a little bit in love with you oops

Steven Grant Rogers

Word Count: 1393 (oops)

Warnings: language, brief references to blood and injury, Steve being dumb

Request: (Anon) “ I loved your Steve x reader! Can I put in a request for another Steve x reader but she’s (enhanced); she usually works in the lab with Bruce, she’s able to mess with cells and bodily functions and etc. she’s a good healer basically and can keep Bruce calm when Natasha isn’t there. Steve gets shot ‘a little bit’ again. Oh please, you don’t even have to follow everything; I just want to see reader go momma bear on the star spangled banner after he gets injured!”

A/N: Hope you like it, sweetpea!

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You and Bruce both looked up from your respective lab tables, grimacing at the sound of Bucky’s voice echoing down the hallway. The worry that cut through the irritation in his voice sent you running off for the medical supplies in the corner. You were enhanced in a way that gave you some level of control over biological tissue and body functions, but there was only so much you could fix.

“Bucky, I’m fine,” Steve argued through gritted teeth as the pair came into view through the glass walls of the lab, and you felt your stomach drop at the sight of the blood that stained the front of his uniform.

You let out a steady stream of quiet curse words as you cleared off the table in front of you and pulled on medical gloves.

“Y/N! This punk went and got himself shot again!” Bucky called out to you as they came through the doors.

“Of course he did. Shirt off and lie on the table,” you ordered briskly, far too mad to meet Steve’s eyes as he offered up a sheepish smile. “Bucky, tell me what happened.”

“It’s not that big of a deal! I just –”

“Hey! I didn’t ask you, star spangled dumbass! Do what you’re told!” you snapped.

“Star spangled dumbass? Haven’t heard that one before…” Bruce commented mildly.

“I like it. It fits. Because no one in their right mind would take a bullet for someone who is entirely encased in a suit of metal,” Bucky grumbled, shooting Steve a glare.

“STEVEN GRANT ROGERS ARE YOU TRYING TO GET YOURSELF KILLED?” you thundered, sterilizing the area around Steve’s wound with a bit more aggression than was strictly necessary.

“It’s an instinct, alright?” Steve said with a wince, grabbing at your wrist as you probed his side carefully to determine whether the bullet was still lodged inside.

“An instinct to get yourself shot for no reason?” You yanked your hand out of his grip and went about your work to pull the bullet out of him.

“It really isn’t that big of a deal!”

“You got shot, Steve!”

“Only a little!”

“There is no such thing as getting shot only a little, you idiot!”

You had successfully removed the bullet, and now you yanked your right glove off to hover your hand over the hole in his side. Your hand began to glow faintly, and you watched with an expression of intense focus as the muscle and skin began to knit back together. When you were done, you wiped away all remaining traces of blood and pulled your other glove off, flinging them both on the table.

Steve’s fingers traced over the shiny pink mark that was all that remained of his injury and glanced up at you.

“I’m not going to apologize for trying to defend a friend… however misguided the attempt was. I would take a bullet for any of you,” he said quietly.

“You better fucking not,” you and Bucky grumbled simultaneously.

 “STEVEN GRANT ROGERS!” you shrieked, storming into the kitchen with a bloody t-shirt clenched in your fist.

Steve cringed at the sight, belatedly realizing that the laundry room trashcan was not the best place to dispose of that shirt.

“No, okay, just listen –”

He cut off abruptly with a blush when you yanked the hem of his shirt up, revealing a wide layer of bandages taped just over his hip.

“What the fuck is this? What did you do?” you questioned angrily as you peeled away the bandage to reveal an angry red slash.

“It’s not that big of a – Ah!” He drew in a sharp breath as you clapped your hand over the cut, not bothering with the gentle hovering technique you used last time, and he felt his skin heat up as you began to use your powers.

“If you say it’s not that big of a deal one more time, I swear…”

“But it really –”

“Why didn’t you come to me?” you interrupted, meeting his eyes searchingly.

“I didn’t want to worry you,” Steve answered quietly, his expression softening at the hurt and concern in your eyes.

“I am always worried about you. Always. The fact that I have the ability to help you when you get hurt is what lets me sleep at night. You have to come to me when something like this happens.”

“Okay. I’m sorry,” he whispered.

“Do you promise?”

“Yes, I promise, but only if you promise to stop being so mad when I get hurt trying to do my job.”

“Fine. I guess Bucky will just have to summon enough anger for two.”

“Shouldn’t be a problem,” Steve laughed fondly.

 “STEVEN GRANT ROGERS!” You shoved against him again and again, but he never faltered. “Steve, move! I have to help him!”

Bruce was doubled over, drawing quick and shallow breaths. He was fighting against it with all he had, but it was a losing battle.

“Steve!” you cried again, and this time he turned around and grabbed you roughly by the shoulders.

“Y/N, you can’t help him!”

“Yes, I can!” You struggled against his grip, and he ducked down to meet your eyes.

“I can not take that risk. You’re far more likely to get yourself hurt or killed, and I can not let that happen.”

You let out another noise of frustration before doing the only thing you could think to do, something you had been thinking about doing for a long time now. Hooking your hand behind his neck, you yanked him forward, crashing your lips to his in a quick and desperate kiss. It had the desired effect of making his grip loosen in surprise, and you ripped yourself away from him, ducking under his arm and sprinting towards Bruce.

