a little joke he does

trans wash hcs!!!:

  • hypermasculinity? more like yeah
  • binds for like 15 hours straight at least. every day. his ribs would kill him if they could
    • he develops healthier habits eventually thank God
  • wears his helmet and armor 99% of the time bc out of armor his dysphoria is five times worse
  • uses a voice modulator to make his voice deeper. goes along w constantly wearing a helmet 
  • even tho most of the bgc is trans, he waits a while before coming out bc “yeah i know theyre trans and accepting but what if theyre Not-”
    • when he does very little changes beyond more trans jokes 

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(None gifs pls) Origins companions reacting to a very giggly and affectionate drunk warden at the tavern?

Alistair: Loves watching the Warden actually have a good time, and finds himself giggling quite frequently at their little jokes and behaviour. He does get a bit uncomfortable with how touchy-feely they tend to get, and has to extract himself more than once from them. 

Leliana: Continues to pass the Warden more drinks. She isn’t going to go as far as to make them fall unconscious, but….well, she does enjoy watching them slur out a mumbled “loove you guyss.” Leliana will probably end the night cuddled in a heap with the Warden in some booth of the tavern. 

Morrigan: Watches from the opposite side of the booth with raised eyebrows. She won’t comment much on the Warden’s drinking habits (it’s their choice) but they’d know better than to come to her for any hangover help the following day. She shoos the Warden away multiple times when they try to drape themselves over her “out of love, Mor-Mor, looove.” 

Zevran: Finds it hilarious. He is shoulder to shoulder with the Warden singing along to their drunken ballads, and encourages them to have a generally good time. He does keep a good eye on them however- making sure they’re not going to do something they’d really regret. 

Sten: Thinks this is a foolish place to be getting drunk. Especially in such dangerous times. It would be too easy for someone to attack the Warden while they were gallivanting across the tavern so carelessly. Sten thus considers it his duty to keep guard, knowing that the Warden will be otherwise occupied for the time being. 

Wynne: She isn’t disapproving of getting drunk, but she isn’t pleased with the Warden choosing this moment to do so. They’d likely have to get up early and move on to their next location the following morning, so the Warden will be in a fine state for that. Wynne will voice her concerns, but is shut down. The next morning, she takes a vindictive sort of pleasure in hearing the Warden complaining about their hangover. 

Oghren: Was getting drunk long before the Warden even took their first sip. He gives them tips on how to pace themselves, knowing that they’ll want to keep the fun going as long as possible. Like Zevran, he also wants to make sure they won’t do anything too stupid…though a little bit of stupid is okay. 

Loghain: He’ll have a drink or two but won’t get as drunk as the Warden. He’ll watch in some sort of amusement as he sees them make a fool out of themselves, and wonder how he ever considered this moron to be his enemy. 

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How would the boys react to Gardienne giving them embarrassing loving nicknames when in a relationship?

I hope you enjoy these headcanons, Anon!


  • Nevra loves it!
  • They always bring a smile to his face and a blush to his cheeks, and make him feel special.
  • The fact that Ez makes him the butt of his jokes for the next week does nark him a little but he likes your nicknames too much to ask you to stop.
  • He already called you a few embarrassing nicknames himself, but will really up the ante when you start and starts trying to outdo you.
  • He can never beat you though, all your battles ending with him thoroughly red-faced and happily abashed.


  • Ezarel doesn’t like it at all.
  • At least, that what he says, but he never tells you stop and complains bitterly when you don’t call by nickname him.
  • He really loves your nicknames, they’re always so affectionate and cute,and always make his day.
  • He’s always happy whenever you call him by nickname, but he really doesn’t like being seen so love-struck in public, and asks you not to whenever you’re in public.
  • Behind closed doors, he’s much more accepting of the nicknames, and smiles fondly at whatever you call him.


  • Valkyon finds it endearing.
  • Embarrassing this man is nearly impossible, so your embarrassing nicknames are seen as cute than anything else.
  • He doesn’t mind you calling him your nicknames whenever, but for the sake of propriety asks you don’t in front of Miiko and the other guard captains.
  • He loves all your nicknames, but the first nickname you called him remains his favourite and he becomes super affectionate whenever you do.

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"#superhero au where Rhett accidentally saves Link from injury over and over again" except link is the one who is the superhero, not rhett.

