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Do you mind me asking for a list of your most recommended Naruto fics? Or if you've already made one, reblogging it again please? I've been recently run spare and just finished all of yours, plus you seem to have good taste when it comes to these things! (If not, feel free to ignore, I really don't mean to bother)

It seems I’ve actually failed to compile an actual rec list before now, so let’s fix that…


An Invincible Summer

In Good Company

About Face

Baby Animals, Weddings, And Other Things Not Normally Associated With Uchiha Sasuke

Freedom in the Eyes of Another


Pulling my Weight

A Thoughtful, Moving Exploration of Passionate Youth

Dirt and Ashes, or: The One-and-a-Half Body Problem

survival of the fittest

Of Harrowed Hearts

How Naruto and Sasuke Became Friends

Force of Nature

It’s Just That Any One of Us Is Half Without Another One Is You


Cultivate Your Hunger

The Worst Shift

How To Save The World With No One Even Realizing

White Wedding


I Hold With Those Who Favour Fire

The Natural Habitat of Haruno Sakura

Doing It ANBU

Continually Adapting (to Stay Alive)

now, for the second act

What Isn’t Broken (Can Still Be Fixed)

Commit Ourselves Into the Depths

Following Dreams (to Doom or Desire)

to love what is mortal

A Set-up For A Romantic Comedy

The Fair Maiden

Dancing in Circles


(J)oak’s on Yew

Give and Take

Shadows and Fangs

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hello! could you recommend me some snape / hermoine fics? I've been looking for ageeees and still couldn't find a good one.

Hey there!

Um I don’t really know any snape x hermione fics?? I don’t even ship them together (sorry)

This blog is 100% dedicated to Drarry and I’m so sorry I can’t recommend any good fanfics for you. 

However, I did some digging around and found some really good Snamione (is that their ship name?) rec lists, so hopefully you’ll be able to find something on there :)

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Trying to compile a list of YouTubers with disabilities and/or illness.. I've got you and another person.. any leads?

Yeah! Sure! These will just be a few of the more consistent and well known ones that I know of, but feel free to reblog and add yourself! Would love to follow more! This is very much just a start! Well firstly shout out to my own channel! I have moderate to severe chronic pain, currently in diagnosis limbo and I am a wheelchair user. @annieelainey

Zack has cerebral palsy 

Robyn has cerebral palsy @my-trex-life

Rachel has EDS and POTS 

Amythest is autistic @neurowonderful

Rikki is deaf  @rikkipoynter

Jordan Bone is a tetrapalegic and wheelchair user

Josh is an amputee  @joshsundquist

James is legally blind  [Ocular Albinism, Nystagmus] @jamesrath

Ally has chronic illness and chronic pain @theonetobreakthespell

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Hi! I must say, your blog is by far the most helpful I've come across within the past few months. I was wondering if you have any resources or recommendations on books about chaos magick? Thank you!

Hello! Thanks! Glad you like my blog. I have a small section of resources about chaos magick in my book recommendation list here (just scroll down a bit), but really a lot of the works on there are good for chaos-minded folks, not just the ones in that particular section of the list. Were I compiling a booklist just for those interested in chaos magick, it’d look a  bit like this, pulling from my existing list alone. There’s more I could list, but these are a useful start, though not all of them actually use the term “chaos magick.”

Liber Null and Psychonaut, by Peter Carroll. Classic book of chaos magick. I consider it required reading for almost anyone interested in the occult. Even if you have no love for chaos magick, do give it a read, just to understand how influential Carroll is, and why.

Protection and Reversal Magick, by Jason Miller. This gets a little woo-woo at times, but he gives good advice on how to avoid serious problems that can come up as you begin to practice. Take with a grain of salt, though - some of this has the potential to make you feel paranoid.

Sorcerer’s Secrets, by Jason Miller. This is a decent volume that describes a lot of techniques you don’t usually see in books, such as gesture and gaze-based magick. Be warned that Miller writes extensively about manipulative techniques, but it’s useful theory regardless of how you put it into practice.

City Magick, by Christopher Penczak. If you’re at all interested in tech witchery, or just want to practice magick within an urban setting, do check this out. It is by far the best look at the subject I’ve seen, and his discussion of urban tutelary spirits is worth the price alone.

Hands-On Chaos Magic, by Andrieh Vitimus. Knowing some of the people involved in the creation of this book, I’m a bit biased towards it. That said, even if I didn’t know them, I would still recommend it. It’s especially interesting to read alongside Liber Null and Psychonautin order to see how the chaos “current” has developed over the years.

Pop Culture Magic 2.0 by Taylor Ellwood. There aren’t a lot of books on using pop culture symbolism in magick, but this one is nearly perfect. The author writes in a highly erudite, literate fashion, while still being accessible to newbies. Many useful resources cited, as well, so prepare to branch off a bit while reading it.

