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Saturn is that one planet that can make people cringe, or beam with adoring eyes. But anybody who’s studied astrology can tell you that Saturn is one of the most important planets in astrology. Saturn represents many things in a natal chart:

  • Your father - Saturn can tell you various qualities about your father through your sign, and especially house placement and aspects!
  • Challenges in life - Where Saturn is located shows where you will have challenges in your life. The sign can also give insight, but it is often generational. The challenges you face due to Saturn are also karmic. Saturn wants to teach you something in this life because you probably didn’t do so well in a past life.
  • Radical change - Every 30 years, Saturn returns to ruin your life teach you a very important life lesson and to rebuild your life to have a fresh start. This lesson is called your Saturn Return. It is said to mostly affect the house your Saturn is in. Saturn Returns are known to be painful, but also life-changing in a good way.
  • Seriousness - The house, in other words, the area of life your Saturn is in is the house where you will take very seriously. This seriousness can also manifest quite literally! Saturn can also show the responsible side of even the most immature individual!

So how does Saturn exactly affect your natal chart? Saturn can affect you in the following ways according to the house it’s in:

1st House: Your father will be significant in establishing your identity. You could have issues figuring out who you are, and this is a serious issue for you. You could look serious literally and take on qualities of a Capricorn Rising - quiet, reserved, and responsible. Those with Saturn in the 1st House can be seen as intimidating and put-together.

2nd House: Your father will greatly affect your finances which can manifest in many ways. He could also be very significant in your self-worth. Money and values is something you take very seriously. You could also have challenges with money. Those with Saturn in the 2nd can be seen as stingy, but you’re thrifty and responsible with your money.

3rd House: Your father will greatly significant in how you think and communicate with others. People could find you intimidating when you talk. Your siblings could have Saturn/Capricorn influences. You may face struggles with your inner thoughts, and you take them seriously. Those with Saturn in the 3rd like to have serious discussions.

4th House: Your father will be very important in your family life. Your family and upbringing will be very important to you. You may face struggles within your family. You may have had to take on responsibilities in your family. Those with Saturn in the 4th House may have grown up in a cold, harsh environment that very much represents the outside world.

5th House: Your father will be very significant in your hobbies, children, and perhaps your casual dating life. You tend to have a serious outlook on your interests and you can even push those interests away to finish your work rather than have fun and play. Those with Saturn in the 5th could have fathers who’ve had multiple affairs.

6th House: Your father will be important in your everyday life, health, and work. You tend to take your health and work seriously, but you also tend to overwork. Perhaps you put too many things on your plate. You could struggle with your health. Those with Saturn in the 6th House tend to be very disciplined with their habits.

7th House: Your father will be significant in the relationships you have. Those with Saturn in the 7th tend to go for a person who has qualities of their father. You will also take your relationships seriously, but you will also struggle to find a relationship that will work for you. People with Saturn in the 7th House usually marry later in life.

8th House: Your father will be significant in the major life changes you will go through in life. You tend to be serious about topics that are shoved under the rug such as sex, life/death, and more. Those with Saturn in the 8th can struggle going through major changes in life. You tend to be serious handling any joint finances with others.

9th House: Your father could be significant in your beliefs and education perhaps, but he could also be busy, constantly traveling. With Saturn in the 9th House, you tend to struggle finding a belief system that works right for you. You are very serious about your beliefs, and you’re quite responsible when you’re traveling far from home.

10th House: Your father could strongly affect how you see the world, your image, and your career. Those with Saturn in the 10th House tend to be successful later in life. You want to be seen as a very serious, responsible person, and you could try to find positions of power in your job. You want to be independent and practical in the world.

11th House: Your father could be strongly involved in a community or is very involved in the betterment of humanity. In your circle of friends, you may be seen as the responsible, intimidating one, the person to go to for the “serious” things. You could struggle with finding your true friends and the right community, or you could struggle learning to be a good friend.

12th House: Your father could’ve been absent, which can manifest literally, or maybe in parenting. It also implies an abusive use of substances. With Saturn in the 12th, people in public could struggle taking you seriously. You are only truly serious when you’re by yourself or when you’re vulnerable. You tend to like working behind the scenes.

