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Can you do more of that mafia au? Like, the team's reaction when they learn abt it through a mind meld thing and shiro is all like "You're a Salazar?!" And it causes shit. Also, can the dad be named Ernesto? Like, I was watching a Mexican telenovela in Spanish class and there was a mafia leader named Ernesto Salazar. It's called "La Tempestad" if you wanna watch it. I hope you do, it's really good.

I still don’t know how the MafiaAU gained a lot of attention (why did this gained a lot of attention? Can someone tell me the reason? I think we all just want to see Iverson to go down.) but here is Part 2. Oh, I like it. Okay, I’ll name the Dad as ‘Ernesto’. I’ll try to watch that show when I get the chance :) .

Warnings: OOCness, AU, some grammatical errors.

After five years of fighting against a war that was on going for the past ten thousand years, Allura finally got the chance to grant the wishes of her Paladins to temporarily go back home. Sure, there were still loose ends that were supposed to be taken care of but it wouldn’t hurt to let the other planetary leaders to handle it for a while. After all, everyone agreed that team Voltron needed some well-deserved vacation.

Throughout all those five years, Allura learned a lot of stuff from her Paladins and in return she watched them grew more as a human and as a soldier. They taught her how to have fun from time to time and cherish every minute of relaxation with her second family. They taught her that she should not devote her whole life fighting, that she had people watching her back and would never judge her if she would trip and fall. They taught her that it was fine to make mistakes as long as she would learn to reflect upon those said mistakes. And most of all, they taught her to trust them indefinitely.

If there was one Paladin that confused her the most then Allura would definitely chose Lance.

The Blue Paladin initially showed himself as this person that never took things seriously unless it was a life and death situation, flirty in a point that always leave Allura exasperated (but later on she accepted it as part of Lance’s nature and she would not change it in any other way), say things that sound idiotic some of the times but a good strategist especially in abrupt situations like being trapped or ambushed by the enemies. All in all, Lance was a human that always contradicted himself from the way he let others know him. At least that how Allura had perceived it.

Lance even became the face and voice of Voltron when it comes to diplomatic situations. Sure, Allura was the Princess and Shiro was the leader of the Paladins, but they could never mirror Lance’s charisma and the way he weaved his words to gain the favour of important individuals. From these situations, Allura eventually learned that some flirting of Lance was used to make the other person to let their guard down and gain their trust. It was as if Lance was trained ever since he could speak on how to have such silver tongue.

A bit of praise in here, a bit of touch there, a little bit of a dance, a little bit of sympathy, and Voltron already gained a new ally by the end of the night. All thanks to Lance.

Shiro once tried to open the discussion about family backgrounds. Pidge and Hunk ended up crying in that session because they suddenly realized how much they missed their blood relatives. Keith tried to play it down on how he didn’t have a family to miss on Earth but he still didn’t get away from the group hug. Lance simply smiled sadly and mumbled something along the lines of ‘at least I cut off some ties…still miss my Mom’s hugs though…’. Shiro attempted to make Lance to speak more about it but the Blue Paladin remained silent for the rest of the session.

They all changed a lot in the course of five years.

Lance’s changed though was like a flip of the switch.

After that hysteric laughter that one fateful breakfast and with an added disturbing explanation, Lance started acting as if the weight of the world was finally off his shoulders. His shooting skills improved in a speed level that Allura was inclined to think that Lance was born with a gun on his hands. His hand to hand combat didn’t rely on strength alone but more in flexibility. Allura never thought that dancing could also be used as a form of combat. As days passed, Lance gave a few opinions here and there on their battle strategies that ended up with them having low casualties compared to the initial plans.

What bothers Allura the most though…was the way Lance gathered his information. He was not like Pidge that hacks in the system. No, Lance liked to do his information gathering in person. Often times it was the Blue Paladin who corners commanders of the ships they were raiding. Lance would take a lot of time but eventually he would return with more information than they have gathered from the ship’s database. The specks of bloods on his body though didn’t escape Allura, Coran, and Shiro’s attention. All of them have the same assumption that Lance used torture to get what he wanted.

It was an assumption that was never proven but could not be denied also. Allura feared that it was her fault that Lance changed so drastically, that he showed more thirst for blood like a soldier excited for a new battle, all because she pushed her Paladins in a war that they were not aware that was happening in the first place.

But all of it was better left in the back of her mind for now. Today was a day for her Paladins, a few months on Earth would do them some good. They explained to her and Coran that it was much better if the Earth’s government would still remain unaware of the existence of other life forms outside of Earth. Hunk and Pidge told her that humans might be in par with the Galra when it comes to experimenting the unknown. Most humans would rather treat aliens like mindless animals than creatures with feelings. Shiro suggested to them that it was better to leave the Castle of Lions outside of Earth’s radar, meaning they needed to stop out of the Milky Way Galaxy, and just use the pods to get near to their home planet.

Surprisingly, it was Lance who suggested a safe place to land. They left the Castle in the hands of a few friends they managed to have through the years of fighting the Galra empire and set course for the coordinates that Lance gave to them.

Hunk was so excited to finally meet Lance’s family…wait, that could probably be said a bit better but that was what he still meant. Hunk never had the opportunity to visit Lance’s home and family even if they had been friends for years. It was always Lance who visited Hunk during vacations and holidays and never the other way around. So for Lance to suggest a place to land and when he realized that it was the beloved beach that the Blue Paladin always talked about with his best friend, Hunk could not contain his excitement. 

“We’re here!!!” Hunk heard the enthusiastic scream coming from Lance and chuckled himself when Shiro shouted words of caution to their Blue Paladin, which was went unheard due to the happy cheers.

One by one they all followed Lance and soon reached the only building found in the area, at least the area that could only be reached by their eyes.

