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Healing Tensions*

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Rating: Mature
Summary: An enhanced Reader puts her life at risk on a mission and gets injured once again. Steve - her ex-boyfriend - can’t stand this situation anymore and when he cleans her wounds, they take this opportunity to bring back some memories.
Words Count: 3.1k
Genre: General/light angst
Warnings: Some swearing, an injured Reader, mentions of blood and one of alcohol, pretty heavy sexual tension, slight graphic description of the wound and Steve being protective. You know me, so wait till the end and you’ll read something interesting like mild smut.
Author’s Note: It’s set before the events happening in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Gifs used below aren’t mine, credit to the rightful owners.

Walking out of the brand-new Quinjet in the hangar, the blinding sun, setting in Manhattan’s sky welcomed you as the exhausted Avengers headed towards the same Tower they all lived in. Your main headquarters that Tony had named after your group of heroes since the tragic Tesseract events.

Several out of breaths former S.H.I.E.L.D. doctors waited close to the double doors of the medical bay as some of your teammates approached them whilst Natasha cradled an arm against her chest, the other wrapped around Clint’s shoulder while a bullet hole decorated her bicep.

This had become familiar since S.H.I.E.L.D. had fallen and you’d declared a war against Hydra, searching for Loki’s powerful scepter. Yet, when you had gotten used to this ballet- among all these things around you, your mind couldn’t get used to one thing. Or one man.

Steve Rogers. Your ex-boyfriend, a man you’d met when you were a spy, considered as a promising Agent Maria Hill, or even Melinda May. The first time your eyes had crossed, something had happened. You had thought about this cliché several times, but it was real. You shared this unexplainable connection with him and since this moment, you’d never left each other’s side, being close friends who secretly loved each other… and then lovers.

A bit more than a year of love, worries, passion, wounds and sweetness together and you had to stop everything for everyone’s safety. As the policy forbade relationships between co-workers, you’d tried to not let your feelings get in the way, but it had never been easy. Too much had been engaged between you and being together when stability wasn’t the favorite word made you choose to go separate ways in the painful path of romance.

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Good Night, Starlight

A very, very belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! to dearest @regolithheart​, who is just so sweet and talented and kind and amazing. The beginning to a silly, long adventure for Cress and Thorne ♥


Months after the events of Winter, Cinder has a new job for Cress and Thorne: deliver a few crates full of letumosis antidotes and bioelectricity chip prototypes to a research lab in Hawaii. Easy, right? They’ve already been doing it for months–travelling the world, seeing the sights, dropping off cures, helping people.

It should be a routine mission. They expect a routine mission. But when they arrive in Hawaii, everything immediately starts going wrong. A few of Thorne’s shadier acquaintances show up out of the blue, and immediately after, the research lab goes into full lockdown following a break in. Cress and Thorne are thrust into a pursuit across the sea to prove their own innocence, and end up discovering a plot that might shake up the precarious peace Cinder and Kai have managed to build between Earth and Luna.

They also manage to make new friends, connect with their family, and build their home on the Rampion. Let it not be said that the path to happily ever after was easy.


Stars drift like snowfall past the windows of her satellite.

Cress watches, and waits.

Behind her, the pale blue hologram of Little Cress dances in the starlight. Her dress twirls around her, and her bare feet trip and jump and skip easily around the only floor she has ever known. A soft melody drifts from the speakers, and her little voice hums along–old Italian opera, country-western, a fast, upbeat pop song all at once. Every few notes, static buzzes discordant through the blank netscreens, then fades quiet beneath the music.

She dances, and hums, and in the reflection, Cress watches.

“What are you waiting for, Big Sister?” Little Cress sings.

Waiting? Cress is… dreaming. She’s dreaming. And, she feels, pressing her hand against the worrying knot in her chest, waiting for something important.

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(nurseydex ofc + “quiet they can hear us”)

“Uh. What are you doing?” William Poindexter is curled into a ball far too tiny to actually be his body, wedged between the green sofa and the wall with a stricken look on his face.

“Shh! Quiet, they can hear us!” He whisper shouts. His hand shoots out and wraps around Nursey’s ankle and, a quick tug later, Nursey is half on the floor next to Dex and half on the green couch.

“Okay.” Nursey says plainly. “This is cool and all, but why are you hiding behind the couch, dude?” Dex unwraps his fingers from Nursey’s ankle, slowly. For a fleeting moment, Nursey mourns the warmth, the contact.

“I dropped a pie.” Dex says, eyes closed tightly, and Nursey gasps.

“A fineable offense.” He whispers sagely and Dex nods tersely.

“I have twenty-four dollars and fifty-three cents in my bank account and I still haven’t finished Christmas shopping. Holster and Ransom are out there, somewhere; it’s either the sin bin or Christmas presents, and I have the feeling they’re more into instant gratification than anything.” Nursey laughs and struggles to quietly make himself more comfortable. His back is pressed against the corner of the couch now, legs encroaching upon Dex’s already-lacking personal space. He shoots Nursey a half hearted glare, but moves a little to make room.

“Hm. Quite a predicament.” Nursey says and Dex rolls his eyes. “Dropping a pie is, what, a two dollar fine?”

“Four, since it was peach. You know Bitty uses ‘only the finest Georgia peaches, Dex!’” He imitates. Nursey snickers.

