a little gem on this personal travel day

Hiya, gems! So it’s thanksgiving today, and that means there’s gonna be lots of meals and lots of family gatherings. And due to recent events, things might get pretty tense.

So remember that you are under no obligation to stand up for yourself and your opinions at the dinner table. Of course I’d be proud of you if you did! But I care more for your safety first.

If you need to remain silent or agree with hurtful opinions to stay safe, you’re not being cowardly. You’re protecting yourself, and that’s okay.

And please only eat what you’re comfortable eating. I have selective eating disorder, so I understand how hard it can be getting through the holidays.

Don’t force yourself to eat too much (or too little!) And be careful with what you do eat. I don’t want you getting sick!

Take care of yourselves and travel safely today! And to my non-american gems, I hope you all have a wonderful day as well!