Through all the years they had traveled in outer space, Hunk saw a lot of vacation houses. He saw a lot and it was enough to say that the one if front of them could be classified as one. The house itself might be 250 square meters, excluding the garden part, it has three floors with a rooftop and balcony. The color scheme was a mix between shades of blue and streaks of white, ocean waves and Earth sea creatures adorned the walls while tropical flowers was engraved in the pillars and glass windows.

Long story short, it was like a vacation house owned by a very rich family.

“¡Bienvenido a mi casa!” Lance said with outstretched arms to emphasize the house behind him, “Well…at least for now. This is not the main house after all. But make yourself at home to my vacation house! Tomorrow we will take a plane to Italy and meet my whole family!” he was about to run away again but Hunk held him firm this time before leaving them behind.

“Wait, Lance, buddy, my friend, what do you mean by ‘going to Italy and meet my whole family’ thing?”

“Also, did you just said that this is your vacation house?! Are you some kind of rich kid here on Earth?!” Pidge was clutching her hair, that has grown past her shoulders, as if it could help her making sense of the information she had just been given.


“Oops? Oops?! That’s all you can say?! Why you—!”

“Relax, Pidgeon!” Lance put his hands in surrender, “Let’s take a rest for now! I’ll answer your questions tomorrow once we got to that main house!”

Pidge was still steaming with mix emotions but decided to let it go with an angry huffed. Lance might be the most talkative human she had ever met but he rarely pull out personal information like family backgrounds.

“Okay now? Follow me!”

As they were walking towards the entrance, Keith asked an important question, “How are you so sure that this place still belongs to you? I mean, it’s been five years, right?”

Lance looked back at the group with a playful smile on his face.

“I just know it. Besides, this place was a gift for me by the Decimo himself.”


That was the question that revolved around everyone’s mind. Allura and Coran was just confused by the baffled expression of the rest of the Paladins towards Lance so they opted to stay quiet. This was not their planet after all. They still don’t know the majority of human customs due to its diversities.

Before Lance could knock, the door suddenly opened and they were greeted by a scene that they thought could only be found by exaggerated movies. For before them, four maids to the right and four butlers to the left were lined in a row. Judging from the posture of the man and woman who opened the door it was safe to assume that they were the heads.

What caught Shiro’s attention though was the banner that was proudly displayed on the wall directly on the path of the entrance. It had the symbol of a beautiful mermaid with her tail wrapped around a bullet and the sides were designed with twin towers. It was a very familiar insignia for Shiro and he was sure he had seen it during his years in Japan.

Everything clicked in though when the maids and butlers spoke simultaneously.

“Welcome back, Young Master Lance Salazar.”

Shiro looked at Lance like he had just seen him for the very first time. The others just felt their jaws dropped at the sudden revelation.

“You’re a Salazar?! As in that Salazar?! Salazar Familia?!”

This time, Lance gave them a mischievous smirk that was clearly up to no good.

“Oops.” There was no remorse or guilt laced tone when Lance said that.

Part 3? Anyone wants a Part 3?

Langst Mini fic

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Ten Years (Part 7)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,212 (excluding flashback)

Warnings: language, sarcasm, fluff, mentions of past cheating, drinking, potentially anxious situations

A/N: Tags are closed. Cue the drama. PS - some of your comments on the last chapter had me screeching, I love ‘em!

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

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When We Collide (Part 19)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

“She asked you to be their fake surrogate? For fun? I’m sorry but was she dropped as a baby because the lack of brain cells and situation awareness are concerning!” 

The conversation had been serious until now. Nicole’s frustration was almost bigger than yours and it was the reason why you couldn’t keep a straight face. She almost hated Holly more than you did. 

“How do you even bother to be their assistant…” She shook her head in disbelief and glanced over at Luke and Holly talking by his director chair, a script in their hands and their faces serious. 

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Lost and Found (M)

Originally posted by vminv

Summary: The only thing bigger than Park Jimin’s ass is his ego. After one too many scandals, after one too many mornings stumbling back to the dorms drunk or ruining the reputations of other idols, Jimin is given an ultimatum: complete a rehabilitation program in America or leave Bangtan.
Pairing: problematic idol!Jimin x reader
Word Count: 20.088
A/N: not what I should have been working on but what demanded to be written. Jimin’s hair goes from orange to black to blond to silver, and you’ll see why. The story begins in mid-August, and conversations in italics are spoken in English. I hope you like it!

Read on AO3 if mobile’s having issues

The first thing Park Jimin hears is, “Rise and shine, superstar,” and then cold water is poured on his face.

“What the fuck!” Jimin snaps, jerking up in bed. He’d been warm and content, wrapped around a pretty brunette he couldn’t recall the features of, couldn’t remember the name of to ask her to please shut the fuck up, your screaming is really annoying this early in the morning, the fuck. She’d been splashed with some of the water, and maybe if it wasn’t so early- the sun wasn’t even in the sky yet, the fuck- then Jimin would feel a little bit of sympathy. “Don’t you know who I am?”

Jimin pushes his wet bangs from his eyes, narrowed and pointed in anger when he comes face to face with his manager, grinning victoriously over an empty bottle. Jimin’s starkly naked, but his manager has seen him in worse conditions before. On his hangover scale this morning barely registers as a five, so other than the ice cold wake up call, Jimin’s doing pretty hot.

“Unfortunately, I do. Now get up, Park. Your flight leaves in three hours.”

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Parking Ticket - Dick Grayson x Reader

Prompt: Soulmate au with Dick where when you touch your soulmate for the first time you see their most vivid memory and one day you trip while passing officer Grayson in the street and he catches you but you see his parents death???

You’re having a shit day, the kind of day where the entire world seemed out to get you. Yeah, it was that kind of day.

