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Mabel Pines Appreciation Week!
↳ Day 3: Waddles

(Decided to post this today since this day of Mabel Pines Appreciation Week is dedicated to Waddles! Also requested here by anonymous.)


Imagine slaying this fucking hard in your slippers.

i was doodling these two nerds being smoochy which led to domesticated ickyness sorry

made for multicultural-pancake (arthur’s trying to cook ur kind, pancake, help them) because somehow pancakes came into mind and it was just. damn me i haven’t done anything for the nerd. so i made them cook her. hehehehehheheh im sleepy just. ignore me

What the hell happened when Cooper went into the black hole?

Not a sex joke. (Not here, anyway.)

This post is my way of getting my head around the climax of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, at least in the sense of mathematical manifolds. (Did a lot of geometry in college, and I like thinking visually.) Third-act spoilers abound after the cut.

Okay, let’s get to it. This is the universe, represented as a 2D manifold of space crossed with time.

The universe doesn’t actually look like a sheet. At least, not to us living on that sheet. It might look like a sheet for entities living in a region with more dimensions than the three of space plus one of time, though.

This is Cooper heading into a black hole, the latter of which is deforming spacetime as per Einstein’s general relativity with its intense gravitational field.

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