,,,and it’s wonderful because she only gets more interesting from there on
  • you see the real irene more often, nerdy girlfriend who reads ten books a week and can recite her favorite dialogues from memories
  • she laughs at her own inside literature jokes
  • her own history jokes
  • and you might not get them,,,,but you laugh along with her because it makes you so happy to see her happy
  • her walls don’t all come down in a moment though - there are a lot of late night talks on the steps of the library, near the river, or outside of her dorm
  • where slowly, but surely irene spills some of her best kept secrets to you and only you
  • sometimes you just sit beside her, keep your hands to yourself and respect her by listening
  • other times she moves her small frame into your amrs and you just hold her
  • she mumbles once that she has never known how comfortable the warmth of someone else could be,,,,,not until she met you
  • you stroke her hair, and she almost becomes a mess of a thin girl in your hands - delicate but still strong as she gets up and says something about studying for her finals
  • she is,,,,,literally the worrywart girlfriend you see in movies,,,,but in the cutest was possible
  • she always makes sure you have an extra sweater, bandages, water, etc. 
  • “you need to drink at least 8 cups of water a day.”
  • “i need at least 8 kisses a day.”
  • “,,,,,,,,,,,,do you think that’s clever? go drink a cup of water.”
  • don’t think her courageous kiss in front of wendy is her usual means of pda
  • tbh,,,,she doesn’t like pda in the least. so the most you can do with others around is hold her hand under the table
  • just because irene thinks it’s the mannerly thing to do
  • this, of course, does not stop yeri from pestering you two to be more of a “couple” to “hug and kiss” till you both see stars
  • joy just aids the attack on you two by insisting that you guys start telling them all about your dates, her shrp eyes locking on yours as she mouths “you better remember your anniversary with her or i will GET YOU”
  • ,,,,,,never before have you seen such a wild group of friends - you don’t understand how irene fits in
  • but seulgi gives you a big grin and goes “She’s the Mom.”
  • more than a chocolates and teddy bear person, irene is a new books and candles person
  • she once describes your smell as one of her favorites and you tease her about it until she pinches your cheek and tells you to cute it out - pink blush evident on her face
  • people think irene is gorgeous when she’s walking around, doing simple things
  • but people don’t know that irene is SUPER gorgeous asleep - it’s like watching a painting,,,,her long eyelashes on pretty skin - her cute parted lips
  • she once fell asleep on your lap after being up for three days on finals and you didn’t dare move an inch - you’d feel like you were disturbing an angel,,,,
  • not a fan of couple items, but did agree to get matching headbands at the amusement park, only to hide her face when you tried to take a photo together
  • you’ve heard the phrase “you’re the luckiest person on earth to be dating her” over a million times and guess what? you freaking agree
  • as she gets more comfortable with you and skinship, you notice she loves linking arms with you - which is cute and childish but makes you swoon either way
  • cooks for you, but gets nervous before you try it,,,,,,
  • and you make yourself eat everything, even if your full because you love her so god damn much
  • makes adorable little noises when you kiss behind her ear, then swats at you because “it’s ticklish!” but you know it’s because it gets her excited
  • you found it, one time after you guys were watching a sappy romance movie, that irene actually loves that kind of stuff - she literally cried during titanic
  • you guys will sometimes makeout, but irene insists the lights have to be off for even that ksdhfd
  • every now an then you leave flowers tapped to her dorm door, and you deny that it’s you but she ofc knows it’s you and it makes her smile every time
  • the amount of times you’ve tried to fight one of the creeps coming after her and irene has to hold you back while wendy is the one to tell them off has been,,,,too many to count
  • you know she doesn’t like being called “the princess” so you start calling her “the angel” instead and she still gets all fussy over it - but you can tell she likes it more
  • and she is an angel,,,,your angel 

ill be doing more college!au ggs soon! also commissions are open~

Essence of Rationals

(I may or may not over explain some things, I just want to be precise)

ENTP: the main reason they are regarded as very inventive is because they are always collecting new concepts(not facts,there is a subtle difference) and posses great ability to somehow manipulate them to create new things. As a result,their weakness is in deciphering interpersonal relationship,and acting according to the existing state of thw relationship.(this shows itself in their behaviour sometimes seen as abrasive and even unethical,though they themselves may not mean it.) The reason for this is because they deal with impersonal concepts(-relationship between certain facts that creates a meaning) as tools to achieve their goals,not personal concepts (personal relationship between people that has a certain meaning?). They usually concentrate so much on the concept themselves and fail to actually actualize them in reality,and some ENTPs view this fact as something they need to capitalize on to achieve completeness in their lives. ENTPs desire to be around people who create a joyful and good social atmosphere so as to act most naturally,appreciate comfort and aesthetics . Consequently, those who provide this to them are highly valued.

INTP: they are half idealistic and half practical. Practical in that this type collects and only acknowledges facts that is thoroughly scrutinized and proved. Idealistic because,once those facts are collected,they may try to reinvent the wheel,and derive great satisfaction in deducting previously unknown meanings from the said facts. However,collection of facts requires alot of energy and work from them,and therefore many INTPs simply avoid the whole process. However,once sufficient motivation is acquired,they are among the most hardworking people,sometimes even ignoring their body needs,like food and sleep. Once enough facts are collected(while extremely careful of its authenticity), INTPs are content with detaching themselves from their surrounding and deduct as much new information as possible from the data pool. In social interactions,blunt honest facts are seen as rudeness (or even offensive),leaving INTPs with little in the way of smooth interaction with some type of people. Alot of INTPs are fascinated by the concept of Time(idk why). To achieve balance and completeness in their lives,INTPs need to concentrate more on their short term immediate needs(generally in form of health,comfort or normal day to day body needs). INTPs are keenly aware of the subjective interpersonal relationships existing between people,and are among the subtlest people when it comes to behaving according to them.

INTJ: they are always on the lookout for unusual and potentially difficult problems that need creative solutions,but not for the purpose of giving the actual solutions really,but solely for the process itself - which grant them a chance to flex their creative minds and come up with original logical(usually out of the box) solutions. They do this by mentally reviewing all the properties of the problem repeatedly and,naturally, this requires a lot of introspection. Some INTJs may even go out of their way to intentionally create complex puzzles that need unusual solutions just for the fun of it. They are extremely independent and resent any unwarranted show of force or influence. To achieve balance and fulfillment in their lives,they need to sometimes consider personal relationships and ethics in their way of life,and avoiding use of rigid logic when dealing with people. INTJs very much desire comforts(whether healthwise or aesthetically) and are generally drawn towards people who create good social atmosphere.

ENTJ: generally they are the most ambitious and visionary of all types,and are always collecting facts and data to achieve their somewhat idealistic goals. Mostly,their goals are long term and therefore,they don’t concentrate on immediate,short-termed needs and are frustrated by people who insist on things they see as inconsequential. Their ambition need a workforce, so to speak, to be achieved and loyalty from people is greatly appreciated. To achieve fulfilment in their lives, ENTJs should be a tad bit less blunt and more accommodating with people during social interactions.

An Alternate Soulmate

Member: Ha Sungwoon // Wanna One & HOTSHOT

Genre: Slight angst; Psychological; Fluff (Warning: Has violence & mentions child abuse)

Summary: Soulmate! AU 

Word Count: 6533

A/N: Hello~ This is Admin Leah. I wrote this plot because I am currently doing research on the history of psychology with a university professor, concerning the focus of Multiple Personalities. There may be slight inaccuracies I have written in order to shorten and make the plot a little more workable. Please try to look upon it kindly! 

Originally posted by sungwoona

“It’s honestly the most gorgeous shade of pink though,” your younger sister gushed excitedly, her hands wrapped around the gem, which was strung on a delicate silver chain around her neck. She was right. The gem was indeed a pretty shade of pink, and it matched the boy in front of her, whose eyes were shining brightly as he watched her with lovestruck eyes. They had been childhood friends, sticking through elementary, middle, and their awkward pubescent stage of life as well. And now, between Saeri and Daehwi, you were positive they would live a beautiful life after their inevitable feelings were confirmed by their soulmate gem that they were indeed a pair. You looked on with envy, feeling remorse at how your pendant was black.

When you were born, it was a baby blue, just as everyone else’s had been. It showed that you had not met your soulmate at the right time for you to click romantically, which was fine because you were an infant and more worried about crying for a diaper change. Now, at age 20, you were undeniably single. It had turned black sometime when you were a child, around age six. One day you had woken up, and it was just that. Dark. Gloomy. Despairing. He must have died. Your soulmate was gone before you had a chance, and you were a singular anomaly who had lost hope.

You hated yourself at feeling bitter at your sister’s happiness. Saeri was precious to you, and you were grateful that it was Daehwi she would be spending the rest of her life with. Daehwi was your neighbor as long as you remembered. He was sweet, smart, hardworking, and knew how to respect your sister and your family. Still, seeing the two be so lovely together pricked your heart in the most suffocating manner, and even though it was your idea to invite him for dinner as a congratulatory celebration, you were beginning to feel an inkling of regret.

“Please excuse me, restroom.” You got up, trying to ignore the concerned look Saeri and your parents were shooting at each other, while Daehwi looked sullen. They all must have known your real feelings, the ones you had been keeping in. How you could not stop crying when your best friend had met her soulmate. How it felt to always get a pitiful stare in the streets, and how it was the law to keep your pendant on to prevent infidelity.

You splash your face with a bit of cool water, trying to ignore the icy chills it sent down your spine. As you reentered the dining area, your mother stood up, a warm smile on her face.

“_____? Would you like some fresh air? Your father wants some ice cream.” You smile gently. Your mother always knew that you liked to be by yourself when you were upset, mainly because you could not stand the pity. You nodded, taking the cash from her hand, and pull on the first hoodie and sneakers you can find.

“I’ll be back soon,” you promise, and you leave into the evening air, relishing the heat that was beginning to fade away as the sun was setting. The market was only a few blocks away, nothing unbearable. You kept your pendant a little hidden, not wanting to attract more attention. In truth, the whole neighborhood knew about it, but it comforted you when a visiting family did not have to see.

You idly look through the freezers, picking out a few pints of various flavors. Mint for your father, coffee for your mother. Daehwi and Saeri liked vanilla and strawberry respectively. You liked green tea. You did your best to move it towards the register, but a kind worker stopped you.

