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oh sehun. reader-insert. 3,5k words. roommate!au. smut.

—sometimes you really need a distraction from college life, how lucky that sehun needs one, too

“Do me a favor, pick me up, take me out later / Are you down to be a distraction, baby?” —Kehlani, Distraction

requested by @sassyunicorns2 for the drabble game (although this one turned out to become a scenario ;;; the song is great btw!)

“I’ll make it quick—” you breathed out as you broke the kiss, supporting your weight on Sehun’s shoulders, “Unconventional sex, no feelings, no obligations. Are you in or not?” you shoot the question quickly, gazing into his lecherously dark eyes. 

“Babe, you could put all sorts of conditions. Right now I need you to take off your clothes and that quickly,” he spoke in between his panting, running his hands up your back, over to your neck to pull you down for another kiss. 

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*throwback to Spacewalker, honestly* @mego42 will understand!

You know, that final scene on the beach is a slow burner. Obviously, I loved it in the moment. But it was so short, and so soft, that it didn’t hit me hard like some of their other scenes. The more I think about it though, the more essential it becomes.

Do I think Bellamy was about to confess his love for Clarke, in a LET’S MAKE OUT way? No. I don’t.

Bellamy was very calm, very mellow. IMO, if he was about to go all out on the romantic front he wouldn’t have been so. He would have been more agitated, more jumpy. (EDIT: THAT BEING SAID, I HAVE JUST FLASHBACKED TO MY LOST DAYS…and IDK why but I always feel like Imma lose friends when I remind the world that I was #Jate for lyf. So suddenly I’m remembering the S3 finale where Jack just turned to her all chill from out of nowhere and shrugged and said ‘Because I love you’ and honestly, maybe we are at a point where a mellow and chill Bellamy just puts it out there like that?? MAYBE WE ARE?)

I think that Bellamy is feeling very fatalistic right now. When Clarke asked him ‘you still have hope’ he gave her what she needed. But 4x04 onwards have really emphasised how tired Bellamy is, and how aware of time running out he is. He’ll keep fighting to keep people alive, but I also think that he believes he - and maybe all of them - will be dead very soon. He expresses this pretty succintly in reference to Octavia. I think he knows, on a level, that Clarke is right. Given time, his relationship with O will heal. But there is no time. He thinks that he is going to die and Octavia is going to hate him.

When Clarke says ‘she’ll see how special you are’ it’s not because she’s pulling him back from a break down. And she’s calm too! Mellow too! She says it because it is how it is. It’s so natural and easy for her to tell Bellamy that he is special.

Bellamy’s long look at her is everything to me. We’ve had moments like this before…I’m specifically thinking of 3x15 and ‘but I trust you.’ So it’s not a shock to Bellamy, really (I think it will always be a little bit of a shock to him just because he is who he is) but coupled with how he’s feeling about O, about their chances…

WHAT’S IN HIS HEAD. Definitely I love this girl. I know, I know…I said I didn’t think he was about to make a big declaration…but LOVE is all over everything Bellarke, and has been for a while. She’s everything to me? She’s special too, and I need her to know that? I couldn’t have survived without her? If I die, I need her to keep fighting and living and to find happiness one day?


And then Clarke just…IMMEDIATELY SHUTS HIM DOWN. And I think there is so much to say here about Bellarke v Clarke’s scene with Niylah. For Clarke, sleeping with and finding comfort in Niylah is a situation without risk. There are no strings attached, it makes her feel better, and also…Niylah is just super nice. So Clarke can touch her, Clarke can show her that affection…

Obviously, Clarke’s relationship with Bellamy is on another level (even if you were to deny romance) and it strikes me how much Bellarke DON’T touch each other. She comes to stand beside him on the beach, and there’s space between them. They even struggle to FACE each other, and dude…that threw me back to 2x16. Clarke looks at him, but HAS to look away. Bellamy looks at her when she isn’t looking. And only when he is about to declare, does he turn his full body to face her.


Because she knows! She knows that he’s trying to say goodbye, and she will not accept that. She nopes out of that like whoa. She won’t even consider it. With Niylah it was a conversation and a request, but with Bellamy it’s just NOPE NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT. WE WILL SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN.

THEY ARE SKATING AROUND IT YOU GUYS. They both know SOMETHING, and they’re both approaching it in different ways.

Clarke can’t face it, can’t think about it, because they WILL survive. But Bellamy is starting to turn the other way…


Favors-William Nylander

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All right, anon, you asked for this, and I’ll be damned if I don’t deliver. This is NOT an installment of Torn Up but if you haven’t read my series yet I ask that you do. I don’t know how I feel about this one, but I sure hope that you like it! Also can you believe his hair in this gif? Certainly magical

Anonymous said:  Hello! Is it possible if you do a Willy imagine just like the Leon imagine about tension. I can totally picture Willy being a little shit 💩.

Warnings: lots of cussing, lots of innuendo, and one (1) scene that is a steamy PG-13

Check out my series Torn Up

“You didn’t tell me he was going to be here,” you complained, crossing your arms over your chest and beginning to move backwards towards the door.

“I didn’t think I had to. I told you it was one of Kappy’s team events. Common sense dictates that Willy would be here, too,” Annika said plainly, reaching out an arm to pull you back without even having to look at you. “I was going to make you come anyway though, Y/N, because you said you owed me and I’m cashing in.”

You did owe her, and you owed her big. “I don’t see why this is what you’re going to use that on. If I were you, I’d save your favor. Knowing us, we’re going to get into some sort of trouble and it’d do you well to let me go home now so I can bail you out of jail or something later.”

“Nuh, uh. You can’t try and trick me out of this. You’re smart, but no amount of doublespeak is gonna convince me otherwise. I get to choose what I use my favor on. Hell, you might owe me two favors for that! I can’t show my face in that Starbucks again, and it’s the closest one to the gym. That’s at least two favors,” she argued. You knew that she was right; you had made her tell one of your hookups, who happened to work at the Starbucks you and Annika frequented after yoga on Thursdays, that you didn’t want to hear from him again. According to Annika, the guy was crushed. He had actually cried.

The two of you had built a friendship on dealing in favors, but reinforced it with your shared love of clothes, romance novels, and designer smoothies. You hadn’t gotten close, though, until she invited you to a party where you had gotten very, very drunk and made the mistake of going home with William Nylander. You sought her out for advice about how to deal with him afterwards, how to convey to him that you were not going to let him into your pants any time he wanted just because you had made one bad decision and fallen for his charms. Annika had been understanding and didn’t even think about giving you any shit about it, and thus the two of you were practically inseparable. It was true that your habit of frequently hooking up with random guys started after William, but she never mentioned it, not in the six months it had been, and for that you were thankful.

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Sticky Fingers

Host shambles through his library, cane in one hand and a book in the other. It’s peaceful, far more peaceful than today’s meeting. It was really just a shouting match about Anti’s latest antics and what the Egos should do about it. The Host is glad to be back to his usual peaceful surroundings.

Dark wants the Host monitoring all the Anti theories online and keeping him updated on them. As much as Dark dislikes sharing the limelight, he also needs to know what the glitch has up his sleeve, and the fans are typically quite good at sniffing such things out. Host is so tired of listening to the droning computerized voice reading out the posts to him, however, and he would much rather settle down quietly with one of his books.

Host drops into one of his armchairs with a sigh, rubbing his forehead and kicking up his feet on the little ottoman. He’s just getting good and relaxed when Wilford comes in stewing about Dark. “That no good attention hog. Not to mention what Anti might be doing to Jack and the others right about now. And what if he decides to come after us in the mean time?” Wilford ruffles his hair and twists his bowtie. “It’s exasperating!”

Host chucks a book at him, and Wilford catches it, absolutely shocked that Host would do something like that. But the Host just smiles. “Read a book.”

Wilford looks down at the lump of paper in his hands and makes a face. “I don’t know, Host. Books aren’t really my thing…”

“Books aren’t really my… Oh, Wilford! Don’t ever say that again.” Host covers his ears and pouts. “Books are filled with tons of things you’d like. Swordfights, pirates, treasure, all right there in that little book.” Host points at the leather-bound volume in the pink Ego’s hands.

Wilford’s eyes sparkle a bit as he flips through the pages. “There are pictures?”

“In that one,” Host smirks. “It’s a special edition, one that I paid a lot of money for. So no sticky candy fingers, got it?”

Wilford nods, turning to the first page and settling down into one of Host’s chairs. “I… I’m really slow at reading.” He glances up at the Host, but the blind man is still smiling.

“Take your time.” Host leans his head back and folds his hands in his lap. “You can read out loud if that helps.”

“Really? You wouldn’t mind?” Wilford looks down at the book again, at all the neat little letters all in perfect rows, but sometimes they just don’t want to behave properly. And he finds himself floundering to make them out.

Host traces his fingers along the needlepoint stitching of his armchair with a sigh. “Just softly, please.” Wilford nods and begins to read. He stumbles through a few chapters before the Host falls asleep and begins snoring softy, and Will keeps reading even after that for a few more minutes.

Once even he can’t keep his eyes open anymore, he takes a quick nap right there in the library and dreams of pirate ships sailing on storm-whipped seas and islands where buried treasure is hidden among the jungles. When he wakes up, he starts perusing Host’s library for more books. Once he has a sizeable stack, he pokes the Host’s shoulder until the other man stirs from sleep. “Can I borrow these?”

Host runs his hands over the spines of the books. “That’s quite a few, Wilford. Don’t you want to…” But he can sense Wilford’s excitement, as yellow as sunshine at first light. Host smiles. “Sure, take as many as you want.”

Wilford bobs onto his toes with a snicker. “Awesome!” And then he scampers off with the books piled up under his chin. Host shakes his head and gets up to check the latest Anti theories. Wilford returns the books after a few days, and the Host is somewhat pained to feel some of the pages stuck together with sugar. Though he wonders what else he expected from Wilford, the Ego always stuffing his face with candy.

So when Wilford comes back wanting more books, Host surprises him with a stack of his own. “Really? I can keep them?” Host nods, but Wilford suddenly goes silent.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you want them?” Host tugs at his bandages.

Warfstache shakes his head. “No, that’s not it! I just… I feel like I should do something for you now.”

Host smirks. “Don’t worry about it, Will. Really.” Wilford pauses for a minute and then gives Host a quick hug before the other Ego can protest and runs off with his books.


Reason #11: Tyrion is “special” to Sansa — Why is it that Jon “didn’t ask!” 

Now, though we compared it (jokingly) to the other instances when men mention Sansa and Jon flips, Jon’s reaction to Tyrion isn’t *exactly* rage — what is more, his disposition towards Tyrion is quite positive *before* Tyrion unwittingly takes it one step too far in his talk about Sansa. 

When they first meet at the beach, Jon actually breaks out in a smile and shakes Tyrion’s hand, genuinely happy to see him. We can be sure that Jon knows all about Tyrion at that moment, at least everything that Sansa had shared about him and we know that she characterized Tyrion as “not like the others” and praised how kind he was. Even if she never said it out loud, she also implied to Jon that his being “kind” means he *never* touched her.