It all started when you woke up and realized that your phone charger died in the middle of the night, taking your phone down with it. You woke up an hour late for work and found yourself hurrying to get your ass out of bed and on your way. The universe decided to fuck you over again when a construction crew had closed the street that had the parking lot that you were allowed to park on and was rerouting all traffic. At that point you decided fuck it, you’ll just park in a two hour parking space and move it during your lunch break, hoping to god that you didn’t get a parking ticket.

The next bit of fuck-youness the world threw your way was the wrath of your asshat boss. He laid it into you for being late and loaded your plate with a fuckton of work as punishment. Your day at work was one of the worst in your memory and it was only half over. You went on your lunch break as soon as possible and left the building to move your car to a more legal spot.

Just to fucking spite you, you got to your car just as an officer was writing you a parking ticket.

“Oh my god! Please! I was just about to move it!” You cried as you ran towards him. You hoped that this man showed you pity but you doubted it, judging by how your day had gone thus far. The officer glanced back at you and dear lord was he handsome, so there’s that at the very least.

“I’m sorry ma’am but this is a two hour parking zone. I have to write you a ticket.” He explained calmly.

“Please …” You pleaded looking down at his name tag, “Officer Grayson. I’ve had the shittiest day you could possibly imagine and it’s not even done yet. Can I get a little bit of sympathy here?” You asked reaching out to still the hand he was using to write your ticket. Instead of seeing his look of sympathy or at worst annoyance you were thrust back into a memory that wasn’t your own.

You were at some sort of circus, you think. You stood high above on the trapeze platform as the crowd cheered loudly from down below.

“Ladies and Gentlemen it is my honor to present to your for your delight and delectation … the FLYING GRAYSONS!” The ringmaster announced from below. Suddenly the spotlight shifted over to the young couple standing at the edge of the platform in front of you. They smiled brightly and waved at the audience before the man took hold of the trapeze bar and began their routine. Soon enough the man’s wife joined him in the air, gracefully flying between the swing of the bars, as if they were born to be in the air.  A small dark haired boy sat cross legged on the platform, happily cheering on his parents but clearly desiring to be up in the air with them. Maybe one day …

Everything seemed to be going flawlessly until you caught sight of the taut line wobbling mid swing. Your eyes focused in on the fraying line but you were powerless to stop what happened next. The line broke and the young couple started falling without a safety net to catch them.

NO!” The young boy screamed reaching helplessly out to his parents but it was too late.

The scene faded away and you were thrust back into reality with the handsome officer staring at you wide eyed. You pulled you hand away from him and wiped the stray tear from your eye.

“I-I’m sorry.” You apologized, not really knowing what to say. He had been that boy from that memory, and if you were seeing his memories that would mean … well that would mean that your day wasn’t complete shit after all. This poor man who had seen too much in his life is your soul mate

“It’s alright.” He dismissed. “You know what? Forget this.” He said crumpling up your parking ticket and offered you a smile. “Would you like to go out sometime?” He asked. You nodded and took the crumpled ticket from his hand along with his pen.

“I’d love that. I have to get back to work now but here’s my number.” You said scribbling down your phone number on the paper and slipping into his pocket. You were just about to turn around and head back towards your work when he called out to you

“Hey wait! You may be my soul mate but you still can’t park here!”


//All these amazing bendy blogs either leaving their blog entirely or feeling so stressed that they are thinking about leaving or taking a huge hiatus. 

To any bendy blogs out there that have been feeling down lately: You guys are absolutely incredible. I`m so sorry that this Tumblr drama has left you stressed and upset. I hope that these next few days are ones of positivity and no stress. I send you all well-wishes and the hope that love from family and friends will bring you back to your feet at full-strength.

Witnessing all of this firsthand is absolutely heartbreaking and tragic, but I hope that everyone just takes a break from Tumblr and relaxes without drama or overwhelming negativity and hate.

You all have my deepest sympathies.

Blogs that are getting a little bit more love due to recent drama: (this will continue to be updated with more people that need some positivity ^^)

@askbuffbendy / @asklovelybendy

@ask-littlebendy / @pippop-art 







Status: Complete
Word Count: 3K
Category: One-shot, Humor, Reader Insert, possibly “Fluff” but heaps of snark, so maybe… let’s say a 2.5 on the fluff scale
Rating: Teen & Up
Character(s): Dean, Sam, Reader/Female OC, Cas [ever-so-briefly*** ]
Pairing(s): Perhaps. I imagine it’ll depend on how pissed “you” are and how well Dean apologizes, right? [Nash leans over and whispers in your ear: You’ll have to read it - stories are better when you don’t know the endings]
Warnings: None
Author’s Note: post-story
Overall Summary: Dean, you thing-breaking dumbass, this is why we can’t have *nice* things.  [Okay, really:  A fellow hunter finally finds it, the answer to solving a case she never quite put to rest; enter Dean and his penchant for picking up, dropping, and breaking things.]

“I broke it.”

Dean immediately made some sort of slightly cringy face that I’m guessing he thought came off as adorable, then Sam looked over his shoulder at me with the same routine, albeit nervously.

I couldn’t say what expression my face had taken on, but Castiel was staring at me like I was either going to vomit or combust.

“It was an accident,” Sam tried. And failed. I was seething.

“I can’t kill you, I know, ‘cause that never seems to take,” I said to Dean. “But I sure as hell can beat the tar out of you.”

Dean narrowed his eyes a bit at me, and I knew he was trying to judge if I was serious.

I was serious.

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Happy birthday @alolanman145!

I know, a lot of birthdays hahaha

I think you’ll like this one, I really enjoyed writing this.

“Hey Princess?”

Marinette looked up from her latest design at Chat’s glistening face, trying to decipher what kind of question was going to be thrown at her. “Yeah?”

“I’m bored.”

“And I’m busy. What do you want?”

“Let’s do a pun battle.”

“A what?”