“Let me get that for you,” he flashed a friendly smile, taking more than half of them and reducing you to only the green tea and vanilla pints. He hummed a little, his cheeriness showing as he led you to an empty register, taking down the ‘Closed’ sign. He smiled once more at you.

He’s cute,’ you thought with a sliver of a smile beginning to show. You looked at his nametag. ‘Ha Sungwoon - PT. He must be a student.’

“That’ll be 15,000 won.” He said, ringing up the register. You narrowed your eyes, before frowning.

“I think you made a mistake. It should be–”

“Don’t worry about it. You looked a little down.” He said, before taking the money from your hand. You blushed at his words, and he gave you a cheekier smile this time. “I know, I’m cool aren’t I?” You nodded, a small chuckle escaping your lips. You hoped he didn’t know how wistful it was, that you wished somehow your pendant would turn pink and his would too. His was tucked away, most likely because it was work, but you never even bothered to check anymore.

“Would you like paper or plastic?” His voice was pleasant, and you point at the paper bag. “Well, here you go.” He slipped a small piece of paper into the bag as well, giving you a slight wink. “And if you ever need a friend, call me.”

You brushed your hair over your shoulder, the loose waves springing slightly as you did so. Daehwi had left hours ago, and you could hear your sister calling him despite seeing him earlier today. The paper Sungwoon had given you was now in front of you, and you sighed, unable to choose what to do. Did you actually take his offer and leave the house tomorrow before Daehwi came back? Or did you just pass? He was a stranger, but at least he was a cute and nice one.

Decide after you wash up.’ You chide to yourself, and tug off the hoodie. Your arms freeze, and the hairs on your arm raise ever so slightly as you let out a scream of horror. In a matter of seconds, Saeri and your mother are by your side, grasping your arm and cradling your head in attempts to calm your frantic sobs.

“H-How?” Saeri murmured, her eyes fixated on the half pink and half black gem. Your mother shook her head, unable to formulate an answer that was certain.

“Just remain calm and strong. ____, are you okay?” You hiccup pathetically, your shutting your eyes as you refused to look at it any longer. Why was it suddenly pink? How? Your soulmate should have been dead for almost 14 years now. There was no reason for the heavens to play such a cruel joke on you. Unless…

“Saeri. Pass me my phone.” She obliged, unsure of what the glint in your eye was. You smooth out the crumpled paper with Sungwoon’s number, trying to focus your vision on the blurry numbers. You type it in, before hitting the call button.

Who is this?” The voice was confused. “Oh, is this that girl from before?

“Ha Sungwoon? C-Can you check your gem?” There was a rustling sound from the other side, before a groan.

“I think I left it in my locker at work. Why, is there a problem?” You found it hard to make a sound. Was it even right to force it onto him? Were you just being desperate at this point? Sungwoon would be a gift from the divine forces if he were somehow your soulmate, and yet the idea of it being some false scenario drove you insane. “Hey, don’t worry. You don’t have to tell me. How about we meet at the cafe across the street from the market at 7 PM tomorrow, and we can talk then?” You nod, before realizing he couldn’t even see you. Your mother and sister were alarmed at the exchange, but hopelessly remained silent.

“I’ll see you tomorrow… Good night.” You said softly, before hanging up. Your mother stroked your hair, a sigh escaping her lips.

“I’m so sorry this had to happen to you, ____. Just please, don’t do anything rash, okay? Go wash up and sleep a little. Take some sleeping medicine if you need it.” She got up and left, Saeri following her cautiously.  

“Where is he?” You muttered, a little irritated. In honesty, Sungwoon was merely two minutes late at this point, but the sensitivity of the topic made you jittery and unable to bear the weight of your emotions. Your eyes were still puffy as the stress of the situation had reduced you to tears every few hours, and the largest sunglasses you could find in your possession hid your face as you sipped on a bitter iced coffee. ‘Ah, but it isn’t bitter enough.’

You sat there, fiddling with your gem. You instinctively covered the black side, your mind in a turmoil at the sight of the pink. Saeri was right: it was gorgeous. It made you want to believe that this soulmate system was not flawed, that it was what allowed human civilization to have advanced so smoothly since the beginning of history, but there was a twinge of doubt. Why were the recorded accounts of mess ups so rare? Was something hidden? Or was it actually just you that had somehow defied the rules and were given a soulmate who did not exist.

The wind chimes attached to the cafe’s door jingled, and you looked up hopefully. Sungwoon was there once again, a hard look on his face as his sharp gaze scanned the area. You waved him over hopefully, and flinched when his eyes met yours. While yesterday he had been radiating a goofy and sweetness, today was something stronger and more charismatic. His hair was gelled a little, and he had a black leather jacket that he straightened ever so slightly as he strode confidently towards you, his presence domineering the cafe.

“I assume you’re the girl.” His words were blunt, void of and emotion that was to be distinctly made out. You cast your gaze away, unable to hold his piercing scrutiny any longer.

“Sungwoon, are you-”

“I’m not that weak fool.” He scoffed, before yanking the chair across from you out. “I’m Injae. Call me by his name one more time and I’ll…” his voice trailed off when you finally snapped, throwing off your sunglasses. They clattered onto the tabletop, nearly toppling the iced coffee over.

You threw him a glare, eyes willing him to shut up in your utter humiliation.

“I get it! You don’t want to be my soulmate– who would? I’m some stupid girl who isn’t supposed to have one.” Your voice rose an octave with you intending it, and the few customers in the cafe were beginning to star. “But really, making up some macho and asshole character for yourself?” You rose, grabbing your stuff and turning to leave. He stared at you, something sparkling in his dark eyes. ‘Was that respect? Or was it being impressed?’ You shoot him a last bitter smile, shoving the door with all your might as you leave.

“Don’t move.” His hand wrapped tightly around your wrist, and a shot of pain caused you to wince from his iron grip. “Did you just call me a character? Do you doubt my existence?” His voice was low, almost a mean growl to it. You sighed, unable to contain your irritation as you tried to pry his hand off. It did not move.

“Let go of me.” You snapped, and he tugged you closer, a dangerous smirk playing on his lips. His eyes were haunting, as if calculating your soul when he peered into yours. He was not tall by any means, but you were short as well.

“Soulmate, you said?” He pulled on your chain, and you struggled to have him release you. You could hear a sharp crack, and felt the chain rip off of you. He broke the necklace you had since you were little. You could feel more tears well up as you blindly lunged for it, but he fended you off easily, examining the gem.

“G- Give it back.” You screamed. Your throat felt raw and congested, almost as if it would close up on you at any point. This was all a mistake. Meeting with him was a mistake. Letting his charming smile get to you the other day was a horrible mistake.

“It’s black. I don’t know why you’re saying I’m your soulmate.” He dangled the chain in front of you, and you snatched it back. He was right. The pink was all gone, replaced with the jet black color it had been originally. You fell to your knees, heaving for air as sobs wracked your body. It was gone. The only hope you had had fled you, and all that was remaining was some emo boy in front of you. He knelt down beside you, his hand patting your back in a surprisingly soothing and warm manner.

“Screw you.” You hiccup lamely, and he suppressed a smile. “I hate you.” He sighed, looking up at the now night sky.

“You aren’t a bad girl. Sungwoon would probably be happy with you.” He said finally, and your ears perked up. “Too bad I can’t let him have you.”

“I don’t understand.” You straightened up, and met his stoic gaze. He offered a hand, pulling you back to your feet with ease.

“He can’t have single ownership of this body by himself.” Injae said coolly, before glancing at the streetlamps that were now flickering on. “I’ll walk you home. It’s the least I could do for stealing his date.” You blushed at his words, before looking away from him.

“I don’t need your help if you aren’t willing to tell me where Sungwoon is.” You bartered, and he snorted in amusement at your words.

“Little girl-”

“____. I have a name.”

“- he’s probably fighting his way for control right now,” Injae finished, disregarding your interjection completely. You frowned, before turning away to go home. You ignored the footsteps trailing behind you lazily, feeling some satisfaction that Injae, or Sungwoon, or whoever it was, had been at least taking some responsibility. That satisfaction also faded the moment you had realized the sound was gone, and you tried your best to not frown. ‘What a jerk. He probably has some stupid commitment issues,’ you thought bitterly. Still, the black gem had rubbed you the wrong way. It was almost confirming that indeed, you were single for life, while everyone around you would be paired off with someone who would keep them company until they died.

“____, duck!” A furious shout sounded behind you, and you dropped to the ground, your arms flailing to cover your head as you screwed your eyes shut in panic. A metallic thud rang from behind you, followed by a groan of pain. You uncovered your head, turning to look. A young man holding a small pocket knife was now on the ground, while Injae was glowering him, his teeth bared in a furious scowl with a rusty pipe in his hand.

“Son of a-”

“Don’t hurt him more!” You scream, imagining the damage about to be done. You jumped up, wrapping your arms around Injae, preventing him from swinging the pipe once more. He stopped moving, frozen at your touch, while the other male dropped his knife and ran off, a limp evident. “I’m fine, so don’t… It’s okay, really.” You were breathing hard, unable to fathom the evening. In honesty, your heart was fluttering at the thought of Injae’s heroic save, and you were thankful he was there. But at the same time, it frightened you terribly that he was so eager to fight, that he had no fear for injury.

He finally seemed to breathe again, a huge sigh released as he gently pulled your arms off. He turned slowly, a familiar warm glint of worry in his eyes. ‘Sungwoon?’

“W-What happened?” Sungwoon stuttered, before looking at the heavy pipe in his hands. He dropped it instantly, the clatter of the metal shocking you as you took a step back. He looked at the leather sleeve, horror in his eyes as realization set in.

“Is this Sungwoon or…”

“You met Injae, didn’t you?” Sungwoon’s voice was shrunken with uncertainty, his eyes ashamed as they were cast towards the pavement beneath you two. You nodded, trying to shove the rising confusion and panic down once more. “He didn’t hurt you, did he?” You shook your head, before remembering the gem. You pulled it out, dreading the black. It was half pink once more, and you peered at him nervously.

“Do you remember anything?” He shook his head, his face suddenly tired. “You don’t even know how you were supposed to meet me?”

“I know that much,” he furrowed his brows. “Can I have your name?”

“____.” You bit your lower lip. “Who exactly is Injae?” He looked uncomfortable at the question, but mumbled some incoherent words. You looked at him blankly, and he cleared his throat, his gaze looking away from you.

“He’s my alter” It sounded foreign, something you had never heard of. ‘Alter?’ “I have a special condition. Multiple personality.” The name sounded vaguely familiar, but you still were unsure of what to say. He looked at you, his countenance reflecting the same troubled and mix of emotions you felt internally.

