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Hello, everyone! The community has spoken, so we’re expanding this year’s Diodeshipping Day into a week-long celebration to maximize the fun. Are you excited yet?? Here’s how it works:

Each day will have a theme. You are free to interpret that theme in any way you want, using whatever medium you feel most comfortable with: fanart, fanfic, gifs, screenshot manips, haiku, interpretive dance, or just a few thoughts on the subject. Do I have to make a post every day? No! Do I have to follow these prompts if I don’t want to? Of course not! These are just some guidelines if you’re anything like me and need a little inspiration to get started. Anything goes, as long as it somehow revolves around our favorite Electric-type nerd duo! So without further ado, here are your prompts for Seven Days of Diode: 

  • Day 01: Beginnings
  • Day 02: Adventure
  • Day 03: Invention
  • Day 04: Pokemon
  • Day 05: Fighting Type / Calm Type (choose one)
  • Day 06: Free Day (artist’s choice!)
  • Day 07: Until We Meet Again

Don’t forget to tag your entries with #diodeshipping week! Thanks for your patience while I got this post together, and special shout-out to @rinaskitty for their input on prompt ideas. Diodeshipping is love, Diodeshipping is life, and I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

More Than Words (Spencer Reid fluff/smut)

Request: Could you possibly write an imagine where spencer is in love with the reader but she is oblivious. And on an off rainy day spencer feels depressed so he goes to her and confesses his feelings, a little smut maybe? Either way thanks love

I did my best hope you like it, sorry it took so long 

P.S. I have sinned forgive me father

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Relationships are about what goes on when you aren’t cuddling, making out, or having sex. Relationships are about car rides and long walks and eating ice cream at 2 am. They’re about “I love you” and “I do” and every beautiful sentence in between. Relationships are meant to be appreciated, and it’s the little things that mean the most. So, appreciate the surprise visits and gifts on your doorstep day to day compliments. Appreciate the study sessions and the way they look at you. Appreciate the smell of their clothes and the touch of their skin and the sound of their voice, because when we’ve grown old together, that’s all we’ll have left.

i really hate that feeling. when you’re sucked out of your little world by the smallest yet most meaningful things. an unanswered message, an ignored phonecall, an unliked text post, all which add up to a conclusion that doesn’t really make sense when you explain it but one that you understand perfectly.


 to spend so long fawning over someone, imprinting on them, thinking about them everyday, just to remember they hate you, is such a crushing stab in the heart. you can ignore it, for a little bit, but it gets worse with every new day that goes on the same way: an unanswered message, an ignored phone call, an unliked text post, etc. and every time you forget, even for a moment, it comes back twice as bad, makes you nauseous, stinging your eyes. 

because its your fault. you brought it on yourself. it was your careless thinking that got yourself into this. stop being so selfish. stop being such an idiot. stop being so damn useless. stop. stop. stop.

and it never goes away,because now every time you close your eyes you see them. Every time you wake up you check your phone, just to see if they came back. you curse yourself  for being so dumb, you cant even be away from someone for a few days, and if you’re fated to live like this forever, do you really want to live? i sure don’t, but hey, what if they come back, right?

The Right Way to Meditate

By Samsaran

Every so often someone will write to me and say “Sam there is no right way to meditate” and when I read this I am overwhelmed with the desire to pop them on the head with a rolled up newspaper. There most definitely is a “right way” actually a few “right ways” and about a million “wrong ways”. I suspect that teachers who say this are just happy to have their students sitting quietly for a few minutes a day.

Now, before I go on I want to say that a little meditation goes a LONG way. A student gets results the very first time. Some studies have indicated that new meditators who suffer chronic pain begin to experience significant improvement in as few as five sittings. So, even though there is a lot more to meditation than sitting crosslegged and counting your breaths for ten minutes you will definitely benefit from such sitting.

An effective meditation session is a skill building exercise. These skills are one pointed concentration, the three part yogic breath and self observation. These are the skills which will allow you to control painful thoughts, deal with fear and to calm the mind even in the face of hardship or danger. Learning these skills is what yogis and monks do. It is what you should be doing too.

Head canons about Keith:

  • Doesn’t know how to draw.  Like at all.  He doesn’t even hold a pencil right.  He tries to draw a diagram in the sand during a mission and they waste precious time laughing at Keith’s awful art skills.
  • Could probably run a marathon.  He talked back to the drill sergeant once in the garrison and got told to run until he dropped.  
    • In the morning, he was still running.  Some say he’s still running, to this day.
  • Likes the quiet, but after about 3 days of silence he goes a little crazy.  He likes that the castle has noise.
  • Likes his showers hotter than any reasonable human should
  • Sometimes forgets that it’s not the desert where there is nobody for miles.
    • This means he strips for the shower long before he arrives in the bathroom.  
    • Sang “Every time we touch” out loud once.  Was too embarrassed to look at anyone for a week.  Doesn’t sing out loud anymore
      • No one has the heart to even tell him he had the lyrics way wrong.
  • Has several different beautiful smiles
    • The rest of the gang has a separate group chat dedicated to documenting this called “Kogane smile sightings”
      • It includes discreetly taken photos of him smiling.  Usually at stupid things like a food goo splatter on the floor that looks like his hover bike.
      • Hunk edits flower crowns on these pictures.
      • Pidge took a video of a smile once.  Sent it to the chat in slow motion with the x-files theme playing over it
Character Development: Tics

