a little history lesson for ya

  • i really like the idea of danny using the ghost zone to his advantage and going to the ghosts for advice
  • like hes always asking johnny for advice with girls and being cool and what not, bc admit it danny is a shy little nerd and is clueless when it comes to these things
  • and he starts taking singing lessons from ember because hes gotta strengthen his ghostly wail somehow and wow what do ya know hes actually a reallly talented singer they should do a duet sometime
  • and whenever danny is stuck on a particullary difficult history lesson clockwork just takes him to when it acTUALLY occurred and lets danny see it that way (which leads a lot to danny totally bombing the tests because the way history books are written is completely different than what actually happened and hey mr lancer i assure you ghosts fought in the civil war too)
  • and maybe when hes having a down day he’ll just go and hang out with the far frozen because if anyone can boost his self confidence its those guys and they do make an awesome meal
  • and im just so down with danny becoming friends with all the ghosts in gz and spending just as much time there as he does on earth because while he may be human hes also a ghost and he shouldnt try to hide from that part of himself and gimme more ghostly danny loving his ghostly self please
Part 2

Time for part 2! Looks like the premiere episode will either an hour long or shown on two different nights. I put page #s in parenthesis so you can get idea of how much script is actually missing. Tried to be more detailed this time….ended up being long af so enjoy after the cut

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