“Never mind. I’ll take you home. Is it near?” You nodded, pointing to the house at the corner of the street. The walk was silent, but it did not feel awkward to you at all. Perhaps it was the shyness of the situation, or how much you had to persevere with him from the very beginning, but it was a silence you could handle quite well. He seemed apologetic every step of the way, and by the time you got to your front door, he sighed and offered a small smile.

“I guess I’ll talk to you later. Good night,” you said quietly, pushing your key to the front door into the lock.

“Wait, ___. I’ll take you out another time. I’m really sorry.” He rubbed the back of his head, unsure of what to do. ‘Was this a date?’ You smiled genuinely at this, and nodded.

“I’ll be looking forward to it. Have a safe walk home, Sungwoon.”

“___! Wake up, there’s a guy here for you.” Saeri’s voice was thick with curiosity, but she was mature enough to not pry, even though it was evident she desperately wanted to. You shot up from your bed. In truth, you had been awake for a few hours now, but you had never found the willpower to leave your room, the only place that seemed to be a haven for your thoughts. You caught a glimpse of your knotted hair in the mirror and winced.

“Can you tell him to wait a few minutes?” You beg, and Saeri nodded in amusement, leaving the room with a soft thud of the door. You ran into the bathroom, brushing your teeth with one hand and brushing your hair with the other. Your mind was wandering to what clothes to wear. Was today his idea of a date? Was it Sungwoon or Injae? You had researched the topic a bit the night before, the moment you had stepped foot into your room, with your trusty laptop.

Injae was his alternate personality, one of how many she had no clue. He had his own style, his own mind, and his own goals, but from what you could see he was certainly no wicked character. Maybe tough, but he balanced Sungwoon’s kindness very well.

You finally tugged on a pair of jeans and a boxy striped tee, tossing your hair over one shoulder as you left the room. Sungwoon was seated in the kitchen, chatting away in a lively manner with your mother, who looked delighted at his presence.

“- And when she was a child, she said she was going to be a monkey because she had a talent for tree climbing.” Your mother was saying, while Sungwoon chuckled at this newfound information on you. You shot her a pleading look as you walked into the room.

“Mom!” You whined, exasperated. “You can’t tell anyone who walks through the front door how I was a disaster as a kid!”

“But Sungwoon isn’t just any boy,” your mother pointed out with a wise smile, before shooing the two of you out of the kitchen. “Anyways, he volunteered to babysit you for at least the morning so go and act like a young lady for once.” You scoffed at her words in disbelief, while Sungwoon looked mildly amused at the banter.

“Your mother is very friendly,” he said as he opened the door for you. You shot him an accusing look.

“You two might as well be conspiring against me,” you huffed, and he grinned widely at this, putting his hands up as if to surrender. “I think you owe me breakfast.”

“No doubt, I do. To the cafe?” You nodded in agreement. Looking at him closer in the day, he was definitely cute. His skin looked soft and pale, his brown hair falling messily but perfectly at the same time. His eyes had a bright twinkle as he looked around, first at a bird and then at the cars passing by.

“Did you find your soulmate?” You blurt the words as you approach the cafe. He smiled a little at this, stopping in front of the glass door.

“It’s complicated,” he said finally. “I’ll explain, but let’s eat first.” He opened the door, waving you in. You smile a little at his manners, before looking at the menu.

“I like the cinnamon honey toast,” you said finally, and he nodded.

“Go sit, I’ll order. Do you want coffee?” You nodded, and he left you. You took the same seat as you had the day before, fiddling with the gem on your broken necklace. You hadn’t confessed to your parents yet that it was ruined, but there was no urgency to either. The vibrant millennium pink in contrast with the black made you wistful. It was so aggravating that you could not have the same beautiful pink gem as others did.

Sungwoon took the seat across from you, placing the table buzzer in front of him. He handed you a mug of coffee, setting down the small tray with creamer, spoons, and a small thing of sugar. You pour a little cream, watching the white haze dissipate as your swirled the spoon slowly.

“I believe I owe an explanation now.” He began. You peered up at him, sipping the mug with interest.

“I agree with that statement,” you murmur, and the faintest of sadness crept into his smile.

“I want to firstly apologize for any anger or grief caused by Injae. I can’t remember what happened when he was my public identity, but I could tell you were quite shaken at his appearance.”

“Injae… he isn’t a bad guy.” You said hesitantly, before thanking the waitress who set down your breakfast. Sungwoon did not order food, instead only accepting the iced caramel macchiato.

“I suppose he may have developed some feelings for you to have been so kind,” Sungwoon remarked. “He causes a lot of devastating side effects for me, but I’m also grateful for him. He’s made it up in interesting ways for me. I haven’t ever lost a fist fight thanks to him.” Sungwoon chuckled bitterly. “But I’ve also been losing many hours of my life to him.”

“When did Injae form?” You ask gently, cutting off a corner of the toast. He didn’t look surprised at your question, instead twirling his drink in his hand, the clatter of ice cubes sounding.

“I assume you did some research last night.” You blush at how correct his words were. “I think it was when I was about seven years old. He’s the same age as me, but a lot more rash.”

‘Seven years old… ‘ The thought is unsettling, and the sweetness of the food feels almost sour on your tongue. If you could recall the information you had read last night, it stated that many people with multiple personalities were victims of abuse, most likely as children. You bit your lower lip, refusing to ask that question.

“Now, about my soulmate situation.” You perked up at this, and he chuckled at your outward burst of interest. “I do have a soulmate. I’ve met her. The problem is Injae. Also, I can’t quite tell if this girl realizes she’s my soulmate definitively.” You frown at this, letting the hurt seep in. It was like a thorn pricking you. You could not erase the memories of Sungwoon’s kindness in the past few days, as well as how Injae had saved you. To say you have not fallen for these boys was a lie.

“Oh. She must be a lucky girl,” you huff, before popping another cube of toast into your mouth and chewing sullenly. Sungwoon smiled at your pouting lips. He wondered if you had an idea of how adorable you looked to him in that moment, and placed his half finished drink on the table. He reached out and poked your head, causing you to glare at him.

“Dummy. It’s you.” You nearly choked on your food, and you sipped the coffee in efforts to wash it down, ignoring the scalding liquid on your tongue. He looked amused at your coughing and passed you a napkin.

“W-What do you mean? Is that why it’s half pink?” You put the gem in front of him, and he nodded.

“I believe that must be the case. See, look here.” He took out his own gem, which glowed slightly under the cafe lights.

“But why is mine black then?” You finally said flatly. You wanted to believe in his words more than anything. He was one of the kindest people you had met, and by far the one you wished more than anyone to be your soulmate. Still, the idea of building up false hope lurked in your mind, warning you to back away.

“Black means your soulmate died, doesn’t it?” You nodded.

“That’s why I want to let you in but… I can’t.” Your voice was pained. “You can’t just die and suddenly resurrect. I think my gem is just dysfunctional.” He leaned back in his chair, looking away at your words. He did not want you to cry, nor did he ever want to hurt you. The instances from the day before were haunting him enough. Still, he remembered the utter joy when he had seen his gem turn pink upon meeting you at his part time shift.

“When I was seven, I almost died. I should have died.” His tone was matter-of-fact, but his eyes shone with fear. Fear that you would reject him again. Fear of being alone. “My father was a horrible drunk. He came home one night, trying to beat my sister. I got angry and scared, and i redirected his anger to me.” You gasped at his words. He gave a miserable smile, his lips barely in a ghost of a grin.

“I thought he wasn’t going to make it into the elevator when I tried to run. I was wrong. He started beating me. He had a knife that was stolen. It was too late at night for anyone to be out, and I was bleeding too much. That’s when Injae appeared.” There was a hint of fondness for his alter at this. Tears were brimming in your eyes. “By the time I woke up in the hospital, all I could hear was how I should have been dead. I was stabbed in the abdomen, and I was bruised all over. They said we were both found in the elevator unconscious. I guess Injae was a fighter from the beginning.”

“That’s… I’m sorry.” Your hand reached out and covered his own. He welcomed the warmth that enveloped the backside of his hand, and admired your small hands.

“I think that’s why your gem thinks I’m dead. It’s probably also half pink because of Injae.” Sungwoon said quietly. You squeezed his hand mindlessly, and he flipped his hand so he could entwine his fingers with yours.

“But you are my soulmate then.” The last wall around your weary heart finally crumbled, opening up to him completely. The jealously towards Saeri and Daehwi was a thing of the past, and your future seemed considerably less bleak and worrisome.

“I am but don’t forget we may have a constant third wheel named Injae.” You laughed at his words.

“I’ll win him over.” You said confidently. There was no way you were going to give up Sungwoon that easily. Maybe Injae existed, but if Sungwoon still had a life that was destined to be with you then so be it.

“Of course you will,” Sungwoon jabbed back playfully, and he picked up the tray to return it to the counter. You watched him with newfound admiration. The wait was over. Sungwoon was yours, and you were his.

“Can I ask something?” You queried as you two left the cafe. Sungwoon had promised to take you to a few of the small boutiques nearby, something you had wanted to do if you ever had a soulmate. ‘Well you do now.’

“Is it what happened to my father?” You nodded, and he squeezed your hand a little. “He’s been going in and out of prison time for various offenses, fined for a lot of other offenses, my parents divorced soon after I left the hospital, and the last time I heard he was taken back into a rehabilitation center for alcohol and now drug abuse.” You winced internally at the long list. You were glad Sungwoon was finally safe but at the same time, you were sad his family had such a dark past to it.

“Is that why you work part time?” He shook his head, looking at you adoringly. He relished the feeling of someone caring for him now: it were as though someone filled the emptiness he had in the first 21 years of life.

“My mother remarried to quite a high positioned businessman. He’s a kind father to me and my sister, and he spoils us all ridiculously. I just like the thought of being independence step by step.” You nodded, admiring his work ethic. “Afterall, I have to be able to support our family, don’t I?” Blushing, you hit him, causing him to erupt in laughter.

“Let’s step by in here.” It was a small accessories store, the same one that Daehwi and Saeri had bought their friendship bracelet from a few years prior. You admired the handcrafted jewelry. He picked up a delicate silver chain, holding it up towards you as if to check how it looked.

“I’ll take this.” Sungwoon said, and the employee at the register nodded.

