a little corny i know lol

3:50 pm

Every Friday at exactly 3:50 pm Draco makes sure to kiss Harry.

Every Friday. He hasn’t been late once either. Because Draco always drops everything he’s doing, no matter what he’s doing, to go and look for Harry. It’s not that easy sometimes. Harry has a job that, unlike Draco’s, requires him to actually leave the house. Whenever Draco shows up at his workplace, Harry’s face lightens up. He has never complained about Draco interrupting his work. Not once.

Even when they’re fighting and they’re both in a bad mood, they briefly forget about it when it’s 3:50 on a Friday. Like right now. They had an argument last night about Harry getting a motorcycle. Draco just doesn’t get why Harry would want to spend that much money on something that will probably kill him. They both fell asleep with a scowl on their face and they didn’t talk while eating breakfast. Harry left the house while Draco was reading the paper.

But now, as Draco stands in front of him, Harry is smiling at him fondly. Merlin, Draco just never tires of that smile. Even after all these years.

He glances at the clock and sees it’s 3:49. His eyes find Harry’s and they hold so much love, it makes Draco shudder. He takes Harry’s hands in his and pulls him closer. When his lips brush Harry’s, a familiar feeling washes over him. It’s warm and invigorating, reassuring and exhilarating. Kissing Harry will never fail to consume and mesmerize Draco.

Harry leans away again and brushes his thumb over Draco’s cheek.

“I still have a bit of work to do, but I’ll try to be home early, okay?”

“Okay,” Draco whispers, his eyes still closed.

He feels Harry kiss the tip of his nose and can’t help but grin. He pulls Harry back into a tight embrace and relishes the feeling of Harry’s body shaking against his, as Harry laughs out loud.

“I love our Friday afternoon kisses,” Harry murmurs.

“I love them, too.”

Draco really does. Because it was 3:50 pm on a Friday afternoon when Harry Potter said “I do” and kissed Draco for the first time as his husband.

like can someone just tell me how the fuck does this entire boring mess even tie w the actual mystery? u know what, lol i dont even wanna fucking know, they, the ones who thought it was okay to deliver such underwhelming ep, can save wtvr corny ass explanation they got; im done w this mess

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Confidence really is a mental mindset. Therefor if you don’t believe it for yourself you can’t expect anybody else to.

Start with small things :
Try doing this every morning for a whole week, right when you wake up just go to a mirror and look at yourself head to toe. Natural faced, bed hair, morning breath and all. And then repeat “ this is the real me, just as I am and I’m still poppin ” *snap ya fingers* and walk away.

After so long of saying it, it’ll be like your own personal anthem so that way no matter what you look like you’ll still always be grounded with who you are. Whether you’ve gone and did yourself up to go to a drake concert or you just rolled out of bed.

Outer beauty is important. I’m not saying you need to walk in like you just won Miss Universe 2016, but jazz it up every now and then. If you like wearing makeup then do your eyebrows, put some mascara or eyeliner on, lipgloss and then slay. And if you prefer going all natural then you better step out the house exfoliated, moisturized and all and werk! Inner beauty is just as if not more important. We’re humans and balls of energy so you have to know that you do make mistakes and it’s okay, as long as you learn from them. Be nice to yourself. Anything that you consider to be flaws (stretch marks, acne, extra weight, being thin, crooked teeth, big lips, small lips, talking too fast, being too tall or too short, the way you talk, having an accent, birthmarks, cellulite, short hair, thick hair, thin hair, having dark chocolate, chocolate, caramel, vanilla or pale skin, the fact that your thighs touch or jiggle, and anything else that you might not be comfortable with about yourself. Realize that you wouldn’t be the same person without it, your flaws give you character. speak kind words to yourself, as well as to other people. Trust me an ugly spirit can be seen from the outside. Just love on yourself as well as each other.

It doesn’t need to be anything extreme. Now this may sound corny but for me, whenever I go anywhere whether it’s the mall, the bank, the gas station even the grocery store I have a short playlist of songs titled “entrance music”. Lol I try to find the most random ratchet music ever and right before I walk in I press play. I don’t know how but it kind of just gives me a little boost. you can pick what songs you like or you can use mine.

Entrance Songs :

Flex - Rich Homie Quan
F*ck Up Some Commas - Future
Flicka Da Wrist - Chedda Da Connect
Thro Sum Mo - Rae Sremmurd ft Nick Minaj
I’m A Flirt - R.Kelly
She Got A Donk - Soulja Boy
Milkshake - Kelis ( Dawin Remix )

ladies as well as other things, your walk says a lot about you and it plays a really big role with confidence.

