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ENGL145, Creative Fiction Writing

       When Nursey sees the option on his list of classes, at first he doesn’t even think about it. He is a poetry guy, he likes obscure metaphors and overwhelming imagery. And he’s good at it, so he doesn’t have any reason to branch out of his comfort zone. Then he makes his schedule and realizes that all the English electives he wants to take are during practice or when he already has a scheduled class that’s fulfilling a credit. All that’s left over is Creative Fiction and Straight White Guy Novels Only (he may be paraphrasing the second one a little.)
        So Nursey checks the box next to ENGL145, Creative Fiction Writing.
        That’s the start of it, really.

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Nico discovers the world of ‘American Cooking’ (fried butter) and wants to see how deeply he can immerse himself in this before it kills him. (Dad’ll just bring him back after, its just a fun little experiment)

Three weeks in he starts to feel a little iffy so he goes to the doctor to see how it’s coming along. His arteries are completely clogged, like, there is nothing going through that in the least, and according to his doc here he should have been dead months ago. 

Turns out, factoring in stress, bad eating, not sleeping, he should have died at least six or seven times from that alone, but Hades -really- did not want an impromptu visit from his son and just kinda…. put it off so they wouldn’t have to speak for more than just holidays. 

hey this is just a note that while i think being vegan is great (seriously, no sarcasm there lol) – if you are the type to post a lot of shaming or graphic posts about other food choices (ie pictures of animal cruelty, a lot of posts about what a horrible person u are if u eat animal products) – i am honestly very likely to unfollow, just bc the guilt tripping of any kind is really not my thing

(saying this bc i just unfollowed two mutuals and i feel a little bad but it got very iffy on my dashboard lol)

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How's life?it sucks I know but how's your day going?~galaxy

its iffy. I got into a relationship and he’s absolutely amazing and I really like him. But at the same time, I dont think he even begins to understand how bad my eating disoder/depression/bpd is and im careful to only show him a little bit of the symptoms but not too much. its tiring sometimes, and although I hope I can last long with him, I dont know how long it will take before he realizes how much of a fuck up i am. Plus, body image wise, I was ok before him. Like it was more of a compulsive type of bulimia…but now I feel so fat and ugly compared to the girls he’s friends with and I cant help but try to become thinner and its killing me emotionally. That and I didnt start school this semester and havent told my parents. stressful af

Adam is so bad at flirting with Henry there’s a body count.

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Have you played 'El Shaddai'? And if you HAVE played it, were you a fan? Personally I found the combat to be too tedious and the platforming pretty bad, but the surreal charm, engaging tone, and frequently beautiful and surprising imagery kept me going and made it special. You seem to have a high tolerance for iffy moment-to-moment gameplay as long as the experience overall is interesting and worthwhile, so I was curious.

I’ve only played a little of El Shaddai.  I think there was a demo released for it.  I was interested in continuing the adventures of angelic Val Kilmer and stylish Lucifer, but never got around to it.

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I think Evie and Ruckus can be friends, because they're both a little bad guys (in terms of doing all sorts of nasty things) Uh, and sorry, i'm not so good at english

Don’t worry about it! I imagine Ruckus was initially really iffy about Evie - he’s not a socialite and Evie is admittedly very irritating, but being regarded as the less civil people on team, you only get so many people to talk to.

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omg baby!jo is so cute. honestly i live for those type of de-aging fics. small bby jo always wanting the softest cuddles and kisses from big boy nate

As a little kid he has no idea why he likes Nate so much, he just implicitly trusts Nate and wants Nate to be proud of him and show him lots of affection. Nate at first is a little iffy about snuggly with kids, especially since that’s his best friend turned into a little kid, but baby Jo is so cute and giggly and full of love and he won’t let Nate go so Nate gives in. And once he starts picking Jo up and covering him in little kisses as Jo giggles, it’s really hard to stop.

(Years and years later, when he and Jo have been dating for ages and Nate’s almost forgotten that time his fiancé was turned into a kid pre-relationship, he sits Jo down and says that he really really wants kids, and if possible he wants Jo to be a part of that family. Jo asks loudly if Nate is proposing. It’s kind of not what Nate was aiming for but like, he can’t really back down now?? So he fumbles along and Jo says yes anyway and then Nate proposes for real a few week later with like, a ring and everything)

Haaah, I’m so sorry!!


I’ve… sorry… for not being motivated at all… I know it’s bad for me, the owner of the blog, to work so.. so little… I’ve just been feeling so iffy, I’m terribly sorry. I don’t know what to do to get me out of this depressive slump… I don’t wanna sound like I’m excusing my behavior… heck I’m just so so sorry… I wanna motivate myself but I don’t feel like I can do anything bluhh… - Mod Ibuki!

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YOOO ARTHURIAN LEGENDS ARE THE SHIT if you like retellings I super recommend 'The Seeing Stone' trilogy by Kevin Crossley-Holland! They're my favourites!!

