a life worth eating

Hey Nozaki…. you know how my ideal man has always been Kashima? 

Well… I just realised… my ideal woman might also… be… Kashima. 

(To quote a friend of mine on twitter: 


the song of achilles meme

       i recently finished this book and it was just…so…beautiful, so i wanted to make a lil meme thing cause their were a lot of really great quotes & actions tbh. i thought it’d be nice to share ‘em and write ‘em out. change the pronouns to your liking ~

p.s. i kinda went over board so i put my favs above the read more and the rest ( more generic types of sent. memes ) under the read more. enjoy !

  • “ i will never leave ____. it will be this , always, for as long as _____ will let me. “
  • “ i would like to know how you are going to stop the losers from declaring war on you
  • “ will you help me put the rest of my armor on ? “
  • “ we are finished here. “
  • “ do not leave. “
  • “ did you ever think of having children ? “
  • “ ___ is half my soul, as the poets say. “
  • “ I could recognize ____ by touch alone, by smell; I would know ____ blind, by the way ____ breaths came and ___ feet struck the earth. I would know ____ in death “
  • “ coward. “
  • “ ____ is a weapon. a killer. do not forget it. “
  • “ you can use a spear as a walking stick, but that will not change it’s nature. “
  • “ i do not plan to live after ____ is gone. “
  • philtatos. “ ( means ‘most beloved’ ) 
  • “ i could kill you still. “
  • “ i am sorry for your loss. “
  • “ name one hero who was happy. “
  • “ they never let you be famous and happy. “
  • “ let me bring you food and drink. “
  • “ i cannot bear to see you grieving. “
  • “ there are no bargains between lions and men. i will kill you and eat you raw. “
  • “ is it worth your life ? “
  • “ i hope that ____ kills you. “
  • “ get out. get out ! “
  • “ _____ is dead. “
  • “ i am buried here. “
  • “ we die so easily. “
  • “ you will not speak another word or you will be sorry. “
  • “ i wish he had left you to all die. “
  • “ if you have to go, i will go with you. “
  • “ i am made of memories. “
  • “ listen to me. “
  • “ i will not live much longer. “
  • “ you are a better man than i. “
  • “ i do not need to prove myself to you. “
  • “ are you calling me a liar ?
  • “ i do not care. i will be dead soon. “

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you draw ??? akAKAGE ???? ? ?? ? BLESS YOUR SOUL ! ! ! ! ! !!! more ?? plea se? ? ? ?

pls take this from me


sooooo i kinda failed on staying away from the sims and downloaded it again but that’s totally fine :)))))))))))

posts will be starting soon, and i’ll be starting a new legacy since all my old saves r gone - but i won’t tell u what the legacy is hahahahhashduahdofuhs

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I had such an amazing weekend, and all of it was possible only because I have chosen recovery. I cooked mushroom pasta in tons of butter, ate salt and vinegar chips on the beach, cuddled my best friend, danced around my kitchen, baked cinnamon rolls, laughed until my belly hurt….I used to not be able to imagine a life without my ED. Now I can’t imagine a life worth living with an eating disorder in it.

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I'm currently vegetarian, going to be vegan after some time. I was wondering if I can eat sea food (fish, shrimp, crab). I have read that they don't feel pain, but I've also read that they do. What is the truth about the nervous systems of sea animals?

Hi there!

Sea animals, mollusks, crustaceans, worms etc show amazing cognitive capacities including memory, individual recognition, the anticipation of the future, cooperation, altruism, emotion and complex ongoing responses to pain. Please do not exclude these beautiful beings from your moral circle based only on the fact that they are different from us. Just as any other animal they deserve respect and we do not need to eat them to survive.

Another reason to avoid eating marine life (they’re not seafood) is that the ocean will be empty by 2048 if people don’t stop eating fish. The fishing industry is the biggest killer of animals in the world, more than 1 trillion fish die each year. Please ask yourself if your fish consumption is worth the total extinction of all marine life. Please stop eating fish and alert everyone you know what will happen if we don’t!