“You sound like a cartoon character.” Nursey chirps and Dex shoves his legs but is grinning hard.

“Shut up, you dick.” Nursey puts up his hands in resignation. “Okay, but I made the pie, mostly, so should that shave off at least fifty cents?” Nursey takes a minute to ponder the fact.

“You could ask them?” He says, referring to the sin bin police in question. Dex’s eyes go wide.

“I told them I was getting my wallet.”


“Two hours ago.”

“Oh.” Nursey’s eyes widen as well. “Evading fines is a taxable offense.”

“Yep.” Dex says, popping the ‘p’.

“Poindexter, you dumbass.”

“What! Sorry that I wanted to get you guys something nice for Christmas!” His eyes are closed again and he props his elbow up on Nursey’s shin. It hurts, a bit, but he likes the contact. “Fuck you guys, everyone is getting the ice off my blades for Christmas.”

“Dang, that’s worse than last year when you tried to knit everyone sweaters.” Dex shoves him again, harder.

“Dude, I gave Chowder and Bitty, like, the best fuckin’ sweaters known to man, sorry I didn’t have time to finish all of them.”

“I’m still holding out for that sweater, Poindexter.” Dex laughs loudly and it lights up the room. Nursey sighs.

William J. Poindexter!” A voice booms from the doorway. Dex’s eyes shoot open.

“Oh my god,” he groans, arm dropping before tightly gripping Nursey’s shin. His eyes are wide again. “Hide me, what the fuck.” He shimmies further into himself, pressing behind the couch tightly.

“Don’t think we cant’s see you!” Nursey hears Ransom shout. Then, he makes a snap judgement call and, against Dex’s protests, unfolds himself and stumbles up into Ransom and Holster’s line of vision. Both of them are wearing Samwell Men’s Hockey tank tops, black sunglasses, and red bandanas. Holster is cradling the sin bin in his arms like a newborn baby, or a wounded animal.

“Uh. Hey, guys.” Nursey smiles; he watches as their eyebrows rise above the line of their sunglasses.

“Hey, Nursey, have you seen Dex around?” Holster asks, walking towards the couch. Nursey does the same, as nonchalantly as he can, in hopes of keeping the pair from getting too close.

“Nah, I think I saw him up at the dorms a little while ago, though. Why?” Holster’s mouth sets to a tight line and he lifts his sunglasses, squints.

“I don’t believe you.” He says, bending a bit to be on Nursey’s level. Honestly, he’s a little intimidated, but the whole situation, how serious they’re taking it, undermines his fear. Ransom butts in.

“William J. Poindexter dropped a pie at 2:32 pm.”

“Two dollars!” Holster interjects.

“It was a peach pie.”

“Two more dollars!” Holster interjects again, slapping the back of his hand against his palm.

“It is now 4:17.” Ransom says and it’s in his captain voice, dear god.

“One additional dollar per hour it takes to pay the fine!”

“William J Poindexter owes the sin bin six dollars. There are four witnesses willing to testify.”

“Oh.” Nursey breathes. “Uh.” He reaches around to his pocket, pulls out his wallet. He pauses, looks at the d-men before him, pulls out a ten dollar bill. He bends over and drops it into the jar in Holster’s arms.

“Hm.” The pair make eye contact. “Allow us to deliberate.” Holster says and they begin discussing in hushed voices.

“We have decided to accept your payment on behalf of William J. Poindexter.” And then they’re gone.

“What the fuck.” Nursey groans dropping back down next to Dex. “I willingly signed up to be on this team, what the fuck.”

“Thanks, Nursey.” Dex laughs and begins to uncurl himself from behind the couch.

“No problem, man. Glad you’re not freaking out about me spending money on you, though.” He says, shoving at Dex’s shoulder. The other boy stretches his neck a few times and groans.

“God I was down there for too long.” Dex looks at Nursey thoughtfully. “But yeah, I dunno, I’ll just make it even. How about a brunch date?” Dex asks.

“How about a normal date?” Nursey fires back before he can think about what he said. Dex’s face goes blank.

“How about a normal date that happens to take place within the time frame typically accepted as 'brunch’?” Dex asks, the corner of his lips curling up.

“Hm,” Nursey pretends to think about it, as if his heart isn’t hammering in his chest so loud that he fears Dex might hear. “I think that would be a sufficient method of payback.” Nursey says with a sharp nod and puts his hand out for Dex to shake. The other boy rolls his eyes, grabs his hand, and pulls him forward before dropping a chaste kiss on his cheek, right below his left cheek bone. Nursey body goes warm, his entire face igniting.

“10 am tomorrow.” Dex says before leaving the room.

anonymous asked:

I know this is a very broad question, but I was wondering if you lovely ladies could assist me. I am very confused about the difference between a facing and a lining. I am very new to sewing and have attempted to do research into this, but everytime I do, I end up going down a rabbit hole and having to google more and more terms that I am confused about when they attempt to describe it. So I was wondering if you could possibly help with with the difference between the two and what they are?

Sure thing!

