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She’s So Lovely - Trent Seven (Epilogue to Not Another Happy Ending and Make The Most Of It)

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I wasn’t going to write this but I wasn’t too happy with how part 2 ended. I promised myself that I’d give her and Trent a happy ending, so that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve written her dad as a complete dick towards Trent (I’m really glad not to have one like this one. Seriously, I’ve written this guy to be pure douchebag asshole). Think of this as my ‘thank you’ gift for reaching 200 followers.

The little playlist of songs that helped me write: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUekYJIt56IfAznzheLI6P_uhtaXBXexV

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The morning after their reunion, Trent woke up early to make her breakfast. She whined when she felt him get up but was hushed, a gentle kiss being pressed to her forehead. She joined him in the kitchen an hour or so later dressed in one of his shirts, the clothing absolutely drowning her with it’s size. His breath caught in his throat because he never thought he would see her like this again. Even with her messy hair, tired eyes and bruised neck (granted, those were his fault but he definitely did not feel guilty about them), she was still the most beautiful thing he had ever laid eyes on. His phone had been blowing up all morning with messages from Pete and Tyler who were both letting him know that she had run from the wedding. In response, he gently pulled her to his side and raised their joined hands, taking a photo on his phone with the other hand. Ten minutes after sending the photo, he received a message from Tyler, a video attached. It was of the two younger men yelling at the camera about how it was about time that she sorted him out - they were sick of him asking how you were constantly.

They got back to the way they used to be almost instantly; never losing grip on one another’s hand as they walked down the street, her sitting front and centre at shows (which worked out pretty well in tag matches with Tyler as he would shake hands with fans on one side of the ring, Tyler on the other and they’d meet in the middle where she would high-five the younger man and Trent would pull her into a passionate kiss for good luck) and silly little romantic gestures from both parties. Such gestures included her leaving one of her wristbands in his bag to wear in the ring on the rare occasion that she couldn’t go with him to a show. He nearly took a guy’s head off with a clothesline when the bastard pulled it off of his wrist when he had him in a wristlock. Tyler had to hold Trent back despite secretly wanting to knock the other man’s teeth down his throat, knowing how difficult it could be for his friend not to have his girl with him, that the wristband was his way of having a piece of her close by and this prick had crossed the line by taking it. Trent had his own gestures for her, of course. He liked to bring her a postcard back from every new place he went and write something he loved about her on the back. She had a whole box full of the cards and they were some of her most treasured possessions. Pete would never admit it but he found it adorable that his friend was so persistent, making sure that he had purchased a postcard for his lady.

They were happy. Her father? Not so much. He despised Trent. Both of the couple remembered the day that she introduced him to her parents back in 2015 with a strange fondness.

Trent had shown up at her parent’s home dressed in his best, yet casual, suit, with a bunch of flowers and a bottle of white wine in his hands. She greeted him at the door, her mother not too far behind. Both wore grins. He handed the flowers to her mother who gushed about how he was so charming and handsome. His girlfriend swears to this day that she saw a blush on his face, no matter how much he denies it.

Sitting down for dinner, her father began his interrogation. It started off simple. He told him that he was from Wolverhampton, he was, at the time, 34 years old, the normal stuff. The question of what he did for a living should have been normal too but unfortunately, her father was less than happy. He had seen his daughter watching these wrestling matches when she was home. The last thing he wanted was for his precious angel of a daughter to be anywhere near the ‘scum’ of the wrestling world. The look he gave Trent was one that can only be described as vicious. Trent was just about able to ignore the snide remarks being directed towards him and hell, he knew Pete wouldn’t let the comments made about him get under his skin so neither should Trent. It was when Tyler was brought up that he finally snapped. Tyler was only 18 and like a little brother to him so, like any older brother would if he heard someone chatting shit about his younger sibling, he whacked him in the jaw. Her mother didn’t even try and stop him, knowing full well that her husband deserved it.

She didn’t know that he still had the engagement ring from the bedside table. He knew he wanted to propose properly but he also wanted to make it special. He had thought about maybe doing it after the UK Tournament, possibly in the ring. A ring in the ring? Kind of cute. God, she had been so proud of him when they found out he was going to be in the tournament. It had been a couple of months since they had gotten back together, just before Christmas, all of her stuff had been moved back into their small apartment. She had walked in on him crying after hanging up the phone.

“Babe, are you okay?” She called, walking into their shared bedroom. He was sat on the edge of the bed, shoulders lightly shaking.

