a little girl maybe

Red Velvet’s new teasers look like Russian Roulette but they said that this comeback was different and would be a ‘turning point’ for SM itself. Do you guys think they’ll surprise us? Maybe the point of Rookie is them moving out of rookie stage and into a mature group? Maybe this little girl concept will be destroyed in the video and they’ll take on a cool or classy look? I feel like a surprise is coming


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“ I didn’t want to tell you. “
“ Hey if this relationship thing is gonna work then it goes both ways. “

By the time I was sixteen, I’d beaten myself down to
a pulp. The smallest nesting doll. Suddenly, I was the
wolf of my own story. You could have stuck me at the
bottom of a well, with nowhere to go but up, and I
would have dug myself down deeper. No matter how
hard the light tried to crack through, I always came
bearing tape to seal it back up. I kept dipping razors
in blood because my hands weren’t working to make
anything worthwhile. It’s been five years since I tried
to extinguish my own flame. Now, my hands are less
chokehold and more lavender bushel. I touch every
thing like it’s the first time. Like I don’t know if I’ll
ever get to again. I write more love poems than death
wishes. Some days I still find myself howling from a
familiar ache, so maybe I’ll always have a wolf girl’s
heart, but now it’s a little more domesticated. Maybe
I’m living proof that you can teach an old dog new
tricks. Where I used to bare teeth, now I just roll
over, settle myself down. We’re still working on 
learning how to stay when the cold blows through.
If you put me at the bottom of a well, I’d know how
to break myself out before you even got the chance
to fill it with water.
—  FIVE YEARS LATER, angelea l.

‘Since when are you such a badass?

Since always’

When I was a little girl, maybe five or six,
I had a really bad cold, and I told my father
that I was scared to go to bed, because
what if I closed my mouth and stopped breathing?
What if I didn’t wake up tomorrow?
He rubbed my back soothingly, and said,
“Darling, no matter what, your body will
always find a way to

verb—to take oxygen into the lungs and expel it;
we were fifteen when he told me about his mother;
he rarely ever talked about his family,
but he desperately wanted to understand,
and he knew that I knew better than anyone.
He wanted to understand what was happening
as she clutched her chest, and what it was like
to struggle so much, only to have your lungs fail you.
He wanted to understand what
it was like when your body
forgets how to

verb—to inject, as if by breathing.
I closed my eyes, and suddenly
I was no longer surrounded by
a mob of people.
It was only me,
and the beat of the drum
vibrating through the floor;
the beat that I felt deep in my chest,
and for the first time in my life,
I knew what it was like to truly

verb— to live; exist.
When you tell someone that you want to die,
they don’t really know what to say.
When you tell them about all the times
you’ve imagined yourself being hit
by six cars in succession.
Some say, fuck,
some say, fight,
but no one ever says
—  // never forget to breathe // by (DS)

Not a fuck anyone, just something that I thought was cute :)

Yesterday a little girl, maybe 8 years old, came into our store (it’s a frozen yogurt shop and it was completely empty because of the weather) with her serious-looking dad (muscular, shaved head, apparently in the military). And she was jumping around and excitedly telling me about her day (apparently her school was on lockdown for two hours but she was fine with it because she got to miss computer lab which is her least favorite class). She was really happy and outgoing and articulate and honestly adorable. So I chatted with her for a bit before I had to go do something in the back.

Our store has a security camera on top of a TV screen that shows that security feed and when I came back out to the front of the store the little girl was sort of crazily dancing for the security camera. I laughed a bit then went to the back again, and the next time I came out to the front, her serious, military dad was dancing just as crazily for the security camera. I can’t even describe how ridiculous he looked. I just started DYING laughing and he stopped as soon as he heard me and then the little girl started teasing him. It was just overall really cute and those two basically made my day. I hate this job like 90% of the time but some of the customers make it better.

No offense but I will never get over the attention to detail everyone involved poured into The Prince of Egypt.

One of my favorite things visually about When You Believe is the way it introduces the viewer to all of these incidental characters—nameless fathers and children and old people who have no role in the main action of the story, who appear on screen for a minute at most—and really makes you feel for them.

In one segment there’s a little girl guiding maybe her grandmother up to the main gate out of the city. And here the grandmother pauses, overcome with emotion or fear; she can’t go on.

I never noticed it before, but the inside of the gate is covered in hieroglyphs:

They’re slaves, kneeling with their arms bound behind them. (Next to actual hieroglyphs of slaves at Abu Simbel for comparison.)

There’s an earlier shot of this anonymous old woman gazing over at this wall depicting slaves, the blood and tears of her people sunk into the stone.

She and the child and the rest of the crowd take their first steps as free people past this, and I just.

It’s such a powerful image.

To all my followers who voted Trump or 3rd Party

This is for you. I know at least some of you did. This is going on all my blogs meaning that 70 000 people are going to see this.

You made your point. Never Hillary had nothing to do with Hillary. You meant Never A Woman.

Because say what you will about Hillary, never in the history of the United States has one candidate been so heinously under qualified. Hillary Clinton had problems but all it takes to vote for her is an IQ over 40

Maybe I don’t get a say in this. You all know I’m not American. I’m just a little terrified Canadian girl.

But maybe this election goes out to every person who said “we don’t need feminism anymore”.

Yes we do. Now more than ever. A known (child) rapist, tax evader, and hateful bigot is now in charge of one of the Superpowers of the new world. If that doesn’t terrify you, well, my bet is you’re a straight white male.

We are all in danger now.

And here’s the truth. All my Trump supporting or 3rd party voters, I want you to unfollow me right now.

I truly hope bad things happen to you as are going to happen to the women, poc (particularly woc), and lgbt citizens of the world now that Trump is president.

But the difference between you and me?

I would never vote to make bad things happen to you. I would never endanger you like that.

at the brewery, it’s craft beer, so, heavy on the dudes, though there are more & more women coming in too. ours is pretty family friendly though, so we see a good number of parents with kids. we give them a lollipop. it’s usually pretty cute, you know, they feel like they are definitely in a grown up’s place.

this little girl–maybe eight or ten?– comes up to the counter, a grown-up family member nearby. she is like eight going on 35. her confidence is incredible. here’s how it went down:

me: hey!

girl: hey. guess where i’m going?

me: where? [thinking, maybe a birthday party? the grocery store? dunno]

girl: i’m going to the WOMEN’S MARCH

me: that is AWESOME! that is such an important thing!

girl: are YOU going?

me: i was going to, but i’m a little sick, so i’m going to the march in new haven instead.

girl: yeah, mine is in DC! i’m going with girl scouts.

girl: but NOT to the inauguration!

me: [laughing] oh, phew, good thing! are you going to make a sign?

girl: I ALREADY MADE TWO! one says ‘i’m more than a perfect ten’ and the other says ‘THIS PUSSY FIGHTS BACK’ with a picture of a CAT punching DONALD TRUMP IN THE FACE [motions a fierce punch]

me: [practically crying with pride] I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! it is so important to stand together & demand respect! 

girl: I KNOW, RIGHT?

me: well, i can’t wait to hear how it goes!

girl: i will come back & tell you! & i’m also going to the smithsonian. OK BYE!