“Would you like anything else?” He paused, looking at you. Your gaze flitted to the rings and bands, and he smiled.

“Please give us a minute.” He picked up a rose gold band, which had a small silver cloud on it. “Do you like this?” You smiled at the thought of buying it, but you shook your head. You wanted something simple that you could wear together without him feeling awkward.

“Can we take this one?” You held up a thicker, silver band. He smiled, putting it onto your ring finger of your left hand.

“I promise I’ll but you a better one in the future when we’re ready for it.” The employee looked as though she were about to squeal from his words, and you stifle a giggle, nodding shyly.

“We’ll take this too then.” Sungwoon said, pulling out his wallet. He shot you a warning look when you were about to protest. “Let me do this for you at least. Heavens knows I’ll be a terrible soulmate in the future.” You fidgeted on the side, watching him take the chain and his ring back from the employee and greet you again with a glint of amusement in his eyes. He gave you the ring.

“I want you to put it on my hand for me,” he teased, and you rolled your eyes but obliged. You slid it onto his ring finger, admiring how the couple item looked. It dawned on you yet again that now you had someone to spend time with, someone who was going to understand you and be by your side forever.  “Also, give me your gem.” You fished it out of your pocket, and he took it off of the broken chain, before putting it on for you. You smiled, reaching out to give him a quick hug as he finished. He reached out his hand, which you grabbed.

The rest of the day was filled with making up for a lack of memories and past filled of hurt with Sungwoon. You visited clothing stores, trying on silly outfits. You went to your favorite food stalls, sharing snacks. You showed each other childhood places in the town that brought happy memories. He showed you the soccer field that he used to play on as a child, while you introduced the playground with your favorite swingset. As the sun was beginning to set, you sighed contentedly at his side, your head resting on his shoulder.

“Why did it take me so long to find you?” You wondered aloud, and he cuffed your head gently.

“Because the best presents take the longest to find. Like me.” You wrinkled your nose at his jokingly arrogant words. “Hang on, I need to go to the bathroom. I’ll be back, and then I’ll walk you home.” You lift your head sleepily, letting him leave for the park restrooms. You waited for his return, fiddling with your phone idly. You had messaged your best friend to call you later at night, wanting to tell her about Sungwoon. Saeri had also asked where you were, and you had told her you would be home soon. And yet, as time trickled on, Sungwoon was still nowhere in your sight. You sighed, brushing the grass off of your jeans and standing up. You started towards the restrooms.

“– Punk, you just messed with the wrong group.” You flinched at the shouting, and your heart rate quickened as you bolted towards the area behind the restrooms. There were about three guys, all menacingly glaring at Injae, who’s hardened expression you could identify all too well. His gaze flickered to you, warning you to stay away, before he smirked a little.

“You guys are clearly picking a fight that won’t end favorably for you.” They huffed indignantly, before charging at him. You covered your eyes with your hands, unable to watch. You could hear yowls of pain, thankfully none of them sounding similar to Injae’s voice, and only looked up when a hand grabbed yours, yanking you forward.

“Time to run, ___.” You let him pull you, away from the park and all of the people there. It was exhilarating, and you almost didn’t mind the situation when you could hear Injae’s laughter as he tugged you along towards your home. The guys were far out of sight, and you stopped running, instead doubled over to catch your breaths. Your face was flushed, and Injae grinned at you.

“Looks like I saved the day again,” there was a childlike note in his voice as he said this. You straighten up, and he sighed, returning once more to the stoic boy he originally was.

“How are you, Injae?” He huffed at your words, scowling ever so slightly.

“You want me to be gone so Sungwoon can be with you, don’t you?” You looked alarmed at his words. In honesty, you hadn’t a clue what to do. “You didn’t even consider my thoughts in your plan!”

“I didn’t have any intentions of that nature,” you retorted softly. “I was going to thank you for taking care of him and keeping him safe over the last 21 years. You really helped him, and I doubt I would have met my soulmate if you didn’t exist.” Injae softened slightly, before returning to a rather emotionless state.

“I suppose he’s the winner of every situation. He has me to protect him, and you to love on him. What do I have?” An ache in your heart crept up at this, and you reached out to hesitantly hug him.

“You’re part of Sungwoon. Doesn’t that mean my love extends for you too? You’re protecting him and yourself. I think you two are missing each other’s perspective just a little.” He stiffened at your embrace, as if unable to know what it was. You looked up at him, sticking your tongue out.

“You’re lucky we both grew to like you a lot then. Otherwise your shoulder would have been dislocated by now.” You roll your eyes at this statement. “Also, tell Sungwoon to stop drinking caramel macchiato. It’s way to sweet. Black iced coffee is way better.”

“Are you a grandpa or a child in disguise?” You grumbled, letting go of him. He coughed a little, clearing his throat and pointing at your gem.

“This is actually my last goodbye.” You froze at his words. “I share a conscience with him. I know how much he means to you, and how much he wants to spend the future with you. I also think that the only and best way I can be with you is for him to take over his life again.” You teared up a little at this. He smiled ruefully, running a hand through his hair.

“I- Thank you. Thank you for everything, Injae. I will never forget you, and I will remind him every other day to drink iced black coffee. Any other requests?” He snorted, before reaching out to stroke your hair fondly.

“You’re a good girl for him. Take care of him, because I can’t anymore.” Injae closed his eyes, aguish flickering over his faces as it seemed to have spasms. He doubled over, and you dropped to a crouch.

“I-Injae? Sungwoon? Are you okay?” A few pedestrians shot looks of concern, and finally he stopped, instead twitching and looking up once more. His eyes were confused, gentle and filled with alarm when he saw your worried face.

“___? What’s wrong?”

“Injae left.” You mumbled, trying to brush the tears off of your face. His hand reached up, wiping them off with his thumb. You smiled sadly. “He said he was thankful for you to find a girl like me. And he said to stop drinking sugary drinks.” Sungwoon chuckled wistfully.

“It’s odd. I feel fine but a little hollow without him. You don’t love him more than you loved me… right?” You shrugged jokingly, and he groaned.

“I do love you more, dumbass.” You whisper as you hug him, snuggling into his chest. “And I’m sad he’s gone, but I’m thankful I can at least spend the rest of my days with you.” On your chain, the gem sparkled a beautiful pink, all the black gone as Sungwoon wrapped his arms around you.

I’ve seen two really good deck interview spreads floating around, but we can always use more, right? :P 

Card 1: Who are you? This card is the essence of your deck, the “hello, my name is” tag.

Card 2: Why did you find me? Some decks find us because we need to learn, because we need to heal, or because it’s time to expand to more challenging, complex cards. This is why your deck found you.

Card 3: How do you speak? Is this a poetic deck, a blunt and honest one, or does it speak in riddles?

Card 4: How should I listen? Do you need to meditate a little, study the book as you interpret the cards, or try something more intuitive? 

Card 5: Where are we going? Where is this deck taking you? What is the journey you’re meant to take together?

Card 6: How do we work? What will your relationship be like? A friendship, a student and teacher?

Card 7: Can you connect to the divine? Some decks can be used when we need to talk to our gods, some can’t, some need a bit of ritual.

anonymous asked:

tododeku for the ship thing!

please send me a ship and I will tell you

who’s the cuddler:  SHOUTO OBVI, his touch starved ass is constantly snuggling up to izuku. His fav snuggle time is when they’re snuggled up on the couch in the common room surrounded by their friends and classmates for 1-a’s weekly movie night, warms his lil gay heart

who makes the bed: again, shouto. Living with Endeavor for years taught him to never leave his room without making the bed and leaving things clean and neat unless he wanted to get screamed at. Midoriya, on the other hand, stumbles out of bed with 15 minutes to spare and mumbles his way through breakfast barely remembering to dress himself before he’s out the door.

who wakes up first: Geez, I swear I’m not doing this on purpose, but again, Shouto. He learned to wake up early from Endeavor, who does not believe in “sleeping in” but damn does shouto take it to a new level. After his mom was sent away he started waking up even before his father upon realizing it was some of the only quiet time he could have to himself on a daily basis. Now he just wakes prior to the ass crack of dawn out of habit. 

who has the weird taste in music: *all might voice* MIDORIYA MY BOY. Izuku’s Spotify playlist is a weird mix of anime opening and closing songs, songs he thinks his fav pro heroes would enjoy, and cheery bops/bangers that he can sing to at the top of his lungs with Ochako, intermixed with a lil American top 40 because wow Izuku loves 5th Harmony on the low. 

who is more protective: Izuku, have u met that boy??? Not that Shouto wouldn’t take a fuckin bullet for Izuku, but Izuku really takes the cake when it comes to being protective over his s/o. U wanna talk shit about Shouto?? Oh, then clearly u wanna catch these mf hands at full fuckin cowl huh bitch??? Cinnamon roll Izuku is no more when it comes to loving and protecting Todoroki Shouto from villains, bullies, or anyone who so much as stares at the scar on his face for a millisecond too long. 

While Shouto is slightly more levelheaded and knows when to just let it go when people are being assholes. He did afterall spend his entire childhood learning how to hide his emotions from endeavor and trying not to let him get too far under his skin.

who sings in the shower: Surprisingly enough, Shouto. Shouto, being the morning person that he is, normally showers when everyone is still asleep. He likes singing, it’s something his mother used to do for him as a child to help calm him, and when she wasn’t around anymore he’d sing to himself at night in his room, just quiet enough for endeavor not to hear, but sometimes Fuyumi would pause at his door to catch him humming the remnants of a nursery rhyme. 

