a lil self esteem boost

yemi-n  asked:

Can I request a MM headcanon on how RFA + V and Saeran would help an MC with perpetual self-doubt and loss of hope for the future?

Yoosung: He suffers from this all the time, especially after Rika’s death, so he knows how she’s feeling. He makes sure to let her know that no matter what happens in her future, she’ll always have a place in his heart. He constantly brings up marriage and potential children so that she knows that she has a future to look forward to with him. And bc he’s an angel, he doesn’t let a day go by without cheering her up or doing whatever it takes to get a smile upon her face.

Zen: “Babe, baabeee. You don’t gotta worry about that.” He knows she has the potential, and has no problem in helping her find it within herself. Whenever she’s brooding, he turns off the TV or whatever he’s doing, and goes out for a jog with her so she can get the negative thoughts off her mind. Absolutely loves complimenting her, and doesn’t mind getting horribly cheesy just to make her laugh.

Jaehee: She almost gets offended and goes on a hardcore speech about how amazing she is and how she can’t believe that she’s not capable of anything?? The cinnabun gets flustered after she realizes what she just said, but goes on and tells MC that it took her years to find her passion, and she’ll be right by her side while she finds hers.

Jumin: Ayyy you wanna be my assistant lmao He hugs her tightly and strokes her hair out of her face whenever she’s depressed, giving her tea, massages, or anything else to soothe the pain. He’s very persistent in letting her know that she has so many years of her life left to figure out what to do with it, and she shouldn’t hurt herself by trying to rush into it all at once. 

Saeyoung: You know how people put self-esteem boosting lil notes on their fridge?? He’ll legit order a blimp just to spell out, “You got this!” with the clouds. Whenever she’s feeling down, he’ll just hold her and whisper encouraging things into her ear, and tell her that now that he’s Saeyoung again, his future is forever hers.

V: It hurts his heart to see her being so self-depreciating, and he makes it his mission to help her find herself since that’s exactly what she did for him. He’ll take her around the world with him, and visit every area in every city, just so that she knows that it’s a huge world, and somewhere in that huge world is a place for her, and wherever she is, that’s where he’ll be.

Saeran: He’s so bad with words, and even worse at trying to make those important to him feel better. How does one make someone feel better about feeling like they have no place in the world when he feels the exact same way? After clearing his throat awkwardly about fifty times, he takes her hand and strokes it with his thumb, telling her that they’ll find their calling together.


Lotta anova doodles. Some new major changes in there…Hector´s timeline appearance to be precise. Also yeah makeup is a big thing in Jauria, it´s just not Bree´s thing to decorate herself or make an effort to look remotely any better than a messy haircut and exactly a change of workout clothes for her everyday life. Karel´s not big on letting his lil sis not try and get a weird self esteem boost by making her realize just how similar she´s to her mom, out of all her sisters. And Pint just remains a really stressed out character who´s being constantly put in eventful situations by his baron