It’s simple:
Chin up
Chest up
Shoulders back
Back arched

Just a little
But just enough.

You can even put a little sway in the hips if you feel like it, but walk like the Queens you know you are
Your posture will talk you a long way

sometimes I feel like people are afraid to be still with themselves for too long. Just disconnected from everything, no phone or electronics, no music, no distractions. Just you and your thoughts. So you can soak in how you really feel about yourself.
Meditation and Mindfulness are really good remedies for centering yourself and just being in that moment. It’s noticing the small details about yourself and learning to accept and love them regardless. That’s what makes the confidence you’re shooting for to be genuine.

Sorry for it being soo long btw, I hope this helped in some way✨🌻✌🏾️🍃

“He presented her a part of the universe – yet, to him she was the whole of it. He looked at her like she was the most beautiful star that cannot be found among the cluster, and his eyes shone – brighter than any of the twinkling dust in the sky.”


I got a little bit poetic. LOL Anyway, the background image was from “http://captainkilotango.tumblr.com/” . Byron’s image was the probably one of the most special in my mind. I know, it was unfair for Leo and Sid, but heck! XD ENJOY!!

Edited a little to soften up the image. :D

My little brother and I both play Overwatch, and he is 100% aware of the fact that Pharmercy is my OTP. (I kinda yell “PHARMERCY” whenever I get a Mercy with my Pharah lol) And, my brother is cool with the ship and all.

So any, we have this adorable thing where we call a team composition consisting of a Pharah, Mercy, and Ana “The Amari Family”. (So corny I know)

Yesterday, I heard him chanting “Mercy” over and over again and went to check it out and see why. Imagine my surprise when he told me that the Amari family wasn’t complete and he needed a Mercy to go along with the team’s Pharah and Ana.

Needless to say, my brother is adorable and I have made him a Pharmercy shipper. I couldn’t be more proud lol :D

In My Dreams II {a Jack Gilinsky imagine}

“Goodnight” Madison said through the phone and I nodded even though she couldn’t see it “Night” I said quickly and hang up. I have been waiting all day for this moment, it was finally time to sleep wich meant dreaming about her again, though I still can’t believe I saw her! SHE existed.

I was suddenly in a castle, I was walking through the hallways mentally not knowing where I was going but apparently my feet knew, I climbed the stairs leading me to the second floor, and just down that hallway was her, she was perched on the banister on a balcony.

Her dress was black with gold strings attached to it, a red flower crown sitting on her head and in seconds I was beside her “Beautiful night isnt it?” She spoke and I nodded

looking up at the now black sky filled with little silver diamonds, but the sky’s beauty did not compare to hers (corny lol), her arm hooked onto mine and I swear I felt something jolt into my body. “Jack?” she spoke softly making me look at her, her eyes staring deeply into mine “Will you always remember me?” She asked and I smiled, she always asked me that question and my answer was always the same “How could I forget?” I replied and her smile grew wider and we were inching closer and closer, her lips were about to touch mine… “Wake up!” Johnson hit me in the face with a pillow and I groaned sitting up “What the fuck is wrong with you?” I attempted to punch his stomach but failed since he moved away “I have been calling your name for 10 whole minutes!” he yelled and I groaned once again laying back down “Dude its our chill day, let me go back to sleep” I said and closed my eyes “Well Nate is here he just passed the beach and the girl is there” Johnson said and I immediately stood up “Let’s go!” I yelled and he laughed. “Dude she isn’t here!” I whined once we arrived, there was no sign of her just a few people walking by “She was here! I swear!” Nate said and I shrugged “Yeah well maybe you thought you saw-” As I was turning around I bumped into someone making me stop talking “Shit, sorry” I apologized “No its my fault” The person spoke and my eyes scanned her face, holy mother….Its her! Johnson nudged me from behind and I stumbled a bit causing her to giggle and let me just tell you, that giggle will haunt me forever “Uh I’m Jack” I said extending my hand, she smiled at me and shook my hand “Its nice to meet you, I’m (Y/N)” I have no idea what’s wrong with me, never have I ever acted this way around a girl, (Y/N)’s got me whipped…hard. “Gilinsky!” “Nate!” “Sammy!” “Johnson!” We heard high pitched screams those were definitely fans, (Y/N) seemed surprised to see the girls running to us asking for pictures, she probably didn’t know who we are. Once we were done I turned to (Y/N) and I smiled “You guys are famous?” she asked and I looked at the boys “You can say that” Nate replied making her nod. “Baby, there you are” a guy said wrapping his arm around her waist and suddenly I felt jealous, I felt my heart just broke into a million pieces but should I be feeling this way? I’m dating Madison, But she doesn’t make me feel the way (Y/N) does even if I just met her in person “Oh hey babe, This is Gilinsky, Johnson, Nate and Sam” she said looking at us with a ‘Am I right?’ look. We all nodded and he scoffed “We should go” He said and without even waiting for a reply he pulled her away “Bye!” she yelled looking back at us waving her hand. “Her boyfriend is a prick” Sam muttered and I mentally agreed with him. I am starting to have feelings for her but what about Madison? “Let’s go” I said and began walking back to our apartment. I am deeply in love with a girl who has been popping in my dreams, I just met her and I feel my love has grown even more, what did I feel about Madison? There was no spark, there was nothing.
Nate Imagine (Reasons for Returning)

