a little kiss

When the Bidders Were Kids


Baba would be the flirtatious boy in the block, sadly there would be girls who do not like him because he is poor and lives in an orphanage. He probably had a girlfriend and would be so sweet and would always bring her chocolates and flowers, with the little money he had on him. He would also be the kid who would be picked on, by older kids around him, due to his wimp appearance. He would also not be very smart at school and would often skip/sneak out to see his girlfriend, and friends. 


Richest Kid on the block hands down. He would often makes small deals with kids his age and would win even more money for him. His step parents would give him money and or toys to make him feel better for the death of his parents. Which only spoiled him. However he would cry himself to sleep at nights on the fault of not having his parents and sister with him. To the audience though, Eisuke would appear to be confident, cold, and determine.


Mamoru’s moto has being sleep –>eat—->sleep—>eat, since day one. As a little kid he would be the one with few friends. When he was with them, he would probably play cops and robbers. When he would be alone, which was most days, he would just sit there and watch what people did very carefully as his favorite past time. Overall, he would be a really sweet, yet would be the  quite kid who would be unobserved by people. 


Ota is the most mischievous of them all, this kid would live by playing with his dog, and painting on anything when he got his hands on marker. Ota would be  neglected often by his parents who worked all day. He would do play pranks and do antics to get his parent’s attention. In his free time, he would paint and draw his dog, his loyal companion. 


Soryu would spend his days reading and loosing himself in the story. He would be very shy and quite, since the world he live in did not offer him the trill that the words in the book did. He would be a kid of few friends. In addition and although young, Soryu would try his hardest to bring honor to his family. He would do this by being on top of everything and by being independent, a complete introvert. 

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Kensi and Deeks over sleep and don't hear their phones so Calllen and Sam have to break into deeks' place thinking the worst only to find a super cuddly kensi wrapped around deeks wearing an LAPD shirt

Okay, so I might have changed the prompt a little, but the basic idea is still the same.

Hopefully y’all like it! 

Snuffling lightly, Kensi buried her face in the crook of Deeks’ neck, sighing as his arms snaked around her waist and he peppered a dozen little kisses to her hairline.

“Where did you go?” He mumbled, his voice still husky from sleep as she nestled closer, her body wrapped in the soft, grey fabric of his oldest LAPD tee shirt. 

“I was hungry.“ 

"Of course you were.” He chuckled against her hair, the sound reverberating down to her toes. “At four in the morning too, couldn’t wait for me make you breakfast?”

“Well, if you’re offering…” Kensi smirked, patting at the bare skin of his chest and snuggling deeper into his side. “Cause I could-” 

The sharp dinging of his doorbell cut her off and the pair simultaneously stiffened, Kensi sitting straight up as she lifted her Sig from its resting place on the nightstand. “I’m gonna go get that." 

"Kens.” He protested, eyes already searching the floor for his boxers. “I-” 

"Shh,” she commanded, letting her feet slide to the carpeted floor and moved towards the doorway into his living room. "Just - cover me." 

Positioning herself behind his front door, she opened it as far as the chain would allow, keeping her gun tucked away from sight behind the door.

 "Good morning.” Callen said brightly the moment the door swung open, a smile etched on his face that contrasted Sam’s grimace beside him. “You didn’t answer your phone." 

"It was off.” Kensi stated defensively, shutting the door to unlock the chain before letting the partners into her boyfriend’s apartment. “We’re off, it’s Saturday.”  

“Not anymore.” G cocked his head apologetically. “It’s an emergency. Wheels up in an hour, we’ll brief you on the plane.”

“Grab your go bag.” Sam shrugged. “We need to head out.”

“Kensi?” Deeks called from the bedroom, his voice deadpan. “There are intruders in my apartment, shoot them." 

courf being like ‘what’s up why are we ‘oh no’-ing’ and ferre’s standing all frustrated in the middle of all these papers and books like ‘because i dont have time to like you right now and i do

and courf gives him a big smile and a little kiss and sits down and organises all his work with him and they can talk about the other stuff later 

courferre knowing when it is and isn’t a good time god bless 

Two days ago I taught the little 5 year old girl I nanny for to tie her shoes.