Anonymous asked:

I’m new to writing and only do it for fun. I don’t have plans to get anything published one day, but I still try to perfect the quality and make the storylines interesting. I noticed, reading my last novel, that I used the same little tics A LOT, like blushing, smoothing hair, etc. Is this okay? It was only ever one character that did it, but maybe if someone were to read it, it would get annoying. Thank you for this blog, it is amazing and I check it every morning before I start writing. x

Tics are a great way to add character, but a little goes a long way. It only takes a few appearances of a tic to add to a character, and a few more than that to take away.

As long as a particular tic occurs in a single character in a single book, and is not something a lot of your characters do, it should be fine. However, you may want to narrow it down to no more than two or three tics per character. Also, make sure each tic occurs no more than once every three or four chapters. Again, it really only needs to happen three or four times throughout the book to add character. :)

EXO doing laundry and finding their gf’s undergarments

~I take no credit for the gifs whatsoever~  


*After staring at his girlfriend’s panties for a solid minute, he slips them into his pocket for…reasons. Later when you ask him why you are missing so many, he’ll pretend like he has no idea what you are talking about.*


*You’re helping him do the laundry that day, so every time Luhan comes across one of your bras and or panties, he goes out of his way to start touching it like the little shit he is. Once you yell at him about it, he simply smirks at you.*


*The entire time Kris is trying to ignore all of your undergarments, which he is slightly failing at. Whenever he finds himself staring at one of your bras for too long, he has to remind himself that you are going to yell at him if he doesn’t finish the laundry.*

(ft. his hat as your bra)


*He is immediately traumatized once he touches your bra, and very much disappointed in himself that he is slightly turned on.*


*Lay doesn’t even notice at all and continues doing the laundry.*


*As you are doing the laundry together, he can’t help but smile and laugh at you as you try to hide your underwear from him.*


*Immediately pockets them and waves them in your face later, making fun of you*


*Starts laughing to hide his embarrassment and doesn’t stop until he’s started the washing machine.*


*Blushes forever and throws them in the wash. If you ask him why he is blushing, he’ll deny the fact that he is and try to avoid you and the conversation.*


*Tries to pretend it doesn’t bother him, but does that thing where you pick up another garment (like a shirt) then pick up the underwear with it and throw them both in.*


*Puppy Jongin appears when he firsts picks them up, becoming embarrassed. As he studies them a bit, horny Kai appears.*


*Sehun doesn’t really notice the undergarments out of pure annoyance with you. He wants to get through the laundry as fast as possible, making him oblivious to it all as he silently mutters to himself about how you made him do it in the first place.*

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Don’t worry if you don’t know everything, the good thing about being a writer is you learn every day. You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t and even when it comes to situations in your story, a little bit of research goes a long way.



Cas sleeps with a stuffed animal.

He claims that it gives him comfort and helps keep bad dreams away. Since he’s only just become a human, they all find it reasonable for him to have the mind of a child.

Except Cas. All it does is frustrate Cas. And his stuffed animal isn’t a little teddy bear that he can cuddle to his chest, no. No way. It’s one of those freakishly large teddy bears, that you but someone on Valentine’s Day. The teddy bears that are bigger than most humans.

When he sleeps with it, he sleeps on his side, with the bear on its back. The bear’s short, stuffed arm goes behind Cas’ head. It’s his pillow. He sleeps with his arm thrown around the bear, with blankets covering them both. He feels safe and secure every night when he drifts off, as long as he ignores the dull ache in his chest coming from the fact that he, Castiel, a former angel of the Lord, had to sleep with a giant teddy bear to stop his nightmares.

And of course, Dean (being the asshole that he is) makes fun of him for it. Relentlessly.

Cas usually tunes him out, but eventually he gets overwhelmed and he stands up with tears in his eyes, walking to his bedroom and grabbing the bear, which is worn and less soft than when he first got it. He throws it outside with tears running down his cheeks, before storming off to his room and locking his door. It’s raining outside, so Cas can’t take it back. His bear is ruined.

So Dean goes out to the store, buys him the biggest, softest, prettiest stuffed bear he can’t find. He feels positively awful for making Cas feel so bad, he truly hadn’t meant to. He gets him a card and one rose as well, tying them to the bear with a red ribbon. He writes a short but sincere apology on the inside of the card, which ends with an “I love you” scrawled at the bottom in smaller letters, but still very there. He leaves it at Castiel’s door. He knocks and then quickly hurries to his own room, so Cas opens the door to see nothing but the bear and rose and card.

Which is exactly what Cas does. He starts to tear up again, putting the card and rose aside to put the best on his bed. He does start crying when he reads the card, sniffing the rose with a smile. He crawls into bed and smiles against the bear’s soft fur. He hums and falls asleep on it’s chest, making a mental note to thank Dean later.