Year 2050
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after the ravens (i’ll be home with you)

(a/n) @onthespectrumwriting is now a whole adult and this is my b-day capriltello present to them! love ya friendo! takes place in my mystery gang au inspired by a lot of 80′s horror and scooby doo aesthetic 

Three-hundred sixty-five days, two hours and eleven minutes into the past Casey is sixteen and his heart is broken, suit wrinkled and eyes red rimmed; a boy growing up too fast, when he finds the two most amazing things in his entire world, and a meaning to his life that, if it even existed anyway, he would call magical. 

Fresh grief was hard to maneuver around, to sort out, so he sits on the wet bench that overlooked his mom’s grave, hearing the kids trick or treating around the neighborhood.  He finds the two loves of his life in the middle of a graveyard with shovels and flashlights and a gameboy, creeping around in the rain and dirt and unweeded flowers. 

And when he asks them, throat torn and raw from emotion, they tell him they’re looking for ghosts because there was one haunting a deli a few blocks away and its origin was coming directly from a coffin sitting about six feet below their feet (“give or take a few inches” the one in aviator glasses shrugs, reading this homemade poltergeist tracker).

And that was pretty metal.

And Casey grabs a shovel.

Three-hundred sixty-five days, two hours and eleven minutes later he’s sitting in their Volkswagen, clutching a backpack full of things to use to not die in the woods, and his mother’s necklace.

October 31, 1982

“Oh shit, oh sit, shit shit shit!”  Casey’s feet pounds the broken twigs and mud and fallen red leaves, and his breath pushes out into the cool night, visible like April’s cigarette smoke, evaporating up to the moonlight, “Guys? This kinda…sucks, where-”

“Shut up Jones and try to breathe- please. There’s nothing here…not yet anyway,” Dee’s voice fills Casey’s ears through his headphones, disappearing into static before fading back into clarity, and he can’t not listen to Donnie when he says it like that. He tries to breathe, eyes on the full moon, almost red through the branches of bare trees.

“Good,” Donnie says, and Casey pops another bubble gum in his mouth; helps with the nerves, “Now I can kinda see everything you’re doing so…it’s like I’m right out there, okay? If you need me t-”

“Jeez, Don, I’m not two- just got shaken up a bit ‘s all.”

“Okay, be an asshole about it, I’ll just sign off and see how April’s doing and maybe- maybe check on you later.”

“Fuck you, man.”

“Love you too, Jones.”

Casey kinda wishes Dee would stay and talk to him more, about anything, maybe. The banter was actually helping settle his heartbeat into a dull throb under the sweater April insisted all of them wear, after all, they were practically an undercover business now, solving crimes no one else wanted to, hunting ghosts and possessed dolls and crazy, scary shit like that. And lately there’d been something about birds that seemed to bug everyone, seeing as their whole family would have an awful case of terrible bad luck if one appeared at their doors. 

Every Friday there was this distinct crowing of a raven, and the lights of an unsuspecting house on a cute little street would flicker and the family’s scream was burned into the brains of the neighborhood.

Every Friday night.

And now it was Halloween, Friday the 31st. Dee had it in his bones they’d catch the guy tonight.

Some people, like Kurtzman who had an eye pecked out, said the raven who speak the name of its victims right before it attacked, and Casey used to think superstitions were all fictitious. Of course, that was before he discovered the ghost of the deli owner’s wife the first night he met April and Donnie.

The wind howls, dancing through the gaps, scraping the wood and carrying leaves into the sky, dropping them back like snowflakes onto the ground. They fall in Casey’s hair as he follows the blimp on Donnie’s gameboy; apparently wherever these strange creatures come from, it’s pointing to the center of the woods, deep into the heart of it, where peculiar and deadly things happened. Avery Winston went missing around the same time Casey’s mother died and there’s gotta be a ton of rumors about it (some too wild for casey to think about, others so gruesome and ugly…that they’re probably closer to truth than anything) and all they found was a shoe and an old doctor’s mask. Could’ve meant anything.

Casey thinks about Avery Winston and remembers his mom, making him go over and bring some bread pudding or wopaji or a card or something that would never fill the void of Avery, and closes his eyes, slowing his pace so he could hear the sticks break under his worn out sneakers, the wind rushing through his hair; he knows Donnie’s watching. But Dee’s smart, and he gets loss just as much as Casey does.

