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In Honour of International Women’s Day:
10 Movies About Friendship Directed by Women

Breathe dir. Mélanie Laurent (2014)
Charlie is an average French suburban teenager, but when she becomes fast friends with Sarah, the rebellious new girl at school, she discovers there’s nothing average about how she feels.

Daisies dir. Vera Chytilová (1966)
Two girls try to understand the meaning of the world and their life.

The Edge of Seventeen dir. Kelly Fremon Craig (2016)
High-school life gets even more unbearable for Nadine when her best friend, Krista, starts dating her older brother.

The Fits dir. Anna Rose Holmer (2015)
While training at the gym 11-year-old tomboy Toni becomes entranced with a dance troupe. As she struggles to fit in she finds herself caught up in danger as the group begins to suffer from fainting spells and other violent fits.

The Forest for the Trees dir. Maren Ade (2003)
As an awkward idealistic high school teacher begins her first job in the city, things turn out to be much tougher than she had imagined.

Divines dir. Houda Benyamina (2016)
In a housing estate on the outskirts of Paris, a teenager who is hungry for her share of power and success becomes a runner for a drug dealer.

Hush Little Baby dir. Hella Joof (2009)
Four dysfunctional teenage girls steal a car and elope from the institution where they live. They go on a road trip across Denmark, confronting ghosts of the past and settling old accounts as their dark secrets are revealed.

The Innocents dir. Anne Fontaine (2016)
In 1945 Poland, a young French Red Cross doctor who is sent to assist the survivors of the German camps discovers several nuns in advanced states of pregnancy during a visit to a nearby convent.

In Bloom dir. Nana Ekvtimishvili & Simon Groß (2013)
Set in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi in 1992. Friends Eka and Natia look to leave childhood behind as they ignore societal customs and work to escape their turbulent family lives.

Thirteen dir. Catherine Hardwicke (2003)
A thirteen-year-old girl’s relationship with her mother is put to the test as she discovers drugs, sex, and petty crime in the company of her cool but troubled best friend.

More friendship movies HERE and HERE

DCI 2017 World and Open Class Shows

World Class:

The Academy - By a Hare

Blue Devils - Metamorph

Blue Knights - i

Blue Stars - Star Crossed


Boston Crusaders - Wicked Games

The Cadets - The Faithful, The Fallen, The Forgiven

Carolina Crown


The Cavaliers - Men Are From Mars

Colts - Both Sides Now

Crossmen - Enigma

Genesis - The Other Side of Now

Jersey Surf - Make It Our Own

Madison Scouts - The Last Man Standing

Mandarins - Inside the Ink

Oregon Crusaders - EnCompass

Pacific Crest - Golden State of Mind

Phantom Regiment

Pioneer - Irish on Broadway: The Music of Les Miserables

Santa Clara Vanguard - Ouroboros

Spirit of Atlanta - Crossroads: We Are Here


Open Class:

7th Regiment - As the Sun Loved the Moon

The Battalion - Listen to the Silence

Blue Devils B - The World the Children Made

Blue Devils C - Come Fly With Me

Colt Cadets - The River’s Edge



Golden Empire

Guardians - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Heat Wave of Florida - Project Apollo

Impulse! - In the Beginning

Incognito - La Belle du Bal

Legends - The Signal

Les Stentors

Louisiana Stars

Music City - Tribe


River City Rhythm - Misshapen

Shadow - Atreyu

Southwind - Strange Things

Spartans - Connected

Vanguard Cadets

Watchmen - To Valhalla

Last Update: 5/27/2017

Movies I have about women succeeding in fields that other characters thought they couldn’t possibly be any good in:
  • Zootopia - In a world of talking animals, Judy Hopps becomes the first rabbit police officer. 
  • Hairspray - fat teenager Tracy Turnblad becomes a television dancer without losing weight; Inez Stubbs also becomes a television dancer despite being black in the 1960s USA. 
  • Legally Blonde - Elle Woods, a blonde ‘cheerleader-type’, becomes a lawyer. 
  • Strange Magic - Literal fairy princess Marianne learns how to sword fight, well enough to fight the king of the goblins to a draw. 
  • various Barbie movies - it’s a reoccurring theme in those. 
  • Quest For Camelot - Kaylee goes to retrieve the sword Excalibur, stolen from King Arthur by the ex-knight who killed her father ten years ago, and becomes a Knight of the Round Table herself.