A facing is a piece of fabric used to finish the edge of a garment or provide stability to the edge of a garment. A lining, on the other hand, is a full inner layer used to finish edges, hide construction elements and interfacings and other notions, and protect the fabric (and human body) from each other. A facing is generally the same fabric as the exterior (”self”) of a garment, for aesthetic and durability. A lining is usually a lightweight, slippery fabric that helps with movement, as it makes it easier to wear. A facing is generally on the inside but may roll or fold to the outside. A lining is on the inside and is not meant to be seen, save for long open draping things like capes and coat tails. 

Think about a lined suit jacket. If you look at the inside of the front edge (from the collar to where it buttons) you’ll see both a lining and a facing, with the facing taking up the edge and the lining taking up the rest of the space. 

I’ve borrowed this picture from Nicking Suits to use as an example:

The grey is the facing; it is the same fabric as the outside of the suit. The skulls are the lining. Why use the same fabric as the outside on the inside instead of just running the lining to the edge? Because the lapel (the part of the suit that folds over to make the collar/point) would have skulls on it if you did that; the facing has to be there because it is visible.

A facing and a lining do not have to be used together. Sometimes facings are installed in lieu of a lining (such as around the armholes and neck hole of a tank top, or in an unlined suit jacket); summer-weight clothing often uses facings to finish edges instead of liner because it is lighter and cooler.

Sometimes facing is called self-lining. This is semi-accurate; you can use the same fabric as the self to line a garment, thus self-lining it, but it is only a facing if it comprises part of a garment and not the entire thing.

- Jenn

Jealousy is a Blue-Eyed Monster

Pairing: CastielXReader

Word Count: 1995

A/N: Smutty smut smut warning, mature readers only please. Mild Dom!Cas. It’s slightly longer, so I’m throwing in a Keep Reading break before the smut, so, you know, keep reading! One-shot written for @roxy-davenport ’s Lexie Carver SPN Writing Challenge. Prompts - #62 “Are you jealous?” and #54 “Did you write me a love letter?”

“And this one is courtesy of a shifter in Portland three years ago, no four,” you lifted your tank top up, revealing a straight line milky scar stretching from your armpit to under your breast, “Strong bastard, turned my knife on me. It was a clean cut - I’d just sharpened the blade.”

Dean leaned closer to examine the scar, pursing his lips in approval, “Nice work, did you stitch it yourself?”

“Super glue and duct tape,” you grinned, “Trick I picked up from Bobby.”

Dean whistled, “Impressive, but I’ve got better.” He jumped up, unzipping his jeans and dropping them down to reveal his boxers. He lifted one leg up on the couch next to you, peeling the boxers up his thigh to reveal a quarter-sized dense purple marbled scar.

“What the hell?” You ran you fingers inquisitively over the scar, “That’s no bullet or stab wound.”

“Arrow, tipped with flaming holy oil,” a proud smirk plastered across his face, “And FYI, don’t ever give Sam a crossbow.”

“Friendly fire! You win!” Laughing, you threw your hands up in the air, conceding defeat.

Dean chuckled, fishing his discarded pants off the floor, “Loser makes the beer run.” He winked at you, grabbing a bottle off the table and taking the last swig.

“What is going on here?” Cas’ gravelly voice boomed the instant he appeared, taking in the sight of you and Dean, stripped down to your skivvies. He glared at Dean angrily, jaw clenched.

You flinched at the harsh tone of his voice, peeking over the couch back to look at him. In the shadows behind him, you could almost make out the outline of his wings spanning threateningly across the room.

“Woah, nothing happened Cas,” Dean raised his arms in surrender and backed several steps away from you, “Innocent fun comparing old scars.”

Both Dean and Cas’ postures relaxed as you looked between them, noting with curiosity that they shared a brief look of unspoken understanding.

“Actually, I think I’ll make the beer run, grab some fresh air,” Dean collected his shirt from the arm of the couch, pointing at you, “You owe me one.”

You lifted your chin and nodded - watching as Dean exited the room, giving Cas a wide berth.

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Hockey Camp - Auston Matthews (Part 7)

Auston Matthews x Reader

Word Count: 2671

Warnings: Some profanity, what else is new

A/N: This is the longest chapter I’ve written yet, but many important things happen, so stick around! Also, just wanted thank you for your enthusiasm for this story, and for all the likes, reblogs, and lovely messages you send my way :) it really helps me stay motivated to keep writing!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6]


It’s been about a week since it happened. Or, nine days, seven hours, and forty-six minutes to be exact. Not like you’re counting or anything.

You’re sitting on the edge of your bed in the cabin, watching Steph apply makeup. It’s Friday, and there’s some social event, movie night-type thing going on in less than an hour with everyone at the camp. It’s optional, however, so you’re definitely skipping out on this one.

Steph, on the other hand, has been freaking out about what she’s going to wear for the past two hours. Apparently Mitch said he would, “see her there”, and so she’s turned into a hectic mess, pulling out every bit of non-athletic clothing she brought with her, trying it on and twirling around in front of the mirror. Eventually, you convinced her that her olive green top and white tennis skirt were perfectly acceptable for a movie night.

She turns to you suddenly. “How does my eyeliner look?”

You glance up briefly. Her wings are perfectly even. “It looks great, Steph. Try not to stress too much.”

“Yeah, but I think my right wing isn’t as thick as my left. I’ve got to make them perfect.” She turns back to the mirror, sticking her tongue out as she drags the liquid liner across her eyelid.

