a little happy goes a long way

Gold Rays

Quick, happy little thing for Oracle Day. Title from the Vinyl Pinups song of the same name, which actually goes with this fic pretty well.


Barbara had learned long ago that the only way one got anywhere in life – particularly in a city like Gotham, particularly in a Batman’s world – was to be unable to accept being merely satisfied.

That being said, in the moment, she was willing to forget that particular life clause.

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ladiekatie  asked:

I see and love your american assassin/sterek au list. but consider... American Assassin!Stiles and Everybody Wants Some!Derek. Stiles the super high tense military man, who has worked his whole life in the field and doesn't know what a real home is and Derek the super chill frat boy that never really grew out of it plays softball with his coworkers but takes it way too seriously. They meet while Stiles has an unusual break and decides to go home to see his parents graves. and Stiles is (1/?)

Stiles is walking through town seeing how little it’s changed since the last time that he was here, probably like 5 years before. And Somehow he runs into Derek and maybe they were friends in kindergarten before Stiles was shipped off to who knows where after his parents died. And their such juxtapositions that they hate each other? like Stiles was so fun loving and happy as a kid and now he has a murder-y vibe about him, and derek had so much potential to be a professional ball player (2/?)

but he blew his knee in college and his career is over. so now he just bums around, he’s got a part time job a few places, but he isn’t very good at one thing or another. They fucking hate each other. and somehow, they keep bumping into each other. and some-fucking-how they are at the same restaurant at the same table together, and they’re both nervous because this is not a date, nope. IT’S NOT A DATE OKAY?!?! but Derek manages to make Stiles crack a smile, and maybe seeing Stiles so taken (3/?)

care of by his job makes Derek want something more from his life of living paycheck to paycheck. Soooo, Derek starts feeling Stiles out, asking for career advise and maybe taking the jobs he has now more seriously? while Stiles hasn’t felt so light talking to someone in years, and he keeps trying to find ways to talk to Derek because he makes him feel /happy/. And then SOMEHOW they end up on a real date. and that date goes all the way to Derek’s apartment. *Wiggles eyebrows* (4/?)

Stiles break gets extended, and they spend more and more time together. Stiles realizes he’s falling for Derek a little bit? and Derek realizes that despite his broody demeanor, he can really see him and stiles being something long term. And Stiles is called into go to work, and he takes off without really telling Derek. Derek doesn’t know what he does, he wouldn’t understand, and Stiles really has to get away from him because he can’t fall in love. He isn’t enough for anyone, especially (5/?)

Derek. So he leaves… and he tries not to look back, but he dreams about Derek at night. Both sexy and not sexy dreams. He even dreams about them having a fucking house together with dog and a little girl. like. fuck he’s in deep. and it affects his mission. when he finishes, his bosses are like “this isn’t you stilinski” and he’s like “no, not anymore. I’m out.” and after some yelling and threats to and from stiles, he leaves. He goes home and tries to find Derek but he can’t find him. (6/?)

He goes around to all the shops he works at and they all tell him he skipped town a few days ago. after getting his number, he tries to call, but derek won’t answer and stiles starts to worry that someone found out who he was to stiles and kidnapped him. So Stiles uses his army/assassin contacts to find him. He’s in San Diego. so Stiles goes to san diego and is tracking derek onto UCSD campus and bursts into a lecture hall to find… derek… in class??? (7/?)

Derek is super embarrassed and sends Stiles to his apartment with promise they’ll talk after class. So Stiles goes, and when Derek comes back they talk. Turns out Stiles leaving lit a fire under derek’s but to be better. because he thought Stiles left becuase he was such a deadbeat. and then Derek asks “Why did you bust into my lecture hall with a gun?” and that’s when Stiles tells derek what he does… did. love confessions ensue. happily ever after ensues after that. (8/?)

Once Derek graduates, and once Stiles finds a job he can do (ptsd makes it hard to find a job) they buy a house, get a dog. a few years later, Derek is teaching at BHHS, and is the baseball coach. He takes himself more seriously than he ever has. they adopt a little girl. Stiles hasn’t touched a gun in years, and he can sit in a room without being on high alert. He can relax. EVERYTHING IS SUNSHINE AND RAINBOWS. (9/9)


ALL THE STEREK AUS. I love it. I was reading them as each message came in just like… YES WHAT’S NEXT.

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Come a Little Bit Closer - Bucky x Reader / Steve x Reader - One Shot

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A/N - Cant stop listening to the GOTG soundtrack. So enjoy this wonderfully strange rendition of Come A Little Bit Closer by Jay & The Americans.

Steve x Reader x Bucky - Steve is drunk on Thor’s mead at Wanda’s birthday party. He makes an accidental play for Bucky’s girl. 

