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Her old home, right next door felt like it was centuries away as she sat in Nate’s home… her home eating dinner. The day had been so eventful that Laelia and Nate hardly got a bite in. She had been so busy socialising that they had barely spent a second alone together. Now as they sat together at the table, Laelia suddenly didn’t know what to say. They were married after all. She had envisioned this moment several times, all thoughts contained some form of Nate ripping at her clothes. 

She looked over at Nate, her husband as she chewed on a piece of lettuce. He caught her gaze and soon the two newlyweds were laughing together. 

“It’s weird, isn’t it?” Nate asked and bumped his feet with hers under the table. 

“A little. I didn’t think we’d do these normal things so early into our marriage. I thought we’d be doing… other things,” Laelia commented with a laugh. Nate smirked at her comment and Laelia found herself staring at him again. Her gaze shifted from his eyes, down to his mouth, chest and finally down to his parts which were obstructed by the table. She would finally get to see it today. She almost choked on the feelings of anticipation and nervous excitement that she felt. 

“If you keep looking down there, I might rip that bodice off,” Nate growled. Following his comment, Laelia suddenly began coughing, surprised by his accurate depiction of what she had envisioned. 

“Babe, you okay?” 

“Fine, fine!” Laelia responded and wiped her mouth with a napkin. God that wasn’t sexy at all. She looked down at her plate, gathering her courage before she spoke, “Um… I am hungry.”

“Oh well there’s more salad over-”

“No! I’m… I’m not hungry for food. I’m hungry for.. for other things!” she stammered out and kept her eyes focused on her plate. She refused to look up, to see if her words had the impact she’d hoped. She wanted this and she was tired of waiting. 






I aM sCrEaMiNg.

