a little cray cray


내 귀에 캔디 (My Ear’s Candy) by Baek Jiyoung & Himchan (B.A.P)


ithinkiamanartist  asked:

Mono, your insecurities are what make you unique. You should be proud of them and learn to embrace them. Not everyone is perfect you know. Your drawing is very nice. It doesn't follow the plain old cliche yellow sun and green grass. It's prettier than that! You're fine just the way you are, honey

Cray: Your drawings are special because you made ‘em! Nobody else coulda done it better!

Mono: I still don’t feel too great about messing up the colours.

Cray: Mono, C’MOOOOOOON!

The Yoon-Jeonghan effect on Choi Seungcheol 😂

I bet SC went a little cray cray when JH arrived coz he knows that his evil cheonsa would be asking him to do embarrassing things again. And we all know what happens whenever JH asks SC to do something… he’ll complain but does what JH says anyways 😏

Boyfriend Renjun
  • rip my bias list
  • lately i’m so soft for him???? he’s killing me
  • so excuse me if i start fangirling over him as i write this, lmao
  • the last one in my bf series :’) aw
  • but let’s start right away!!!
  • so~~
  • he wouldn’t be a clingy boyfie at all
  • he would kinda like skinship but in really innocent and small acts ya know
  • giving you hugs, small kisses all over your face, holding hands, things like that
  • and pda is unexistent bc he has assholes as band mates so :))) sorry
  • maybe when he’s around kun and winwin bc they’re more mature and wouldn’t start screaming every time y’all hold hands or interweave arms
  • but don’t get surprised if they start being like  (✿⊙‿⊙) (⊙‿⊙✿)
  • but in front of the other dreamies you would be one of the boiz
  • and he would expect the same kind of affection from you
  • don’t do nothing weird plz or the baby is going to get scared
  • more than skinship, he would prefer to have your attention in a more subtle way
  • like, he loves it when y’all are having a conversation and you stare at him in the eyes and start admiring his angelic features one for one
  • or when he’s drawing and only sat in front of him in silence, trying to don’t desconcentrate him andtrying to capture every single movement of him
  • oh boy, he loves when that happens, when you start looking at him in awe as he calmly draws
  • “why are you looking at me so much? do i like you? uhm?”
  • “reason 1: yes, i guess that’s why we’re a couple in the first place but whatever”
  • “…”
  • “reason 2: you’re really talented”
  • “i already knew that one”
  • “reason 3: i really love for the cute expressions that you do when you’re focused in a drawing”
  • “sTOoooOoOOoOooOoOOooOOOoOOP”
  • and he would put his pencil down and hide his face in his hand like the baby he is as you laugh
  • it’s really easy to make this smol baby flustered, and it’s so funny too fdghsjka <3
  • talking about drawing, he would teach you how to draw every kind of moomin possible
  • the normal drawing of moomin, the one that he always does, the one that he uses in his signature, all of them
  • and expect moomin marathons in every lazy date you guys have
  • cof cof ;))
  • and in lazy dates like that would be the only moment when y’all would cuddle
  • he isn’t the biggest fan of them but when he’s feeling lazy and cuddly, oh boy, forget about him letting you go bc he would nEver
  • that and when he’s tired or sad
  • but again, he would prefer your attention over cuddles even in moments like that so he would do a mix lol
  • he would like to lie down, leaning his head in your lap and would feel a lot more relaxed when your hands start playing with his hair
  • he would also hold your free hand and caress it and leave lots of kisses on it as he talks about why he’s feeling down or asking you things like “how was your day today” just to listen to your voice as he rests
  • and when tables turn and you’re the one feeling down, he would hold you in his arms, hugging you and caressing your back soflty
  • he wouldn’t ask you anything, he would stay in complete silence and just try to comfort you with his touch and wait for you to calm down and tell him when you’re ready
  • and if you’re really really sad, he may even sing for you a little
  • and his voice is so beautiful and soft that you would end up either falling asleep on his arms or getting so lost in his voice that once he finishes singing you would realize that the tears stopped long ago
  • ugh, he’s so perfect
  • can i have a huang renjun for my birthday plz
  • you, hopefully, reminding him every day that he has a beautiful smile and, hopefully, him getting more confident with it
  • he would buy you the cutest gifs
  • like, he wouldn’t care about the gift itself but about what it means for him??
  • like, he would see it and if it remembers it of you or of a private joke that you guys have or smth like that he would get it for you right away
  • so he’s constantly giving you cute thinngs and you’re just dYIng bc you have such a caring and sweet boyfriend oh my god
  • i feel like renjun would be quite jealous
  • whenever he’s feeling like that he would get really serious and silent, looking after you and also controling every movement of the other guy
  • and if it goes for too long there would be a moment when he would get tired of it and would walk by your side, grab yoour waist and try to distract you or taking you somewhere else
  • and that’s so weird from him??? like ?? where’s my easily flustered and sweet boyfriend?? uhm??
  • he would never admit it that he is jealous or not unless he reaches that point and instead would start complaining over it with you
  • he may get a bit cray cray and even high his voice tone a little bit and then idk probably lave the room to get some air
  • and after thinking about it for some hours he would come back to you, apologizing non stop for screaming at you and being so impulsive
  • and the next day he would probably take you to a date and let you waist all his money and time bc you deserve it <3
  • it’s hard to imagine renjun like that but i feel like he would be that kind of person ya know
  • also, we’re talking about an aries, it wouldn’t surprise me too much tbh
  • selcas in which he looks like a king
  • and then there’s you
  • “damn~~ you look gr8 heir bae”
  • “you’re so handsome, you make me i look ugly by your side”
  • “i’m tired of this renjun, stop being this handsome”
  • basically, the ebst boyfie you could think of???
  • not too clingy but still really caring and attentive
  • gives great cuddles and comfort
  • and loves you endlessly <3
  • i’m-
  • this was so cute what the heck
  • jfc gtg i need to cry over renjun now
Times Nicky Nichols broke my heart this season.