“Yeah. These are happy tears, I assure you.” He turned his body to face her as she sat down next him. This was going to be amazing, not just for him but for the both of them.

“Why are you crying? Oh god, did I do something wrong?”

“No! No, love. I um…I just got off of the phone with someone about a really incredible thing that’s happening next month. It was…It was Triple H,” She covered her mouth with her hands, eyes already starting to tear up, “The WWE are holding a tournament to crown the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Champion. And they want me to be in the tournament.”

He couldn’t help but cry and now they were both in tears, holding one another. The pride rushed through her in waves because her man was finally being recognised by the biggest promotion in the world, all of his hard work had paid off.

“I am so proud of you and everything you have achieved. Tyler and Pete are going to be so happy for you.”

“I think they might get a bit jealous.” Less than a minute later, Trent’s phone buzzed twice, “Well, I don’t have to worry about that now. They both got a call too. British Strong Style is coming to the WWE.“

Obviously, Trent didn’t win the tournament. He didn’t propose either.

When he finally did, he had the help of the Bullet Club. Kenny, Matt and Nick were over in the UK and just so happened to be facing British Strong Style at FIght Club Pro. The Young Bucks were more than happy to help Trent. After all, lady was like their sister.

Following one hell of a show, Trent was able to have the use of the ring for a little while after the crowd had gone from the warehouse. Matt and Nick had to convince Y/N that they and Kenny wanted to go through some of the moves she had been working on. Luckily, she bought it and stuck around after the show.

Technically, they weren’t lying to her as they did start off by helping her with moves and it took about ten minutes before Trent worked up the courage to get in the ring with them. She was running the ropes at the time and definitely wasn’t expecting to turn around and see Trent on one knee, box in hand, both of the Jacksons with smirks on their faces.

“You bastards. You fucking tricked me!”

“Oh, shut up and listen to what the man has to say.”

Everything went quiet, other wrestlers crowding in the doorway to catch a glimpse of what was happening.

“Sorry about the ruse, darling. It’s taken me a little bit of time to figure out how to do this and with The Elite being over here, I thought this would be a good time. The very fact that you let me back into your life after the crap I put you through made me realise just how lucky I am. I get to go out and do what I love, all the while knowing that you’re back here for me to come home to. I would let the boys superkick the living shit out of me rather than do anything to hurt you ever again. And I know that we may never have a normal life because of what I do but I don’t think a ‘normal life’ is very us. So…if you’ll put up with me for the rest of our lives, Y/N Y/L/N…will you marry me?”

“Of course I will! Yes!” The sound of applause and cheering faded as Trent slipped the ring onto her finger and she pulled him into a kiss.


And that’s how they ended up here. They didn’t want to wait to have a big wedding, instead opting for a quiet affair with their family and friends. Her mother had come, refusing to miss her little girl getting married. Y/N had her ‘brothers’ walk her down the aisle, just like she wanted, and Trent had Pete and Tyler as his best men. He knew that looking into her eyes as she stood across from him, both having said their vows, he would go through everything again as long as it led to this.

A short and sweet reception and a taxi ride back to their stupid little flat was all that they wanted. They spent the rest of the night laughing and smiling, dancing around their living room to silly pop music.

“I love you. I always have.”

“I love you too. I always will.”

B.A.P Le Noir Au Ch. 17 (Himchan): Family Blood

THIS HAS BEEN TOO LONG! Thank you soooo much to the lovely followers and fans of this series for waiting so patiently for me! I finally got around to work on this haha! This story is a lot longer than I expected, but I promise I will try to make it worth it! As a little gift for all you lovelies, I will post the second part of the rest of the members stories so that you can have a little snippet of theirs. I feel like I’ve made you guys wait too long for their stories and I’ve very sorry about that! Anyways please enjoy! This are about to take a turn!

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Himchan let out a sigh, rubbing his temples in frustration. He had called the boys to a group meeting to discuss their current situation as well as how they should proceed in dealing with with the INF. Problem was his children seemed to be at the rebellious age. As in if their asses weren’t in these black leather seats in the next 5 minutes he was going to rip them a new one. “Damn, am I dealing with grown men or children?” He let out an exasperated sigh.