A green tinge was beginning to take over his skin by the time you reached him, but you snatched up both of his hands in yours and pressed your forehead to his.

“Stay with me, Bruce. You’ve got this,” you whispered as you focused on slowing his heart rate and lowering his blood pressure.

It worked, though it took a lot out of you. Exhaustion took over your body, and you had the presence of mind to lower yourself gingerly to the ground as you felt yourself begin to lose consciousness. You heard Bruce’s shaky apologies and Steve’s voice calling your name, and then you heard absolutely nothing.

Should you be doing this right now? Absolutely not. There was very important research very much unfinished on the table next to you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care.

Steve’s lips were warm and soft as they danced against yours, and butterflies performed skillful pirouettes in your stomach as his thumb stroked slowly over your cheekbone. His other hand was planted firmly on the small of your back, pressing you closer to him.

You had been yelling at him again, this time over a shallow cut on his hand he had gotten when his knife slipped while chopping vegetables in the kitchen. He had blamed you, claiming he had been distracted by the memory of your hasty kiss the week before. Doing your best to ignore that comment, you had launched into a lecture on how careless and reckless he was and how he was absolutely going to be the death of you. But this time, all you had gotten out was a “Stephen Grant–” before he had successfully cut off the rest of your argument.

He let out a contented hum as he pulled back, dipping back in for one last peck before pulling away completely with a smile.

“What were you saying?”

“You know, I don’t actually remember,” you sighed with fake disbelief.

“You’re getting old,” he joked, shaking his head sadly.

“Shut up, aren’t you like 100?” you teased as he leaned back in for another kiss.

“You know, I don’t actually remember,” he whispered against your lips, stifling your giggles with long and slow kiss.

“STEVEN GRANT ROGERS STOP CANOODLING WITH MY LAB ASSISTANT!” Tony yelled in a scandalized voice as he entered the lab with a very amused Bruce.

“She’s my lab assistant, Tony,” he said dryly.


“No thanks,” he called out in answer, and you laughed as he kissed you again.

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Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 3, 560 (OOPS)

Warnings: A little bit of angst (more then intended), mention of an abused individual caused by Hydra, emotionally struggling reader, a little fluff, and a little playful Bucky.

Requested by Anon: Hey! I saw that you’re a new blog so I thought I’d request something!! Just a fluffy little Bucky x Reader fic…but with a side of angst? Basically like, the reader is emotionally struggling in some way and Bucky comforts them??? Idk I’m having a bad time atm and I need some Bucky love in my life. Thank you and good luck with this blog!! xx

Author’s Note: First Imagine for this blog, yay! I hope that you guys enjoy it, and to the anon that requested this; I hope that you’re doing better. It is a little more angsty than I thought it was going to be but I think it turned out well. I would like to remind everyone that constructive criticism is welcome here and that requests are still open!

Enjoy :)

M A S T E R  L I S T

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Stubborn Love - Steve x Bucky x Reader

Plot: What happens when fall in love with two different people, for different reasons, but they just so happen to be each other’s best friend?
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Words: 1,127
Warnings: None
Author’s note: I’m starting up a new little drabble series to play on for a while. (This one was a bit longer, so who knows what that’s supposed to mean for the rest. Oops.) Let me know what you guys think! :)

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The crazy thing about bad days is that they can, on rare occasion, turn around and become something amazing. Something can happen that changes the mood of the whole day, and you suddenly forget why you were upset to begin with.

Between waking up late, having your boss scream at you once or twice, and missing your train to get home, you were convinced that you couldn’t possibly have anything worse happen to you. That is, until you stand outside your apartment complex and realize that while you were scrambling to get to work today, you locked your keys inside the apartment.

You almost gave up after that. Your feet ache from being on them for hours, the continuous noises of the city are getting to you more than normal, and there’s a good chance that your two roommates won’t be back from visiting their families until tomorrow so it’s not like you could call one of them to let you in.

You start buzzing your neighbors to see if anyone could let you in, but no one answers. You start pressing random buttons, hoping to get someone’s attention, when a man from one of the floors above you finally answers.


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Amazing Netflix films 🎥

Some(all the)time I watch Netflix instead of facing my responsibilities. This is some of the outcome, reblog to save a life.

LGBT MOVIES (these are all gay lmao oops)
• Holding the man (drama) (2015)
• 4th man out (comedy) (2015)
• Those people (drama) (2015)
• Weekend (drama) (2011)
• The way he looks (foreign drama) (2014)
• Henry Gambles birthday party (drama) (2015)
• Tiger orange (drama/comedy) (2014)
• August (drama) (2011)
• Like you mean it (foreign drama) (2015)

Other romantic dramas/drama/crime drama
• A little bit of heaven (2011)
• Love and Honor (2013)
• The keeping room (2015)
• Lila and Eve (2015)
• Jamesy boy (hello eye candy) (2014)
• Short term 12 (2013)
• Wildlike (2014)
• What’s eating Gilbert grape (1993)
• Boyhood (2014)
• You’re not you (2014)
• Unspeakable acts (1990)
• The road (2009)
• White bird in a blizzard (2014)
• The other woman (2009)
• Adulterers (2015)
• Tallulah (2016)
• My all American (2015)
• 6 years (2015)
• Listen to your heart (2010)
• Before we go (2014)
• In your eyes (2014)
• Tiger house (2015) • All American (2015)

