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Cleansing Crystals Methods  

1.  Pass them through incense smoke. 

An easy way to rid any clinging energy from your crystals is to pass them through a stream of incense smoke. Not only does this method also cleanse your space, but you can re-charge your crystals for a new purpose at the same time. We recommend using frankincense for basic cleansing, benzoin resin for bringing calm, and dragon’s blood for increasing energy vibrations.

2.  Dip them in charged water.

Place them in a bowl of water charged under the full moon, or submerge them in a naturally running stream to send negative energies away. In the winter, crystals can be buried in the snow for a few hours with the same effect. Water is a powerful energy-force and giver of life, well suited to cleansing people and tools alike. Make note that this method is not suitable for porous or metallic crystals. 

3.  Cover them in sea salt. 

Take a container made of a natural substance (like glass, wood, ceramic) and fill the bottom with sea salt. Add in your crystals, then cover with more salt. Wait at least one day, then take them out and they’re ready to use. Salt is one of the greatest energy purifiers out there, and it’s also easy and cheap to come by. Sea salt is preferred because the most natural and absorptive type of salt.

4.  Let them bathe in the moonlight.

The simplest (and safest) way to cleanse your beauties is to let them soak up the purifying energy of the moonlight. Lay them out on the night of the full moon where the soft, purifying glow of the moonlight can illuminate them, then bring them inside come morning. Placing them on a window sill with moonlight is a suitable alternative if you cannot place them outdoors. 


How do y’all decide on colors for him anyway??

  • Reyna: No one calls Reyna Avila Ramirez Arellano a liar.
  • Leo: No one's got the time!

Have we ever discussed the fact that 2001 - 2012 Disney channel’s shows all had strong female leads, with the exception of Zack and Cody but they had a black man in charge, a smart poor white blonde girl and a dumb rich Asian so still beautifully diverse.

Disney was 100% female empowerment and showed diversity. Who did they employ to create the shit they have today?

Game On!

[Astrology Edition]

Aries: Outlast- this is some SCARY VIOLENT BLOODY shit that requires serious balls to play. It is a hell of an adrenaline rush, and requires you to conquer your fears to make it through. 

Taurus: Skyrim- a game that lets you hoard shit, has lots of pretty nature, so you can chill and wander aimlessly. 

Gemini: Infamous: Second Son- fun, bright, colorful shit with a playful protagonist and unique premise. You’ll fucking love it. 

Cancer: Firewatch- Emotional, deep, but calming and mysterious. It’s an instant classic indie game that makes you feel nostalgic and lonely in the best possible way.

Leo: Mass Effect- It’s all about you, and you’re Shepard, hero of the galaxy. This series is dramatic, allows the player to self-insert, and allows you to romance all kinds of sexy aliens. 

Virgo: Heavy Rain- This is a game designed for those who pay attention to details and are keen on doing the right thing. It is some nerve-wracking shit, but well-suited for analytical types.

Libra: Life is strange- Decisions, decisions. They’re the bane of a libra’s existence, and the central focus of this game. You can change your mind as much as you want, but you’ll have regrets no matter what. 

Scorpio: Until dawn- Horror, the supernatural, and some seriously twisted psychological shit. It’s dark, suspenseful, and has layers and layers of weird clues to connect.

Sagittarius: Uncharted 4- Fun, adventure, and the quest for the ultimate treasure. Combine that with a good-humored protagonist with preternatural good luck, along with a penchant for philosophy, and you have the game-version of Sagittarius. 

Capricorn: The Evil Within- This game is dark, serious, gory, extremely, plot-heavy; but not very emotional. It is also not fun, which is good, because caps don’t want fun; they want a challenge.

Aquarius:The Stanley Parable- An indie game whose sole purpose is to criticize the narrative style of every other game out there. Nuff said. 

Pisces: Beyond: Two Souls- This is a game about sacrifice, about a girl who was a victim and an outcast, but retained her sense of empathy and compassion through it all. Lots of pretty graphics and emotions. You’ll love it. 

** Certain video games give off a vibe similar to the energy of certain signs, but you can take this as a rec list; check moon for what you’ll enjoy and mars for what you’ll probably be good at. 

sometimes i think I’ll never be happy until i own a well-tailored victorian era suit


Reign Meme: [1/8] costumes 

Monsieur Le Dauphin François II de France in “Pilot”


“Autistic brain as the extreme Homo sapiens brain” hypothesis by me, an autistic biology undergrad
(oh boy will this get long and controversial)

To help you understand this hypothesis, first let me break down some evolutionary concepts. Let’s talk about speciation.

New species appears when two things happen: there is a new trait that gives a population better chances of passing on their genes through procreation in a certain environment (apomorphy: a new, derived trait), and there is reproductive isolation from individuals without that trait. New traits appear through random mutations and most of them are harmful. Useful traits get more and more common with every generation until a population separates and can no longer create fertile offspring with those most closely related to them. Wham, speciation.