That alone makes Tyrion a good guy in Jon’s eyes. 

The scene with Theon next episode confirmed that Sansa’s safety and well-being takes such center stage in Jon’s ‘good books’ that he immediately forgave Theon’s betrayal of his brother, his entire family and the North. Due to that, we can assume that Jon *would* feel gratitude towards Tyrion for treating his sister well when he would have had every opportunity (and the legal right) to do the opposite.

So…when Tyrion does broach the “subject” - hoping to resolve whatever doubt Jon might have about his honourable treatment of Sansa - he is rebuffed with something that can only be described as ‘gruff rudeness’ by Jon. 

“I didn’t ask.” 

And this only broke out of Jon the moment Tyrion showed a little *too* much interest in Sansa. 

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Make Me Like You

Reader x Stefan Salvatore



Imagine: You are hopelessly in love with your friend Stefan Salvatore, which could be a good thing, if he was not still in love with his last girlfriend, Elena Gilbert. Well, that is how you see things. But remember: not everything is what it seems.

Word Count: 1631

You stared at your phone once more, realising he was not going to text you. Or even call you. If you stopped even a second to analyse the situation, it was rather stupid to keep waiting for that to happen. Nevertheless, Stefan Salvatore was a taken man. Well, not literally, because he and Elena broke up almost six months ago. Yet, he still seemed off about it, which made your heart break in ways you did not conceive as possible.

“Oh, damn it! Why did you have to make me like you, anyway?” You huffed, standing up and leaving the living room.

Those feelings began to surface after you and him went on a mission together to find a witch who could help with the whole Originals deal. Stefan was so sweet and caring back there. Of course, he never actually showed you he was interested in more than a friendship. Also, it felt deeply wrong to like your best friend’s boyfriend. However, you could not help it. Suddenly, the younger Salvatore was all you could see. When they broke up… It sort of enlightened your day, even though it was a completely messed up thing to think.

You turned the TV on and tried to focus your mind on the funny sitcom. It did not work. The only thing buzzing in your head was him. And his gorgeous smile and sweet green eyes. How he would call you up just to talk and maybe have a drink. The way you two connected… It was kind of rare. Only Stefan was not able to see it. Stuck in the memories of his epic love with Elena. It frustrated you the fact they were meant to be. It was not fair!

A soft groan escaped your lips and, finally, you decided to go out. Clear your head and, if the odds were on your favour, find a distraction. Within ten minutes you were parking outside the Mystic Grill, ready to eat and drink something. The vodka cranberry taste sprinkling on your thoughts.

“Hey, Matty!” You waved at the blond, watching a smile appear.

“Now, what are you doing here, Y/N?”

“Hum, I think this is a bar, so… I’m pretty sure I came here to drink.” Your voice was sarcastic and he noticed, shaking his own head. “Can you get me my favourite?”

“Yes, but don’t think this is over, miss Y/L/N.”

Matt Donovan was your best friend since both of you were ten. Still, apart from that, you could not find the strength to come clean about how you felt to him. Once he heard you had gotten yourself in love with Stefan, he would flip out. Mainly because you kept this a secret for too long and, boy, the blond hated secrets.

“There you go.”

“Thanks, Matt.” You winked, sipping on your drink.

“I hate to see you like that, Y/N! Pretending like there’s nothing wrong… So typically you. I wish you would tell me what’s going on.”

“I-I can’t, Matty. It’s not that I don’t want to, I do! If only all of this was easier.”

“Look, I want to know everything.” He rolled his eyes. “But I have to work. My shift is almost over. Can you wait?”

“I guess…” You shrugged.

“OK. At least you won’t be alone while you do it.”

“Why are you saying that?”

Matt laughed and pointed to the door, where Stefan stood. You suppressed a sigh and took another sip from the vodka you ordered, struggling to maintain your heartbeat under control. Donovan patted you on the shoulder and got back to his work, leaving you to deal with the devils on your back.

“I didn’t thought I’d see you here, Y/N.”

“Yeah, you know… I was bored at home so I thought: what better way to cheer me up than drinking?

He chuckled, taking a sit in front of you. His sweet eyes watching your every move. It was times like these you wished you were able to read minds. Not that you liked to snoop on other people’s lives, but because your heart desperately needed to know something. Either to give it all up or keep hoping.

“Is everything okay?”

“Huh?” You shook your head, exhaling. “Oh, yeah. I’m fine.”

“It doesn’t seem like you are.” His hand grabbed yours and God knows how you were able to hold a shudder. “Talk to me.”

Maybe, just maybe, it was time to open yourself up. Tell him exactly what had been going on with you and your feelings. Gosh, that would be a harsh thing to do. You finished the drink and soon enough ordered another one. Yeah, the opportunity was right there, in front of your eyes. He needed to know, no matter how loud your thoughts were screaming for you not to do it. It was the only way to shake it out of you.

“Can I trust you with a secret?”

“Of course you can, Y/N.” His sounded normal, but you could catch the hint of concern within his words. “We’re friends and I really care about you.”

Oh, shucks.

“Hum… OK. There’s something I need to tell you.”

“I’m all ears.” Stefan smiled gently and stroked the back of your hand, which was still lost between his larger ones. “Come on!”

“I know you are still in love with Elena and…”

“Wait, what?”

“Shut up and let me finish.” He nodded, still frowning but agreeing to hear you talk. “I don’t want to get in the middle of you two. But I can’t help myself. Stefan, I’m in lo… I mean, I really like you.”

“What are you saying?”

Was he dumb or anything? I was pretty clear on what I said!”, you thought, almost rolling your eyes at his response.

“Come on! You know what I said… I like you.”

His bright white teeth shone when he smiled.

“This was random.” Your beloved rose his eyebrows. “Hum, I like you too, Y/N.”

“You’re probably didn’t understand. I don’t like you as a friend, Stefan…”

“You mean… Really like me?”



That was not what you were expecting. Suddenly, the embarrassment started to crawl up your emotional wall. He did not felt the same way, as, deep down, you expected him to. Now, you had lost a friend. You were so freaking stupid.

“I-I need to go. I’m sorry.”

“Wait!” You simply placed a twenty dollar bill and left, meeting the bright moon on the sky. So beautiful for such a horrible night. “Y/N, wait.”

“What, Stefan? I know you don’t want to be with me. I don’t even know why I said anything.”

“You didn’t even give me a chance to explain! Matter fact, to say anything.”

You narrowed your eyes a bit. He did not have to say anything. You were just his silly little friend. And that was all you would ever be. Now, without a doubt, even your ears were red out of the unpleasant awkward situation. “Why couldn’t I keep my mouth shut?”, a cruel though popped up in your head.

“I’m sorry about the way I reacted.”

“No, you don’t have to do that.”

“Could you just let me finish?”

“OK, I’ll shut up.”

“You’re really special to me. I don’t I have ever met a girl so though and so resilient. And there’s no way I can repay for everything you have done to me. To keep me going.” Stefan pulled you close, wrapping his arms around your waist. “Elena was a huge part of my life. I won’t deny it. However, she’s gone. Living her dream with Damon. And I’m happy for both of them. Of course it took me awhile to get over that, but you stayed and put up with me at my worst. That’s why I don’t need to hesitate now: I love you, miss Y/L/N. You’re truly the one for me.”

“Oh, Stefan!” The tears built up on your eyes began to stream down your face. “I’m so happy. I-I never would have figured you felt this way.”

“I wish I knew you felt like this sooner.” He whispered in your ear, kissing a sweet spot on your neck.

You sighed, biting your lower lip.

“Can I say one more thing?”

“Yes.” Stefan replied, softly.

“I love you too.” It was barely a whisper, but you knew he had heard.

He cupped your cheeks and let his thumb wipe off the teardrops which insisted to keep falling. The younger Salvatore, then, kissed your mouth very gently. His lips applying a tender pressure against your own. You pulled a lock of his caramel hair, taking all the pleasure you could get from that. It was definitely a dream coming true.

“Now, would you come back inside with me and have another drink?” Stefan whispered against your lips, a short awhile after you two shared such an intimate moment.

“Let me think…” He chuckled. “Yeah, we can do that.”

“I’m glad I fit in your tight schedule, Y/N.”

“Don’t be such a drama queen, honey.”

“I’m not!”

You laughed, stepping in the bar once more. As you watched him go over to get you new drinks, you realised how lucky you were to be in love with him. The curse became the relief. That’s why a grin appeared when you saw him coming back and leaning in for the second kiss of the night.

It finally hit you: choosing to love Stefan Salvatore was the best thing you had ever done. That’s why you would never give up on that feeling.

“Ready to have the night of your life with me?”

“It already is, darling.”

You smiled, joining him and being genuinely happy you were there at the right time with the right kind of feelings.

Best Father’s Day ever

A fic requested by @amber474

I know it’s not Father’s day but can you ever be too late for fluff? I think not.

This story bounces between David’s and Max’s perspectives, separated by a ‘—’ so make sure to pay attention! It starts with David and will alternate a bit :)

David woke up bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Today was the day!

He had been planning for today all month, it was his first Father’s day since he took Max in.

David knew he wasn’t Max’s father, and that Max didn’t see him as a father figure, but he’d be darned if he didn’t celebrate today. He would not deprive Max of the knowledge that David would always see him as a son.

David rolled out of bed and went to go take a shower. He had the whole day planned. First he would make pancakes, a traditional favourite, then they would go for a walk to the park, and then they’d see a movie! David was a little bit concerned that Max wouldn’t want to go with him, he wasn’t really interested in waking up early or going to the park, or out in public with David at all, really. Well, Max wasn’t really interested going out in public at all in general either. David pushed those thoughts away and grinned into the bathroom mirror. He’d make this day special if it was the last thing he did. He turned on the shower.

Max looked up when he heard the shower head turn on. Shit, he was running out of time!

“This is fucking stupid,” Max mumbled to himself as he flipped a pancake. “People probably don’t even really eat pancakes on this day. That’s probably just a T.V. thing.”

Max grabbed a plate from the cupboard and slid two pancakes on it. He put it on the table next to a syrup pitcher that was only a little bit sticky and a vase of flowers he had ripped up from the yard four houses down. He probably wouldn’t get caught for that.

Max was suddenly very unsure. Was this too much? What if David didn’t want to celebrate. It wasn’t like Max was really David’s son, or anything. This was too much. This whole show Max had put on was just demanding too much of David. Max bit his lip.

Why did he even try?

David turned the shower off and got out. He dried and dressed relatively quickly and clunked down the stairs, deciding to finish breakfast before waking Max.

David turned into the kitchen and froze.

“Max? Did you do all this?” David asked, awestruck. He looked at the plate of pancakes, and the syrup pitcher with a trail of syrup down the side, and the vase of flowers, probably stolen, and was amazed

See, you idiot. He hates it. He’s angry. He’s going to send you away now. Look what you’ve done. Why do you have to ruin everything? Stop trying.

Max bit his lip harder and looked away, blinking back tears.

“Yeah.” He said, simply.

“Max! I love it!” David gushed, and Max looked up surprised. “I mean I can’t believe that you made pancakes for me! I was going to do that for you! And these flowers are amazing! Thank you, Max!” David looked back to Max who was staring at him wide, and wet, eyed.