Warnings: Just fluff. And drunk Steve,

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Here’s week 4!  I’m so amazed at how many wonderful fics there are to read each week!  Thank you again to all of you amazing writers!  You are a gift and we are truly blessed to have you!  Happy reading! 😊💞💞💞💞💞

Fics that are NSFW are marked.

@4theluvofallA Little Hair Pulling Goes a Long Way - You and Bucky are in a relationship and though the sex is wonderful, you want something more.  Bucky x Reader NSFW

@4theluvofallemilyevanstan’s blogiversary - Bucky constantly talks about ‘me time’ and Reader is dying to find out what exactly he does.  Bucky x Reader NSFW

@4theluvofall - Pleasant Surprise - You and Tony find yourselves alone and things happen.  Tony x Reader NSFW

@4theluvofall - Sexting with Steve - Steve’s been gone for a while on a mission and when he gets back, he’s can’t wait to show you just how much he missed you.  Steve x Reader NSFW

@4theluvofall - Tickle Tickle - Just a fluffy one-shot where Steve gets back at the reader for tickling him. Wrote this for a certain someone. I’m having a crappy evening myself so I wanted something cute and fun and fluffy. Steve x Reader

@abovethesmokestacksLike Sleep To The Freezing - This is for my darling JinAh @viollettes, in anticipation of things to come and for being such an amazing person. I may have set the pairing as Bucky x reader, but it was always you when I wrote it. All of my love.  Bucky x Reader

@blackgirloneshotsMeeting The Parents - Anonymous asked: Hi! Can I please request a T'Challa and black female reader where he takes her to meet his family and she’s really nervous but they end up really liking her?  T’Challa x Reader

@bovaria - By Way of Spontaneity (Part 9), Part 10, Part 11 - On a whim, Bucky declares you to be his girlfriend to his grandma and mother. They’re eager to meet you and he asks you to pretend to be with him for just one dinner with his family. But is that really all?  Bucky x Reader

@brighterlights#DateMeBuckyBarnes (Part 11), Part 12, Part 13, Part 14 - When Hollywood’s heartthrob Bucky Barnes breaks up with his girlfriend, you jokingly tag him in a selfie on Instagram to express your desire to date him. What you don’t expect is a response from the man himself [Modern AU].  Bucky x Reader

@buckyywiththegoodhairBalcony Scene (ALiL Deleted Scene) - (College!AU): In which an impromptu performance of Shakespeare occurs at the foot of your stairs.  Bucky x Reader

@cassiopeiasskyWhen Everything’s Made to be Broken (I Just Want You to Know Who I Am) Part 42 - Plot:  When you inadvertently become a witness to a murder and are suddenly a target for death, it takes a specially skilled soldier and his team to keep you and your family safe. Bucky x Reader

@dabblinginmarvel - Let’s Hurt Tonight - Request: Hi! I heard you do song requests, so I wanted to ask if you could do one based off of “Let’s Hurt Tonight” by OneRepublic with Bucky. Thanks! And if you can’t then don’t worry about it. :). Bucky x Reader

@dabblinginmarvel - Unbirthday - Could you do a fluffy logan howlett x reader imagine where you are celebrating his b-day please?  Logan x Reader

@hellomissmabel - Little Monster Part 4 - Y/N and professor Rogers have their first meeting. Steve finds himself aligning with a surprising ally.  Steve x Reader

@iwillbeinmynest - An Owed Debt Chapter 18 - When Steve brings Bucky a new assignment, things get a little heated. But he’ll do it to repay an old friend. May might not know the full extent of her powers but she doesn’t think having a babysitter is going to help. Can these two put aside their differences and help each other out? Or is this just an accident waiting to happen?  Bucky x May(oc) 

@iwillbeinmynest - Cool Down Chapter 9 - Steve slips up and makes a confession.  How will you react?  And will it last?  Steve x Reader

@just-some-drabbles - The Only Exception (Part 10) - AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them? Bucky x Reader

@lowkeybuckytrashWorth The Risk {Part 13} - Bucky knew that all Steve wanted was for him to get along with her, but was it really worth the risk?  Bucky x Reader

@marvel-ashRocket Men: Part One - Internationally celebrated crew of Patriot Three, a rag-tag group of astronauts, assimilate back into life on Earth after months in space.  Bucky x Reader

@mrshopkirkIt’s all in your head - In the forties, Steve finds his relationship with Bucky nothing but perfect until the day he catches him with a girl. It becomes a nightmare that haunts him till the present day.  Bucky x Steve (Stucky)

@mrshopkirkUnrequited Love (3.1/3) (end) - Steve has been in love with his best friend for as long as he can remember and he will never stop, even knowing it will forever be unrequited.  Bucky x Steve (Stucky)

@pickledmoon - Friendly Competition bucky and sam argue over who’s the better kisser. you’ll be the judge of that.  Bucky x Reader, Sam x Reader