This is hard to understand if you aren’t into biology so example. There’s a fish which has more muscle in its fins than all other fishes. That trait is new, it’s extreme and rare. However it allows the fish to move better in shallow water, where it has less competition and more food. It produces a lot of offspring, some of which has the same trait. They continue to live in shallow water and they meet other fish that also live in shallow water. Repeat that many many times and you get a new species of Sarcopterigii (muscle fins! technically that’s us). Apomorohy: more muscle in fins; new environment: shallow water; reproductive isolation: geographical.

Now back to humans. Apomorphies of the genus Homo were things like bipedal locomotion, use of tools, language, and so on, and our new territory was the savanna (as opposed to forests). However we still aren’t a sure what defines our species, Homo sapiens, and where to draw the line between hominids and us. My anthropology professor always laughs when talking about Homo species like habilis or erectus because he doesn’t know whether he should call them “males and females” or “men and women”. We just don’t know what is our defining trait(s).

But we do know that there was something about sapiens that allowed us to outlive all other Homo species, including Neanderthals and Denisovans, and it is obvious that we have a difference. Well I am here to present a thrilling new hypothesis: we will realize what that trait is if we study autistic people, because the autistic brain is the extreme Homo sapiens brain. Just like the fins of fish continued to develop to help it navigate land, human brain continued to develop to adapt to our lifestyle, and that adaptation is autism.

Looking at some common autism traits we notice that a lot of them are neurotypical behaviors taken to extreme. Stimming is extreme fidgeting, special interests are extreme hobbies/interests, routines are extreme schedules/planning habits, sensory processing disorder is extreme sensory perception. Hence the intense world hypothesis.

Looking further, we notice that there are other characteristically human traits that autism takes to extreme: like noticing patterns, memory and imagination. Even further, if we look at developing baby brains, we see that if a child’s prefrontal cortex is growing faster and is bigger than typical, that child is more likely to be later diagnosed as autistic. And prefrontal cortex is the most characteristically human part of our brain!

So what I see is that a lot of autistic traits are Homo sapiens traits taken to the next level, and it might come from increased prefrontal cortex growth as well as more local connections between neurons. So arguably a lot of things that were Homo sapiens apomorphies just went further to better suit our new society with all the tool making, hunting, gathering, agriculture, art, science and religion.

Now I hear you saying “but Mattie, humans are very social and autism is a social disability!”. Well yeah, you’re right: social interaction problems are major autism criteria. However I’d like to talk about why that is the case. Autistics struggle with social protocol, which is supposedly a set of unspoken rules of existing in human society that relies on ability to read certain cues like facial expressions, body language, tone of voice and so on. And yes the majority of autistics suck at that.

But you know what? So do allistics! I know it sounds counterintuitive but social protocol is shit. It is constantly changing, imprecise, highly dependent on time and culture and impossible to define. It’s just sloppy. Allistics think they are masters of reading social cues but in reality they are making a ton of guesses. Research shows that cognitive empathy (subconscious guesses based on all that body language and stuff) is worse than conscious analyses, meaning that I, an autistic person who has to use conscious analyses to understand others, is technically better at it than an allistic person who uses cognitive empathy.

Allistics get away with this because they are the majority. When everyone’s bad at something together, there’s no way of telling you’re bad at it. They are flexible and go with the flow and they don’t see how illogical and sloppy social protocol is. But still, miscommunication is the most common comedy trope and there’s always so much misunderstanding in society, which means it is not perfect.

Autistics however seek structure, predictability and order. Sloppy and illogical isn’t good enough for us. Our brains just can’t find patterns in that mess of social cues. So if we were the majority, we would not get away with hints and subsequent miscommunication. I think we would develop a much more structured and well-defined social protocol which would leave much less room for misinterpretation and ensure better communication. Maybe we would have a system of gestures and hand signs to communicate different things, maybe we would use technology, maybe our language would change to accommodate it. Either way, if we were the majority, there would be no social disability.

Now you may ask, well if autistics are extreme humans, why haven’t we replaced allistics as a phenotype more suited for life in our environment? Well, civilization happened and natural selection went to hell. Now we don’t change to fit the environment, we change the environment to fit us. And because the autistic neurotype was still that extreme, rare, “weird fish with muscly fins” population, we got screwed over. Allistics - the majority - built a world which was great for them and incredibly bad for us. It became especially prominent from the rise of industrial revolution, and even more prominent in the last hundred years, which is when it was described for the first time and is now diagnosed in like 1-2% of the population.

I don’t think autism has a chance to become more common now, because due to ableism and other reasons we are less likely to procreate. Autistics aren’t gonna create a new species either because we have no reproductive isolation now. The only thing we can do is to change the environment through education and accommodation to make it better for us, and maybe autism will stop being a disability some day.