Nate Imagine (Reason for Returning)
Request from anonymous: Could you do Nate one, where y/n picks him up at the airport in LA - they’re just friends -, there will be lot of fans so they will take photos, post them online and like ship them like crazy? And it will be all super cute?
Sure darling
You were awoken by this exasperating noise in the middle of the night. You groaned as you shifted over in your queen size bed and positioning your pillow over your head in hopes that the noise would cease. However you were met with no such pleasure. With a reluctant sigh you sat up and fumbled around for your phone until your hands were met with the cold metal sidings of the electronic object. You didn’t bother to check who was calling as you grumpily answered the phone.
“Y/N?” You heard a familiar voice say from the other end.
“Nate?” You asked astounded. “Why are you calling me at…” You paused to check the time. “Why are you calling me at 1:28 in the morning?” You questioned him.
“Well I am flying into LA this morning around 6am and I wanted to know if you could pick me up?” He asks with this cheeriness that you couldn’t deal with at now 1:29 in the morning.
“You wanted to know now?” You asked cantankerously.
“Um yeah because I have to get on my flight in a couple minutes,” He almost whispers.
“Yeah, yeah I’ll pick you up, but don’t ever call me this early in the morning ever again,” You warn him.
“Yes ma'am, sleep well y/n, love ya!” He said bidding you goodnight, or good morning depending on who’s book it is.
“Yeah, yeah love ya too,” You mumbled as you hung up and fell back asleep. For those of you wondering Nate and you were just friends. Although there had been a few times, recently actually, where your heart would flutter when you heard his name or you would get nervous around him but you were just thinking too much about it. While Nate was a very good looking guy you knew he wasn’t the settle down type and that he saw you as only a friend and since your feelings didn’t seem to be too strong you weren’t too worried.
You woke up to your alarm clock which you had thankfully forgotten to turn off. You normally had to get up at around 5am in order to shower and be on time for your job but since it was the weekend you didn’t have to go to work. You had just forgotten to turn it off and thank god for that because now you only had 45 minutes to get ready to drive to the airport and pick up Nate because it took about 15 minutes to get there. You didn’t bother showering, because who showers in the morning? Lots of people Y/N, lots of people. Ignoring your sarcastic self, you weren’t made for it at 5am, you found a black sweater with white stripes on the sleeves around the elbow and you paired it with black pants.