“A pun battle. We both throw puns at each other until one can’t go on anymore.”

Marinette gave Chat a questioning look, trying to see how he possibly thought his idea was more important than Marinette’s work.


“Oh come on, paw-lease????”

The punfilled beg irritated Marinette, but also sparked her with a little bit of sympathy for the feline. After sighing Marinette returned his pun.

“I would kitty, but I’m purretty busy right meow.”

Chat could not believe his ears. Did Marinette just make two puns in one sentence?

“Oh, two can play at that game princess. I’ve been purrracticing my jokes since I was a kitten.”

“If that’s so, why did you use a pun I already used? Don’t be such a copy cat, kitty.”

Chat blushed. Marinette had caught him already? No way was she going to beat him at his own game.

“Alrighty then, princess,” Chat began, his face twisting into a devilish smirk,“I’ll make sure you don’t cat-ch me again.”

“If I do I’ll put you right in purgatory.”

“Aha!” Chat shouted, pointing at Marinette with an accomplished grin,“You just used that same pun again!”

Marinette only crossed her arms while she gave Chat a sly grin. “Actually,” she began, a tone of pride prominent in her voice,“Gato is cat in Spanish if I’m correct.” Indeed she was right, for Chat slumped back in defeat.

“Well played princess,” Chat grumbled,“Well played.”

“So do you have anything to say after that? Or do I already win?” Marinette said snarkily. Judging by her face, she was enjoying this.

“Well princess, if you were to throw me in jail I would just bail myself out. I’m actually really rich, fur real.”

“Are you now?” Marinette began, unable to stop herself from chuckling. “In that case I should ask you to buy me something. I could really use a new outfit for my clawset.”

“Tail me more and I’ll definitely get you something,” Chat replied with a wink.

“Well I want it to be something mew. Something I don’t already have in my wardrobe.”

“Ah, I see,” Chat began, struggling to find a new pun to use. It seemed as if all the possible cat related wordplay was already taken. Marinette’s smirk only grew as chat continued to fumble around.

“What’s the matter kitty?” Marinette asked, leaning in so that her nose almost grazed his. “Cat got your tongue?”

After a flick of his bell, Chat’s face burned with embarrassment. He had been defeated in his own pun game by a civilian girl, his own princess. She only burst into laughter at his reaction before asking,“So what do I win?”


“I won the game, kitty. What’s my prize?”

“Oh,” Chat started, thinking of what he could possibly get,“How about that outfit you were talking about?”

“Oh, I was just joking about that Chat, but I could really use some more accessories.”

“On it!”


Marinette had been so caught up in her teasing that she didn’t realize Chat was being serious the whole time. “No, don’t actually get me something!”

“Why not? You won fair and square. You deserve it.”

“But I don’t want you spending money on me.”

Chat shrugged. “I said I was rich, did I not?”

“I thought you were joking!”

Chat just smiled at his favorite civilian. As much as she protested, he was still going to get her something. “I’ll see you some other time princess,” he said as he began to leave,“And I will return with something. I purrrrromise.” Marinette groaned at the final pun as Chat kept back up to her balcony, but she couldn’t help but smile as the superhero made his way back into the darkness of Paris’ night sky.


Cole had gotten used to the slurs the other guys threw at him. It was something he knew he’d have to live with. The other guys hated how often he’d come around to make sure they were working. But that’s what he was there to do. If they were taking too many breaks or doing something that the insurance company might deem ‘unsafe’; he’d be there to make sure it wasn’t happening.

Being from the insurance company instead of the construction company made it clear that he was an outsider. That, and his button up suit and black pants he was forced to wear. Cole had gotten used to sweating in it though. Though it did take him a while to figure out the clothes that still fit the company’s dress code but could still breathe a little bit under the hot sun. It’s not like he didn’t have sympathy for the guys. He knew they all worked hard. It’s just he had to make sure everything got done on time. Missed deadlines meant missed opportunities which meant missed profits. And his boss was not about to miss out on any profits.

“Pretty hot today?” the foreman walked over to Cole.

It wasn’t even 10 yet and it felt like it was in the 90’s. Cole had found a pretty nice spot in the shade but could still feel the heat. “Yeah,” he looked up from his phone after hitting send on an email. “You’re making sure everyone is hydrated right?”

“Course I am,” the big foreman smiled and pulled out an extra water bottle. “Gotta make sure you are too.”

“Uhh… Thanks,” Cole wasn’t used to the guys giving him stuff. Sure it was the foreman, and he was about the only guy there who treated him with respect. He just wasn’t used to the kindness. He unscrewed the cap and took a nice long drink. “Thanks again.”

“No problem. I know the guys give you a hard time. It’s not out of hate. You know that right? They’re just not used to being told by someone…” he paused looking for the right word, “of your stature…”

Cole let out a laugh, “I’m not used to being in this kind of position either. I know what you mean though. Most these guys would have probably pushed me into a locker or stolen my lunch money.”

“Good. I’m glad you’re not taking it too hard. I’d hate for us to get a bad rap with the insurance company.” The foreman must have been pretty nervous about Cole telling on them. He knew they were breaking all kinds of harassment codes but compared to the high stress of the office and the fact he had to watch every word that came out of his mouth; Cole didn’t mind. Getting told to remove the stapler from his ass wasn’t all that bad.

“Nah, it’s fine. I know these guys don’t mean it. I’ve been called worse.”

The foreman still looked uneasy. “I know. But you’re just doing your job. Still don’t really deserve it.” He broke eye contact with Cole for a second. It really looked like he was trying to think about something. “You know what? How bout you help them today. Nothing serious. Just get around the guys a little more so you can get to know them a better.”