• The little death (2014)
• 10 things I hate about you (1999)
(Oops someone add to this I guess I don’t do comedy, I’m deeply disturbed and love to be sad)

• Hush (2016)
• The forgotten (2004)
• Trespass (2011)
• Consumed (2015)
• The guest (2014)
• Curve (2015)
• The perfect host (2010)
• A good marriage (2014)
• First response (2015)
• Would you rather (2013)
• We need to talk about Kevin (2011)
• Out of the dark (2014)
• Not safe for work (2014)
• The rite (2011) • Blindsided (2013)

• Visions (2015)
• The babadook (2014)
• Pay the Ghost (2015)
• Final girl (2015)
• The Lazarus effect (2015)
• Mercy (2014)

I WILL RATE THEM IF YOU ASK!!😘😘 Rip I got tired at the end, but these are all films I really enjoy, I hope you will too. Hmu for summaries and more film ideas!! I have plenty more⭐️ I’m still passing all my classes believe it or not…enjoy!

A Virgin - Charles Xavier x Reader

Requested by anonymous

Prompt: "Did you really think I would love you less because you’ve never had sex before?“

A/N: I’ve been gone a long time because I suck, SORRY. I hope this imagine isn’t total trash and that you guys will actually enjoy it. It’s a little bit short…oops..I love you all

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You were taking quick strides down the corridors of the Xavier Institute, hoping and praying that you wouldn’t run into a certain psychic. Rounding the last corner, you saw your bedroom straight ahead, but to your horror, he was in the middle of the hallway speaking with one of his students. You tried your hardest to go unnoticed, but luck was not in your favor.

“Y/N?” His soft voice asked. 

You attempted to avoid eye contact and gave an awkward smile, immediately looking to the floor.

He turned back towards the young mutant. “Kurt, will you please excuse me?”

“Yes sir, Professor.” He replied in his thick German accent.

Your stomach flipped as he wheeled towards you, a charming smile on his face. Although he seemed happy to see you, something in his eyes seemed like worry. “May I speak to you in private?” His voice sounded more nervous than usual. Your cheeks heated up and you nodded. After a few moments, you realized your feet were still planted in the same spot.

“Er…to your room, then?” He mumbled.

“Right, sorry,” You hurried past him and headed to your door. He followed you inside and you peered out the doorway, making sure no one saw the two of you before you closed it.

You thought about how you would rather die then have this conversation. Filled with dread, you dragged your feet towards the bed and sat down on the edge of it. He wheeled himself closer and sat across from you, looking at you with concern.

“Do you want to tell me what happened last night?”

“I would honestly rather not.” You anxiously played with your fingers.

“You just ran away, (Y/N)…and I want to know why. Was it something I did? Something I said?”

You rolled your eyes and sighed. “No, Charles. You didn’t do anything. I just…” You trailed off and embarrassment washed over you, making it impossible for you to finish your sentence.

“You just what?” 

“Things got a bit…heated and I didn’t want to give you…false hope.” 

He looked at you in confusion.

You took a deep breath. “I’m just afraid that you’ll get bored with me because…well because I’ve never had sex before and it’s just so humiliating how nervous I am about it. And even though I’m falling in love with you, I still don’t think I’m completely ready.” You held your head in your hands, not daring to meet his vibrant eyes.

To your surprise, he started laughing. Feeling hurt, you looked at him in a mixture of anger and disgust. “What the hell is so funny?” You raised your voice.

His laughter faded but a prominent smile remained on his face. He reached out and pulled your hands into his lap, running soothing circles over them. “Did you really think that I would love you any less because you’re a virgin?” 

“Well…you’re obviously not one so I figured you would want someone experienced, okay?”

“How do you know I’m not one? I am paralyzed, you know.” He chuckled.

“I can read minds, you know.” You shot back. “And with those thoughts, you’re definitely not one.”

He chuckled and pulled you towards him, gesturing that he wanted you to sit on his lap. 

You sat dow and leaned your head back on his shoulder. “(Y/N), I love everything about you. And this doesn’t change my feelings for you at all. You being a virgin is so…” he trailed off, searching for the word, “hot.”

You laughed and leaned your head up to look at him. “You really don’t mind waiting?”

“Of course I don’t. If anything, it makes me want you more. I’d love to be your first.” He squeezed your waist. You blushed and leaned back into him. “Because I love you and you’re so very special to me. I know it’s important to you and I would never rush you into anything you’re not ready for.”

You smiled and reached up to kiss his cheek. “Just be patient with me, Charles.”

“No worries, my love.” He pressed his cheek to the top of your head and gave you another tight squeeze. 


FINALLY Made the FAQ Video for BittyBones

Yes, I am very drunk, and there is mild swearing, im sorry


What is bitty bones?
How do I adopt?
What do I do with my bitties?
Can I make my own bitties?
Where do I direct my questions?
How can I become a bittybones admin?
How many bitties can I own?