Book of Lies: The Disinformation Guide to Magick and the Occult, by Richard Metzger. Lots of facts and history of magick in the context of Postmodernity. This is different from the Crowley text of the same name, which I wouldn’t recommend unless you want to focus on his tradition.

Instant Magick, by Christopher Penczak. Excellent beginner’s guide for those who don’t have access to a lot of fancy tools or prefer to work without them. This book won’t instantly teach you magick, but it will help even a seasoned practitioner find quicker, less-complicated ways of achieving results.

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Hello Rosie! You seem to be quite the M*A*S*H connoisseur, so I was hoping you (and maybe a couple others) could compile a list of the best/most iconic M*A*S*H episodes. I'd like to get around to at least some of them before they take them all off Netflix. There's one in particular I haven't reached yet but I've heard it talked about, where BJ tries to live up to Trapper's pranking skills?

Oh wow, that’s quite a challenge! I don’t consider myself quite qualified to write a ‘definitive’ guide (although the very idea of a definitive guide is somewhat complex, as everybody is going to have their own preference, and episode rating is a largely subjective exercise) but I’ll do what I can and would gratefully appreciate anybody else adding their thoughts and comments.

This is a very tricky post, especially for a show such as ‘MASH’ which blends comedy and drama so effectively. The only way I have found to approach this is to think of one episode per season which stands out for comedic value and one for emotional impact. So here we go…

I’ll start with the funnies…

1.) Dear Dad, Again…

For the ‘naked Hawkeye in the mess tent’ scene. Nuff said.

2.) Five O’Clock Charlie

What isn’t to love about Five O’Clock Charlie? Except, perhaps, his astigmatism if you happen to be either his eye doctor or his superior officers in the North Korean Air Force. This episode has mindless destruction, silly costumes, and Frank gets to fire a big gun.

3.) Adam’s Ribs

One of the tried-and-tested formula of ‘the boys go above and beyond the call of insanity to get hold of a Thing’ but I think possibly the best executed and with one of the best moments (Hawkeye kicking off in the mess tent).

4.) Hawkeye

Alan Alda monologues for a little under half an hour while a confused Korean family offer feedback and wonder what on earth the weird American is talking about.

5.) Hawkeye, Get Your Gun

I don’t particular remember what this was about – I just remember this:

6.) The Smell of Music.

It’s ridiculous, it’s outrageous, and Charles has a big horn. LOL!

7.) An Eye For a Tooth

A prank-themed episode based on a real life prank pulled by David Ogden-Stiers on fellow cast mates, and Gary Burghoff’s revenge.

8.) The Yalu Brick Road

Cute little episode featuring my favourite recurring Korean guest star, Soon-Tek Oh, as ‘Ralph’. He appears in ‘The Bus’ playing a similar character, and I can only assume that ‘Ralph’ is a very reluctant draftee who seems to have hit on a foolproof plan to get out of the war, only is misfortunate enough to keep getting freed during prisoner exchanges. I think there’s room for a spin-off here…

9.) Bottoms Up

Another prank-themed episode revolving around bare bottoms.

10.) Communication Breakdown

There’s a book/newspaper shortage in camp. More pranks and nudity ensue. I’m sensing a theme here.

11.) The Joker Is Wild

Not one of my personal favourites, and an episode that divides the fandom (at least a couple of my fellow bloggers dislike this episode) but as you mentioned it – and it’s the only comedy episode that stands out in season 11 – I thought it should fit here. It’s a prank episode, but has something of a darker edge, and the tone of comedy can feel quite jarring at this end of the run. It ascribes to ‘sitcom’ rules, and as such exercises some quite destructive, violent gags and plays hyperbolic peril/fear for comedic effect under the assumption that the viewer will suspend their sympathetic streak for half an hour. Not all viewers are able to. As such, it remains quite a controversial episode and not one that everybody likes, but it’s interesting to view from a perspective of realising how much the show has changed so that something like this has the capacity to feel a little… well, off.

And now, onto the serious ones….

1.) Sometimes You Hear the Bullet

There can’t really be any doubt here, can there? I mentioned in my episode reviews that I was surprised that they started with the feels so early on, but this, like a handful of others, is probably one of the episodes that blends the comedy with the drama almost perfectly.

2.) George

In which a 1970s show handles LGBT issues more sensitively and effectively than some shows arguably do today. Again, I talk about this in depth in more than one of my reviews/meta readings.

3.) Check-Up/Abyssinia Henry

Two episodes with similar themes which manage to be completely different. What flavour would you like your angst in? Trapper or Henry? I couldn’t pick just one.

4.) The Late Captain Pierce

Iconic for Alan Alda’s performance and the scene at the end, but I particularly love the way it escalates from standard ‘army makes a boo-boo’ fodder into something really quite exceptionally emotive.

