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hello, hello everyone!
first off, thank you so much for all the support, it’s so much appreciated and I love you all ♡ it means so much to me that people are reading and actually liking the content I put out & it just makes me even more motivated to continue this blog 

second, I am back in a college routine, so I won’t be able to update as much as i usually can! this week especially will be hectic for me, so I’ll be going into a little hiatus for the next few days so i can get settled back into a routine lifestyle. I hope y’all can understand!♡

lastly, even though I’ll be in a little hiatus, i will still be able to take requests, so the request box will still be open! I have one post on queue and it’ll be posted within the next couple of days after a little proof reading

thank you again so much for all of the support ♡

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Courage, dear heart. - C.S Lewis

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Who are you? How do you possess the byakugan? Don’t tell me you have ties to the Hyuga?

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Top 5: Top 5 HQ characters you would like to teach you volleyball?

Let’s start with saying I can’t play volleyball to save my life so…

1. Ukai Ikkei. He’s a very strict and brutal teacher, exactly the one I would need. We saw his methods paid off both in the past, when he led Karasuno to the Nationals, and in the present, when he helped Hinata and Kageyama improve tremendously. He has a great heart and he’s very good with children too. I think he would be the best teacher of them all. 

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2. Sugawara. He was the very first in charge of Hinata’s training and he’s in charge of the B team as well. He’s gentle, patient but very firm at the same time. He’s the kind of person you want to improve for and I can actually see him becoming a coach in the future!

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3. Bokuto. He’s the life coach we all need and the one I would like to have as a mentor if my skills were already sharp enough. He’s the most inspiring character of the series to me, one that always goes out of his way to help other people improve. Being his disciple would be nothing but an honor :’)

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4. Iwaizumi. I think that he, as a coach, would be a hybrid between Suga and Bokuto. The only challenge would be to not be constantly distracted by his arms during the training tbh. Another very strong candidate to be a coach in the future! 

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5. Oikawa. One might say he hasn’t the best historical record when it comes to teaching other people, but if I have to learn, might as well learn from the very best. 

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- bonus: Nishinoya. Because which of us has not dreamed of learning how to do the rolling thunder???? 

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The air is sweet tonight.

Less like sugar, and more like the clean, cutting scent of midnight and quiet and dew hanging heavy like teardrops on grass. It’s the type of night that calms, the type of night that begs to be listened to, and Alec listens, hears the sound of swerving cars and hot dog stands and Magnus, walking by his side, all gentle breaths and rustling fabric and everything Alec has missed so badly.

There’s a lot he wants to say, so many words lying heavy on his tongue. He wants to tell Magnus about how Max is doing, or about the way his parabatai bond feels off. He wants to talk about how much it hurt seeing Magnus at the council meeting, or how hard it’s been to fall asleep on his own at night. He wants to tell Magnus everything, to fill in every splintering crack that’s emerged between them in the past few days.

But for now… for now, he lets himself walk. He lets himself settle into Brooklyn and summer and Magnus’s fingers intertwined with his own. He lets himself relearn the feeling of Magnus pressed into his side, of matching their strides, of being one half of a whole again after spending too long wondering if that empty hollow thing in his chest was going to be permanent.

The loft is warm when they arrive, barely lit and hazy. Standing by the door, Alec stops and watches as Magnus saunters into the living room, smooth and slow, taking his jacket off in a graceful twirl before he turns around and smiles at Alec. A smile that says welcome home, a smile that asks why are you so far away?

In silent response, Alec wanders in slowly, eyes on Magnus the whole time, half a grin on his face. He blindly trails his fingers along carved chairs and glass-paned doors and the old desk, hands remembering the space and the notches in the wood, passing over neat stacks of books and bottles and –


He tears his gaze away from Magnus and stares down to where his hand catches on a familiar strip of photographs lying front and center on the desk. He sees their faces staring up at him, smiling wide, and remembers Tokyo. He remembers cramming himself into that tiny photobooth, squished closed to Magnus, heart thrumming as the lights went bright and a woman’s voice started counting down. He remembers just laughing, laughing with Magnus, laughing because he was on a date with his boyfriend, and something warms inside of him at the knowledge that Magnus had been looking at the photos and doing exactly what Alec had been doing in the lonely hours of the morning, when he wanted to relive how good things had been.

In the present, he feels Magnus at his side, a solid wall of heat crowding gently against his arm, the beginnings of a question in the air.

Alec answers by reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a wrinkled, matching scrap. There’s a sharp crease down the middle and a corner is folded in, but he flattens it out the best he can as he lays it next to its twin.

Magnus and Alec. Alec and Magnus. Beaming and happy and immortalized in ink on a spring night in Shinjuku.

A low chuckle rumbles from Magnus’s throat. “You kept it with you, you sentimental sap,” he murmurs as he stares at the identical pictures for another slow, drawn out beat, studying the evidence of that night with a wistful gaze. He glances up at Alec’s face with an unreadable expression and then tugs at his arm, pulling them together until they slot in place in a simple hug.

Alec trembles. The feeling of Magnus’s face buried into his neck, the tender ache of it almost painful in his bones, the way he can’t help but dig his fingers into Magnus’s dark hair and soft skin…

Your sentimental sap, Alec thinks as he bends down to find Magnus’s mouth, smiling against parted lips and forgetting the pictures strewn on the desk in favor of living the real thing.