@sebbys-girl - Braving the Elements Part 10 - Three girls, gifted with the ability to control the elements, are called on to help the Avengers when they are put in an impossible situation. The problem is they have been burnt by SHIELD and Hydra before.  Bucky x Reader

@serzhantkris​ - Sunday Morning -  A young man and a young woman run into one another on a Sunday morning at a coffee shop, both of them heartbroken, and rediscover what it means to love and be loved.  Bucky x Reader

@tatortot2701Eccedentesiast - (.n) Someone who ides the pain behind a smileA/N: So this was just a little something I wanted to get out after I saw the pin. I relate to this more than I would like to admit, and if any of you guys do- I just want to say I’m here. Also shout out to the bomb @whothehellisbella for being an awesome editor and letting me run this by her.  Avengers x Reader 

@tatortot2701Off for a while - Idk what this is. Just a tiny drabble to get over this block.  Bucky x Reader

@viollettes - Creampuff Heist - Bucky wants to smuggle a dog out of the shelter but needs the help of someone who has experience carrying out a heist.  Bucky x Reader

@viollettes - Seventeen Days Masterlist - An angel from heaven is sent back to Earth to prevent college senior Bucky Barnes from ending his life. But here’s the catch - she only has seventeen days to do it.  Bucky x Reader

@volklanaFalling In Love In A Coffee Shop - The title of this series come from this song and it will be central to this series going forward, so as usual please feel free to give it a listen, and this whole idea was born from a request by the ever lovely @wellthatsrandomkekSet in the aftermath of Civil War when Tony is attempting to heal and forgive, when he meets you at a chance meeting in a small town coffeeshop will both of your lives be affected forever? Also if you have seen the movie We Bought A Zoo (2011), I imagine reader’s fashion sense and general personality to be quite like Scarlet Johansson’s character Kelly. So her setting is going to be a ranger/keeper in a wildlife park/zoo setting and that’s where she will be based throughout the course of this series.  Tony x Reader

@whyisbuckyso - Misfire - The Scent, The Sight - The four times Bucky tries to ask you out and fails.  Bucky x Reader

anonymous asked:

whats ur basic relationship advice(s)

Every relationship is different, but these are some things that tend to ring true across the board.

  • Have fun. No matter what age or how long you’ve been together, you should always be able to make each other laugh.
  • Let your partner have their own passions and life. Have your own too.
  • Compromise. Relationships are about balance and finding happy mediums.
  • Touch. Being physically close and connected to each other is what creates that amazing comforting bond. Don’t ignore that, a little goes a long way.
  • Date somebody that you would be friends with.
  • Listen. Pay attention to the little things, to the dreams they think are too crazy or a throwaway comment of their interests. Showing thoughtfulness is such a sign of love and respect.
  • Be honest, especially about your feelings, needs and expectations.
  • Never leave the house in a fight
  • Know that it won’t always be easy, but that’s no reason to give up.
  • Accept that nobody is perfect. You aren’t, so don’t hold unrealistic expectations for someone else. Love them as you love yourself unconditionally as you both work to improve yourselves.
  • Know the other person’s love language. This helps you communicate better, understand one another’s mindset and make sure you both feel cared about.
  • Don’t take things too seriously. I feel like this is general life advice, but make time to see the positive and do things that will make you happy. Keep that playful element.
  • Finally, its great for your partner to be your best friend, but don’t let them be your only friend.

“Feel Better” Charmed Soup ✨🍲✨

My husband has been suffering from a bad cold the past couple days, so I decided to whip up a little kitchen magic to help him out. After just one bowl, he was already commenting on how much better he felt!
(All my measurements are approximate; it’s really just whatever tastes good to you.)


  • 2 cups bone broth (homemade is best, but store-bought is fine too)
  • 4 cups chicken stock
  • 1 cup wild rice
  • 1 medium onion
  • 9 cloves of garlic (protection, vitality) ((I chose 9 because it’s a good number, but use however much you want))
  • Black pepper (protection)
  • Sea salt (protection, purifying)
  • 4-5 fresh sage leaves (healing, purifying)
  • 2 bay leaves (protection)
  • 1 tsp fresh grated ginger (protection, healing, vitality)
  • 1 tsp turmeric powder (healing)
  • 1-2 tsp chili flakes (protection, healing, vitality)
  • A healthy squeeze of lemon juice (healing, vitality, happiness)
  • A splash of apple cider vinegar (because that shit is magic all on its own. But don’t overdo it; a little goes a long way!)

In a medium stockpot, drizzle a tablespoon or so of olive oil, heat on medium. Chop up the onion and dump it in, add sage leaves, salt, and pepper, and cook until slightly browned, stirring frequently. 

Add bone broth and chicken stock, then stir clockwise while focusing some healing energy into the pot. Mince up your garlic and add it to the broth.

Once the broth is simmering, add your rice, then the rest of your spices, lemon juice, and cider vinegar. I also poked healing sigils into the bay leaves with a sewing needle, like so.