However I think it is important to study autism, and not with a purpose of preventing us from being born, but because it may reveal the truth about the nature of humanity and show us what might have happened to our species if it wasn’t for civilization. In my opinion it is just fascinating and it might finally prove why we need accommodation for autism and how to do it the best. Until then, these are just random thoughts of a nerd obsessed with biology.

If you have any thoughts about this, please let me know.

Something that really bothers me is people acting like we’re somehow bad cat owners for keeping indoor cats and ‘not letting them go out!’. Most UK cats are outdoor cats, and so we get bad looks and accusations of being ‘cruel’ for keeping our two boys indoors. 

But there’s just so much wrong with that mentality.

1. They’re not the usual wild-at-heart moggies. They’re ragdolls, a breed that is extremely well-suited to indoor life. Whilst I am a huge supporter of adopting and have many issues with breeding pedigree animals, we got our two specifically because ragdolls make good therapy/emotional support animals and my husband grew up with one. We went out of our way and found the most responsible breeder we could. But the point is, these cats are bred to mostly be indoor pets.

2. We hope to own our own home in the next few years rather than rent, and our first 'home improvement’ priority is going to be to build a large outdoor run attached to the house, so they have the freedom to enjoy the sun and fresh air.

3. Even for those with moggies, you’ll find that most cats can live content lives indoors providing they have adequate stimulation. Our boys have a large cat tree, many toys (including interactive ones they can use when we’re not home), and until recently also had a water fountain and a 'cat grass’ pad to graze from. They have a lot of things to keep them entertained.

4. Bonus of having them indoors; they don’t hunt or hurt any local wildlife, which in the UK is being decimated by cats. Instead Marius brings us offerings of potatoes, christmas baubles and freezer bags from around the house.

5. Truth be told, I don’t trust people; there’s a lot of dodgy people in this town, and I don’t want to run the risk of someone stealing or hurting our babies. I also don’t want them getting run over by cars. The honest truth is just that indoor cats = less chance of injuries that may require veterinary treatment.

6. We always have cats in the house to cuddle! Win-win!

No one can say we’re not responsible cat owners. Our boys are neutered, vaccinated, regularly get health checks, are microchipped and have collars with name/ID tags AND a 'I am microchipped!’ tag just in case…even though they never go outside.

I’m never going to tell someone they’re wrong for having an outdoor cat. Not ever. I’m sure there are some cats that simply cannot be kept indoors - it’s not in their nature. But likewise, I’d like people to stop acting like having indoor cats is some kind of crime against catkind. Trust me when I say our boys are spoiled and happy beasts. 

(On top of all that, Enjolras has an anxiety disorder and literally doesn’t like being outside. Sometimes we let them into the high-walled courtyard to stretch their legs, but Enjolras dislikes the outdoors and rarely ventures out of the house even when allowed.)

The Mysterious Miranda (Chapter 8)

pairing: lin manuel miranda x reader, daveed diggs x reader

summary: Your cousin Anthony drags you along to one of his neighbor’s infamous parties with his girlfriend, keeping you from a night in. Mr. Miranda, the host, is a mysterious man, but that isn’t the part that gets to you.

warnings: cheating, mild swearing (wow that’s a first), angst. A N G S T. i literally cannot prepare you for how much angst is in this chapter.

words: 3462

a/n: Alright, so this took a painfully long time to get finished, but i really believe you’ll think it was worth the wait. There’s just so much going on in this part, so it was pretty difficult to keep organized. As always, thanks a million to @secretschuylersister for checking it out for me and @digging-daveed for making the story happen.

If you want to be tagged in the next parts, just shoot me an ask!

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Apartment 504 - Chapter 2

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hello! so, i actually changed the name of this story to Apartment 504 because Room 504 reminded me too much of a hotel room so sorry for any confusion! pls don’t beat me up i’m a pacifist and will definitely not win ok ok enjoy 

“Mark, get the fuck up.  It’s past noon.” Mark grunted tiredly, pulling the comforter over his head and curling his knees up to his chest.  He felt a dip form on his bed as Jinyoung sat down, tugging gently at Mark’s blanket in an attempt to pry it off.  “You said we would go shopping today. I need to get some books and a couple other things before the school year starts.  You too.” Mark grunted again, but narrowly complied, running a hand through his hair and stretching out his sore limbs.

“Give me twenty minutes,” he grumbled, and proceed to kick Jinyoung off his bed (literally). Jinyoung scowled and rubbed at his side (the site of impact) but ultimately left Mark to his own devices to get ready for the day.