Why I Dislike Touken

First off, congratulations Touken shippers! Seeing your OTP become cannon must’ve been fantastic. Now, why I dislike Touken is because it seems so….forced and unrealistic. We didn’t get to see their relationship over the course of the story (especially in the RE: half of things) we didn’t get to see them grow close and learn about each other, and hell, Touka barely seemed to give a shit when Kaneki “died”. She simply moved on with her life. Also, there are a few characters that obviously care more for Kaneki, such as Hide, who was always accepting, and caring, who knew Kaneki better than anyone else and wholeheartedly loved him. Hide, who would sacrifice himself for Kaneki in a heartbeat, giving himself up for his most precious person. There was Tsukiyama, who fell into a state of heavy depression after Kaneki “died”, becoming frail and refusing to eat, because life without Kaneki just wasn’t worth it. Tsukiyama, who worked relentlessly towards getting Kaneki back, and when he did, he dedicated his like to him. Kaneki was his world. With Kaneki and Touka, there was barely any expressed emotions, unlike in the cases of Tsukiyama and Hide. There was just so little progression, in the relationship. It didn’t even seem like they cared for each other in that type of way until Ishida made it cannon. It just seemed like the type of “were on the same team” bond. I just feel that their relationship is too underdeveloped to become cannon. If there were substance, yes I would be perfectly fine, but with the immense lack of key aspects in a relationship, I’m disappointed that Ishida made this cannon.

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I don't mean this in any rude way (but because I have no knowledge about what being on life support implies go for the patient) but how does being on life support include the possibility of dying without dignity?

Not rude at all. This is a VERY good question, because most people honestly don’t know. And I’m incredibly happy that you asked!

I’m going to explain in the most straightforward way possible, the way I tell patients and their families. 

So, being on life support is not gentle, nor is it comfortable. Being on life support requires machines becoming part of your life. 

Let’s focus on intubation. Your breathes are controlled by a machine, via a hard, plastic tube that must be placed down your throat. Plastic isn’t meant to stick in your throat. So it causes inflammation, irritation of your throat. People who get actually get extubated will tell you, it is VERY uncomfortable, even with the sedation and pain medication provided. Intubation also carries it’s own risks. It puts you at risk of pneumonia, lung damage, and if placed for too long, your muscles weaken because you are not exercising them to help take your own breathes. 

Okay, let’s now talk about the connection of dying with dignity.

I first want to say there is nothing inherently wrong with life support technology. For those who have diseases or trauma that have a high chance of recovery, the employment of this technology is only temporary. They help make recovery possible. The frequent poking of needles to insert catheters, the constant suctioning of sputum from one’s mouth, are worth it because the good (recovering and going back to your normal or near-normal self) outweigh the bad that the technology causes. The only time these life supports’ good do not outweigh the bad is when a patient does not have a good chance at recovering a meaningful life after all of these interventions are through.

Imagine yourself in your loved one’s position. You are already very ill and weak, that is why you are in an ICU. So you already feel poorly. Being on a ventilator also means being sedated, because it IS so uncomfortable. So imagine yourself, in and out of a state of wooziness, with this hard plastic tube in your mouth, with at minimum your wrists restrained in soft foam cuffs, to protect yourself from you; in case you flip out and try to yank the tube out of your mouth (this is very common, because the tube is uncomfortable!) You can’t eat, not regular food. Nutrition is usually deliver as a liquid through a tube place down your mouth into your stomach, or through a drip into your veins. You must urinate through either a Foley catheter or in a diaper. 

When these machines and all of these complications and invasions, when this becomes your life and becomes a permanent fixture of the patient’s survival, this is where patient input and patient’s family input is incredibly important. All of these interventions: sedation, intubation, restraints, foley catheters, nutrition through tube feeds, just being in a hospital with other people who are ill, carries risk. 