I hope this helps you even a little bit.
I love you, you look gorgeous today, drink some water
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

((Ps, sorry I thought the audio was broken, and then Im sorry it wasnt lmao oops))

Big Fan - Peter Parker x Reader

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Words: 1441
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Featuring: Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers (for the most part. A lot were mentioned.)
Warnings: fighting, one swear word
Requested by anon
omg i love your writing! can you write something that takes place in civil war where the reader (female)is on tonys side and when peter meets her he sorta fangirls over her and hes his dorky self? thank you so much ❤️ keep up the good work❤️”
Authors Note: #notice the slight Hamilton reference oops I had to. THIS IS ACTUALLY REALLY CUTE AND I LOVE IT. Also, there’s a lil bit of backstory but the word count makes up for it because it’s kinda longer than usual :))


Steve and Tony really didn’t want you to pick a side. Neither of them wanted to fight you, the one they called their little sibling. But you demanded, even if you were young, you were part of the team, and chose that Tony’s viewpoint was the right one.

And you saw where Cap was coming from, but being younger you saw that Tony’s stance seemed for the better. Being the youngest on the team usually took a small impact on you, but now it seemed everyone was worrying about you. Your side knew what the other side was capable of- and was scared that you wouldn’t be prepared for the battle that was for sure to come. Especially after James Barnes was brought back into Steve’s life.

Tony had told you to especially stay clear of The Winter Soldier; he wouldn’t know what to do if you were hurt. He had already hurt Nat and almost shot Tony…and they knew how to handle the situation. He was definitely the most dangerous.

You can out of your room on the day you were sure was going to be the battle.

“Are you sure you want to go with us?” Natasha asked you.

It didn’t even take you longer than a second to reply. “Of course I do. I’m standing for what I believe in.”

“I guess I should re-word the question.” She sighed. “Are you prepared to fight your friends for what you believe in?”

You sighed, but still stayed true to your answer. “Yes. I’m going to fight.”

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When you’ve lived more than one life, you start to live a bit differently than those who have only experienced one. Simple necessities become things you are overly grateful for and those you see daily become the ones you appreciate the most. Little things in life such as beautiful flowers along the street, friends checking in, and excited dogs that greet you as you walk, mean so much. Sometimes you have none of this. 

There are lives that are lived that don’t seem to have a purpose; lives that make you struggle to no end. Yet sometimes a life is so nice you never want to leave. 

Unfortunately, you always do. 

Hoseok would consider himself a normal guy, if you look past the fact that he is thrown into a new dimension every so often. He works whatever job is given to him and is greeted by the same people he’s known for years. Staying in one dimension for the rest of his life seems like something that could never happen, but with Yoongi now around, he wishes for it more than he ever has before.

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Jeffrey’s Hill (M) Part Eight

SUMMARY: “Don’t go to Jeffrey’s Hill,” he warned. “A lot of shit goes on there. Even the police ignore crime reports that surface from there.” You rolled your eyes. “What is everyone so afraid of?”  

Your brother sounded grave. “The power of the Chimera.”

GENRE: violence, angst, a little bit of humour (because it’s me) and the occasional tonsil-hockey.


PARTSintro |  1  |  2  |  3 |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7 |  8  |  9  |  10 |  11  |  12  |  13  | 14

DISCLAIMER: Any GIFs, external images, etc. used are not mine unless specified otherwise. Credits go where they rightfully should. The GIF used below is mine (it’s literally been used thrice now oops). 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: It’s finally here!! Thank you, VIXX, Taeyang and Ailee for helping me with this. Much love to you! 


He winced as his eyes adjusted to the bright light, and then he glanced around the room. Seokjin and Jongdae were sat next to him, both asleep and in uncomfortable positions. Slowly, he registered the steady beeping next to him and he realised where he was.

And what had happened.

“Shit,” he attempted to move to the side, but felt searing pain shoot up his abdomen, forcing him to lie down. The sudden movement woke Jongdae, who immediately said, “What the hell are you trying to do?”

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skywalkos  asked:


prequels trio:

fuck obi-wan, marry padme, kill anakin
marry padme, cuddle anakin, sleep with obi-wan
fuck obi-wan, take a bullet for padme, murder anakin
adopt anakin, be adopted by obi-wan, marry padme
kill anakin, betray obi-wan, have on your zombie apocalypse team padme
seduce obi-wan, steal from anakin, serenade padme

fuck han, marry leia, kill luke
marry leia, cuddle luke, sleep with han
fuck han, take a bullet for leia, murder luke
adopt luke, be adopted by leia, marry han
kill luke, betray han, have on your zombie apocalypse team leia
seduce han, steal from luke, serenade leia

fuck finn, marry rey, kill poe
marry finn, cuddle rey, sleep with poe
fuck finn, take a bullet for rey, murder poe
adopt finn, be adopted by poe, marry rey
kill poe, betray finn, have on your zombie apocalypse team rey
seduce rey, steal from poe, serenade finn


Companion piece to Two Prompt Tuesday #16
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 1270
Warnings: Smut. No methods of birth control mentioned – doesn’t mean y’all shouldn’t be practicing safe sex. Little bit of language. 

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Just Like A Dream

Pairing: Sam x reader

Summary: Sam loves his life with you, but is it real?