“You look like you’re having fun,” Himchan’s ears and mood perked up at the sound of your voice as you entered the conference room of B.A.P’s hideout. It had become a routine for you for the past few months. Visiting the boys every so often at their hideout (now that you were allowed to know where it was), providing them with some snacks and refreshments now and then since the boys tended to forget to eat since their mission to flush Infernum out began. They limited their business conversations to their hideout, no longer using the back room of Le Noir for meetings in fear of curious ears. “I come bearing gifts.” You smiled sweetly as you lifted up a container of freshly made spaghetti.  

“God, I love you.” Himchan chuckled, pulling you towards him by the waist, and giving your hip a soft peck. You rolled your eyes at Himchan’s over dramatization, but pampered him a bit by running your fingers through his soft black locks. He always found it oddly comforting.

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Just some tips I’ve learned over the years to help with my boyfriend’s dysphoria

•vertical stripes (makes you seem taller)
•uneven patterns such as polka dots (hides any chest bumps)
•jackets, sweaters, or vests (layers hide curves. But be sure they’re not too long. Oversized clothes make you seem smaller. Hem should be no more than 2 inches below waist)
•graphic T shirt (make sure design is higher up on the chest to hide any chest bumps)
•pants (straight fitted. Go up a size. Try to get little to no breaks.)
•round or pointed toed shoes (square toed shoes make you seem shorter)
•hats, glasses, necklaces, bow ties, skinny ties (any accessories should be kept to the upper half of their body to draw the eye up and make them seem taller)
•binders (best binder brands I know of are Underworks, and G2cb)
•shoelifts (amazon has really good cheap ones)
• shop online for smaller men’s clothes (rue21, Zara, American Eagle, Express Men, Asos, H&M)


Hey guys! It’s my studyblr’s one year anniversary today and I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. This community has inspired me a lot and has helped me in countless ways. I have also met so many wonderful people here and reading all your sweet messages and replies on my posts always makes me so happy. So I made these studyblr icons as a little gift for you guys! Just please credit me if you use them. Thank you once again!! 💕


honestly hustling strip club customers and sugar daddies is GREAT but don’t forget about them smaller guys in your life, like:

-that restaurant you visit all time time? flirt with the waiters = free drinks
-the pizza shop next to your apartment? flirt with the cashier= free dinner
-in school? flirt with your male teachers = teachers pet/ good grades
-that guy that lives next door? flirt flirt flirt = he’ll shovel your steps, rake your leaves
-that store you visit all the time? flirt with the manager= you’re golden on returns or discounted clothes

Be a smart hoe. Focus on them little guys that can give you small shit. These guys love attention from hot girls and even if he ain’t given you stacks of cash, a free meal or small gift goes a long way sometimes.



THANK YOU SO MUCH @alainaprana and @little-noko for these amazing gifts!!! The poster, the dolls (Cross, Fresh and Nomura :’D) The Slayers buttons and the beautiful charms!!

This is a trade we did for the pokemon tabletop animation I made for The Loading Crew. I think this is so much for me but I really love this a lot AaaAAAAAAA I have no words to express my feelings right now TTwTT

I’m actually crying because this is so beautiful, and I’m so glad to meet such talented people that also trust me and my work.

Always at your service, Alaina.
And Noko, aaaAAAVDHSGFKF thanks again for the poster :’D


Sometimes I wonder
What’s the reason why
We long for someone to embrace
And say hello to say goodbye


Hey guys!!!

Thought I should clarify. I’m not having sex with these guys for yoga clothes/gifts/money.

The thing is when you’re meeting the guys on tinder they’re looking for regular girls. Not escorts/SBs so you have to play that game too or trick them into thinking you like them and they’ll spend more money on you. I never mention “sugar daddy” or “sugar baby” or anything like that. My guys always tell me “I’m not your sugar daddy” and drop $5k in my bank. No one wants to feel used. For me I make them feel like a boyfriend and I care about them. I buy my bf little gifts and wrap it with a pretty bow. My bf loves Mountain Dew so I go to Target and buy the pure cane sugar one in a glass bottle and I told him this one is better for him then the fructose one. It’s more expensive but I want to make him feel special. I heard him bragging to his brother about it. It was so cute. They want to feel special. Our job is to make them feel like a king. Like they’re the best. And we feel so safe around them. Our job to pump up their ego and their wallets open up.

Don’t have sex with these guys!!! You get the most gifts when you’re not having sex with them. Once you have sex the gifts slow down because they already won you. You gotta make them chase you and win you so they will cherish you. Be unavailable too. Don’t always answer, don’t text then back right away, and go hang out with your family and diss him sometimes.