“I don’t know… I’m not really supposed to…” Cole tried to think about it. He rubbed his hand through his chin. ‘I forgot to shave today…’ he thought. His company didn’t have a direct policy about it but they made it clear that shaving ‘looked more professional’. It didn’t really matter. Part of him really wanted to take the foreman up on the offer. He’d been sitting around all day and was feeling a bit stiff. And maybe he could get them to stop saying something every time he walked past with his clipboard in hand.

“C’mon,” the foreman goaded Cole. “I won’t tell if you don’t tell.”

“If you’re really okay with it… But what would I do?” Cole asked. His collar was starting to feel tight around his neck. He loosened his tie without even thinking. He never felt too constrained by the thing but now, he was just about to take it off.

“Just little things,” the foreman smiled; happy that Cole might take him up on his offer. “Nothing crazy. Get the guys their supplies make sure they’ve got enough sunscreen. Little shit that they like to forget about.” He paused for a second and corrected his language. “Little things that the guys like to forget about.”

Cole just laughed. “Dude, I’m not six. I’ve heard the word shit before. Those assholes use it almost every day.” His smile made the foreman ease up. “Damn. It’s getting hot. Is it alright if…” He motioned to his dress up shirt and tie. Sweat was already starting to pore through it making the shirt almost transparent anyway. Defined muscles were hiding beneath the fabric.

“Go ahead,” the foreman gave him a friendly punch. It made Cole feel so good. He wasn’t used to that kind of gesture. But for some reason it felt so much more natural. It felt like he was really part of the group.

“Fuckin’ A,” Cole practically ripped the tie off his neck. The thing was still strangling him. It usually felt tight but today it was almost a noose. He looked down at his shirt and noticed how the top two buttons had already come undone. His chest was pushing so far forward that they’d undone themselves. “God I hate these shirts. Too small man. Way too small.” He was struggling to get it off his wide back and thick shoulders. It didn’t help that it was also sticking to his thick well developed arms.

The foreman just kept smiling at the guy in front of him. “You can take that undershirt off too,” he had a bit of a wicked smile as he said it. Cole looked a little confused.

“Won’t the other guys mind?”

“If they give you shit just tell ‘em, ‘that’s what all the girls say at the office. Wanna see where it goes after that?’” the foreman pat Cole on the back with a deep laugh. It felt so good to be out in the sun with guys like him. He made everything into a joke. Way better than that office where he couldn’t even sneeze without causing someone to get frustrated.

“Alright man,” he peeled the white undershirt off his back. Looking down he felt a little bit confused. There was a massive chest sticking out in front of him. His hands felt underneath the large pecs to find clear solid abs. It didn’t really feel right. But it’s not like a body like this was made in a day. He gave himself a quick flex feeling the blood flow through his arms. It felt so good to be out of that constraining shirt.

“Everything alright?” the foreman asked.

“Yeah man,” he shook his head remembering why he’d wanted to take this job specifically. He was able to be just another one of the guys.

Foreign Exchange Student

Maximoff!Reader x Peter Parker

Word Count: 1950ish

Warnings: Bullying, Fighting, like three curse word

Prompt: “You’re my new exchange student and I don’t think that you can speak that much English so I’m totally trying to explain things to you with a lot of hand gestures and dances and… Oh, you’re fluent? I totally knew that.” AU

A/N: I saw this prompt by @eiqhties and immediately thought of this. Hope you enjoy and I swear I’ll write for more people other than Peter Parker.

Originally posted by captainamericacivilwhore

Peter POV

Peter had woken up with an anxious feeling that something was going to happen today. And here he sat in first period with the same feeling. The thoughts of what could be causing this feeling clouded his mind as his classmates trickled in. Did he forget his homework at his house? Or did he forget to get Aunt May something? Was it an anniversary? He could not think of any reason he would have this feeling to save his life.

“Peter… Peter… Peter!” Peter jerked in his seat. His hand inadvertently knocked off one of his books to the ground with a thud.

“Yes Mr. Warren?” he finally responded as he went down and pick up his book.

“I hope you don’t mind,” by the tone of the teacher’s voice, he really didn’t care, “but you’re going to show around the new foreign exchange student today. She has all your classes so all you have to do is lead her to her next class. Go to the office now, please, and show her to this class,” the teacher dismissed Peter with a wave of his hand.

Peter was relieved that he got something to take his mind off the endless possibilities to cause him to be anxious. He reached the office right as the warning bell rang. He waited couple minutes outside the office door before the door opened. Peter looked up and his breath caught. She was beautiful.

Reader POV

Today was the day, the day that you were being forced to go to school. Your sister and brother both wanted you to get the education they never had, even though it’s not like you needed it. They said it was for you to have some normalcy in your life, but let’s be honest, nothing in your life is normal when you have live with the Avengers. They still insisted on it and since you were the youngest, they practically forced you. So, here you were, standing outside of Midtown High. It’s not right next to the tower but it’s not too far away, making the perfect school you could go to without drawing attention to yourself.

Stepping inside the building, you went inside the office, standing awkwardly in the background. The lady at the desk was at least sixty, giving off the of ‘I’d give anything to not be here’ vibe. Cautiously stepping forward, she turned her beady eyes to you, her look was one of distaste.

“What do ya need?” her voice was scratchy and rough, giving you goose bumps.

“I, uh, I’m a new student. I need to know where to go,” your Russian accented voice was quiet, as usual.

“Name?” the lady said, turning to the computer, ready to look you up.

“Y/N Fedorov,” the team had given you a fake last name so you wouldn’t be bombarded with people and paparazzi every day. You were just lucky you were one of the lesser known Maximoffs.

“Huh, your first class is with Mr. Jackson. He said he sent someone to collect you, they should be outside.” Happy to be able to get out of the room, you left quickly.