Words: 2800ish

Warnings: fluff, little bit of angst, but lots of fluff to compensate! , a little bit of smut but you can skip it! (marked by ‘***’), unprotected shower sex (always use a condom people!), pregnant reader

A/N: this turned out way longer than planned… OOPS!

mobile masterlist

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[friday 13th of january 2017]

hello everyone!

i only started this studyblr a few days ago and i’m already restarting oops. and of course i decided to do this at 1am in the morning but you know. anyways, here’s some facts about me :)

• i’m laurel and i’m 14 years old turning 15 in may this year
• i’m in 9th grade this year
• i live in australia and my first language is english but i know a little bit of french and italian and plan to teacher myself more of both of those in the future
• i made this blog to motivate myself and so i had a reason to take photos because i love photography
• i also love reading, watching tv/movies, a lot of different types of music, piano, singing (tho i’m not any good) and writing fanfics
• also youtube is great my favourite youtubers are danisnotonfire (dan howell), amazingphil (phil lester) and thegametheroist/thefilmtheorist (matpat)
• i want to be an actress when i grow up or a neuroscientist or both just cause i can! (both hard as frick to achieve apparently of course i should be professionally known for making life hard for myself)
• and some studyblrs that inspired me to make this account or i just like or both are; @emmastudies
@studyblr @yangstudies @studywithinspo @sherlockianstudies @slytherin-study-ing + study.lion on instagram

i honestly can’t wait to start properly posting! especially when i get my new phone with my super good camera!

-laurel 📚💎

Oops (tjeffs X reader)

@carnationsforthenation requested this one!! I hope it’s what you wanted!!

Warnings: none

Being the youngest Hamilton had its perks. Everyone either loved you or pitied you. You never understood why people disliked Alex but there was nothing you could do. He was a wonderful brother, a bit overprotective but still great. He saw you as the innocent little sister, you were anything but. Little to Alexander’s knowledge, you were seeing Thomas Jefferson. He was the sweetest despite everything your brother said. This had been going on for a year and a half before you got caught. You had gone to visit Alex in a meeting with Washington’s permission of course. But, when you walked in you froze in shock. He was fight Thomas. Your Thomas.
“(Y/N)!! You made it!” Your brother ran up to you enveloping you in a hug. You could see Thomas’s shock, he was hiding it much better than yourself.
“Well, you going to come sit or stand here? Come say hi to President Washington!”
You followed your brother to the front and closer to Thomas. You greeted the president and took your seat. You could feel Thomas stealing glances at you.
“If you’re both ready to begin? Thomas?”
“Huh? Oh, yes Mr. President.”
The meeting began and you wished you hadn’t come.
“Madison, Jefferson, take a walk. Hamilton, take a walk.”
Your brother and lover were tearing each other apart and it was tearing you apart. While Washington spoke to your brother you slipped out. Little did you know you had been followed. A hand captured your wrist and you heard a concerned voice
“I can’t watch you two destroy each other!”
“I can’t let him get away with this! You know it’s wrong!” Thomas was obviously frustrated, probably more than you.
“I know you don’t agree but, I can’t watch this, I need to go home.”
He sighed taking your hands in his.
“I understand. I’ll try to see you later, yes?”
“Of course.”
You kissed him, but no sooner than you did, you heard your brother.
“(Y/N), I came to make sure you were ok-” He froze in shock as you put as much space between you and Jefferson as possible.
“What is going on.”
“What is this.”
“No, I don’t wanna hear anything out of you. (Y/N) what is this..”
“We- we’ve been together for over a year and I was going to tell you but I didn’t want you to forbid it. I love him Alex you can’t stop me.”
“I can too.”
“No, you can’t. You know I will fight you for this.”
“I can’t stop you then.” This was it. He was going to disown you and tell you how he hates you.
“But I can be upset you didn’t tell me sooner. If you’re happy I guess I approve.”
You flung your arms around your brothers neck thanking him. When backing up you felt Thomas’s arms around your waist spinning you to face him.
“(Y/N), I love more than life itself.”
His lips were on yours before you could respond and you couldn’t be happier

corn fields (pt.3) // k.j.w

✩ Scenario: Bobby x You

✩ Genre: Angst, SMUT

✩ Word Count: 9183

✩ Warning: Uncensored Swearing, SOME ACTUAL SMUTTY SHIT GOES DOWN

Author’s Note: First off, I’m dedicating this to @xkannkraykamikox cause she told me hurry my ass up (jk, she actually sent me a very sweet message so i was like yeah, gotta hurry this up). this is one long-ass update since i made you guys wait for a long time so i hope it’s satisfying. NOTE: SOME ACTUALLY SMUTTY SHIT DOES OCCUR IN THIS PART. Nothing too fancy (cause I AIN’T THAT SHAMELESS) but there is a little bit that occurs so read at your own risk. LASTLY THANK YOU TO ALL OF MY READERS AND POTENTIAL NEW ONES! I LOVE Y’ALL! (and nope the story is not done yet…sorry) Also another note, I didn’t properly edit this oops.✩✩✩ 


Part One // Part Two

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“We’re going out tonight.”


Jiwon had arrived at your front doorstep, dressed in a white button-up shirt, ripped black skinny jeans and fancy leather shoes. His dark hair was slicked back on one side and he smelled strongly of cologne and toothpaste.

Meanwhile, you were dressed in sweats, your hair was piled on top of your head in a messy bun and your brain was fried from studying. Right now seemed like the worst moment to go out.

“It’s 11 pm!” You hissed. “Where the hell could we go? And I’m not even changed.”

“You don’t have to get changed into something fancy.” Jiwon told you, scanning your body up and down. “In fact, it’d probably be best if you wore something easy to remove.

