a little cup of tea


When you’re under investigation and unable to act officially but you don’t give a f.. about UN’s orders.
Idk, I just wanted to draw theses two together.

The People You Need In Your Life
  • Those whose voices are louder than your head - who tell you how beautiful you are more than you tell yourself you’re not
  • Friends who you rarely see, but when you do, nothing has changed
  • People who do the little things that matter - making you a cup of tea, reminding you about things you need to do, giving you change for the bus
  • They compliment you on things you thought nobody noticed
  • People who apologise when they have hurt you, and mean it
  • Friends who are honest with you when you have upset them, but will talk it through and forgive you instead of arguing
  • “Have you eaten today?” and “Are you home safe?” friends
  • Genuinely saying ‘I’m here if you need me’
  • Those who admire your talents and encourage you to pursue them rather than being jealous or criticizing you
emoji self-care + positive list:

💖 sparkle up your heart by doing random acts of kindness to the people you love or even to strangers (if ur comfortable with that)
🐶 pat your doggos, pets, and animals friends for a happy soul! give em extra hugs for optimal results!
🐣 dont chicken out! if u want to do something that makes u happy, just do it! and always remember to do it for yourself
🐚 collect sum cute shells in the beach, fill a smol jar with sand, and chill with ur friends/significant other
🌱 go on a botanical garden adventure! make ur own garden! plant the old seeds u bought from a plant shop, water your little sprouts!
🍵 drink a warm cup of earl grey tea or coffee! spice it up with cinnamon if u want! (i dont like. cinnamon tho but u kno)
🍋 detoxify!! lemon is a good antioxidant! drink a cup of lemonade or do ur mix in ur own way!
🍓 boost ur health (bc it is wealth) by eating and storing a couple of organic fruits for personal consumption
🌻 go buy yourself some sunflowers, daisies, zinnias, crysanthemums in the farmer’s market
🌞 go out, experience the sunny weekdays, enjoy the feel of sun beams during the golden hours, fall in love with the summer feel
🌚 observe the moon, fall in love with the stars, embrace the beauty of the skies and the galaxies
📌 grab the keys and go on a crazy spontaneous adventure !! bring a tad of food for picnic purposes too
🎨 make art, appreciate art, be ur own version of masterpiece. grow up and craft yourself to become ur best version!
🔮 invest in the little things in life. enjoy the smell of rain, the copper brwn color of your trees on autumn, living for the littlest things is (proven to be) magical.
⌚ dont worry too much!! you are not running out of time. you are still young and you have ur life ahead of you.
🎥 film all the beautiful things about your days. do it for achive’s sake. do it for your future self. do it so that u may be able to rewatch it over and over again
🎶 listen to good soothing music while taking a shower, nap, or walking on parks!!
💌 write your future self a letter that talks about your aspirations and dreams and a little description about ur present self
📖 read your favorite books under the genre feel-good! reread if u want to feel the lingering joy inside ur chest again!
💭 talk to your friends, colleagues, best buds etc! it is never okay to bottle up the sadness!!
🔎 research cute places you’ve never been to and visit them alone, with your significant other, or with your best pals! google is ur adventure bestfriend!
✨ dont forget to sparkle up! ur shinier than the glitters!
💤 get some sleep to recharge for a brighter tomorrow! oversleeping may sometimes be bad for u tho
✋ give yourself a high five for surviving today and yesterday! im proud of u!
📯 learn a new instrument and compose a cute song for your friend!

✨ concentration tea ✨

inspired by the little rosemary plant on my windowsill that helps me study 🌿

time: this spell can be performed at any time!

gather: dried rosemary leaves, dried lemon balm leaves, dried peppermint leaves, fresh ginger, honey (optional)

🌱 steep 4 parts rosemary, 2 parts lemon balm + 1 part peppermint for 5 - 7 minutes

🌱 grate a little fresh ginger into the cup

🌱 strain the tea

🌱 add a little honey!

to make the tea more potent, add more rosemary or write a concentration sigil in honey on the bottom of the cup before you steep!