When she stated in the Medical Cage that she had fallen completely, and hopelessly in love with an incredible, insane, beautiful woman who would never love her back (STOP, Nicky you are giving me that heavy, intense feeling in my chest. The one you get when you are so moved by love or realize how much you love someone). 


When she looked hurt when she thought Lorna was coming to tell her that she regretted sleeping with her. (Her voice broke, and she was nervously shaking). 

When she said “I love you so much Lorna”


-When she tells Lorna that she will help through her pregnancy, and that they will make it work. 

-When She kisses Lorna’s hand, wipes her tears, kisses her forehead, and holds her, telling her that her baby is going to be okay (Lorna’s unborn baby).

-When she calls Vinnie, and tells him that Lorna is pregnant, and that she is going to act a little cray cray, but its only because she loves him

-When she proves that she knows Lorna better than anyone else by stating that all Lorna has ever wanted her whole life, is for someone to assure her that she is worthy of love.

-When Nicky states that “some people” (her) would give anything to have someone love them the way Lorna loves people (Her face, and the fact that she was borderline crying broke my heart).


-When she told Lorna “we have to get you out of here”, and “your baby will be great because I know you and you’re great”

-When she held Lorna in her arms for just 5 more minutes. 


TVD Movie AU: Six Mornings After || There’s a loooot more to goody-goody Stefan than meets the eye. 

A Summary of Phantom Songs
  • Think Of Me: so i'm very good at singing
  • Angel Of Music: christine you did good but you cray cray
  • Little Lotte: tbt
  • The Mirror: you don't know me but i'ma take you to somewhere
  • The Title Song: holy shit there is a phantom
  • Music Of The Night: yah christine you like dis
  • Notes: these freaking notes are freaking annoying
  • Prima Donna: carlotta is gonna be hella fabulous
  • AIAOY: christine i love you marry me
  • Masquerade: obligatory group number
  • Why So Silent: surprise bitches
  • Notes 2: this lil bitch is annoying
  • Twisted Every Way: fuck this shit
  • WYWSHA: daddy i miss you
  • Wandering Child: guess who's back
  • PONR: it's getting hot in here
  • The Final Lair: *ugly sobbing*

Go ahead and make an acrobatics check