Yes! It’s great to find another fan. I love retellings but I’m a little iffy if Mordred is in the book. I don’t mind evil Mordred but I want at least a sympathetic look at the character. I don’t like him being overly cruel or evil for no reason. Like any good written character he should have good and bad qualities. However I’ll totally check out the trilogy, thanks for recommending it! :)

Oh, That’s Just Bucky Part 3

AN: Excuse time! So I’ve been hella sick lately and honestly couldn’t move because I felt so bad. Hopefully this chapter makes sense because some of it I was delirious on cold meds lmao I’m kinda iffy on how I’m writing Bucky, so sorry if his character seems wonky. I might go back and flesh it out a bit better. Anyways, feedback is always GREATLY appreciated!

Summary: Steve Rogers is in a shitty relationship with a shitty guy. However, things take a turn for the weird when Steve moves into a new apartment that isn’t as empty as he thought. Little does he know that there’s actually a pretty helpful demon living there too. It’s just the way he delivers his messages that bothers Steve.

Pairing: Steve x Bucky

Warnings: more fainting and more blood. Bucky is kinda scary for a bit 

Gif not mine (FYI: It’s actually surprising how hard it is to find demon Bucky edits. There are literally only two that I could find that aren’t from The Covenant D;) 

Part 1 Part 2 

The next day Steve was pacing around his apartment waiting on Natasha to show up. After the incident, hallucination, whatever, last night the blond had been on edge and refused to stay still for very long. His golden locks were standing in all directions from his fingers constantly tugging and running through them. When the redhead showed up her smile faltered at the sight of him and slumped her shoulders.

“What the hell, Steve? Did you even sleep last night?” she clucked her tongue and dragged him over to sit on the couch. The truth was, he hadn’t. Not even a wink. He was so paranoid that thing would come back and do God knows what. He knew he looked rough, she didn’t have to point it out. Steve rubbed at the dark circles around his puffy eyes and sighed.

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okay so I know a lot of us are suckers for a good soulmate AU but consider this: a universe where having a soulmate is seen as a bad thing

most soulmate AUs are happy and magical and everyone is all about meeting their soulmate, but there are a lot of readers (myself included) who can get iffy about the fact that it’s just a little dub-con-ish, right? So what about a world where that’s the prevailing view? Where people who are born with a soulmate mark are pitied and ostracized, because their choices have been taken away?

let’s say that in this world having a soulmate is really rare, like .01% of the population or something, so the vast majority of people just go about their business and date and fall in love the way we do, and when someone shows up with a soulmate mark it’s like “Oh. Well, there’s no point in dating him - he’ll just have to wait until the right person shows up. Hope it’s before he gets old.” Or people who think that it’s pathetic that someone has to spend their entire life searching for the ‘right’ someone instead of making their own choices.

so people who do have soulmates are bitter and resentful about it and even when they find their soulmate it can be just like “oh great, it’s you, that took long enough” and people who actually dare to be happy when they find their soulmate are looked down upon like they’ve been brainwashed by the soulmate magic because why would you be happy about falling in love against your will?

not that I have literally any idea how I might turn this into a fic or even what characters or fandom it might be good for but it popped into my head and now I’m kind of fascinated with the idea

The Only Moment We Were Alone - Galaxy_Ghost - JackSepticEye (YouTube RPF), Markiplier (YouTube RPF), Video Blogging RPF [Archive of Our Own]
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AU. He’s alone, all alone. But then they’re alone together, and that’s all that matters.

This was supposed to be like. A two page drabble. It’s now 6 pages and almost 3k. My bad.

Uhh, wrote most of this in two days. It’s a little different than I meant it to be, but I still like it? A bit iffy in some places, but–I’m proud of it nonetheless. Practiced a bit on some word stuff, so.

But yeye. Enjoy.

Also, fun fact: GG has a wall full of sticky notes, with titles of unwritten stories. The title of this story is one of those sticky notes. One down, eleven to go!

Meeting Sammy | Enzo

{ mynamesenzo }

Dean had to admit upon waking fresh drool dripping from his lip and onto the vampires chest that last night had been one of the best nights of sleep he had gotten in prolly ten years. Honestly he hadn’t selpt before purgatory and it had been really iffy while he was there, he felt more relaxed and renewed than he had in ages. Maybe that had something to do with the vampire blood. Reaching up his wiped his chin and his lips, then used the edge of the sheet to clean off Enzo’s chest. He actually felt a little bad about that and the fact that he hadn’t moved in, a quick glance at the clock, twelve hours.

Did Enzo even sleep that much or had he just been forced to stay under him so he didn’t wake him up. Looking up as he pushed himself up on his elbow, he couldn’t help a small smile seeing the vampire still asleep, he almost didn’t want to wake him and while there wasn’t really a rush and he was clearly already paying for a second day at the hotel, he wanted to get on the road and find Sammy. Call it codependency but he missed the kid and since he was here, he also needed to try and get a prayer out to Cas, Cas the angel he had clearly ditched in Purgatory.

“Hey you gonna sleep the day away?” He asked, reaching up to run a hand through Enzo’s hair, watching as it stood up on end. He liked his hair, also who was he to judge he’d just clearly woken up. Normally he’d have just gotten in the shower and waited for the man to wake up on his own but he’d promised Enzo first go.