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Hi hi~ I know I'm asking a random question but do you know any kaisoo fanfics that are a good read that you still have it in your mind? Anything but AT lol

Hey anon~

Sure I do!! :D you can check out some of my other fave kaisoo fics here too (x) & (x

Graceless Heart (Dystopia!au, romance, smuttt. Love has been prohibited, so instead you get assigned a partner. Naturally, Soo and Nini gets paired together but this whole “no love” thing ends up being difficult for them. Really beautiful fic!) 

The Guardian (Fluff, romance. Love love love love this fic. Kyungsoo is an asthmatic and Jongin takes really good care of him ;;;;;;;;;;) 

In Time (+ Sequel Perks) (Abo/wolf!au, arranged “marriage”!au, alpha!jongin, omega!soo, romance, smuttt, mpreg. So, Soo and Nini have been arranged as mates. But kyungsoo is reluctant to let jongin in, since he’s been hurt before..)

Carnation Pink (Prince!jongin, prostitute!soo, smuttt. Nini secretly visiting a brothel and becoming captivated by Soo, I know it’s basically pwp but it’s so beautiful!) 

Cosmic Love (Tribal!au, romance, smuttt. Kyungsoo travels to another planet and meets Jongin, who’s a native of the planet and they fall in love ;; another fic that’s so beautiful, and nini’s character is everything with his pink long hair!!!<3)

As You Wish (Royal!au, arranged marriage, angst. Soo and Nini are in an arranged marriage, and Soo has been treated bad his entire life, so when he moves to Nini’s castle it’s difficult for him to adjust to a lot of things. Warning: the fic has not been updated since march.. *sobs*)

With You (Single father!soo, babysitter!jongin, domestic!au, fluff, romance. So, Kyungsoo has a son and jongin offers to help baby sit him :—–) very heart warming and cute fic. same author as above, and below, she’s a fave of mine)

Christmas Wishes (Lil angst, family!au. Soo and Nini are divorced, and their sons biggest wish for christmas is for them to get together again :’)) 

Someone Else (Angst, romance. Soo is in a relationship with Yeol that’s about to end, but jongin is there to pick up all the pieces of Soo who’s broken..)

Yellow Chrysanthemum (Wedding planner!au, mute!soo, lil angst. Soo gets hired to plan the wedding of a past boyfriend..)

Hold My Hand, Let Me Know You’re Still There (+ Sequel: Now Guide Me) (Blind!soo, fluff, smutttt. Nini is a new kid at school and immediately falls for Soo, who’s blind)

Get To Know Me (Enemies to lovers!au, “friends” with benefits!au, smuttt, romance. So Soo is really smart and gets asked to tutor jongin, who’s got a bad reputation, but they don’t do much tutoring..) 

Thymewitch’s Healing Tea Ritual

Recently I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather mentally, physically, and spiritually so here’s a little ritual I do every time I have a cup of tea thought my day to recharge! This ritual is perfect for beginners, closet witches, low-spoons witches, and those with only a few moments to spare thought their day ♡

*This ritual is not to be used to replace medications or professional help, it is simply an aid


  • 1 cup of tea (any kind) 
  • your intent

Take your tea and stir counterclockwise (to release anxiety, stress, and negative energy) 

Add a dollop of sugar or artificial sweetener (to sweeten one’s mood and other’s disposition towards oneself)

Stir your tea clockwise (to seal in universal love and well being)

(Optional) Cast a circle

Kneel or sit on the floor facing the direction that best corresponds with your needs

  • North for mental stability, prosperity, money, wealth, a green thumb, oneness with animals, mental strength, grounding, mental protection, nature, rebirth of one’s sense of purpose
  • East for mental power and focus, improved communication skills, easing travel anxiety, honing intellect, increasing abstract thinking, improved teaching, divination, freedom, happiness, new beginnings
  • South for the will to step into action, increased passion and lust, increased energy, purification and rejuvenation of will, physical strength, protection from bodily harm
  • West for emotional strength and understanding, achieving dreams, increased compassion, unconditional love, mending a broken heart or sadness, strengthened psychic ability, spiritual healing, feeling rested, emotional cleansing, astral travel, death of emotional pain

Drink your tea and focus on healing!