Cover and continue to simmer until rice is thoroughly cooked. Before serving, do another clockwise stir and a final dose of healing energy, and there you go! 


anonymous asked:

I wish you write a fic where Aaron is on his way to a meeting and it's a long train journey. To kill time, he starts scrolling through his phone. He goes over all the stupid text convos with Rob. And then looks through the photos that he's taken of him and Rob. And reminiscing the little story behind each one. And he realises how happy he is with Robert. We don't usually get things from Aaron's POV and how much Robert means to him. Would really like it if you wrote this insanely fluffy fic. :)

i changed it slightly if thats okay (very slightly) but this was the most!! fun to write anon, so thank you for this gorgeous prompt! (it got a bit long, so enjoy.)

we keep this love in a photograph

aaron reminisces about some of his happy moments with robert on a train journey home (1,811)

Aaron settled into his seat on the train, a cup of tea in hand as he began his long journey home to Emmerdale. He’d had to get the train down to London for a few meetings, and he wasn’t exactly looking forward to the three hour journey home. He didn’t deal well with long journeys at the best of times, and he was bone tired and just longing for his own bed, in his own flat (and maybe a pint, before he slept for at least two days.)

London was busy, and exhausting, and it was the first time in a long time he hadn’t gone with Robert by his side, his husband there to distract him from boring train journeys and busy cities with a smile and an overly enthusiastic list of things for them to do together.


Aaron barely held in a sigh as he thought about his husband. They’d been fighting a lot lately, over ridiculous things, and it was driving Liv, and his mum, and everyone else insane.

Rooting for his phone, Aaron sat back in his chair and glanced at his screen, seeing he had a few messages from Adam, and Liv. Replying to the work related texts from his best mate first, he turned his attention to Liv’s snapchats, wondering what ridiculousness his sister had sent him now.

“Robert, why does your face look like that?” Liv asked, her camera pointed at a serious looking Robert, who was hunched over his computer.

Robert glanced up, rolling his eyes at Liv, his blonde hair ruffled and out of place. “If this goes on your snapchat story, I’m going to let Aaron make dinner for the next month and you can get scurvy.”

Aaron couldn’t help but laugh at Robert’s response, and the cheeky face Liv had pulled in the next snapchat she’d sent him.

Liv was brilliant, she really was.

Feeling more lonely now than he had before, Aaron started to scroll through his photo album, skimming through the thousands of photos and videos he’d somehow ended up with. He’d never really considered himself a sentimental person, but he had a lot of good things to document over the past few years.

Pausing at a recent photo of Robert, Aaron felt his heart swell with love for the man in the photo. He’d taken it one lazy Sunday morning, Robert in bed with the duvet pulled up around his waist, reading a new book.

He was always lost in his own world, when he read, Aaron remembered, totally lost in the pages until he’d read it from cover to cover. After a quiet, sleepy round of Sunday morning sex, Robert had decided he’d stay in bed and enjoy his book for a while - Aaron had gone to get them both a cup of tea when he’d come back to see Robert so enthralled in his book, he’d had to take a picture.

It was one of those little things he’d learned about Robert after they’d decided to give their relationship a proper go, his love for reading. Aaron knew the easiest way to keep Robert happy, or brighten up a day was to just buy him a new book, the newest science fiction novel or murder mystery.

Aaron wasn’t a reader, really, but he liked seeing his husband so invested.

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I’m 1000% convinced that Sarada’s first birthday since her Papa’s return ended up being a little odd to her at first because she wasn’t used to having Papa around at a time like this, and the way he handled things was quite peculiar and fascinating to her—if not for making her feel a little bittersweet about having been robbed of birthdays like this for too long. 

Because Papa is not exuberantly warm and happy as Mama is, she finds, but he is still just as loving in his strange, roundabout way. While Mama showers her with kisses, hugs and thoughtful gifts, Papa goes out of his way to prepare her favorite food (which Mama no doubt shared) and make sure she is at her most comfortable; he brings her a blanket if she’s cold, takes away her dishes when she’s done eating, and cleans out her gear in time for when she has to leave—essentially, he takes care of her, tries his best to meet her every need.

It is so very different from how Mama shares her love on her birthday, but it is still oddly just as powerful in its expression… and so, so fitting, somehow, for a man as awkward and as hesitant as her Papa often was. After all, being a father was a role he was still getting accustomed to, after so many long years of being away.

But he was trying hard, and she could see it, like this. Especially when he put his hand in her hair, patting the locks so softly, mismatched eyes as kind as she’d ever seen them be.

Still, nothing could prepare her for what she would feel when Papa quietly guided her in the backward of their new home (recently built, and similar to the first house Sarada had lived in with Mama) and lead her to the pretty little river there, where a small, unfamiliar dock stood. One that wasn’t there a few days ago, she couldn’t help but to note.