I still have to get a copy of Hidden Figures, about the black women who worked for NASA as engineers, mathematicians, and computer-programmers during the Space Race - focusing mainly on Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson (formerly Goble), and Dorothy Vaughan - but I have seen that movie too.

(Fun fact - Hidden Figures and Hairspray take place at the same time. Tracy’s first live television broadcast happens during John Glenn’s space flight.)


In Honour of International Women’s Day:
10 Movies About Friendship Directed by women

Farah Goes Bang (2013) Meera Menon

Fort Tilden (2014) Sarah Violent Bliss & Charles Rogers

Friends With Money (2006) Nicole Holofcener

Girlhood (2014) Céline Sciamma

Miss You Already (2015) Catherine Hardwicke

Now and Then (1995) Lesli Linka Glatter

The Trouble with Angels (1966) Ida Lupino

The Sisterhood of Night (2015)  Caryn Waechter

Walking and Talking (1996) Nicole Holofcener

Zero Motivation (2014) Talya Lavie

This set of panels in particular is pretty important to me, because it was stuff like this that kept me from realizing I was aroace for so long, so this was a little difficult for me to write.

When Jughead says “If…I would willingly kiss a girl it’ll be you” I have often seen it taken as a sort of very romantic line, like “I’m ready for you when you aren’t interested in Archie anymore”. However, this is a very common aromantic sentiment. Back when I didn’t know aromanticism was an option, I would mentally figure out which of my friends and acquaintances I would be willing to date, or kiss, because I figured I would have to end up with one of them, and because I thought that’s how crushes worked.

This also plays into amatonormativity, “the assumption that a central, exclusive, amorous relationship is normal for humans, in that it is a universally shared goal, and that such a relationship is normative, in the sense that it should be aimed at in preference to other relationship types”** Once I realized I was aro, I still clung to this internal list of which friends I would be willing to date, because of the whole idea that a relationship is the goal. I didn’t want my friends to end up sad and lonely, and I still sort of assumed I would have to marry someone in the end. Romance is pushed as something more important than friendship, and this is unhealthy for everyone, not just people like me! We shouldn’t base our self-worth on our relationship status, and friendship isn’t “below” a romantic relationship.

So when Jughead tells Betty she would be his first choice if he was interested, this reads, to me, as a misplaced display of friendship. He is telling Betty that he cares about her, that he considers her to be one of his best friends, one of his most important friends, but he doesn’t know how to express that. This is something I had to examine about myself recently, because I realized I was treating romance like a step above friendship, so I thought the only way I could display how much my friends meant to me was to be willing to join them in the “next level” of a relationship. Because friendship isn’t enough.

This, to me, feels a little sad. It’s reassuring to Betty! And a good comic!

It is also so, SO aromantic it hurts.

**I wanted to link to an article on amatonormativity but I didn’t find one that explained it well enough, so if that definition doesn’t make sense drop an ask my way and I’ll go more in-depth!


Films by or about people of colour directed by women*

Some notes on the list:

  • This list is non-exhaustive.
  • The movies I counted as “starring” poc of colour have at least 1 poc as lead or co-lead.
  • I respect the fact that some people do not want to see movies about poc as told by white women and have separated these movies accordingly.
  • Some of the directors who are woc who have directed the movies starring woc are not the same race as their casts.
  • What counts as a woc in the western world is not what is necessarily counted as a woc in the countries that those women are from. I have created my international list based on my own western perspective.