“Max, are you okay?”

“Yeahshutup” Max said, wiping his eyes on his sleeve. “So this is really okay? Not too much or…?” He asked, trailing off.

“Max it’s perfect!” David grinned.

“Oh, okay.” Max said simply. He put a mug of coffee next to the pancakes and waited for David to sit. David sat.

“So,” David said, starting to eat. The pancakes were good, a little doughy, but good, “Would you like to go for a walk later, and then to the theaters?”

“Yeah, okay.” Max said. In truth, Max wanted to do neither of those things, but today was his one shot at repaying David for everything so he went along with it.

“Okay!” David said, surprised and happy, “Oh, darn. Just remembered that I haven’t bought a new wallet since the, ahem, incident.” The incident consisted of Max tripping David into a pool and in the process damaging David’s dollar store wallet with water. “So I’ll have to change into a pair of pants with deeper pockets.” 

“Actually,” Max said, voice uncharacteristically slow and unsure, “About that.”

Max got up and left the room, leaving David confused and sticky. The syrup trail had spread.

Max returned a moment later with a plastic bag. 

“Sorry it isn’t wrapped but…Oh fuck it just take it!” Max said suddenly, shoving the bag in David’s direction, glaring.

David took it slowly and pulled out a green wallet with a yellow pine tree on it and the name ‘David’ embroidered beneath.

“Max…this is beautiful. How did you-?” David asked, not looking away from the wallet.

“I got it custom made, ordered it online…” Max shrugged. He was quiet for a minute before continuing “…It’s water-proof.”

“Oh, Max! Thank you!” David exclaimed, pulling Max into a hug, eyes shining with tears.

“Knock that off, you big wuss.” Max said, but with no bite to his words.

“I love you, Max. You’re my son-figure.” David said, not letting go.

“…me too. You’re my dad-figure.” Max mumbled into David’s shoulder.

Best Father’s Day ever.

Here For The Drummer

The past 24 hours have been a blur of running through airports, catching and missing trains, literally zero sleep, amazing burgers, friendly faces and tight hugs, and yes, well, Sarah Jones and her singer Harry Styles.

I’m completely and entirely overwhelmed with lack of sleep and post-concert blues, but for these last few moments I want to catch last night in a post. I am on the plane and that means this weekend isn’t over just yet.

I should start with Harry’s nearly blindingly golden suit that was reflecting the lights so intensely, it looked like he had stepped down from an ethereal atmosphere to grace us with his music? It’s almost funny how stark the contrasts are between his dramatic appearance and his dorky behavior. He literally went to clean the floor of the stage when he almost slipped on kiwis, before he did a dramatic note change in the Kiwi encore that probably damaged his vocal chords, but everything for his craft, eh? Between his incredibly ridiculous dance moves, his sparkling suit, his pinned back hair, his faux-innocent “Hello, I’m Harry,” or asking for more fruit when he found the kiwi on stage — he is incredibly unique. A born performer, a warm presence on stage; no one who takes himself (or his fans) too seriously but who makes sure that every single person in the room feels loved.

We’ve all talked about it before, but the fact that Harry creates these safe spaces and actually means it, is so important. A waitress who worked at the pub where a big group of ours loaded up on carbs and energy before the show, asked why there were so many rainbows and she was intrigued and then pleased. And I realized how incredibly ‘normal’ it has become for us to at least see a handful of rainbow flags at Harry’s show, plus ribbons and badges and stickers, that people are generously handing out. He inspires kindness and selflessness and community. The group of people I met before the show was mostly unknown to me, but instantly I felt welcome. I’ll always remember how @mustbeseeingblind said to me: God, I love that the biggest rainbow flag in this place will be for the female drummer.

So when he pointed out the sign (“You are here for the drummer….DRAMATIC PAUSE…… So am I.”) it kind of felt like a group success. The excitement was real and my phone was instantly flooded with texts and honestly? That was the best part.

“We are all here for you,” Harry said as he walked off the stage, pointing at my rainbow flag. Luckily I missed that bit or else I would have been a sobbing mess right there, in the middle of The Apollo, instead of a couple of hours later in my hostel room. I suppose there are different ways to read that phrasing but to me it reads like him supporting my love for Sarah, supporting love between women, supporting our community of bi, gay, pan, and trans women and everyone else. I felt loved and warm and celebrated, in being a woman, and in my love for other women.

The absolute bonus of the day was Sarah waving at me, as I went to collect my flag. I waved the flag at her and she ducked her head a little and smiled, waving back at me. I’m afraid Mitch is going to have to step back, because that was mine and Sarah’s engagement.

Special thanks to @harrysgaytour for speed traveling to London with me, for holding me when I started randomly shaking after the show, for loving me. To everyone in that big Rainbow Group, thank you to for being colourful & kind.

No words are enough to describe last night, or this community. All I know is that everything feels a bit empty without rainbows and queuing and Kiwi chants but my October ended the happiest I’ve ever been. And I can’t thank the people I’ve met, Sarah Jones and her singer Harry Styles enough for that.

Wrong Place Wrong Time (16)

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Part 16 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)
- ⛪️Also mention of Religion.

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

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Word Count: 3,926 
(Just wanted to quickly thank those who replied on my previous post letting me know that the longer word counts are totally okay. Feedback is always appreciated guys! 💙)

You were rudely awaken by somebody blowing cool air into your ear, groaning you turned over to your side, your internal clock was telling you that it was not time to get up yet, but the blowing came again and for longer this time.

“Ughh, what do you want Baekhyun?” You rolled over to your side, opening one of your eyes.

“Do I look like Baekhyun to you? Get up!” Chanyeol pouted grabbing the sheets off of your body and pulling you up into a sitting position. You smiled at Chanyeol pulling him into a hug, lingering for a while before you pulled away from him again. “What was that for?” His eyes were wide with surprise.

“I don’t know…I kind of missed you.” You were embarrassed to admit it but it felt good at the same time. He smiled at you showing a row of perfectly white teeth. “Anyway why are you here?!” You pushed his shoulder hard so he fell backwards onto the bed.

“The first thing you do when we become friends again is bully me. I’m offended.” He stuck his tongue out. “I have good news and bad news for you.”

“Bad news first.” You opted, you weren’t sure how much worse the news could get around this place but having said that any form of hell was possible here.

“Okay well the bad news is that you have to do some training with me. I’m sorry I tried so hard to keep you out of this, you don’t know how angry I was when Junmyeon suggested this but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

“What do you mean ‘training’.” You made quotation marks with your fingers. “I’m not going to be on field.”

“You are Y/N.” Chanyeol dropped his head, sinking his fists into the mattress. “I’m sorry I tried hard, but he said we need all hands on deck, the only two that will be out are Jongdae; because he’s still not fully recovered, and Baekhyun because he’s the only one that knows what he’s doing when it comes to stitching us up.” He gave you a weak smile.

“What type of training though Chanyeol?” You didn’t like the sound of this; you shifted uncomfortably standing up from the bed and looking down at him.

“Cute pyjamas.”

“Stop side-tracking Chan. What type of training are you talking about?

He began to bite the skin on his thumb. “You know… defending yourself, how and where to hide…how to use a gun…”
You laughed at him in disbelief shaking your head violently.

“There is no fucking way I’m using a gun Chanyeol. Are you crazy? I’m not doing that shit again, I don’t want to turn into a monster, I don’t want to turn into –”

“—me?” Chanyeol smiled sadly finishing your sentence; you couldn’t look at his eyes now. You felt bad but of course you didn’t want to do what he did, why was that so wrong? “I’m not doing this because I want to Y/N. And you won’t be either; you’ll be doing it to defend yourself, in this world it’s dog eat dog, okay? Kill or be killed, and I don’t prefer the latter.” You could do nothing but sulk now.

“What was the good news?” You mumbled, pouting and looking down at the floor, you despised your life right now.

“You’ll be training with me.”

“Really? I was hoping for something better.” You sighed, wrapping your arms around yourself.

“Ouch, that hurt my ego.” Chanyeol held his hands above his heart, pretending that you had wounded him. You stuck your tongue out at him, slipping your slippers on and walked towards your door.


“Nooooooooo!” Jongin whinged stomping his feet childishly on the floor. Everyone was in the kitchen apart from Sehun. He was still upset from last night and was probably going through emotional turmoil since he didn’t know which truth to believe. It was awkward since everyone was sitting on the opposite side of Minseok on the table, although the boys thought they were being discrete they really weren’t. You weren’t particularly Minseok’s number one fan, but you felt slightly bad for him. You really wouldn’t be surprised if he was the Tell-Tale he was a secretive and dangerous man, yet something deep down was telling you that it wasn’t him. It had to be someone on the outside and you weren’t sure if they were trying to help Genesis or ruin Genesis.
 Attempting to be the neutral ‘better’ person and bridge the gap you opted to sit in the space between the boys and Minseok, although to be honest he didn’t look like he was too bothered and rather seemed as though he was enjoying his own company.
All of you were around the table eating cereal, there was a slight buzz of conversation mainly about what was going to happen tonight and what precautions had to be taken.

“What’s wrong with you Jongin?” Kyungsoo rolled his eyes, looking down at the bowl in front of him.

Jongin had his head in his cupboard, looking slightly defeated. “I’ve run out of sugar, No! Why me?! Why!?”  You laughed a little bit at his stupidity it was somewhat cute, Yixing gave you a scornful look from across the table. The both of you still hadn’t spoken yet and it was putting you on edge.

“Why don’t you just have Honey like the rest of us for goodness sakes. Why do you have to be so difficult all the time?” Kyungsoo frowned motioning towards Jongdae to pass him the honey jar and tipping it over his cereal.

“Because I’m special and I’m Jongin, so I need to be unique. One of you guys must have sugar in yours.” He whined, looking through the cupboards one by one. The honey was being passed around the table by the boys.

“Honey Y/N?” Junmyeon asked, holding it in your direction. You shook your head, you preferred sugar over honey but your cereal was sweet enough anyway. Junmyeon looked over to the other side of the table at Minseok, but then put the jar of honey down and began talking to the other boys again.

“Um… actually you know what, I’ll have a little.” You took the jar from Baekhyun who reached for it and held it out to you, pouring the tiniest bit in your bowl You didn’t actually want any but since you were playing mediator you had to step in.

 “Minseok…do you want some honey?” You pushed the jar towards him, patiently waiting for a string of abuse and profanities about how ‘he could look after himself’ and ‘if he wanted the honey he’d get the honey.’ He stared at you for a moment raising his brows, taking hold of the jar and dragging it towards him.


Your eyes widened. Minseok just thanked you. The most civil bit of conversation the both of you had shared.

“Y-your welcome.” You stuttered still in disbelief. Everyone in the room looked up at Sehun who had just entered the room, he took the seat opposite you. His eyes were red and puffy, he had been crying and quite a lot too. Your heart began to ache seeing him like this, you weren’t sure how old he was, but you knew that he was young and to be going through all of this must have been proving too much.
You heard a gasp coming from the cupboards.