“Steph, Mitch isn’t going to care about your eyeliner.”

“I know, but-”

“But nothing. He definitely already likes you, so he wouldn’t care if you showed up wearing a mismatched pajamas and eyeliner only on one eye.”

“Okay, you’re right” Steph agrees, putting down the liner. “Maybe I should just calm down. It’s just a movie night, not a date.”

“That’s only what I’ve been telling you for the past three hours.”

She rolls her eyes. “So, what are you wearing?”

You glance down at your go-to pj’s: grey sweats and a well-loved Maple Leafs t-shirt. “This?”

“To a movie night?”

“I’m not going.”

“What?” she cries. “Not happening, I am not going alone.”

“Steph,” you say firmly. “I can’t go.”

She narrows her eyes at you. “So what if Auston’s there? You don’t have to talk to him or look at him or anything.”

“Yeah, not like that will be hard or anything considering him and Mitch are attached at the hip,” you point out.

“If you really don’t care about Auston as much as you claim to, and truly are putting hockey first, then this shouldn’t be a problem. But obviously by the way you’ve been hiding from the boy all week, you have still have some feelings for h-”

You stand up. “I’ll go.”

Steph can barely conceal her smile. “I’m assuming you didn’t bring anything cute to wear with you.”

“Are we basing it off your definition of cute or mine?”

“What do you think?” Steph digs around in her pile of discarded clothes and chucks something white and lacy at you. “Put that on.”

Forty minutes later, you’re wearing Steph’s shirt, a white tank top that has a low cut v-neck lined with a tasteful amount of lace, your favourite comfy cardigan, and some jean shorts. Steph had curled the ends of your hair and you’d put on a touch of mascara and brow gel. You felt pretty and confident. So what if Auston was there? That didn’t mean you couldn’t have a good time.

“You ready?” Steph asks, sliding on her sandals. “I texted Alexis and told her we’d meet her and the other girls there.”

“Sounds good,” you say, taking one last glance at yourself in the mirror. Tonight would be fun.

As you and Steph make the short journey from the cabin to the rec hall, where the movie was being screened, you take in the peacefulness of the night. The moon hangs full and bright in the dark sky and crickets chirrup from the bushes surrounding the path you’re walking on. A warm breeze ruffles your hair. Sometimes you forget to stop and appreciate everything that life has to offer. You’re always in such a rush to leap from one goal to the next, that you tend to take the little things for granted - like taking a walk at night with your best friend and teammate, at the most elite hockey camp in the country. All the hours of hard work and dedication have brought you here, and will continue to carry you wherever you decide to go.

You sigh loudly, satisfied. Steph glances over at you quizzically. “What are you smiling about?”

“I’m just so glad we’re here.” You turn to look at her, and you see in her eyes that she understands the significance behind your statement.

“Yeah. Yeah, me too.” She reaches over and squeezes your hand.

You squeeze back before letting go and hooking your pinky with hers. “D’you want to run? For old time’s sake?”

She doesn’t answer but takes off, nearly yanking your arm from its socket. You sprint to keep up with her, the two of you looking like idiots as you make your way towards the hall, laughing and swinging your arms around like little girls.

The hall is already busy, most of the players already milling around, grabbing their seats on the set of wooden bleachers. You and Steph greet Alexis and your teammates before getting in line for snacks. You force yourself to not look around for him, and instead keep your eyes straight forward, trying to decide what you want to eat.

You’re lost in the long list of chocolate bars when someone taps you on the shoulder. You turn around to face Mitch and several other of his teammates you’ve seen around before, but never formally met. For a half second, your heart drops, disappointed that Auston’s not with them. But why do you care so much? You should be happy he isn’t here.

“Oh, hey Mitch,” you exclaim, nudging Steph with your elbow.

She whips around and blushes as Mitch grins widely at her. “Hi Mitch.”

“Hey Steph.” Mitch looks down at his feet, suddenly reserved. “You look um…you look great.”

“Thank-you,” Steph says, tucking a strand of her hair shyly behind her ear.

“So Mitch, are we going to get an introduction, or are you going to stand around all night embarrassing yourself trying to compliment a pretty girl?” one of the blond teammates teases.

Mitch’s face goes red and he scowls at the blond guy. “Shut-up.” Mitch jabs a finger towards him. “Steph, Y/N, this obnoxious Swedish prick is Willy-”

“That’s William to you.”

Mitch ignores him, pointing to the second guy, who’s also blond, but has thicker, slightly wavy hair. “This is Kasperi, or Kappy as we call him.” Kappy is quiet, but gives a little wave hello. 

“And Brownie.” Mitch throws his arm around the redhead standing beside him.

“My actual name’s Connor, for the record.”

“Well, it’s nice to meet you all,” you say, smiling. You turn to Steph, “What do you want to eat? It’s on me.”

She glances over at the concession. “Oh, um, I’ll have-”

“No, Y/N, don’t worry, I got it.” Mitch pulls his wallet out of his shorts’ pocket.

“So, you’re paying for us as well?” Will asks, raising his eyebrows.

Mitch gives him a look. “I think you can answer your own question.”

Will walks up to the concession stand. “Hi there, could I have a large coke and some sour cherry blasters? Oh, and could you throw a twix bar in as well? It’s on the guy behind me with the hat.” He grins and points to Mitch, who is not impressed.