YES! But Link’s like ~a secret superhero, one that’s hailed as the city’s mystery vigilante. Everyone knows who he is, they just don’t know who he is. Every time Rhett saves Link from his own clumsiness, he does so with a joke that HE’S the superhero. LITTLE DOES HE KNOW—–

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Can you do F for pietro maximoff

F- Flirting with you Headcanon idea list here

  • He’d use crappy pick-up lines 100%
  • And he does that cute little slick back the hair thing (is it bad that you have the urge to ruffle his hair?)
  • (X-Men) Maximoff would do the lowers-sunglasses-to-look-at-you-better thing, but with his goggles
  • Pietro shows off in front of you (more than usual)
  • He’d try to impress you by running halfway across the country, picking up food, and reappearing with a bag of takeout, still hot and fresh
  • He’s very persistent, and if you don’t like him in the beginning you will later on once he gets to you
  • Ignore any and every joke about him being “fast”
  • He does the little smirky thingy with his mouth whenever he’s around you or just thinking about you

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Hi Bella! So I've got a crush on this boy who is sweet and cute and we were sitting together and just talking about things ya know. Then we started talking about choking (not kink related just death) and he fucking chocked me not harshly just as a joke and he did it 2 times repeatedly... Little does he know I have a chocking kink... Yup. He has big and beautiful hands and I enjoyed it. I just wanted to tell someone because my friends doesn't know I have kinks like that. Thanks for reading bye!

damn man if that happened to me I’d make out w/ him so fast
where did u get your self control from I need some

Preference #22: He hates it when you…


When you don’t answer the phone. Every time he knows that you’ve got time to talk to him he would call you. If you don’t answer the call by the first time, he thinks that you’re in trouble and calls you for at least one hundred times till you pick up that damn phone. When he loses it completely, he jumps into his car and runs to your flat, just to find yourselfer cleaning up the house with your headphones on. Nothing scares him more than the fact, that he can’t be there with you and protect you if he anything happens.


are sad. Why in the world would he like to see his one and only princess so sad? It really breaks his heart and he gets angry about himself for not being there in the moment you got hurt. He would do anything to cheer you up. He cooks for you, does funny faces stupid little jokes and he sings your favorite songs. Sometimes when noting is going to work, he just cuddles up to you and holds you close so you can feel that he loves you more than everything.


…come home on a later time then you told him. He is not that kind of boyfriend that keeps you at home like a possessive creep. If you want a night out with your girls you can do this. He just wants to know when you would come back from the clubbing night. If you tell him that you’ll be home by 2 a.m. he would stay up and wait for you. But as he sees that your car isn’t even in the near of your parking lot he starts to get nervous. Thousand scenarios are running through his mind that scares him to hell and he is just more than relieved when you finally found your way home and into his arms where you’ll be safe forever.


read hate tweets. You both were media-freaks so you sometimes spent the night being on YouTube and all this kind of stuff. Suddenly you find yourself on twitter though you knew what you’ll find. Nothing else but hate tweets about you. Technically you knew to give a fuck about it but it was simply too much for you. Tristan always recognized the change of your feelings. All he had to do was to take your phone and pull you near to his strong chest. He would whisper just everything that you need to hear. That’s what you loved most about him.

thirty days iwaoi writing challenge
day twenty-eight:
 a genuine smile


Sometimes Iwaizumi finds himself counting days.

Kageyama joins the team, and after hours of practice and late nights studying game videos and lunch periods spent visualizing moves or creating new ones, he realizes Oikawa hasn’t smiled a true smile in exactly thirteen days.

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things i live for: old man jimmys cheek bones, his adorable smile, when he takes pictures and winks at the camera, when he does a peace sign, his ponytail, when all the black in his outfit doesn’t match, his scarves, his cute little eye wrinkles, his beautiful eyes, when he makes lame jokes and that cute little sigh of relief he does when people get his joke, when he talks about led zeppelin and starts smiling really big, when he makes fun of himself, when he goes to record shops, when he wears his reading glasses, when he stutters, when he constantly touches his nose and acts really nervous,how sassy he gets when people ask him about a led zeppelin reunion, just jimmy page in general

The Truth about Adam Lambert

If you have never been reduced to a mushy pile of emotion and giddy adoration, I am not really sure you can even be called an Adam Lambert fan. It is what he does, turns us all into bouncy cheerleaders on steroids, as it seems, and I am only a little joking  – truthfully,  it is what he does to most fans for sure, who in actuality come in all shapes, sizes and levels of enthusiasm. But if there is one thing we have in common, and which, quite shockingly, is not the unconditional love for the man and his music, it would be an overwhelming desire to see him succeed and take place that he deserves, which would be somewhere over the rainbow or definitely somewhere equally heavenly and blissful and  reserved for demigods only.