Mark’s morning routine was a little thrown off due to the setup of the new apartment—he had to remember where he placed everything from the day before when he was unpacking his boxes.  He walked out of his bedroom, blue toothbrush wedged between his pink lips as his eyes skimmed over the nearly empty pantry for something to eat on their way out. His shoulders slumped when he found nothing convenient and he huffed through his nose, turning to walk back into his bedroom.  He stopped when he heard a soft knock at the front door.  Mark turned to face Jinyoung who was sitting on the sofa in front of the television, reading a book he’d bought only a couple days ago. Jinyoung shrugged, his expression saying, Don’t ask me, I’m not expecting anyone.  Mark gestured to the door and then to his shirtless body, his eyes saying, I can’t get it right now. You get it. Jinyoung settled back into the couch with his book, blatantly ignoring Mark’s pleas to open the door so he wouldn’t have to.

Mark groaned in annoyance as he hurried to the sink to spit out his toothpaste before opening the door.  He wasn’t sure who or what he was expecting, considering neither him nor his roommate were expecting any visitors, but what he definitely wasn’t expecting was to see no one at all.  He glimpsed down either side of the hallway and still saw no one.  As he was about to close the door, he noticed something at his feet. A six pack of beer sat alone in front of the doorway, a small letter taped to the top of one of the bottles.  Mark knelt down to eye the package, picking up the piece of paper in the process and proceeding to open it.



I wanted to apologize for last night. I’m not sure what all I said or did, but hopefully it wasn’t as bad as I’m imagining it to be. Accept this gift as a token of my appreciation for your help and also as an apology.

Your neighbor,

Jackson x


Mark blinked a couple times, rereading the letter in his hand at least twice before glancing first at the beer and then to his neighbors’ closed door.  He considered knocking on their door and explaining to Jackson that it really was no problem and that this really was not necessary, but then Mark remembered that he hated confrontation, so he opted for a quick shrug, grabbing the bottles, and shutting the door with his foot.

“Who was it?” Jinyoung asked curiously, eyeing the six-pack of alcohol in Mark’s hand.

“One of the neighbors,” Mark replied, opening the fridge, and squeezing the case on the top shelf. “I guess he felt bad about last night, so he left some beer at our door.”

Jinyoung sat up on the couch, putting his book face down on the table.  “Oh yeah. What was that all about?  One second you were getting ready for bed and the next you were sitting next to some stranger puking his guts out in our bathroom.”

Mark sighed and rubbed his temples.  “He knocked on our door last night, thinking it was his, and when I told him it wasn’t, he went off to look for his own, and then he puked in the hallway outside, and basically he was just a downright mess and would probably have wound up hurt or dead if I didn’t help him.”

“Wow, Mark. Look at you being an outstanding citizen,” Jinyoung teased.

Mark rolled his eyes. “Whatever,” he mumbled and headed back to his room before Jinyoung could say any more.

“We need food,” Mark announced, adjusting the bags in his right hand, so he could scroll through his phone with the other.  “I made a list in the car of what all we need.”

“Okay, we can stop by the store on our way home,” Jinyoung promised, turning to Mark.  “Did you eat anything yet today?” Mark shook his head and read the time at the top of his phone screen before sliding the phone back into his pocket. 3:24. Jinyoung paused mid-step, catching Mark’s arm with his free hand and spinning him so the two were face to face. “Mark! What the hell? It’s late afternoon and you haven’t eaten anything?” Mark raised his hands defensively, eyes wide. Jinyoung sighed, letting go of his arm and taking a step forward.  “Come on, let’s get something to eat,” he replied gruffly, his motherly nature kicking in at his friend’s confession.

Mark’s limbs still ached from moving such heavy boxes and furniture the day before, but walking around and shopping with Jinyoung helped distract him from the soreness while also preventing his extremities from becoming too stiff.

He and Jinyoung had spent the day picking up textbooks and excess school supplies for their classes that started in under a month.  They knew if they didn’t buy what they needed now stores would run out of supplies by time they looked for it then. Luckily, each boy had managed to find most of the things they had gone out for, each doting their fair share of bags on their arms as they walked around the outdoor shopping plaza. The pair approached a Smoothie King that had just opened a couple weeks ago and Mark stopped.

“I’m actually not too hungry right now. I was earlier, but the feeling has passed. Why don’t we just grab smoothies for a snack instead?  I can eat when we get home from the grocery store.” Jinyoung hesitated initially, his eyes meeting Mark’s, but Mark assured him that he was fine, and that he would eat when they got home, and that Jinyoung didn’t have to worry about him because he was taking good care of himself now, and also, Jinyoungie, you looooove smoothies, I know you do.  I’ll even treat you.

And so, with a long sigh and a dismissive wave of his hand, Jinyoung nodded. “Fine,” he breathed, and Mark smiled, tugging on Jinyoung’s arm and pulling the two of them into the smoothie chain.  The line was long and Mark feared that Jinyoung would be bothered by the long wait, but he actually didn’t seem to mind. The two roommates chatted in line about their upcoming schoolyear—their classes, professors, which buildings their classes would be in, etcetera. Jinyoung eagerly told Mark about all of the books he and his classmates would be reading this year, according to the class syllabi online.