How I tinder:

Here’s what I found out. You gotta be available to go within the hour. The guys that are impulsive seem to spend the most. The guys that plan future dates flake or ghost. So I go on tinder and try to match the guys that look like they have money. I talk to all the guys I match with because it’s a numbers game. Once I get some traction with a guy I start focusing on the guys that are responding. Then the guys that ask me to dinner or whatever I say “awwww I really wanted to go to the spa today… what about a couples massage instead” or “I really need new makeup (insert what you need)” the real ones will step up and say “ok I’ll come get you and we can go shopping”. Now if the guy says “what do I get out of it” or something relating to sex I unmatch them. I’m not having sex for $500 Sephora shit. Them taking me shopping is getting me to come out. I hate going out to eat because my 30 year old daddy gives me a Platinum Amex to eat whatever and my bf has his credit card on my UberEATS and Postmates. I rather eat Lobster from Boa at home in my PJs with no make up on.

Then you let them blow money on you and you GO HOME! Then they’ll call you again tomorrow because they’re invested in you. You run the same game “awwww I really want to see you but I really need new sunglasses from Chanel”. If they’re real they will offer to buy it for you.

Once you get them to start spending money on you regularly you have conditioned this guy to think he has to spend money if he wants to see you. Dinner does not count! He’s eating too!!!!

Now here’s where you cash in… there’s going to be that moment he falls in love with you. Then he’s going to want to see you all the time and maybe even ask you to be his gf. You say “I really like you but I have to be honest with you. I have a guy that gives me $5000 (insert amount) a month and I can’t really afford to leave him. I can’t have sex with 2 guys because that’s just gross.” If he’s real he will tell you to dump your guy and start an arrangement. NEVER USE THE WORD ARRANGEMENT! Then you rinse and repeat and collect your sugar daddies! And of course you can sleep with multiple guys but you never let him know that. In his eyes, he’s the king, the one and only!

So my Santa Barbara guy told me he’ll give me $5000 a month + shopping to break up with my bf because I wouldn’t have sex with him because “I only have sex with one guy at a time”

I’m not a pro at this. I’m still learning and tweaking shit. So many girls message me asking for advice. I want to help all of you. Your body is sacred. Don’t just give it away. Have sex with guys you like, are attracted to… you’re not a $300 hooker. You’re more than that. You can find love in this sugar world. I’m not into old guys. I date guys younger than me and at best 40 because I want to feel attracted to them.

Let’s do some affirmations together:

We are attracting the sugar daddy of all sugar daddies! He’s going to give us a fat allowance and buy us everything we want! All we have to worry about is “what color” :) We are attracting love and happiness.

I hope we all make it ladies :)


oh, I’m very happy and pleased that so many people liked my art! I hope to meet a lot of new friends and communicate with you guys more :D

here’s a little gift to all of you for your support, the RFA selfie time!

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huh i had no idea of the context of the word cuck? i just thought it was a radical phrase used to make people seem like the "beta-male" sort of thing. thanks for the info i feel well informed.

Little tip of advice: if you hear someone trying to describe a hierarchy where there’s two types of guy, “meek mild-mannered wusses whose girlfriends will inevitably cheat on them with a more masculine and sexually gifted man” and "strong, assertive men whose girlfriends would never dream of cheating on them,” just go ahead and assume it’s neo-nazis. “Beta-male” is code for literally the exact same thing as “cuck” and both terms exist as part of a tactic called “swarmfront” that seeds watered-down versions of their ideology onto social media sites with all overt references to white supremacy removed so they appear more palatable and enter the public lexicon, and eventually when someone googles “cuck” or “beta-male” they’ll end up on stormfront or /pol/ and get brainwashed by their idiotic nazi garbage because they’ve already accepted the basic premise without realizing it. It’s worth it for every internet user to go out of their way to learn their M.O. so they don’t end up hearing something like “cuck” or “beta-male” or “lizard people” or “globalist conspiracy” or “the rothschilds” and thinking they’re not nazi codewords used for covert mass brainwashing that can be exploited for recruitment and radicalization

Updated Bootleg Collection!!