The rest of the guys order their snacks, all the while Mitch scowls at them.

“Are you sure, Mitch? I don’t mind paying for myself,” you whisper.

He smiles and shakes his head. “Thanks for the offer, Y/N, but it’s alright. I’ll get them back for this, trust me.”

Once you all have your food, you make your way over to the bleachers. There aren’t many seats left, so you let Mitch and Steph squeeze into the space for two people on the lower bench, while you, Kasperi, Will, and Connor sit on the bench above them.

“So,” Will says, rubbing his hands together. “Let’s make a bet on how long it will take for Mitch to get the balls to ask Steph out. Thirty bucks on the table. Losers pay ten each.”

“I’m going for two weeks,” Connor says, taking a sip of his drink. “He always delays.”

Kasperi nods in agreement. “Same, but I think not until camp is almost over. Mitch…he overthinks things. Sometimes you just gotta go for it.”

“Okay, solid guesses boys, but for myself I’m gonna go with a week and a half. What do you think Y/N?” Will turns to you.


“Ooh, damn,” Connor exclaims.

You roll your eyes and continue, “Steph will ask him out before he does. Boys can honestly be more indecisive than girls when it comes to dating.”

“True,” Kasperi agrees. “That’s probably why Auston took so long to make a move, right?”

You freeze. Kappy notices and appears slightly perplexed. “I mean, you are Auston’s girl, no?”

“Um, no. I’m not.” You feel like you’re about to cry.

“Oh, I’m sorry. He just talks about this girl, Y/N, all the time, so I just assumed-”

“Kappy, shut-up,” Connor interjects.

“No, it’s okay.”

An awkward silence falls over the four of you.

Will steps in and directs the conversation elsewhere: “So has anyone seen the prequel to this movie? I thought the acting was terrible.”

Immediately, Connor pipes up: “Are you insulting my man Chris Pratt?”


With that, Connor goes off on a tangent about how excellent Pratt is in a number of films. The conversation is relieved of its tense atmosphere and you feel yourself relax again.

You catch Will’s eye and shoot him a grateful smile. He nods and winks.

The movie isn’t great, but it isn’t terrible either. Will’s sarcastic commentary makes up for the film’s lack of a plot line. You find yourself bursting out laughing one too many times, earning you glares from the other players seated around you. By the time the film ends, you’re both giggling at something stupid one of the characters said in a dramatic moment.

“Who even says that? His freaking cat just died!”

“I know. And he says it so seriously too. He’s all like…” You imitate the dumbfounded look on the actor’s face and Will cracks up.

“Whoever the casting director is, they should be fired, honestly. We could do a better job.”

“I really think we could. Screw hockey, Hollywood, here we come!”

You both laugh and then sigh. The hall is clearing out, and out of the corner of your eye, you catch Steph and Mitch walking out of the door, holding hands. You smile to yourself, happy for them.

“So, do you think I could get your number?”

“Huh?” You look up at Will, realizing he’s been talking to you.

“Your number. For casting purposes, of course.” He winks.

“Oh. Um, sure!” You dig your phone out from your back pocket, unlocking it and handing it to him. He does likewise, and you type your name into his phone, putting a little film emoji next to your name.

“There you go.” You hand his phone back. He grins at you, and places your phone in your hand. ‘Willy’ is his contact name, alongside a smiley face sticking its tongue out.

You’re about to say something else to Will when you see him. He’s standing near the exit, glaring furiously at Will’s back. The smile slides off your face.

“Hey, I gotta run. Steph just said she needs me to help her with something - girl emergency.”

He frowns. “I didn’t see any text on your-” Will starts, but you cut him off.

“See you later, bye!”

You speed walk around people standing and chatting in the hall and slip out the exit door, pointedly not looking in Auston’s direction.

You’re walking quickly towards the cabins, hoping you can avoid him, but you hear his footsteps crunching on the gravel as he breaks into a jog.

“Y/N!” he calls.

You ignore him and walk faster.

“Y/N, I know you can hear me!”

You stop and swing around to face him. “What do you want Auston?”

“I just want to talk.” He stands in front of you, his brown eyes so earnest and hopeful that you can’t say no.

“Okay, so talk.”

“Can we go somewhere else…like, a more private place?”


“Is by the beach area okay?”

“Yeah, sure.”

You both walk in silence. You can feel Auston glancing periodically over at you, trying to gauge your expression. However, you purposely keep your face blank of any emotion. You have to be strong.

When you reach the beach area, he stops by one of the benches facing the volleyball court. “D’you wanna sit down?”

You don’t answer but sit down on the bench, keeping your eyes forward and away from him. He does the same.

There’s a long pause. “Listen, Y/N, I just want some answers. You’ve made me very confused, and I’m not sure if it’s something I did or said that upset you, but I-”

“No - Auston, I already told you that you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“But I had to,” he insists, looking at you very seriously. “Why else did you run away from me? I thought everything was going great and then all of a sudden you just went cold. Unless…” he pauses, putting it together in his mind. “Unless you like Willy. That’s it, isn’t it? It’s so obvious, I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before. Oh man, I feel like a total idiot.”

He goes to stand up but you stop him. “Auston, no. I don’t like Willy that way. He’s nice, but I literally met him today.”