Not sure how to feel

So I just met this girl at the bar … back story ok I’m an electrician traveling for work I’m 29 and in good shape 5'8" tall 145lbs. I’m a foreman for my company and got the title young as the I dusty goes. So I am confident in my self. I wouldn’t say I’m the most attractive man but I do well with the ladies.😉 any way I’m at Applebee’s and this chick, turns out she’s a few years older than me in her early thirties. Blond petite sweet tight little butt.. perky tits .. I saw her and said to my self… mmm now that’s a girl I’d like to hook up with.. (for some reason it seams that only plus size women usually like me I don’t know y I just strike out with skinny girls… and I kinda like curves so DD’S sign me up) but this was different and I was intrigued so a conversation strikes up about whisky what types the bar has and I say why does it feel like I’m yelling to you (we were sitting one seat away from each other) and I move my drink closer and she accepts and touches my forearm. Now any one that know how body language works know touching from a female is a good thing. So we have another drink and she admits she has had some vodka earlier I said that’s fine I had a couple shots of jack fire and smoked some weed when I got outa work… this sparks her interest and she asks if we can smoke I just so happen to grow some and I felt it an opportunity
To invite her back to my hotel (the next parking lot) to smoke and hang out … she leaned in and said I want u to take me. I’m caught off hard a little and I say ok let’s settle up and head out.
Now hear is where it starts to get weird… she starts getting clingy and she says you aren’t going to hurt me are you.. you have sisters think about them… I’m like it’s fine sweetie let’s just go smoke fallow me back.. things calm down she gets in her car I get in mine and we head to the hotel.. we get back and smoke and she says… omg you grew this that takes so much patients I could never …. now my weed was good but not great I mean I grew it outdoor.. I shoulda known she was trippin but I was tipspy and high and wanted my D sucked so we are on our way to the door and she starts kissing me and she says “OH YOUR SO HOT TAKE ME HEAR. And I reply with oh no hunny they would arrest me for what I want to do to you ….ok maybe to far .. but I only meant I want to have sex with you and there is a home depot that I can see Jose in the fork truck right there it’s a crowded plaza… well this strikes the fear of god in this girl and she starts crying and now I feel horrible and I’m like oh no I meant that we can’t have sex out side the hotel I’m sry let’s go back to the car and calm down …. no no. I’m sorry I ruins this you were just being nice now she grabs me and tucks her face in to my chest and I can’t help but feel for her .. and I try to console her I ask if she is ok with going up stars and again she says your not going to hurt me right… I respond of corse not so we head up to my room I get in and realize I left my charger for my phone down stairs and … if I get my way I pass out after sex so I turn the tv on and say hey I forgot something in the car watch what u want I’ll be right back…( plus I needed condoms and left them in the car) so I run down stairs get my things and run back I open the door to the room to see her pantys come flying toward me are the blanket caver her up … nothing is said she just giggles. Her name is Jess BTW … so I walk up to the night stand and start emptying my pockets
She grabs my belt buckle ( I wear a cowboy style leather belt with electrician branded in it) 😏.. and she says what’s this you don’t see this around hear that often. Then I undo the clasp and she fight for my dick … I pops out and she stops for a second then slowly movers her mouth to it and kisses it… pauses for a split second then devours my dick I mean omg head Thule I’ve never had almost makes her self pass out holding my dick down her throat. Now I’m loving it and she starts to beg me to fuck her so I grab the condom put it on and pull the covers off it her… I just in between her legs and Lind up the cock of my head and this is when I first see it he tummy has what looks like cut marks … and I focus on her chest which has a lot of scars I’m in animal mode so I don’t really put it together I slam my cock in to her and close my eyes and burry my face in her neck… I thrust into her and kiss her neck. I tell her how foot she feels and smells and I sit up kiss her on the lips then move up in to pound position… u know arms posted her legs out knees jacked under her ass so every move meant of my pelvis is effective! That’s when I notice the scars on her chest spell something .. from left to right I notice the letters first….E..O. W…R …. Waite a second this bitch has WHORE carved into her chest then cut marks all over her body and what looks like Kevin cut in to her leg and u know how if you wright something in pen on a full pad of paper then scribble it out you can still see the original writing… that is what her thigh looked like and she starts saying oh fuck me never stop ur mine until December (that’s when my job ends) and she looks me In the eye and says I can’t cum unless you do …. now I’m trying like hell to power threw it and I can’t I do what I always do when I have sex with a woman I start to make love to her she says no one has ever treated me like this…. and I say I’m sorry they did that to you …. she says pleas don’t talk about that and almost start to cry again ….. I just can’t any more and now she feels she did something wrong and starts to suck my cock again … SO good but it’s like she is trying to kill her self for my pleasure. At one point I actually pulled her off of my dick and said breath girl… I never came … and felt bad I wanted her to feel normal and it’s net ever her fault I didn’t cum it was the effect of other drugs I was on …. but omg I can’t imagine what that girl went threw I meant the shit was carved in to her from arm pit to arm pit….WHORE ….. I’d kill the scum bag that has to torture any thing like that … I mean she was very petite easily dominated…. she was an easy target and who ever did this destroyed this girls life …..

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Ninette “You know I’m ticklish. Leave me alone! I’m not responsible for your injuries.”

Today’s drabbles is dedicated to @millersawesome to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a marvelous day full of wonderful things! <3

“You know I’m ticklish.” Nino dodged Marinette’s seeking fingers. “Leave me alone, Mari! I’m not responsible for your injuries,” he huffed, slipping by her and moving away.

Marinette grinned, wiggling her fingers as she stepped closer to him. “Just one little tickle and I promise I’ll leave you alone.”

“I absolutely do not believe you,” he grunted, hugging himself and backing up to the wall.

“Oh, come on, you have the most precious giggle!”

“I do not giggle! I have a very manly chuckle.”

“I think I’ve got your cornered, Ninny,” she beamed, leaving a bit of space between them.

He looked down at her, pursing his lips. “And there’s no way I’m getting out of this, huh?”

Marinette tapped her chin thoughtfully. “Well, I suppose you could pay a tickle tax and gain immunity for today only.”

He smiled. “A tickle tax, you say?”

“Oh yes, new legislation,” she explained, waving a hand. “But you would have to give me a really big kiss and I doubt you want to do that.”

“It does seem like a pretty big sacrifice just to get out of being tickled,” he nodded.

Marinette quirked an eyebrow. “Watch it, mister.”