Sarada looked up at her father and blinked. “Papa?”

Papa’s eyes softened again, and he said, “Sarada, remember when you asked me to teach you the fireball jutsu, and I said you weren’t ready?”

Her heart quickened, and a tiny little flicker of hope began to light—but she wouldn’t let herself get too excited, yet. “Yes. What about it, Papa?”

His lips seemed to tug a little, and he put his hand in her hair again. “I lied. You are ready. I just wanted to wait for something more… special.” He finally smiled. “Happy birthday, Sarada.”

The brightest, most overjoyed grin crept to her lips, and Sarada couldn’t help herself from jumping, fist pumping into the air. “Shannaro! Yes! You’re the best, Papa, you’re the best!”

okay listen up amnesia au where maya loses her long-term memories because she was an idiot and did parkour where she wasn’t supposed to and it’s not permanent because her brain was just in shock (don’t quote me on this i may be a bio student but i don’t know shit) and they’ll come back in due time

so like imagine maya lying in her hospital bed all drugged up and happy and a little goofy honestly and riley walks in, eyes all red-rimmed and watery and she’s only here this late because visitation hours didn’t start until eleven and anyway maya’s smiling at this pretty girl who’s here to visit her and riley takes her hand she just stares down at it in amazement and goes “nice ring, who’s the lucky guy?” and riley just looks at her 

she gets discharged after a day or two and the kind doctor says a little rest and relaxation will go a long way, her memories will slowly come back, a week and a half at max to wait, so riley takes maya back to her apartment and cory and topanga are sitting at the kitchen table and cory asks “how’s your girlfriend” and riley just looks at him with sad eyes and maya, bless her, turns around as if there’s someone behind her because she doesn’t know cory is referring to her and topanga sees and comes up and brings her to the table and asks if she would like some food and maya says yes please and topanga laughs and says at least she’s politer like this

they go to topanga’s later, because riley thinks maya could use the fresh air, and they’re walking and maya’s footsteps are so light, she hasn’t stopped smiling and she’s making jokes and the way she looks at riley hasn’t changed, blue eyes full of adoration and riley can’t help but think that this maya, who doesn’t remember her father leaving, doesn’t remember that she blamed herself for more than a decade for that, doesn’t think she’s not worth anything good in the world, this maya is so much more carefree, a thousand times happier, even though riley had never thought maya was unhappy before

maya without the weight of the world, unfairly carried on her shoulders, is happy, so much so that riley almost doesn’t want her to remember


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Last Words 

I’m sick and don’t want to move, so you get Stan and Soos headcanons.

Did twelve year old Soos even know how to fix anything? I submit that he did not. I mean, it’s possible he’d helped Abulita with some simple home repair stuff before—but also, it’s just as likely that he didn’t? He was twelve and his qualifications for being hired were “he was holding a screwdriver at the time.” 

So imagine the day he first shows up for work. Stan’s like “okay, twelve year old that I hired in defiance of both common sense and child labor laws, here’s the golf cart. The problem’s pretty simple, I could fix it myself if I weren’t busy, so hop to it. Here’s a toolbox, I will provide no adult supervision.” 

Stan leaves and Soos is like “okay, I can do this. How hard can it be?” And proceeds to break it a whole ton more than it was broken to begin with, because he’s just a kid kind of taking things apart and trying to put them back together with no idea what he’s doing.

Stan comes back a few hours later and looks at the small child surrounded by engine parts like “welp, I should have seen this coming.” But Soos is close to tears, he’s frustrated and exhausted and probably with a handful of little cuts and such on his hands from rooting around inside a golf cart. He’d been so proud that he’d gotten a real grown-up job–at the coolest place in Gravity Falls, no less! But now he can’t do the one thing he’s supposed to and his fingers hurt and he’s tired and embarrassed.

He starts bawling and begs Stan not to fire him–which, of course, makes Stan incredibly uncomfortable and tugs at his soft little marshmallow of a heart.

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So I really love the idea of Elias x Eskild (again, thanks to @evenandsana) so here’s another piece, more central to them but with a peek of evak as well! It gets kind of long, read more under the cut!

(Kind of considering making them a series? I’m so happy about the positive reaction to the other little thing I posted. Love you all!)