“Minseok…What the heck is this?” Jongin turned around slowly, holding up a can of red spray paint in his hands. You dropped your spoon on the floor, flicking your eyes between Jongin, Minseok and the can of red spray paint.

He looked up slowly at Jongin and back down at his bowl again, shovelling some cereal into his mouth. “How should I know? It’s not mine.”

“Then why did I find it in your cupboard?” He pointed an accusing finger at Minseok. Everyone in the room was staring at him silently, all apart from Sehun, he was audibly crying now, wiping his face with his sleeves.

“Minseok what’s going on, please tell me it’s not you. Why is this happening!? Why won’t you defend yourself? It’s you isn’t it? You’re the Tell-Tale.” You could just about make out was Sehun was saying, he was hysterical and wasn’t breathing properly, you had to press your hand against your mouth to stop yourself from crying too.

“I’ve never seen that before.” Minseok said nonchalantly, his face unchanging as he stirred his spoon around in his bowl. “I don’t know how it got there.”

Jongin walked over to Minseok’s side of the table banging the can down in front of him. “Really Minseok?! Because you’re not all that convincing right now!”

“Jongin stop it. Maybe it wasn’t him…” You whispered, looking at Minseok who was looking straight back at you, but still his face was giving nothing away and you didn’t know what to believe.

“Are you seriously trying to defend this piece of shit right now Y/N?” Jongin shouted at you from where he was stood. He turned his attention back to Minseok. “So come on ‘Tell-Tale’ Why is it that you’re dropping all these hints for us. Are you on our side or against us? Either way you’re getting all this information from an outside source so how the fuck can we trust you?”

Minseok rolled his eyes upwards, putting his spoon down carefully in his bowl. He quickly slipped a gun out of his pocket pointing it at the other end of the table, making everyone jump back and duck for cover. He laughed in astonishment, slipping his gun back into his pocket.
“Wow! Are you guys being serious!? You’re all actually scared of me right now. You seriously think I’m this Tell-Tale asshole. You’re all doubting me right now? Sehun, you’re doubting me?!” He pointed a reproving finger in Sehun’s direction. Pushing his chair backwards he stood up and walked towards the exit. “I don’t fucking have time for this shit. I have a raid to prepare for.”
You looked over the table at Sehun; he was a complete wreck, shaking violently.

“Sehun its okay” You cooed reassuringly “I’m sure it’s not him.”

“Are you being fucking serious Y/N!? Are you blind? Everything points towards him” Jongdae banged his fist against the table. You frowned getting up from your seat and running out of the kitchen.

“Y/N where are you going? Y/N!”

You were walking up to Minseok’s room, when you saw him leaving it and closing his door behind him. He was wearing the exact same clothes as the night that he slipped out of the house. All black attire with black boots and a bottle of an unknown liquid in his hand. You quickly slipped into the room that you were stood next to as you didn’t want to be caught. You weren’t sure who’s room it was but they were going to have to let you borrow their jacket for a while because you had made up your mind. You were about to follow Minseok.

You kept your distance when following him, and now you were really beginning to wish that you had just gone and put proper shoes on, because these slippers were really not serving any type of purpose. You slid down the streets still trying to keep a fair distance, when suddenly you were being lead to a Church. You were confused and sincerely hoping he wasn’t planning to kill anyone inside because that would most definitely be a new level of low. But instead of walking into the church auditorium he crept through the back, in which you realised he was standing in a graveyard. Your body shivered you weren’t the biggest graveyard fan and you were wondering what on earth Minseok was doing here. You stood behind a tree about two inches away to keep yourself hidden.

“I know you followed me.” You heard Minseok call from where he was positioned, slowly turning round to look at the tree. “Besides that’s the most cliché hiding spot. Maybe if you actually try hiding in a grave the next time it would be harder to spot you.” You had been caught, sheepishly you stepped away from the tree and towards Minseok.

“I’m sorry.” You whispered “I just wanted to get some sort of proof that you really weren’t the Tell-Tale.” You didn’t get too close to him, purely because he was someone you couldn’t trust. “But i’m confused as to why you’re here.”

He sighed heavily. “I’m not the Tell-Tale.”

“I know you’re not, I just kind of had this feeling deep down.”

He looked up at you shocked. “Thanks for believing me. Funny how Sehun couldn’t, after I cared for him so much.” He rolled his eyes.

“So this where you came the other night?” You questioned. He nodded pointing at the two gravestones.

“I Came to see my mum and dad.” He half-smiled pouring some of that liquid he held onto the soil in front of one of the headstones.

“What is that?” You asked, squinting your eyes and taking a step closer to him.

“Rosewater. My mum loved it, she’d never go a day without it.” You nodded your head slowly in understanding. So this is where Minseok had  been coming all this time and it was completely understandable, you felt so bad for how misunderstood he’d been.

 “So your parents were religious then?” You whispered, looking behind your shoulder at the church and turning back around to look at Minseok crouched down in front of the headstone, you crouched down beside him.

“Yeah. My mum especially. She’d take me to church every Sunday, she’d place her loose change in my hand and let me put it in the collection pot. I loved it, it was the best part of my day.” He smiled so sadly, and you felt your heart crumpling in your chest. “I’ve not been to church for years. I can’t. I feel too ashamed, I don’t deserve it. It’s ironic my parents were taken from me, yet I take people from others. At first I told myself for I was doing it for a cause but now I don’t even know what I’m fighting for. I just do it out of anger and hostility. They’d be so disappointed.” A tear rolled down his cheek and splashed onto the dying flowers that were in front of him. You couldn’t help yourself at this point and instinctively pulled Minseok in for a hug nestling your head in between the crook of his neck and his shoulder.
“W-what are you doing?” He stuttered, his body stilling at your contact.

“I don’t really know, it just happened on impulse, but please don’t ask again because that will make it really awkward.” You half-laughed. You felt him take a breath again and rest his head against yours. You stayed like that for a few moments before he pulled himself away from you, clearing his throat and broadening his shoulders.

“If you tell the other’s, I’ll kill you.”

“Minseok” You let out a fake gasp. “Your mothers listening, how can you threaten to kill me in front of her? I’m telling you now she is turning in her grave”

“Whatever.” He laughed softly, pushing your shoulder lightly. Minseok was laughing. And it wasn’t one of those twisted evil ones either, it was a genuine heartfelt laugh and it felt like a breath of fresh air. You had almost forgotten what his teeth looked like. You loved this Minseok; you wanted this one to stick around. He stood up, moving over to a grave beside his parents and pouring the rosewater there too. You stood up too and quirked an eyebrow.

“Hey, what are you doing, you can’t go pouring that on everyone’s graves.”

He shook his head lightly. “Relax. This one’s my granddad. Fucking family reunion, I know.”

“Oi! Language.” You whispered bowing your head at the graves and turning round to bow your head at the church. He pulled a sorry face pressing his fingers against his lips and turning around to face the church.

“Let’s go.” He said walking slowly back towards the way you came. You nodded walking beside him, you noticed him laughing quietly to himself.

“What?” You asked, curious as to what was so funny.

“Oh it’s nothing. I just remembered when I was younger my mum had this thing about me holding her hand, but I got to this age where I thought I was too big to hold her hand anymore, so every time we came to visit my granddads grave she’d tell me that if I didn’t hold her hand, one of the hands of the dead bodies would rip through the soil and drag me down under with them. I was so scared, it was the only time she could get me to hold her hand.”

“Aww cute…I think… Actually that’s quite creepy” You made a puzzled face unsure of what to make of the story.

“Oh no. It’s definitely creepy” He smiled. “But it makes for a good story and good memories, I guess I’ll never forget how her hands felt in mine now. I do miss it though.”

You looked forward towards the church and held your hand out towards Minseok. He paused for a moment staring at your hand and back up at you.

“I know i’m not your mum but It’s not every day I offer my hand to people, take it or leave it.” You cleared your throat, but he was still staring at you. “Oh my goodness Minseok please just hold it, this is getting awkward, it’s really not going to hold itself.” He cleared his throat too, placing his hand in yours; you both walked silently forward staring uneasily ahead. Finally Minseok broke the silence.

“Okay, so wow this is really kind of awkward…”

“Oh, yeah, yeah I totally agree I’m really glad you said that.” You both quickly dropped each others hands and walked even faster to the exit. “So don’t tell the others we held hands otherwise I might actually have to, you know.” You ran a finger across your neck.

“Oh no, what? You think this is good for my image? Trust me I won’t”

Hours later and it was crunch time; everyone was geared up including you. You had a gun in your back pocket and it made you feel physically sick, training with Chanyeol didn’t go particularly well but he promised you that he’d be there to protect you anyway. Baekhyun and Jongdae stayed at home, looking over cameras and prepping medical equipment just incase, but you were sure you would definitely be needing it, someone was bound to get hurt. You were packed into a black van sat in between ‘Kai’ and Chanyeol; you were trying to call everyone by their code names so it would sink in. You were scared to shout for help from Chanyeol and Sehun, purely because their usual role was to stay at home so they didn’t have code names. Everyone was silent, Kai was rubbing circles on your thigh, trying to calm you down and he wasn’t even trying to be discrete about it this time, everyone was watching how touchy he was being with you but he didn’t really care. Yixing did though.

“I’m scared.” You breathing was irregular.

“Don’t worry babe, we’ve got you. You’ll be fine.” Jongin squeezed your knee. Causing Yixing to roll his eyes. Suddenly the van stopped moving.
You had arrived at the Warehouse.

“We all know the rules.” Junmyeon said “Try your best, stay alive. We’ve got this” But you weren’t so sure. Rapidly all of the boys began to run out of the van and towards the block C.

You were frozen in your seat. Cold, alone. Sat there, you couldn’t seem to catch your breath, your life was flashing before your eyes at the moment. There was no way you’d survive this. There were so many things that you still wanted to do with your life, get promoted to the highest level, get married, have beautiful children, but that was never going to happen now.

You heard footsteps running back towards the van.
“Y/N?” A hand shot out in front of your face, you looked up. It was Minseok.
“Quickly, take it before it gets awkward.” He smiled at you softly, you took a breath smiling back and took a hold of his hand, only this time around you didn’t want to let go. “I know you’re scared but you’ll be fine.” You tried your hardest to believe every word he said.

You both ran towards the building catching up with the other guys. Only this time you were surrounded by thirty or so men who were definitely not from Genesis, around 10  of them were armed with guns whilst the others had knives and other weapons.

“Fuck, It’s an ambush.” Jongin sighed.

“Really Jongin? No fucking shit Sherlock!” Kyungsoo screamed, shooting a gun at someone who was fast approaching him, you screamed involuntarily at the bullet that went straight through the mans skull.
“Don’t just fucking scream Y/N, shoot!”

All the guys had spread around by now. You were alone, running and ducking for cover anywhere that you could find it. You dashed beside a crate, and heard a loud bang beside your head, looking up you saw a hole in the crate and a white substance pouring out, you just realised that it had been shot, whipping your head to the side you saw a man pointing a gun at you and licking his lips.

“Such a pretty girl, what a shame.” He walked closer to you.