We need you to help tell us what you think is a meaningful, fulfilling life. If life isn’t worth living if you can’t eat solid food, I want to know. If life isn’t worth living if you can never take a walk with your own two feet again, I want to know. I NEED to know. Back to my original post #202 regarding the angry cousin: he was mad at me because he thought I was telling them to decide if she lived or died. That is not what I’m asking. I’m asking about WHAT LIFE MEANS TO THE PATIENT. Because if you can still find meaning in life, bed-bound, sedated, intubated, restrained for your protection, etc. I NEED TO KNOW. If you don’t think so, tell me. I don’t want to cause harm, I don’t want to keep you from living or dying on your terms. Tell me what harm means to you, or what harm means to your loved one. Tell me what they think it means to live, what they think a good death is. If you love your loved one, you also don’t want them to be in prolonged pain that has minimal results. You want to respect their decision, honor their wishes.

So that is why it’s not the technology that subverts dying with dignity. It’s the notion that prolonging physiologic signs we call life is the equivalent of living.

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"Carnists" wtf. You do know orcas themselves fall under that term, right?

Orcas are carnivores, not carnists. Carnists believe their taste buds are worth more than the life of an animal. Carnivores kill and eat flesh because they have to to survive. Carnists eat flesh out of habit, even when there are other options available. Carnists are far removed from the actual killing and evisceration of the animals they eat, buying their meat in a sanitized package so they don’t have to think about slaughterhouses and industrial farms.

See the difference?

life is worth living so we can tell jokes with our friends & eat foods we’ve never tried before & hug and feel another person’s warmth & watch movies good and bad & interact with the millions of things that share our reality & meet and learn about the animals that inhabit our planet earth & be inspired by art & make connections you never thought you could & do what we’re scared to because feeling scared and nervous is okay & finding out who we are & breathe & go to sleep knowing that the world you will wake up to is one that brings you joy enough to stay spinning on it as long as you can hold on 

This has nothing to do with bmth but this movie, to the bone opened my eyes about eating disorder. This was so hard to watch. I have always hated my body and always wanted to be really small and skinny (i already am) this movie made me realise that i will lose everything i ever wanted to do in my life if i stop eating. I can have a boyfriend someday… i can get more tattoos… see bmth life… and that is all worth living

@fredandgeorgenet​ creation event: weasleys’ wizard wheezes and @dracosdefensenet​ first event
(small side note: this is a sequel to this)

Draco notices about two months into living with Fred and George that Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes never has an off-season: even when the summer subsides and Hogwarts students have long since anointed the halls with their presence, they still have a steady stream of customers each day, from bored Ministry workers to parents and children just too young for Hogwarts yet, and of course, Bill Weasley himself. He can hear the chaos through the gently creaking floorboards during the day: the living room is over the till, and he can hear the clamour when he’s reading.

He decides to take a venture down one day, bored of his aimless studying (he could, he supposes, try and enter into a wizarding university, but the nearest one is in Slovenia and he’s not sure he’s ready for life on his own); it’s lunchtime, and the shop is heaving, George wolfing down Muggle snack bars behind the counter as Fred serves, flanked on his right by one of the shop assistants. It’s sheer and complete chaos, the floor flooded with customers all poking and prodding at everything on the shelves.

“Hey, Draco,” George says through an inelegant spitting mouthful. “What brings you down ‘ere?” (It’s more of an incomprehensible mess, but Draco gets the gist.)

“I just came to look. It seems busy.”

“We’re a successful business enterprise; we’re always busy.” George swallows, finally, and clears his throat. “We’re thinking of expanding, actually. The unit next door’s empty, so if we hired some extra staff, it might be easier.”

“You’d have no shortage of applicants,” Draco notes, tilting his head at the throngs of people; George snorts.

“Nah,” he says, “we wouldn’t.”

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