Directed by American WOC starring POC

Daughters of the Dust (Julie Dash)
Mississippi Masala (Mira Nair)
I Like It Like That (Darnell Martin)
Eve’s Bayou (Kasi Lemmons)
Girlfight (Karyn Kusama)
Love and Basketball (Gina Prince-Blythewood)
Real Women Have Curves (Patricia Cardoso)
Saving Face (Alice Wu)
Something New (Sanaa Hamri)
Mississippi Damned (Tina Mabry)
I Will Follow (Ava DuVernay)
Pariah (Dee Rees)
Yelling to the Sky (Victoria Mahoney)
Middle of Nowhere (Ava DuVernay)
Mosquita y Mari (Aurora Guerrero)
Peeples (Tina Gordon Chism)
Selma (Ava DuVernay)
13th (Ava DuVernay)
Losing Ground (Kathleen Collins)
Appropriate Behavior (Desiree Akhavan)
Farah Goes Bang (Meera Menon)
It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong (Emily Ting)
Songs My Brothers Taught Me (Chloe Zhao)

Directed by WOC starring white people
The Republic of Love (Deepa Mehta)
D.E.B.S. (Angela Robinson)
Vanity Fair (Mira Nair)
Jennifer’s Body (Karyn Kusama)
Last Night (Massy Tadjedin)
The Invitation (Karyn Kusama)
Equity (Meera Menon)
Shake It (Hella Joof)

International WOC
Sugar Cane Alley (Euzhan Palcy) Martinique
Salaam Bombay! (Mira Nair) India
Double Happiness (Mina Schum) Canada
Fire (Deepa Mehta) Canada/India
Earth (Deepa Mehta) Canada/India
Monsoon Wedding (Mira Nair) India
Bollywood/Hollywood (Deepa Mehta) Canada
Bend it like Beckham (Gurinder Chada) UK
Water (Deepa Mehta) Canada/India
Persepolis (Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud) France
Heaven on Earth (Deepa Mehta) Canada
Belle (Amma Asante) UK
The Second Mother (Anna Muylaert) Brazil
A Simple Life (Ann Hui) Hong Kong
Wadjda (Haifaa al-Mansour) Saudi Arabia
Dil Dhankande Do (Zoya Akhtar) India
Still the Water (Naomi Kawase) Japan
Sweet Bean (Naomi Kawase) Japan
Blackboards (Samira Makhmalbaf) Iran
At Five in the Afternoon (Samira Makhmabaf) Iran

Directed by white women starring POC
Portrait of Jason (Shirley Clarke) documentary
Black Panthers (Agnès Varda) documentary
Paris is Burning (Jennie Livingston) documentary
S'en fout la mort (Claire Denis)
Mi Vida Loca (Allison Anders)
Whale Rider (Niki Caro)
Frida (Julie Taymor)
Itty Bitty Titty Committee (Jamie Babbit)
Things We Lost in the Fire (Susanne Bier)
35 Rhums (Claire Denis)
The Wedding Song (Karin Albou)
2 Days in New York (Julie Delpy)
Girlhood (Céline Sciamma)
Honeytrap (Rebecca Johnson)
The Fits (Anna Rose Holmer)
Wuthering Heights (Andrea Arnold)
American Honey (Andrea Arnold)
Ayanda (Sara Blecher)

*I know people will want to add onto the list and I appreciate that, but before you do please check whether a film is directed by a woman. This blog and list is in support of women directed or co-directed films. Please respect that. 


In Honour of International Women’s Day:
10 Movies About Friendship Directed By Women

All that Glitters (2010) Hervé Mimran & Géraldine Nakache

Bend it Like Beckham (2002) Gurinder Chadha

Bachelorette (2012) Leslye Headland

Clockwatchers (1997) Jill Sprecher

Ginger & Rosa (2012) Sally Potter

Girlfriends (1978) Claudia Weill

Life Partners (2014) Susanna Fogel

Me Without You (2001) Sandra Goldbacher

Vamps (2012) Amy Heckerling

Whip It (2009) Drew Barrymore

Homesickness: Intern Edition

Everyone experiences homesickness, even when you work at the German Embassy. We asked our German interns here to gather together and discuss what they miss while living here in the United States for their internships. Their answers may surprise you!


