a lil bit late


Monday morning planning the week in my lil sunshiny office. Got a bit carried away and ended up getting late for class 🙉 I’d much rather stay home working on my bujo ✍🏼

Happy 1st day of Spring!! 🌷🌾


4.1.17 // It’s a lil bit late but I finally finished the first two pages of my 2017 spread! ✌🏻 (The resulting hand cramp was intense though.)

Lil bit late since I didn’t realise it was your birthday yesterday (?) until about an hour ago xD Anyways (late) HAPPY BIRTHDAY @nekophy! I hope you had a lovely birthday! 


Lil’ bit late, but better late than never!
Gonna be great, it’s Delphox December!

Bringing it back from previous years, I wanna get my Delphox drawan’ on!
Prolly’ not gonna be everyday, but my doodles will include a lot more Delphox in them during the course of this month! Woo! The release of Sun and Moon have been really helpin’ out this mood too, so yeah!

So toss me some random ideas in the ask box, I might need some ideas to take up for when I do muh Delphox dewdlez. Some of the ones I like I will make ‘em nice and colored and stuffs. Wow!

My Phox Crescera’s eyebrows impel you to do so!

tl;dr I want more Delphox art. You! Draw some Delphox/give me suggestions for Delphox pictures, and I might draw ‘em out one of these days!