a little cray cray

Times Nicky Nichols broke my heart this season.


When she stated in the Medical Cage that she had fallen completely, and hopelessly in love with an incredible, insane, beautiful woman who would never love her back (STOP, Nicky you are giving me that heavy, intense feeling in my chest. The one you get when you are so moved by love or realize how much you love someone). 


When she looked hurt when she thought Lorna was coming to tell her that she regretted sleeping with her. (Her voice broke, and she was nervously shaking). 

When she said “I love you so much Lorna”


-When she tells Lorna that she will help through her pregnancy, and that they will make it work. 

-When She kisses Lorna’s hand, wipes her tears, kisses her forehead, and holds her, telling her that her baby is going to be okay (Lorna’s unborn baby).

-When she calls Vinnie, and tells him that Lorna is pregnant, and that she is going to act a little cray cray, but its only because she loves him

-When she proves that she knows Lorna better than anyone else by stating that all Lorna has ever wanted her whole life, is for someone to assure her that she is worthy of love.

-When Nicky states that “some people” (her) would give anything to have someone love them the way Lorna loves people (Her face, and the fact that she was borderline crying broke my heart).


-When she told Lorna “we have to get you out of here”, and “your baby will be great because I know you and you’re great”

-When she held Lorna in her arms for just 5 more minutes. 

The Yoon-Jeonghan effect on Choi Seungcheol 😂

I bet SC went a little cray cray when JH arrived coz he knows that his evil cheonsa would be asking him to do embarrassing things again. And we all know what happens whenever JH asks SC to do something… he’ll complain but does what JH says anyways 😏

Riverdale thoughts

I will admit, Bughead fans, that at first I was very confused. I read a lot of Archie comics in my life and I had gotten use to the idea of Betty, Archie and Veronica being trapped in a forever love triangle. I loved Jughead’s character as he was. I didn’t think of him as Asexual then, he had romantic parts at some points but mainly just wasn’t that into Love and that was okay. People are allowed to not be interested in romance. When I heard of Jughead’s character coming out as Asexual in Zdarsky’s reboot, it made sense to me, and I loved it. It would even be totally fine if Jughead’s character in CW’S Riverdale turned out to be Asexual..he could still have true feelings for Betty. But I don’t believe they are writing it that way. 

When I first started watching Riverdale, I was immediately blown away by the fact Archie had truly never felt romantically for Betty, and was a little pissed. I also adore the friendship between Veronica and Betty, and I immediately saw their bond ignite on the show. I was seriously confused as to how this show was going to make it possible for Betty and Veronica to maintain a close friendship, and both get Archie somehow?? Isn’t that what happened in Archie’s love situation? BUT THEN 

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TVD Movie AU: Six Mornings After || There’s a loooot more to goody-goody Stefan than meets the eye. 

A Summary of Phantom Songs
  • Think Of Me: so i'm very good at singing
  • Angel Of Music: christine you did good but you cray cray
  • Little Lotte: tbt
  • The Mirror: you don't know me but i'ma take you to somewhere
  • The Title Song: holy shit there is a phantom
  • Music Of The Night: yah christine you like dis
  • Notes: these freaking notes are freaking annoying
  • Prima Donna: carlotta is gonna be hella fabulous
  • AIAOY: christine i love you marry me
  • Masquerade: obligatory group number
  • Why So Silent: surprise bitches
  • Notes 2: this lil bitch is annoying
  • Twisted Every Way: fuck this shit
  • WYWSHA: daddy i miss you
  • Wandering Child: guess who's back
  • PONR: it's getting hot in here
  • The Final Lair: *ugly sobbing*

Go ahead and make an acrobatics check


Went to meet my favourite daddy (I shall call him young daddy from now onwards, he is in his early 30s) after my long-term daddy. 2 dates in the past 12 hours, feeling a little cray cray and like a true hoe, lolol

Love young daddy because he is never too particular on allowance, he doesn’t stay in my city so he travels here on every week or so. On top of my fixed allowance, he always like to hand me his leftover money from the trip, #bestdaddyever

Stayed with him for awhile at four season and after sexy time, had some supper, a heavy one! Seriously, I like to order expensive food (if not now, when?) when I’m with my SD, I eat like a pig in front of them sometimes. 🙈

Meal was so so, but the best thing today is the tips he shared with me on stock market. Really think I should start venturing into that. Hmm.. will research a little more and hopefully when I get the hang of it I will share some tips here. ;)

On my way home now, feeling a little car sick behind the cab for typing this.

Till then, 😘


“He is more machine now than man. Twisted and evil.”

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