Wow guys! i was so pleasantly surprised to the response to my first bunch of bootlegs! i have a bunch more for you!
Heathers with Thomas Sanders (audio only)
Amélie (with Philippa Soo)
Dear Evan Hansen OBC
The Lightning Thief (audio)
Book of Mormon OBC
Book of Mormon Chicago
Legally Blonde
Next to Normal (Broadway Cast)
Next to Normal (OBC) (last performance of alice ripley, jennifer damiano, Brian d'Arcy James with speeches at the end)
Next to Normal (Off Broadway cast)
(Includes cut songs and scenes)
Hamilton OBC
Hamilton OCC
Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 (audio only)
Waitress OBC
Waitress (Opening Night with Sara Bereilles) (audio only)
Wicked OBC (KC’s last)
Wicked OBC
Wicked with Nicole Parker, Alli Mauzey, Aaron Tveit
Something Rotten!
Newsies OBC
Newsies 2013 cast (Corey Cott, Kara Lindsay, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Ben Fankhauser)
Newsies Tour
In the Heights OBC
Bare (Off-Broadway)
Fun Home OBC
Deaf West Spring awakening
Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson OBC
Mamma Mia! OBC
Spongebob the Musical
Beautiful: A Carole King Story OBC
Cinderella OBC
Sweeney Todd (audio only)
Side Show
Hedwing and the Angry Inch
Miss Saigon
Tuck Everlasting OBC
On The Twentieth Century
A New Brain
Little Shop of Horrors
Lion King (London)
Les Mis OBC
School of Rock OBC
American in Paris OBC
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Carrie the Musical
The Last Five Years
Once on this Island
Thoroughly Modern Millie OBC
The Nightman Cometh
Marilyn An American Fable
Finding Nemo
Gigi OBC
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (London)
Bonnie and Clyde
Phantom of the Opera
Ahhh i hope i can help you guys out! i love trading (finding new musicals is the best part of this) and am always willing to gift so!! just shoot me a message if you’re interested in anything :))

Another speedpainting for my Road Trip picture book project! This time it’s of good ol’ Twilight and Rarity. I think I’m getting a hang of the coloring style for the project now; this one only took me about 2 hours to complete. C:

Anyway, for the image: the gang’s all stopped during their trip for a lunch break at a road-stop Diner that’s popular with celebrities. Given Twilight’s fast metabolism she eats likes a lion, and Rainbow took a quick snap of her mid-chew because her expression was just too good to pass up. Rarity was caught by surprise but, as per the fashionista, she almost always turns out lookin’ like she’s ready for the picture. She claims it’s a gift. xD

Got a snippet for the image? Let me know! c:

Other than that, I hope you guys enjoy the image! ^.^

Hot Like Burning

Sterek, 2.5K words, Teen

AU, Firefighter Derek

In which Derek is the grumpy neighborhood firefighter, and Stiles is a bit of a lovestruck idiot.

Stiles winces as he turns the corner, unbearably nervous like he always is whenever he drives Lydia’s car, and pulls into the fire station. He offered this morning to help her with any errands she needed, and she asked him to take her car to the fire station and have them install the car seat. Stiles had no idea this was even a thing—seriously, how hard is it to put in a car seat?—but unsurprisingly, Lydia is as fastidious about her unborn child’s safety as she is about everything else.

He parks just outside the front door, careful not to block the big bays with the two fire trucks, and wanders inside. “Hello?” he calls out. There’s a noise coming from the other side of the fire truck, so Stiles keeps walking in that direction, then nearly trips over his own two feet.

There’s a guy, crouched down as he washes the wheel well of the fire truck, and Stiles is 101 percent sure that he’s the most attractive person he’s ever seen. He’s frowning, as if he’s pissed at the task in front of him, but it only serves to show off the sharp cut of his jaw under a very nicely-shaped short beard. He’s wearing a tight short-sleeved SFFD t-shirt, which is wet in patches and very clearly showing off the muscled physique underneath.

“Holy shit.”

The guy’s head jerks up at that, his eyes wide, and his gaze locks with Stiles’ for a long second before slowly drifting down the rest of his body. Stiles damn near forgets how to breathe because yep, this impossibly hot dude is most definitely checking him out.

Stiles has never believed in love at first sight, and he still doesn’t, but as of this moment he most certainly does believe in…familiarity at first sight? Cosmic connection? Just plain lust? He has no fucking clue.

But he yelps a little in surprise, then actually manages to trip over nothing, only catching himself by clutching the pillar next to him, which oh fuck, is actually the fire pole. He finally rights himself, grimacing with both arms spread for balance, and then slaps a hand over his eyes with a plaintive groan.