Opening the door to the outside, you saw what you presumed was your guide. The boy was standing across the room, leaning against the wall. There were doors to your right, leading to the outside and halls to left. When you observed the boy, you notice he had chocolate brown hair and he was wearing a grey sweater with collared shirt underneath. At the sound of the door opening, the boy looked up at you, causing your eyes to meet. His eyes were the prettiest brown you’ve seen. He started to walk towards you, which only took a couple of steps before he was close enough to talk to you.

“Uh, hi, my name is Peter,” his words were drawn out, articulating each syllable and his arms were pointing to him when he said his name. You got to admit, it was kind of funny, seeing him trying so hard to make sure you understood him. “I’ll,” point to him, “show you,” he motioned to the halls to your left and a point to you, “to your classes.” He looked like he was trying to think of a motion to signify class when you decided to stop him.

“Thank you for showing me around. It’s really sweet of you,” the look on Peter’s face was priceless when he heard you speak in your perfect English. A beat passed before Peter’s face flushed red. You tried to ease his embarrassment by smiling at him but it only made his face more red.

“I-I’m so so sorry. Oh God. That w-was probably so offensive,” his expression was a mix of embarrassment and fright. “I can’t b-“


The bell sounding made us both jump. Peter looked like he was going to try and apologize again but you cut him off.

“Shouldn’t we be in class right now. For a guide, you’re pretty bad at getting me places,” to show him that you didn’t really mean it, you sent him a small smile was sent his way. “My name is Y/N, by the way.”

“I’m Peter, but you already knew that,” he gave a nervous chuckle. “And, I’m going to stop making a fool of myself and show you to Mr. Jackson’s class.”

Peter’s POV

During first period, the only thoughts in Peter’s head were a combination of ‘How the hell could I be so stupid?’ and ‘She’s so pretty and her accent is so beautiful.’ The only good thing to come out of that catastrophe is that the anxious feeling is gone. That’s one big thing off his chest.

The bell sounded, causing Peter to come back to the real world. He bent down under his desk to pack up all his books when a shadow fell over him. Looking up, he saw Y/N standing over him, books already packed. She lent him a hand, helping him up so they were both ready to leave.

“You have all my classes, so all you have to do is follow me everywhere until you get the hang of it. Sound good?” He said as the two of you were walking out of the class, into the sea of students. “Also, I got to pick up some of my books from my locker. I hope you don’t mind making a pit stop.”

“Yeah, sounds easy enough,” She replied. “And don’t worry about it, where you go, I’ll go.” The trek to Peter’s locker was short, filled with comfortable silence. When the two arrived, a thought came to Peter as he closed the locker door.

“Hey, to make up the fiasco this morning, would you, uh, be interested in getting coffee with me after school? There’s a cool place a couple blocks from here. I mean it’s totally OK if you can’t.”

“Peter, calm down. I would love to go, I just need to ask my sister.” By now, you guys have moved on and are making your way to your next class.

“That’s great. If you don’t mind me asking, where’s your parents?” Y/N stayed quiet, making Peter nervous. “I mean, you’re a foreign exchange student, so, who lets their child travel to a different country?”

“Well, I-“ she was abruptly cut off when Peter was slammed into the locker. He should’ve known it was coming, but he was too distracted by Y/N. His shoulder hit the locker with a bang, instantly, everyone had their eyes on the commotion. With Peter’s full back to the wall, he could see that it was Flash that was actually holding him.

“Hey there, Flash,” Peter gasped out, causing Flash to shove him harder. “Come on man, let’s not do this.”

“Why afraid you’ll get beat, punk?” Flash all but snarled. He raised his fist, and was about to swing down when a voice called out from behind him.

“Hey! Pick on someone your own size.”

Reader’s POV

When you were interrupted by this Flash shoving Peter into the lockers, you were surprised to say the least. After all, Peter was a pretty nice guy, he shouldn’t be getting bullied like this. Then again, no one deserves to be bullied. When Flash raised his fist to hit Peter, that’s when you decided to do something about it.

“Hey!” your call out made the bully stop. “Pick on someone your own size.” Flash let go of Peter and turned towards you, his hulking stance towering over you. He seized you up, his eyes looking over you as if they were determining if you were a threat or not. You stood awkwardly as his stance relaxed ever so slightly after a couple beats of staring you down. His facial expression was now flirty, his stance completely relaxed.

“And who are you, sweetheart?” the way he said ‘sweetheart’ angered you, especially since he said it in way that was supposed to make you feel inferior. You scowled at him, giving him your best glare.

“I’m Y/N. And I’m not your sweetheart,” the anger you were feeling caused your accent to thicken.

“Ah, so you’re this loser’s sweetheart? Figures,” he motions back to Peter who was watching the encounter with fearful eyes. When yours and his eyes met though, he knew you had it covered.

“I’m no one’s sweetheart. And I bet you won’t be saying that after I kick your ass,” you forced yourself to relax, make it seem like you weren’t bothered by him at all. There was frustration on Flash’s face, causing you to smirk.

“Now, I don’t normally hit girls, but I’m going to make an exception. Especially since you need to be put in your place.” His hands were now balled into fists at his side, he looked predatory.

“Ha I’d like to see you try.” It seemed as if questioning him made him break. Quicker than you realized, he lunged at you, causing you to duck to the right. With your back to the lockers, you looked to see Peter looking like he wanted to step in. You sent him a wink before looking back at Flash. His attention was on you, his fist raised, coming down towards your head. Again, you dodged to the right, making Flash’s hand collide with the locker, with a bang. You felt a little bit of sympathy for the guy.

“Ah, you bitch.” Sympathy is gone. He was cradling his hand until he decided to try gain back some pride by raising his fist once more. This time, his movements were sloppy, so you sidestepped him with ease. He stumbled behind you, almost falling into the crowd.

“You know, for a jock, you’re terrible at fighting,” his head whipped towards you. “And yeah, I am a bitch.” Too fast for him to react, your fist swung through the air, hitting his face with a smack. Flash went down like a sack of potatoes, unconscious. You looked up at Peter and saw him staring at you with a look of awe. You smiled at him and took a step towards him.

