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Voltron: Epic Trailer Theme [New Brass]
Voltron: Epic Trailer Theme [New Brass]

thanks so much to everyone who listened to my epic trailer score!!! i can’t believe it’s had like 50K plays that’s ridiculous THANK YOU SO MUCH. ahhhhhHH. so i got some sweet new brass samples and spent some time this evening putting them in alongside adding some extra lines! hope you enjoy this updated version, more music to come 8) im actually working on a part II to this and many other vld projects ;) 

your love was like a maze
of dark, winding pathways,
never had i felt more content
with losing myself.

25 days of panic! at the disco: day 2, lyric you would get tattooed

I know the world’s a broken bone,
But melt your headaches, call it home

(brendon urie’s handwriting; x)

anonymous asked:

Tips on how to fix handwriting? I can't doodle OR write nice for shit, and it makes me feel bad when I see the studyspo posts :(

I see a lot of studyblrs just tell you to “practice”. Practice is important but if you just practice with bad technique there’s no point and it just hurts your hand. 

Handwriting is all about honing your fine motor skills. I learnt a little bit about paediatrics for my optometry course :) Generally if someone has poor handwriting or drawing skills, they didn’t develop fine motor skills correctly during the child developmental period. Sometimes this can show through incorrect pencil grip (source). 

Many people are stuck in a 4 finger type of grasp from failing to properly be taught how to hold a pencil. A lot of people report their hand tiring out after writing a lot for example. I personally have a perfect tripod grasp, and I could probably write something like five to six 1200 word essays in 2 hours with minimal strain and no pain. (I could probably write more, but I don’t think I’ve ever had to write more than five essays in a row like with English lol). 

So one way you can try improving your handwriting is to change your pencil grip to the tripod grip. The other thing is that holding the pencil you shouldn’t put any force into bending your fingers - a lot of people have that lateral tripod grasp (bottom right) where they press down and the last joint of your fingers bends inwards instead of forming a circle. The last thing to remember is that there shouldn’t be any wrist action when you write - you need to train your fingers to do the fine motor movement - that’s what they evolved to do (instead of your wrist, which can only do crude sweeping motions). 

The other benefits of the tripod grip is that it’s also easy for you to see what’s being written - some people’s hands cover their writing because of the way they hold their pencil, which of course is better for improving handwriting

The other thing about neat handwriting is that it’s all about uniformity - so use paper line guides for kindergarten children so that you can practice making your d, t, l, etc. letters all the same height, and all the g, y, j, etc. with the same downwards loop. Just search up “handwriting paper” - there should be a series of 3 repeating lines. In the sample below (source), you write on the red line, and the two blue lines act as guides for the tops and bottoms of letters. You can scale them to whatever size you want. 

Of course, this method is somewhat like learning an instrument. You might want to play beautiful concertos on piano at first, but you can’t - you need to practice a little bit. But at least practicing using a good technique is better than just bluntly ramming your pen against the page using no technique whatsoever. 

Hope this helps! ^_^

Heya, guys, gals, and non binary pals! My name is Rachel “Cartoon” Han, the director/producer/writer/lead animator for the Eddsworld Fan-Eddisode “Dead Ringer”!

“Dead Ringer” is a Fan Animation dedicated to the Red Army, which is a fictional army best known in cartoon series Eddsworld created by Edd Gould in 2003 (y'all probably know this already)

This Project has over 30 volunteers helping. They are all amazing and talented!

But we have a problem. We can’t get our eddisodes done without our talented and amazing voice actors! So that’s why I’m asking you to help us!

You don’t have to be an experienced or professional voice actor to participate with this project, so don’t worry! To join our team, you must message me on my tumblr so you can send me the voice example!

We currently need voice actors for Tord, Pat, Edd, Matt, and Tom!

To audition, you must have a decent microphone that can record good audio! We can’t make our characters sound like a speaker, right? Also try your best to sound like the original casts!

Here are the sample lines for the each character;

Tord :

1. [Any kind of Tord noise]

2. [Angry Shouting] Do you know what this could start?