“Oh my god. Hi, hello, my name is Stiles. Uh, any chance we can start over and pretend that this excruciatingly embarrassing encounter didn’t happen?”

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Hey luv! Would you write something for 'Dating Yondu would include'? Thank you 💕

-If you get him a little trinket for his dashboard, he will love and cherish it forever. It will have a special place, right in the middle between his sapphire frog and Quill’s troll doll. 

-You banter a lot, except it’s not cute and playful, it’s the sort of thing that everyone around you is like “oh shit cap’n and his bae are fighting again”…until he flashes that toothy grin and you both start laughing. Then it goes into the “you’re both laughing but suddenly he glares at everyone around him like what are you lookin’ at” in that gruff voice.

-It’s likely he rarely calls you by name. Just various, fitting nicknames/pet names. 

-You get used to his teeth eventually, by the way, and in fact, it becomes one of your main banter-topics. 

-He will deny it if you tell anyone, but on multiple occasions he has used the trail of red that his arrow leaves behind to make hearts or write little messages. 

-Like honestly he is lowkey sort of a mushy, romantic guy in his own sort of way…as long as nobody knows about it. 

-Definitely down to look out at the stars and swap stories about the past or talk about the future. Oftentimes with Quill’s music that he secretly made copies of in the background.

-He isn’t one to give gifts, however, you will literally never have to pay for another thing as long as you live.

-I wouldn’t exactly say he’s the jealous type, because he’s confident af, however, he has been known to fuck up anyone who does not treat you with the utmost respect. This includes complete strangers who do something as simple as bump into you then don’t apologize. 

-But he doesn’t see you as some delicate little thing he has to keep an eye on 100% of the time. You are his equal. He trusts you. He makes a point of teaching you to hold your own in fights. He expects you to follow the code. He’s just as loyal as you choose to be. He shows you as much respect as you show him. etc.

-Unless you’d rather have him be the more dominant one in the relationship, in which case, he’s certainly adaptable, as long as you communicate with him. Yondu is excellent at communication. 

-PDA consists of: occasional slaps on the ass as you walk by, having his arm slung over your shoulder, and being pulled to sit on his lap. This mostly happens when you’re out at a bar. (Bonus: Wolf whistles at you all the fucking time and winks when you look over). 

-Makes a lot of jokes about eating Terrans, and then he eats his Terran if you catch my drift

-When the door to his quarters is closed, he expects his crew to know what that means…someone interrupted him once and ended up with an arrow through the chest. **and he didn’t even stop what he was doing as he made a quick, sharp whistle**

-Quick stamina + quick recovery time. Always trying to break records of “how many orgasms in one night”. 

-Dislikes when you are cold and 10/10 will give you his trench coat, when needed. 

-Honestly straight up #1 grumpy boyfriend who loves you to the ends of the galaxy and back. 

Show Some Appreciation

You may be a 10 and he’s a 2.  You’re in your prime, as he has aged less than gracefully.  You feel like a Victoria Secret’s Angel & the world is your runway, while he’s embarrassing to be seen in public with.  You think you’re God’s gift to this earth?  

You may feel you’re entitled to his money, gifts, wealth, etc., just don’t let him know it.

Even as your sugar daddy/sponsor/benefactor/client, he’s still human.  As we know, these men don’t want “to feel like an ATM.”  Regardless of how you may feel, try to lose the entitlement.  A man can be 100x more generous when he feels appreciated (Trust Me!).  

  • Thank him, praise him, show a little gratitude.
  • Give him a handwritten card.
  • Leave a ‘thank you’ post-it on the bathroom mirror for him to find in the morning.
  • Kiss a note card with a note written on it, and place it in his coat pocket or luggage to find (DO NOT do this if he’s married, you don’t want the Mrs. to find it)
  • Buy him a gift/book/wine/liquor that you think he’d enjoy.
  • Send him an e-card letting him know you’re thinking of him.
  • Call the restaurant ahead of time and ask for “Thank You” to be written on his dessert plate - when it comes out, let him know how much you appreciate his generosity and all that he does for you. You’ll get so many brownie points for this one if you do it right ;)

Little things. They don’t have to be extravagant or costly; just let the guy know that he’s appreciated (even if you don’t, at least let him believe that you appreciate his generosity). 

Showing a little appreciation goes a LONGGGGG way. 

louis is the kind of guy who complains about valentine’s day being a hallmark holiday but in reality you know he spoils harry to the extreme starting the night before all throughout the day of