a little klaine

It really wasn’t Blaine fault. It was all Kurt’s. Kurt who had woken up all sleepy sexy that morning, naked and glowing in the early New York light. Kurt who had rolled over onto his elbow to lay a hand on Blaine’s chest, whispering a sleep-rough and too sexy ‘Happy Birthday Husband’ as his hand slid slowly down Blaine’s chest to incircle his morning erection. Kurt who had spent the day texting him 30 times at work (one for each year of Blaine’s life apparently) about the dirty things he planned to do to him after his party that evening (one of which involved icing and tongues and oh god). Kurt who had worn Blaine’s favourite red pants at said party and had been ‘accidentally’ bumping into him with his ass all evening. So really, it wasn’t Blaine’s fault when Kurt had legitimately accidentally brushed his knuckle into Blaine’s cake when he reached for the knife and Blaine had, without thinking, grabbed his hand and sucked the icing covered knuckle into his mouth. 

He had watched as Kurt’s eyes had gone wide and his pupils had blown almost instantly. He listened as the entire assembly of friends in their apartment had gone silent at the gesture. And he felt Kurt’s pulse pick up under the hand holding his wrist.

It wasn’t long before the icing was gone and Blaine was left with just Kurt’s knuckle in his mouth, but unfortunately that did nothing to deter Blaine. In fact, the taste of Kurt’s skin was even better than the icing. He knew he should stop. He knew his friends were staring. He knew Kurt would be upset at him (even though it WASN’T Blaine’s fault) and yet on he sucked. He sucked until he heard Sam wolf whistle from somewhere behind him. At that, he let the knuckle pop from his mouth. He saw Kurt’s cheeks turn red as he tried to steady his breath. He heard his friends laughing good-naturedly at the display. And he felt his own blood rushing through his body.

It was all Kurt’s fault. And he was going to tell him so that night, after their friends were gone, and they were doing one or more of the 30 things Kurt had texted about earlier.

Blaine waved at him from across the room, so Kurt went to join him. It wasn’t until Kurt got closer that he could see his husband was sucking on a penis shaped plastic syringe.

“Oh my god, Blaine.” Kurt hadn’t know what to expect when Blaine said they were going to a sex-toy cocktail party, but he supposed he shouldn’t really be surprised.

Blaine popped it out of his mouth and grinned. “Look Kurt Isn’t this cool!” He said, waving his pink plastic penis in front of Kurt’s face. “You should totally try one.” Blaine plucked a fresh penis syringe off of a passing waiter’s tray. “I think they’re jell-o shots.”

Kurt could see Blaine was already a little tipsy, and wondered how many of these he’d already had, but he opened his mouth like a good husband and let Blaine put the toy in his mouth and push a rum and cherry flavored gush of jello into his mouth. 

“That was weird,” he said. “And cold.”

“It was hot,” Blaine said, wrapping his arms around Kurt and pulling his body flush against him. “Do you think there’s a back room here somewhere? Maybe we can get some alone time?” Blaine waggled his eyebrows suggestively. And Kurt knew for sure he was drunk.

“Blaine I am not getting you off in the bathroom at this party,” Kurt hissed into Blaine’s ear.

“S’okay honey, I’ll do you.” Blaine giggled and tugged Kurt toward the men’s room.

The time that Kurt carried Blaine to bed uwu

Kurt opens the door with his shoulders bunched around his collar, hands tucked into his pocket from the winter cold clinging to his limbs, and he leans into the entryway for a moment before closing the door slowly and muffling the click. The house is quiet, the city murmuring through the walls, but Kurt can see the lights glowing dimly in the living room around the corner.


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The first time that Kurt and Blaine said “I love you” in front of Burt uwu

“Okay, explain it to me again.”

Kurt rolls his eyes, tipping his head back onto the couch, as Blaine bites his lip to stifle his laughter. Pinching his nose, Kurt touches his cheek to Blaine’s arm—wrapped snugly around Kurt’s shoulders—and exhales, “Barty Crouch Jr. is the bad guy, Dad. He was pretending to be Mad Eye Moody using Polyjuice potion.”

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When You Fall

Summary: Same support group AU Klaine (prompt by anon), PG, 5k+ words. Kurt and Blaine meet at Elliott’s LGBTQ+ support group. Maybe Kurt is exactly the person Blaine needed to talk to about his past. And maybe Blaine can help Kurt get over his trust issues in return.

Warnings: Characters talk about bullying, violence, non-supportive parents and death of parents (mostly canon occurrences).

Notes: It’s so cheesy that you might smell like cheese afterwards. I am so sorry (a little… or maybe not at all). I apologize for clearly having no clue what support groups actually do most of the time. I included first-hand experience from theatre and yoga classes to make it more realistic. ;) Also, if anyone wants to talk more character meta, please, hit me up with an ask, I LOVE talking meta.

FF | AO3

When Elliott had told Kurt he was going to start a support group for LGBTQ+ students at NYADA, Kurt hadn’t been sure if many people would be interested in joining. But to his surprise, at their first meeting, eleven people showed up – not even counting Kurt, Dani and Santana. And the group kept growing. Rachel had promised to come to support them but she could only manage to do so a few times because her Broadway schedule kept her too busy.

Well, okay, Santana was only there because Dani nicely asked her to. And then bribed her with sex, Kurt supposed, because asking Santana nicely never had gotten him anywhere. Then again, he wasn’t Santana’s girlfriend.

It was easy to see that Elliott’s yoga retreat had provided him with some inspiration. The support group wasn’t just a safe place for discussion and exchange. He included breathing and trust exercises, some methods that Kurt had definitely seen teachers use in his acting classes before, and even music. Kurt jokingly told Elliott he should start teaching in kindergarten but Elliott knew just as much as Kurt that NYADA had been needing a support group.

People had issues to talk about. It was nice to see that they weren’t alone with their problems. Kurt certainly felt like he was starting to get more comfortable in his skin. Some of their group members even started dating.

After a while, Kurt somehow became the co-leader of the group. He took over when Elliott couldn’t make it or when the group needed two instructors.

The group had been in session for a whole semester and they did a lot of advertising for their first meeting of the new term. The turn-out was great: fifteen newbies. Kurt got them started with a quick overview of what they were going to do in their first session.

As usual, they started with some breathing exercises and moved onto the discussion round. After introductions, a few of the old members shared their stories for the new ones.

“Okay, do any of the new members want to share anything with us?” Elliott asked.

Some did. One girl, Alicia, told everyone how she came out as trans to her parents. Patrick shared the story of his disastrous first date. And then Blaine raised his hand.

He had caught Kurt’s eye earlier during introductions. He was a freshman at NYADA, majoring in vocal performance and theatre, just like Kurt. He made Kurt smile when he said that he loved musical theatre but had a burning passion for pop music and felt like most new artists were really underrated. There weren’t many people who would dare to say something like that at a school like NYADA.

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