Note: Correspondences in this spell are personal. If one or more of them do not feel right, change them to better suit your needs. New ideas are welcomed but I am not looking for your criticism. 

voltron squad as quotes from my discord server
  • lance: bask in my homosexual presence
  • keith: wait did i just challenge myself to a fight
  • hunk: oh my god I just drop my chip into the toilet I'm so sad
  • pidge: I hear you die when you turn 16
  • allura: Sendick
  • coran: in a little bit I'm gonna drink pickle juice from a tea cup

My perfect day.

Once Little Pup becomes the boss of The Trio gang, they head to visit each major gang’s bosses by themselves.

Muffet from Muffin Gang welcomes Little Pup with a cup of tea and their famous baked goods.

Mettaton from GLAM gang is excited to play dress-up with his clothes since Little Pup can fit in them.

Nice Cream Guy from Nice Gang offer some nice cream and a game of poker, where beginner’s luck seems to be on Little Pup’s side.

Temmies from Temmie Gang are simply excited to see a human (and boiled eggs).

And Asgore from The Gang personally feels bad for Little Pup, but he’ll have to keep a close eye on them in case things go…bad.

It was a long day for Little Pup.

holding hands — tom h.

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author’s note: guys thank you so much for all the support on my first head cannon :( here’s more shit i couldn’t stop thinking about the past couple days so i hope you enjoy it! (sorry it turned out so long again)

  • here we go okay so lets say the first time tom held your hand was on your first date
  • he was nervous
  • i’m talking about so nervous his hands were sweaty and shaky and he couldn’t stop wiping them on his jeans
  • you were so nervous too kfjdkfjdf
  • your first date with him was at his apartment because he wanted to cook for you 
  • he thought it was a cute thing to do and he low-key really wanted to impress you
  • because he knew you liked simple, romantic things like that and not extravagant over the top pricey dates
  • ok so you were sitting on the counter top with your legs dangling off the edge
  • swinging them back and forth
  • tom was so distracted by you because you looked so cute 
  • he literally couldn’t stop staring at you
  • that’s why he accidentally placed his hand on the stove and BURNED HIMSELF
    • “ow”
  • once you heard that, you jumped off the counter and ran over to him
  • he was shaking his hand back and forth, trying to air out the burn
  • not only that but he was shaking his head because he just did something so stupid in front of you
  • when all he wanted to do was impress you
  • you could tell he was so upset by the look on his face 
  • :(
  • and plus his hand was all red from the burn 
  • :(
  • as if he hadn’t felt enough tingles from the stupid burn
  • but this tingle was from you and your sweet little kiss so it was different
  • his eyes light up and he just stared at you 
  • you could tell he was a bit happier so you kissed his hand again
  • he shook his head and laughed a little, so you were like
    • “what”
    • “nothing, i jus-i just wanted to do that first”
    • you stared at him a little confused
    • he sighed and said,
      • “i wanted to do that first, ya know hold your hand but i’ve just been so nervous because you look so cute and i really want to impress you but instead i do this and ruin it all and i don’t know y/n… i just really really wanted to hold your-
    • you let go of his hand
    • he INSTANTLY grabbed it again
    • you smiled and said, “looks like you’re holding it”
  • he swore he fell in love with you at that moment 
  • that was also when you guys had your first kiss and became official
  • ANYWAYS after that date you two couldn’t stop holding hands
  • lets talk about the most simple way being when you two were walking 

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Making it’s debut onto the list for cringest PLL moments, here is 7x11’s ending posing as a strong contender for a top 10 spot! Reasons being:

  • The shakiness and drinking from a painfully, obvious empty tea cup
  • The reality tv confessional style set up as if she was about to explain her life story on Lifetime’s “I Survived”
  • The afterlife-looking lighting
  • The randomly slamming of the book on Jenna’s knees
  • The fact that AD’s gameplay book is that thick to begin with
  • Jenna’s fingers swiping wildly at the braille as if we are supposed to believe she is reading anything when she’s jumping lines like she’s giving that page a $3 massage
  • Whispering “endgame” as MK & Co. shamelessly continue their attempts of making that a thing in this show’s last dying days

What would you rate this on the cringe scale?