a little fun with fisheye


It is finally my pleasure to share with everyone something so deeply precious to me. My wish is to inspire everyone to lead a happy life, filled with colour, smiles, creativity, expression, freedom, nature and most importantly health. 

Something i haven’t been able to express through my imagery and short captions on the demented and swiftly flourishingworld of Instagram - is my love for photography and my love for writing. When i say this i mean me, myself- Mimi Elashiry actually getting behind a camera and taking photos. However, not just any photos, 35mm film photos. 

Since year 8, when i was 13 or 14, i have loved taking photos on a little Holga or Lomo Fisheye camera. Gotta love those fun plastic gadgets that you end up loosing at some festival after you’ve taken 20 odd photos on them. 

I finally want to be able to express my love for film photography. On a rainy day i love to scroll through Henrik Purienne’s Instagram and marvel at his unpretentious, raw, stunning imagery. Looking at all those gorgeous south-african beach babes also motivates to move my butt and do some exercise.


The reason i love film so, so much is because no matter what you take a photo of, it serves as an untouched story teller, in its natural state - just like the organic, raw foods we love to eat. Film photos possess a certain energy, a vibration higher than a digital edited image- because your film camera has captured the truth- 100% raw, organic truth. 

This is my blog, this blog is film photos, and film photos only- whether they are festival photos, behind the scenes, photos of food, cafes, an actual photo shoot or a blurry colourful pile of nothingness - like that funny bumpy organic carrot you were scared to eat. Mistakes happen… and film captures them in the most interesting ways. When you finally took a bite of that lumpy organic carrot, it tasted so sweet -  i want my images to do that to you, not be a bumpy carrot, but make you feel. Make you imagine a story, an unedited story, before the editor comes along to do all the smoothing out. Enjoy.