Nino chuckled, putting his hands on her hips to pull her closer. He dipped his head down and kissed her softly, one hand coming up to cup her face. He pulled away just enough to rest his forehead against hers. “How was that, Mrs. Lahiffe?”

She beamed up at her new husband. “You’re safe for today, Mr. Lahiffe, but tomorrow, everything resets.”

He planted a quick peck on her lips. “I can’t wait.”

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3rd years what are your plans after graduation? Do you want to go to university or maybe start working right away?

Sorry, anon-chan. It’s kind of a sore topic, so we don’t usually like to talk about it. Still-

There’s only one trajectory Nico-nii could possibly follow! With the power of Mu’s behind me, I’m going to catapult into the idol industry and show the world how to Love Nico~!

…Although it’ll be pretty scary doing it by myself. Having the support of the other members really helps a lot.

Nico, you know we’ll always be supporting you, even if we’re not on stage with you. You’re going to be amazing.

I know I am!

Heh… well, as for me, I’ll be continuing my studies. I do have a dream I’d like to pursue one day, but it’s a little embarrassing to talk about it so early on.

Hm? You’ve not even told me about this.

Sorry… I tell you most things, but I’d like to keep this one to myself, just for now.

Of course. But let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

I will… thank you.


It’s been a little over a year since I got my tablet so I thought I would look through my old artwork over the last 12 months (from top down and left to right)

Late sept 2016, early oct 2016, mid oct 2016, late nov 2016, late dec 2016, late dec 2016, mid dec 2016, early jan 2017, early aug 2017, and today

tbh I can’t tell if i’ve gotten worst or better. I know it’s gonna take more than a year to see marked improvement (and I had a long hiatus due to school/energy) but still, it’s nice to see improvements when you can you know?

Goretober 2017

hey everyone, here’s the list I’m gonna go off of this year! I couldn’t find one I completely liked, so I just made my own. if anyone else wants to use this, feel free.

1. Skinned
2. Eye trauma
3. Decapitation
4. Unconventional weapon
5. Torn apart
6. Nosebleed
7. Glitch gore
8. Mouth trauma
9. Sickness
10. Backstabbing
11. Oozing liquid
12. Extra limbs/eyes
13. Bones showing
14. Torture
15. Excessive blood
16. Crystal gore
17. Monster form
18. Impalement
19. Surgery
20. Surreal gore
21. Amputation
22. Burns
23. Head wound
24. Hooks
25. Stitches
26. Bruising
27. Segmentation
28. Lacerations
29. Gutspill
30. Candy gore
31. Bandaged up


Favorite relationships: Isak og Eskild
Where are you ↵
on my way home
I’m coming.

taz modern college au headcanons where also they all live in seattle

(aka my extremely niche au that only appeals to me)

  • The Plot Here: the IPRE crew is a ragtag group of friends at college (probably UW? definitely UW)
  • John is an RA who’s trying to End All Campus Parties
  • The IPRE crew is constantly trying to throw epic parties and have a good time at them before John comes and shuts them down
  • The Light of Creation is one of these things
  • The crew and John are locked in a constant battle where John crashes their parties and steals it if they don’t hide it fast enough and then they have to sneak into his dorm to steal it back
  • Ango is also there he’s like a high schooler who got early acceptance into college
  • The crew adopts him accidentally
  • IPRE Robes = matching red snuggies that Barry made for the final project in that sewing class he took as an elective one year
  • garfield is a really weird weed dealer. what is he even majoring in?? does he even go here?? nobody knows but he has a weird little shop set up in a closet nobody uses anymore

more headcanons about everyone:

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(not so) subtle hints peter drops when he has a crush on you