One night after a particularly big fight with his dad, elias goes to eskild’s with tears running down his face. He runs into isak and Even on the stairs on the way back from one of eskild’s Gay Conventions, and Even sees his face and immediately hugs him and kisses his forehead, cheeks, nose and says “elias what’s wrong?” and elias just starts to cry as Even wraps his arms around him. A few months ago isak would have said, “excuse me sir that is my boyfriend you’re crying on,” but Even explained how touchy feely ALL the balloon boys are, how it’s part of their culture, and isak kind of loves it? he loves being hugged by mikael and yousef on particularly stressful days, and loves having his hair pet by mutta when he and Even have a fight. it opens a whole new level of affection that isak’s never allowed himself to want from boys, and never had from family. so isak understands, and grabs elias’ hand and rubs soothing circles into it with his thumb. and the little trio shuffles up the stairs and back into eskild’s apartment, and eskild says “back for more Guru advising?” before he sees elias, who is promptly deposited into his arms. eskild starts asking if he’s been hurt, is no stranger to violence walking across oslo at night, and secretly worries since elias is an out and proud brown boy. but elias calms down and isak makes him some lavender tea as Even and eskild rub his shoulders and head. elias talks and talks about how his parents bring up that sana’s got it all figured out, will be studying for biochemical engineering with isak at UiO, while he’s just fucking around and chilling for a year. even understand exactly what he’s going through, being a year behind, not really knowing, but it’s eskild who fully supports elias, tells him it’s okay to take a gap year.

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Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, things are a little crazy right now. So this is a little one I wrote a while ago. Get pumped for this weekend! A nice, long, fluffy story is coming your way! I’m really excited about it! Happy Thursday! Enjoy!

There were never many guys that I was very into. Sure, nice guys would pop up every now and then, cute guys would walk around every corner, but it was rare to find a kind, handsome man I wanted to spend a lot of time with. 

I’m like every girl. I want someone to care about me, to talk to, to satisfy me. I like to get dressed up and go to bars every now and then. I like to dance and flirt and drink a little. Or a lot.

But then I like to go home. I like to read or watch movies in my spot on the couch. I like to go to the gym in the morning and I like to spend my days at work. I like to make myself dinner and go to bed. 

I like not depending on anyone.

Well I did. Until Bucky Barnes joined the team. Now I want nothing more than for him to depend on me and for me to depend on him. He’s addicting. He makes me realize how much I want someone like him in my life.

And I’ve never even said more than two words to him.

He’s new and he’s shy. His eyes dart around at all times scanning for threats. He never jumps, but I know that he gets startled when a new voice comes into the room or a loud movie plays on the television. Tension always shows in his shoulders.

Steve has told me about the Bucky he used to know. The suave and smooth hunk of man who used to glide from girl to girl. The center of attention who used to tell all the jokes. The knight in shining armor who used to drop in and take care of Steve.

That last one I believe. He’s always with Steve. They train together, eat together, go on missions together. Steve is really the only person Bucky almost holds a conversation with.

I look at him and I don’t see a lost puppy like the others do. I see a strong man who has found himself again. He doesn’t need anyone’s help or pity. He’s doing just fine on his own.

I was sitting in my spot on the couch. The corner where the two ends come together and form a nest. My legs were folded under me and I was reading my book. 

Well I was until Bucky and Steve came in. 

Steve said hello and Bucky gave me a quick smile which I returned. Steve asked permission to watch the news on the TV which I granted. Anything to keep Bucky in the same room, though I would never admit that to myself. 

Steve plopped down on the couch in front of the screen while Bucky gently lowered himself to sit. He was closest to me, though on a separate couch, which was intriguing. 

It shouldn’t have been, but it was. I rolled my eyes at myself and tried to turn my focus back to the pages in my lap. I really need to stop looking so far into things.

I couldn’t help it though. Usually if anyone else was in the room Bucky sat as far away from them as possible. He normally glued himself to the arm of the couch near the wall, sitting straight, his arms safely folded in his lap, ready to pounce at any second.

Today, he was in the middle of the couch. Steve was on the other side of him, giving me a full view of the man I just loved to stare at. My brain cursed the situation while my heart praised it.

And the staring commenced.

It’s not that I’m creepy… well I am but I’m not trying to be. I don’t check him out, or eye-fuck him as Natasha would say. He truly fascinated me.

He looked more relaxed than I’d ever seen him. He leaned back into the cushions of the couch, his strong shoulders buried in the beige material. He was so slouched, I could see the light of day between the small of his back and the cushion. It almost made me laugh.

My eyes traveled down his lounging form as I tried to ignore my lungs collapsing as my body clenched in attempts of holding in a scream. His legs that were usually pulled together and tense were now wide open in a v, the foot closest to me resting on the coffee table.

His legs were long, but thick with muscle. Even as he was sitting I could tell his pants were hanging low on his hips. For a brief moment I wondered what they looked like when they weren’t hiding under fabric. I had to quickly raise my eyes from the lower half of his body before my mind wandered too far and got me excited about something that would never happen. 

When I look at his face watching the news, something overcomes me. A feeling of warmth passes through my body. Maybe I’m blushing at the way his jaw cuts his profile or the way his cheekbones line his dark stubble.

Maybe the warmth is simply joy. He seems happy, even with me in the room, intruding on his time with Steve. He’s grinning at a funny commercial and it makes me think of the rare times he shares his toothy smile. I live for those moments when his smile is white and perfect, blinding even. It doesn’t come very often, so I’ll settle for the little grins life brings him.