Jinyoung was a literature major who was also minoring in creative writing.  Although Jinyoung exceled in both areas, Mark had never been much of a recreational reader or writer, and therefore posed a little judgmental towards his roommate and his chosen major.

Mark was a philosophy major, minoring in psychology.  Both subjects suited him well.  All his life, Mark had been a thinker, an absorber of the world around him. He frequently asked himself questions about life, nature, and the world’s existence. It was never guaranteed that he would ever find answers to his questions, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t try his damn hardest.

A part of Mark also loved the human brain; he enjoyed learning about its many different functions, how things worked inside the head, how those things made people act in different ways, and why those people did certain things. Mark just liked… understanding things. He liked finding answers to questions.

Mark snapped out of the trance he didn’t realize he was in when the cashier called out, “Next!” Jinyoung stepped aside and gestured for Mark to go first. Mark scooted forward, placing his fingertips on the ceramic countertop as he looked up momentarily to meet the eyes of the man behind the counter—brown eyes… dark brown eyes… familiar dark brown eyes. Mark swallowed hard as he took in the sight of the man before him—blonde hair, rosy lips, absolutely breathtaking brown eyes; it was Jackson.

“What can I get for you?” he asked, eyes wide in attention.

Oh god. It’s him. This is so awkward. Does he recognize me from last night? If he recognizes me, why isn’t he saying anything? Mark’s thoughts ran circles around his head and he felt his throat dry as he stood there, eyes trained on the blonde’s face. Jinyoung kicked the back of his thigh, startling him, and Mark’s head swiveled, eyes narrowing at his friend.

“You’re the one who wanted smoothies, so order,” Jinyoung nudged.

Mark turned back around, hand on the back of his neck out of nervousness, and avoiding Jackson’s gaze by looking at the menu on the wall behind him. Mark cleared his throat. “Okay, um… c-could I get a… medium pineapple surf?”

Jackson nodded and plugged his order into the computer, eyes falling to Jinyoung next. Jinyoung recited his order, and then the two moved off to the side to wait for their smoothies to be made.

“Are you okay?” Jinyoung asked quietly, leaning into Mark’s side. “You looked nervous up there.”

“That’s Jackson,” Mark said, eyes unmoving from the blonde man in the process of making their smoothies.  He looked different in this setting compared to last night’s.  His hair and clothes were more put together now as opposed to his drunk, disheveled appearance at the apartment.  Despite his drunken state the previous night, Jackson looked surprisingly well rested today, like his hangover was either non-existent or he was damn good at hiding it.

Jinyoung’s eyes narrowed. “Who the hell is Jackson?”

“Jackson, our neighbor,” Mark explained.  He watched as Jackson mixed one of their smoothies in the blender, his high-pitched laugh resonating around the room as he and a coworker joked around.  “He was the one who came to our apartment drunk last night.”

Jinyoung nodded in understanding. “Wow. I didn’t recognize him, not without his face shoved in a toilet,” he mused and Mark rolled his eyes. “But what’s wrong with seeing him here? It doesn’t look like he even remembers you.”

Mark’s gaze remained trained on Jackson, his strong hands topping off the two cups with lids. His mind drifted back to the brief conversation between the two of them last night.

“You’re cute,” Jackson said.

“Oh, um, what?”

“I said I think you’re cute.” Jackson repeated.

“One pineapple surf and one angel food cake,” Jackson called out, holding a smoothie in each hand. Mark reluctantly stepped up to the register, eyes cast down as he handed over his card, Jackson quickly swiping it through the computer and handing it back to him with a soft smile.

“Have a great day,” he said, and Mark nodded.  He spun around on his heels and grabbed his roommate by the arm, pulling the two of them out the double doors.  Jinyoung scowled and sent Mark dirty looks, but didn’t press the issue as they walked back to their car.

In case Mark hadn’t said it enough already, he really hated confrontation.

Jackson turned off his car and pulled the keys out of the ignition, grabbing his jacket and Smoothie King hat before hopping out of his car.  His eyes drooped in exhaustion and he stretched his stiff muscles from a long day of work. In retrospect, he wished he hadn’t drank so much the night before (not just because he stumbled up to his new neighbors’ apartment in a drunken haze, but also because his hangover was a right bitch today).  The welcome home party that his friends threw for him was a total rager—loud music, lots of people, and tons of alcohol. Usually, Jackson knew his limit, knew when enough was enough, and when too much was too much, but after having not seen his friends and roommates for practically the whole summer, he really just wanted to have fun, even if that meant getting completely fucked up.

He woke up this morning to a pillow being tossed at his face.

“Get up,” Jaebum ordered.  “You have work in two hours. Go clean yourself up.” Jackson grudgingly threw his arm over his face, squinting one eye to look at his roommate who was sitting grouchily on the table beside his bed.

