a light to follow

I feel my phone vibrate in my back pocket. “Come over”, the text from you reads. So just like every other Saturday night, I hop into my car and follow the dim street lights to your side of town. As I listen to the radio play, our song comes on. The rain starts to drop down, first as a drizzle, then a downpour. I find myself lost in my thoughts, and lost in the music. I wonder how long this will last. How long until you’ll stop sending those two words, “come over”. How long until those words don’t just disappear, but turn into something even better. I smile as I pull into your driveway, just thinking, waiting. Waiting for “come over” to turn into “come home.
—  home is in your arms // 3.29.17

This video of Nintendo showing off Luigi’s mansion for the first time is so pure like you have:

  • Luigi being the lead title for a console and everyone getting so pumped and excited
  • Everyone laughing w/ joy once they see Luigi for the first time
  • People getting hyped for 2000′s graphics (ooh mirrors! light reflections and Luigi’s cold breath!)
  • E.Gadd.jpeg followed by the music turning ominous lmao?? 
  • That laughter growing ever bigger when everyone sees him use the poltergust for the first time and shrieking ‘Ghostbusters! It’s Ghostbusters!!’
  • Myamoto ending the presentation by saying that Luigi was backstage and was calling out for him so he should probs get going 

perahn  asked:

Shakarian: things you said when you were drunk

getting this out before I fall through a Jaal-shaped hole I mean what

A stray beam from a star, a sun, falls into the cabin and highlights the dust particles drifting aimlessly around. Shepard shakes her head as if to shrug off the light and one of her hairs floats to the ground. Garrus’ eyes follow, as in trance. Her hairs… he’s begun finding them everywhere once he started paying attention. Yet Shepard insists that it’s not like fur and it’s not shedding.

The hair curls up on the floor. So incredibly thin. It should be barely visible, logic would dictate. But today, in this random beam of light, the red hair shines like a tiny beacon.

“I love your hair.”

Shepard laughs, her shoulders moving against his.

“Why do you always say that when you’re drunk?”

“It’s beautiful.”

She laughs again, slightly tinged with disbelief and then she swiftly moves and before he can say more, she’s in his lap, her chest pressing into his carapace and his hands are full of her ass as he nuzzles against her neck, her hair, her lips.

Whenever he wakes, she’s usually already up and gone. An entire galaxy demanding for her attention. All that’s left is her hair on her pillow. A reminder that she’d been there next to him, more than a dream or a memory. Not like on Palaven where he couldn’t stop wondering whether she still was… She still was. She is.

Garrus closes his eyes and deepens the kiss, presses her closer and carries her to the bed.

It doesn’t get easier the more he has to watch her disappear. Down into the depths of freezing water, linked to the fucking Geth consensus… She just has to keep doing things like that.

Weighing millions against billions… This is what the war has done to them.

Yet her life… He knows. He’s not able to think of her like that. To reduce her to a number. Not her. He needs her to make it through all the fucking dangers she throws herself into.

He dares to ask… A foolish hope, naive even. But she has to… he needs her to…

“Come back alive.”

She once caught him trying to pick up one of her hairs with his gloved talons from the seat of the Kodiak.

“Don’t have enough reach for that one, Big Guy?”

“My awesome sniper precision doesn’t seem to be of help much here, surprisingly.”

She’d just snorted a laugh and not even asked why he bothered with picking up her dead protein filaments. He was grateful.

So… he holds her close and presses his face against hers.

Because he needs her here, he’s so grateful she’s alive and that the strands she loses is all that’s lost its life and… he needs her… and…

He laughs and says “I love your hair.”

‘Princesses, do not enter court with stars in their eyes’ Cambria said sternly, her two daughters followed closely behind the imposing woman towards the court to meet with their father. Helvetica blinked a little confused looking to her cross mother and snickering sister.

‘What?’ Helvetica muttered confused, Calibri just gestured to her own eye and made a gesture with her hands - of a heart.

‘Hela, I didn’t think you enjoyed Gaster’s lessons that much.’ Calibri taunted to her sister, whom broke out in a cold sweat - trying desperately to make her eye lights turn back into normal.

‘Oh gods, no wonder why he was looking at me so oddly!’ Helvetica exclaimed in horror, trying to force her eye lights back to normal. But it didn’t follow her whims - Calibri was trying to hold back her snorts of laughter.

‘Shut up! He happens to be very well versed in poetry!’ Helvetica snapped at her sister, ‘And he is very good at reciting love poems with that rich, intelligent voice of his…’

Helvetica felt her magic flair up even more; she tried desperately to stop it again.

Calibri broke out in perils of laughter - Helvetica flushed, crossing her arms, knowing full well what to say to make the other shut up.

‘How about the stars in your eyes when you snuck off to watch the half naked soldiers train - in particular the General Arial….’

Calibri flushed at that, but before she could retort back - only for them to be both grabbed by the muttering no-nonsense queen and mother, dragging them though the hall. It didn’t stop the girls from lightly slapping the other in their indignation, like pair of kittens play fighting.

They are sisters after all.

 Heh, thought it would be fun drawing Cambria, Helvetica and Calibri from my ‘coming of age’ underswap story - though they are all younger in this pic, in the story they are in their late 20′s probably, Cambria would be around 25 -27? while Calibri and Helvetica would be 14/15. Gaster would help the girls with their lessons, though Helvetica is more interested in gaining knowledge while Calibri would be the more active of the two, the troublemaker that ropes her sister in taking risks.

Coming of Age