5.) Dear Sigmund

I love Sidney. I love psychology. I love psychology themed episodes even though they don’t always get it right. I particularly love this for that one particular speech. You’ll know the one I mean.

6.) Fallen Idol

Another room-splitter (mostly in terms of emotional reacting rather than rating), but I personally love the emotion of this, and the fact that it’s not necessarily over heavy issues like war or death, but over two friends having a bust up.

7.) Preventative Medicine

This was a tricky one – there are a lot of heavy-ish episodes in season seven, and it was hard to pick just one. I lingered on ‘BJ Papa-san’ for a while for its tragically affectionate portrayal of the relationships between Korean nationals and US visitors during the war, and on ‘Inga’ for Alan Alda’s Emmy-winning feminism. In the end, ‘Preventative Medicine’ is my chosen episode, despite sometimes being regarded as a significantly heavier rehashing of an earlier storyline (Hawkeye plays the same trick on Col. Flagg in an early season and doesn’t bat an eyelid, but now an unnecessary appendectomy is cause for some serious soul searching and guilt). But somehow, despite the recycling and the inconsistency, I just like it.

Incidentally, viewers may also find a similar issue if they compare ‘Officer of the Day’ with ‘Guerilla My Dreams’ but with over 250 episodes over 11 seasons, it was bound to happen occasionally.

8.) Period of Adjustment

Another one that focuses on the personal and the interpersonal rather than the big issues of war. Also, I think, the one that does the best justice to BJ’s struggle with his separation from his wife and child.

9.) Bless You, Hawkeye

Another psychology-heavy episode, this time focusing on Hawkeye’s childhood.

10.) Sons and Bowlers

Beautiful for its depiction of the blossoming friendship between Hawkeye and Charles, and their family backgrounds, particularly their relationships with their fathers. Any fanfiction involving Daniel Pierce is almost certainly written with this episode in mind.

11.) Hey, Look Me Over

It would be lazy to put the finale in here, as surely this goes without saying, and Kellye’s shining moment of glory deserves a mention. Here, Nurse Kellye gets to step out of the background and into the limelight.

And here’s a few extras, mostly for standing out in terms of style, or just being plain unusual…

O.R. (S3)

An episode set entirely in the O.R., written partially in response to the studio’s insistence that the producers include a laugh track, because it wouldn’t work without. The compromise was that the laugh track be included, but not in the O.R. scenes. As such, this episode features no laugh track.


Shot entirely in black and white, this episode is a compilation of partially unscripted ‘interviews’ with the characters, conducted by veteran War reporter, Clete Roberts.


An episode shot entirely from the perspective of a patient at the unit.


An episode shot in ‘real time’ revolving around an artery transplant.


Ever wanted to look into the inner minds of all your favourite characters? Well, now you can. Possibly the weirdest of the bunch.


An episode concerning the wandering spirit of a dead soldier whose body is brought to the unit.

And of course…..


The MASH season finale was THE MOST WATCHED television broadcast for many, many years, succeeded only by the Superbowl in 2010. Even if you only watch it once, go watch it.

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Sarah, since you know pretty much everything about anything I don't know if you already know who happen to be in place 54 and 55 of the top 100 songwriters/producers in the world in 2015? :) songsplits(.)com/campaign/SS100-2015_download-SongSplits(.)pdf

The SS100 is a list of the people who really make the industry. Evaluating songs from radio around the world, streaming data and sales for 2014, we have compiled a yearbook of the most valuable writers & producers in the world. These are the people the next generation of writers should be looking at, learning about and following.






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Can you make a list of your favorite Harry Potter fanfics? I really liked that one you illustrated, and want to read some more. Love your art, btw.

Hum. Okay, there are so many that I just can’t seem to bring to mind, but have a smattering of multi-chapter recs from all across the proverbial board:

Keep reading

minor pet peeve: seeing extremely popular fics continuously show up on fic rec lists

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I LOVE sterek hs au fics! I always feel like I've read all the good ones though. Do you maybe think you could make a quick list of the good ones you've read (since you said you've been reading them lately)? If not that's totally cool, no pressure obviously! I'm just always on the lookout for a great new hs au. Thanks and sorry if I bothered you!

Not a bother at all! I love sharing great fics! I’m not the best at compiling lists, though, so bear with me lol. 

C’mon Now Sugar by teamfreewolf

A Teen Wolf/Veronica Mars fusion AU.

Stiles helps his father out with his private investigation agency while trying to survive high school. But when murders that might be connected to the death of his best friend Laura start occurring, he is forced to team up with her brother Derek to get to the bottom of it.

A Thousand Fiery Suns of Angst - Just Press Play by apocryphal

All Stiles wants from life is to learn to control his magic, keep his grades up, and not die horribly while saving Beacon Hills from supernatural threats. It’s all going pretty well until Derek Hale, werewolf extraordinaire, has to go and ask him on a date. That asshole.

