a liona



Name: Moon (Wen) Junhui
Birthday (Age): 1996/06/10 (22) (Forever 18 years old)
Unit: Performance
Position: Quiet handsome man
Hobby: Sleeping zzz
Specialty: Reading a book everyday without fail
Nickname: Moon Juni
Habit: None

Motto: It is important to constantly continue something.
(3) Things I like: Carat, Carat, Carat
(3) Things I dislike: eggplants, eggplants, eggplants
What interest me the most these days: Reading ‘The Journey’
Music that I enjoy listening to these days: Jam Hsiao(?) by Lion
A touching movie I watched recently: …… all movies are fun
Besides the unit I’m currently in, the unit I want to try to be in: Performance unit is the best!!!
One word to describe yourself: ✨ God ✨
One word to describe Carats: I can’t describe them in one word.
Your goal for 2017: World peace
Something you’d say to yourself after 1 year: Fighting……
User’s Guide: Call me when taking pictures.
Something to be cautious of: I only take good selcas though ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Picture source: @ssy_svt17
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Send "Now that's just not right" for a spell to hit my muse...

… and I’ll generate a number between 1 - 25 for what my muse turns into… 

  1. A dragon
  2. A house cat
  3. A tiger
  4. A griffon
  5. A phoenix
  6. A hawk
  7. A horse
  8. A mermaid/merman
  9. An elf
  10. An angel
  11. A demon
  12. A lion
  13. A mouse
  14. A snake
  15. A fox
  16. A dog
  17. A wolf
  18. A satyr
  19. A faun
  20. A succubus/incubus
  21. A politician
  22. A bear
  23. A deer
  24. A rabbit
  25. A unicorn

A couple of fanfiction related drawings! I really should do these more often :3

1. Squishy/Desire from @feynites Looking Glass. Anxiously awaiting her introduction proper to the canon storyline x___x 

2. Liona from @pridetothefall‘s Metu Vincta. Sweet little birb I can’t wait to see what’s in store for her :3

you are a pilgrimage

a pilgrim is a pilgrimage, conducted within oneself.

but this 
          unobservable vastness
  absence of borders
deliquesces into
a luminescence
       liquefies into a
         scent of water
    scentless essence of water

oh you are a traveler then

a traveler
         and a lion

a pillar of vapor
   and vesper

a serpent 
    and effervescence

a love poem
     and a lover

A list of things Steven Universe has befriended

List of things Steven’s befriended over the course of the show Steven Universe:

  • The on-again, off-again mailman
  • That shy girl on the beach
  • A lion
  • A mountain goat
  • The cool kids
  • The weird kid who keeps setting things on fire and once buried the boardwalk with little plastic men
  • A family whose store was collateral damage from one of his battles
  • A monster whose corporeal form he once destroyed
  • A Gem embedded in a tool designed only to repeat things it sees
  • An army of sentient plants made in his image
  • A haunted lighthouse
  • The politically paranoid mayor of Beach City
  • A technician overseeing the creation of a gestalt world-ending monstrosity made of a billion fractured minds
  • A gestalt world-ending monstrosity made of a billion fractured minds