Speaking of deities and adoration, the notorious penchant of Glamberts to idolize and worship Adam has gotten some heavy competition lately. Between the concert goers, reviewers and members of Queen, it has been a dead heat so far as far as complimenting Adam goes.  Other than restoring my faith in justice and fulfilling my little stanning heart with ‘Finally!’, ‘I told you so!’, and similar victorious shouts followed by a happy dance, the greatest advantage of their high appraisal is that it cannot be dismissed as easily. Because when I sing praises of Adam, it can be, easily so, and frequently has been. It is as if some people feel that loving Adam comes hand in hand with total absence of logical thinking and power of deduction. But I’ll let that one slide.

But, how do you dismiss hard core Queen fans, who seemed to fall into anaphylactic shock at the bare mention of Adam’s name? How do you dismiss a living legend, a PhD of astrophysics and one of the greatest guitarists of all time? How do you dismiss well-informed, intelligent reviews? Quite simply, you don’t. You can’t. Torrents and torrents of compliments have descended upon Adam and us, loving his voice, his looks, his showmanship; grateful words, for breathing life into Queen’s music; surprised words, for letting them discover his talent…  But Dr May has topped them all, and his brazen description of Adam as a ‘Gift from God’ will forever be etched into our minds as the stanning line Numero Uno. For the record, I don’t mind being topped by Dr. May. The line was greedily picked up by the media who probably, at least a little bit, maliciously waited for all hell to break loose after it. It never happened, though. It was followed by the smooth continuum of love from the UK audience after each and every concert of Queen and Adam Lambert. Surprise, surprise :)

Let’s forget about the compliments and praise for a second, although as a fan, I hungrily bask in them - the most amazing thing about their words about Adam is the fact that they are true. The truth about Adam Lambert is the most complimentary thing you can say about him and it has always been that way. For some reason, though, his truths have been easily dismissed by some in the past, due to some sort of faulty logic I have great trouble of understanding.  Things like ‘He is no Freddie’ (Duh?), or, to paraphrase, his music lacks radio success because it is ‘contrived’ (which is so outrageously untrue that ‘faulty logic’ doesn’t even begin to cover it), fall into that category. The tiresome cliché that no radio success means no good music rings particularly phony in the world of one hit wonders, lip-syncing and Kim Kardashian. And reviewers who can’t spell Freddie’s name (or shall I say Freddy).

 The truth is that Adam has always been great with Queen, even when he personally felt like he was winging it. And the truth is that Adam Lambert’s music is great, even when it lacks radio success. What it seemed to take regarding Queen was for things in Adam’s mind to fall into place and click in just the right way. That fact just goes on to show that the key organ in music (as well as in sex, allow me to remark) is not the ‘performing’ parts, but the mind. His voice and his skills have been excellent from the start, and it was his mind that needed to own the music and to know and feel that it was his audience as well; once that happened, he delivered them 100% of himself and no one stood a chance. They had no choice but to love him, which happens to be the most correct statement regarding Adam – he gives you no choice. He gets to you, sooner or later.

Ironically, those 100% of pure Adam include all the things which some, even his own fans, listed as potential reasons for the lack of global success – overt sexuality, eccentricity, flamboyance, and what not. He licked his mike, flashed his crotch, smirked like Elvis, danced like Tina and swirled like Josephine Baker, and they loved him not in spite of it, but for it! Once he stopped trying to figure out how to do it, how to please everybody and offend no one, he was able to unleash his true self in full glory and his triumph is greater for it. There is something to be said about moments when you see Adam let loose on stage and I thought it would never happen with Queen. It did, and it was the turning point.

The same goes for his own music - nothing but pure Adam there, and if you love him, you love his music, because they are the same and inseparable. Era 3 has started and things seem to be clicking in just the right way as well. Right label, right producers, and most importantly, in significant amount thanks to his story with Queen - right frame of mind, both for Adam and his fans. If that is what it takes for some to see the truth, so be it. But it is already there, if you prefer not to wait for it. Adam already has great music. Until multiple albums that he is going to have in the future, his first two significant albums, ‘For Your Entertainment’ and ‘Trespassing’ serve as proof of his outstanding vocal abilities, great songwriting skills, incredible collaborations and visionary mind. No matter whether you like all or some or none of it, and no matter what your level of enthusiasm for Adam is, the truth about Adam Lambert lies exactly there. Maybe you can dismiss my opinion easily now, but, just like with Queen, he is going to make sure that you won’t be able to, very soon. And I can’t wait for it :)