“Teacher!” immediately, everyone scattered, leaving you, Peter, and Flash who was still on the ground. The teacher looked at you three, assessing, his face screwed up in anger. There was a beat before he raised one finger, pointing at you.

“Office. NOW!” his voice echoed in the hallway. You grabbed your bag that was discarded before the fight.

“Hey, Peter, I’ll meet you after school,” you waved back at him, as the teacher drug you to the office, leaving Peter standing in shock with an unconscious Flash at his feet.

“You were a 9.5 now your a complete 10″ Requested

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By: @soa-brothers

Reader x Female Pairing

Having a blade in hand walking towards the guy twisting it slowly “You know this is my least favorite knife” I sighed sadly “Do you know why” I asked the guy let out a muffled yell seeing the knife was huge. “It’s because it’s to big I actually prefer a smaller one, more pain and a slower death” I said “But the person who ordered to kill you had a little bit of sympathy they said and I quote ‘Do whatever you want with him but make it fast he is my husband after all’ end of quote” I quoted.

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rosiethero  asked:

(1/3)so here's my theory/prediction (it got stupid long I’m sorry): the death of the one Daughter is going to drive the rest to hunt Jack down even harder. but, they're going to fail because they were trained as a team of seven, and with six now, they're not going to be as effective. they're going to keep hunting Jack, but they're never going to kill him. so, they turn to someone they know will help, the very reason they exist: Aku.

(2/3)he’s the sole driving force in their lives, they’ve dedicated their whole lives to him, /surely/ he’ll help them complete their mission. but Aku doesn’t give a shit. so what if they were trained from birth, so what if they exists purely for his sake, so what if they got closer to killing Jack than anything else. /they failed/ and Aku’s had way too many failed assassins to bother with anymore. oh one of them died? too bad so sad, now go away

(3/3)so, one of their sisters is dead, dying for the cause they were raised to believe in from birth, and the very being who they’re supposed to be devoted to doesn’t care. the Daughters are shocked and lost at first, but then they get angry. they’ve been told from birth that they will be Aku’s most precious weapons, but Aku throws them away like any other failed bounty hunter. they feel lied to, betrayed.

(4/3) bad at math oops. so, maybe they help Jack out a little bit, not out of any sympathy for him, but to get back at Aku. ngl I would love if Jack had nothing to do with killing Aku in the future, and it was the Daughters that took him out while Jack got back to the past to defeat Aku there

That sounds very interesting (and believable). Can’t wait to see how Aku reacts to the girls. I can imagine a situation where he’s not impressed, especially after that one got killed. It’s true that most of his bounty hunters and assassins failed him and he was never sympathetic towards them. And yes, I agree about the fact that they might find it more difficult to fight now that they’re missing a member.

If anything, I think Ashi will most definitely defect to Jack’s side, as she has already shown signs of not being entirely committed. I also can’t wait to see her (and other girls’) reaction to the death of their sister. I love suffering.

Cell Block Tango starter sentences
  • "He had it coming."
  • "And I'm really irritated and looking for a little bit of sympathy."
  • "You pop that gum one more time..."
  • "So I took the shotgun off the wall and fired two warning shots into his head."
  • "We hit it off right away."
  • "Single he told me. Single my ass!"
  • "He had six wives. One of those Mormons, you know?"
  • "It was a murder but not a crime."
  • "You been screwin' the milk man!"
  • "He ran into my knife ten times."
  • "Yeah, but did you do it?"
  • "Uh uh."
  • "There's ____ and ____ doing number seventeen: the spread eagle!"
  • "They had it coming!"
  • "How could you tell me that I was wrong?"
  • "He saw himself as alive and I saw him dead."
  • "The dirty bum."
  • "I betcha you would have done the same."

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hey this is a weird ask but have you ever done anything with Slav and OCD? I have OCD and relate to him a lot and the way Voltron treated him made me feel pretty crappy

I can definitely understand why you’d feel that way. Personally as my icon might suggest I have a soft spot for Slav, but in general I have a soft spot for characters framed as “annoying” especially because it’s usually very unfair.

I did talk about this a bit here, but to address that with- a little more sympathy, I think… it’s important to realize that Shiro’s response to Slav is not him being rational and Slav being super annoying.

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Okay, at this point in the series, I’m beginning to really dislike Lapis Lazuli. She is manipulative, whiny, cold to everyone but Steven, violent, abusive, egoistic, self-centered, irresponsible and mean.
She blamed the CG for her imprisonment, even though she herself said it was HOMEWORLD who put her in the mirror.
She almost doomed the earth by stealing all of it’s water for her own goals and didn’t stop until Steven healed her and she had her power back. Not to mention that when Steven, the CG, Connie and Greg tried to stop her, she attacked them mercilessly and tried to freaking drown Connie and Steven. And broke Gregs leg. She didn’t even apologize for any of this afterwards, she just kinda sat there and wallowed in self-pity.
When Steven tried to rescue her and his friends from the homeworld ship, she actually tried to convince him to give it up and just surrender. The one time when she should have fought, but didn’t. So she’s not only violent, she’s a coward, too.
I got a little bit more of sympathy for her when she sacrificed herelf for Steven by trapping Jasper in a fusion on the bottom of the ocean (but even that, in it’s own sense was kind of a f***ked up thing to do??).
But then came the latest episodes and all of my leftover love for this character pretty much crumbled away. How can you seriously belive that Lapis is a poor, pure water angel after seeing how she treated Peridot? Especially the scene where Lapis breaks Peridots recorder is what did her in for me. That wasn’t just some random toy. Peridot used this recorder to deal with her emotional stress and anxiety. It gave her comfort and safety. It was probably her most treasured thing since Steven gave it to her. But she was willing to give it away, to prove to Lapis that she had changed and maybe give her the same feeling of safety she felt when she had that recorder.
Now let’s see how Lapis reacts to this act of generosity and kindness.
She says: “I don’t want your garbage.” And then heartlessly destroys it.
Take a good look Lapis-fans, this is your so-called “pure, little, water-princess”.