“Y/N your gun!” You heard Minseok shout, “Y/N use your gun!” but you were paralysed in your spot, you couldn’t take it out of your holder, you couldn’t even breathe. You closed your eyes at the sound of a loud bang. Slowly opening them again you saw the man lying in a pool of his own blood face down on the floor. Minseok standing above his body his chest heaving up and down.
“Hey are you crazy! You could’ve died! Please use your fucking gun!” He dragged you up by your arms, that were jelly by now, you tried regaining yourself.
“Y/N. Please I know that this is hard, but you have to get it together. Okay. Please! I have to go, but goodness, just use your gun okay.” He squeezed your hand and ran off in an opposite direction.
Once you thought you were collected enough, you ran onwards to find Yixing and Chanyeol back to back they were weapon-less and cornered by two men. Your heart began thumping against your ribcage and as if on impulse you ran towards the two of them throwing your gun towards Chanyeol, who caught it in his right hand and shot the man in front of him dead. He turned around to shoot the man in front of Yixing, who then raised his gun pointing it at you.

“Drop your weapon or I’ll shot the girl.”

Chanyeol’s breathing slowed, gun shaking in his hand.

“Shoot Him!” You screamed.

“Drop your fucking weapon, now!”

You saw Jongin running into your section behind the man holding his gun at you. “Kai help us!” You screamed, you were weapon-less and Chanyeol was slowly but surely lowering his gun. Jongin was the only one who could do anything about the situation.

“Okay.” He said turning around to face you all, he smirked at you mischievously.


You screamed, your blood running cold. Shock taking over your system and code-names flying out of the window.
“Oh my God! Jongin!”

Special Juice| Tom Holland One Shot

Requested: no, just inspired by the time where Tom got his juice during an interview because he gets cranky without sugar.

Rating: PG-13 mild swearing, that’s pretty much it.

Summary: when Tom leaves his juice in the hotel, it’s up to you to save the day this time.


“Where the fuck…” Tom’s voice trailed off as he searched through his bag, his head hurt because of how tired he was and the lights of the room were hurting his eyes. All he wanted was some sugar, even a little bit to wake himself up so he would at least seem likable during the interview. This would have been a simple request to meet himself, if his bottle of juice was in his bag like he thought it was. Only now was he realizing that he’d left if in the counter of the hotel where he and YN were staying while in the city. He sighed loudly.

He hated to be a bratty, almost-child star who wouldn’t operate without accommodations, but he was so damn tired. He picked up his phone, that he actually managed to remember on his rushed way out of the hotel, and began to dial your number. It rang at least 6 times before he hung up.

“Damn it, YN.” he muttered quietly, his voice carrying a bit of a whining quality. He rubbed his face with the hand that wasn’t holding his phone. You were probably still sleeping. He decided to keep trying. He sent a string of texts that read:
“Hey YN”

“Are you still sleeping”

“Could you please wake up now you beautiful, wonderful, best person I know??”

“This is stupid but I left my juice on the counter can you bring it to me I’m already at the building for the interview I’ll send you the address!”

“I’ll pay for your lyft ride just please bring it to me?”

“YNNNN I am soooo tired without it you know what I’m like without sugar this early don’t do this to meeeee”

“Please come save the dayyyy”

“Come through YNNNNNN”

It was turning into a very one sided conversation of texts. He tried to call you a few, maybe a few too many times, before finally he heard the dreaded ringing stop and your groggy voice answer the phone.

“Tom? What’s wrong? Are you okay? Why are you calling so many times is it an emergency? Is everyone okay, should I go to a hospital?”

Tom instantly was met with a wave of guilt that washed over him completely as he struggled to calm you down. “No, YN– princess, just calm down everyone is okay, I’m okay, I’m so sorry to worry you, I just…"He had never felt so stupid in his life. "I just, need my juice, it’s on the counter…” There was dead silence between them over the line. Finally you spoke.“Are you shitting me?” He could hear how tired you were, he could practically see your messy hair and pajamas.Tom held back a laugh, you always cursed more when you were tired, especially when you’d been woken up. He paused. “No, would you please bring it? I texted you the address!”

He could almost see YN’s face as she pulled they phone from her face to check her inbox. “Tom, honey, when you text someone this many times, and leave this many voicemails when there’s not a legitimate emergency, it often comes across as uncalled for.” Her voice was laced heavily with sarcasm. “Okay, fine, I’ll bring ur dumb juice I’ll let you know when I get there.”

Tom now felt a level of gratefulness he’d never experienced in his life. “Thank you, YNNN, I promise I’ll make it up to youuu!” He tried to make himself sound endearing. YN nodded, not thinking about how Tom couldn’t see it before she hung up. Tom did a happy dance and sat down to not so patiently wait for you to come.

YN never came.
At least, not in time for Tom to get his juice before warily checking his phone for the billionth time before sitting down and handing off his phone to Mackie, begging his friend to promise to look out for a call from YN. Mackie agreed and pushed Tom gently in the direction of the interviewing chairs, one already filled with a co-star.

Tom sat down and tried to act more awake than he felt, his attention perked when he saw YN walk into the room, hundreds of feet away from where he sat, he saw her hand off a bag to Mackie, and find a place to sit.

Mackie walked closer and closer to where Tom sat, and made a few jokes about interrupting the interview and how Tom needed his juice. It felt like an eternity before Tom reached for his green cup, only to shake it and realize that it was empty. His heart sank. “It’s empty,” he looked to Mackie, disappointed. “Check the bottom.” His friend advised and he did. There on the bottom of his cup was a yellow sticky note with YN’s handwriting.

“This is for waking me up and making me panic. xoxo YN”

When Tom looked up, Mackie was already handing him a clear bottle, on clearly filled with his juice. Tom could already see the yellow corner of another note.

“But here’s your dumb juice because I love you, have fun interviewing :) xoxo YN”.

Tom grinned and could see you intently watching from the other side of the room. Mackie laughed and was already explaining to everyone what had happened.

Everyone was laughing and Tom couldn’t care less, all he cared about was how cute the notes were, and of course, that he finally had his juice.

I don't remember | Jughead x Reader | Part 1

*PART 2* | *PART 3*

Summary: You wake up after the big party, definitely not in your bed and you don’t remember how you got here. To be honest you don’t remember anything that happened last night. Why are you not wearing your dress? Why you do you have a big bruise on your arm? Why are you in Jughead Jones’ apartment? What does all this have to do with Reggie? And why you don’t remember anything, even getting drunk?

Words: 1360

Warnings: MISTERY, some cursing, mention of alcohol, some sexual content

A/N(IMPORTANT): Hi! This is my first fanfiction in Riverdale fandom. I hope you will like it if you do I will write the second part. Now the important part: I have dyslexia so forgive me for my grammar, because I’m trying to write correctly, but it does not always work. So I’m sorry again. Feel free to send my any requests, asks etc. I can write anything.  
Also the thoughts are write in italics. (Y/F/C) means your favourite colour. 

Shit, I forget to close the curtains, again. The sunlight on my faced waked me up. I slowly opened one eye and then quickly closed it. That was definitely not my room.

Let’s think. I’m not naked, that’s good, but this is definitely not my t-shirt and my bra is missing. That’s bad. I moved my hand to the other side of the bed. It was empty but slightly warm. I’m not a person who change the bedsides during the sleep. I felt the pain. I had a big bruise on my arm.
What is the last thing I remember? I was trying, but nothing comes to me. I didn’t remember anything from the last night.

I opened my eyes. The room was nice, small but comfy. I sat on the bed. I was wearing the big grey t-shirt with the letter “S” on it. Yup, definitely not mine. I looked for my clothes, but I couldn’t find them. Excellent, I have only t-shirt and underwear. I stood up and opened the door. The living room was brighter than the bedroom, so it took my few seconds before I was able to see clearly. This room was also very small, one table, three chairs and an old TV where the only furniture that could fit in. My eyes stopped one the pair of blue-green ones.

“Good morning (Y/N),” said Jughead quietly. He was sitting at the table with his laptop opened. He was wearing his famous beanie. I looked down at my clothes then again at him.

My mind was screaming. I was in Jughead’s Jones apartment. I didn’t even know that he has an apparent. Basically, I didn’t know much about him. Everyone called him the school freak. He was a best friend of Archie who was one of my bests friends but he never introduced Jughead to me. I never talked to Jughead. I don’t know if I ever told him “hello”.

“What am I doing here?” I said, my voice was a bit little bit shaky.

“Wait. You don’t remember?” He looked confused. And then his faced started to change colour to red.

I shook my head.

“You think… You where… I mean you was…but it wasn’t…” he tried to create a sentence. I didn’t know that the human face can be so red. Normally I would wait to see if it can go even redder but now I need answers.

“Yesterday was a party, right?” I tried to make my voice as confident as I could.

“Yes.” I heard the relief in his voice.

“You wasn’t there, was you?”

“No. I am not a fan of parties.”


“C'mon (Y/N)! It will be fun!”

“Kevin, you know that I have an important test on Monday,” I said looking at my best friend’s big smile.He knew that he won and I didn’t have any more arguments. He was talking about Reggie’s party for almost a week. Well, the whole school was talking about it.

“You already knew all the material! And the party is on Friday so you will have a whole Sunday to review.”

“Fine, you win.”

“What did he win?” I heard Archie’s voice behind me.

“(Y/N) is going to Reggie’s party. That mean you own me 10 bucks, Andrews”

“No, I own you five and the other five to Veronica,” he said.

“(Y/N) is going to the party? I knew it,“ the raven hair girl high-fived with Kevin.

“I literally hate all of you right now,” I laughed

“You know you love us,” Kevin said and hugged me.

“Yeah probably.”


“So… I went to the party with Archie, Veronica and Kevin?” I said my thoughts out loud.

“I don’t think so. You went with Reggie,” He was surprised and so was I.


“I’m definitely not wearing that,” I said when I saw the dress what Veronica was holding.

“It’s perfect for you!” she said

“At least try it!” Kevin was digging in closed. He was in “the Stylist mood”.

“Why I can’t wear jeans and some top?”

“Because no,” Ronnie put the dress in my hand. “Try it!”

“No, I said I’m not wearing that.”

“(Y/N)! Reggie ask you out! You should look perfect!”

“Thank you very much, Ronnie,” I said little bit angry.

“You know that’s not what I mean” Ronnie looked at my and rolled her eyes. “Kevin, maybe you could help me?”

“Yeah (Y/N) you definitely should wear a dress, but this one,” he said and show us the beautiful (Y/F/C) dress.

“Okay, I hope that you are proud. Give my that dress,”  I said.


The awkward silence was filling the small room. I looked at the window next to the table. I tried to recall anything from the party but there was the big black hole in my memory. I looked at Jughead. My biggest mystery. What happened last night? What did I say? What have I done? I felt so stupid. I wasn’t the kind of girl that gets drunk on the party and have sex with a random person. I least I thought that I wasn’t. I didn’t even remember getting drunk.

I looked at Jughead’s face. He looked confused maybe concerned.  It was really hard to read his face.

“Where is my dress?” I ask.

