a liner


somebody reminded me i haven’t posted any debs photos yet so here’s a couple of what my hair and makeup looked like on the day 🌹✨💕

Woke up today and realized Teen Titans Rebirth still sucks and Percy’s awful writing can still choke.

  ‘ Juro que todo lo que recaude acá será para la fundación… si, todo, incluso lo de los porros. ‘


July 11 2017

Five months ago study buddy and I got together officially :’)

Here’s my attempt at a flat lay bc I love my stationery but haven’t put it to any use as I am still having a lazy summer…


That one time when I wanted to be relevant Dan and Phil posted hella a lot of photos. Still here is a sketch of @danielhowell with Collin. I am not sure if that looks like Collin or if it even looks like a dog at all. But I tried.


97 line basically
  • DK: *solving crossword* How do you say 'gracias' in Spanish?
  • Mingyu: Idk, I think maybe 'merci'?
  • Minghao: . . .
  • Also Minghao: I know how to say 'dumbass' in three languages, if it's any consolation.