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Banana Pancakes || Closed

Because one of my favorite songs came on and I got inspired! @chatmischievousnoir

Can’t you see that it’s just raining?
Ain’t no need to go outside…

The city of Paris was drenched, thanks to a light rain that had carried on for just a little bit to long. Valerie had been helping her father in the flower shop, but given the weather, business was almost completely dead. So, her father made a request. “Say, Vali, Why don’t you play that song your mom used to love?” She looked up from the rose’s she was clipping and hesitated for a moment “Are you sure?” Her features were hopeful, that possibly her father was catching some kind of normalcy in his life. When he nodded, she jogged upstairs and grabbed her guitar from her closet. It was small, just big enough for her and was worn from years of playing. 

But, baby, you hardly even notice
When I try to show you this
Song is meant to keep you
From doing what you’re supposed to.

When she returned downstairs, she hopped onto the counter of the shop, listening to the rain for a second before gently strumming at the instrument in her hands. “ Waking up too early/Maybe we can sleep in/Make you banana pancakes/Pretend like it’s the weekend now” She watched a smile stretch across her father’s face and felt herself smile, his happiness contagious. “ And we could pretend it all the time/Can’t you see that it’s just raining?/There ain’t no need to go outside” 

But just maybe, like a ukulele
Momma made a baby
Really don’t mind the practice
‘cause you’re my little lady

She hadn’t seen her dad this happy in a long time. And of course, the atmosphere was broken by a customer entering the shop. Valerie excused herself to her room, turning on the radio as she put her guitar away. She heard the radio let out an emergency broadcast signal and poked her head out of the closet to stare at it. Apparently, a certain swan was going to have an eventful day. “Marra?” She called, looking around the room. She grumbled, beginning to search through dresser drawers, checking her bed, before finding the kwami curled up in her t-shirt drawer. She sighed, tapping the small creature “Marra, get up, we have work to do” She picked up the Kwami, only to have the disgruntled creature bit her hand. Although it didn’t hurt, she decided to humor her and rolled her eyes “Oh my, I’ve been wounded by the terrible beast”

Beast? I’ll have you know, in many social spheres, I’m the epitaph of a beauty!” The teen laughed and kissed the Kwami’s head before letting her hover into the air “Alright Marra, Wings out!” She chimed, feeling the familiar rush of energy she got from the transformation. She quickly climbed out her window, noticing a pause in the rain and thanking everything in the universe for it. “It said central Paris, so I guess that’s where im headed..” She mumbled, jumping off the roof and catching herself on a feathered fan, using it as a hoverboard to glide through the sky. Soon she could see the enemy close by and dropped onto a nearby building, assessing the situation. 

Why Can’t I

genre: angst, fluff

word count: 1.5k

warnings: none. you may cry, however.

extra tags: reality  


I wish that it could be like that, why can’t it be like that, because I’m y o u r s

fic based off “Secret Love Song” by Little Mix, and a lil bit of a prologue to Love Wins;


He knows the answer’s no before he even reaches out, and it’s the warning glance that constantly kills him, wilting him from the inside. Phil brushes his pinky against Dan’s, quick enough to be accidental, and when Dan instinctively flinches away, he can’t help feeling the tiniest bit hurt, even though it’s expected, he knows that this isn’t allowed.

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In The Name Of The Father

Castiel imagine requested by anon! “howdy.” oops I’m in love with you. “will u please write an imagine where you get pregnant with cas’ baby and u don’t know how he will react and he catches u with a ppregnancy test” was that a pun or a typo? “and gets super excited” Don’t kill me, but I changed it up just a little bit. I’ve done quite a few guy-sees-the-stick imagines, so I kept the basic concept and kind of rolled in a different direction? This imagine will be continued in one other part, so expect that to be posted shortly. I’ve also edited this imagine for reposting, just to add details where the original copy had been sparse. Hope you like it!

This imagine has been continued in “Et Filii.”

You were about ninety percent sure whatever you had done was illegal in Cas’ hometown of Heaven, the three pregnancy tests laying in the bathroom sink proof enough that you may or may not become the mother of a monster. Then again, those sticks could be wrong. Perhaps there was a certain type of food that you had eaten that raised your hormone count, or perhaps they were all faulty… though that option was hardly probable, given you’d gone out of your way to purchase three separate boxes of three separate tests from three separate companies. The likelihood that each of the factories that produced these baby-making etch-a-sketches had somehow gone wrong during the put-together process was… very, very low. Lower than low. In fact, it was, in every known way, impossible. You could still… hope? You didn’t know how to manage the situation, let alone your emotions towards your could-be future. The… thing, the supernatural being, the hybrid-child from Heaven… could it be true? Were you, a hunter, prepping for the release of another monster’s life?