“It’s torn.” He said. “It’s not what I meant. Well it is, but it was torn before you get here… I mean it’s not…” He started to loose in his words.

“Can I have a coffee?” I asked and again I saw the relief on his face.

“Yeah sure. What kind would you like?” He closed his laptop and stood up.

“Just (black/white)” I said


“Hey,” I said when I saw Reggie

“Hey! You look beautiful!” He said and opened the car door for me.


It took only 10 minutes and we were at Reggie’s driveway. The conversation we had was surprisingly interesting. The party already started.

“I left the keys to my brother so he let everyone in” Reggie explained with a smile.


“Thanks,” he said and put his hand on my waist. “Do you have any favourite drink or you let me make you something special?”

“I think I’m going to trust your taste,” I said and he disappeared in the crowd.


“Thanks,” I said when he gave me my coffee. I took a sip. “It’s good” I sited on the chair. 

“I don’t remember anything,” I said quietly.

He looked at me and nodded.

“I remember getting at the party but that’s all.” My voice changed to whisper.

He opened his mouth and then closed it and shook his head.

“You must be cold,” he said finally.

I was little bit confused

“Yeah, I am,” I said surprised. I didn’t notice this before. God, I was still only in the T-shirt and the underwear. I felt embarrassed and tried to covered myself, but Jughead disappeared in the bedroom. After about five minutes he was back and I already finished my coffee.

“Here,” he said and gave me a pair of blue jeans, black t-shirt and his denim jacket. “The bathroom is there” he pointed the door. “Feel free to used shower if you want.”

“Thanks,” I said and took the clothes. “Jughead… how drunk was I?” I said not looking into his eyes.

He brushed back the black hair had fled from his beanie.

“The problem is that you wasn’t drunk (Y/N),” he said.


“Here you go” I heard Reggie voice. He was holding two drinks. I smiled and reach out for one of them. “No, this one is mine!” He said and handed me the other one.

I laughed. "They are exactly the same!“ I said but I took it.

“Yeah, but this one is especially for you,” he winked.

“Thanks,” I said and took a sip.

Rookie Monster

Your group and Wanna One are both featured on the Weekly Idol ‘Rookie Monster’ special episode. Sungwoon, your boyfriend, isn’t always great at variety.


Variety shows had always made Sungwoon nervous, something you were acutely aware of as you looked over at your boyfriend, sweat beading on his forehead. You were standing with your own group, CIEL, waiting to be introduced by Doni and Defcon, the two excited hosts of Weekly Idol.

“And this week, for our monster rookie special, we have a special group that have skyrocketed to success,” Doni began, “please welcome… CIEL!”

Your current promotions song, Let’s Rock, played as your group hurried onto the all-white set, bowing first to the hosts and then to the camera.

“Let’s…” your leader began your introduction.

“travel high! Hello, we are CIEL,” the five of you bowed, and Doni and Defcon clapped, you five doing the same.

“What is this?” Doni asked, doing the hand gesture that was a part of your introduction. You laughed, doing the motion again.

“It’s to signify travelling to the sky,” your leader explained– the motion was a simple point to the sky, pointer finger moving up before you waved your hand in a ‘jazz hands!’ motion.

“Ah,” Defcon nodded, doing the motion himself. Doni looked at him, making a face.

“Somehow, the feeling’s not there…” he said, shaking his head at Defcon. “Alright, let’s have individual introductions.”

When it came to be your turn, you smiled widely at the camera, catching sight of Sungwoon grinning at you, looking a little less nervous. “Hello, I’m (y/n), the member who will dance into your heart!”

“Dance into your heart?” Doni laughed, “what’s that?”

“She’s the main dancer,” Ara, another member, explained, and you laughed, nodding as you did a little dance before retreating back to the line, covering your face in embarrassment. Behind the camera, Sungwoon snickered at you.

After all the introductions were over, Defcon clapped his hands.

“We have another group in the studio for this monster rookie special. These boys are the number one in the heart of Korea, let’s introduce… Wanna One!”

You clapped excitedly as the boys hurried onto the set, doing their own introductions. You laughed a bit as Sungwoon attempted to be funny, Park Jihoon just shaking his head at his hyung.

“So, do CIEL and Wanna One know each other?” Doni asked curiously, “have you ever met before?”

You gulped, briefly making eyecontact with Sungwoon, who was obviously panicking.

“Our promotions have overlapped,” Jisung explained, “so we’ve become friends.”

“(y/n) was the one who first introduced us,” your leader explained, gesturing to you. In your mind, you facepalmed.

“Ah, why?” Doni pressed.

“I used to be a trainee at Ardor&Able,” you explained.

“So Sungwoon, you know (y/n)?” Doni asked, turning the attention to your panicking boyfriend. You briefly considered throwing something, screaming, or pretending to faint in order to draw the attention away from him.

“Yes, like (y/n) said, we were from the same company before she moved,” Sungwoon began, “we’re quite close, and so of course, the rest of Wanna One wanted to meet my girlfriend’s group.”

There was a pregnant pause, and if you looked into the sea of staff behind the line of cameras, you could see Wanna One’s manager facepalming, your own manager standing next to him, sighing as he pulled his phone out.

“Well, I guess we’ll be editing that out,” Defcon laughed awkwardly, and you covered your face, completely embarrassed.

“Let’s, uh, let’s move onto the first corner of basement level three,” Doni transitioned, a seasoned variety host. “Get ready… Random Play Dance!”

As the two groups shuffled around, you found yourself next to Sungwoon.

“Real smooth, babe, real smooth,” you whispered with a snicker, Minhyun next to you joining in

“Oh, be quiet,” Sungwoon replied jokingly, ears bright red as he bumped his shoulder into yours playfully. He might have been a dork, but he was still your adorable boyfriend.

Party Like A Stark

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Peter Parker x Stark Reader

Part (2/6)

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

Summary: Today is your 19th birthday, and you also happen to be Tony Stark’s loved daughter.  What’s a better way to celebrate this special day than a party?!  All the Avengers and family friends will be there, even your secret crush Spider-Man.  You’ve always wanted to meet the famous spiderling, but little did you know you already know him.  Your party will definitely be one to remember.

Warnings: still lots of fluff!!


AN: Guys I’m literal trash ahahah this fic is going to be a bit longer than expected because there’s just so many things that pop in my head !! I mean I love writing this story so much, that’s why it’s so long!  I hope you guys don’t mind having to wait longer for the smut!!  I don’t know i think it’s worth it because peter is just so precious and I love the reader’s relationship with everyone! well anyway, enjoy!!

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(A/N): I’m so sorry this is so short but I really couldn’t come up with anything for it :(

Request: Could you write an Avengers/X-men ficlet where the reader assembles the team and confesses to being a mutant? Like, he/she always explained their abilities away as technology or something?

Warnings: none

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   You pace up and down the exterior of the Helicarrier, ringing your hands together as you awaited all the other superbeings to arrive. You knew Nat, she’d been your partner since day one and the two of you were unbelievably close but you didn’t know anyone else in the group. Sure, you’d heard all the stories, the great god of thunder, the two smartest men alive, and the hero who seemed to survive it all. You were more than nervous to meet them, after all, they were these great amazing people and you were- well, you were you. 

   “(Y/N),” Nat places a gentle hand on your shoulder, steadying your nerves only slightly. “It’s okay, they’re gonna love you,” You chuckle dryly, your entire being going taut at the sight of the infamous Bruce Banner and Steve Rogers. Nat smiles just a bit as the two men board the ship, keeping her authoritative demeanor up even when she was trying to be kind. 

   “Mr. Rogers, Mr. Banner,” She greets the two, giving them a firm handshake. “I’m Natasha Romanoff and this is (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” You give the two a polite smile, hoping you didn’t look to nervous. “They’ll be joining our little team of ours,” The two men smile back, Bruce a bit more nervously but Steve’s a bit more confidently. 

   “You work for shield then?” Steve asks, cocking a brow at you. You nod your head, smiling only a bit proudly. 

   “Yes I do,” 

   “You’re an agent?” 

   “Of sorts,” You reply, gently shrugging your shoulders. Steve smiles a bit brighter, nodding his head. “And you miss Romanoff?”

   “I’m an expert in espionage, weapons, and more than a few forms of mixed martial arts,” She smiles sweetly before turning on her heel, a spring in her step as she walked towards the entrance of the helicarrier. “You two might want to follow me, I think Fury would like to speak with all of us,” 

   “All of us?” Bruce asks, his tone holding more nerves than before. 

   “We’ve got two other players in this game; Tony Stark and Thor,” 

   “Thor? Like the god of thunder?” Nat smiles, humming a bit. 

   “Yep,” Bruce gives you a nervous look but you give him a reassuring smile, hoping that it didn’t look too painful. 

   “What about you?” Steve asks, cocking his head at you. “What do you specialize in?” You share a look at Nat, an almost nervous one but you pocket it away, bound and determined to lie to Steve’s face and to make it sound good too. 

   “I specialize in weapons, I’m working on some pretty big stuff right now,” You smile at him, still hoping that the two men couldn’t see through your lie. “And why are you here Mr. Rogers?” Steve chuckles, shaking his head just a bit. 

   ‘I really don’t know, apparently Shield thinks I’m good enough to join your little team,” 

   “Well,” You size him up, giving him a little lopsided smirk, “You aren’t wrong,” 

    How had everything gone downhill so fast? One minute all of you were friends and the next everyone was screaming at each other, demanding the truth and whatnot. 

   “Did you know shield’s been making weapons?” Tony asks, pulling up a secret file. 

  “How did you-” Fury begins but Tony cuts him off once again. 

  “Weapons using the very item we’re hunting, now I don’t know about you guys but this seems just a tiny bit fishy to me,” 

   “Shield’s been storing weapons too,” Steve mutters, throwing an old hydra gun onto a table. Tony hums, staring at the weapon with pursed lips. 

   “Is there anything you’d like to tell us?” Tony asks Fury, squinting his eyes in distaste. 

   “I assure you-” You begin, only to have Tony cut you off as well. 

  “Oh no, don’t you even get started, you can’t talk when it comes to secrets (Y/N).” You look at Tony strangely, a brow cocked in confusion. “I read your file, I know what you are, what you can do-” Your mouth runs dry, your tongue becoming a slab of sandpaper at his words. “Mind manipulation? Interesting sort of weapon is it not?” Steve turns to look at you, a look of distaste upon his face. “Is it even considered a weapon?” Tony continues, tapping his chin in thought. “Or are you?” 

   “Fine,” You mutter, folding your arms over your chest. “Yeah, I’ve got- I’ve got some freaky talents but never once have I ever used them for anything other than the greater good-” 

   “Really? What about this team, this other team you were on- the x-men or whatever they’re called,” 

   “It’s a team of people like me, people with abilities,” 

   “Mutants. You mean Mutants,” Tony mutters, clicking his tongue in disappointment. You hang your head, biting your lip as guilt and shame consumed you. Even with his words you knew what he meant- Freak. You were a Freak. 