In Crimson And Noir  | Chapter One (An Adlock Fanfiction)

(A/N: I haven’t written chaptered fics in a while so this is getting me nervous. Some of these will have callbacks or references to one-shots and personal headcanons that I have about Adlock, so if you’ve been reading my works for a while, then you might catch them. Enjoy! <3 )


Sherlock never really imagined he would dream of such, but even after months of what happened in Sherrinford, he still finds himself waking up in the middle of the night, breathless in memory of that vivid day.

Baker Street was eerie with silence, the ticking of the clock in pace with the sound of his own heart. He was slick with sweat from the crimson trails crossing his vision, and the contrast of the room’s darkness was making things worst. It was like he was in a constant state of unrest, body exhausted even if he was fresh from a deep slumber.

There was a certain dread that was at the pit of his stomach, of yearning and despair wrapped into this abyss of emotion that he couldn’t put his finger on, and in the cold and desperate night, one face flashed in his mind.

Irene Adler’s.

Knowing that his sister left her out of their game was his source of light every time he wakes from his nightmares, an unadmitted relief washing through his entire body. She was going through enough as it is, and to be dragged into another conundrum as orchestrated by his own kin would feel too much even for him.

Besides, he couldn’t stand the idea of losing her because of his own recklessness. With his mind fleeting to Mary, he ran his fingers over his damp hair in exasperation. He’s had enough with grief.

And he hasn’t talked to The Woman yet about that night when he seeked for her company, that fateful night when the world came crashing down along with Mary Watson. It was a moment of weakness that he had shared with her, a devastating loss and the feeling of sickening isolation that drove him to the one person whose death, or more like fake death, also punctured him to the core.

His mind reeled, looking at the time on his phone flashing just a few minutes past two in the morning, and he wondered if she was also as restless as he was. Still, with his fingers trying hard to not unlock his phone and dial her number, he sighed and went to search his bedside drawer instead, letting out as sigh as he patted three nicotine patches onto his skin.

Why can’t the sun seep through the windows fast enough?


“Sherlock… Still having nightmares?” John asked as he sipped his coffee.

There was no use in denying, for the doctor had also confessed he had his fair share of bad dreams. Sherlock sighed and nodded at the same time.

“You know… Talking to someone helps. A bit.” his friend offered, unconvincingly.

“I’m talking to you. And we have our cases. That’s all I need.” he replied, biting back the rather nasty retort he had in his head. He’s learned to practice control and a little bit of sympathy after…well… after the humbling experience with Eurus.

John simply shrugged and went back to scrolling through his laptop, And yet despite his friend’s attempt to show interest in the news headlines, Sherlock could easily read through his glassy expression.

“Ho– How about you, John? The new therapist helping you well?” he tried to inject more curiosity in his tone, despite his mind whispering what he already knew.

John gave a soft laugh. “Last I checked, she’s not related to you so… I guess that’s good.”

Sherlock smiled back at the joke, trying to cover up the idea that it pained him to see so clearly how John was always at the brink of breaking down, eyes still focusing on one spot of the room and then the other. And he knew exactly why: the doctor continues to see his wife. And no therapist, or any other person, could amount to taking away that kind of burden and pain – Sherlock believes that it is one of the few things about emotions that he had come to understand.

The very reason why he regretted being a little too welcoming towards their new client.


Read the rest of the chapter at FF.net or Ao3.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: A Sweet Retelling - Prologue

Author’s Note: I finally did it. At long last, I’ve finally gotten to actually writing my own personal retelling of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It may be the just the prologue, but it’s still one big step for me with this little project I’ve been brewing up for nearly over two years now. Forgive me if this is short, but I promise that I’ll make the actual first chapter longer. Consider this little prologue to be a sort of overture to the story itself, as well as something to set the tone for the story. I also hope some of you who are fans of the book and it’s adaptations will also be able to pick up the little shout-outs and references scattered here and throughout the rest of the story as well. Anyways, I’ve done enough rambling for now. It’s time to get on with the show, and please make sure to like, reblog, and share your thoughts on this once you’ve read it, if you could. I do not own any of these characters, and they all belong to their respective owners, and make sure to support the official release. Thank you.


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84 with Yugbam?

84. “I’m dying.”

“Yugyeom…save me,” BamBam called out, his voice breaking up as Yugyeom ran over to where he was lying on the ground; “Oh my god, what happened?” Yugyeom cried, kneeling down next to BamBam, unsure of what to do, his feelings flashing back and forth between anger and helplessness.

I’m dying,” BamBam gasped, still lying on the ground, not moving at all which made Yugyeom even more frustrated; “Get up! Come on, we have to defeat the dragon, you have to get up,” he yelled at his friend, nudging him hard enough to make him drop his controller and move his character.

“Hey! I was dying! At least show a little bit of sympathy next time!” BamBam exclaimed, shoving Yugyeom’s shoulder as he grabbed his controller again and went back to playing the video game; Yugyeom simply rolled his eyes but gave BamBam a grin before asking enthusiastically if he wanted to storm the castle gates with him before the rest of the army came in.

Give me a pairing, an AU, and I will write a three-sentence fic~


Name: Gentleman

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Theme: Percival x Reader where she has like Credence role and she is in love with Graves. He knows this and uses it to his advantage. But one day she gets hurt and he realizes he feels the same.

No smut in here as it seemed not fitting for me.


By my adorable @umbrellas-and-tallymarks

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