3. We’re here to hide, not to frolic around like kids in a candy store.


1. [Various Screaming in Terror]

2. Sir, not to be rude or anything but I really don’t think now is the time to be the mayor of ‘I told you so town.

3. We… are in a plane.


1. Ugh, is this pepsi? / Is this diet cola?

2. I thought we were friends!

3. Do you think tord is acting a little… suspicious?


1. I don’t have any spare change!

2. [High pitched screaming]

3. Not the face!


1. Wait, what was that? Hey!

2. Holy Pug on a pogo stick!

3. Ugh, this is so lame. / What are our neighbores want?

If you are chosen to be part of our team, you must have an active Discord account so we can add you into the group chat and stay in contact!

Thank you to everyone who gets in touch, shares this post or shows support for this project and we’ll keep you guys updated as we move forward :D

Lady Mertyns turned to Arianne. “If you should see this Lord Connington, you tell him that I knew his mother, and she would be ashamed.”

This is, perhaps surprisingly, one of my favorite lines from the TWOW sample chapters, and after talking with @poorquentyn today I think I can put into words why.

On the one hand, it’s just a damn funny line. Mary Mertyns, despite only being in one chapter in ASOIAF and having only a handful of lines, is an immediately memorable character, fully in keeping with the snarky, confident widows whom GRRM has delighted writing into the story (from Barbrey Dustin to the Widow of the Waterfront to the Queen of Thorns herself). “Spry and cheerful” despite her captivity, mildly commenting that her sons and grandsons will “hang this lot of thieves” when they return from the war, Lady Mary has nothing but calm disdain for her captors and the men they serve, and that disdain feeds directly into the quote above. In Lady Mary’s eyes, Jon Connington still seems to be Lord Armond’s young son, a boy getting into childish mischief on Cape Wrath; you could almost imagine her wishing she could drag him by the ear back to Griffin’s Roost and censure him in front of Armond (presumably while JonCon stared at his feet and scuffed his shoe into the ground).

But what I love about this line is that it’s not just an amusing quip in the midst of “Arianne II”; it actually fits perfectly with the themes of that very chapter. Throughout “Arianne II”, characters are trying - and often failing - to take things seriously. For Elia, this adventure with her legitimate cousin is just that, another game, with no real consequence; twice Arianne has to remind her that her exploring in the caves, her kissing the maester’s servant, and her general attitude toward the venture are inappropriate for the seriousness of her business. But Arianne too is guilty of not taking things seriously enough, no matter how often Ser Daemon tries to convince her of the danger present. She understands that she has to approach Young Aegon with far more caution than she did her abortive plot to crown Myrcella, but she little understands that Daenerys, far from being a “young girl” and her (dead) brother’s would-be consort, is a power in her own right, who will bring Essosi hosts and fearsome dragons to what Arianne conceives as a Westerosi affair. Mary Mertyns fits exactly this theme: instead of seeing Young Aegon and the Golden Company for what it is - a real attempt to seize the Iron Throne and undo the history of Robert’s Rebellion - Lady Mertyns treats it as a local conflict, something her menfolk will take care of once they get back from the war.

Indeed, even the reader might fall into the same trap - thinking that this is a purely political chapter in a purely political story. Yet with a key setpiece of this chapter being a cave of the children of the forest, GRRM reminds the reader that for all the politics of Young Aegon’s new conquest, there is a far more terrible threat looming, not political but supernatural, not against one faction but against all humanity. Mary Mertyns’ comment, far from being a mere throwaway joke in a politically tense chapter, is another reminder of that failure to understand true gravity, which will doubtless ramp up even more in TWOW before the final showdown of ADOS. 

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

Please delete all your posts that including Voltage’s CGs (esp SLBP CGs)

If you love SLBP, please DO NOT POST THE CGS anywhere.

If you love this app, pay a little to support the company if you can.

If you love SLBP, please do not post the clips about routes, epilogues, special stories, voiced lines (not voiced samples), etc.

Thank you

Drag Your Writing, It’s Motivational

A few hours ago I posted a video called Line Editing 101, where I did line edits on three samples from the first draft of my first novel, which I wrote seven years ago. Several people have noted in the comments how hard I was on myself and how brutal I was with my own writing. 

And you know what the odd thing is? Being that hard on myself helped me. Not just helped me realize old mistakes, but helped my confidence. Taking a 130 word sample and making 30 corrections on it felt kind of great. Writing rude, blunt comments felt great. Ripping apart my own work was awesome.

Why? Because if I can find the errors, that means I’ve grown enough since writing the book to notice them. Even when I line edit a story I wrote a month ago, I love the feeling of covering each page in ink. It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes, all writers make mistakes. Improvement shows in your ability to find them.  

