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Teen Wolf: Infection Deception

This is how I viewed the episode. 

The Infection

Coach was pre-approving (tsk tsk) permission slips for his students and ran out of red ink, so he snuck into The Chemists (sorry I forget that teacher’s name) room and grabbed his ink pad. This ink pad was infected with the virus, so Coach was accidentally infected. Stiles figured this out by flipping through his slips – the ink changes from red to black – and then seeing a black thumbprint on Coach’s mug that mentally linked it to the PSAT students all touching the ink pad. 

My personal theory was that the Virus only affected supernatural elements. So although a Human might be infected, it would be because they have an inert supernatural connection. This was neither confirmed nor denied, but not all the students seemed to get sick. Also, Mrs. (Natalie) Martin did not get sick and she has a Banshee family line BUT we could explain that with the classic “It skips a generation”. IE If Mrs. Martin were to get Bitten she would not become a Banshee, because that inert material isn’t inside of her. 

What’s almost interesting is that when The Chemist (this dude had great line delivery) tells Stiles that it won’t kill Humans we focus on Stiles face which doesn’t look relieved. It could have been because he was thinking about his friends, or he could have been worrying that he wasn’t just Human anymore. (His body is the one that was vomited up, so he’s potentially the Copy.)

But the best part is that Stiles was ready to die for his friends. He didn’t know that Rafael was going to come busting in. He did his classic “You can’t scare me - okay yeah I’m scared” move – he put his head against the gun but he was (like you would be) shaking terrified because he was about to die that’s it the end no respawn. Rafael busts in, tells Stiles this cryptic message, and then lets him go.  

Fun theory: This was part of Stiles’ power. He should have died, but he was wishing/believing “Dad will save me. Someone will save me.” The Universe just delivered him a different Dad as saviour. I think there’s going to be a reason it’s always Rafael/Stiles who come face to face. 

Fun theory: Rafael knows or suspects something about the supernatural. My serious theory is still that the FBI knows about the supernatural, and Rafael is part of that but he doesn’t know that Scott himself is a werewolf. In the movie (if I remember correctly), at the end Scott’s dad reveals he is also a werewolf right? They may not do that exact thing (although they did set it up with Derek canon explaining that werewolves can hide themselves from others). On the other hand, it could be a situation similar to Bill and Caroline on the horrible TVD where he refused to consider her his daughter and treated her like a Vampire over everything else (including locking her up and torturing her right?) 

Martin Banshee Paradise

I guess it’s a good thing they didn’t sell the house yet because Lydia tried to make use of her grandmother’s room. Meredith was photographed (poorly) in that room. I’m pretty sure this was a set up episode for Lydia. She had to be out of the action, but they wanted to lay the thread for her continuing story. Like Kira last episode, she was on Hold for Plot. 

Years and Peers

Mrs. Martin references that Coach has been 15 years sober, and refers to him comfortably as “Bobby”. While this could just be a reference to the fact that they’d known each other for about 15 years, or it could be a reference point in time. Something could have happened 15 years ago that stopped Finstock from drinking. So we can assume that at least Coach Finstock, Mrs. Martin and Brunski were all peers. It’s possible it’s a seed for timeline : 15 years ago …the tree was cut down?, 8-10 years ago Julia Baccari was attacked, 7 years ago the Hale fire. Or not. 

Satomi the Never Aging

Here’s the thing – Satomi aged. It’s prosthetic, but she’s supposed to look aged. It’s been about 70 years, so even if she was only 20 she’s still 90 now and kicking ass. But she’s also referenced as the Oldest Living Werewolf, and Derek says “She did something that changed her.” Now the thing she did was Burn Rhys Alive, but she also helped kill Possessed!Rhys. She could be connected to the Nemeton via the nogitsune, or not. Either way I still view it as that werewolves age normally, but they do it more gracefully. 

I’m still kind of disappointed she’s not a pissed off floating head. 

She stares at Derek, and when he questions her she mentions he looks like his mom Talia, just like Deucalion said. Everyone was in love with Talia. So we’ve had two different Alphas say he looks just like Talia. We’ve had Talia appear to him as a wolf. We’ve had Deaton say he had orders to specifically watch out for Derek. (Which could have been just because he had blue eyes.) We have Derek now losing his wolf powers and feeling like something was taken from him. 

Paranoid theory: Did Talia give Derek something additional? Is that why Deucalion was interested in him? Is that why Derek can never truly die despite: getting his lungs ripped out by an Alpha, being drained of power by Peter, lead pipe through the spine, falling in the mall, etc? It’s an unsubstantiated theory. 

Also Deaton bro – nice skills.

Malia and the Hales

There’s still no proof that only a Hale bloodline can open the vault, as Scott did not try. We can assume that, like any vault, it can be opened from inside without any special needs. 

Scott wants to tell Malia because he knows keeping secrets can backfire, but Stiles is too afraid of Malia not listening to them and going to Peter anyway. Stiles set this up perfectly for Malia to feel betrayed and disconnected from the Pack, who are now confirmed as lying to her. 

I am still in the mindset that Malia is not Peter’s daughter, but here’s the thing: all they have to do is believe it. If she believes it, Peter can use it. It doesn’t matter if her bloodline is right, he’ll use her as his daughter. There’s still also the potential that Malia will be smart enough to see Peter’s plot. 

Hale Money

4 for you Scott McCall, for proving me right and recognizing that it was Hale money. Of course Stiles, who is playing the dark game, wants to keep the money away from them. He references again later that he’s upset that this money was sitting there when it could have helped…him. He’s really wrapped up in this money thing (by the way his father also had an unpaid leave in season 2, and was on a probationary status for awhile). Scott is dealing with the same thing (and let me tell you, I do feel this is accurate. Things look good on the surface but money is just pouring out – the car needs fixing, the roof needs repair but who has 20K, lacrosse gear, food, electricity. As Melissa is doing it all on her own WHILE WORKING EXTRA SHIFTS its completely accurate that she might miss payments. If you’ve been poor, you’ve been there) but as he and Kira recognize the money is not about them. 

But really what the money discussions highlight is Peter. Stiles is flashing a big “PETER IS A BAD MAN” sign. He references that they’re letting him just walk around, but this is also the kid that was comfortable staying alone with Peter in Derek’s loft. Stiles is being really persistent that Peter is not good, which could be the show reminding the audience that they didn’t forget all that Peter has done just because they gave him some fun scenes. 

Also, the scene in Scott’s room where they are discussing the money, the scene is framed with Stiles getting up and facing away from Scott while they talk about what they should do. 

I know there’s a post going around about how Stiles is to Scott as Peter was to Derek. It pretty much is. Peter’s talk with Derek in the woods about being morally grey is similar to Stiles urging Scott to lie to baby!Derek and the money. 

Braeden and the Woods

Braeden finds Satomi’s Pack all infected and dead. I still don’t think Braeden is evil. She could have been hunting down Kate in the woods when either Kate or another assassin looking for the Pack got a shot off. Braeden also potentially knew The Chemist – she says “HE killed them”, so she could have been there when he infected them and gotten shot by his little gun. She could even have been conversing with Satomi and her Pack itself when they were all attacked, asking for information.  

Conclusion: It was a decent self-contained episode, but it didn’t have a lot of big final meta deliberations. The virus isolated the Pack from Derek and Satomi, which was necessary or we would have thought “Why wouldn’t Derek introduce Satomi to Scott and Kira?” It set up Malia betrayal and her exit, Meredith and the Martins, Peter as “Remember he’s bad”, and The Chemist as Harris’ brother.