a little crappy but i'm proud

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So.... kinda a weird question, but how do you stay... well, confident in your work? I mean, obviously, your art is amazing and everything, so I can see how you confidentially can post stuff and everything, but... idk were you always aware of how great your stuff is so that's how you're confident, or... Because I'm that person that's proud of what they do but can't post confidentially because they don't want to be the crappy artist that brags about their work, Y'know? Arg this is a mess sry?

Here’s a little secret for you: I’m always terrified of posting online.

There have been many times when I’ve drafted a post only to hit the cancel button. I stare at my art for ages before I consider posting it online. My writing is even more terrifying because that stuff comes directly from me, it’s my thoughts, a glimpse at my inner self in a sense.

I get so freaked out it’s not even funny.

I hate my pen doodles a lot. I see all the mistakes, how messy they are and it makes me not want to post them. Hell even my full blown art I dislike sometimes because I see those errors and mistakes.

I’m always rendered dumbstruck and speechless when people tell me that they love my art and writing and that I inspire them because it’s like, “Really??? You liked that??? With all its mistakes??? Really???”

But I’ve recently made a ton of friends who we literally, and I’m not joking here, literally have love fights with each other. We tell each other how much we love each other’s art and writing and each other in general. When we have ideas or say maybe we are going to draw or write something there’s always someone yelling “Do it!”. And whenever I post my shitty sketchy pen doodles and say I’m not going to post it I always get yelled at by them until I do.

I am confident in many things, but what comes out of my head and into my art and writing is not necessarily one of them.

Because it exposes me. It shows my inner self to the world. I’m out in the open.

And it is terrible and wonderful.

There are times that I do like my stuff though. When I’m super proud of what I’ve done. But there’s still that little voice in my head. Whispering that it’s not that good.

But you know what?

I’m learning to ignore it.

It’s hard.

But I’ll get there eventually.

So post your stuff.

Be proud.

Let your joy shine through.

Be yourself. And be the best person you can be.

Remember: Be excellent to each other, and party on dudes!

For my sibling @gillybean0 ! They’re going through a crappy stage at the moment, and I’m terrible at actually comforting people, so scribble instead?

Be proud of who you are, sibbin!! You are beautiful and amazing and hella rad and you need not to change!