Whatever the warmth is, it comes and goes and leaves a darker notion in its place. One of longing. Like I’m watching everything from afar. A feeling of nostalgia washes through my veins and I feel like I’m swimming against the tide to be closer to him. Like he’s a lifeline. I fear that if I breathe wrong it’ll upset the moment and he’ll get up and walk away, never to return.

I honestly have trouble finding the words for it. The way I feel about him. I don’t know why I feel so strongly. It’s rather ridiculous, but I feel like I’m head over heels for this man. Like I’ve jumped off a cliff expecting him to catch me and he doesn’t even realize I’m missing.

I rip my gaze away from him and plant it back to my book. I try to ignore the feeling that overwhelms me once again. The urge to rub the tension out of his shoulders and smooth the worry marks on his forehead and please and pleasure him until my lungs give out.

Without my consent, my eyes peek around the top of my book just once more to see Bucky’s eyes already on me. I quickly look down, trying to hide the grin on my face and the red on my cheeks and the squeal in my throat.

I try so hard to read the words on the page for the tenth time and maybe pay attention to what it says this round but I can’t see anything except his blue eyes floating off the pages. His eyes are like a portal to another world. Those eyes that have seen New York City almost a century ago first hand. I wish I could swim in them but whenever I look into them, I struggle to even stay afloat. 

It’s truly amazing how they’ve stayed so blue when everything around him seems to have fallen into the darkness he’s seen. Their sky is surrounded by dark clouds of lashes and brows, long hair that attempts to rain on his light skin.

When I was brave enough to look up from my book he suddenly smiled over at me. Well, grinned. But it was warm and lovely. His lips are the most perfect shade of pink that’s ever existed, bright against his light, rough skin. They’re round like little pillows waiting to be stroked. Pink and round, though a bit chapped. I couldn’t help wondering how wonderful they would feel against mine, a juxtaposing texture from my own that could keep me busy for hours on end.

His behavior encouraged me to say something to him. But what would I say? And when was a good time? 

The second I thought about speaking, my heart was thrashing in my chest, sending adrenaline rushing to all extremes of my body. My hands began to shake against my book and my breathing was labored and eventually hitched in my lungs. I couldn’t imagine what I looked like over in the corner in my little nest, and on top of that I was absolutely sure both Steve and Bucky could clearly hear my pounding heartbeat. 

I tried to calm myself down, but eventually decided not to talk to him.

Maybe tomorrow, I thought to myself.

It was beyond my comprehension that Bucky had been having the same thoughts about me since he sat down.



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HAPPY SUMMER WEEKEND!  So a little more about me, pure country girl, country music, horses and yes my ride is a big ass diesel truck!  Summer country concerts and tailgates are one of my favorite things in life.  So why the post?  Tailgating often means beer, burgers, dogs, chips, dip, etc.  You CAN tailgate healthy!  I pack my own treats like carrots, celery, pineapple, watermelon and low calorie adult beverages!  A little planning goes a LONG way!  Enjoy summer!  Enjoy the music!  Enjoy your tailgate/party! 

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Fic 463: Bunkin’ Up

A little Texas Toast for you all. It’s a cold night in Coldfort…

“It’s dead as a doornail.” Engineer announced to seven blue-tinged faces and one black respirator. “Gonna need some parts from town to fix it.”

All eyes were on the oddly shaped metal slab on the kitchen table. Ostensibly it had once been a functioning part of Coldfort’s furnace, which was now non-functioning due in large part to it now, in fact, sitting on the opposite side of the base. Outside, the wind howled, rattling the windows in their panes, and a collective shiver ran through the group.

“Engineer.” Spy lit his cigarette as smoothly as he could, but it was impossible to miss the trembling of the flame as he brought it towards him. “You cannot get to town until this storm passes.”

Engineer nodded. “Yup. I reckon that’s right.”

“This storm is forecasted to sit over this god-forsaken mountain for the next two days.”

“Yup. I reckon that’s right, too.”

Spy snapped his lighter shut. “So you are saying that we will be without heat, in the middle of a blizzard, for two days?”

Engineer paused. The team leaned forward. Then he crossed his arms. They leaned forward more, watching as the gears worked inside that impressive brain. And then he paused again before finally shaking his head.

“Naw. I figure it’s gonna be closer to four. Gotta actually get to town for the dag-burn part first.”

At the back of the room, Heavy shrugged. “Is not so bad. Is like home.”

“Yeah, okay for you, Abominable Snowman, but how about us who ain’t had time to fatten up for winter?” Scout scowled before withering under the Russian’s glare.

Engineer held up his hands. “Look, I know it ain’t the news you boys were lookin’ for, but I ain’t figured out how to bend space and time. Yet. In the meantime, we got firewood and fireplaces, and I recommend we all get to usin’ ‘em. And you might wanna find a buddy and get cozy. A little body heat goes a long way to keepin’ a fella warm.”