You quickly grabbed your keys and were out the door by the time the clock hit 5:30am. This gave you some time to grab something to eat on the way. You weren’t in the mood for just coffee so you stopped by in-n-out burger and bought a strawberry shake. You arrived at the airport at 5:57am. Just in time you thought to yourself. You parked your car in the parking lot and started walking towards the baggage claim. Nate had texted you all of the information about where he would be. When you got to the baggage claim he wasn’t there yet but you could see a lot of girls lining up to meet him. How do these girls even know where he is? Honestly a bunch of fan girls could find out more information about someone in an hour than the FBI could in a week. You chuckled to yourself at your small joke and sat down at the baggage claim waiting for Nate.
Y/N: I’m at the baggage claim text me when you’re landing or where you’re headed. BTW: bunch of girls here to see you ;)
Nate: I already landed and I’m on my way over. Great…
You laughed to yourself as you read that. You knew Nate loved his fans but privacy was nice every once in a while.
You saw Nate come around the corner, well actually you heard it before you saw it and by it you meant the girls who were screaming now. But none of them made a move they just stood there screaming. Well if they weren’t going to go and hug him then you would. You got up from your seat and ran towards him.
“NATE!” You shouted with joy as you jumped into his arms and hugged him. You heard him laugh as he caught you and spun you around.
“Missed you too y/n, but you didn’t sound too fond of me last night,” He teased.
“What do you mean last night this incident which you are talking about took place like four and a half hours ago so I categorize that as morning,” You tell him and he just puts his hands up in surrender.
“Did you have any luggage?” You ask him and he nods his head and the two of you head over to the baggage claim. You could still hear the girls screams but they had died down when you walked into the picture. You didn’t mean to burst their bubble or anything but Nate was your best friend and you hadn’t seen him in a while since he had been on tour for the past three months with Sammy and the Jacks.
“Oh where are the Jacks and Sammy?” You ask him as you approach the baggage claim with the belt.
“They flew back to Omaha,” He says.
“Oh then why did you come back to LA?” You ask.
“You saying you don’t want me here y/n? C'mon I thought you loved me more than that,” He teased you but you shoved him.
“No that’s not what I’m saying. Why did you come back to LA?” You ask him again.
“To see you of course,” He teased again and you just rolled your eyes.
“Alright I’ll buy it for now,” You said. With that you looked over your shoulder and saw all the girls had moved closer. It looked like one of them was about to ask Nate something. You didn’t say anything and you smiled as you watched it happen.
“Nate?” You heard her say and Nate turned to her and an immediate smile grew on his face. You couldn’t not smile watching him interact with his fans.
“Yeah baby girl?” He asked her and she practically fainted right there.
“Can we get a picture together?” She asked nervously.
“Course sweetheart,” He said and they took a couple selfies before she hugged him and waked away. This happened for the rest of the girls and I noticed that some of them were taking pictures of me but I didn’t really care about it, nothing they could really say to hurt me.
Once Nate finished talking with all his fans the two of you loaded up and drove home. Once you helped Nate get all of his stuff into his apartment you decided to stay for a while. You had just plopped down on the couch when you heard Nate calling your name.
“Whoa y/n come check this out!” He shouted from his bedroom. You got up with a dissatisfied groan but made your way to his room anyway.
“What is it?” You ask curiously.
“So remember how you picked me up at the airport?” He asks you rhetorically but you being a smart-aleck decided to answer him.
“No I forgot did I pick you up?” You ask sarcastically and he just shoves you before pulling you onto the bed next to him.
“Shut up and listen. So when you picked me up there were those girls there, well now there are pictures of the two of us all over Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr and they are all shipping us together. When he said that your heart skipped a beat and you felt yourself get hot so you distracted yourself by looking more closely at the screen. You saw hashtags of your ship name and #OTP on all the pictures.
You laughed at how ridiculous this was but in reality you were kind of flattered and wished it was real.

@maloleyscrush: they’re so cute together #OTP are they actually dating? IF not they should #Y/S/N (Your Ship Name)
You laughed as Nate read some of them aloud.
"Your fans sure do have imaginations,” You commented as you got up.
“Are you saying you wouldn’t date me y/n?” Nate questioned you and you didn’t know what to do you felt so on the spot.
“No, I’m just…” You couldn’t think of what to say and you were getting redder by the second.
“Just what?” Nate taunted with a smile.
“I don’t know, we’ve known each other forever and even if there was something I don’t know if it would work out between us,” You quickly spilled. Nate looked shocked and you were surprised you had said it too.
“You wouldn’t even be willing to give us a try?” Nate asked quietly as he took your hands in his. You felt chills run up your arms and down your spine at his touch. Thankfully your feet were grounded so you wouldn’t get electrocuted from the amount of electricity pulsing through your veins.
“I didn’t think you felt that way to begin with,” You said looking down at the ground trying your very best to avoid eye contact. But Nate’s fingers came under your chin and tilted it up so that you were looking into his eyes.
“Oh baby girl, I’ve always felt this way about you. From the very first time I saw you swinging on the swing set by yourself in the blue park when we were six years old. That moment I saw you I thought you were the prettiest little girl I had ever saw. I still think that but I was wrong. You’re the most beautiful, kind hearted, loving, and passionate person I have ever met and ever will meet. I’m in love with you y/n,” Nate confessed to you. You were frozen with shock but you were able to recover yourself.
“I thought it was just me who had feelings for you,” You said relieved with a smile as your hands went up to cup his cheeks. “I am in love with you Nate Maloley and nothing can change that now I know that. There were times when I doubted my feelings for you but it was only because I didn’t know if you felt the same way but now that I do know, I have no doubt in my mind how much I love you,” You profess to him. Nate’s smile grew and his hands went to hold your waist as he pulled you closer and right as his lips brushed against yours he whispered something. Something that sent chills up and down your spine.
“I wasn’t lying when I said I came back because of you.”
Hope it wasn’t too corny and that you liked it lol. I realize that every time I end an imagine I always start of this little section with the word ‘Hope’, I should get out of the habit of doing that.
-simplicational’s queen