Plus, the showers make for a great place to be able to hear yourself sing as your voice bounces off the tiles and echoes back to you. He sings anything from the soft little lullabies his mom used to sing, to the catchy American songs Izuku and Ochako are always screaming around him. 

who cries during movies: Izuku!!! That boy is always crying. Shouto doesn’t really get it but he holds him extra close whenever he notices the silent tears falling down Izuku’s freckled cheeks during movie night. 

who spends the most while out shopping: Shouto, money has never really been a problem for him and he has really really boujee taste. Minimalist, simplistic, and functional, but also hella expensive. Oh, that black t-shirt over there that looks like u could buy it in a Hanes 5 pack at k-mart? Its actually $500 dollars and Shouto owns 3 because the material “is soft but durable and doesn’t fade in the wash” according to him. Meanwhile, Izuku is constantly budgeting and absolutely refuses to let Shouto spend any of his money on him whatsoever. Although they do usually alternate between who buys who lunch or dinner on dates. 

who kisses more roughly: Izuku, he’s a cinnamon roll and my son but like at least he’s seen movies. Both Izuku and Shouto are new to this whole “relationship” thing as they are the first boyfriend/girlfriend either of them has ever had so kissing took a while to figure out. At first, it was always awkward bc wtf people actually enjoy mushing their faces together??? But it became a lot more natural the less they tried to force intense make-out sessions, like in the movies, right off the bat. Just casual little kisses here and there, quick and nothing super special but enough to bring a blush to both of their cheeks. Izuku has slowly but surely been practicing his technique, taking mental notes of what does and doesn’t seem to be working for them, what Shouto seems to respond to most, and what he finds most comfortable. He’s got a couple tricks up his sleeve and is always trying something new each time they kiss for more than a few seconds. 

who is more dominate: Shouto, although I wouldn’t use the word dominate, more like blunt. He doesn’t know how to sugar coat things and doesn’t see the point of it anyway. He says what he wants and will give Izuku a logical explanation as to why if he asks. Izuku is always talking about how communication is key to a relationship, at least that’s what Ochako is always telling him, and Shouto learned a long time ago that Izuku doesn’t mind his bluntness, in fact, he appreciates it. So it never takes them long to resolve a problem because they simply don’t hide things that concern one another or their relationship from each other. Sometimes Izuku is a little insecure which can lead to minor misunderstandings but Shouto is always there to assure him that he isn’t going to judge him for anything, especially not after seeing the full extent of Izuku’s all might obsession/fanboy collection, and still being able to love him lol. 

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10/10, grade A ship, really love these sweet pure kiddos and Horikoshi needs to stop being a coward and make it canon

Thanks for the message anon! I really enjoy writing little things like this! 


“what’s that?”

in the cloisters every sound echoed, the hum and buzz of the operations room filtering in through the large arched doorways. the late afternoon sun was spilling through the stained glass windows, and everything was bathed in that signature pink and blue, but versions that were warmed by the sunset, shafts of perfect orange light coming through the clear portions.

underneath all that light magnus was fixing one of his fingerless leather gloves when alec walked up. as usual alec had his thigh holster strapped to his thigh, but instead of a bow he was holding something in his hand that was pitch black and looked overly complicated. which was precisely why magnus asked that.

his brows were pulled together in confusion as he stared at it and then he glanced up at alec with a single raised eyebrow, about to ask where alec’s bow was. but the minute he saw the look on alec’s voice he closed his mouth and attempted not to burst into laughter because… alec looked pissed.

he didn’t only look pissed. he was pissed and that was clear enough. his jaw was tight and magnus caught the tail end of an eyeroll. his lip was slightly curled and exasperated annoyance seemed to have made home in all of the muscles of his shoulders. it shouldn’t have been as funny as it was but magnus really had to hold back his laughter at the way alec seemed to be trying to control himself.

“this,” alec started, sounding less like he was explaining something and more like he was verbally slicing someone in half. “is the weapon i’m supposed to test out tonight.” there was no joy in his voice and he stared magnus down as he shifted his fingers on the black frame and suddenly the whole thing rearranged itself.

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From the Waxing Table

harry stripped in the behind the album vid and i… got some feels about it… so enjoy harry’s pain kink mixed with a bit of waxing :)

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the signs as animals

aries: eagle ~ eagles are striking birds of adventure and excitement. they love exploring but can also be seen as flighty due to their jittery emotions. although they can be tiring to others, they always manage to impress.

taurus: sable ~ sables are a lesser known animal but are graceful and confident. they are cool and considered handsome in the animal kingdom. they may be seen as stubborn but always strive to achieve at the end of the day.

gemini: rooster ~ roosters are knowledgeable and energetic birds. they prefer the finer things in life due to their sophisticated demeanor. they may crave attention and tend to show off but they never fail to entertain.

cancer: snake ~ snakes are shy and protective. they go through life craving warmth and acceptance but have some built up walls inside. they may be insecure and unexpressive but know how to show themselves through their art.

leo: bear ~ bears have two sides to them; their more powerful side and the less seen, sensitive side. they are outgoing and intelligent, their personality draws attention to them the second they enter a room. although they may be intimidating, they generally have a welcoming personality.

virgo: beaver ~ beavers are organized workaholics. they are well prepared and dependable, making them great friends. they may appear as judgmental but they have your best interests in mind.

libra: peacock ~ peacocks are flirtatious and elegant birds. their beauty allows them to be the center of attention so they spend quite a bit of time working on their appearance. they may be seen as superficial but as their attractiveness fades, they take on a more down to earth attitude.

scorpio: badger ~ badgers may be small but have big personalities and a lot of confidence. these animals are protective and blunt which can give them an intimidating edge. although they can be aggressive, it’s only because they are extremely passionate.

sagittarius: sea lion ~ sea lions are energetic and enthusiastic. They can be a little picky and stubborn but are charming and flirtatious nonetheless. they tend to be lazy at times but their eager attitude helps them get things done.

capricorn: warthog ~ warthogs are industrious and self assured. their personality is a strange combination of charisma and aggression. they tend to be blunt and cranky but will respect you once you get to know them.

aquarius: hippo ~ hippos are loving yet independent creatures. they are unpredictable and often feel alienated by society. they enjoy helping others but also need help themselves.

pisces: rabbit ~ rabbits are small and shy animals. they are imaginative and spend a large amount of time daydreaming. they can be solitary animals but are very faithful and passionate. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *these are based on archetypes from animalinyou.com

Piano Tiles (M) - Pt. 2

Originally posted by kths

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, ft. Yoongi

Genre: Angst, Smut, and a sprinkle of fluff, pianist!y/n, AU

Word Count: 9.5k *high pitched screaming*

Summary: “Love is so short, but forgetting is so long.”

A/N: So. This is the second time I’ve rewritten it, have worked on this version for three months and am fINALLY happy with the way it turned out. It somehow turned grossly mushy at the end, but maybe that’s just the product of my pent up bitterness from the hell that was Valentine ’s Day. ¯\_()_/¯ (partially edited, excuse the errors)

part 1 | part 2

At the start, the phrase “It will pass with time” was something you had clung desperately to like a life raft. Words not uncommon to the hurt and heartbroken, you hoped such a miracle would apply to you too, despite the fact that you were the one who inflicted the pain. Did God forgive this form of self-harm? For three long years, you had foolishly believed in such a concept. As you grew more preoccupied, thoughts of him faded with each passing day, only to interrupt your transition to forgetting during the most mundane of instances; getting stuck in traffic, or waiting on a laundry load. The worst times were at night when you began to ponder the many what ifs; what if you hadn’t visited him that day, what if Jimin hadn’t shown up that morning, what if you had stayed? Just exactly how far would that have gone? When you were plagued with such thoughts, you simply plugged in your earbuds and played on repeat whatever piece you were working on until you could drift into a fitful sleep. With time, it had gotten easier to forget your time with Jeon Jungkook or to pretend to do so; to lie to yourself and others.

And then the night of your professional debut, the spell was broken.

You haven’t seen him in three long years and it’s unfair how good he looks.

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Dead Man Walking [Connor Murphy x Reader]

Title: Dead Man Walking
Pairing: Connor Murphy x Reader
Fandom: Dear Evan Hansen
Requested: Yes! I had two different requests for this one
Summary: You and Connor Murphy aren’t friends, but you do have a business plan worked out. You give him the money, Connor gives you the weed, and you make a day of it. Connor’s a little pent up tonight (and a little black and blue from an incident he won’t tell you about), but you’ve got a proposition.
Warnings: Connor’s potty mouth | physical abuse | Mentions of depression | a really poor way to treat people with depression | a really poor understanding of mental health from both sides | drugs | heavy kissing | First person reader | not proof read | confident Connor Murphy
A/N: sorry this took so long! Hopefully everyone likes it! Fair warning again (stated above) heavy physical abuse and mental abuse–I don’t believe some of the things I have Connor and the reader say below, I just believe realistically it’s how their characters would respond. Thanks so much for 1100 followers! Thanks so much for all the love and support from everyone! Hope you like this♡ More notes at the end

To say Connor Murphy was a friend would be a lie.

From: CM
9:36 pm
U home?

I was glad my parents didn’t ask whose number it was that showed up all over our phone bill, and that they never questioned cryptic whispers I sometimes gave into my phone when he called late, answering despite the fact my parents were just across the table.

He was brief. He was curt. He didn’t talk too much, so there was no worry of my parents overhearing. Not that they’d care.

I stared at my phone screen for longer than probably necessary–I knew Connor, and if I didn’t respond quickly, he’d give up and reschedule for whenever he felt like it. Still, the familiar jolt of anxiety bolted through me all the same.

I was in my room, spread across my bed in one of my uncle’s hand-me-down sweatshirt and a pair of pajama shorts my mother didn’t like me wearing when I had guests over. She wasn’t here to change that, though.

To: CM
9:41 pm

ya. U have my bio book?

Plot twist: “bio book” did not actually mean bio book, in case you haven’t caught on yet.

From: CM
9:41 pm


To: CM
9:42 pm

Come over

He sent a quick confirmation, letting me know he was walking over, making anxious for a few reasons, the head of which being him walking around in that hoodie in my neighborhood wouldn’t go over too well, and the last thing we needed was the cops barging in. I texted him to use the back door.

I brushed through my hair, frowning at the fact there was no time to do my makeup. It was Saturday, and I hadn’t bothered to put any on today anyway, but it didn’t make me any less uncomfortable. I wasn’t sure Connor had ever seen me without makeup on. I scrubbed the toner on my cheeks a little too harshly.

Connor and I had a deal–a system we’d developed late Sophomore year, when highschool hadn’t lived up to any of the expectations we’d had for it. I didn’t really know Connor–sure, he lived two streets over and we went to the same elementary school, but it didn’t change the fact that I was a fairly popular person, by no means at the top of the food chain, but still involved, and Connor, well.

Connor was the stoner. The first in our class. He didn’t even hang out with the other stoners, he just sat at the edge of the lunch room at the end of the table where the anime club sat by himself, staring. It had been pretty safe to say our lives wouldn’t cross, ever.

If we hadn’t made a deal.

I still don’t know why I did it, and part of me wished I never had, because now we couldn’t stop. I wouldn’t stop giving him money and he wouldn’t stop coming over with joints and we’d smoke and shit talk and fuck if I didn’t like it.