EXO  Wolf!AU Reaction to their mate getting scared of their wolf form

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“I don’t know what to do.. to be less scary for her… I can’t help it… I’m just.. a big wolf..” *He really puts a lot of thought into it*


“Just remember baobei… that when I transform.. my only goal is to keep you safe… I’ll never hurt you. All my power belongs to you”


*He’d bring you to the woods and slowly show you everything he has… so you get familiarized with it* “It’s okay jagi.. I know it’s scary… honestly I was a bit scared the first time I transformed too.. but you’ll get used to it, you’ll see”


*It concerns him a lot* “I don’t know what to do.. how to make her see I’m not dangerous… I can’t help it when I transform… we are supposed to be scary… but I would never hurt her…”


*Well he can do the puppy look pretty well, so you aren’t scared* “What about this.. you like it? You can pet me if you want, but only you!”


*He’d try to avoid to transform if you are near, unless it’s a very dangerous situation, and only if he knows there’s some distance between you two* “It’s okay jagi… I got this, don’t worry!”


*He’d only transform in the dark, when no one can see him. He has other tricks when he can’t transform* “I won’t make her feel scared ever again, I won’t allow it! I won’t be able to forgive myself if I do..she worries me”


“Don’t forget baobei… that behind all this fur, I’m still the same person.. I’m still your mate… and nothing will make me hurt you… I look this deadly… only to keep you safe”


“This is who we are jagi.. we can’t deny it. But it’s okay… I understand. I promise you I’ll try not to transform when you are around.. even though I would never hurt you… I’m on my five senses when I transform.. specially if you are near”


*He’d be a little bit sad about it* “I just… I don’t want to scare you jagi… it’s never my intention.. but I can’t stop transforming either.. it’s my nature… I don’t know what to do… I want to be with you… all the time..”


*It’d be in his head for weeks. Trying to think of a solution* “She’s pretty new in this world… I can understand why she’s scared… but there are scarier things… I can’t have her freaking out every time we go out… hm… I guess she needs time.. and I’ll be there by her side… to help her”


“See jagi… this is me… the Alpha.. we are always the strongest… and biggest.. but you gotta understand… I’m not going to hurt you.. like ever. You are my mate… my family.. my everything. And I’m here to protect you”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

EXO reacting to being in love with you but you’re both in relationships

DISCLAIMER: some of these imagines don’t involve the boys in relationships just a few of them. ALSO idk anything about love so if this is lame thats why lmao

Suho: It’s been a year since he met you at that reunion with his friends. One of your closest friends kept talking about how his girlfriend was the best thing that could have ever happen to him. That day of the reunion at Suho’s friend the universe decided that it was time for the both of you to meet. Suho was serving himself a drink in the kitchen when you walked in to grab a bottle of wine. As soon as he laid eyes on you he felt a cold shiver run down his spine. You looked like a dream for him, you always did since that day. “Hurry up, Junmyeon! the karaoke is about to start” you smiled at him as you walked out of the kitchen with the bottle of wine in your hands “Y-yeah, I’m coming” he replied. You were in his mind at all times since that day, but it hurt him to see you with one of his closest friends. Every time there were reunions he would feel a pain in his chest for liking you so much…no this was not just liking someone…this was love. He was madly in love with you. Little did he know that the feeling was mutual.

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Lay: Traveling was part of his job and damn he was a workaholic. In one of his recent visits to Korea he met with the entire production team that was working with him for his new solo album. You were on board for working with Lay since day one, but you barely met him that day at the production team meeting. “Lay, this is Y/N she’s our editor for the music video” his manager introduced you both and you were so excited to meet him. You kept talking about how great he was and how much you admired him since the beginning. You and Lay became really close during the making of his album. Sometimes you hung up with him after work, usually went to buy coffee. You had so much in common but at the same time you were so different. “So…do you have a boyfriend?” Lay asked one of those days as he drove you home like the gentleman he was “I do, but he lives in the US at the moment” you answered with a shy smile on your face while Lay’s chest started aching. “Ah, he’s very lucky. I bet he loves you a lot” He said trying to hide the pain he felt. He barely knew you but he couldn’t help feeling this way for you. And you were also feeling the same for him.

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Xiumin: He’d been hiding his relationship with a classmate from his university. Not even SM or the media knew, he was really good at keeping everything in secret. He had been dating this girl for roughly five months and one day they decided to have a casual date at their favorite coffee shop. Him and his girlfriend got closer to the counter and he started ordering. “Hello welcome what can I get…you?” you started working there two weeks ago and Xiumin was by far the most handsome man you could have ever seen in the shop. You looked at his face scanning the menu that was hanging from the ceiling in the back of the counter, when he looked at you to order he held his breath for a second. Ever since that day he couldn’t forget your face, or your voice. He loved his girlfriend and he felt bad for thinking about you for a month. He would visit the coffee shop on his own and the both of you had little conversations until you became good friends. One day you finished your shift and your boyfriend showed up to pick you up. Xiumin remembers seeing you smiling and kissing your boyfriend’s cheek after work. He hated this, he hated being in love with someone that was taken, just like you did.

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Baekhyun: You were really good friends with Suho and one day you decided to go visit him at his new dorm. When you knocked on the door Baekhyun was the one that opened. You were so shocked at first because you’d never seen him in person, only on TV or on pictures or on EXO’s music videos. Now he was standing in front of you with a big smile plastered on his face. “Come in! You must be Suho’s friend…Y/N?” he asked you letting you in “You’re much prettier in person” he said scratching the back of his head a little embarrassed, he even looked away shyly for a little bit. Suho went to get groceries with Sehun because they were going to make a special dinner for you, so it took them a while to come back. Ever since that day you and Baekhyun became best friends. You both were dating other people at the time but also you two would have coffee dates just to talk about all the dumb shit your boyfriend and his girlfriend did to make you angry. One day you both were having lunch after he finished practicing and when the waitress brought you the ticket she said you made a great couple because you were always laughing. “Umm…thank you but…we’re not a couple ma’am” Baekhyun said hiding his sadness behind that pretty smile of his. You felt your heart ache because you loved him so much it was crazy. He paid for your food and the both of you went home. He felt frustrated because he couldn’t say how much he loved you because he knew you loved your boyfriend so much and saw how happy you were with him. It just sucked.

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Chanyeol: “Look I made a new song” Chanyeol sent you another link for a sound could recording. It was the third one this week. Honestly you really liked listening to his songs and you really liked his voice. There was something special about this new song he made, he sang with so much passion it made you shiver. “There is a hidden message in it…I hope you can figure it out” he wrote as a new text but hesitated on sending it to you but before he pressed sent you sent a message back “I loved it, I can’t wait to show it to my bf he’s gonna love it! He really likes your songs” Chanyeol smiled for himself. It was a sad smile because you were always the first person to ever listen to his new songs before anyone else, your friendship was also one of the most valuable things he could have ever had, he just treasured you. You met your current bf because of him one day you went to a dinner with some friends of his, you and one of his friends hit it off instantly and he was happy for the both of you but also he felt sad overtime you talked about your bf or when he talked about you in front of him. He wanted to be your source of happiness. He really loved everything about you.

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Chen: The both of you met at school one day that you had to prepare a group project. You were friends with Chen’s girlfriend since you were in high school and the day you met Chen it was like meeting an actual prince. It was sad for you because you were already dating someone else and you just felt bad for liking your friends boyfriend so much. You and Chen sat together in class all the time and you always had a fun time with him. Chen would help you out with your studying and you would help him by giving him the notes of the class whenever he had a schedule with EXO. Being a celebrity and a full time student was very hard for Chen but somehow he managed to survive through everything thanks to you. Besides being classmates you were also really good friends, and whenever Chen or you had arguments with your partners you would vent out to each other, which always ended up in laughs. “You know…sometimes I wish you were my girlfriend” Chen said one day you were walking out of your class. One day while lying in bed he realized he really liked you and the thought of you being with that other guy made him so frustrated.

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D.O: You and Kyungsoo met on the set of a movie. You were the scriptwriters assistant and you helped Kyungsoo to rehearse for his scenes. You were around the same age so he felt really comfortable being with you. His usual seriousness would go away whenever he was with you and even his tone of voice would change while you talked about how the filming and your lives were going. He loved to see you smile and the sound of your laugh was the his favorite sound ever. The day he found out you were dating someone he felt he’d lost all hope. Your friendship with him was still as strong as always, but whenever you mentioned your boyfriend Kyungsoo would go stiff and uninterested. “I swear…the other day I told him he should be more like you” you told Kyungsoo one day you were having lunch after filming, he felt the urge to tell you to leave him and ask you out but he didn’t. He started dating his co-star, hoping this would make him think about something else that wasn’t you. He really loved you, and you loved him too none of you ever said anything it was frustrating as hell.

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Kai: You had been a trainee in SM for two years already. You were preparing for your debut with the rest of the other girls of your group. You and Kai knew each other and you had been practicing for a special dance stage for SMtown. They were really happy. Kai really liked you and you liked him a lot as well, sometimes you joked around saying you were going to marry in the future, but this was just a joke. Kai was dating Krystal again, after going through so much hardships they finally managed to make their relationship work for a good year. On the other hand you and Taeyong from NCT started dating in secret. Kai was in the SM cafe with Kyungsoo one day when he saw Taeyong and you sitting at a table having coffee after practice one night. He saw how happy you were with him and he suddenly felt a weird feeling in his chest. He was jealous, he always thought you were really beautiful and talented and he just liked your personality so much it was driving him crazy to see you with someone else that wasn’t him, he loved everything about you. He was confused, he didn’t know if you liked him back and he was also with Krystal and he “loved” her. But ever since he got closer to you after being chosen for that dance stage everything changed. “Is this how love actually feels?”

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Sehun: You and Sehun met at a restaurant. Casually you were friends with the same guy that ran the restaurant and one day he invited the both of you to have dinner together with him at his restaurant, more people were invited as well. You arrived with your boyfriend at the time and Sehun had been in a relationship for at least two months with a girl he knew from high school. When he first saw you he felt the earth moving under his feet. You can say it was like love at first sight.The only problem was that you were both in relationships at the time, you liked Sehun just as soon as you laid eyes on him and you thought he was something else. You became Sehun’s platonic love and he became yours. You kept hanging out with him and your chef friend, the more Sehun knew about you the more he liked you. “How long have you been with your boyfriend?” he asked you one day he offered to take you home after leaving your friend’s restaurant. You had been dating your boyfriend for almost 2 years but you felt your relationship was going nowhere, and so did Sehun about his even though he had less time dating his girlfriend. The next thing you heard from him was that he broke up with his girlfriend. He decided to wait for you. Even if you didn’t break up with your boyfriend, he would still be waiting for you, because that’s how much he loved and wanted to be with you.

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Our anthem

How would BTS react if thier s/o (also an Idol) wrote a song a bout them (everyone knows that it is about them) and their s/o would perform this song at an award show?

[Gifs do not belong to me, all credit goes to the rightful owners]


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Joonie would be really touched by the fact that you chose a song you’ve written meant for you and him to a whole crowd of people, and at an award show! like he’d seriously be a proud and happy boyfriend. As you sang you’re heart out to the song about you and him he becomes all shy but would have the biggest grin on his face while he watched you perform. Once the song was over there is a small break so he rushes backstage to see you. “Baby you did amazing!” he embraces you in a great bear hug. “You really liked my performance?” you look up at him smiling. “All of it,” “that’s good this song is already special but I wanted to make it memorable for you.” You nuzzle your head onto his chest hugging him a bit tighter. He can’t help but smile and kisses the top of your head. “I love you y/n.”