Anyone who has lived in Germany has witnessed the undying affection Germans hold for bread. And honestly, why wouldn’t they? With hundreds of types of bread and fresh rolls just a bike ride away, their bread is both tasty and hardy as opposed to the fluffy and often sugary forms in the States.

Public transport

Don’t have a car in Germany? No problem! Don’t have a car here? Yikes. As a twenty something German, it is difficult to adjust to the limited or unreliable options for getting around, even in cities.

Delicious food at delicious prices

Be it in a restaurant or grocery store, food in America comes at a higher price–especially for healthy options or fresh produce.

The price tag lies!

Between restaurant bills and sales tax, our interns have had a hard time coming up with exact change at checkout. In Germany, tip is much less than the 20% standard here at restaurants and sales tax is included on the price tag.

Bike riding

Germans are practically raised on a bike and it’s used to do everything from fetching groceries to meeting up with friends. America is just catching on to the practicality and eco-friendliness of bikes and without bike lanes, it isn’t a transportation option for the faint of heart!

Street cafes and beer gardens

Interns work hard, man! After a long day or a long week, they just want to enjoy the sun and sit outside for a drink in a casual setting. However, long streets of outdoor cafes or popping into a beer garden isn’t the norm in the nation’s capital.

Drinking in public

It’s hard for our interns to understand the American’s stubbornness about open container laws. What’s wrong with responsibly drinking with a picnic or out at park on a nice day?

Giant: Ch. 8

Previously on Giant

Honey, when you kill the lights, and kiss my eyes
I feel like a person for a moment of my life

The dream ended, in a way. The balcony door opened, and Kara walked out, giving Lena another kiss before taking off and rejoining the world. It was probably the scariest moment of her life, she realized, because suddenly the future was very unfamiliar, and she found herself with very high hopes. The last time she had those pesky things, was a lifetime ago, when she was just seventeen and in love with a girl who smiled like a summer noon, who laughed at Lena’s silly ideas and dreams, who cried when she was happy because it was too much to contain. And now hope was back in her, and Lena didn’t know what to do with it.

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Today we remember those we’ve lost to anti-transgender violence.

If you don’t want to be alone today, there are a list of observances and vigils here.

If you want to be alone, but still need someone to talk to, Trans Lifeline is a non-profit support line for transgender people and people struggling with gender identity. They’re available by phone in the US (877-565-8860) and Canada (877-330-6366).

GLAAD (@glaad) has a longer list of resources, including international organizations, and some that use online chat.


Fantastic Beasts meets FBI

Just imagine : 

Percival Graves is the head of special ops department in FBI. He is also the lead of an international task team set on capturing one Gellert Grindelwald- the top name on the most wanted list, an extremely dangerous international criminal set on destroying governments and creating chaos. 

Newt Scamander is a Scotland Yard’s youngest and most brilliant profiler, sent to New York to help the team. 

They do not work well with each other. 

Newt with his dislike of humans and Graves in particular and unnatural love for wool jackets, hot tea and stray animals is also surprisingly not at all shy in voicing his opinions or completely disregarding Graves’ orders. And it is driving Graves nuts. Of course, full kissable lips, pale freckled skin  that would look perfect covered in hickeys and unruly mop of hair just asking Graves to run his fingers through don’t help either. 

All Graves really wants to do is to tie Newt to the chair with his silky necktie and teach him some manners. He of course, also wants to catch Grindelwald,  but not just yet- he is not ready to see Newt go. 

Grindelwald has other plans. 

It is said that if you look into the abyss for too long, abyss starts looking back. 

Graves is kidnapped. No one knows how to find him, and the team is in panic. 