“If I have to work in two hours…” Jackson paused, coughing to clear the scratchiness out of his throat.  He blinked a few times, feeling the pressure of what would soon be an intense headache forming in his temples, and started again.  “If I have to work in two hours, why are you waking me up now?” he asked.

“Because you need time to clean yourself up before going in. You smell like you bathed in alcohol last night.” Jackson chuckled under his breath and Jaebum shoved his shoulder. “It’s not funny, you were an absolute royal pain in the ass last night. Do you even remember what happened?”

Jackson hummed sleepily and grinned.  “I remember having a hell of a good time.”

Jaebum scoffed and stood up to walk towards the bedroom door. “Yeah, you did.  But you also stumbled up to the new neighbors’ apartment and passed out drunk on their bathroom floor.”

Jackson sat up to look at Jaebum, but immediately regretted his decision when he felt all the blood in his body rush to his head.  He leaned back slightly and massaged his forehead to relieve the building pressure.  “Wait. Back up.  What?”

Jaebum sighed and inhaled a deep breath before starting. “You passed out in our neighbors’ apartment when you were trying to come home after the party last night.  One of them took care of you until I got there to pick you up. You owe him… big time.

Jackson rubbed his eyes and fell back into his pillows. “Fuck, I’m sorry,” he said. “Seriously.  I didn’t know it was that bad.  Thank you for coming to get me.”

“I should have left you there,” Jaebum grumbled and opened the door to leave.

“Aw, Jaebummie, you don’t mean that,” Jackson smiled, sending his friend his most irresistible puppy dog face.  “You still love me, right?”

“Whatever,” Jaebum muttered and exited the room, closing the door behind him.  Jackson was just beginning to get up when Jaebum entered the room again.  “By the way, his name is Mark,” he added.

“What?” Jackson replied.

“The guy who helped you last night. His name is Mark.”

Jackson yawned as he locked his car, waiting for the beep to sound before making his way inside the apartment building. He entered the lobby and headed in the direction of the elevators.  As he rounded the corner, he noticed one of the elevator doors closing.

“Hey, hold that please!” he shouted, sprinting towards the door.  An arm protruded from inside the elevator to prevent the door from closing and Jackson slipped inside as it slid open again. He took a moment to catch his breath as the doors began closing again. “Thank you,” he said, reaching over to press the button for the fifth floor, but realizing it was already lit up.

He turned and smiled to the person on his right and tilted his head when he recognized the face. “Hey! I’ve seen you. You came into Smoothie King today. Pineapple surf, yeah?” The brunette avoided eye contact, and he wondered if maybe he was wrong and he wasn’t the person he had seen today.

“Uh, yeah. That was me,” he said, a forced smile making its way onto his lips as he adjusted the Shake Shack carryout bag in his hands.

“Cool!” Jackson said in an attempt to break the ice.  “What apartment do you live in?  It looks like we both live on the same floor.”

But before he could answer, the elevator dinged and came to a stop. Both men looked up to the screen above the double doors that currently displayed the number five. Jackson stepped out of the elevator behind the man and the two turned left down the long hallway. He felt a bit like a stalker as he followed the man down the hallway to get to their respective apartments. Jackson watched as the man stopped at the door next to his own.

“Oh, you’re one of the new neighbors!” Jackson smiled, leaning his shoulder into the apartment door. The man fiddled with his keys and nodded his head. “What’s your name?” he continued in the hopes that he could start getting to know his new neighbor.  “I’m Jackson.  I live here with my two roommates.”

“I know,” the man said quietly, nervously scratching the back of his neck and turning to face Jackson. “We had a brief encounter last night.  I’m Mark.”



Jackson gulped. How had he forgotten about that already? I mean sure, it was late at night and he felt like he had been awake for a solid 72 hours straight, but still.

Jackson’s eyes fell to the floor. “Yeah, um, about that…”

“Don’t worry about it,” Mark assured him.  “It’s not a big deal.  You just looked like you could use some help last night so…”

“Did you get my peace offering today?” Jackson inquired. Mark nodded and a twinge of relief washed over him.  “I still feel horrible about it all.  My roommate filled me in on everything this morning.  Is there anything else I can do to make it up to you?” Mark shook his head and Jackson fought off a smile.  “You don’t talk much do you?”

Mark blushed and lightly shrugged his shoulders.  “No, not really. I’m not much of a people-person,” he said and switched his weight from one foot to the other, a nervous tick, Jackson thought.

“Hm, well maybe things will change with me as your neighbor,” Jackson beamed and Mark chuckled a bit under his breath.

“Maybe,” he replied and reached for his door.

“Wait.” Jackson extended a hand in Mark’s direction to stop him.  “Did I do anything last night?” Mark squinted his eyes in confusion and Jackson searched for more words. “Like, did I say anything to you or do anything to you last that made you, I don’t know, like, uncomfortable?  You seem… uncomfortable around me.”