“Hummh huh muh.” Pyro’s mumbled cheerfully as they deposited another armful of blankets onto the bed.

“Not at all, partner. Happy to have you.” Engineer grinned as he tossed another log on the fire. After the meeting in the kitchen, he’d been glad to have the firebug clamp onto him like a dog on a bone. Pyro seemed in better spirits than the others about the whole situation, but that just might have been that their asbestos suit was as good at keeping a body warm when it was cold as it was keeping a body cool where it was hot. No matter what it was though, they were a fair bit more cheerful about the whole thing than anyone else. If he was gonna suffer through this blizzard, he was at least going to do it with a smile.

Pyro hummed happily to themselves as they lay their blankets out on top of Engineer’s bed. Already dressed in pink striped flannel pajamas and with a nightcap on top of their mask, they looked ready to bed down for the evening.

It wasn’t a bad idea. Even with the fire roaring away in the fireplace, there was enough chill in the air to make his joints start ache, and that meant that working on any of his partially completed blueprints would have been about as much fun as walking barefoot through a patch of prickly pears.

The bedsprings squeaked as Pyro hopped under the covers and snuggled down under four quilts, two duvets, and two blankets.

“You look like the ‘Princess and the Pea’ if the princess decided to sleep under all them mattresses.” Pyro threw their arm over their head in an exaggerated swoon, and he chuckled as he got back to his feet and made his own way to the bed. He wasn’t as bundled up as Pyro, but he was thanking Mama Conagher back in Bee Cave for the new pair of long underwear that she’d slipped in his suitcase during his last trip home. Between that and the knit cap on his head, he almost felt warm. Reaching over to the small side table, he turned off the lamp as he squirmed his own way under the covers.

As he got comfortable there was the sound of rubber being worked between fingers, and an odd ploff as the mask was dropped to the ground in surprisingly careless fashion.

“It is cold.” Pyro whispered. “Do you think I could see my breath?”

“I reckon so. But I’ll be damned if I’m reaching my arm back out there to turn on the light for you to find out.”

“Ahhhhhh…. Oh, Engie! I can see it!”

Engineer turned his head just enough to see the silhouette of Pyro’s head illuminated by the base’s external security lights. Their chin jutted out just a little as puffs of breath hung like ghosts in the cold night air.

“Ain’t that something?” He yawned and pulled his cap down a little more before laying his head down onto the pillows.

“Ooooooh… Ahhhhhhhh…” Pyro continued watching their little bellows of air. “Whoooooo-rar!”

Engineer squeaked as he felt a pair of hands grab at him under the covers. “Tarnation! What in Sam Hill are you doin’?”

“I couldn’t decide if I was gonna be a steam train or a dragon.” Pyro giggled as they buried their face into his shoulder. “So I decided to be both.”

Engineer sighed, but rolled over just enough to let Pyro wriggle over the rest of the way. It involved a little wriggling on both of their parts, but eventually they were comfortable, buried under blankets and with the crackling of the fire to lull them to sleep.

“Count yourself lucky you’re a space heater, else I’d be kicking you outta here so quick it’d make Scout’s head spin.” he muttered as he felt flannel wrapped legs bump up against his own.

“Would not.”

It was too dark to properly see Pyro, but Engineer reckoned there was a tongue being stuck out at him at that moment.

And darn if they weren’t right.

My life really took a turn for the better once I embraced casual witchcraft.

I spent so long thinking I had to do these big spells, or sachets, or build up all these fancy ingredients for one thing– and I do do those, when it’s necessary, but it isn’t the witchcraft that really brightens up my life. The magic that makes me happy is what I put into the bread I bake, the tea I brew, the words I write, the jewelry I craft. Just a little bit goes a long way. It’s much easier to feel the difference of a lot of small things than one big thing.

Embrace casual witchcraft. Don’t push yourself too hard. Just do.

anonymous asked:

how's benji doing??? seen a few post about wes, but nothing about benji. has he just he just been hiding out or is he passed out somewhere???

someone asked me a while ago how Benji was also doing and if he’s gotten any new tattoos or hookups since his break up with Ani.. i was meaning to answer it but it’s so far down my inbox that i naturally forgot. 

so.. Benji is actually doing fine. he just signed off on a new lease in LA and is preoccupied with moving and getting settled in. he hasn’t gotten tattoos this year as he hasn’t really felt an urge to get one. 

when it comes to hook ups.. of course.. Benji has always been a little slut so it goes without saying that he’s making sure his penis is happy in all areas. he’s not at all interested in actually dating though and i think it will be a long time before anyone catches his eye in that way. he hasn’t seen much of Yasumi either and isn’t really interested in the long history of their back and forth drama anymore. at this time he just wants to cut all loose ties with everyone he’s been romantically involved with and move on.