Scamander doesn’t like this. Not. One. Bit. 

Popular Names from Across the Globe (2015)

It’s time to dive into the most popular names found around the world! Here are the top names in each country that presented data from their births in 2015.

Note: Data collected in Buenos Aires only.
Girls: Sofía, María, Lucía, Martina, Catalina.
Boys: Santiago, Mateo, Juan, Matías, Nicolás.

Girls: Nareh, Mari, Maria, Maneh, Mariam. 
Boys: Davit, Narek, Alex, Tigran, Hayk.

Girls: Olivia, Charlotte, Mia, Ava, Amelia.
Boys: Oliver, William, Jack, Noah, Jackson/Jaxon/Jaxson.

Girls: Zahra, Nuray, Fatima, Eileen, Zainab.
Boys: Yusif, Ali, Hussein, Omar, Mohammed.

Girls: Emma, Louise, Olivia, Elise, Alice.
Boys: Louis, Arthur, Noah, Lucas, Liam.

Girls: Amina, Sara, Emina, Lamija, Merjem.
Boys: Ahmed, Amar, Daris, Adin, Harun.

Girls: Viktoria, Maria, Nikol, Aleksandra, Gabriela.
Boys: Georgi, Aleksandar, Martin, Dimitar, Ivan.

Girls: Sofía, Emilia, Isidora, Florencia, Maite.
Boys: Agustín, Benjamín, Vicente, Mateo, Martín.

Girls: Mia, Lucija, Ema, Ana, Petra.
Boys: Luka, Ivan, David, Jakov, Petar.

Czech Republic
Girls: Eliška, Anna, Tereza, Adéla, Karolína.
Boys: Jakub, Jan, Tomáš, Adam, Filip.

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anonymous asked:

do you know of any movies that is somehow similar to the secret history? thanks

Let’s see! Films with thematic concepts including (but not restricted to) an emphasis on literature/myths, blatant homoeroticism, veneration of the cultish-teacher figure, emulation of the divine, plausibly sociopathic figures, intellectual and cathartic rebirth. Also featuring: gratuitous smoking, various figures staring moodily off into the distance, and obscene amounts of suffering

  • The History Boys (2006)
  • Cracks (2009)
  • Heavenly Creatures (1994)
  • The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)
  • The Dreamers (2003)
  • Lost River (2014)
  • Possibly in Michigan (1983)
  • Maurice (1987)
  • Tropical Malady (2004)
  • A Single Man (2009)
  • My Own Private Idaho (1991)
  • Lot in Sodom (1933)
  • Those People (2015)
  • Beauty and the Beast (1946)
  • Mulholland Drive (2001)
  • Last Summer (2013)
  • A New Life (2002)
  • Requiem For A Dream (2000)
  • Mysterious Skin (2004)
  • Apartment Zero (1998)
GOOD NEWS:  Rare 'cave squeaker' frog seen in Zimbabwe for first time in 55 years
Team of researchers discover three of the frogs once listed as possibly extinct in first reported sighting since 1962

Arthroleptis troglodytes, also known as the “cave squeaker” because of its preferred habitat, was discovered in 1962, but there were no reported sightings since then. An international red list of threatened species tagged the frog as critically endangered and possibly extinct.

Robert Hopkins, a researcher at the natural history museum in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, said his team found four specimens of the frog in its known habitat of Chimanimani, a mountainous area in the east.

The team found the first male specimen on 3 December after following an animal call that they had not heard before, Hopkins said. They then discovered another two males and a female. Hopkins said he been looking for the cave squeaker for eight years…

I looked online to see if today was some sort of gentile holiday because I saw some goyim doing Easter-ish looking celebrations while I was out earlier, but I know from my work Calendar that Easter is in April, and anyway, long story short, on checkiday.com today is listed as International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Obviously not related to what I saw when I was out, but why I haven’t I seen anything about this???

I feel like this is really important and should be fully observed on a national (if not international) level.