a little cray cray


“He is more machine now than man. Twisted and evil.”


Went to meet my favourite daddy (I shall call him young daddy from now onwards, he is in his early 30s) after my long-term daddy. 2 dates in the past 12 hours, feeling a little cray cray and like a true hoe, lolol

Love young daddy because he is never too particular on allowance, he doesn’t stay in my city so he travels here on every week or so. On top of my fixed allowance, he always like to hand me his leftover money from the trip, #bestdaddyever

Stayed with him for awhile at four season and after sexy time, had some supper, a heavy one! Seriously, I like to order expensive food (if not now, when?) when I’m with my SD, I eat like a pig in front of them sometimes. 🙈

Meal was so so, but the best thing today is the tips he shared with me on stock market. Really think I should start venturing into that. Hmm.. will research a little more and hopefully when I get the hang of it I will share some tips here. ;)

On my way home now, feeling a little car sick behind the cab for typing this.

Till then, 😘

The Yoon-Jeonghan effect on Choi Seungcheol 😂

I bet SC went a little cray cray when JH arrived coz he knows that his evil cheonsa would be asking him to do embarrassing things again. And we all know what happens whenever JH asks SC to do something… he’ll complain but does what JH says anyways 😏

A Summary of Phantom Songs
  • Think Of Me: so i'm very good at singing
  • Angel Of Music: christine you did good but you cray cray
  • Little Lotte: tbt
  • The Mirror: you don't know me but i'ma take you to somewhere
  • The Title Song: holy shit there is a phantom
  • Music Of The Night: yah christine you like dis
  • Notes: these freaking notes are freaking annoying
  • Prima Donna: carlotta is gonna be hella fabulous
  • AIAOY: christine i love you marry me
  • Masquerade: obligatory group number
  • Why So Silent: surprise bitches
  • Notes 2: this lil bitch is annoying
  • Twisted Every Way: fuck this shit
  • WYWSHA: daddy i miss you
  • Wandering Child: guess who's back
  • PONR: it's getting hot in here
  • The Final Lair: *ugly sobbing*
Riverdale Epsiode 7

In conclusion:


Go ahead and make an acrobatics check


Farscape: Into The Lion’s Den, Part 2 - Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing


“we’re bad guys… it’s what we do…”

● cray cray skwad.

Nice to see the fandom’s holding true to form. A girl tweets an account of running into 2 actors, posing for a pic w/one and that’s pretty much it. End of story… and people go a little cray cray.

Seems to me we have two scenarios here. Either a man is spending some quality time with his BF, in which case I say good for them. I hope they’re having a lovely time and that they get to spend the holidays together.

Or the second scenario, for those who would prefer it, a completely-hetero man is spending some time with his completely-platonic friend in which case I say good for them cause I’m sure it can get lonely filming away from home all the time and why shouldn’t he have a friend visit him?

Most of what I seen is just generic well wishes, saying that Richard looks happy/great and thanking the fan for posting the pic. Hardly offensive I would have thought, even if they were not a couple.

Seriously people just chill. In a couple of days it’ll all blow over, so why get yourselves all worked up? *whispers* “If you ignore it, the story will go away faster.”

Not to mention that most posts that I’ve seen are tagged #Richlee so you really should be able to avoid this sort of thing if it makes you uncomfortable for whatever reason.

On a happy note, I got to read this lovely phrase from one of the Twitter comments: “Einen Eimer Glück und Regenbogen.” - “A bucket of happiness and rainbows” according to Google translate. LOL, there’s a lovely image. My German’s rather rusty. I didn’t know regenbogen, though I should have figured it out, regen being rain and all. Bogen is arc, so we have a rain-arc. I learned a new word today, yeah!

You might be an ecologist if...

My lab mate and I have been getting a little cray cray in the field, and started a list of things ecologists do. Add to it!!


You might be an ecologist if you go on vacation and come back with more pictures of insects than people.

You might be an ecologist if you can find pin flags stuck in random places throughout your home.

You might be an ecologist if you are a secret expert at jumping barbed wire fences.

Now you go!

As the food was moved in front of her, she began to eat as if she had been deprived of a food source for days, yet it didn’t affect her party planning for Clover’s birthday. “So, I was thinking drag club but she doesn’t like that idea, not that I asked her this was supposed to be a surprise and all considering it’s not until we get back home but I know how much she loves her friends here so I thought it would be nice to do something–” breathing and pausing clearly wasn’t a though for the brunette as she smirked, remembering Forrest’s suggestion, “Oooh, what about a magic bouncy castle land, just bouncy castles everywhere. And pancakes, lots of pancakes–”