“So you don’t like me is what you’re saying.”

“No, Auston, I do. You’re a great guy, it’s just-”

“It’s just better if we’re friends, right? Don’t worry, you don’t have to give me the speech, I already know it by heart.” He starts to stand up again, but you grab his wrist.

“Auston!” you shout, more harshly than you intend. “Would you stop jumping to conclusions for one minute and just let me explain?”

He sits down, very quiet.

You take a deep breath, trying to calm yourself. “Auston…I like you. More than a friend. I think you’re funny and incredibly talented and not to mention crazy hot. I don’t think I’ve ever been more attracted to someone in my life.” You drop his gaze, a sudden wave of shyness coming over you. “I can’t believe I just said that,” you laugh to yourself.

“So what’s the problem then?” Auston asks softly.

“The problem is…the problem is that I can’t be distracted. I’ve given up my entire life to hockey, and I’m finally on the verge of obtaining my goal, the dream I’ve had since I was a little girl. I got into this camp, and I was so excited, because here was my big break. But then you came along, and everything changed. Suddenly, all I could think about was you, not hockey, and that scared me. It fucking terrified me. I thought to myself, what happens if I miss my one shot at my dream because I’m pining after some guy? And if that happens, I know I will regret that for the rest of my life. I will never be able to forgive myself.” You pause to take a breath. Auston’s face is unreadable, his eyes cast downwards as he takes everything in.

“So that’s why I ran away. That’s why this,” you say, gesturing between the two of you, “isn’t going to work.” You stand up, giving him one last apologetic look. “I’m sorry.”

And with that, you turn and walk away, leaving Auston alone on the bench.

[Part 8]

Last Night

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Who knew going to one of Tony’s parties could have a better outcome the following day.

Word Count: 2,443

Warnings: Explicit smut, NSFW, praise kink, slight metal arm kink

A/N: Holy crap guys, this came out better than I expected. This is my first time writing something this explicit to feedback would be great!!

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“It was that good? I always had a feeling he was a boob guy, but wow.” Nat asked needing to know the details.

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I scream, you scream

Emil couldn’t keep his jaw from dropping even if he tried. He’s had many surprising things come his way but this takes the cake. Even more so than the day his family surprised him with a birthday celebration. This is ridiculous in so many ways that his mind is sure something isn’t right.

“I mean,” Alfred rubs the back of his head, shuffling from foot to foot in the awkwardness that is Emil not answering him.

“If you don’t want to that’s okay hah I was just. It’s cool ya know?” Alfred backs away from him with his hands up in a no-big-deal kind of way but it is a big deal and Emil manages to snap his jaw shut just in time to think of answer.

“No!” He says reaching out for Alfred to not walk farther away from him.

“I mean..” He can tell his face is heating up and he crosses his arms indignantly. He huffs out with his head turned to the side to maybe make it so Alfred can’t see it.

“That sounds like fun,” He mumbles. Alfred is up close and personal to him in an instant. He takes Emil’s hands from their crossed position to hold them tight.

“Really?” He asks with stars in his eyes. Emil tenses up as he stares at Alfred who just looks far too excited that Emil actually agreed to go on a date with him.

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Reaction no. 99: When you and your friends run into the classroom to take a good seat before an exam.

Rumors *smut*

Author: obrosey-af

Characters: Dylan x OC

Word count: 2,473

Warnings: smuttity smut

A/N I wrote this to be during the 2015 San Diego Comic Con. That was actually my favorite panel they’ve ever done, everyone just seemed to have so much fun haha this is Dylan with an OC, but it’s not a part of California Love ‘ight? k cool, enjoy(: -Er

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“I’m gonna be sick,” I whined over dramatically, crossing my arms over my chest.

“I’ll hold your hair back if you hold mine for me after,” Tyler winked, slinging his arm around my shoulders.

It’s my second Teen Wolf panel at Comic Con in San Diego since being apart of the show and you’d think I’d be used to it by now. LOL, wrong! I’m actually really nervous about it. I’ve never loved the attention and I get shy or embarrassed very easily. After hearing some of the questions the audience asked my cast members or the commentary Kevin Smith provided last year, I was terrified to say the least about the questions I’d get. I was so new to the show last year; only three or four episodes had aired before Comic Con and I was fairly new in the acting world, so there weren’t really any juicy questions to ask me. I was totally cool with that, by the way. As a cast, we’ve done so many interviews and answered so many questions on the red carpet at priemeres for different things, but they were all Teen Wolf related. I was not excited to hear what frantic, screaming teenage girls had to ask.

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Bad Boys and Golden Girls - Chapter 8

Chapter: 8

Rating: T, for slight violence in future chapters

Genre: Fluff

Pairings: Natsu x Lucy, Zeref x Mavis, tiny bit of others

Summary: Natsu and Zeref Dragneel are Magnolia High’s famous bad boys. But slowly, Lucy Heartfilia and Mavis Vermillion, two to the school’s best students, are falling in love with them

Author’s Note: Great job, Zara. It took you ten whole days to update. Bravo. -_- Anyways, I’m back! This chapter is super short in my opinion, but I hope to get the next one up later tonight. In the meantime, enjoy! 