In the eerie stillness of the night, their are children laughing where the light is, behind him, outside the woods. And every step Casey takes away from it, their voices warp, the laughter turning to garbled chokes. The shift tightens Casey’s chest as he lifts his walkie-talkie, “Dee…? April? Guys, I’m losing my shit,” he wheezes,  clutching the walkie-talkie, looking around the branches.

From Donnie’s end is static and ragged breaths, April’s is silent.

His fingers unwind as he lowers his hand at his side, staring down to the blimp, his directly at the center.

A buzzing enters his head, filling his body till he’s shaking, vision blurring briefly. And as the world tilts, Casey looks up and stares into black eyes, around them is a mask of rusted metal, and a beak that cracked along the edges.

Oh Casey Jones….you’re not yet a man…

You’ve come looking for trouble in such wrong places no no, no, no, no, no, no, no

You have no idea? You love them and I’ll take them because you are being bad, so bad, not behaving, trouble, you’re in trouble….now them?


Casey? Arnold Casey Jones?!

Casey gasps awake, jolting up just as hands keep him down, and vaguely, he makes out the ceiling of April’s van, and her brown eyes, braids dangling in his face as she tries to control her own breathing, staring down into his. She has blood on her, under her nails and dried tear tracks down her muddy cheeks.

“Wow..,” Casey breathes, cracking a grin, because no matter how many times he’s almost killed or hunted or scared out of his fucking mind, she will always be amazing- they will always be amazing, April, Donnie, and maybe sometimes, him- and April scoffs, straightening herself out as Donnie takes her place, grabbing Casey by the chin and tilting his head in the harsh glare of his flashlight.

“You could’ve died,” he says, without really looking at Casey, the ends of his voice rising with emotion Jones isn’t accustomed to hearing from Donnie, “That’s….I’m sorry, I’m…are you okay? How’s your head?”

Casey doesn’t say anything, listening to the Parliament that Dee has on low, filling the van with a soft sound of music. And it might be a concussion, or the way April has the blood of a cryptic bird being on her yellow sweater, or the glossy brightness in Donnie’s eyes, but Casey is seriously glad to be alive and not floating in something sinister and black. He grabs Dee’s hand and April’s face softens as she plops down and holds both their hands till they’re in an awkwardly formed circle of three crazy kids, listening to tracks from 1977, the dead body of the dead Birdman slowly burning outside the van and his army of talking ravens guarding it. 

George Takei became famous for his role in Star Trek as Mr. Sulu, but in the last decade, he’s drawn followers who admire him because of who he is–not just who he has played. The new documentary about his life is called To Be Takei.

He joins Fresh Air to talk about growing up in a Japanese internment camp, avoiding stereotypical roles, and coming out as gay at 68. 

Here he explains why he was closeted for most of his life: 

The thing that affected me in the early part of my career was … there was a very popular box office movie star – blonde, good-looking, good actor – named Tab Hunter. He was in almost every other movie that came out. He was stunningly good-looking and all-American in looks. And then one of the scandals sheets of that time – sort of like The Inquirertoday – exposed him as gay. And suddenly and abruptly, his career came to a stop.

That was, to me, chilling and stunning. I was a young no-name actor, aspiring to build this career – and I knew that [if] it were known that I was gay, then there would be no point to my pursuing that career. I desperately and passionately wanted a career as an actor, so I chose to be in the closet. I lived a double life. And that means you always have your guard up. And it’s a very, very difficult and challenging way to live a life.

Photo by Kevin Scanlon via LA Weekly 

anonymous asked:

Do you know any shows similar to skins?


- Being Human

- Misfits

- The Inbetweeners

- Bad Education

-  Freaks and Geeks

- My So Called Life

- Party of Five

- Fresh Meat

- Queer as Folk

anonymous asked:

ive just finished watching skins, do you know any shows that are similar that i should watch next?

Perhaps try:

-Bad Education



-Freaks and Geeks

-My So Called Life

-Party of Five

-Fresh Meat

If anyone else know of any please let us know x