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I really need Cross Gene to go on like 500 variety shows, partially bc I love them but mostly because I really need to know if Seyoung can fit his entire fist inside his giant mouth and that seems like the most likely way I’ll ever find out

Imagine Sherlock coming home to you...

He had been gone for about thirty two hours and had made you promise to stay at Baker Street in his lounge room, despite your protests that you needed to go to work. By the end of your fifteen minute argument at four in the morning, he had agreed to remove all of his experiments from the refrigerator so that you could remain fed and watered during your stay and you agreed to stay in the apartment. Which lead to a very lonely day and a bit considering Mrs Hudson was away and Watson was where he almost always was, by Sherlock’s side. 

Rather than bothering with decent clothing, you had been wandering around the apartment in nothing more than your underwear and one of Sherlock’s large white suit shirts rolled up at the elbows. And rather than actually finding something worthwhile to do, you had been flitting back and forth between sleeping, reading and staring out the window at the world as it passed you by wondering just what your tall friend was up to and when you would be released from your impractical house arrest. 

You had just been thinking about how it probably wouldn’t be too hard for him to force an actual house arrest on you when you saw the cab pull up across the road. He slid out of his side, standing tall as John paid the driver, his eyes tracing along his humble abode before finding the window you were inside. A devilish smirk that could only be seen on his not-so-sweet face stretched his lips before he strode forward, passing a comment over his shoulder at john, who sighed, exasperatedly, before climbing back into the cab. 

He crossed the road, his eyes only leaving yours as you bolted down the stairs to meet him at the front door, opening it despite your apparel and watching as he tugged his scarf away and pushed you back through the doorway with a loose embrace. The scarf falling to the ground, his foot kicking the door shut with a click, one hand coming up to cradle the back of your neck, the other resting on your hip as he pulled you close. “I’m home.” He muttered the words you had asked him to say against the skin below your ear, his breath fanning the flesh with a tingling sensation. “Welcome home.” You breathed, before he prevented any further words from leaving you. 

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How do you go about photographing strangers? I always see people I'd like to shoot a photo of on the street but am always too nervous and not sure how to talk to them. Your photos always seem like your subjects are at ease. Thanks Patrick!

Thanks! It’s a challenge. A number of people have asked me about this and I’m not sure if I’m giving the best answers. I wanted to take pictures of people as soon as I started getting interested in photography over a dozen years ago, but it took me several years to get to where I felt comfortable asking a stranger for their portrait let alone just taking pictures of people on the street. Actually, it probably took me about 6 years! I didn’t actively start taking pictures of people until 2008, with a little in 2007. I kind of consider that time to be a turning point for me in terms of taking photos I cared about, whether they included people or not. Hopefully it doesn’t take every introverted photographer 6 years to get the courage to do the kind of work they want to do.

Obviously I’m a lot more comfortable now, but I still can feel very shy sometimes. I try and take advantage of everything I might have working in my favor. Most of my portraits are taken with a TLR, which is often a curiosity to others and much less threatening than a DSLR with a zoom lens. Sometimes I’m with my wife and son or with friends and that can help, sometimes it’s easier when I’m alone. Some days I’ll ask one or two people and they’ll respond in a friendly manner which helps to make me feel bolder as the day goes on. Other times I’m told “hell no” and that sets the tone for the day (luckily that’s not the norm).

I’d just say that you should try and get comfortable with sometimes feeling uncomfortable while you’re walking around with the camera. Also, just be honest with the people you are trying to capture. When it’s an event or a protest or something, it’s pretty easy for people to figure out what you’re up to, but if you’re just walking around and looking for interesting people to photograph, share with them why you think they are interesting. I’m a super boring dresser, for instance, which might be why I find people who have unique things about them (dress, demeanor, etc.) particularly interesting. I’ll often say that I like a subject’s hat or whatever and that can get things started. Other times I just take the shot unnoticed or give a nod of thanks.

There’s no one approach that works all the time, but it’s worth the effort. It always feels great when you get a couple good portraits. Good luck!