We didn’t talk at school. We didn’t talk once the joint fizzled out and we both fell asleep, Connor leaving wordlessly at some point around three am, walking anywhere but home.

I knew the feeling.

I warmed up the Nintendo, sitting in the floor–I’d already drug all the blankets from my bed (Connor never sat on the bed, ever. It made him uncomfortable, I think) onto the floor in front of the television, piled it with ample snacks. Connor ate like a bird.

I was already sleepy. I wished I’d told him to just go home, let him take his joint and leave–that was our deal. I’d pay for the weed (his parents had cut him off long ago) and he’d keep half of it, and deliver the other half to me. Sometimes we smoked together, sometimes we didn’t. My parents were gone for the week, and he knew that. Everyone knew that. He wanted to hang.

I didn’t mind, not one bit.

Connor let himself in, surprising me by entering my bedroom unannounced, shutting the door behind him and locking it. From my position stretched across the nest of blankets on the floor, Connor looked like a giant. He paused in the doorway, his face expressionless as he took in the sight of my setup. He would’ve been funny, standing in my pink bedroom, his backdrop a Jonas Brothers poster and a mountain of teddy bears. Would’ve been funny, if he didn’t look like shit. The purple bruising under his eyes and across the bridge of his nose was concerning, but I knew better than to bring it up. His lips were puckered tightly, almost like a sardonic duck face. I held out a package of twizzlers.

“You lock the front door?”

He nodded. “Back door.”

“Hm,” I agreed, letting him slide out a single red twine and pop it between his teeth as he fumbled in the back pocket of his jeans, his lithe fingers twisted as he threw a bag at me.

“Just one?” I said, a little upset. I’d given him more than enough for two.

“Prices hiked,” he said, digging around again and handing me a crumpled wad of twenties, which scattered on the hello kitty blanket we were sitting on. Connor folded himself neatly beside me, careful not to take up too much room or to tower too close.

“Keep it,” I told him, pulling the blunt from the bag. “Use it for next time. Or spend it, I don’t care.”

“No,” he grumbled, voice void of inflection, eyes staring ahead at the tv screen. “Not the deal. Wanna smoke.”

“Hulk smash,” I agreed sagely, earning a glare from him. “No, got it, not in the mood.” I sighed.

“It’s so annoying to pass a blunt back and forth,” I groaned, lighting anyway and taking the first drag. Calm thoughts, calm thoughts were the key to a good trip. Being anxious to start just made you paranoid. Connor’s lithe fingers brushed mine as he stole it from me, placing it between his own lips.

“Your fingers are freezing.” I pushed the blankets toward him, building a small nest around your legs. “And take your jeans off if you wanna get comfy.”

He didn’t, his loss.

I flopped back against the nest, feeling my hair fan out around me, and sighed. I didn’t really wanna smoke tonight–it was already late, I was already tired. Connor made me uncomfortable to the nth degree, I definitely couldn’t fall asleep with him here.

When I glanced back at him, his expression was unreadable thanks to his downcast curls and the cloud of smoke that had begun to twist around him. He held out the blunt to me.

“You’re quiet,” I noticed, taking the blunt and inhaling, watching the patterns the smoke made as it curled in on itself over and over.

He shrugged, his shoulder catching his curls and dragging them back a little to reveal a bit more of his face to me. The pinpoint freckles across his cheeks seemed paler under the outline of the bruise, just across the edge. I bit down on my tongue to keep from asking. His lips were pouted, as if he was upset.

Connor wasn’t usually like this–stoic, sure, but calmer. I wondered for half a moment if he’d gotten mugged on his way here. The blossoming bruise, still obviously new, the apples of his cheeks slightly swollen–I doubted he’d simply run into a wall.

We weren’t friends, so I didn’t ask.

“Don’t have much to say,” he muttered. “Not much to talk about.”

I just hummed, stealing another drag and handing him another twizzler. “Wanna play MarioKart before this stuff kicks in?”

I might’ve imagined the corner of his mouth ticking up from where his lips were wrapped around the licorice, but regardless he muttered, “Sure.”


It took less than fifteen minutes for the weed to hit us full force. Connor had destroyed me at the game, so we’d abandoned it in lieu for muted cartoons neither of us were watching.

We were stretched across the nest of blankets, me facing him where he stared listlessly at the ceiling–at some point he’d forgotten to pass blunt, letting it hang limply between his lips. I nudged him with my knee as a reminder.

“Your fucking lipgloss is all over this thing,” he groaned bitterly, wiping his hand on his knee before lowering it back to the blanket. He’d taken off his shoes at some point, and his socks had Courage the Cowardly Dog on them. I pretended not to notice–even when I thought they were pretty cool.

“It’s chapstick,” I said, rolling up onto my elbow to get a better look at him, the smoke trailing across the plains of his hoodie like fog.

“It’s got glitter on it,” he shot back, still staring at the ceiling. “I don’t want that shit on my mouth. My dad would have a fucking field day.”

I just laughed, and let his eyes roll over to glare at me. There were one or two sparkles at the corner of his mouth, I saw, but nothing that couldn’t be wiped off. I wondered briefly where his parents thought he was.

“No more for you then, I guess,” I giggled, rolling into a sitting position and taking another drag. His eyebrows furrowed comically, his slim body rolling up.

“Nuh-uh, no fair. Without me you’d have no weed.”

“Could say the same for you,” I sighed, leaning my head against the foot of my bed and staring at him. His hair was away from his face now–once calm, I supposed, he’d forgotten all about the blemish on his face. He wasn’t hunched or hiding anymore, the sleeves of his hoodie pushed up to reveal his bare forearms. He smiled, startling me–it wasn’t much, just a quirk of his lip, but it was pretty nonetheless. He looked like the thumbnail for a Charli music video.

“I’d find another way to get the money–you’re just the easiest.”

I gasped, mock offended, earning a smile with teeth from him. He ducked his head to his chest, his hair eclipsing the smile.

“Connor Murphy thinks I’m easy!” I cried in mock horror, slamming my palm dramatically against my forehead. “Oh God, my reputation is ruined.”

“If I so much as mentioned your name at school, your reputation would be ruined,” Connor chuckled darkly. “They’d kick you out of student council until you pled ‘charity case’.”

I smiled, deciding not to call him on out on the self deprecating jokes lest he return to his catatonic state. I was just pleased he’d begun to forget about whatever had made hum enter so sullen.

I snorted. “Yeah, they’d believe that for sure. Instead of, ya know, the obvious.”

He raised an eyebrow, his smile fading slowly. “What’s the obvious?” He asked grimly, suddenly angry. I forced a laugh to diffuse the tension.

“You know,” I said awkwardly. “You’re a boy. I’m a girl.”

He stared blankly at me, and despite the fact I knew he fully understood what I was getting at, I also knew he wanted to hear me say it.

Can I make it anymore obvious?” I crooned in a poor monotone, nudging his knee with my own. He licked his lips, coming away with a thin smile.

“What? People would think you’re slumming with the loner?”

I rolled my eyes. “I doubt anyone would call it slumming–girls like bad boys, Connor.”

I watched his slate eyes widen, his whole face expand as he barked a laugh, startling me to press back against the bed as he crumpled with laughter. It was shocking, and I let out another anxious laugh to echo him–I’d never seen Connor with so much expression on his face. He’d smiled so wide I could’ve seen his tonsils, and he was still bent over, his face hovering over my lap as he choked for air between heavy stomp of laughter, which sounded more akin to wheezing than any laugh track I’d ever heard. In the back of my head, it sort of reminded me of that one SpongeBob episode where they describe Squidward’s laugh box as “shriveled and unused”.

God, Connor was such a Squidward. I’d tell him after this.

“Is that what you think I am?” He practically giggled, his wide and manic eyes rushing up to meet mine. “A bad boy?”

I shifted uncomfortably, realizing the question had become about me. He’d been laughing at me. I felt my whole expression fall and shatter in my lap. “I mean–yeah? What, haven’t you read a YA novel? Hoodie, drugs, sarcastic and witty jokes, plus your looks–you’re the recipe for a good bad boy trope. You’re probably mushy on the inside. I bet you write poetry.”

Connor’s thin eyebrows shot into his hairline, his face still amused. “My looks?”

Flushing, I started down at my bare knees, which had turned pink–I suddenly felt too hot. I don’t remember weed usually doing that.

“God, Connor, don’t make me say it,” I grumbled, going to take a drag, surprised when he reached out to catch my wrist to prevent me. He was too close–I could see every freckle against his brusied cheek, the violent purple seeming almost pink around the edges. He was smiling softly, eyebrows raised. “You’re cute,” I admitted softly, relieved to see him laugh it off and let me go, rolling again onto his back. He pulled a teddy bear from the pile and held it front of him, smiling down at it.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” he snorted.

“Oh, fuck you, Murphy.”

“Buy me a drink first.“ 

"Ugh!” I groaned, falling face first beside him onto the nest, feeling the plush blankets brush against my cheeks. I had a headache coming on–there was always something about weed that left me prone to sensory overload. “It’s too bright. Turn off the lights.”

“Got it.”

It felt immensely better after Connor hit the switch and engulfed us in darkness, the only light coming from the television and dying the room a soft blue hue, and the flush that had felt like an awful itch across my skin fell away.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Connor hold out the blunt to me. I hadn’t realized he’d taken it. I thanked him and took a long drag.

“You’re quiet,” he said in a gruff voice, more sardonic than thoughtful. I snorted.

“You’re one to talk.”

He chuckled–it twisted my stomach in a decent way to see him in a such a pleasant mood. Sneaking a look at him, I realized it suited him well, that crooked smile he sported, revealing a bloody crack in his lip to match the blossoming bruise across his face.

“You wanna talk about that?” I murmured, pointing to him with a knuckle and then tracing my own cheek. He quirked an eyebrow, as if he didn’t understand. He’d forgotten, I realized. I sat up to face him, blunt still dangling between my lips, and traced the underside of the bruise with my thumb. He pulled away quickly, as if it had hurt.

“No. I don’t. We were talking about you.”

“Were we?” I asked, genuinely trying to remember. The best and worst thing about pot was the pleasant fog it left your brain in.

“Yes,” he groaned forcefully. “We were. You were talking about your parents.”

“I was?” That sounded false. I knew it was a bad idea to have Connor over when I was so tired and suggestible–it made us both open to conversations I didn’t want to have.

It was always scary. It wasn’t like we hadn’t had deep talks before, but that just meant it was that much harder to ignore him at school. Ignore him when he lashed out in class and keep quiet when my friend Josh talked shit behind his back. It was harder.

