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Omg I love your headcannons! I was wondering if you could do one where Negan is with a girl who is a little bit on the curvier side? Or if you've done one already could you send me the link? I love your work!

Gah! Thank you so much! especially as that was my first headcannon!

Ask and you shall receive!

- When Negan firsts notices you, you are being pushed around by some of the other women in the Sanctuary
- He obviously puts a stop to that immediately
- He looks you over and oh, you could visibly start to see the flicker of desire burning in his eyes
- Soon you and Negan had become fuck buddies
- And oh how he would worship your body until you couldn’t remember your name anymore
- Sometimes the women would come back and you would return to Negan with your face stained with tears
- Oh it was all you could do to stop Negan from going after them for making his “Gorgeous Goddess” of a woman feel bad
- Sometimes he would run his fingers lightly around your curves and you could see the hunger and admiration in his eyes
- Occasionally you could voice that you thought you should attempt to get more fit, and oh he would put a stop to that straight away
- “Darlin’, there is no way in hell you are getting rid of those cock hardening curves.”
- Sometimes when he thought you weren’t looking you could see him trailing his eyes down your form and it gave you this giant wave of confidence that you thought you could do anything!
- Negan eventually proposed to you and of course you said yes. Your wedding wasn’t anything fancy but you know what it was just what you wanted
- The only thing was that you thought that Negan would not be able to pick you up to carry you over the threshold of your new home
- (Negan’s room)
- He fucking lifts you up in his arms in a cool, sweep of his arms like you were as light as a damn feather
- And let me tell you, you had the fuck of your life than night
- Negan loves your weight and honestly wouldn’t change anything about you.

I hope you enjoyed!

(also headcannon requests are open just not imagine requests! C:)

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I don’t dare to eat bc I’m afraid I’ll get a too curvy body if I’m overweight, I want to be skinny. But my parents said it’s not healthy to eat this little and force me to eat more. I really want to lose weight, what should I do?

Hey there. That sounds like you have some disordered eating habits so your partner does have reasons to be concerned. Your body needs food to function. Calories are the fuel your body needs to function properly, and if you don’t eat enough you will start to notice and it is not fun. If you’re eating a healthyish diet and exercising, you should be okay if you’re eating a normal amount of food. You usually don’t get much curvier if you gain weight. Maybe a little bit, but it’s generally not enough for people to notice. Also doing other things to pass like binding and layering clothing and cutting your hair may help those urges quiet down. If you continue to have these thoughts and behaviors I’d seek professional help. You want to deal with this before it becomes a really big issue. Trust me, I have been struggling with my eating disorder for a very long time. It’s not worth it. Hang in there and stay safe.


2013, at my heaviest, and today.
So these photos. I have some really stupid things to say about this but please just try and go with it, okay? Cool.

I’ve never been skinny, like ever. As a kid, I was a chubbers. And I’m definitely not saying I’m skinny now. I’ve always kind of been a little bit bigger and curvier, and that’s just the way it was. From about 2012-2014, I put on a huge amount of weight. I’m talking 30 kilos. There are a range of reasons for this, and honestly ones I don’t really want to get into. But basically I was incredibly unhappy and food was my saving grace.

The weight I was in the left photo above is the same weight I was in October of last year. In the last four or so months, I have definitely made some unhealthy life changes, like hardly eating or sleeping. But I have also implemented more healthy food into my (limited) diet and started going to gym and taking better care of myself in different ways. Both unhealthy and healthy lifestyle choices have resulted in me losing 17kg so far this year. In my opinion, I still have a long way to go, but it’s crazy that I’m now back to the weight I was when I graduated from high school.

The photo on the right is incredibly flattering, and I can acknowledge that. The fact that I’m wearing all black or that my foot so happened to be out a little bit to give the illusion of a bigger gap has not escaped me. But also this was taken at 6am after a night of zero sleep and literally two seconds before I had to run out the door to get to uni.

I’m absolutely amazed that I posted a photo that showed my body as a moment on tinder to begin with, but to have gotten 73 likes in 6 hours and 9 date offers is insane. I know I shouldn’t hold the opinion of random guys that highly, but I guess I didn’t acknowledge how far I had come until this morning. I know I still have further to go, but fuck it, I’m proud of myself and I’m babin’