“Um, no, not that I can remember,” he said, his teeth pulling lightly at his lip.

“Something tells me you’re lying,” Jackson pushed.  His eyes widened as a thought came to mind.  “I didn’t kiss your or anything, did I?”

“No!” Mark assured him waving his hands in front of him for emphasis.  “No, definitely not.  You just… never mind.”

“No, tell me!” Jackson pleaded, his stomach turning at the thought of him doing/saying something unforgivable to someone he had never met.  “What did I do?  Whatever it is, I’ll make it up to you somehow.”

“I-it’s nothing bad,” Mark said, cheeks flushing a light pink.  “You just… you told me I was cute,” he said quickly. “It’s all I think about when I see you now, that’s all.” Jackson closed his eyes and breathed sigh of relief. This…this he could work with.

“I’m sorry,” Jackson said, a small grin tugging at the corner of his lip.  “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. But if it means anything, I know I meant it, even in my drunken state.”  Jackson thought it impossible for Mark’s face to grow any redder, so he decided to cut things short for the sake of his dignity.  “Anyway, it was nice meeting you, Mark.  I hope to see you around.” He offered a gentle smile to his new neighbor and swiftly entered his apartment, thinking to himself, how did I get this lucky to have such an adorable next-door neighbor?

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Morphology by flight (I know, it’s been done):

Earth: Earth dragons are generally the largest, with rough hides and strong stocky bodies. They often have oversized front limbs and claws to allow them to dig and build more easily, and may have smaller wings in order to squeeze into their tunnels. Getting into a fight with an Earth dragon is not a good idea: they’re physically very powerful and have incredible stamina.  In some parts of Earth’s territory there are dragons who have spent so many generations underground that they’ve lost much of their vision and skin pigment, rendering them nearly albino. These dragons navigate by touch or by sensing vibrations.

Nature: Nature dragons rarely grow to any great size, as being too large in the jungle makes it difficult to hunt or flee. Despite their smaller stature Nature dragons are plenty dangerous, as many have developed poison glands and some even exude toxins directly from their skin. It’s very common to see Nature dragons born in camouflaged patterns and colors that allow them to blend into the forest, though many are born in bright warning colors. Most Nature dragons have well-developed claws suited for arboreal life as well as large eyes that function equally well at night. Very magically attuned dragons will sometimes grow plants directly from their mossy hides.

Ice: Ice dragons can be a little startling to those who have never seen them before. Their bodies are compact and bulky in order to conserve heat, and even non-tundras have been known to develop full or partial coats of fur. Like Nature dragons they have large talons to grip the ice and some have specialized horns on their heads designed to break through thin ice to reach air or water. Some are capable of developing thick layers of blubber underneath their scales, giving them a roly-poly appearance.

Light: Light dragons don’t have very many distinguishing features due to their rather undemanding environment, but they are known to have a more elegant appearance than other flights. Light dragons tend to have slightly longer necks and limbs and walk with a smoother gait, but have comparatively little stamina and don’t last very long in fights. Their wings and tendrils, if they have any, are very long and sensitive to temperature and pressure changes. It’s rare to see dark-colored Light dragons in any significant numbers. They tend to be slightly more intelligent than other flights, in a “book smart” sort of way.

Arcane: Arcane dragons are smallish in size and often spindly in appearance, mimicking their deity. They are not known for physically being very strong but compensate with deeper and more powerful magic reserves. Like Shadow dragons, they are frequently bioluminescent but have less control over it, and some Arcane dragons are downright glittery. Arcane dragons are by far the most likely to experience mutations and it’s very common to see dragons of this flight with extra limbs, wings, tails, and even heads. More monstrous mutations are present in clans located deeper in Arcane territory. Some barely look like dragons at all. All Arcane dragons have large, sharp-sighted eyes suitable for stargazing.

Wind: Wind dragons are known for being the best fliers and have smooth, streamlined bodies as well as powerful wings. Many have developed sails and fins to help them better navigate treacherous air currents, and their lungs are able to function at much higher altitudes than other flights. Some Wind dragons can fly for days or even weeks without landing, eating and sleeping on the wing and gathering moisture from clouds. Their wings display a much greater variety in shape than those of other dragons: broad wings for soaring, short wings for rapid takeoffs, curved wings for tight maneuvering. To assist with flying Wind dragons have large airsacs that make them lightweight, and coincidentally very buoyant. Most are sadly unable to dive without great effort.

Shadow: Long, low bodies are characteristic of Shadow dragons, giving some of them a weasel-like appearance. Shadow dragons are the most acrobatic and flexible of the flights to better survive in the brambles of their home and have tough, almost rubbery skin. They are very frequently bioluminescent and can even control the patterns they display, flashing glowing eyespots to frighten enemies or going completely dark in order to sneak up on prey. Some Shadow dragons possess chromatophores that allow them to change color completely, which they often use for pranks. Even the largest of Shadow dragons are able to move in near silence, and breeds with feathers have structures similar to owls that allow them to fly extremely quietly.