Because when we listened, it meant we cared.

“Yes,” he sighed again. “Do you need to sleep or something? I’ll finish the blunt.”

“Nope,” I said, smacking his hand away and keeping the blunt. “This one’s mine. You only get secondhand smoke. Sorry.”

He glared at me. “You’re funny.”

“You complained! Complaining means no blunt. You can shotgun filter-feed, a la Spongebob.”

He laughed, his hair swishing lightly around his shoulders. He looked nice.

The weed was definitely making me suggestible.

“Um, yeah, that’d get me super high,” he replied dryly, picking at his nails, glancing at me out of the corner of his eyes.

“Not from over there,” I sighed, leaning against the foot of the bed and blowing smoke in his direction, watching his hair fall over his shoulders, and his eyelids slide down as if he’d suddenly become drowsy. As painful as the bruise looked, it also gave him a sort of dreamy aesthetic that made me feel sort of disgustingly protective.

“That your way of asking me to scoot closer?” He sighed, sliding a bit closer across the nest of blankets so his thigh was flush with mine, making me suck in a sharp breath.

“This is out of character for you, Murphy,” I breathed, trying and failing to sound braver than I felt. My foggy brain was flashing warning lights over and over, why this was an awful idea. Pro: my parents would hate it. Con: this was Connor Murphy. Pro: he’s cute. Con: he’s Connor Murphy.

“Don’t wanna get anymore glitter on my lips,” he grinned like a shark, his smile blinding in the cyan light from the television.

“Think that’s gonna happen regardless,” I muttered nervously, daring to make eye contact with him and finding that he was smirking sharp enough to knock the air out of me. Oh God, it was gonna happen.

“You can use your hand, dumbass.”

I nearly screamed, jumping back and cracking my head against the bed frame, staring at him with wide eyes. “What?”

He cocked an eyebrow. “You haven’t shotgunned before?”


I felt myself deflate, leaning forward again, and I wasn’t sure if I was relieved or disappointed. Of course Connor Murphy wouldn’t kiss me. Connor Murphy didn’t like me. We were barely friends. I just paid for his weed.

“No, actually,” I grumbled, looking sheepishly up at him. “I haven’t.”

“You’re such a goody two shoes,” he chuckled, taking the blunt from me, and replaced it between my lips a little tighter. “I’ll show you.”

He stole my hand from my knee and rolled it into a fist. “Keep this tight. Take the drag, then blow into this, okay?”

I did as he said, holding the smoke in my lungs and bringing the fist to my mouth, only halfway surprised when he surged forward to press his lips against the opposite side of my fist, the smoke escaping quicker from my mouth than it should’ve. I flushed deeply at his annoyed gaze.

“I got like, none of that.”

“Sorry,” I muttered. “You just surprised me.”

He rolled his eyes, pushing his hair back out of his face frustratedly. He didn’t have a hair tie on his wrist–I should probably offer him mine, but he was still too close, and I could smell him past the scent of the pot. I was warm again.

“Tighter,” he grunted, slapping my fist and reattaching his lips to the other side, his nose brushing my knuckles, his eyelids closed softly like he was kissing me. My stomach flipped, and I quickly blew the smoke through, and his face was so close I could feel his bangs brush my face. 

“Missed again,” he grumbled, softly, eyebrows furrowed in thought. He tapped the pad of my thumb with his index finger. “See this space. It’s always gonna be open here. My mouth isn’t that big, and you pulling away isn’t helping.”

He was right–there was a large gap between my pinky and the pad of my thumb, simply because of the direction my fingers curled. Too much smoke was getting out. Connor’s high was starting to wear off, I could tell he was getting frustrated.

I leaned back against the bed, taking another drag.

“If you’re gonna complain, literally just take a hit from the source and deal with the glitter, and next time buy two blunts–”

He waited until the smoke had started to curl out of my mouth before he surged forward, taking hold of my jaw between his lithe fingers, making me yelp before drawing his own face close.

I thought he was trying to kiss me, so I sealed my lips tight, but his hands worked my jaw open, and I realized quickly as he positioned his mouth over mine, his lips barely brushing my own, that he was simply inhaling sharply, eyes closed.

He leaned away slowly, leaving me still gasping for fresh air that the room was now void of, leaning back onto the palms of his hands and tilting his head back so that the pale column of his throat was silhouetted in front of the tv’s blue light, eyes still closed blissfully as he got his first successful hit in an hour.

“Thanks,” he whispered, his voice gravelly and sending a jolt through my stomach.

“Warn me next time!” I growled, wiping my mouth dramatically despite the fact his eyes were still closed. The blunt had burnt out, fallen amidst the pastel blankets. Connor’s hands were gripping one of my teddy bears tightly in his lap, smiling down at it with a smirk.

“You thought I was gonna kiss you,” he chuckled, playing with a paw.

“You’re such an asshole.”

“You were gonna let me kiss you,” he said, almost surprised, still not looking at me, but at the little bear. “Me. Connor fucking Murphy. The quarterback would have a field day. Aren’t you in the running for study body president or something?”

“I get it, it’s funny. You’re such a ladies man, I’m sure,” I spat, knowing it was gonna strike a nerve. His head snapped up, making my stomach lurch, his slate eyes connecting with mine in a glare.

“You know, it’s not like I don’t hear them try to convince you to have parties here,” he began so slowly that I had to look away. He could see me. He could see too much, his angry eyes bloodshot. “Your parents are never fucking home. Trust me, there are loads of boys who’d love to get their rocks off with you in this Hello Kitty hell hole,” he gestured around to the room, throwing the teddy bear back onto the pile, making me flinch. I heard him suck in a breath. His voice was so soft, I was shaking.

“You lie. You tell them you’re gonna study, or you’re gonna binge watch some stupid fucking rom com all your girlfriends are obsessed with, and then you fucking call me every fucking weekend. What’s the point? Your soccer star buddies couldn’t share some of their pot? Why me?”

“Because,” I screeched, pulling my knees tight and ducking my face into them, my hair falling like a curtain around me to eclipse him from sight.

“Because I don’t wanna owe them anything and I don’t wanna sit around with them and talk about what the theme for homecoming is going to be and whatever boring crap we always talk about till my brain melts and falls out of my ears. Because, maybe, one day my parents are gonna come home early and seeing Josh isn’t as alarming as seeing you because, to them, you’d look like the kind of boy who eats girls like me for lunch and maybe they’d scared instead of thinking I’m just fooling around.

Because, for five fucking minutes, with you, I don’t have to pretend that I’m perfect and I’m fine. I don’t have to deal with anything or anyone. I wanna  forget, Connor,” I gasped, realizing now that I was crying in front of Connor Murphy, who would never let me live this down, and never talk to me again.

I knotted my hands in my hair and pulled, desperate to feel something else than lonely. “I need you to help me forget, Connor. I’m sorry.”

The silence was deafening, embarrassing. I felt juvenile, stupid. I felt stupid for trusting Connor with that information, knowing he’d sell me out for a paperclip.

This relationship we’d had–whatever it was–was over now.

I sat up, covering my face with my hands, surprised to still hear him breathing.

“You can go now,” I said, my voice only slightly more level.

“You just asked me to help you,” he muttered.

I pulled my hands away, surprised to find him close again, his face staring down at where my hands had moved into my lap. At some point he’d shed his hoodie, leaving him in an undershirt it looked like he’d outgrown in middle school. Rail thin, pale, freckles across his shoulders. There were bruises on his biceps, one, two, three, four, lined up like fingerprints. I swallowed.

“You want your parents to lose their shit and care about you?” He asked, not so much a question as a bargain opening. “Me too. You’re just gonna have to get more ostentatious with it.”

“That’s a big word, Mr. Murphy.”

“I have a word of the day calendar,” he replied dryly, looking up at me with pleading eyes. “You wanna forget? Me too. You wanna piss of your parents? Me too.”

My eyebrows lowered, and I couldn’t help but lean closer to him, placing my hand on his shoulder to steady myself. I felt dizzy. All of this had to be the pot talking.

“What are you suggesting?”

He didn’t ask. He didn’t know how. He didn’t have to.

He reached forward, placing his fingertips along the edge of my jaw, his eyes deadly serious, almost concerned. Maybe scared.

He hadn’t done this before.

I shut my eyes, gasping when I felt his nose brush against my cheek. His mouth was soft, closed, pressing chastely against mine for a long moment before pulling away and repeating the action. I could taste the blood on his lip, which was odd, but I let it happen.

“Yeah?” He asked softly, out of breath.

I nodded, reaching forward to push myself to my knees, my fingers knotting into his white shirt.

“Yeah,” I breathed back, letting myself fall against him, pleased and breathless tat he caught me, his hands ghostingly tenderly over my waist as he kissed me deeply, working my mouth open with quick, sloppy kisses. He wasn’t a great kisser, but he definitely made up for it in enthusiasm. I giggled against him, earning a grunt of protest from him, his hands yanking hard at my waist, pulling me flush against his chest.

“What?” He hissed.

“I’m not gonna break,” I promised, reaching my arms around his neck to tangle my hands in his hair, watching his eyelids flutter close, his eyelashes fanning against his cheeks. “Really. Go nuts. Leave a hickey or something, that’d really jazz my dad.”

“Please don’t mention your dad again,” Connor grumbled, leaning forward to press his face against the column of my throat, letting out a groan. “It’s kinda killing the mood.”

“Just suck on my neck, Murphy.”


He did, and it wasn’t entirely unpleasant–he had the decency to occasionally pause to press kisses against my clavicle, the neck of my hoodie eclipsing most of his access. He didn’t try to take it off, and I was mostly grateful (albeit a little disappointed). His hands were tight fists against the small of my back, pressing me as close as I could get, until I pulled him away from my chest and back to my face, kissing him roughly with my hands still knotted in his hair, my thumbs keeping a solid pressure on his jaw until he yelped, pulling back.

His eyes were shut tight, his whole face pinched as he scrambled back from me, sliding me off of his lap. Red faced, I watched the tears slide through the cracks as he scrubbed at them.

The bruise. I’d pressed too hard.

“Fuck,” he muttered. “Fuck, sorry–just–fuck, still new, we can keep–fuck, I know, I killed the mood, I’m sorry–”

“Hey,” I crooned softly, crawling across the nest to place my hand on his shoulder, rubbing softly, shushing him. “It’s okay. Calm down. I’m sorry I hit your bruise.”

