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Tips on how to fix handwriting? I can't doodle OR write nice for shit, and it makes me feel bad when I see the studyspo posts :(

I see a lot of studyblrs just tell you to “practice”. Practice is important but if you just practice with bad technique there’s no point and it just hurts your hand. 

Handwriting is all about honing your fine motor skills. I learnt a little bit about paediatrics for my optometry course :) Generally if someone has poor handwriting or drawing skills, they didn’t develop fine motor skills correctly during the child developmental period. Sometimes this can show through incorrect pencil grip (source). 

Many people are stuck in a 4 finger type of grasp from failing to properly be taught how to hold a pencil. A lot of people report their hand tiring out after writing a lot for example. I personally have a perfect tripod grasp, and I can write all three 1200 word essays in a 2 hour English exam with minimal strain and no pain. (I could probably write more even). 

So one way you can try improving your handwriting is to change your pencil grip to the tripod grip. The other thing is that holding the pencil you shouldn’t put any force into bending your fingers - a lot of people have that lateral tripod grasp (bottom right) where they press down and the last joint of your fingers bends inwards instead of forming a circle. The last thing to remember is that there shouldn’t be any wrist action when you write - you need to train your fingers to do the fine motor movement - that’s what they evolved to do (instead of your wrist, which can only do crude sweeping motions). 

The other benefits of the tripod grip is that it’s also easy for you to see what’s being written - some people’s hands cover their writing because of the way they hold their pencil, which of course is better for improving handwriting

The other thing about neat handwriting is that it’s all about uniformity - so use paper line guides for kindergarten children so that you can practice making your d, t, l, etc. letters all the same height, and all the g, y, j, etc. with the same downwards loop. Just search up “handwriting paper” - there should be a series of 3 repeating lines. In the sample below (source), you write on the red line, and the two blue lines act as guides for the tops and bottoms of letters. You can scale them to whatever size you want. 

Of course, this method is somewhat like learning an instrument. You might want to play beautiful concertos on piano at first, but you can’t - you need to practice a little bit. But at least practicing using a good technique is better than just bluntly ramming your pen against the page using no technique whatsoever. 

Hope this helps! ^_^

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Law Job Tips

Here’s some stuff I learned to save you some trouble at your summer/post-graduate law jobs. These are mostly catered to litigation.

1. Just fucking call.

You will not find a lot of the court/agency procedural issues you’re asked to research on legal search engines. Meanwhile a lot of them can be very easily be solved just by picking up the phone and asking someone who knows. 

2. Spell check.

Line. By. Fucking. Line. 

3. Ask/look for samples and templates.

Most likely they’ll just give them to you, but if not, ask or find some on the system.

4. Ask for deadlines.

Actually forget this tip because they’ll always say “as soon as possible” and life sucks okay

Willow (Smith) - Female Energy (Freestyle)

Wow, just WOW. This is the most captivating, beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. Willow Smith is 14! Such talent, it’s incredible. She sampled 3 lines from Jhené Aiko’s song “The Pressure.” I’ve listened to this approximately 50 times today? ja… take a listen.

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