Water: Unsurprisingly, Water dragons are suited for aquatic life and many come ashore only rarely, if at all. Fins and flippers have replaced limbs in many Water dragon clans and wings have adapted to be more useful for swimming, sometimes taking on a manta ray-like appearance. Every Water dragon is born with gills as well as lungs, though some lose the ability to breathe air after several generations and require spells to survive on land. It’s quite common to see dragons with large fins on their tails, with some even losing their hind limbs entirely in a mermaid-like fashion. In the deepest trenches of the Sea of a Thousand Currents dragons have begun to resemble deep-sea fishes, complete with glowing lures and mouthfuls of jagged teeth.

Plague: Plague dragons are built for wasteland living and are very thin, sometimes appearing to be starving to outsiders. They have long limbs and broad vulture-like wings suited for soaring on the desert currents and have powerful jaws designed to crush bones. Despite their emaciated appearance Plague dragons are quite strong, and their bites deliver fatal amounts of bacteria to their unlucky prey. Some have even developed the ability to spray acid from glands in their mouths and throats. They are generally dull-colored to blend in with their environment but can boast streaks of bright colors. Plague dragons have a more feral and animalistic appearance than other flights and often have extra horns, spines, and rougher scales as well as exposed teeth.

Lightning: Lightning dragons are capable of storing electricity in their bodies and releasing it on command through a series of specialized muscles similar to those of electric eels. Their bodies are long and sleek with coats of jutting spines that allow them to gauge air pressure and nearby currents. Like Plague dragons they are adapted to a desert environment and can survive on little water and food for long periods of time. Curiously, they are much better able than other flights to handle prosthetic limbs and artificial implants and experiment freely with these sorts of additions.

Fire: Capable of withstanding far higher temperatures than other flights, some Fire dragons are even able to bathe in lava with no ill effects.  Their skin is very thick and rough and impervious to most damage. Fire dragons are very brightly colored despite their sooty environment and tend to have compact, armored bodies.

Meet May! (W) 6-30-17

May is a bay mare unicorn with black stockings and a white blaze on her face. She stands about 5'6″ at the shoulder and has very soft brown eyes. Her horn was broken in an accident some 20 or so years ago but there’s still about 5-6 inches of it left attached to her forehead.

May came to me almost immediately when I was asking for new spirits to become companions for humans because she’s getting on in years (about the equivalent of 70-ish years old in human time) and is looking for a quiet place to settle down. She told me she had been living with a herd of horses in the astral because she felt embarrassed that her horn was broken, so she used her power for a glamour to make herself look like an ordinary horse.

Because of her horn breaking she can’t do a lot of magic, but she can still do basic glamours, warding/protection, and minor healing magic. She’s given me permission to tell her companion how her horn broke, but has asked that it not go on her public profile.

Aside from the story about her horn, May has so many stories about her travels with her original unicorn herd as well as the horse herd she joined after the loss of her horn. She has such a soft and mellow voice that it’s hard not to want to curl up and fall asleep while she’s talking! She also had 3 foals in her lifetime, all of whom were males who are now grown and part of their own herds in the astral. She doesn’t visit them because she knows they have their own lives (and because she can’t keep up with their herds anymore), but occasionally they will stop by to say hello and make sure May is doing well!

May is one of the most kind and gentle spirits I’ve met in my time in working with spirits. She has a very calming and maternal presence that she and I think would be beneficial to someone who’s new to spirit work. May has no plans to return to or spend much time in the astral, preferring to live a quieter life with her companion. Knowing this, she’s very well-suited to someone who is new to spirit work or magic in general!

May would prefer a home in a quiet neighborhood, but she doesn’t mind cities as long as she can have a space of peace and quiet where she can nap (preferably in the sunshine; she’s kind of like a cat in that way!). On the subject of pets, May is very fond of cats, whether physical or astral, but other pets are alright as long as they’re not very noisy.

As far as offerings, May would like them occasionally as she’ll be spending most of her time in the physical realm with her companion. Granny smith apples are her all-time favorite, but if those aren’t available she loves all apples or carrots! She also likes horse or unicorn-related items (horseshoes, small horse/unicorn figurines, etc.) as well as soft comfort items like blankets, pillows, or stuffed animals. Physical items aside, May would also like to just relax and share stories or take naps with her companion as a devotional activity.

She’d be best-suited to someone who could just use a kind maternal figure in their life or just someone who likes napping and telling stories! (can you tell that naps are May’s favorite activity yet?)

If you are interested in this spirit, please fill out the submit form and I will let you know if you have been chosen or not!
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