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  • although we all know peter is a gentleman, he goes out of his way to be the ultra gentleman for you
    • actually running in front of you to grab the door for you
      • pouting when you get there first 
    • making sure to always have a hoodie on hand for you when you’d get cold 
    • always insisting on buying your coffee
      • often bringing you coffee before classes that he just knows you’re way too tired to handle at the early hours of the day 
      • he has your orders memorized for each coffee shop and bakery within queens 
      • always remembering to put a little coffee sleeve on your drink so it doesn’t burn your fingertips 
    • “wow your hair looks great today” 
      • “thanks..didn’t even have time to brush it” 
    • “that shirt looks great, y/n” 
      • “it’s yours” 
    • “your eyes are really pretty wOW” 
    • “y-you have really nice lips, is that a weird thing to say? yeah it probably is, i should stop talking, i’m still talking, ned make me shut uP” 
    • “if my parents were alive i’m sure they’d love you-wait that’s a horrible thing to say” 
      • “pETER” 
  • he absolutely LOVES spending time with you and finding excuses to do so 
      • peter is your go-to man for all school subjects and he knows it
      • so homeboy uses that to his advantage 
      • “hey, y/n, i could totally tutor you” 
        • “peter, you’re literally spider-man, you have other responsibilities” 
        • “but i’d rather help you, best friend duties of course” 
    • exhibit b: mOVIE MarATHONS WEEKLY 
      • ned at first begging peter to come, but peter begging him to make up an excuse as to why he couldn’t go 
      • every week 
      • “peter, why is ned never here anymore???”
      • “uhm…great question?” 
      • he one time actually LOWERED the thermostat so you would be cold and his hopes were you’d cuddle with him 
      • “jesus, your apartment is freezing today” 
      • “darn..cuddle?” 
    • exhibit c: always lab partners 
      • you replaced ned really quick 
      • but ned didn’t mind, he liked playing the wingman so he’d go chill with michelle
        • don’t @ me but i ship that 
      • peter making sure to save you a spot before class and you happily sitting next to him 
      • he’s lowkey making web fluid in between experiments 
      • “hey, pete, can i watch you do that? it’s actually really fascinating” 
      • you totally find it adorable cool how into it peter gets and he thoroughly explains everything 
      • tbh not getting much of the labs done 
    • “hey, y/n, why don’t you go to homecoming with peter?”
      • “he never asked me?”
      • “right, he’s just scared, so i of course am left with all the heavy lifting” 
        • “neD sHUT Up!!” 
    • he loves doing the cliche thing where he physically pushes peter into you often 
    • ned loves to drop not so subtle winks at peter in between conversations amongst the three of you
    • often “whispering” too loudly 
      • “peTER THERE’S Y/N” 
      • “THANKS NED, I GOT  IT” 
    • “please ask her out, this wingman thing is exhausting” 
      • “all you do is embarrass me ??” 
  • eventually catching on and peter is very !!?!?!?!?!?!? 
    • “hey peter, do you like me?”
      • him practically choking on air 
      • “w-what , w-who told you? what????”
    • “it’s fine if you don’t, i mean i like you, but if you don’t it’s totally cool maybe i just misread-” 
      • “waIT YOU LIKE ME?”
        • “what do you mean by ‘misread’???”
      • “peter you’re not that subtle” 
      • “it was ned wasn’t it” 
  • moral of the story: you got peter head over heels and it’s the cutest thing in the whole world 

“[The early criticism] made me question myself—I didn’t know if it was always going to be that way…I was like, ‘Let me put out three more records and see if I can just stand in the eye of the storm. Not shift too much. Let me just take some of the [production] off so you can hear things a little bit better,’ I thought people were maybe getting distracted…I was just so committed to making music because I believe in what I do. All I had to do was not quit.”

Considering that, for the longest time, I legit thought Orochimaru was gonna be the Big Bad of Naruto, it remains unbelievably wild to me that, according to freaking canon, not only is he still prancing around, alive and well, he facking cloned himself some kids and one of them is being taught to be a ninja in Konoha.

It’s like… I love it, from the little I know of Mitsuki I love him, but if you had told people that this was going to be how it ended back in the early arcs or Shippuden or something? They would have called it a crack theory. A crack theory that was probably embraced with love and good humour by many people, but still. Acknowledged crack.