It takes time to become a good line editor. A lot of practice is needed, and it helps to line edit other people’s work before you edit your own. Line editing for other people is what allowed me to become a good line editor for myself, because it’s easier to know what you’re looking for in writing that doesn’t come from your own brain. 

So, here’s my challenge for you: go find some old writing. Then, edit it. Ruthlessly. Drag your own writing. Even write up a critique for it detailing everything that sucks. Be rude if you have to, you’re only talking to yourself. 

Then, sit back and marvel at how strong a writer you are. Because look at all those corrections you just made! The quality of the original work is meaningless. Each edit you make just shows how much you’ve grown. 

hey friends

I’m suuuuper broke right now. Not like, donations-post broke but definitely struggling-student broke, so I figured I’d remind you all of some services you can get from me and alsoooo propose a new one!

  • essay editing: I have a B.A. Hons (with distinction) in English, I had the highest-graded honors thesis my department ever awarded, I’m a legal research assistant, I’m a regular contributor to Qahwa magazine, and I used to be the gender studies editor of a scholarly publication. What does that mean? I’m pretty good at the writing and grammar thing. For $10/500 words I’ll gladly edit any paper, article, or admissions essay you care to send me. I’m comfortable editing just about anything for grammar, structure, and substance at the high school level. At the undergrad level I’ll edit any social sciences for substance (I’m great with English, History, Sociology, and Political Science), and I’ll edit anything else for structure/grammar/clarity. I’m also happy to critique creative writing.
  • poetry and art commissions: Those are things I do! Info about art commissions is here. As far as poetry commissions go, the going rate is roughly $1/line and samples can be found here.
  • merch: there’s not a lot of it and it’s mostly hockey related right now but I’m going to be converting some of my other artwork into merchandise in the near future so keep an eye out here!

You can message me or email me if you have any questions or if you’re interested in anything! My email address is elsabrout32@gmail.com

Danganronpa: Survivor - Voice Auditions

Voice Acting Auditions are finally open starting today, March 3rd and will be open until May 1st!

All of the Guidelines and Available Characters/Their Sample Voice Lines are Here in the Google Doc.

Please Submit the link(s) to your audition reels either to this Blog or to this email:

If you have any questions, let us know!

Again, Here is the Google Doc with all the information you need, just Click The Link!

We look forward to hearing all of you <3

Costco Gothic

*headdesk* lol, guess where I spent the afternoon?

  • You arrive during prime shopping time. The parking lot is full, and competition is fierce. You follow a couple with a shopping cart to the outer reaches of the parking lot and lose the spot to another. You follow another, and another, and another. 
  • You walk inside. Everything has been rearranged. You no longer know where your desired items are. You walk around, looking for them. Somehow, your shopping cart fills with items anyway.
  • You search for the sale item you saw in your Costco handbook. It is not among the similar items. You search and search. The Item does not exist.
  • It is Christmas, and Costco is filled with holiday chocolates. You buy a few to gift to colleagues. You receive the same items in return. You cannot possibly eat all these chocolates.
  • It is summer. Giant tents loom above you as you shop. Their empty, gaping maws look hungry. 
  • You are lost among endless giant packaging. You turn the corner, and your view fills with even more endless giant packaging. It never ends.
  • You line up for a sample and snag one of the last ones. It tastes almost, but not quite, like food. You buy it anyway.
  • The prices at their food stand stay the same no matter what. Even as society is collapsing around our ears, the prices will. stay. the. same.
  • You line up to leave the store. The line moves, but you never get closer to the exit. 

copperbadge, you like these, right?

Hard To Handle - Danny x Reader - Chapter 5

Series Name: Hard to Handle

Chapter Name: Hanging by a Moment

Pairing: Danny x Reader

Word Count: 2076

Parts:  1 | 2 | 2.5 | 3 | 3.5 | 4 | (5) | 6 | 6.5 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

A/N: What do you mean Sunday isn’t the end of the week? pshhh. 

Read on AO3.

You held a dress in front of your body and posed dramatically.

“Too churchy.” CJ said, shutting down yet another one of your potential outfits. He snatched the dress from you and tossed it onto the ever-growing reject pile with a flourish. You reached for another outfit and posed, trying your best to look “fierce” but succeeding at looking very stressed out and kind of uncomfortable.