Mavis wove around students, holding her lunch tray as she made her way to where Lucy and the Dragneel brothers were already seated. The petite girl finally reached the table, and placed her tray down before settling into the seat next to her blonde friend. “Hey,” Lucy greeted, smiling warmly at her.

“Hey, back,” Mavis replied, returning the greeting. She started eating, picking at the leafy salad that lay on her tray. She watched as Lucy and Natsu talked, a smile gracing her lips as they chatted animatedly.

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Prompt 17 with Yoongi??? ^-^

17. A Love Bite

You were washing your face in the bathroom when you first noticed it. A distinct blotchy red spot on your neck where Yoongi had gotten waaay too intense last night.

You call him from the bathroom, trying to contain your laugh. “YOONGI, COME SEE WHAT YOU’VE DONE.”

He hurries in and smiles when you point at the love bite on your neck. “I did a good job.”

You smack his arm. “Yoongi!”

He laughs and shrugs. “I’m not apologizing. I’m pretty sure you liked it anyway.” He snakes an arm around your waist and pulls you close, kissing his way down from your lips to your collarbone. He reaches the spot at the top of your tank top’s neck line and it takes you a minute in between moaning his name and gripping his hair to keep him in place to realize what he’s doing.

“Yoongi!” He pulls away and you see the bright red spot beginning to form. “Damn it, Yoongi,” you laugh.

He smiles again. “I like that one better.”

Invisible Scars

A/N: This is the original idea for the Hotch fic I had yesterday. The decision was split between a super long fic and chapters, but I have it at like 6 chapters as of right now so I think that’s a big much.

Trigger Warning: Violence, Physical abuse

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To The Stage - Denis Shaforostov (smut)

Decided to combine these 3 for obvious reasons, hope you all like it! It’s not 100% like everyone wants it but I tried haha. Also super sorry about the delay ): I’m on holiday, accidently deleted half of it and then we didn’t have electricity (so also no wifi) at our hotel because of thunder (’: not the best circumstances for writing.
Word count: 1989

Looking at the content of your pocket, or lack of it, you grumbled at your friend Amy: “shit, I only have 25 pounds left and I also wanted to get more merch. I’m so pissed I forgot my wallet.” The gloomy look you gave her changed into a pleased one when she handed you a 20 pound bill. ’‘My shift starts in 5 minutes so I really have to get going. I’ll see you at the main stage for Parkway Drive later okay?“ You nodded before she gave you and her boyfriend Thom a quick hug, then running towards the bar she worked at. It was always fun going to Download with them but lately you were drifting apart. You sat down on a bench at the side of the backstage bar, Thom soon following. The silence felt like a noose around your neck so relief was flowing through your body when he suddenly spoke. “Dan Lambton just texted me if I want to come and hang out wih them. I’ll see you later.” Within seconds he had left your sight, leaving you to realize you were all alone again. Well, you knew it didn’t have to be like that. Your friends from Asking Alexandria were here as well and you hadn’t seen them since Danny was still with the band. Thanks to the 21st century’s technology you had been able to keep in touch with them but it wasn’t the same. They didn’t make the same lame jokes on the phone, James didn’t pick you up when you were mad at him and Cameron didn’t watch shitty documentaries on Netflix with you. Your body felt like it was attached to strings, having no control over your body, as if were pulled up from the bench and away from the bar, towards the parked tour busses.

“You want anything to drink?” Denis asked so politely it made you stutter when you asked for a cup of tea. Instead of making fun of your nervous habits like most people in your surroundings did, he tried to make you feel more at ease by keeping the conversation going. “Everyone went to the cantine just ten minutes ago to grab lunch but I’m sure they’ll be back right away when you call them.” The sound of the kettle filled a silence in which you looked around to observe the interior of their tour bus. The lounge was large like you remembered it but packed with things you thought was junk. Empty bottles and food packaging, torn apart magazines, dirty laundry and whatnot were spread all over the floor, some of it even on the black leather corner sofa you were seated on. Denis put down a cup of fresh mint tea on the coffee table next to you, the sound of it making you look up at him. “You want me to call them?” Shaking your head, you said you’d wait for them to finish lunch even though it may take a while. He turned on the TV and out of all the spaces he could’ve picked on the large couch, sat down right next to you. His eyes focused on an old episode of Top Gear, he said: “I heard a lot of stories about you.” The tone of his voice made you even more restless. “The same goes for you.“ Especially Ben had sent you a lot of stories and pictures so he wasn’t exactly a stranger to you, but you thought it would take a while for you to get as comfortable with Denis as you were with Danny. “They told me you were very sweet but very sensitive.” He looked at you briefly. “That you never drink or smoke and you only wear band shirts.“ You felt busted looking down at your Neck Deep shirt. “You’re obsessed with dogs and tattoos,” he continued. “So what did they tell you about me?” Hesitantly, you told him adjectives you have heard the guys say: “perfectionistic, punctual, nice, helpful, humble, funny, honest, brave, I think James even called you hot.” After both laughing at the remark, he focused at the show again. “I really like your new track and you fit so well with the band,” you said after a few minutes. “I’m so glad you do,” he replied with a bright smile. “I thought maybe you wouldn’t accept me to replace Danny since you’re such good friends with him.” A trail of apologies from both sides cleared the air from guilt, finally able to talk about music, life at home and other subjects without holding back.