This little Splash Rooster rescued this Ameracauna chick when it jumped out of the brooder. Though the rooster had always perched way up in the rafters at night, I found booth him and the chick lying on the floor together, with the chick curled up behind his wing. The chick would have probably died if the rooster hadn’t shared his warmth, at about a week old she needed temps much warmer than the pen offered. It was a real act of kindness. :)

Standing up for myself

You know what I hate? The fact that I still have to fight my corner about my MH and the ability to do my job by colleagues in other departments who know absolutely nothing about how risk shouldn’t and shouldn’t be managed

I stood up for myself today - in times that I would normally say nothing - I am proud of myself for putting that person in their place and making them look foolish - so much so that they apologised to me

I’ve never had that before… the apology I mean

I completely stuck it to the team that almost cost me my job today - no more fearing them - no more staying silent

If this department were mocking or disallowing an employee to work with the company in whatever way they could because of their race, age, gender or culture, we’d have a huge case on our hands

But because it’s little kind Jessica and her oh so dangerous mental health disorder, it’s apparently a completely different kettle of fish

No more. I’ve had a guts full.


Title: Letter

Word count: 687

Request: Hi, could I request a love letter from TFW + Crowley, regarding my suicide attempt. Not like a romantic love story but a little sister kind of way. I’m specifics, I have a history of depression and suicidal ideation, so one night when I’m at Bobby’s I decided that I didn’t want to live anymore, so I grabbed pills and swallowed a whole bottle. I go to the MHU, Bobby calls the boys, they write to me, I would be in the MCU when I read the letters, thanks My Lady. And I’m sorry if this is too sad.😔

I’m Shaynah by the way


A/N: I did add Bobby too this. I felt like he should be added. I love Bobby, not in a romantic way. Yet, he seems like a father figure any child should have, but I hope you like it! I hope I was able to put any aspect you wanted within this. Sorry if any of it is too short, or doesn’t make any since. Much love!<3 ALSO, I have around 200 followers. Where are my requests people?!

Warnings: Triggers(Suicide, depression, etc.) Please, if any of these trigger you, please don’t read. You have been warned.

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Predictable (How much your body can betray you)

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1BhrJwC

by dudewhereismypie

“Do you want to take off your shirt?”
What? No dinner first? Dean had to bite his tongue because apparently his brain was well enough to snap this kind of shit from nowhere.

Words: 3628, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1BhrJwC

Well It was yark-wark‘s birthday yesterday which means one thing…

That these Nix sketches are late.

Ah well, never mind. Went with Nix for two reasons, firstly, I love the design and I’m a sucker for bird or bird-like characters and secondly, she doesn’t seem to get much love.

There weren’t that many references to work with so I had to finagle this a little, I also went kind of overzealous with the hair/crest heh.

Hope you like it anyway :)

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Hi! I've been getting more into painting lately (you've actually been one of my inspirations!) and have been curious about selling work. How much did you sell your work for? Is $25ish a painting reasonable? I'm going into this blind; I'm a 14y/o like yourself & I really know VERY little about selling this kind of artwork... I've tried to look up advice online but it's all for super professional people who sell for, like, $200 per piece. Sorry if you've answered this question before! Thanks! <3

don’t worry!!! I sold my stuff for the first time yesterday! art is so subjective , something for $299 May feel like it’s only worth $39 to another person. I take into account the cost of materials. time spent and emotional attachment. especially the cost and size of canvas (if you’re using canvas)!!!! don’t sell yourself short but also try and keep an open mind! j hope this helps! so proud of you for putting your stuff out there!!!!

I am so very grateful my therapist gave me this chance to work with me on the weekly basis rather than refer me on to ED services.

I have been with her as a client for a long time now and that she has trusted me to give it a go as long as weekly sessions and monthly Dr’s visits for the next little while- it’s kind of empowering? I really like being able to research and attempt things on my own.

What good things I have noticed:

  • I can find words much easier
  • I can make connections in my uni work easier
  • I am more open to positive emotions/ receiving them too
  • I have the ability now to ignore the disordered voices (or at the least tell them off/ to shut up) and it is getting less tiring
  • That scream in my throat is lessening
  • I am starting to feel rested again

Right now I am baking some black bean brownies because that sounded like an awesome thing for my lunches in the coming week. They have chopped dark chocolate, walnuts and pecans on top. 

I am going to have one for afternoon tea.

I couldn’t have done that even just a few days ago.

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that jill girl whos tweet you posted is always like that honestly don't even engage with her even us darren fans know she's the worst. She'll just drive you crazy in the end she does it for attention. Dianna is an angel and clearly talented!

That’s just stupid. I mean, aren’t we all supposed to be nice to each other? We all came from the same fandom once.. Besides that, a little kindness won’t hurt anyone.

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gay love will pierce thru the veil and save the day