a list of fictional men i would marry if given the chance

Was just catching up on the news when I ran across an interesting article.

10 Queer Things You couldn’t have seen on TV 10 years ago

I knew going into it that there was a good chance Glee would be mentioned. Imagine my pleasant surprise at what I found.

A bunch of shows or specials that feature actual gay/queer people and or positive and complex stories of fictional gay/queer people. Yes, some of the shows also have problems but it’s still an interesting and accurate list given the fact that it is spotlighting storylines within certain shows that have multiple gay/queer characters and not just the show over all. The storylines it mentions are all very important parts of those shows. 

And the part it chose to highlight as the best queer part of Glee as far as what original and important queer thing it featured that you couldnt see on tv anywhere else.


“Glee” repeatedly made history over its six-year run by featuring rich queer characters who dealt with situations rarely seen on network TV, especially on a show aimed at tweens and teens. The musical sitcom offered a particularly nuanced and groundbreaking portrayal of young queer female experiences courtesy of characters Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez, often affectionately known as Brittana or Santittany. The girls, who were originally “friends with benefits” early on in the series, go through a variety of landmark moments, from making out to publicly coming out to breaking up to getting married"

Notice how Huffington Post uses the words “nuanced and groundbreaking portrayal” to describe Brittana and not Klaine when talking about important queer representation on tv.

But please Klainers, tell me again about how groundbreaking Klaine was even though only a few pandering sites hoping for click baiting revenue even bother to still talk about Klaine in hopes of getting more comments and attention from desperate shippers. Everyone knows who Klaine’s fanbase is, and even the actors themselves called them out on being overly obsessive and aggressive (straight) teenage girls and not gay men like the couple represents. Meanwhile Brittana’s fanbase is largely made up of actual gay women who are grateful to see themselves represented on TV. Now that Fox is no longer paying real sites to promote their agenda (DaLeaStreet) and talk about Glee the legitimate new sources are continuing to talk about Glee anyways and barley mentioning Klaine at all, instead choosing to focus on other queer characters such as Brittana, Beiste or Unique. I guess now that there is nothing to lose the real press don’t have to pander to anyone and it shows.