Today she yelled “Kourtney come quick!!”, and I ran to the stairs just as she was pulling the “bunny ears through the hole”. BY HERSELF.

She looked up at me with the biggest smile, and shrieked from pure excitement. I grabbed her and swung her around and kissed her little face.

Best. Moment. Ever.

open up for me
you cough sentences that i don’t want to reach my ears
but i asked for these words, didn’t i? offering my shoulder
the ludicrous illusion that it wouldn’t crumble underneath the weight,
the weight of another aching globe.
as if my world wasn’t too much already.
i push starfall down your throat and hope
roses of yellow grow in all your empty spaces.
you choke on it all;
i cry hard enough to drown us both
and isn’t that kind of what you’ve always wanted?
whisper rainfall into my skin even if i want something more
forests of hair dampened, arms ringing wet
my flesh is sodden towels-
do you still expect me to keep you dry?
to watch you brush past me, never catching my wrist to pull me in
to kiss. with little touches, accidental like the way you killed your dad,
i feel explosions in some foreign land
but you feel nothing, do you?
sometimes i pray you’ll give in to me, do you pray at all?
you should, it sometimes helps, you know?
of course you wouldn’t know. i always ask
those type of questions. i don’t know why.

There’s a boy at my school, typical rugby kinda guy. Not really overly keen of affection. Today at lunch I seen him with his girlfriend and honest to god my heart melted. He was so gentle with her, little light touches and kisses on her forehead. And she was cuddled into him and honestly, it was so cute.

PruIta headcanons
  • They hug too much.
  • They take in stray cats.
  • Some days they just sit in bed and feed each other ice cream all day.
  • They both get too excited for Christmas. 
  • Prussia was pretty nervous about telling Germany that they were dating but Germany was very supportive.
  • They both love wearing sweaters with stupid puns written on them.
  • Prussia is always really gentle with Italy instead of dominant like he usually is. Italy assures him that it’s fine to be a little tougher.
  • In the winter, they knit little hats and scarves for the birds and cats.
  • Prussia will do anything for Italy. Anything. 
  • They both spoil each other with presents.
  • They hold hands and give each other little kisses all the time in public places.
  • Prussia always reminds Italy how much he loves and cares about him.
  • They’re nerds

I fucking love PruIta so I think it’s time I did some cute headcanons for you all! 
-Admin Canako


that gif of harry lounging on the brown sofa with his big hand around the mug listen……. louis comes home all the time… to harry reading by low lamp light…. tugs his shoes off… peels his jeans away…. crawls up onto the bed… hovering over harry… kisses both of his eyelids & then the tip of his nose & his mouth….. harry feigns disinterest but cant help smiling…. they chat about their nights…. they turn their phones off.. they turn out the lights… they face each other in bed & talk about big things like love & mortgages or small things like the water stain on the ceiling harry hates looking at… they kiss a little…… they hold each other…. they fucking fall asleep holding each other………. i cant fukcking belviej

I’m legitimately in tears because my jagoff brain has decided to convince me that I’m supposed to be more bright and chipper and affectionate
with little kisses, and ~ and heart emojis
like I should be more “cute”
because maybe then people will actually like me
maybe then I’ll be actually worth the effort

it doesn’t matter how many ways I tell myself that that just isn’t me
that I’ve literally always been slightly cold and only fleetingly affectionate
that my affection has always been more jocular than anything

but then I’m sitting here wondering
why are some of my friends and loved ones more affectionate with other friends than me?
I’m not affectionate because it’s not in my nature
but does their lack of affection indicate that they don’t like me as much?
am I repulsing them?

and I’m just sitting here, telling myself I need to rewrite my entire personality
be someone else
…maybe actually be worth something for once

I just can’t get over how like….social rats are

We just got them last night, and they already prefer to be out of the cage with us than inside

I was playing with them earlier, and they fell asleep on my shoulders, they lay across my lap and just stare up at me, and they’re just so cuddly and love to have their heads and bellies scratched, and they also give little kisses lmfao

Everyone always said rats love their owners…but I didn’t think they would act like miniature dogs, basically. It’s amazing how something so small is capable of showing so much love and affection