You didn’t want to call it that, though the naming of the being that could or could not be growing within your body was fairly simple; being thrown into the hunting lifestyle provided a skeptical outlook on anything that wasn’t human, which, ironically, included your boyfriend Castiel. Sure, he was the better half of the spectrum, and angels were far easier to trust than, say, a vampire, but You’d been dating for little over a year, finally giving in to his charms after months of berating yourself for possessing feelings of adoration for something, someone, you would have stabbed any other day of the week, had you met under different circumstances. Your relationship was complex enough. This… this was just extensive. It was obvious that you gotten past your logical prejudices, the evidence staring you square in the face in the forms of an innocent, pink cross, a simplistic blue line, and a few key digital letters spelling out P R E G N A N T, all of which beamed up at you from the emergency kit you had purchased at the drug store after missing your period. Jesus, this was only meant as a precaution. You’d planned on peeing on the stick and calling it a day, maybe investing in some birth control, maybe not… but those three tests couldn’t lie to you. This was… Jesus, this was real. Your hands didn’t flutter to your stomach, there were no tears, and you didn’t start talking to your abdomen. You weren’t about to walk through the Hollywood-esque steps all new mothers reenacted when they discovered that their every dream was coming to life. No, your mind wasn’t on the… the baby (why was it such a struggle to think of it as a child?), but on the father. This could be a whole lot worse than you had originally predicted, based solely on the angel’s track record with half-human entities.

Castiel had spoken to you of these angel-branded abominations (words from his own mouth, frighteningly enough), and his mindset was about as clear as glad; there was no mistaking his stance on the matter of Nephilim, especially after being attacked bu the only living cousin your… baby… would ever know. To make a very, very long and unnecessarily complicated story short, Castiel’s hands had torn her heart from her chest. You knew that angels had differing views on affection and a warped perception of friendly interactions (as was evident by the many times Castiel had decided to check on you, or “ensure your safety” as he called it, while you were showering), but tearing a vital organ from someone’s body was unmistakably feral. There would be no joyous family reunion, no spontaneous spinning in unadulterated glee, when he learned of your predicament. Your stomach lurched within you as if preparing to vomit shards of wood, the sickeningly minty paisleys stamped all over the garish rose wallpaper swirling into each other’s strict rows as your head reeled, your vision blurring drastically. Your lips pursed instincively, forming a barricade against the bile you felt rising in your throat, stinging and burning your insides as if you had gulped a gallon of rattlesnake venom.

This was no morning sickness, but fear welling up like a tidal wave within you, threatening sea-walls you preferred to keep standing, deadly rapids on the verge of spilling over and washing whatever structure you had created to hold back your emotions (as most hunters do) into oblivion. You kept an open mind, well, a less hesitant mind, when it came to anything related to your angelic lover, but what of him? What would his reaction be? You’d seen him smite and stab and tear people apart for you… if he believed this being was a threat to your life, or to anyone’s life, would he… would he hesitate at all? You were in no position to judge Castiel’s warrior nature, you knew. You weren’t exactly mother material, and nearly every remaining scrap of sanity had been flushed out to be replaced by the gore and violence of your day-by-day life. You stabbed at stuff, carried firearms into grocery stores, and more often than noot, you wore filthy jeans that hadn’t seen a washing machine in weeks. You rarely cleaned your motel rooms before departing, and you had a habit of leaving a body count before you drove out of town. You had the nerve to fall in love with an angel, a monster, an otherworldly entity whose minimal slip in control could literally burn your eyes from your sockets. Your life was an endless stream of crimson blood and danger, splattering up against the riverbeds like some form of sadistic Grimm fairytale. Granted, you were bringing something from the supernatural realm into the world, but this was no environment for children, regardless of origin.


He was kind of heart, he was patient to a fault, and he was loving, that much you could swear by in a court of law without breaking a sweat. He would never intentionally harm you, and he wouldn’t dare attack your child… at least not while your skin protected it. Hell, the thing was half him. If anything, he would be the reason why your baby would be a threat to society. Half of you wanted to believe he would beam when you told him, his lips melting into yours like heated chocolate, twirling you in his arms until your feet left the ground like the finale of an exceptionally sappy romantic comedy… but his very being consisted of divine rage, virgin wrath, of untainted strength. These were the ingredients added to the mixing bowl before Chemical X. An angel is a warrior first, a lover second. Castiel was a soldier of the Lord, designed to fight and protect as a first instinct. You had glimpsed his fury many times before, his hands striking against the foreheads of demons, whom he also referred to as abominations, you might add, boiling their brains with the simplest of touches, his features unflinching, his posture serene. These barbaric, if blindingly holy, actions were… peaceful, knee-jerk almost to Castiel. Your angel had an extended history with things that should not be… but now, you were carrying one of the beings this Heavenly hunter would slay.

You swiped the tests from the sink’s counter and into the waste bin, washing your hands, wiping down the basin with the suds leftover on your palms, your hands trembling like a Goddamn leaf in a hurricane. C'mon, Y/n, pull yourself together. Castiel would be just fine. He wouldn’t kill anyone if it meant harming you, physically or otherwise. If he wasn’t calm when you relayed the information… you would rather not dwell on the glimmer his divine rath sparked into his sapphire eyes, hardening the gemstones into pigmented rocks, his features stone-cold and unfeeling. The anxiety was killing you. Surely, this was just new-mother nerves. You just prayed that he would come home sooner rather than later. His arrival would prevent the oncoming madness from enveloping your brain. What-if’s tended to hold tight, and you could use the distraction of Castiel’s company. He’d be fine before you told him, right? You could pretend for a little while, until he calmed down. God, you prayed he’d remain peaceful. You didn’t want to see that rage in his eyes, not today, not when you (technically) were the target. A flutter of wings sounded behind you, your stomach dropping through the soles of your feet.