“Too raunchy. Girl, are we fucking on the first date?” CJ snatched the outfit from your hands and held it up in front of himself. He mimed cat claws at the mirror and growled, “Actually, I might have to borrow this from you.” You rolled your eyes and took the outfit back, throwing it onto the pile with the rest of your wardrobe.

“Your shoes cost more than that entire outfit, you can get your own.” CJ made some noise of protest, but re-focused on you when you held up a shirt and skirt combo.

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Hailey Slater - Founder of the Slater Random Legacy

Marital Status: Single parent

Number of Children: Four

Primary Career: Criminal (Evil)

Generational Goal: Fulfilled

Misc. Fun: Random Traits

Coming soon.

desintegrer-deactivated20170225  asked:

Hi! How are you? :) I hope things are well. I'm writing about two college students who've just met, where their relationship will develop into a romantic one but I'm kinda struggling. My question comes in two parts: a) how do i make their relationship development realistic? what needs to happen before you think its okay for them to "get together"? b) how do I know if two people are compatible for one another? i know there is no "right" way, but y'know. thank you so much for your time! x :)

Hi :) I’m doing well, thanks!

A solid progression for your romances is important! I just finished reading a poorly-paced romance novel, and it really didn’t feel realistic/authentic.. by the end, I was skimming all the gooey romantic scenes between them because I simply didn’t care about the relationship.

How to pace your romances:

I wrote an article about it a while back, which you can read here.

If you’ve ever played a video game like Harvest Moon, Dragon Age, Mass Effect or something where you can CHOOSE your character’s romantic interest, that’s the kind of pacing I like to go by.

You have to have the MC interact with your Love Interest over time, whether it’s chatting with them at the campsite or giving them gifts. When you first meet them, the conversation is perhaps a little guarded or polite or maybe even rude, because they don’t know you well enough to open up and really show themselves (Here’s another article about how in dialogue, your characters don’t always say what they mean).

Originally posted by harvestmoonmadness

On a storyline level, as your characters might make plot-related choices that the Love Interest approves or disapproves of, the relationship grows stronger or weaker accordingly. 

When you hit a certain relationship level with them, there’s a special moment. It could be a heart-to-heart conversation moment, or something more active like a chance to jump in and save the Love Interest from a bully or take the Love Interest’s side in an argument. It might even be a major argument as this special moment, and how they deal with the aftermath makes their relationship stronger or destroys it forever. In any case, after that point, the relationship has changed. Something has shifted between them.

Of course, a relationship can have several of these special moments before they realize their emotions. Or maybe one realizes their feelings after the 2nd special moment, and the other is still oblivious.

You can plot it just like your storyline, with ups and downs:

Of course, there are a billion ways to change it up. This sample line I created has more of a neutral start, but if your characters really get off on the wrong foot when they first meet, the line might plummet negative right at the beginning.

As far as when they officially “get together,” that varies on the relationship. Feeling attraction and admitting it can be two very different things! And a fun tension point to play with.

Now on to your second question… 

Is the couple compatible?

Compatibility changes so much. What one person wants in a relationship will be wildly different than someone else. Compatibility isn’t just black and white between different personality traits, and it’s not something you can add up mathematically to figure out.

I do like couples who are different enough from each other than they “complete” the other, in a way. A more outgoing person might encourage a shy and timid person to go on adventures, meet new people, experience new things. At the same time, that timid person can teach the outgoing person how to enjoy quiet moments and relax. How to sit and observe, how to enjoy little things instead of always shooting for the big picture.

Of course, in this case, both of them need to be somewhat willing to try new things. They also need to be respectful of boundaries and the fact that an introverted person simply won’t like spending all day on the go, and an extroverted person might go stir crazy if they have to spend a few straight days indoors. It varies a lot by the characters’ other traits!

That’s a personal taste thing, though. Some couples might prefer that their partner is really similar to them. It makes the relationship stress-free, argument-free, safe, comfortable. Others might see this as boring, but really, people just want different things out of a relationship. Just because YOU see a certain relationship as weird/boring/uncomfortable, doesn’t mean someone else agrees. (And I’m NOT talking about abusive relationships, here. That’s an entirely different conversation!)

What matters is that both people in the relationship genuinely like what they “get” out of it, whether that’s love/acceptance, comfort, companionship, adventure, conversation.. whatever it might be.

Hope all this is helpful to you! It’s given me some ideas of what to write future posts about… I may go more into depth about different types of romantic plot lines. :)

Happy writing!