As you took a sip of your hot drink, you cast a quick glance at him. His ripped black skinny jeans and long tank top showed the toned lines of his body. The tattoos on his chest and arms were forcing you to stare at them, at how amazing they looked on his flawlessly pale skin. Nothing could compare to the bone structure of his face though, with his deep brown eyes making you feel like time was an illusion. A red blush covered your cheeks when he grinned, making you realize he catched you bite your lip at the sight of his body. You tried to hide your face behind a curtain of hair but his fingers brushed it away, revealing the ashamed expression on your face. His hand moved down your neck, pulling you closer as his eyes were still locked with yours. The glaze was broken right before his lips met yours. A wave of lust suddenly took over control, happily allowing him entrance as his tongue ran over the soft skin of your bottom lip. The scent of his Axe Dark Temptation aftershave made your knees feel weak, also an effect of the intensity with which you made out. With both his hands on your hips, you got lifted to be placed on his lap. An interruption of the kiss was caused by your shirt getting pulled over your head, then his. Two pairs of Vans were already on the floor when his arms supported your bottom as he stood up and brought the both of you to the back of the bus. He laid you down on the black sheets of the last top bunk, leaning over you. The feeling of his hot breath between your collar bones resulted in quiet moans which grew louder when the fingers that had slipped beneath the cup of your bra made small circles around your nipple. You somehow managed to unzip his jeans, the bulge in his camouflage printed boxers clearly visable. Shaky fingers ran up and down the fabric, earning a frustrated groan before he sat up to slip off your shorts. His fingers moved to the spot in your sheer red panties, then a big grin on his face as you whimpered at the lost of touch. You sighed and pushed him down on the bedding, no time wasted when you helped him kick off his pants and boxers. Despite the attempts not to, your glaze got lured by his erect member. While your tongue traced the lining of his torso, you were torn between giving him what he wanted and continuing to make him crave it even more. The decision was soon made when he forced eye contact that said it all. With his hand still in your hair, you traced off to his pelvis and placed your lips around the tip of his cock. Desperation was written all over his face as you took your time to move further down his length, finally feeling it poke the back of your throat. Fearful of gagging, you quickly replaced your mouth by your hand but before you could use it, he told you to take off the underwear that covered the last bits of skin. However a bit clumpsy in the cramped space, it didn’t take long for the fabric to come off. An awkward giggle was your first response to the red glow on his temple, telling you to sit on his face. One knee on each side, you had to bend over a little to avoid hitting the roof of the bus. The skillful manner in which he sucked the clithood soon got rid of the uncertainties in your mind. Gasping for air as you felt two fingers making a steady pumping motion, you could only mutter “oh fuck,” before biting your lip again. Your hips grinded at an impatient pace, the sensation of his tongue flicking making you shiver in extacy. Against all expectations, Denis let you reach your orgasm right there, the sound of your swearing as you did only pleasing him. It took you a short while to move back and sit on his chest, getting your breathing more or less under control. You leaned in for a sloppy kiss, failing to avoid dropping the sweat of your forehead on his. It took a short while before you managed to switch places, your tongues still intertwined when you felt him tease your entrance. Groans from the both of you filled the air when his dick stroke your walls and made you feel dizzy from pleasure. Gentle as he was, he waited for an approving smile before his body started moving rhythmically. With each thrust your nails dug into his back a little deeper and his breathing grew a little heavier. The hand he didn’t support himself with massaged your breasts one by one. Your mind went blank, only being able to focus on the thrill racing through your nerves. His mouth groped your neck for the most sensitive spot to suck on, leaving an obvious hickey as you moaned beneath his frame. He moved down to your shoulder, your legs started to quiver but you just bit your lip and tried to minimalize it, not wanting to come before he did. Fortunately, you soon lost the touch at your chest since he needed both hands to prevent himself from collapsing under the weight. You could notice the change in his movement so you semi-whispered his name. Even though barely audible over the moaning, he replied with a quick kiss on your lips and a smile. When his hips started shaking, you got overwhelmed by the climax that made your body tremble. Your chest was still pounding when you felt his hot semen dripping down your thigh after he pulled out. “Fuck, I’m so sorry okay, I’ll fix it,” he apologized, having left the bunk before you could say it was okay.

Your underwear and shirt were already back on when Denis returned with a wet towel, cleaning up the mess he made, trying to hide that he was blushing with shame. In an attempt to assure him it wasn’t a problem, you lifted his chin to place a soft kiss on his lips. A smile was his reply, handing you the denim shorts before he got dressed himself. Your legs still felt lax as you followed him back to the lounge, sudden anxiety in your mind. What if this would make it too awkward to hang out with the band, if your friendships would be ruined by this one action? He sat down on the couch where your issue started, patting the spot next to him as an invite. Together you pretended to watch the tv that now showed a dull movie but you could only think of the risks you’d taken. Your doubt was broken when he said: “I’m sorry if I screwed it all up but please let me take you out for dinner.” His voice sounded insecure, like a freshman on the first day of school. “I’d love to,” you responded enthousiastically. When you had made the decision of a nice restaurant, Denis put on another channel and waited for the guys to come back from lunch. Your heart skipped a beat when you felt his fingers slip through yours, already excited for the date that night.