“I’m here. What is it you nee-” Castiel began, his voice halting abruptly, leaving silence to grasp at your ears, begging for the presence of sound. The angel could not continue. You turned, cautious, to face him… only to find his eyes locked on your abdomen, his full lips parted, mouth agape, his body in a state of quivering paralysis. His hands were weak at his sides, fingers limp and lifeless, his eyes flickering left and right by the smallest fraction of a millimeter as he thought… as he counted. Shit, he knew. His voice returned, weaker, crackling with astonished uncertainty. “Y/n, you’re…" He went quiet again, shaking his head as if to reorganize his thoughts, “Y/n, there’s grace in… are you…?” He stammered, falling short of accusations or predictions, his eyes seeming to drilling into your abdomen with intent to lay eyes upon the subject of this uncomfortable encounter. You cleared your throat, ignoring the thickness that prevented speech, his eyes lingering on your stomach before meandering to your face, the same unchanging expression of shock scribbled over his every feature in permanent marker.

“You just confirmed it,” you whispered, the air laden with tension between the two of you in the closet-sized motel bathroom, your palms pressed into the faux porcelain lip of the sink, slick with sweat and icy water, droplets clinging still to your dewy skin. He swayed slightly, your words pushing against his shoulders, shaking his balance as well as his composure, his brow furrowing in confusion. His lips twitched upward, not quite a smile, but not quite the former emotion-void jaw drop. It was progress, at the least.

“It’s… you aren’t… upset,” he observed. You tilted your head, acknowledging his assessment without countering his words. Perhaps this was merely to gauge your willingness to terminate the danger you protected behind a weak wall of muscle and skin.

“Neither are you. I thought this was some kind of federal offense up on Cloud Nine. The whole angel-baby thing,” As you spoke, voice wavering, you found yourself cooing over the word ‘baby,’ swaddling it with your voice, providing a much-needed cushion. It was subtle, but you both noticed it, his eyes never leaving yours as he nodded. He was unreadable. The terror you felt wrap around your lungs was justified.

“Nephilim are a touchy subject, yes, but… we’ll keep him safe,” He sighed, his brows knitted together with concern. You gawked at the angel’s tentative, shielded smile as he shifted towards you, the small space’s claustrophobia fading with his presence. Before you could speak, Castiel answered your unspoken exclamation. “Technically, yes, it’s too early to tell with your human sciences, but his soul is strong. I can feel him… it’s similar to touching an open flame. He will be fine,” He promised, his fingertips hovering over your stomach before he worked up the nerve to press his palm to your core, warming your skin through the thin fabric of your tee shirt. Your cheeks blazed at the unfamiliar contact, his hand trailing to your lower back in one slow, fluid motion, his lips lowering to yours with a gentle conviction. He was soft, the tender pull of his mouth against yours spreading heat through your body like the crawl of lava. The rage you had fretted over was nonexistent. His lips molded to yours, his lips dancing to the corner of your mouth as his arms wound around your back, abandoning your lips to hold you tight to his chest, his arms particularly strong. In this strength, there was caution. He held you tightly, as if you may be torn from his grasp at any second, though his hold on you was delicate in all of its vigor. How strange. Castiel wasn’t the type to have his passions, so foreign to his angelic form, altered by a sensitive situation, and he was clearly exercising a great deal of care. He was wary for a reason. Something was wrong. You opened your eyes and lifted your head from his chest, his eyes locked on the ceiling, his lips pursed to prevent the quivering that would normally accompany the watery glisten you saw along his waterlines.

“Cas?” you spoke, pulling away from him, his hands ghosting to your arms, holding you still, his head ducked. He inhaled deeply, slowly, his face rising only to ignore yours, staring instead at the opposite wall, his jawline clenching. “What’s wrong? Cas, talk to me,” He sighed, his entire being deflating like an open balloon, either too distracted or too uncaring to wipe at the tears that threatened to spill from his eyes. “Is it the baby? You said he’d be alright,” You whimpered, a fear unlike any you had known gripping at your organs with an iron strength. He shook his head, a crystalline droplet striking your collarbone before his eyes fell on yours, agony swelling behind the flimsy wall he had erected.

“Our child will be safe. It’s us… it’s us who should have been safer… I didn’t think it would be possible. The timing was so certain, I made sure of it. I’m so sorry, Y/n,” He breathed, his every word coated generously with pain and apologies, his voice clear despite the strain on his heart. You froze up, his palms sliding to your elbows, understanding seeping through your veins like ice. He gripped you tightly, shaking you ever so slightly in an attempt to draw your attention back to his words. Was he still speaking? You were hardly sure.

“The mother-” you began, your vocal cords failing you, your voice dropping off with an unsatisfactory creak. Castiel shook his head to dispel your assumption, his movement quick, too quick, too certain. His voice returned strong, hardened by emotion. He was trying much too hard to calm you. You were correct.

“No, Y/n, you’ll be fine. You’re strong. You’ve faced worse,” he paused, inhaling quickly, his hands spreading along your arms, gripping you tightly, shaking once again. You couldn’t meet his eye. “We still have time,” His hands moved to hover over your shoulders, his palms a mere ghost of comfort against your skin. A hand flashed to your cheek, cradling your face, bringing your gaze to his, his eyes searching deep within your own, all sapphires and roiling waves, concern and panic muddled in a mass of the deepest blue. “I will find a way to save you,” he assured you, his voice sincere, if distant.

The mother does not live.