a little bit of sympathy

Cell Block Tango starter sentences
  • "He had it coming."
  • "And I'm really irritated and looking for a little bit of sympathy."
  • "You pop that gum one more time..."
  • "So I took the shotgun off the wall and fired two warning shots into his head."
  • "We hit it off right away."
  • "Single he told me. Single my ass!"
  • "He had six wives. One of those Mormons, you know?"
  • "It was a murder but not a crime."
  • "You been screwin' the milk man!"
  • "He ran into my knife ten times."
  • "Yeah, but did you do it?"
  • "Uh uh."
  • "There's ____ and ____ doing number seventeen: the spread eagle!"
  • "They had it coming!"
  • "How could you tell me that I was wrong?"
  • "He saw himself as alive and I saw him dead."
  • "The dirty bum."
  • "I betcha you would have done the same."

You know, Dave’s rant about Bro was pretty great, but it really highlights just how inconsistent Homestuck is when it comes to treating the characters’ tragic experiences seriously.  Dave was deeply screwed up by his abusive guardian; but the kids who had to grow up with no parents at all seem only mildly affected, if at all.  It’s just a little bit odd to see Dirk offering Dave sympathy for his traumatic upbringing, while fact that Dirk’s own childhood in post-apocalyptic waterworld was arguably worse is never even brought up.

Just a little thing :3

Happy belated birthday to @aya-eisen, who’s been through hell and back this year, hopefully things will be so much better in the upcoming year! <3

Levy could’ve sworn the fates were against her that day- no, that week. She sighed as she pulled her Pontiac into the nearest parking lot, red and blue light reflecting off of the crooked rear view mirror. ‘Pleeeease don’t die now,’ she begged the old car as it clunked to a rest, shuddering as she twisted the key back and turned off the engine. She bit her lip as the cruiser pulled up behind her, silently cursing the cop that had decided to tag her in his quota for the day. She hoped that whoever it was would have a little bit of sympathy, she was broke and already late for her shift. If she was lucky, her car would start on the first attempt rather than the third or fourth.  

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The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 48

While I showed you a lantern last week, Heiko showed you a bird toilet. And that’s where we continue this week. Don’t worry the birds, not the toilets. Like every big city, Cologne (first photo) and Munich (second photo) both have a lot of pigeons. And I know Heiko’s photo doesn’t show a pigeon it shows a gull, because Cologne also has a lot of gulls. While kids have fun with the birds feeding and hunting them, the adults don’t like them very much. There even exists a song about three pigeons on a roof with a very sad and violent end for the poor birds http://youtu.be/7qhPia8YwDg This week no critique and praise, just a little bit sympathy for the little birds. And a happy 4th tumblr birthday to a surprisingly bird @adventuresofalgy

I think Taylor tried her hardest to back peddle with the last tweet to Nicki tbh and she didn’t wanna delete the first one bc she knew ppl would just call her fake or s/t for it
I mean I got sympathy for her a little bit bc she just straight up didn’t know but on the other hand like….wyd…wyd…wyd….on what planet
on what earth
within which universe or galaxy
do we instantly launch in a g-damn attack on twitter in front of the entire world while Nicki is sittin there going “wait a minute wHAT” and everyone else is going BURN THE WITCH BURN THE WITCH BURN THE WITCH like what possible outcome could tweeting NICKI FUCKIN MINAJ pm calling her a fake feminist come to
memewhile Nicki is over here going damn off and both fandoms are going damn off and I’m here literally smelling the seared flesh of bodies as the roast only grows in number and size and where tf is Taylor
where is her ass to go “omfg whoops” no she just goes “HEHE…COME ON STAGE WITH ME…LMAO….UM………..Y'ALLL……………..UMMM LMAOOO…WHAT DO I DOP HAHAHA…O ,. . MY….GOD….LAMO…BYE”

That’s why you said you “betrayed” your wife instead of cheating and actually tried to say what you did wasn’t cheating, even though your wife clearly thinks it is. And by your own definition of cheating, you cheated.
Yet you still haven’t truly admitted to it, just posted yourself rationalizing what you did then crying a little bit for dramatic effect and sympathy. Your only “strength” is that you’re incredibly manipulative.

But we see it Greg. And it won’t work on us.

So ,nope still a hypocrite and still an narcissist.

“You know, it’s the middle of May - you’d think Mother Nature would have a little bit of sympathy after such a cold winter and give us a little bit of warm weather, but no. I just turned the heat on in my apartment this afternoon. What kind of crap is that?”