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When he sees you on stage and hears the familiar tune he would be a little caught off guard and laugh away his shyness. But as you began to sing the song jin would stare up at you with so much love and sing along with you. After you’re performance he heads over backstage to tell you how well you did and how it surprised him a bit. “Y/n I can’t believe you sang our song,” he hugs you. “Was it too much, I just wanted to sing it for you and I thou-” he cuts you off by capturing your lips with his in a quick kiss. “You did great and I loved every minute of it.” You blush and hid your face a little “You liked it that much?” “How could I not it’s our song y/n you made my heart jump and every thing!” You laugh at his reaction and kiss him again. “I’m happy you enjoyed it.”


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Personally I don’t think yoongi would be able to hide that gummy smiles of his because he’d be so freaking flustered the moment the music began to play and realizing it was the song you wrote about your relationship. Like he tries to be chill about but he can’t because he’s kinda low-key fanboying over you. He would see the way you poured your heart into singing the song and how much passion you were showing in front of the crowd would make him all giddy inside and he wouldn’t know what to do with himself. When your stage was over he sneaks away to find you. “Interesting choice of song babe,” “Did I surprise you?” you grinned at your boyfriend and gave him a playful hit to the arm. “maybe a little, but you did great up there?” he puts his arms around you and pulls you closer to him. “A little?” you raised a brow. “Look I really liked that you decided to sing it ok, you can tease me later about it just let me hug you.”


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Hobi gets emotional at certain times and this would probably be one of those times. The fact that you’re singing your guy’s song at this time in front of all these people, with him there would take him over the flipping moon. He would smile and sing along and then at some point just cry a little because his heart just hurts from all the love he’s feeling. When you finish he wastes no time to get to you and hugs you like it’s his last day on earth. “Hobi did you cry?” you held his face in your hands and tried not to laugh. “Psh no,” he sniffles a bit. “I had something in my eye,” “both your eyes?” Hoseok smiles widely and kisses  the top of you’re head. “Don’t judge me I was bound to with you singing our song.”


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First things first, he would have the biggest smile the second you came up on stage. He claps and cheers along the crowd and the other boys to just feeling so proud to see you up there. Although he’s already seen you perform multiple times. And the second he hears the beginning of the song he’d instantly become shy and hide his face a bit as the members teased him a bit. He’ll see you singing to him and just kinda wave at you not really knowing what to do with himself. “Y/n!” you turn to see him calling you over to him. “So our song huh?” he smiles shyly.  “Yep I thought It was the perfect time to sing it,” ‘’Ah, good thing too now everyone knows how much you love me,” he smirks and slings his arm around you. “But they already knew mi-” “shh I know I’m just happy. let me have this moment.”


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Tae would be a happy puppy singing along with you with just as much passion as you showed on stage. He’d be cheering for you and sometimes look at the crown behind him to point at you like yeah that’s my girl up there. Tae would have that boxy grin that you love so much plastered onto his face the whole entire time and even after when he went to go see you. “JAGI, Y/N,” he was basically speed walking to you. “Hi tae,” you kissed his cheek. “I saw you down there you were really excited,” you laughed. “Of course I was you sang my favorite song,” he did some cute little dance while singing a line or two from the song. “So it’s your favorite song?” “Well why wouldn’t be?”


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You walk on stage, the crowd is cheering and with jungkook as well. The music starts and he freezes mid clap because he’s like wait a hot second. He’ll listen for a moment hearing you sing and trying to comprehend what your saying before he realizes and is like oh wait it’s our song. He’ll become shy because one, your up there singing to him, and two, his hyungs would tease him a bit but would think it’s really freaking cute. “Kookie did you like my performance?” you look up at him and smile waiting for his response. “Yeah I really liked it,” he chews his lip a little “I was a little surprised though I didn’t think you were going to sing it.” he laughs a little. “Thank you?”  “For what?” he shrugs his shoulders a  bit. “For singing it, I don’t know what else to say,” he chuckles nervously. “You’re happy, and you love me?” “Yes, very much.”

Hope you like it 😊
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My whole life

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Pairing: Bucky x reader 

Warnings: Maybe language? body issues and human evilness in general

Request: @melconnor2007 .  “ Hi I was wondering if you could do a one shot requests on Bucky, something along the lines the reader and Bucky have been dating for ages, but she’s struggling with being happy about the way she looks, when she over hears some other agents or people talking about how good looking Bucky is and how muscles he is, then they start saying how the reader isn’t pretty enough to be dating Bucky, and she gets upset locking herself in her room, and Bucky breaks in and is reassuring telling her how pretty she is and how much he loves her and it’s really fluffy if that makes any sense please”

Every inch of your body hurts. And you feel wonderful.

Oh yeah, you love putting your music out loud and just exercicing to the rhythm of it. It has become a routine since the day you and Bucky make things official, every time your beloved boyfriend goes out on a mission you let out all the stress that his ausence causes in you by making some exercice.

Grabbing the towel you head to the showers humming your favourite song. From all of the femenine showers you always choose the one more hided, not for anything special but you prefer to be covered when showering. Putting your sore body under the hot pouring water you start to massage your arms and legs. 

- I can’t even - you hear the voice of a young woman entering the showers 

- Me neither - another one laughs walking besides her. They haven’t seen you yet.

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The Art of Remembering by @swans-and-pirates | [tumblr]  [ff.net]  [ao3] | au; Killian hasn’t seen Emma in months, not since she ran off in the middle of the night. But when he receives a call from the hospital informing him that she’s been in an accident he rushes to be by her side. Nervous and anxious to see her again he’s not sure what to expect—but he definitely doesn’t anticipate that upon waking she would have no idea who he is. 

“I see…” she says, the green of her eyes meeting his again. “And are you my doctor?”

It’s immediate, the way that one sentence makes his stomach drop and his mouth fall open as he gapes at her.

Her doctor?

He shakes his head, not sure he heard correctly. “Your doctor? Swan, it’s me…Killian.” He’s rambling just a bit and his stomach sinks impossibly closer to the floor when he realizes her eyes hold no recognition. “You…you don’t know me?”

Emma shakes her head. “I don’t. I’m sorry.” She gives him a small, apologetic smile, but all it does is make his world shatter a little more. “But I…I take it I should?”

Killian drags a hand down his face and releases a heavy sigh. “Aye, Swan. You should.”

Niall Horan - “Love Song” Imagine

Just a short little blurb for ya! 

So as soon as I saw Niall’s Billboard photos inspiration struck and I got into full on Niall girl talk with @eversincecheshire and texted her this long ass idea based off of this picture so, me being me, decided to write it. People have been asking for Niall so.. here ya go. Enjoy!

It was Niall’s day off. No meetings, no time in the studio booked, and so the two of you decided it was the day the two of you would get your long list of to-do’s done. You were going to deep clean the house, the two of you were finally going to finish decorating your office and you were finally going to get rid of the layer of dust that had formed on shelves and tables.

Of course though, once it got down to actually having to do it all, you simply didn’t want to. Niall was off doing laundry, and you were tidying up the living room. You had lugged out the vacuum and were going to make the rug nice and clean but as you organized the books and random items you came across a notebook you had once seen Niall scribbling in often.

You decided, after flipping it open and reading over some lyrics, to delve a little deeper into it so you plopped yourself down on the floor, your back leaned against the couch and began to pour over the notebook. You took in the scribbled over words, the little phrases of music doodled next to certain strings of lyrics. It was all fascinating to you as Niall very rarely let you see his music until it was almost or completely finished but it was so fascinating to think about holding it all, his ideas, his notes, his inspiration, right there in your hands.

“What ya doin’, love?” You look up as Niall walks into the room, having come to investigate not having heard the vacuum when you had told him that was your next task. “Is that me notebook?” He questions, seeing the item in your hand. You grin and nod. “Must’ve left it on the shelf.” He grins as well, knowing how much you loved his music. Taking note of which song you’d had it open to, he decided he would let you hear it. It was one he had finished writing a few days ago, actually. It had changed a bit from this first scribbled down idea but the gist of it was the same.

“You gonna play it for me?” You question as you see him reaching for one of the guitars he had in the corner. Niall honestly had a guitar in every single room, apart from the bathroom. He even had one in the kitchen because who knows when inspiration would strike, he had to have one in arms reach at all times. You didn’t mind, you loved moments of him playing random bits of a new song, or covering a song you both loved. It filled the silence and often led to the two of you dancing together in the middle of whatever room you were in.

“I jus’ might.” He grins at you as he comes over, sitting himself down on the ground beside you, leaning close to you to look at the notebook still open in your hands. He takes it in, making sure he was thinking of the right song before he grinned at you. “It’s changed a bit, bu’ still the same, really.” His fingers then begin to move over the strings, the notes floating effortlessly from his touch. He gives you one more smile before he begins to sing. You bite at your lip as you take in the words he is singing.

You hadn’t heard this song before, maybe a little bit of the music playing from his office as he worked out the kinks or occasionally while getting ready for the day or in the shower he would hum out tunes but it was hard to differentiate between his own songs and just random songs he heard recently and had stuck in his head when all he did was sing the melody or a couple notes here and there.

This song though, it was soft, the music flowed effortlessly, and as you took in the words of love and adoration for that someone special, you knew it was about you. He sang of being in love, finding that one person he was always going to be with, enjoying the fact that he got to wake up beside her everyday. In short, the song was very clearly, and without a doubt, about you. You can’t keep the grin from your face as you lean over and bury your face in his shoulder as you close the notebook and toss it onto the coffee table in front of you.

As the song comes to an end, his playing and voice growing quieter, you bury your nose in his t-shirt, taking in that comforting and oh so familiar scent that was purely and simply Niall. Once he finished the song, he sets the guitar down, his arms wrapping easily around you. His lips press into your hair as he pulls you a bit more into him.

“You like it?” He questions then.

“It was the best song I’ve ever heard.” You tell him honestly, lifting your head up to look at him. You see his blue eyes shining with love, that same sense of adoration he just sang about radiating from his entire being and you knew you returned it. There was no one like Niall, and no one else you would ever be with. Niall was your forever, and clearly after that song, you knew he thought the same.

“Glad you like it then.” He grins at you before his lips are on yours. The kiss was gentle, his lips soft and loving against yours but as you turn a bit, your fingers tangling in his brown hair, pulling you a bit closer the feel of the kiss changes, as does the air around you.

He pulls you up and into his lap as his lips move against yours. His large guitarist hands press into your back after they slide up and under your t-shirt, pressing your chest against his. Your arms tangle around his neck and you have to keep the sigh that so desperately wanted to fall from your lips at bay as his tongue greets yours. His fingers dig into your skin, both of your breathing starting to grow faster as the kiss intensifies and you knew that any and all thoughts of cleaning and running errands as planned was out the window.