Sam’s hair through the seasons

First there’s baby Sammy’s hair

Thennn we have some other early seasons hair but a little more grown up y’know

And then, here we go with the “let it grow”, the hair that never stop growing, shining and make us all jealous

These are shiny damn


Here are the fabulous hair (can you spot the difference between the pic below and a cute happy puppy? I can’t)

And last but not least, we have the “I slept for two weeks straight” hair

#pining!draco #parseltongue #quidditch

Prompts: @yxxn-g1
Author: @queenofthyme

There may have been fourteen players on the field but Draco only had eyes for one. Fast, lean, focused, Potter was like a bullet the way he shot across the Quidditch pitch. The other seeker didn’t stand a chance. 

“No wonder you didn’t want me to come,” Blaise said from beside Draco, breaking him from his trance.

It was true – he didn’t want Blaise to come. Some of the eighth years had set up their own Quidditch club. Draco wasn’t a part of it, of course, but that didn’t mean he didn’t wake up ridiculously early every morning so he could watch them, well, Potter, play.

Draco, of course – he had the worst luck, made the mistake of stepping on that creaking floorboard by Blaise’s bed – he usually avoided it but the early starts had started to make his brain a little foggy.

Blaise hadn’t been too happy at being awoken before the sun itself, but the more Draco pushed for him to go back to sleep, the more curious he had become. In the end, he insisted Draco take him with him.

Draco forced his eyes to land on another player before replying. "What do you mean by that?“

Blaise snorted. "Come on, Draco, it’s pretty obvious why you’re here.”

Draco kept his face straight ahead, avoiding Blaise’s knowing eyes. “I enjoy Quidditch.”

“Maybe you enjoy it a little too much.”

Draco averted his eyes as Potter flew into his line of vision. That was hardly his fault. He turned to Blaise. “I don’t know what you mean.”

Blaise smirked. “I think you know exactly what I mean.” Blaise jerked his head out to the field. “Heads up, lover boy.”

Draco turned back to find Potter hurtling towards them, the snitch at the edge of the pitch where they sat in the stands. With his Quidditch robes flying behind him and a fierce determination in his eyes, Potter looked like a dream. In fact, Draco had had this very dream, maybe with a few minor adjustments to the rest of Potter’s clothing. (What clothing?)

Potter’s hand closed around the snitch – close enough that Draco could have leaned forward and snatched it up himself – and a low hissing sound escaped his mouth. Draco felt the sound in his entire body.

Potter twisted his broom with ease, avoiding impact with the stand, and flew back to his team, his hand raised high, showing off his win.

Draco slumped back – he had somehow found himself at the very tip of his seat, leaning into the pitch. His heart pounded against his chest, as if it wished to escape.

“What was that?” Blaise asked.

Draco waved a hand dismissively, focusing on calming his heartbeat. “It’s parseltongue. Potter use to – does speak it.”

“That’s not what I –“ Blaise paused. His voice grew mocking. “Oh no.”

Draco looked over to Blaise, alarmed. “What?”

Blaise smiled – it stretched over his face slowly. “You liked that, didn’t you?”

“No, I didn’t!” Draco crossed his legs nervously. He immediately regretted it when Blaise’s eyes were drawn to the action, widening at the implication.

“You did!” Blaise clapped his hands together. He was enjoying this. “You pervert! Potter’s snake tongue has got you all hot and bothered.”

“You’re being ridiculous,” Draco insisted. “Why would – “ Draco spotted Potter flying back up to the stand and his voice faltered. The snitch was nowhere to be seen.

Blaise leaned into Draco to whisper: “Better keep your legs crossed.”

Draco blushed. “I AM NOT HA - Potter!” Draco yelled as Potter approached. “Good catch.” Great form. Amazing body.

Potter dismounted his broom, considerably less gracefully then he flew. “Thanks, Malfoy” he said, one hand coming up to rub the back of his neck. “I didn’t know you were - I mean, did you want to play? Is that why you’re here? Because I can – “

“I’m fine,” Draco interrupted. He didn’t fancy making a fool of himself.

“Draco prefers to watch,” Blaise added. Draco shot him a murderous look. Blaise. Was. Dead.