“It’s fine,” he said, scrubbing frustratedly at his face with too much force, wetness still leaking from his eyes. “I fucked up, Christ, sorry, I can do better–”

“Enough for now, okay?” I said, leaning him back against the nest, settling him against the pillow. “We can try again when you’re calmer, okay? I’m not kissing you. You’re upset.”

“I’m fucking upset because I ruined the fucking mood–”

“No, you didn’t Connor,” I sighed, squeezing his hand where he hung between us, watching him become pink in the face with anger. “It’s really okay. Please tell me about the bruise, if you wanna.”

“I don’t. I’m already a fuck up, I don’t need you thinking I’m an asshole.”

“I know your an asshole,” I chuckled.

“I’m going home–”

“Please don’t!” I gasped, lunging forward to pin him down, holding tight to his hands. “Just–if you wanna talk, I’m here. It’s not healthy to bottle things up.”

“Who says I bottle things up?”

I didn’t want say the obvious–that he didn’t have any friends. I just blinked down at him, staring softly.

Connor Murphy was collateral damage. He was a mess. His hair was frizzed, curling around his face, unkempt and soft, like a child’s. His bloodshot eyes were wild, darting everywhere but my face as if he thought he could make an escape at any moment. His lips were pouted, puffy from kissing and cracked from being too dry, with little specks of silver glitter at the corners, almost like freckles.

He was messy. He was shaking. He wasn’t a good person. He’d never get me into an Ivy League school and standing beside him would never mean I could be Prom Queen, and still….

“I could be your friend, if you wanted me to, Connor,” I said quietly, squeezing his hands, feeling him relax beneath me.

“Friends talk to each other at school.”

I smiled back. “Yeah. They do. I would, if you want. And sit with you at lunch. And we could go to movies, if you like those–”

“I wouldn’t ask you to do that,” he said softly, pulling his hands away and starting to stand.

“Please, don’t leave,” I pleaded softly, looking up at him from where he towered over me. I knew I must’ve looked silly sitting in a nest of pink pillows and pastel blankets and worn teddy bears, staring up at him with bloodshot eyes, holding out my hand for him to take. “Connor, I want to be your friend. We could even hang at your place–not even to do drugs! Yousaid you wanted to make your parents mad. I can do that–”

“No,” he growled, turning to glare at me with blazing eyes. “You can’t. My parents would fucking love you. I can tell you exactly how it would go, too. They’d constantly bug you about it until we’d have to pretend to date just to get them off our fucking backs, and they’d–they’d think you could fix me like that’s how that fucking works–and, fuck, my dad would probably tell you to get the fuck out of dodge before I hurt you and you can’t leave. That’s exactly what would happen.

So, no, sweetheart, we can’t be fucking friends. I’ll buy your pot, I’ll see you next weekend, we’ll smoke up and I can leave a fucking used condom in your kitchen sink if you want me to that badly–but I don’t need you to pity me, okay? Fuck off.”

I rose to my feet, catching the arm of his hoodie so he couldn’t tug it on properly. “Connor, please stay. Don’t leave angry, you’re gonna get yourself in trouble–”

His fist connected with my stomach, sending me back into the wall, and I choking for a moment as the wind was knocked out of me, sending me sliding to the floor.

I was crying–it hadn’t hurt that bad, just the shock of it, Connor still standing over me, screaming something incoherent to my still ringing ears while I sobbed.

“–wanna know how I got the bruise? I fucking hit my mom. She didn’t even do anything in just–she wouldn’t fucking stop talking about what we should do this weekend and ‘you need to get out of the house you need to do something you need sunshine’ like everything is a magic fucking bandaid and her fucking voice–so I went to hit her in the fucking face, my own fucking mom–and my dad just fuckin’,” his voice died off momentarily, and I realized through my shock that he was crying. “My dad just fucking wailed on me. Hit me right between the eyes like four times, blam blam blam blam! Tried to send me to my room. So I left. Don’t think I’m going back for a few days.”

Had it been ten minutes ago, I’d have told him to stay. I would’ve offered the bed. I would’ve sat beside him at lunch and taken him to Prom.

But Connor Murphy was collateral damage, meant only to be seen as a red flag by my parents. He had no place in my life, no place in my future.

I couldn’t fix Connor Murphy. Nobody could.

“Get out,” I whispered, voice breaking, hardly audible. He did.


I washed the sheets. I threw away the joint. I washed my face in the mirror, put a bandage over the rather artistic purple bruising on my neck. I crawled into bed, throwing the offending teddy bear underneath, only to be found a year down the line while I packed for college.

My whole body felt sore, like I’d just gone through a car crash and walked home. It was the shock, I knew.

I pulled out my phone.

To: CM
3:56 am

same time next weekend?

It took less than a minute for him to reply.

From: CM
3:56 am

I love hittin the books with u

A/N: Hey! I wanted to address the fact that, yeah, Connor is definitely a little OOC here (i.e. being more confident and open in the beginning, not very paranoid and not very scared) and I’d like to explain that as (not only being needed for the fic to work) but I imagine his walk over to your place is very a la Dead Girl Walking from Heathers–he’s just gotten in a fight with his parents, he doesn’t think he’s going back home and he doesn’t have much to lose. Sorry for the not so happy ending (which the one of the requests called for :/ sorry guys). Regardless, hoped you liked it? Lemme know? Thanks ♡

beckyh2112  asked:

For the AU meme, if you're still taking requests: Han Solo, accidental Jedi knight

oops accidental bonus headcanons because JEDI KNIGHT HAN SOLO, oooooops oh well too late now! 

  • “It’s LUCK, kid,” Han scoffs dismissively, then proceeds to grab up the lightsaber himself and turn on the training droid, then close his eyes and nail every single bolt before knocking the thing right out of the air. “Also, see that, you don’t even NEED the Force to do that.” “… perhaps, but that was the Force you just did that with,” Obi-Wan replies slowly. “What,” Han says. 
  • It was definitely the Force. “I AM NOT A JEDI,” Han Solo yells as he is dragged kicking and screaming into Jedi training by the power of Luke’s excitement at not being the only one suffering the indignity of getting hit in the ass by randomized droid blaster-shots, literally just that. Also Obi-Wan tells him he might be able to shave half a parsec off the Kessel Run, if he hones his Force-sense finely enough, which, well, FINE then. BUT ONLY FOR THE KESSEL RUN. 
  • “I have a bad feeling about this.” 
  • Leia is so appalled by the state of the Jedi in this galaxy. “Sorry, sweetheart, we can’t all be bright-eyed little beacons of galactic hope,” Han says, smashing a Stormtrooper over the head with his lightsaber hilt. The blade is blue but NO ONE WOULD FUCKING KNOW, CONSIDERING HOW RARELY HE USES THE DAMN THING. Generally speaking Jedi Knight Han Solo uses his lightsaber as A) a laser cutter and B) a blunt instrument. Obi-Wan is dead and he is STILL going to die of shame on behalf of the Order. 
  • The amount of gimer-stick whaps that Han Solo suffers has not been seen in the galaxy since Yan Dooku was a snotty little baby padawan who couldn’t be assed to pay attention to anything not saberplay for more than fifteen seconds at a time. 
  • Lando takes one look at Han Solo holding a lightsaber and laughs for TEN THOUSAND YEARS. Chewbacca is like THANK YOU, AT LAST SOMEONE ELSE SEES THE FUCKING HILARITY OF THIS SITUATION, THANK YOU, CALRISSIAN. 
  • “Dark Side my fine Corellian ASS, I’ll show you the fucking DARK SIDE, YOU PIECE OF BANTHA SHIT, LET ME AT HIM–” 

i have this headcanon that george would spend a long time locked up in the shop after the war, not really going out or meeting people. when his family complained that they never saw him, and that they wanted to help, and to make sure he was okay, he would reply “ ‘m just working, its fine, let me be”. one day, after several months, george would be working alone when ginny would storm in. ginny with her mess of red hair and flushed cheeks and determined glint in her eyes. and george would sigh and shake his head a little and tell her that he’s busy and he doesn’t need her help and she would laugh. it would shock george a little, to hear his sister laugh so freely and with such a note of childlike joy. he’d feel a hint of something; guilt? irritation? maybe even anger? but when he looks up at her, he’d instantly soften. brandishing two brooms, she’d shove one at him. “you going to help me train or not? the holyhead harpies are scouting this summer and we all know you were a pretty decent flyer before you became obsessed with cooping yourself up in this shop all alone.” while george winced a little at the brashness of her statement, he appreciated the no-nonsense tone, the first blunt and honest interaction he’d had with anyone since his brother’s passing. in the months that followed, george would spend less time alone at the shop and more time out flying in the cold, crisp air, with ginny and occasionally some others, harry and ron perhaps. george would be grateful for his sister’s brazen attitude which forced him to leave his dark and lonely place, and while he still felt lonely and heartbroken, there was a new sense of belonging. especially when ginny became the newest addition to the holyhead harpies, and george stood in the stands, his face painted gold and green.

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I've just met such an adorable little who's quite new the the community much like myself! I'm suuuuper happy and I don't even know what to do! I just want to learn more about her and learn this lifestyle with her. Do you have any tips on where to start? You and Vixie are so cute! ☺️

That’s good to hear! I’m glad you found a little who you like so much! (I’m really sorry I didn’t answer this when I first got it, I saw it but I wasn’t in the greatest of moods, so I waited until I was more content with life so I wouldn’t come off harsh or too blunt) 

I think first starting off as a daddy you should try with small rules and “helpful’s.” Pretty much meaning the rules are meant to better the little’s routine. So, say your little has depression and has a hard time taking care of themselves. Give them simple routines to do throughout the day. Some posts with helpful information: 

Help/wake up system

LDR Rules (specifically Vixie’s, you may change them for your little)

LDR Bedtime routines 

Tips for Sad Little’s

Things for Little’s that you can buy for them (note in sense of LDR) 

Netflix Little-approved Movies

Streaming website where you can watch movies together (LD) 

Know their Age Range (little)

Know their diet. My little is lactose intolerant, so whenever she wants something with a lot of dairy in it (ice cream, chocolate, cheese..) she has to ask for permission and tell me if she’s had anything else containing dairy. If I say no, she can’t argue because she knows it’s what’s best for her and how she feels physically. Rules are different for all little’s, they’re meant to help them not make them feel bad about themselves. 

If you have any more questions feel free to come off anon and message me!