Shut Me Down by lazykisses

Even when Derek’s an asshole, which is 75% of the time (90% on a rainy day), with his deadpan humor and cocky eyebrows and his annoyingly vague text messages (like that one time Stiles asked him if he’d studied for Chemistry and Derek replied with “hn”. What the hell does ‘hn’ even mean?), Stiles doesn’t mind. And that kinda scares him.

In My Veins by siriuslymcfly

Senior Year has rolled around and Derek is just about ready to leave Beacon Hills High and all the people with it, until the new Freshmen arrive and one in particular has a way of just getting under his skin. With the status quo disrupted, trouble arises for the pair.

Who said that? by coconutcranberries 

Stiles has a very unique superpower, in that he doesn’t exist. He’s invisible, untouchable, unhearable-is that a word?-and just not there. He feels like a ghost most of the time, although he can’t walk through walls (he tried, the wall took offense and his nose paid the price) and he can still trip over his own feet. He blends perfectly into the background and no matter how hard he tries, nobody knows he’s there.

It’s a lonely life, he’s not gonna lie.

But suddenly something changes. Stiles is part of a group project which includes probably the most explosive combination of people in his class. These people don’t notice when he waves a hand right in front of their face-how could they when he doesn’t exist? The possibilities are endless.

Oh, this is going to be so much fun.

Fanime Artist Asks

1. What is your favorite fanime?

2. What fanime are you looking forward to the most?

3. What is your favorite genre?

4. What do you want to see more of in fanime?

5. Doodle your favorite fanime character from your series!

6. Show us the last thing you drew for your fanime, even if it’s a doodle.

7. Favorite thing to animate?

8. Least favorite thing to animate?

9. One thing we probably don’t know about one of your characters? (Optional: Give a specific character)

10. Doodle your favorite fanime character from another series.

11. Fanime character you relate to the most?

12. What do you do other than make fanime? aka other hobbies

13. Can you give any suggestions/tips to me (the person asking the question)?

14. What general tips do you have about art/animation?

15. Do you have any non-fanime related art?

16. What are five random facts about you?

17. Your favorite quote(s) from your series?

18. Do you have a job?

19. What are you studying in school?

20. Top five fanime characters, go.

21. Do you have more than one (f)animation projects?

22. What are some scrapped fanime ideas you had?

23. How do you dress? Does your fashion taste show in your art/fanime?

24. What is the biggest inspiration for your fanime?

25. What is a confession you have about fanime? (in general, positive or negative)

I've Compiled A List Of Some Important Points From The Prologue Video

◆Jin had a camera/recorder/phone the entire time, except at the gas station when rapmon took the picture
◇At the beginning, V calls someone and says, “Hyung, I miss you. ”
◆V jumps into the water (Jin is the first to notice he was up there)
◇Jin, V, Jungkook, and Rapmon are the only ones who we hear talk (other than jhope screaming)
◆V wakes up in an abandoned pool
◇V crushes a Polaroid (of him and his mom?)
◆Jin is the last to show up at the pool
◇Jin is the only one V hugs, everyone else hugs V
◆V barely participates while they play, Jin sits there and records
◇V climbs up to high places
◆Rapmon writes on the mirror (Suga, Jungkook, and Jimin are the only ones who read what he wrote)
◇Suga plays with a lighter, Jungkook later blows out the flame
◆Jin says something about the blank picture that is supposed to be of Suga, Jungkook, and Jhope
◇Jin is the last to get out of the car when they arrive at the beach
◆They arrive at the gas station. Rapmon has a sucker and it appears to be an older, more rundown version of the station Rapmon worked at
◇Rapmon takes a picture of Jin and Suga
◆They arrive at the waterfront
◇V climbs up and the members all motion for him to get down
◆V smiles at them and then jumps
◇Jin is in the car alone
◆Jin finds the picture Rapmon took of him and Suga and sees that it’s just him.

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Hey! Could you recommend me some blogs that post strictly only anime gifs? or atleast around 98% of it. (anime screencaps are fine too) I've checked some of your blogroll and there's some really good blogs there but most people are posting arts from pixiv etc too and I kind of want to filter that away. That's why you're one of my absolute favourite blogs too :) anyways, thank you for always making my dash so great!

Hail. ^_^ Okay, I have been compiling this list for like an hour. I really tried to look for the 98% gif thing / minimal non anime + pixiv, so sorry to people if I didn’t add you to the list! It doesn’t mean I don’t love your blog, just means it didn’t exactly fit this category.

And thank you, I am glad you like my blog. :)

I will also admit that I didn’t go through ALL 330 blogs because this was already taking a while.

If I missed your blog and you think I should add you, feel free to tell me.