Luckily, Potter didn’t catch on to the meaning. He shuffled on the spot. “Oh, okay then. If you change your mind, let – “

“Why do you - when you - why do you do that?” Draco blurted out before Potter could leave.

Potter tilted his head, staring at Draco intently with puckered eyebrows, confusion clear on his face.

“He means why do you speaks parseltongue when you catch the snitch,” Blaise translated.

Potter’s face relaxed; he laughed sheepishly. “You heard that? It’s just something that happens when I’m not concentrating on what I’m saying.” Potter paused to think about it. “You know, when I’m reacting instinctively.”

“Reacting instinctively hmm?” Blaise repeated, his whole face alight. “That must happen quite a bit huh, Potter?” Blaise said with a painfully obvious wink, nudging Draco as he did.

“Yeah, actually, it’s – “ Blaise’s implication must have hit Potter a second too late. He fumbled over his words. “What are you - Oh I didn’t mean - that’s not - I mean, you don’t need to - um.” Potter closed his mouth firmly, a blush creeping over his cheeks. Draco could see the cogs in Potter’s mind working overtime, trying to find an escape. Draco felt quite the same way. Blaise was worse than dead.

“I should get back to the team,” Potter said, after a telling pause, mounting his broom.

“Bye, Potter,” Blaise said sweetly. “Draco looks forward to the opportunity to hear your parseltongue once more.”

Potter hissed again, low and breathy. Draco didn’t require a translation to know Potter was swearing.

“He means during Quidditch,” Draco quickly covered up, crossing his legs tighter and internally vowing to destroy Blaise for the most mortifying experience of his life.

“No I – “

Draco clapped a hand over Blaise’s mouth before he could ruin Draco’s day further. Draco tried to smile at Potter, his face burning.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, then,” Potter said, his face just as aflame as Draco’s. “Our next Quidditch meet,” he explained when Draco remained silent.

Draco nodded a little too enthusiastically once he understood Potter’s meaning, already anticipating the next time he might hear Potter make that hissing sound again. “Yeah, see you tomorrow, Potter.”

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How Searching for A.W. Should Have Ended

Tyki: Where’s Allen, Wisely?

Wisely: Don’t know

Tyki: What do you mean you don’t know. YOU CAN READ MINDS.


Allen: *current status: lost as all get out*

He stared at her, looking for any hint that Aelin was still in there. She was armed to the teeth, waiting for the order.

His brothers beside him tensed. They all knew what this meant. They’d have fifteen - twenty minutes at best against that well of power. The mating bond was silent.

Maeve had broken her. She was no longer his fireheart, but a weapon for Maeve. Beside her stood Erawan.

He glanced over their front line, his heart sank they all saw it. It was a glimmer of iron that caught his attention. Manon was smiling, but not her normal I’m going to enjoy ripping your throat out smile. No this was a hopeful smile.

Beside her Elide, sweet little Elide had the same smile without the iron. They were about to be turned to ash and they were smiling like solstice came early.

Manon turned to him, those gold eyes glowing. “Have hope Prince.”

He didn’t know where he should find such hope. His hope was not beside him, instead she was beside Maeve possessed by a demon.

“It appears that Erawan did not learn his lesson from Kaltain, such a big lesson to learn.”

His heart fluttered. He saw it then, the glint her eyes got right before she was going to stop all of their hearts with some insane plan.

He felt a fire shield envelope him. To anyone else it would feel like a threat to him, Lorcan and Gavriel they knew this was protection from what ever fire she was about to release.

Holy. Rutting. Gods.

Erawan could not have been stupid enough to give her the third key.

This was not wildfire, no this was sunfire, Mala’s fire not Brannon’s. He felt a nudge to move forward, he looked at his companions, the other scions they had picked up along the way, each stepping towards Aelin. He felt the bond between them, it webbed vastly from Nox the thief, to Aedion the god of war. Lorcan blessed by Hellas grabbed the hand of Elide.

In his ear, Deana whispered, ‘To whatever end. Have hope Prince.’

He remembered a day so long ago on a forgotten temple, a whisper of a thought “Perhaps Deanna and Mala weren’t always rivals.”

They had planned this. The fading gods had a plan.